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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2020 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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celebrating the overthrow of president ikeda the military says it plans to appoint a transitional leader but has not given a timeframe for doing so. in afghanistan there have been 3 separate explosions all in the space of an hour in the capital kabul they all targeted security personnel an army colonel is dead and several other people have been injured no group has yet claimed responsibility california's governor has appealed to both strayer and canada for help to combat hundreds of wildfires about 560 blazes are now being fought across the state after that number doubled in a single day the stage is seeing the highest number of fires started by lightning in nearly 2 decades after nearly 12000 strikes at least 6 people have been killed dozens of others injured 175000 have been forced from their homes or those are the headlines they'll be more news here after earthrise stay with us. on this edition
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of talk to al-jazeera we'll take you on a journey with 2 cultures diverse wildlife we'll be joined by a marine by mention estate and also a conservationist will be discussing the impact the potential and control development could have on these diverse wildlife species living here if i'm projecting.
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this super now move that hosley through the course. like it's hard going but you know how planning on taking place that i gave of my bus if my 100 was the ones which are where it's from the job we've. got them going to prolong me on sort of when i was going to. reality going on and on the part of the libertarian kick on the stack on our fun though. i mean i think a number. of years from that. family . that. you are living together in one room luckily they get on well and it's the middle part. because the money you've got because we can't
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speak on the how many there are you get them and maybe a. 100 others because they can make a modern man or a child. but it's on the really ganges it's an ancient city and can seem very far from the thrusting world of modern india. across the river is a small town called haji. comes from his father has a clue. about that but the brother for. one thing. i think they've been. following all morning we've got
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the power that for you in a means of turning out on your part or the. evil of it. but i. did experience. so they got everything we're going to become a family. friend. you. are but i prefer to. help pull a oppa. but i like the fact you're. a much clearer. for how the last of you are. about mcconnell. so. tell the. how major.
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developed. largely but now with the close then having an afternoon super 30 style. unknown kumar's good news for them they already feel some workload is set to increase still further. because of. the job for a very simple and politic march to appear. here tomorrow. the last blast but harald not only would there be nor expand it may not pull an ally. of course with the self to noon is the only time life with the super
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could ever be called a picnic in any triangle that is a by a b. policy. here by b. policy to be buying feeble of a policy by b. is greater than they are working every hour that they're not keeping and it's not in a very formal process that they work every year anything that you do. where you're . talking while you're even coming to the classroom you're thinking thinking about the problem so they're always thinking. someone thinking about the future like. for the moment he's the star of this year's super 30 he's come top in almost every exam he's ever sat. religion for going go anywhere you like. you know you like you're
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like scientist we're not. going to have this many attorneys so soon go out of medicine because i was. recently. on this. program. here. there's a good man that america. focused on. are made out the. exam to be made by. this guy did not and i thought oh but i. just got. the only thing it was the hard. disk a subject that i used to. get some sense out. flushed away take on the 1st thing. that i might or you might ask you 1st.
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have. to go into. all the books. that you get but for us the. books think they're going to love all the books i'm going to call brother luke all i want though as i go to want to make him go to go. you got to wonder what the. probably. there are. what have. those. less invasive. princes an outstanding student so he's also competing for the physics olympiad god
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. but. the limit is in addition to all the other exams he's sitting. just. being. a problem. and the problem. is having a rare day. he's visiting his ancestral village deal. he's paying for another school for about $200.00 young children it's run by his uncle who's retired from his government job and come back home to teach.
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if. you go. to school. but. it's. anon who was born in but spent much of his childhood here in the village. years. paula. there were. 2
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weeks prior to going to get the. members of anon 6 tended families still land around the village some of the vegetables will end up feeding the super 30 but the landscape has a darker aspect suzhou divisions here. than in the towns specially for people from the lower backward. backward. here out of. here. but you have. heard.
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of it. here and there are. the sun set long ago on british rule in india today the old colonial buildings of a home to the police dog brass including their deputy chief of a on and on monday afternoon he opens his office to anyone with
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a grievance it kika compares today. there are certain issues which can be resolved only in this level but. damn good that i think about it have you. got. to. put us on the moon i'm going to give it a moment again. from a phonemic. sometimes worlds until mingle he's worked with the super 30 not as a teacher but of policeman 2 years ago sean rotten father was murdered obviously one of our war on the war actually and walker. he has been shot dead by
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some criminals. this is and. you are almost september 11th we're just into. sean's father was a government lawyer a natural dogged for the but now mafia you're prosecuting criminals. so there is a bit in. reasonable fear. there is a vehicle for it and that if it gets expressed and it is known and then maybe read take some action like providing bodyguards that is one preventive action a treaty may be a distinct that individual and trying to enter by history and some counter measures can be taken but if it is not expressed then it is to figure out. the killer hasn't yet been caught the victims are often warned in advance but if sean's father did get a message he kept it to him says did say it would have come to his father and he
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may not have shared with his family that happens. was the was right but the play obviously sean's already sat for the once and failed this will be his 2nd and final john ziggo if he's got his guns have got a power one bit on the beat. now it's time for the results of yesterday's dest 64 i work on march 16th through it. no surprise who's come around knocking the rental car. up with a load just like. everyone's happy except sushi she still waitlisted but is now unlikely to be accepted she's upset and doesn't want to be filmed anymore. copy put us on to
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the car we board put us here bob do this. we are told that they could put our name in a hallway and they were all discuss psychological treatment here so the politically correct me got a score up immediately charmed out his card had been healed by taking a chart that they cure ah you are. a chuckle. like all indian cities is growing rapidly there's work to be done much of it is dirty but preferable to a life of of the india today is a nation of migrants sean has his sights set on an elite university in
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a distant city but today he's going home to see his mother. so far it would please. me to city to have this. but. to get it to show i was in my need of him but he. really should share with us and i'm sure. john's had free tuition with a non kumar for more than 2 years his mother works as a nurse but there's not much money the market. can much of a chipotle achievement. she's made tomato just me for him to take back to the
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hostel. if you can afford it we're doing it to middle it's a trick i hit. a wall a time when i was. younger. then . you know. primitives. kumar's mother she's a vital part of the family business. i
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tell. you. what they may write.
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you on. they have a cat they knew the member name but it suited me. who may have been the bond. markets of another thank you. good. morning and. it's april harvest time in deal
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cali village everybody's working to bring in the wheat. after 7 months living in the city some of the super 30 on losing touch with their rural background fee. in previous years and look would have been helping his family not any more. it had the old. bad but i may add that. i had the matter what i. told. her you did not have been
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a good public school your community told may come on later. on looks mother davie is making one of her occasional visits to her husband they're still living apart and neither sees much of their son. so that they happy abby may have. i'm good for thinking about. right handed reasons of. the luck that he's easy to has that be this and i'm judged ahead but i'm going to have a deal about that that had to be this made every day that. it's the day before the eye of. the climax of the super effort. and the. raw juice at home doing his last minute revision. like they were the lobby.
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for all the families keyed up for the big day. clearly. matching portions of what. shawn meanwhile has moved into a hostel here it's easier for him to focus away from the distractions of home. ground. that because of the boy's very performing in the hall and the whole family is in. there for
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a fair amount of the. after 7 months of intensive preparation and noncom law is feeling a different kind of pressure he's hoping for the perfect result. 100 percent. with. a pipe but if it this with a lot these by luck but it. up at the bottom of the city. is a news event all over india in a no 20000 young people will see the 2 paperless. the super 30 us gutted across 10 exam centers. rogers arrived early the teaching team already here to wish him good luck for.
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the treadmill or. 10 minutes before the exam starts they can read the questions at last it's 9 o'clock. in these next few hours quarter of a 1000000 students compete for a future that promises wealth prestige and membership of the indian elite.
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rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best of out is a list documentaries. just. rewind continues with saving sweater seeing the light 10 years later a lot of you average person for a commute to do this other africa is no better this is a great motivator for us to keep giving back to these communities on al-jazeera understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human
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spirit. against the odds. al-jazeera selects palestinians. call them see date is large property subdivided into small quarters where one or more families live crammed together is the only option for many haitian migrants in chile and it's public knowledge that they are exploited by unscrupulous landlords and now with the coronavirus pandemic they're being discriminated further. a few weeks ago this date with 88 groups became nationwide news so far she's moved the haitian residence to a special her teen area with better facilities but 1st the results of their control of virus test were published on the municipalities web page violating the patient's right to confidentiality. the neighbors began throwing rocks and insults at the
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haitians because a few of them had been confirmed to be carrying coronavirus now they tell us that they feel even more discriminated and vulnerable than ever. russian opposition leader alexina around the arrives at a hospital in berlin where he'll be treated for suspected poisoning. hello again and that says al jazeera live from dire also coming up libya's u.n. backed government announces a cease fire and its rival in the east also calls for a halt in fighting. this sacred duty is my number one priority between now and
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election day i pledge to deliver election ballots on time as the controversial.


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