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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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to radical surgery one o one east investigates as the chinese battle to get in shape on al jazeera unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm right about this and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the russian opposition leader. arrives at a hospital and berlin where he will be treated for suspected poisoning. this sacred duty is my number one priority between now and election day the controversial head
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of the u.s. postal service pledges to deliver ballots on time as the house plans a rare saturday vote to approve emergency funding. fires forced tens of thousands from their homes in california and governor appeals for help from canada and australia on that strike doctors in kenya say they're stuck with substandard protective gear to treat coronavirus patients due to corruption. and joining us now with the sportscaster vs records here right in the title with a stunning comeback. russian opposition leader alexina vonnie has arrived at the hospital to receive emergency treatment for suspected poisoning russian doctors had initially said he was too sick to be moved from
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a hospital in the siberian city of all means but they changed their position late on friday the bonnie's wife yulia believes the delay in releasing him was intentional making it harder to detect any poisons remaining in his system than they fell ill during a flight to moscow thursday on xander an overage called why is standing by in moscow 1st let's go to dominate cain in berlin dominic i understand this is one of the best hospitals in berlin that he's in talk us through what's going to be happening. this is one of the best hospitals in the world in many different fields of medicine. world renowned for many years and what's particularly person into about this hospital is that the staff have recent relevant experience treating other patients at least one other patient who reported presented with similar symptoms similar conditions to those which mr
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novelli has presented with he's been in the care of staff at the in the building behind me the chalet to a hospital complex for the past few hours the hospital has released a written statement in which it says it is now doing performing an extensive diagnostic of mist and of on the going through his system working out what is wrong working out what foreign elements are in his system which of calls to him to shows such as a bad reaction to whatever is in his system they say they're going to it's going to take some considerable time once they've worked out what they think is wrong they're going to communicate that to his relatives to his wife to others and only after that will they go into more detail will they make a more public statement now separately the family of mr van they have also said that they are going to take some time maybe maybe some days before their pants too to give a much wider statement about their side of things and remember the group who arranged
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the medivac the medical evacuation flight the cinema for peace foundation well they have said that when he was on board the plane and when it was handed over into the hands of german authorities he is in a stable condition particular least surprising because he's been put into an induced coma in russia by the doctors who were treating him there and remember all obviously there are many many questions still being posed right now about what's in his system how it got there and how people. can remove it certainly that's the sort of questioning that's going on right now in the building behind me the sharon tate hospital because you were talking we were seeing some of the pictures from earlier of the convoy that brought mr novelli to the hospital and as you say this whole thing at the moment is clouded in mystery and so many questions that needed to be answered but this is going to take time isn't it this is not a fast procedure to try to identify the poisons that are in somebody's system if indeed there are any. well that's the 1st thing isn't it we have to
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grasp the nettle as it were so many questions and differing versions of events too which have been put about by different sides and we know that from the russian perspective at least from the medical perspective in russia there was doubts about whether he was fit for transport then they decided he was then there were the suggestions that were made by the medics as i say in russia where he was treated that perhaps what had happened to him was some was the result of some pressure change onboard the flight that he had to be in a passenger on put that on one side on the other side you have what the supporters of mr nonviolently say which is that that is not the case that they believe that he drank a cup of tea which had been poisoned and he did that just prior to boarding that flight from tomsk to moscow when his ordeal began and people will recall seeing some of the video that that was filmed on board that plane and indeed the video
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that was filmed afterwards on the tarmac considered come to rest come to rest brains lavani was taken from there so plenty of questions plenty of different versions of events in the time frame well given the fact that those 2 sides here hospital and also the family saying it's going to take some considerable time and they want to form a a multi-faceted diagnostic of what's wrong with mr van the they giving the impression that it may take some considerable time. dominic thanks very much indeed that's donna came bringing us up to date from berlin let's cross over to moscow xandra story in the gulf war is a journalist based in the russian capital she's joining is live good to have you with this what kind of reaction is moscow giving to all of this. well you know the reaction mostly comes from the violent supporters here friends his family and they're relieved that they are relieved that after 2 days of
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uncertainty and fear it was finally allowed to leave the hospital in arms the family never actually it's not about the family didn't trust that much medical expertise of russian doctors doctors but what they distrusted and what they were afraid of is and what they believe is that the doctors were under the political pressure and that's why they wanted he moved out of there they also strongly suspected that he was poisoned which is something that the russian doctors after 2 days off analysis say was not the case that they didn't find any poisons and diagnosed him with that type of metabolic disorder so in this case of the family is still wondering why took so long to let him go out of that hospital to get the permit to transport him to germany with the plane already waiting there when it comes to the reactions from the officials one should not expect to many because on the 1st day voiced by the russian president spokesperson we had that he is like any
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other says a citizen of russia and he will get the assistance he needs as any other would and he did get the assistance because all this permits had to be given for the plane to land for the plane to take off for taking him to german hospital he's a man whose name has never been mentioned by the russian president even when he referred to so we could expect another wish for him to get better but not very much. and more and then that still the question remains that many here in russia wants to hear the answer to and that is what happened what happened so that is generally healthy man of 44 fell ill and fell in a coma 2 days ago. was a story develops i know we're going to checking back in with the alexander but for now alexander steiner is go to thank you very much indeed and before this incident the volley had been voicing his support for the thousands of demonstrators have been rallying for
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a sevens weekend in russia's far east region of kabul tell us the protests are in support of a regional governor for ago he was detained last month and taken to jail in moscow is accused of ordering 4 murders in 20042005 which he denies his supporters say the charges are politically motivated and a kremlin plot against democracy and in the region another sensitive issue for moscow the exiled belorussian opposition leader has called for more mass protests against president alexander lukashenko so atlanta to kind of sky is leading the call for his resignation there have been demonstrations for 12 days now including some of the biggest anti-government rallies in the capital minsk since the fall of the soviet union to kind of sky lead to lithuania after the election which she says was rigged. the un recognized government in tripoli has called for an immediate ceasefire in libya the rival parliament in the east aligned with the wall. has
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called on all parties to stick to a truce has yet to respond when you have someone who can ensure have to will respect to cease fire where they will to guarantee he would respect to cease fire after the burning talks or previous agreements if you respects this is fine we will welcome that because we do not want to bloodshed we call for peace however if you violates the peace agreement we're ready to fight and we will force him to leave like we forced him to leave western libya al-jazeera is mounted trainers in misrata in libya with more details on what's been agreed. the head of the internationally recognized governing national accord in tripoli pfizer has called on a cease fire on friday and return i give us the speaker of the eastern based parliament has also called on a ceasefire now whether or not this will actually lead to a serious and permanent cease fire remains to be seen what we haven't seen is khalifa haftar and whether or not he will accept the conditions of the ceasefire or
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not this is gained international traction with countries welcoming the statement including the u.s. the u.k. egypt the u.a.e. qatar and various actors in the libyan conflict we spoke to the spokesman of the military operations here for sort of a job for and and what he said is whether or not have to or will actually accept or respect the ceasefire agreement is yet to be seen if he does we will we welcome that and we do not want further bloodshed but if he is going to violate the cease fire agreement they are saying that they are ready to fight and will continue on today liberate all of libya in his words now there have been previous cease fire agreements in the past that hasn't really amounted to a serious political solution here. in libya so whether or not this is going to actually. be the beginning of
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a serious political and military solution is yet to be seen well the potential breakthrough came as the warring sides were gearing up for a battle over the city of sirte charles trafford has more. libya has been in turmoil for nearly a decade. nato bank full season overthrew its longtime leader moammar gadhafi in 2011 but the roots of what's often described as this old rich country's civil war started after the disputed elections in 2014. disagreement between the then house of representatives and the general national congress made worse over a so-called road map for libya's future. the country split into 2 rival administrations the house of representatives led by the war lords relief after moved to the eastern city of 2 broke and what became the un backed government of national accord led by prime minister fires us remained in the capital tripoli in
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the west. thousands of people have been killed and many more forced to flee their homes by 6 and a half years of fighting. the un accuses regional powers of repeatedly breaking a 2011 arms embargo on libya by supplying weapons to both sides egypt the u.a.e. and russia have supported hafta while turkey and qatar have backed the government of national accord. in april last year half to ordinary fences to take control of tripoli aiming at what he described as cleansing the western zone of terrorist groups. his forces have shut down or taking control of major oil facilities in eastern libya depriving the country of billions of dollars in revenue. tripoli's only international airport has been repeatedly bombed using heavy artillery many civilians have been killed and wounded. areas of southern and western tripoli have
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been almost completely destroyed in the fighting repeated attempts at un bank cease fire talks of failed. a cease fire is a decision made by the power brokers by the circumstances and it is not necessarily a libyan decision despite the fact that it's the d.n.a. and who announced its decision this time to decision is not libya the decision is unique turkish russia with some input from some of the international powers and as long as it stays that way it's unlikely the ceasefire will bring. friday cease fire announcement comes amid fears of an escalation by both sides mobilizing for a battle over the town of sirte the gateway to the major all terminals which are under the control of pro have 2 forces for now at least there's hope that agreement between powerful countries that many say have contributed to libya's suffering a backing a cease fire that could end it civil war stratford al jazeera and more ahead in the news including promising
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a different approach joe biden uncommon to harris present a united front after accepting the democratic nomination. the starts to look down if you want to and i must she would tell you she can't do that now we look at the impact of months of isolation on people living with dementia. and in support of manchester united's captains doing quarter after a brawl on the greek island of making us. a delegation of west african leaders is expected to arrive in mali on saturday in an effort to reverse a coup that ousted its democratically elected leader ahmed gerry and president goodluck jonathan i'm john called cassie broom the president of the commission of regional bloc ecowas are expected to be among the delegation opposition supporters have been holding rallies celebrating the overthrow of president cater and that's a honda says it plans to appoint a traditional leader but it's not given
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a timeframe for doing so. in afghanistan that have been 3 separate explosions in the space of an hour in the capital kabul they all targeted security personnel an army colonel is dead and several other people are injured no group has claimed responsibility i saw it says it's behind an ambush that has killed 3 russian soldiers including a major general in syria a convoy was attacked while on the road to damascus for a supply run as soldiers were inspecting the damage when a 2nd explosive device went off killing them and injuring several others just this love the flood is the 1st russian general reported killed in syria since 2017. head of the u.s. postal service has told a senate committee that mail in ballots will be delivered on time i had of the november election postmaster general lewis there's oil is accused of delaying mail delivery to suppress the vote at the behest of president donald trump i did jocasta
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reports. calling the accusations against him outrageous lewiston joy says the cuts he's made to the u.s. postal service were long planned and aimed at making the agency financially solvent not to complicate mail in voting in november as we head into the election season i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time that's a reversal from what the postal service said last month in a warning to $46.00 states the agency had cautioned that millions of ballots may not be delivered in time to be counted and if the public fallout the joy announced further cuts to the postal service will be postponed until after the election. will the liberal be ballot process every ballot in. that it sees president trump claims without evidence that voting by mail can lead to massive election fraud
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that's despite voting by mail himself we're not prepared for this 51000000 ballots . it will be a tremendous embarrassment to our country it will go on forever and you'll never know who won so i say that for you i say it for the cameras because they assume that goes but i will tell you that this is a very serious. problem for a great democracy democrats accused of trying to sow doubt in an election that polls show him currently losing without a budget and those who want to vote by mail without a president who like him pass the vote without a president who would like to post those motions or not do well to join was a trump mega donor before becoming postmaster general in june a postal service board member resigned in protest accusing the trumpet ministration of interfering with the independent agency now an internal watchdog is investigating and 6 states are suing the postal service for harming their ability
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to hold free and fair elections the house of representatives will hold a rare saturday session to take up legislation against the postal service changes and the joy will face and nother day of grilling before a house panel on monday. castro al-jazeera washington your let's say with the election joe biden and comedy horace have given their 1st joint television interview since being fully confirmed as the democratic party ticket for november they revealed how they would approach the coronavirus pandemic and what they think of president trump's insults against them shihab rattansi reports. on a day on which the us passed 175000 dead from the coronavirus democratic presidential candidate joe biden vowed to take a different approach to the pandemic if elected. i would be prepared to do it every takes to say why because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus that is the fundamental flaw in this ministrations thinking to begin with in
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order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing and people employed you have to fix the virus you have to deal with the virus so if the scientists say shut it down i would shut it down i would listen to the scientists budget speech at the democratic national convention has been widely praised however the parade of republicans who spoke in support of his candidacy with only 2 could appearances from the democratic party's progressive wing how is that the criticism from the left that despite his rhetoric about social justice and inequality biden remains always always been a center right politician and this interview will deepen that sense of a tug of the motorist nationwide demonstrations in u.s. history spurred by a black lives matter we've been calling for a redirection of the billions of dollars that go into funding and increasingly militarized police force into community investment joe biden reasserted that he was
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standing firm and on one of the fun police departments i think they need more help they need more assistance we have to make it clear that this is about protecting neighborhoods protecting people democratic vice presidential candidate carla harris shrugged off president drugs characterization of a as nasty and a sort of mad woman i think that there is so much about what comes out of donald trump's abound that is designed to distract the american people from what he is doing every day that is about neglect and negligence and harm to the american people and incompetence absolutely. doldrum dismiss this week's democratic national convention already outlined his line of attack against biden and hers but over the last week the democrats held the darkest and angriest and gloomiest convention in american history they spent 4 straight days attacking america as racist and horrible country that must be redeemed joe biden grimly declared
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a season of american darkness i'm the only thing standing between the american dream and total anarchy madness and chaos and that's what it is the republican national convention begins on monday she never turns the outdoors or washington california's governor has appealed to a stranger and canada for help to fight hundreds of wildfires about 560 blazes i'm now being fought across the state after the number doubled in a single day the state seeing the highest number of fires started by lightning in nearly 2 decades after nearly 12000 strikes at least 6 people have been killed with dozens of all those injured 175000 have been forced from their homes we now are engaged formally with mutual aid from 10 different states we've been on the phone with governors all throughout the united states not just the western states trying
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to reach out as far as the east coast to see if we can get resources here into the state of california address the stress that we placed on the 12000 plus firefighters that are on the lines as we speak trying to suppress these wildfires all up and down the state of california. by tomorrow maybe. more but pretty much. i'm really worried. there are birds down there 3 days. i report from the associated press news agency says a coronavirus death toll in the united states might be far higher than the official count and that people of color are disproportionately affected as many as 215000 more people died in the 1st 7 months of this year compared to the same period in 2019 but the official coronavirus death toll for that time was only around $150000.00 ethnic minorities make up less than 40 percent of the american
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population but they account for more than half of the excess deaths. co 19 rates are soaring along the u.s. border with mexico a combination of poverty and poor public health is putting communities there at higher risk than other areas robin says more. trying to stay one step ahead of death dr t.n. vo pays a visit to one of his covert 1000 patients cynthia reyes i think one of my friends . think we are one to get over. one item on a thing or a us family has suffered greatly in the pandemic might form from the womb. my mother. for a it's mother margarita says she hasn't even had time to grieve for her husband everything that we've been through it's a nightmare for people need to take things like very serious think this is something real dr vo is on the front lines in imperial county california the
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community on the us mexico border and one of the hardest hit in the entire state the covert 19 positivity rate here is 3 times as high as in the rest of california we feel really really. you know desperate. when it truly we need help when you do need to get better far from the bigger and better equipped hospitals of major cities doctors and nurses at imperial county's main medical center struggled to cope with a stream of covert 1000 patients it is the perfect storm and it includes things outside of our control i doubt people by the time you come to the i.c.u. it's kind of late for you many people in this largely let tino border area have underlying health problems the community already had higher rates of asthma and diabetes recently hundreds of people lined up at a local food bank to receive donations imperial county is the poorest place in
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california with a per capita income of $17500.00. in 2019 compared to the national per capita income of $45000.00 a year unemployment is nearly 30 percent and almost one in 4 people live below the poverty line. or county you know. how that would you rate the state government has sent in extra medical teams and has transferred patients to other hospitals she did reyes has a message for anyone who thinks the virus might disappear from. entrenched poverty chronic illness and a glock to public health infrastructure make imperial county and other border communities from california to texas a coated killing zone rob reynolds al-jazeera. now it's time for the weather here
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is jenny know i can see an awful lot of lightning symbols on that map not one but 2 tropical storms to travel so as i phone in the last few hours rob and they're both on their way to the southern coast of the united states a few days away but they're both heading in pretty much the same direction so yes they can show you exactly where they are inside it's not that clear to see them so let me just show you each one in turn that is lower it form 1st this is marco both already impacting areas of land let's focus 1st of all on nora you can see where it has come in the last 24 hours worked his way across the leeward islands and as we continue through saturday it's going to bring some torrential amounts of rain across in force rico and on towards the dominican republic and haiti now the winds with this storm system about 75 kilometers an hour gusting higher than that and is leaving to the west northwest very quick at about 30 kilometers an hour which is some good news it doesn't have as long to produce the tarantula amounts of rain but even so many areas in his policy could pick up more than 150 millimeters of rain as we go through sunday it's going to continue to move west northwest it's not
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expected to get any stronger than it is on saturday. but even so of course it rains and those strong winds with it it's going to make landfall several times before it out she makes the big landfall in the southern u.s. that is a few days away so there's laura hit now this is the strongest storm winds sustained at 80 kilometers an hour gusting higher than that this is moving north northwest not quite as quickly but this is going to be some even heavier amounts of rain possible you could on peninsula that are warnings in place here it will make landfall later. across that northern tip and that is where we could see some flash floods with the rain this is going to get stronger and as we go through sunday we're going to have gusts here at hurricane strength and you can see where they're sort of both on their way towards but once that system moves into the gulf of mexico rob the waters of very very warm so it could possibly strengthen even further you know these are all areas of course that i've seen a lot of damage from storms over the last few months we're going to be watching
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that really closely of course jenny for now thanks very much indeed still ahead on all of his era an economy on the verge of collapse we meet the people in peru who are struggling to put food on the table plus. i'm robin bright in jeju south korea suffering from the effects of devastating summer rains nearly 2000 kilometers away in central china and competition is fierce out on the water some of the world's best windsurfers compete in switzerland. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 there's been a political shift to the right on a continent where socialism on strive to. politician goes on a journey to me leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost
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ground so dramatically. in latin america a giant. tom oil on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks it from testing not only against a police crackdown but also against what they call our big election with details coverage more than 300000 people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic and phyllis gender ism from around the world following reports that officials were aware of the presence of a highly explosive material there are plans for mass demonstrations.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour russian opposition leader alexei navalny has arrived at a hospital to receive emergency treatment for suspected poisoning vani is in an induced coma it was initially considered too sick by russian doctors to move from siberia but they changed their position late on friday. maybe as you are not here now is government has announced an immediate ceasefire the arrival parliament in the east aligned with warlock a 4 hafta has also called on all parties to hold the fighting as yet to respond. the head of the u.s. postal service has told a senate committee that mail in ballots will be delivered on time for november's election postmaster general lewis the joy has faced criticism for changes that have caused elaine's. doctors in kenya's public hospitals are on strike over delayed salaries and poor quality protective gear to treat coronavirus patients police fired tear gas at more than 300 medics demonstrating in nairobi on friday is
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growing over allegations that government officials stole millions of dollars in funds for protective equipment at least $700.00 health workers have been infected with covert $910.00 have died the chief of the world health organization has said it would be criminal if funds meant for protective gear are being stolen any level of court of appeal is an acceptable or any type of court action is unacceptable however. related to a p p p a life saving. for me it's actually murder because if field workers work without p.p. we risking their lives and that also respects the lives of the people they set. dr denis miscount his acting secretary general at the kenya medical practitioners pharmacists and dentists union he's joining us by skype from nairobi thank you very
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much indeed for being with us give us an indication of the kind of conditions that you and your colleagues are working under at the moment thank you very much for having me the 'd doctor right now is working under extreme conditions where we may be too limited we have made it to. substandard in some cases and some of the terms we are able to force to really use some of the. and. also the fact that the huge number of doctors and health. and have to be taken both active management of patients so there is strain in their numbers and as a unit of it try to push for them is to hire more workers but. because they have been doing it it's local statements that. i understand that doctors and medical practitioners haven't and being paid and their medical insurance is being cut for what reasons is the government giving you for the lack of p. p. e.
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but also the cut in pay and the cut in medical insurance. so the tragedy of the whole process of the medical cover is that they doctors in some of the counties in coningsby a little beach medical insurance cover had expired 2 months ago and they have been working the butt in the medical cover and when they fall sick they have to pay from the book and they don't help if it were from the least that's what government should do for you is to protect you just treat you as you feel sick or even any other you know try to push for them to compensate those of that who are that health care workers were dead more than died and we've been pushing for them to compensate them but that haven't been forthcoming so 'd that's one of the major issues when it comes to working with the medical cover as we know from experience around the world of course medical staff are at the front line of dealing with covert 19 if these doctors and nurses and modern medical staff are walking off the job if you are on
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strike and that front line is not being maintained how bad could the spread of coronavirus be. it could get worse and for us as doctors we don't don't just wake up when the end he said to don't know i told them we were condemning we are trying to get you a mint from the trust and we're gonna. announce in kenya in early march and you've had endless meetings to be done media briefings and a piece for them to be able to help present and sadly nothing much has been coming and so we find that even just being or silent just to ensure that a medical doctor is paid on time i had. a car put in the rest of my family on the lane and to worry about what i will eat or her will to pay my rent and we tell her children but the least they will do for us is to protect us but they were given.
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that at all as health care workers as doctors who say that we are as much as we are human doctors and we sought to protect we are human beings we have treated well as well people that you care about 1st before you put it from the line you have to be sure that there will be cares for you and that nobody really cares what are great as they are not on. the only way that would be listen to us is. 'd if you can. tweak or cover when a policy protecting they really protect myself like everybody is being wasting away from work and working from home if you can that i lose that one so the numbers yes i sympathize with our patients but hopefully that is true what last for long so that this this few days better we know it for what will at least joke 'd the government come to the table and just know that ours is a cry after only to be protected not anything to do with us wanting to make operation to stop doctor miskin a given the fact that kenya is in the middle of
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a medical crisis how concerned are you and your colleagues at the public will not support you in this given that you are the front line in fighting this disease. we know that the public would support and we hope that their supporters cause. as helco come from communities the problem is our sister because he's our mother. so unless they want to see the brother that is dead they're clever dying because of course because they're protected unless they want us to sacrifice ourselves. then they will not support as much so that they know that we all if that's what is their lives that's what they were for a country then they supported them they will push the politicians in good politics and there are fights over the 'd fire and that they will talk to them. into their government until then but on much of the good quality we. get of them so we create hope that they will support us and we hope that so that they literally block what
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dr dennis we appreciate your joining us in algeria thank you very much indeed thank you so much it's well known that feelings of isolation and loneliness of increased during coronavirus lockdowns for people suffering from dementia restrictions of deprive them of social contact and routine stimulation which can help keep their condition at bay and as emma haywood reports from southern england that's brought new challenges for their carers. out simas has robbed linda a former artist of her ability to communicate and walk unaided and of the future she and her husband john had planned he now does everything for her wellness so looking after the couple's daughter who has down syndrome lockdown meant linda's routine had to change and she's been unable to access the specialist daycare center she used to she doesn't recognize people anymore she doesn't. talk as much as she
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used to talk she but she does talk you can probably hear in the background it's more mumbling. words that dumped my kidney since the start a lot down if you want to and i will she would tell you she can't do that now. you will too cheerio nation through lack of mixing with people it's hard to know whether linda's cognitive decline is due to a natural progression from out simas or months of social isolation or both but dementia charities say her situation is far from unique and people with dementia have been disproportionately affected by cope at 19 with official figures showing the disease was the most common main preexisting health condition and deaths involving kobolds between march and june this year in england and wales at the same time visits to relatives living with dementia inside care homes was stopped to try to help the spread of the virus around 850000 people in the u.k.
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are living with dementia lockdown and social distancing has been particularly challenging for supper as and i carers and few feelings of isolation and loneliness gather up and given all dementia u.k. says calls to its helpline rose sharply during lockdown leslie is a specialist to mention helping families like johns in why all that invisible army and i could care is i think quite often if you know the call often cite even pretend i pray look down. slighted and kind of. it can be quite lonely existence and i think look down at that. i think some of the you know areas that they've struggled with he's not their needs not being recognised in terms of the level of care that i provide and some of the rest by they have that they've not been able to access linda and her family have faced constant trials since her diagnosis the coronavirus pandemic has led to tens of
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thousands of deaths the number of those whose lives have been changed and challenged by it though is harder to comprehend and i would. share. unprecedented summer rains in central china threatening the livelihoods of fish farmers and fishermen in neighboring south korea rob a bride to travel to the island in the waters separating the korean peninsula from china's east coast to learn more about a summer phenomenon that's being made worse by climate change. on the island of jeju those who depend on the surrounding waters for their living have reason to look anxiously out to sea and ocean expert. has been studying the source of that anxiety unprecedented rains far away in central china sending surges of fresh water flooding out of the yangtze river here depicted in green reaching towards j juice coastline knowing that this year we have seen our president in the rainy
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front right across the korean peninsula and china we can assume the weather pattern will repeat itself in future years because of climate change. research is from this instituto been studying the changing sees as china's storms appear to worsen every year like many places in the world the island of jeju is having to adapt to the effects of a changing climate and that means in recent years the additional problem of rising sea temperatures it means some subtropical species are now better suited to jay juss waters to do with what is your land is becoming more stop tropical the surface temperature of the sea has risen by one and a half degrees so we are also looking into subtropical species of fish and helping farmers get prepared but for fish farmers like cho seung the already heavily invested in colder water species just surviving the present is the priority of the government can't lower the sea temperature when it goes up so the only way would be
1:43 pm
for the government to help us with subsidies if the situation continues they'll be more damage and the fish industry could only get worse and with the summer rains far from over this south korean island has many more days to worry about what china's weather has in store for them rob mcbride al jazeera jeju south korea. that many citizens were not the only victims of the beirut port explosion earlier this month pandits of syrians were among the thousands who've been injured the u.n. and aid agencies are providing help but they haven't been able to reach everyone is in a call to reports. 2 weeks after he was injured and where most of us pain hasn't eased knocked unconscious from the blast at beirut port he spent a few days in hospital and is now left to deal with his injuries alone the father of 6 is a syrian migrant worker who are among the worst hit being left out of an already struggling system is not hard. can i go for
1:44 pm
a check up this no one to take me someone was supposed to pick me up 5 days ago to scan my heed and i'm very dizzy i can't get up. hundreds of syrians were injured in the explosion many worked and lived near the port there were also 30 percent of the more than 180 people confirmed dead and they too are among those unaccounted for. who is truly when my daughter died it was because. things were still on my wife brought her back and she needs legs surgery and cannot move my other daughter or broken bones on her neck. the cato family lived here for 13 years like so many others they had no idea the smoke that was billowing from the port less than a kilometer away would trigger such
1:45 pm
a devastating explosion that is why the family was outside when it happened. falling debris killed allie kino's 16 year old daughter sidra the family has since moved in with the eldest son mahmoud whose home is too small and income too little to care for them in an unwelcoming country. the hospital where my father was treated demanded money even though the ministry of health said a cup of the cost for all the victims hospital management insisted syrians had to pay we managed to discharge him after a journalist who was at the hospital brought attention to our case. the nearly bankrupt state has been largely absent in relief efforts but even before the blast human rights groups have documented how syrian refugees and migrants are discriminated against the keno family hopes they will receive support from the un which is helping 100000 lebanese and syrians rebuild their homes.
1:46 pm
i don't know where i will be in the near future i'm at my son's right you know i don't know what is next to. the explosion destroyed neighborhoods devastated lives and people's livelihoods but for those who already live on the margins of society the road to recovery has to start. beirut. but it's a question the former prime minister of multi as part of the investigation into the murder of anti corruption journalists definitely caught on their early thea joseph muscat set down earlier this year after public pressure over the scandal threatened to bring down his government but he said he was not under investigation kelly theo was killed by a car bomb and $2173.00 men suspected of planting the device are currently on trial businessman you're going finnick is accused of plotting the murder there is economy has shrunk by more than 30 percent as a result of the covert 900 pandemic millions of lost their jobs the government's
1:47 pm
trying to enforce measures to control the virus but people are breaking the rules as they desperately trying to make ends meet but in a sanchez reports from lima. before you ever do rock star the overall market today selling bamboo plants the businessman turned street vendor says he'll do whatever he can to put food on the table for his wife and children. i had a small business but when the pandemic began i tried to stay home with my family and lost everything now i have no choice but to sell anything on the streets to make all the 6 or 8 dollars which is not enough for food. the deuce national statistics institute says nearly 7000000 peruvians lost their jobs as a result of the government restrictions to prevent people from getting checked it with covert 1000 that's 40 percent of produce urban population out before in the last 3 months but to get the work of all that there's so much poverty no work we
1:48 pm
have to sell whatever there's no money to. businesses especially retail and services have gone bankrupt analysts say the worst recession in more than 100 years throwing a chief men's back 10 years fisherman economy the effects of brutal it's the worst recession since the 19th century the economy was shut down completely in 12 or $24.00 regions there wasn't one covert case instead of isolating them the quarantine was also imposed on them which reveals a lack of understanding of the effects of such a measure. since the pandemic began the government approved that aid package of nearly $36000000000.00 to reignite the economy including tax relief sent cheap loans the government is handing out more than $200.00 in subsidies to more than 5 and a half 1000000 poor pro vs distribution process is slow and inefficient and doesn't reach everyone who needs it maybe they simply don't know when for any historic
1:49 pm
context including jury award the numbers a staggering and the long term effects a huge loss of human capital children with education and mel nutrition problems. we'll see the effects for the next 10 or 15 years since june 1000 cases up doubled the worst tally in latin america to brazil in the last 2 weeks more than 100000 peruvians were infected the government reimposed curfews and banned family gatherings most say they want to avoid getting infected without food on their tables the choice is tough but. so i had an al-jazeera in sport action from the n.b.a. playoffs including the player chasing his 3rd championship with a 3rd different front shots. the steel plate. and this edition of the algae there are we'll take you on
1:50 pm
a journey without you qatar's diverse wildlife to be joined by in the region by mentioning that and also a conservationist will be discussing the impact the potential uncontrolled development could have on these diverse wildlife species living here if i'm protected. one day i might be covering politics as usual and the next time i hear of micro tossing from serbia into hungary what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can see the headlines in the most human way possible. here and i just we believe everyone has a story worth hearing history has called it the great war in the final episode the 2 sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world war one through our bodies on al-jazeera.
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it's time for the sport here's joe thank you very much spanish cups of ai have won the europa league for a record 6th time basing in some man and a thrilling final in cologne they went to goal down after giving away a penalty well in the caucus scoring from the spot for inter but it was the culprit who ultimately gifted them 32 vic. thanks to an own goal and for coach to take it end 2 years of turmoil after being sacked by both the spanish national team and madrid. i was lucky enough to find this club who gave me a fantastic opportunity for which i'm grateful i also found a group of players that believed in the project and they'd have worked hard from
1:52 pm
the start they managed to become a real team which is never easy they achieve that and all credit goes to them or back home fans celebrated in the bars and on the streets of seville as well as a record extending 6 title it's also severe as 4th europa league trophy in 7 years as for into a very cogent tenure conti hinted he may leave the club. appreciate it a look at kick this you always have a place in my heart it will leave its mark because it's been such a strange year but it's also been a year that's given me a great deal it's been an exhausting year it's all right that i start to reflect and think about things manchester united captain harry maguire is expected to appear in a greek court on saturday after a brawl on the holiday island of make an os the world's most expensive defender was arrested after the late night incident between 2 groups of tourists police say 3 british nationals face charges of verbal abuse physical violence against police and
1:53 pm
attempted bribery greek state t.v. says 27 year old mcgrath mcguire's brother and friend have also been arrested 6 months ago david beckham's m.l.s. team were days away from making their home debut but then the current virus shutdown hit the season now into miami are finally expected to play orlando city at home later this saturday albeit in an empty stadium back home is also in england and won't be able to attend the game because of travel restrictions into miami go into the match having lost 5 games out of 5 the worst start by an m.l.s. expansion team in league history. into you're there in that stadium and it's rock and roll shands the type of fans that i waited a long time for the game it's not truly going to be the whole you know but nonetheless is its continuation season and for us it's an opportunity to get the 3 points organizers of horse racing's kentucky derby have reversed their decision to
1:54 pm
allow fans this year the race has been perspiring from may to september the 5th the plan was to allow it to 23000 spectators and churchill downs race course but with corona virus continuing to spread in kentucky the race will now be behind closed doors the county record and more than 2300 cases in the last week alone. so the n.b.a. playoffs on the l.a. clippers have taken the lead in their series against the dallas mavericks leonard was the standout player with 36 points as he looks to win his 3rd championship with his 3rd different front charge he's won with the san antonio spurs and the toronto raptors the clippers one this one by 8 points and now lead the mavs 2 games to one in the best of 7 series game 4 is on sunday. amazing was that 1st a scary quiet. place you know you see the game you know it's crazy. it's never in a rush enough it's hard to go oh god this. was incredible tonight i'll say scoring
1:55 pm
this thread's but i just told for everybody else well len it's all tame the defending champion toronto raptors a dominating best series against the brooklyn nets fred van fleet's produced the highlights of game 3 with this $41.00 foot buzzer beater in the 3rd quarter the raptors won easily by $25.00 points to go 3 nothing up in the series they can now eliminate the nets on sunday. and the boston celtics are also on the verge of progressing to the next round playoff 3 up against the eastern conference series against the philadelphia 76 ers kemba walker let the scoring with 24 points in game 3. the n.h.l. icici playoffs in the defending champions all out so the news blues were thrashed $62.00 by the front of a canucks on friday and that win meant the canucks took the western conference series 4 games to 2 they now head through to the 2nd round of the playoffs where they will face the biggest all night. in the eastern conference the top seeded
1:56 pm
philadelphia flyers are into the 2nd round they beat the montreal canadiens 32 in game 6 to wrap up their series of lies will now play the new york islanders in a series starting on tuesday. or you go for us out there can only dream of doing what american scotty scheffler did on friday this part sealed an incredible round of $59.00 at the northern trust that's 12 under par for the day he's only the 12th player ever to shoot a $59.00 on the p.g.a. tour. to be completely honest i didn't see camera til 17 so i don't really think anybody has paid attention to me to be completely honest with you but no i didn't change what what i'm doing i was i was really trying to make as many birdies i can and i mean i love the leaderboard as much as possible because there's going to a lot of birdies this week that round was only good enough to put scheffler in 2nd place behind dustin johnson who very nearly had a 59 of his own he was 11 on after 11 holes but eventually had to settle for a round of 60 johnson lead by 2 at the halfway stage and sweden's danniella home
1:57 pm
kris leads the women's british open which is the 1st women's major of the year she finished she missed a part on the last hole she's the only player on the par and these biased shots it promises to be a closely fought next 2 rounds with 15 players within 4 shots also laid out royal troon in scotland. fernando alonso has finished his final practice session ahead of sunday's indy 500 the former f one champion makes his 3rd attempt to clinching motor sports triple crown having already won the want to take a break i'm only 24 hours he could only post the 23rd fastest time on friday in indianapolis to start 26th on the grid for the race. weaving down a game or 2 and some of the world's best windsurfers have been competing in switzerland this week on lake silver plan on the summer it's more than 200 athletes from 33 countries josel to be crowned formula for oil world champions in the end the competition was dominated by 2 french women surface knows men won the women's rights and nicola go yard clinched the men's title. all right that is all useful
1:58 pm
for now we'll have more for you later rob joe thanks very much indeed just as it is going to be here in a couple of minutes we're bored all these stories some robots and the bike. selfless act human bravery 10000 precious pieces of literature rescued from being. besieged sorry. it's the both mean women and men who risked everything to save their rights and
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heritage. the love of books on al-jazeera. maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theatre troupe a group of colombian women fighting the challenges they face. al-jazeera was compelling series which showcases fresh filmmaking talent down the globe you find a lot in america presents acting lessons on al-jazeera. this underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures but we think the great strain the eric eric. and the tourism industry based bands this we lose instantly if we have another bleaching event of these
2:00 pm
magnitude if this continues they just will not be the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those major. side to supporting full strong climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without this the situation on the get worse. or war the war. russian opposition leader lecturing about the arrives at a hospital in berlin might have been treated for suspected poisoning. i know that i'm starting to tame the says al jazeera life are also coming up. this sacred duty is my number one priority between now and election day the controversial head of the u.s.
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postal service pledges to deliver ballots on time as the house passes a rare saturday vote to approve the.


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