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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello this is the news hour on al-jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha . coming up in the next 60 minutes tens of thousands defy warnings to rally against the better lucien president alexander lukashenko wash calls for national dialogue. fraudsters fugitives and convicted criminals al-jazeera investigation identifies some of the foreigners buying the use citizenship in cyprus also this hour
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protesters in southern iraq demanding local governments resignation after the killing of a number of prominent activists and an environmental disaster waiting to happen the u.n. sounds the alarm over a decaying oil tanker off the coast of western yemen. about if you slip through the sports comparisons a man meets in the european champions league final we'll bring you the latest from lisbon. thank you very much for joining us tens of thousands of demonstrators in bella rose defying warnings to rally against president alexander lukashenko is the latest wave of protests against his disputed reelection earlier this month people gathered in independence square in the capital men's calling for location because resignation but his older in the military to use. is what he calls the most strained and
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measures to end attempts to overthrow his government the e.u. has rejected the results of the election and has threatened to sanction officials responsible for ballot fraud the police crackdown and allegations of torture and abuse in custody russia meanwhile says it's impossible to prove. did not win the august 9th election as foreign minister sergei lavrov says bella reuss needs a genuinely broad national dialogue to resolve the unrest we have alexandra so janowicz called from standing by in moscow with the latest reaction from there but 1st we go to men scan al-jazeera is set bos'n set we saw earlier big crowds in minsk its independence square but the crowd seemed to be moving away now tell us about what's been happening and what the atmosphere is like today. massive crowds are moving around cements right now are we here at the large
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monument from what world war 2 there is now tens of thousands of people here they moved from the independence square earlier basically because it was simply too small to have these hundreds of thousands of people is the estimate right now they're moving from here to the presidential palace later and that's where look at shanghai has his office what we've seen today is basically a huge huge should gesture of defiance because there were military on the streets in the center of men still are military trucks the worst bullies but people kept coming in and they kept coming at them in huge numbers and they were telling me that they have no fear they brought their small children families who are here elderly people who are here people from all walks of life and they all had this big no for president saying he has to step down and that his scare tactics that might have worked in the last 26 years are not working anymore right as you say i mean a big military present. spigot than we've seen in the last week and as you say
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people don't seem to have been deterred by this large military deployment what does that suggest to you step i mean you've been there for a couple of weeks now what does that suggest you as far as how the situation might evolve and what role the military might play. well at 1st suggests to me that there really determent people are telling me they're not leaving the streets until he really steps down so there is a very strong determination and that comes of course after many many many years of restrictions but it also comes from this police crackdown that happened just after the election result was presented and people went on to the streets and they were nearly $7000.00 people detained or people tortured people beaten up in detention centers that has led to enormous trauma among the population and that trauma has led to anger and this anger is stronger than fear so even the military coming up
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showing their their equipment maybe ready to to attack the crowds doesn't deter them any longer and the military has watched it today and i think they're simply feel outnumbered. thank you for that stat boston reporting there live from bella who says capital minsk let's cross over now to moscow and speak to alexandra gaunt from was a journalist based in russia's capital on exam russia's foreign minister has been speaking about the situation in better rules in the last few hours accusing the better racine opposition of not having a plan of not wanting dialogue i mean it's been quite obvious all along which side russia is on but the rhetoric and the tone seem to be changing. yes exactly it is stepping up the game it is stepping on in in more bold lead to help look at shane call saying that see it is not possible to prove that he lost this elections without international observance and saying that their own people
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who were observing these elections found them fair and square moreover a lot of supporters of this proposed solution of look at shinnecock constitutional reforms saying it should be of rides a genuinely wide national dialogue that would belorussian people and also saying that the russian would be fine with whatever local showing qualities with the opposition but this opposition has been called everything but the representatives of the people in his speech russian foreign minister said that he was suspicious of crowds coordination council was formed saying 'd that there is people there that are clearly under russian he went further to say to the presidential candidate candidates that one of the. a was ease on that pressure once she went abroad to make again political statements to support these protests saying there are forces within the opposition that want violence that want bloodshed in belarus a so from the speech it's clearly that it is not your position
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a local schenkel should speak with in this wide a drain really wide a national dialogue. yeah yeah but alexander i mean moscow clearly is aware of these big crowds in maids who oppose alexander lukashenko how far is the kremlin willing to go to prop him up to continue supporting him. well if these are not to look at franco himself is so important to russia but the but the belarus as a country being the only country left on the whole of western border of russia which is neither a member north nor seeks to be a member of e.u. and nato and that is a long term the russians to tickle goal to have actually these countries bordering it and not be a member of nato as a colleague alliance so this is a question of how how far they will go well the belarus president was last week
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saying that he will get even a military support from russia if there is this for in the meddling and for in tread well on this respect there is to treaties that war called for which actually would indeed the need for in troops invading belarus in order to be activated one being the collective security treaty the other union states that exist so far only on the bape or but russia can. kind of have its way in supporting local shank or even without this military entering the state of belarus and that's the strange part of the validation population who has nothing against dies with russia they can do it with a soft power they can do it with this type of a political supporter and a with. contacts with the western leaders warning them of not
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to meddle not to interfere even and not to mediate and lee heard today from mr lover of thank you very much for that alexandra so janowicz gone from live there in moscow. now knowledge of their investigation can reveal cyprus has been selling european passports to convicted criminals fugitives and fraudsters the largely passport data to our investigative unit reveal serious flaws to the island so-called golden passport scheme which has generated more than $8000000000.00 for its government and the 1st of our exclusive reports on the cyprus papers deborah davis reports from london. to become a citizen of the mediterranean island nation of cyprus cost more than $2.00 and a half $1000000.00 among those who've paid that russian businessman of he'd already served a prison sentence for extortion and the chinese investment tycoon junco chan who
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had been jailed for fraud the site perspire has a large data leak obtained by al-jazeera revealed it to an all 1000 people from 74 countries who bought a cypriot passport. cyprus says it checks applicants have a clean criminal record but we found multiple cases of applicants who wanted by police at the time they was sold cypriot citizenship. was already wanted in ukraine for large scale theft of public funds. in june prosecutors displayed the $6000000.00 they said was offered in bribes to end years of investigation india's energy company. denies any involvement his cypriot passport allows him to live out of ukraine and he didn't return for questioning. or vietnamese businessmen pham that blue won't be using his cypriot passport any time soon he was already facing trial for bribery when he bought it see how.
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we found 30 people linked to criminal activity who've bought so-called golden passports allowing them in their wealth to move freely around the e.u. . the passport scheme of cyprus is a risk to security in europe these passports are for high value in particular for people from countries which have a record of economic and political criminality passports and citizenship should not be for sale they are not a commodity the cypriot interior minister told us no citizenship was granted in violation of regulations and the independent committee now studies and evaluates previous applications and a new law can strip citizenship from suspected criminals that shooting clude father and son malek sabet and mehdi ebrahimi they wanted in iran for money laundering and
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fraud and facing similar charges in canada but many deny all charges the cyprus papers suggest they're among dozens who may have used their golden passports to evade justice deborah davis al-jazeera london. far all fay's a reporter at the organized crime and corruption reporting project she says this is yet another call for european agencies to take action. a couple of years ago we organized crime and reporting project we ran code for was code it was r r y the projects are now. samurai of european countries running managing programs similar to the stupid ones i had to say that easing section $12013.00 the separate program in particular raised. concerns and worries probably with. these are just your investigation shows for the 1st time of the strength of
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number the extent we. think. even the council of europe until money laundering agency in the 21000 who forced highlighted the super problem was inerrantly. to money laundering and this is also. this is also if this comes up suppose there reinstate is as in having a marriage. of of to money laundering and the secret program is strictly a dive to the real estate market i think this investigation this year papers was a. cold and that was more to the european union because in essence what cyprus is selling is a european passport to. a separate possible without all the set of rights that come out with a european cities and would and that wouldn't be so alluring for investors or or i
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networking to be bus from or around the war so i think this is probably the time for the european union to turn our alarm into some actions. and more findings from the papers will be revealed throughout the week here and on al-jazeera dot com in point 2 of our investigation will be looking at how cyprus sold citizenship to politicians and senior officials considered by the e.u. as high risk for money laundering and corruption that's on monday from 10 g.m.t. right here on. there's plenty more ahead on this news hour including mass killings in colombia's countryside raise questions about whether the relief brought by peace deal with fox rebels has come to an end plus. where it is the plantation 10 years highlights more than 60 years ago which is colonialist the local people off of its land to make space for it will be speaking to you that
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still survives about their fines for justice. and in sports with peter out with guy action from the men's tennis tour returned after a 6 months shut down because of the contest at. protesters in southern iraq have called on a local governor to resign or risk more unrest rallies have been sponsored by a number of killings of prominent activists and people are demanding those responsible be held accountable prime minister mostafa kadhimiya is in basra to help find a solution to the crisis will be speaking to dawson in just a moment but 1st her report from baghdad. prime minister mustapha arrived only hours after returning from his trip to washington d.c. he met local politicians late on saturday night with the hopes of calming the anger
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on the streets but he had a warning for those looking to cost trouble either decided we couldn't we should i mean this is a message to all criminals and killers this is a new government that this war can to establish the prerequisites of security it aims to establish security employer gun crime i'd like to tell everyone who carries a weapon contrary to the government's law they wouldn't ask the punishment on the killers would be brought to justice very soon i'd like to tell the criminals who us in $87.00 hashimi the scene and the young female doctor that your blog will be a title for justice john a 33 year old is the young female doctor prime minister called to me refer to she was a prominent activist investor and let several woman's marches she was killed on wednesday when gunmen with assault rifles riding a motorcycle opened fire on her car. days earlier godman had shot dead activists seen osama their deaths spoke days of protests and on rest fueled by anger
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protesters set fire to local government buildings in the southern iraqi city demanding those responsible be brought to justice and calling for the resignation of the provincial governor danny the recent rise in targeted killings poses a challenge for the new prime minister there have been nearly a dozen attempts on the lives of well known activists this month and 4 have been killed 3 of them in basra the prime minister dismissed the local police chief last week after osama's death in response a number of senior tribal leaders issued a statement saying the armed themselves if the government fails to protect the people this is the worst on dress the city has seen since last year's protests which led to the resignation of prime minister of the law. is known as the wealthiest province in iraq it's home to most of the country's oil reserves yet it has some of the worst facilities of public services years of mismanagement and corruption have led to protests on
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a regular basis and live not to dorset jabari in baghdad so endorser the deadline for the government to resign has passed what's the latest you're hearing from basra . well there is no sign that this governor has any plans to leave his position which he's held since 2017 and we have just seen some footage from showing a number of protesters have yet again taken to the street seeing as how their demands have not been met we are waiting to find out what will come of these demonstrations in the coming hours we also heard from the newly appointed police chief issued a memorandum to all his entire staff and the few points i want to highlight from this memorandum that he's issued the police chief has said that any vehicles without license plates will be immediately confiscated the people need to lay down their non regular arms meaning any groups or militias if they're armed they need to turn in their weapons there is a strong desire to try and bring some kind of order and peace back to the province
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and the police chief also stated that a crisis cell will be formed and that joint patrols would be deployed across the province to try and restore calm and order but it's very unlikely that the calls for calm and order will be heard by the protesters since none of their demands have been met yet what they are looking for is justice and accountability 2 things the prime minister promised them on saturday during his visit but we have yet to see any tangible results come to fruition thank you door in baghdad for us. german doctors are running tests on russian opposition leader alexei now bali for suspected poisoning he was flown to berlin in an induced coma on saturday from matheson a team a siberian city of homs russian doctors initially considered too sick to be flown out of the country that they change their position late on friday dominic kane is in berlin with more on these conditions. mr novelli is going through the process
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of having a thorough going diagnostic series of tests performed on him by the doctors and nurses in the chalet to the hospital behind me here in central l.a. and no statement given from the hospital so far as to watch the have found all we know is that on saturday they said that they would be performing this battery of tests and until they were in a position to inform his family of what their conclusions were they would be making no statement we know that they do not anticipate any news conference taking place on sunday one development report today is that mr have on these wife is with him that she has gone into the hospital and is therefore with him and is able to ask the doctors what their findings have been and that sort of thing but nothing is being made public remember she is the one who alleges that those russian doctors who 1st treated mr know of our need didn't the release of mr vanney for long enough
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in her words for whatever was in his system to degrade making it harder for it to be detected clearly if there is something in his system which has made him so poorly and it will be the staff here in the show hospital who will discover it so as i say you really are not are naive that's his wife yulia she alleges that the delay was to allow what was in his system to become degraded hard to find the problem for all of us here is that we know it's unlikely they'll be any kind of statement from any party in this of today. negotiations are underway in mali between members of the west africa block send the mali and cool leaders the delegation is trying to find a way forward after a group of soldiers seize power on tuesday early eko us negotiators met former president. of the barracks where he is being detained kater was forced to resign
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after the takeover. in a budget of forests which a nigerian way is following developments from mali a number of meetings held understand since the echo us allegation arrived in bamako on saturday tell us about what's been happening and has this delegation made any progress in its mission. well on friday on saturday sorry there was a brief meeting it lasted only 15 minutes i think when the groan rules were laid down by both sides they didn't come to an agreement instead the course delegation walked out of the meeting some of them were not visibly were not happy with what happened in the meeting hall and from there they drove to cut the military zone while. and members of his cabinet are being held there met with the president and after that when i didn't president and leader of the allegation good luck jonathan told reporters that yes. in fine form and is well then
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today they were supposed to have met with the united nations and african union representatives in but all of a sudden things changed they were called back to the ministry of defense while a meeting was held they were locked into that meeting having several discussions i think based on what transpired between the is of course delegation and president he brought in biblical care to end detention and when they came looks like a breakthrough the meeting continued into this afternoon then they took a short break they have returned now to the meeting venue after consulting probably their own parties their course on its part because celtic of various presidents like that sent them to to burma great and then the military and inspired talking among themselves about what to concede briefly ahmed briefly what would echo be negotiating right now exactly i mean they've said initially that they want to. have
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but we know that that's something a lot of my audience don't want and you know i actually agree with this military coup and support the military what would be the alternative i mean can they find a common ground. 2 alternatives are actually forced the release of a brand new book or kitten the rest of the detainees and i think probably they may take bramble could get out of mali and then secondly i sure and some of the military rulers knew military rulers about how to organize elections in a very very short time acceptable to both sides most especially their cause it could have a community of west african states the loser of the 2 alternatives be before them now thank you very much i made interest with the latest say on the situation in mali the protests have broken out in the u.s. state of louisiana after police shot and killed a black man on friday but he say trey fought pellerin was carrying
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a knife and had been trying to enter a convenience store in the city of lafayette idio appears to show pallor in walking away from officers who then shot the 31 year old after a stun gun failed to work norbert manley has a story. i'm not here to get everybody motivated to come out and do stuff on the streets of fiat you know the killing of the black by us. on sunday more than 150 people block traffic on the infantrymen highway. the site of where hoffa dozen police had surrounded and then shot 31 year old trafford padron on friday the incident was captured on video by a bystander who got the money. from a gun. they will shoot. because the wait. wait oh no you got a. good omen bro. make me do
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i want to. be. taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead in louisiana state police say he was walking towards the store with a knife they shot stun guns at him but say they were ineffective but activists who see it as another form of police violence against black people i think one of the things that when i got here today to this site that disgusted me with the fact that this story is still open a man died on the doorsteps of it but circle k. continues to launch a business and allow people to come out here and purchase like nothing happened is a likable black man worth less than that of anyone else the american civil liberties union of louisiana is demanding a feller investigation triffitt pellerin should be alive today instead a family is mourning in a community is grieving. none of the communities
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a safe when the police can murder people with impunity all when routine encounters escalate into deadly shooting sprees. was. one of the protesters to shoot on. a reference to slammed by police in minnesota say that killing spot close to defund police department and galvanized the black lives to protest across the us which is still continuing in some states palin's mother has spoken out about her son saying he was an intelligent man who suffered from social anxiety one civil rights attorney said instead of giving him a helping hand they cave him bullets. people here according to the officers involved to be dismissed this latest shooting spot the heightened their anger at the police. they say chest to protect.
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and for months u.s. president donald trump has sought to create doubts about the legitimacy of november's election and as his republican convention gets underway they are questions about what he might do if his defeated wrong reynolds reports from los angeles. our. president donald trump appears to be laying the groundwork for disputing the election results the only way we're going to lose this election is if the election is rigged remember the trailing democratic nominee joe biden in the polls trump is hinting he may declare the election invalid the narrative the president trump is that the legends are going to be rigged. and therefore are in the. way to. make tension remember forever for him to say one to some scholars of authoritarian regimes trumps
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moves are right out of this. strong man's playbook is trying to say that democracy is corrupt democracy the american isms of they don't work. american isms of democracy and and this is classic. hold over 20000 lives. so it wouldn't be hard to imagine here in. fact abrogating idea that there's been widespread well prove tampering or you know has been constantly tweeting about the danger of dead people voting. and he's really. a very skilled propagandist in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic trump and senior officials stand accused of trying to hobble mail in voting because by trump's own admission he thinks it would hurt biden. this kind of politics and while you're accusing your opponent of trying to rig the elections you yourself are making the
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elections public outcry and pushback from congress forced trump's postmaster general to backtrack promising lawmakers that mail in ballots would be prioritized and delivered on time but trump has also suggested delaying the election doing it over if he loses and sending police out in force to polling places what he's aiming to do here is create a sense of uncertainty and suspension so that he wouldn't have to concede defeat based on his words and deeds one thing seems clear trump doesn't want to leave office without a fight rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. still ahead on the news hour. i'm wayne hay reporting from chiang mai in northern thailand where we'll tell you why an old protest movement may be about to hit the streets again. and sports with
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heated things get a little heat take down inside the basketball bubble at disney world. hello heaviest monsoon rain is just visible across the arabian sea and is coming out of india and just approaching the south of pakistan and the cloud probably spill into a man eventually otherwise it's a hot dry picture of course very light breeze at the moment coming out of iraq that's due to strengthen something of a mean the air becomes drier over doha our has been humid fairly recently along the coast of our mom it's still the southwest breeze has been in the hobby for which could i think see a bit of a break come wednesday when it's sunny rather than cloudy and drizzly in say might be true for thursday's stuttering trouble if big showers develop at this time there
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in central africa were north africa and this is the development area of nigeria come monday so drifting slowly north was into the kenya faster by the time you get to choose to and of course that can result in the last one just leaving the coast just west of guinea more or less might develop into a tropical storm then a hurrican this one might do the same thing but in the meantime it's affecting just africa in southern africa where it is to of course winter is the southern ocean south atlantic where you drag story with us 1st optically still me at the moment there is rain there all along the cape. history has called it the great war in the final episode the 2 sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world
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war one through our bodies on al-jazeera the whole d.n.a. about there are still even use of people who are subject to the fictions played by the powerful who think lee know where to put all these people they're all individuals with children the law like the back story this place has become a complete crock you have to hear all of them and to treat them with something within respects. on counting the cost cracks in the global economy stocks sold to record highs despite the coronavirus that make billionaires become richer but the poor get poorer so is it time to finally come from capitalism plus remaking china and president she's. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha back to remind of our top stories on this news hour another major anti-government rallies underway in the capital of bella who is the latest in a wave of protests against the disputed reelection of president alexander lukashenko. an al-jazeera investigation has discovered cyprus sold passports to convicted criminals or those under police investigation interior minister denies any citizenship rules were broken. and southern iraq is facing the prospect of more on rest stops after a deadline set by protesters for the resignation of the local governor expired demonstrators have been demanding justice over the killing of prominent to us. more now on our top story and those protests in bella rules when are joined by
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samuel green who is director of the russia institute at king's college london his via skype from the british capital thank you very much mr greene for being with us on al-jazeera so we've seen huge crowds again today in minsk big crowds and also russia speaking this time perhaps changing its rhetoric a bit. it would seem its support for xander look but the kremlin at the same time says dialogue is necessary to resolve this crisis do you think there is any chance at this point that this can be resolved domestically. well in one way or another it's going to have to be resolved domestically and it's going to be a decision that's going to have to be made by. either the question to himself or people around him that they can no longer hold on to to power the position that they have is is untenable and that will either come through a peaceful process in which the carone decide that they cannot or are not willing
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to escalate things further or unfortunately that could come through some degree of of a further escalation certainly you know other governments including in europe and in russia will try to put some pressure on minsk but you know it has 26 years ago has shown himself to be pretty skilled insulating himself from from external pressure really so this is an internal wanted to mystic affair but again we've heard strong support from moscow today for the rhetoric it seems to be stepping up and you know bellicose has been described as about a last wild caught between the kremlin and the west how far do you see russia willing to go to prop up or do you think it's perhaps them having an alternative to the shankly that supports said gold's. look i think moscow believes that its relationship is fundamentally with belarus as a state rather than with look look i think of course has represented that state for
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for a very long time but if he becomes an impediment to maintaining the kind of of a very close and integrated relationship that russia currently has with belarus they will not hesitate i think to see the back of him you know they've been through a succession of leaders in various other countries including ukraine not some of whom have been easier or harder to work with her but the focus will be on on maintaining that leverage that they have over whoever is running belarus and given the structural positions that russia has in the better russian economy in energy and in security as well i think the moscow is fairly relaxed about the prospect of somebody else coming to power eventually to replace the question of the question is the manner in which that happens right and because of the way certain some of the political affinities i suppose we could say that putin has with with lucas and co were torak lee they would not want to be seen. suggesting that the street or
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protesters or even ordinary citizens in general should have that much impact over of who gets to to run a country right so they will rhetorical and openly i think support location go for as long as is humanly possible but that doesn't mean that behind the scenes they aren't putting other sorts of pressure to bear thank you so much for talking to us samuel grange director of the russia institute at king's college london thank you for your time and. at least 17 people have been killed by armed groups in colombia within a period of 24 hours it's one of the most violent days since the signing of a peace deal with rebels in 2016 and as that is founded on pity for somebody it comes after weeks of increased across the country. a truck carrying 6 bodies arrives at a morgue in southwest a town long at the center of the country's civil conflict as family members grieve soldiers and police look on these killings were one of 3 incidents in just 24 hours
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that left at least 17 young people dead in remote regions of the country it was the deadliest day since the signing of the 2016 peace deal with fart rebels that aimed to end the worst of the violence. there are groups are fighting each other for control sources of illegal rains mainly related with narco trafficking but also illegal my. heart targeting youngsters in order to try to instill fear and we. had already been horrified by the killings of 8 college students near the border with ecuador another 5 young people were shot dead just days before outside the city of. massacres of this nature had long been routine in the internal conflict as paramilitaries get 3 years in the army fought
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for control of territory but after a lot following the signing of the peace deal violence has returned as the government has failed to assume control and implement peace reforms in those areas . the government has condemned the attacks and loans to a new special military unit well downplaying the increase in violence all know. one of the most classic old especially when it begins culprits of collective homicides who do advance in the investigations to clarify the facts that have affected this region but the entire country. but the united nations mission in colombia says they have already documented $33.00 massacre seems to be gaining of the year in the are calling on the government to do more to implement the peace accord the sudden spike killing outraged colombians reminding many of the worst days of the conflict just as the country struggles to turn the page on its violent
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past i listened to. there's been more anti-government protests in thailand after weeks of student led rallies calling for elections and a new constitution faster spied a state of emergency to stop the spread of coronavirus and a recent crackdown on government critics and there is a police arrested 8 more activists including 2 popular rappers for defying a ban on public gatherings. to kenya now where a community of more than $100000.00 people is seeking compensation from the british government for forced just placement from their homes and farmland it happened under colonial rule in the 1st half of the 20th century to make way for plantations malcolm webb went to the town of kerry chill in western kenya where he heard their stories. when elizabeth broadway recalled what happened nearly 2 years ago the memories were clear and painful she was a young woman at the time. british colonialists forced her and her family from
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their farmland here in creature county in kenya. to king us all for long and setting our houses on fire was painful there was a lot of hunger i remember my child almost drowned in the river as really no way. ever since she's lived on this small piece of land a much larger more fertile land that was once home could be seen on a distant hilltop we went to have a look elizabeth says her husband planted this tree a few years before the eviction demick at their land and try and stop the colonialists from taking it didn't work a plantation manages a house was built where she says one stood and the rest of the land became part of the tea plantation that today multinational companies millions of dollars every year. the tea plantations cover about 100000 hectares which were grabbed throughout
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the 1st half of the 20th century hundreds of thousands of people violently a victim from here some say they were maimed tortured and raped. today the land belongs to 5 international companies the largest are unilever and finley's who export the tea to europe neither responded to our request for comment. lawyers have submitted a complaint to the british government on behalf of the surviving displaced people they've also submitted it to a un special rapporteur the british government has said it's too long ago. william kip langat says it's not he was a teenager when he was a victim with his parents his father was one of few people here who could read and write at the time and he kept records of everything he was in prison for resisting william says he was tortured very bad too i feel so much pain when i speak about these trying to forget it all i don't think will ever heal until the day even the
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day of the day he wasn't supposed to day then it's because of what he suffered the anger and so much war to. malcolm webb al-jazeera county kenya. still ahead on al-jazeera will hear from one of the stars of paris sasha a man as a french crowd looks to make history in europe that's coming up next with its. frank assessments what are you seeing there in yemen. why it didn't suit this it's an informed opinion which is ethiopia on the verge of a breakdown many parts of the only every 10 are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate after is that correct because
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look the recent enters the bill a few people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera alaska's far north a pristine environment that's become a battleground with the trumpet ministration king to let oil companies start drilling some of the true remote communities are tempted by the promised wealth we live here we make the rule not their own but others bitterly opposed we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas crossing the high peaks of biotic circle to investigate the people in power at the edge of the earth on al-jazeera.
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welcome back the united nations is urging the warring sides in yemen to work together to prevent a potential environmental disaster a stricken oil tanker ward near the city of her data is slowly leaking more than a 1000000 barrels of oil and as mohammed out or say are fears it could also spill into the. betsy i next month. up with turn show environmental disaster and the persisting waters of the red sea this oil tanker has been murdered here off yemen's recent cost about 8 kilometers from port since 2015 its holding on is to meet at 1140000 barrels of crude oil experts say the ship structure is deteriorating and earlier this year water breached its engine room in july the un want the tanker called the suffer course pull 4 times as much oil as the exxon ferries which ran aground in alaska in 1989 spilling 37000 tons of crude
6:47 pm
that are also faires the ships unstable cargo could explode if fire breaks out on bald. surfie and if the tanker explodes it will cause devastating economic and environmental consequences in yemen might even be more powerful than the explosion in beirut environmentalist expect the pollution could reach barber monday and the swiss sea channel in the north. this lawmaking wire mental catastrophe has prompted the un to dispatch a team of engineers to evaluate the rescue but the team is yet to start work the u.n. security council has appealed to the holes the authorities who control parts of yemen including capital sana'a to give unconditional access to the team.
6:48 pm
we asked for germany and sweden to be like a 3rd party to bring their own people so we can trust the outcome of this evaluation. yemen's un backed government which is supported by a saudi equalisation blames the deterioration of the bizzle on the whole theory run governments and son the oil camp. charge of the vessel says the situation for the deteriorated after the saudi u.s. a qualification blocked an oil shipment that was to be used in its calling systems . in 2016 we imported fuel for the tanker but the shipment has been denied x. is the unlawful piracy practiced by the saudi iraqi coalition doesn't in the year it has restricted the injury of diesel and low grade fuel shipments from saudi arabia seaboard injuries on these restrictions are the main reason behind the current humanitarian crisis in. there are still talks to figure out how to resolve this
6:49 pm
issue the company assigned by the un to look after the tanker wants to tour to kuwait for repairs but the whole thiis say they wanted to fix locally or transferred to a 3rd party they can't trust like the government of switzerland the tank cares holding tens of millions of dollars worth of oil that could help many struggling yemenis the united nations has dress the urgent need for stopping the threat posed by the supper oil tanker but many here rule the international attention this story has brewed can bring yemen's boring side back to the negotiating table with the aim of ending the conflict and also it could be a way to ease the world's worst humanitarian crisis. al-jazeera from the theobald theory of. the bride of the red sea.
6:50 pm
time now for sports fully thank you very much football battle between a club familiar with being europe's best and one that's invested a lot of money in a quest for more success with just a few hours away from kickoff in the champions league final between brian munich and paris and demand the german club of 5 time champions that have the competitions highest score in their ranks that's probably live in dobbs on your screen there he's got 15 goals so far aiming to win the 11th consecutive champions league match and no club has ever achieved that. but 1st time finalists p.s.g. have the big names to match the likes of 11 dogs keep the french club have a formidable front line of neymar and killing them by qatari takeover of the club 9 years ago hundreds of millions of dollars has been spent building a squad capable of european pluri but they're well aware of the threat posed by byron yet. the flick material. now under hansie flic they've had an absolutely incredible run and have a great mix of hungry players from
6:51 pm
a new generation who want to make their mark and they have experienced players who want to win the champions league again they're playing at the highest level in europe but i don't like to compare them to the others at the moment that the best team in europe playing in the final at the hardest european competition is funds and it's in the top of course piscine have a lot of pace in this side there are a top team with some incredible players and it's a very exciting match that seeded in our games in the past 10 months we've always tried to impose our style of play we've always played with a high line against the opposition and ultimately this is been our guarantee of success so we won't want to change too much it. is a global sports correspondent rob has been covering the mini tournament in lisbon and he says it's been a success well it's been highly unusual the fact that we've had the single games rather than 2 legged fortified annals and 75 miles is perhaps made them less cagey affairs that being more exciting teams of really have to go for it just think back
6:52 pm
just less than 2 weeks ago the stadium behind me here p.s.g. were so close to going out to the torment they beat something at the lancer had to equalize the 90th minute and then grab the winner perhaps if it had be original format we would have had more sort of tense affair trying to push it into a 2nd leg when the last couple of hours have had a chance to sit down with the weight of preston alexander schaeffer and what is revealed is he's very keen on retaining some elements of this format if possible he said he will have to sit down with the various stakeholders across football to get their views but he says the feedback he's had is it's very exciting and he believes that even though you might reduce the number of games by having single legs running to like the value of them could go up to champions league is was interested before interesting before it's interesting. it's quade. experience if you have to think about changing something that works well anyway so
6:53 pm
it's not the pressure that something doesn't work and we have to change it we don't have to change anything. but. we've got some new ideas and i think it's very hard to hold a final 8 competition like this in a single city with fans due to all the rival factions gathering but maybe we could see a final 4 format gathering in one week and create that sort of super bowl style for a city or a single country but of course it was this was all a forced by the pandemic and the fact that even managed to complete this competition is something that didn't seem possible just a few months ago. david beckham's m.l.s. team into miami have finally got their 1st win of the season and they did it on their home debut at the stadium in fort lauderdale florida up against state rivals the man the city. school twice and rodolfo pisano also starred as they came out $32.00 winners result finally snaps a 5 game losing streak which was the greatest ever start buying and now its
6:54 pm
expansion team happy british boxer dylan white streams of winning the heavyweight world title or in tatters after a shocking defeat yet knock down russia's alexander prove it can twice during their fight behind closed doors in london a 40 year old povetkin got up and ended it with a huge uppercut it's a 2nd defeat of white's career and it means he loses out on a shot of fighting tyson fieri all the anti while the next for the w.b.c. belt. sticking with the fighting theme and things got a little heated in the n.b.a. basketball bubble disney will take a little short straight. look at the little boy. said i. was this is game 3 in the playoff series between the orlando magic in the milwaukee bucks magic for james ennis and bucks for the modern williams both ejected for the scuffle in the 2nd quarter. that was the but soon went on to win
6:55 pm
the game no surprise to see the combo rack up 35 points 11 rebounds and 7 assists the eastern conference top seeds now lead the series 21. and in the west portland trail blazers star damian lillard played with a splinter in game 3 against the l.a. lakers of the dislocated his index finger in game 2 it didn't seem to affect him there it's called 34 points however it was not enough because le bron james scored 38 for the lakers and anthony davis 29 as the lakers won by 8 points they lead that series to one. and oklahoma city thunder got themselves back into their series against the he's done rockets they won game 3 in overtime with 4 of their players scoring 20 points or more however they still trail the series overall 2 games to one. the manes a.t.p. tennis 2 is back with its 1st competitive tournament since february that's the
6:56 pm
western and southern open to being played in a bubble in new york ahead of the u.s. open at the same venue 3 time grand slam singles champion andy murray one his 1st match in 9 months of the 2 hip surgeries he beat france a c.f.o. who has recovered from coronavirus mary plays alexander that is in round 2 the world's top cycling team t. many also has pulled out of the italian national championship after one of its riders tested positive for corona virus leonardo bussau tested positive on saturday but showed no symptoms he and 3 other riders will isolate for 2 weeks as a precaution but none of them are part of the squad for the tour de france which starts on saturday pace bowler jimmy anderson is fast approaching another cricketing milestone england's all time leading we could take it is just 3 away from 600 taste scalps taken 4 of the 5 pakistan wickets to fall in the 3rd test in southampton the visitors have recovered somewhat to 17605 but still trailing
6:57 pm
england's 1st innings total by 400 runs courses and australia's cricketers are on their way to england for a 6 game today they're the 1st national school team to leave australia during the coronavirus pandemic there remain in a bio secure bubble in england just like pakistan in the west indies the season is trillions will play 32020 and 31 day matches in september for steve smith it's his 1st time back in england since last year's ashes victory. yeah unfortunately there's no crowd so the egg me on and give me a bit more about it bison. you know you still you know there's going to be plenty of oz on the table watching and yes it's going to be great to be back out there like. it's only the small things from ella be back here again later with another update for me peter thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we've got plenty more wild news coming up including the latest on the protest scene venables will be live in minsk to stay with us.
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a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. unknowing gongs can guide us to. a simple tough. inform us. the unconventionality of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. this underwater treasure is
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a risk of disappearing juice a coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures when we. drain the eric eric egypt's iconic in the tourism industry based on steps we instantly if we have another bleaching event of the. it continue just well the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those magic. side to supporting full strong climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without this the situation on the get was. to jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on and on line be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic violence that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades
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we are going to need to transform lives the way we consume way to get business if we're going to adapt to climate right out this street on out is there. the. tens of thousands defy warnings to rally against the pelosi and president alexander lukashenko russia calls for national dialogue. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the back to also coming up protesters are back on the streets in southern iraq as their deadline for the local .


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