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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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execution illegal and mossad agents on al-jazeera. thousands of children were removed from east timor geremi indonesian occupation decades later why do you want to join the last generation if they find head home. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello there i am how he'd say you know this is the al-jazeera news are from doha coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. protesters in the u.s. state of wisconsin defy curfew venting their anger over a police shooting of a black man. the government's in cyprus gets ready to respond to an al-jazeera
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investigation into a cash for passport scheme convicted criminals fugitives and state officials. drumming up support speed u.s. secretary of state is touring the middle east to push arab nations to normalize relations with israel. and storm season is well underway the u.s. gulf coast prepares for the impacts of horror. and unschooled the latest from barcelona following the n.l. messi telling the club he wants to leave plus a record breaking night for the l.a. clippers who are now just one win away from the western conference semifinals. at least 2 people have been killed and another injured during protests in the u.s. city of commotion demonstrators defines a curfew for
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a 3rd night demanding justice for jacob blake a black man black man shot in the back by police. well tear gas was far to keep demonstrators from entering a courthouse building several buildings were set on fire and a state of emergency is now in place with extra national guard troops to prune the process are continuing to spice a call for unity and come from jacob blake's mother john hendren reports now from kenosha. smolders a city corrections building burnt to the ground one of 3 dozen buildings left in ruins in a single night firefighters and residents sweep up the wreckage. i am with black lives matter moving on you know objects protesting in the aisle that would if nothing needed. philip mary arrived to find the windows of his 92 year old office
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smashed but it was largely spared his neighbor wasn't so lucky. senseless it is. dandelion is someone's property the mother of jacob blake the black man whose shooting by police set off the demonstrations says he would not approve if. you knew what was going on as far as that goes the violence and the destruction. he would be very pleased blake's family spoke of the latest incident of alleged police brutality captured in this viral video of an officer shooting in the back his 3 sons watching from inside the car. 7 pines. something.
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like he didn't matter but my son matters blake's attorneys say he underwent surgery on tuesday and remains paralyzed from the waist down i'm not sad i'm not sorry i'm angry and i'm tired. i haven't cried one time i stopped crying years ago i am numb. i have been watching police murder people that look like me for years as her family struggles with what happened so does a battered city while police were protecting government buildings the looters came here to be uptown neighborhood and they fire bombed and looted each of the stores for a couple of blocks until they got here to kingdom word ministries that's where david my gomery is pastor actually we had somebody actually take a. big large rock and throw it through the window and we started yelling hey this is a church and marriage several people say hey you don't touch
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a church you know now one of the firemen said a pastor it looks like your build is going to be the only thing to say you know it's just a miracle from god one building salvaged amid dozens of burnt out holes and more broken hearts john hendren al-jazeera konoha wisconsin. yes president startled trump 1st lady monica and section of saints mike pompei you were speakers on day 2 of the republican national convention and spirits for decades of presidents the 1st lady spoke from the white house rose garden and we will bring you more on that in a 2nd memo might compare who has recorded his address while on a diplomatic mission in our white house correspondents kimberly how it will bring more on this story. now let's go back to our top story now a jacob blake the black man shot by police in wisconsin that he managed to
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survive his encounter with the police where has many others have nots let's take a look at some of the other high profile examples in june brooks was killed in the parking lot of a fast food restaurants in atlanta the officer who shot and killed him has been charged with murder all 4 officers involved in george floyd's death may have been fired from their jobs and charged but 3 officers who shot and killed brianna taylor in her own home in march have not face criminal charges so let's get more on this story now from scott lucas he's a professor of u.s. politics for the university of birmingham and joins us now by skype from the u.k. good to have you with us here on the al-jazeera news i just listed some high profile examples of police shootings but observers this seems like groundhog day
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why do you think things are not changing in the u.s. with regard to believe shootings. because you can change things overnight in a culture where are you have had fear you have had suspicion and you have had let us be honest racism for decades and so even as we're trying to get to grips with what happened with george floyd 3 months ago and amidst these important issues being raised by the anti-racism marches the black flies matter marches there will be other incidents other encounters now it appears that in the latest in the case of jacob lloyd can connection with johnson you have an on armed black man shot 7 times that close friends by officers simply hours after trying to mediate a domestic dispute he was getting back into his car with his 3 young sons inside that will have to be investigated but while that's being investigated people will be angry people will be frustrated and even though it should be emphasized that the
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leaders of the black clouds matter marches are denouncing violence you will have some that will take it out on the community but we need to also add something else to watch out for and that is that there are those who are right wing protesters right wing militia who will try to strike violence as well and in the instance which has marked last night's protest which is the killing of 2 people unwilling to hear a 3rd the suspicion and i must emphasize suspicion not proof is that members of the militia fired into one of these marches which just skillets the violence further everyone needs to take a step back that's what jacob like family said yesterday but the issue the fundamental issue which is violence against an armed people especially african-americans that cannot be dismissed lightly well let's turn see that fundamental issue. are you saying that the police in america are racists because in order to begin to tackle this problem we need to find out what the problem is and who is to blame. well there you have to unpack that and i wish we had
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a full hour but as the grandson of a long time serving place officer who served with 36 years what i have to say is from experience and from studying this is that when you have a culture which has often been racially segregated when you have a culture like the one i grew up with in the american south where you don't interact if you have police who are largely white they may start from a basis of suspicion and that that african-american that white american may be a threat to them and when you have the prevalence of guns and such large numbers on the streets that suspicion can escalate very quickly to violence now beyond that i think you have a structural issue and that is when you do have police violence when you do have on armed black americans being killed is there an attempt to cover this up and attempt to explain it away and attempt to shout law and order as for example the man in the white house is doing right now when you have that attempt to cover it up that is something which is structural racism. ok scott i'm afraid we don't have the full
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hour to it's a go into more detail on that but thank you so much for helping us see scratched the surface of this problem that scott lucas there joining us from birmingham in the u.k. . well let says stay in the u.s. where the american president donald trump 1st lady melania and the secretary of state might bump a were all speakers on the republican national convention they're breaking with decades of precedence the 1st lady spoke from the white house rules garden well mike pompeo recorded his address while on a diplomatic mission of white house correspondent kimberly hall kit's has more. explore together. america it was a night billed as a tribute to the great american story and the people empowered to succeed by
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president trump's policies many of those stories appeared to be produced by the former reality t.v. star himself breaking with precedent that presidential candidates lay low until the final night at the convention trump appeared the re time greg john i'm not sure you know there's a full pardon he issued a presidential pardon restoring the rights of a bank robber who has made it his mission to improve the lives of convicts and repeat after me in another made for t.v. moment trauma corporative a citizenship ceremony into the program to reach out to voters of color touting his push for legal immigration breaking with tradition secretary of state mike pompei appeared from west jerusalem well on official government business despite telling his own diplomatic corps weeks earlier that overt partisan politics violated u.s. law he told voters only president trump will keep american freedoms intact because
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president trump has put his america 1st vision into action it may not have made him popular in every foreign capital but it's worked. the 2nd night of the republican national convention remained a family affair as it had the night earlier 2 more of trump's children spoke his son eric and daughter tiffany railed against the media coverage of their father people must recognize that our thoughts are pinions and even the choice of who we are voting for may and are being manipulated and visibly coerced by the media and tech giants. but it was 1st lady molony a trump who delivered tuesday evenings marcie address making an appeal to women voters to support her husband she outlined the challenges he needs to overcome for racial unrest to tens of thousands of americans dead from cope with 19 i know many
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people anxious and sound feel helpless i want you to know you're not alone. my husband's administration will not stop fighting until there is an effective treatment or vaccine available to everyone indeed the 1st lady was one of the few speakers at the republican national convention to acknowledge the personal devastation and heartbreak that americans have faced during the pandemic it's a pandemic many blame president trump for not doing more to stop it's a narrative he may not be able to overcome with just 10 weeks until the election kimberly help at al jazeera the white house. there's plenty more still to come on the news hour including. however i know one thing for sure that this monster that my father. and the other beautiful souls that day is
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a coward face to face with a killer emotional statements from relatives gone tearing into the zealand mosques last year. and varying not to give up the main belorussian opposition leader says protests his call for a democratic transition will not speak or. it could lead on their own message be on the verge of leaving barcelona will have all the details for you later in the program. now al-jazeera is investigative units has obtained the cyprus papers a cache of confidential documents listing 2 and a half hours of people who bought citizenship in cyprus some are criminals and some are seeking a safe haven away from their own governments the names include 500 people from china
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a 350 from the middle east who paid for the rights to live and work in europe separate davis reports. a meeting of presidents to discuss greater links between cyprus and china put away from the public glare hundreds of chinese have quietly paid for a personal connection aboard cypriot citizenship a few likely a criminals he sanctioned by the us the laundering stolen cryptocurrency others like tanya politically connected he's boss of a state owned energy company. the chinese presence is increasingly visible in cyprus 2 and a half $1000000.00 for citizenship and a passport which can be invested in a luxury home is a modest price for china's super rich young man and spend both have separate passports through her family real estate company country garden she's worth an
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estimated $27000000000.00 and is often called asia's richest woman but paying for the passport and moving assets to the island isn't straightforward because china has strong currency controls strictly speaking it's all illegal very often they use hong kong as a way for getting their money out of china and there are many who egypt ways for doing so and they sometimes also used in macau as another way all getting money out of china another category in the cyprus papers includes those we are not naming for their own safety that applies to a woman whose relative was secretly abducted from long kong by chinese security agents and several names from saudi arabia applications for cypriot passports from the kingdom have increased since the rise of crown prince mohammed bin salmond like
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china he announced a crackdown on corruption which critics say only targets his political enemies one member of the bin laden family holds a cyprus passport their business empire has been effectively confiscated by the crown prince. another is a relative of one of the hundreds of wealthy saudis detained in 2017 at the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh without charge until they paid for their release there's also a broker of the saudi foreign investment deals although still well connected a cypriot passport provides a potential refuge should the political tide. davis joins us now live from london as ever this is the 4th day in a row of revelations from your investigation many of them have been quite embarrassing for the separate governments have they given any response yet well as i understand it there is a press conference i'm getting at the moment starting to get minutes ago from the
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cypriot minister beach area what we've had up to now is a reaction that basically says well we've made lots of changes over the years so what's the problem the problem according to the critics is that these schemes inherently attract the criminal and the corrupt and want to hide where they where their money is and basically using cyprus as a back door because the supreme court makes the mini e.u. citizen so soakers has undoubtedly tightened some of the regulations that were in silence that criticism that actually these schemes need to end completely and separate for many people in the reports that we have just a separate passport represents something of a safety net it's not worth noting that safety that's not available to those who are risking their lives trying to cross the mediterranean and given that these
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cypriot government appears to be selling access to the e.u. what does the e.u. have to say about all of this. well just a few minutes ago we finished an interview with the justice commissioner and i think he's been stronger than he has been before and what he said to me was that he is now open for a legal solution to end to these but the european parliament the european commission have got the power to bring in a law or start something called infringement procedure that could be backed up by the european court of justice and it could say to cyprus and rules a modern bulgaria you run these schemes these schemes need to end these are a security risk to europe these increase the risk of money laundering and crying so we are now passing a law to end these schemes because what has been clear is that left to their own devices these schemes are huge moneymaker and so cyprus is not going to end it
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itself ok deborah davis there joining us live from london thank you very much and seeds and be sure to say whether on al-jazeera will be airing the 5th arts of our exclusive reports on the cyprus papers after a week of revelations about the serious flaws uncovered in these artists investment scheme for passports we will bring you that exclusive interview with the european union's commissioner for justice didier injures who will react to our findings thursday from 10 g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera. the antigovernment protesters are expected to rally later in bella russa after to see prominent opposition leaders were jailed a rival demonstration is also due to be held in supports of president alexander lukashenko he is resisting calls the step down after a disputed election but asked that fasten reports now from minsk his opponents are
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keeping up the pressure on the. solera to for those punished protesting against the. musicians have gathered at the theater in minutes every day so it's iraq the effect for supporting the protests. well more culture minister powerful up to scratch faces a criminal investigation insists this missile hits become one of the key members of the opposition council performance as a council and actors of all resigned in support of him including garbos who has been a popular performer for decades but. there are a lot of resignation letters at the moment we are lucky we are united and stick together your thirty's don't know what to do with us we don't know what will happen to us next. and if i and the actors openly displayed the opposition flag after police took it down to the us and you want to see where it's impossible
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to work under such a regime we're heavily censored in our salary is miserable and we cannot express our opinion as a person of culture under this regime our profession makes no sense the actors joined a rally at the ministry of education with teachers also gathered to protest against lugar shankar's this beautiful reelection earlier this month he's announced that all teachers who don't share his ideology will be sacked. i've been working at the school for 35 years i've come here to declare that teaches don't agree they are very brave people because it is scary for dismissed teachers there are plans to establish private schools so they can take children and still earn money thanks while hundreds of teachers stage a peaceful rally police vehicles arrive some protesters carry in children shout we are not here. i was going to thank you and in fact there is
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a good still to this broadcast to say. thanks for the story in spite of crisscrossed by the fact that we. made teachers taking to the street it seems the president is increasingly alienating professionals who are the pillars of his government for fashion also have become more and more united in their fight against him and his 26 years in power step fasten al-jazeera. let's get more now from our european broadcast center in the barber joins us live from london you have more protests planned in belarus today what should we be looking out for. well i think we should be looking out for how the authorities respond because for the last week or so generally they've been taking a more relaxed approach than some people predicted on sunday though there were 100000 people according to the opposition on the streets in minsk the capital on
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tuesday according to write scripts dozens of peaceful protesters calling who are opposing president alexander lukashenko were arrested and in fact the interior ministry abetter us confirms they say police detained 51 people for what they call administrative violations after unsanctioned rallies where of course all of these rallies are unsanctioned but you heard about the protesters saying we are not scared perhaps the or thirty's sensing that defiance are now cracking down harder not just on the protesters but on that national coordination council which the or for it is accused of trying to seize power now later on wednesday one of the council's a well known members spent learn alec's of each now she won the nobel prize in literature in 2015 she will be questioned as part of this investigation into the council as we heard 2 members of the council were jailed on tuesday for 10 days and
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there are ongoing prosecutions over the counter and then the other pillar that step was mentioning the industrial sector in recent days of going after strikers warning them not to protest in fact they've arrested a. tractor factory leader surrogate dyleski who is a well known figure in this opposition movement so it's not clear exactly where the opposition goes next in the absence of dialogue now the european union and outside forces have been calling on russia to push dialogue between the government and the council the answer from moscow so far is it's not for anyone outside the country to determine who will talk to the government they are very skeptical about the idea of this council ok now. joining us live from london with the very latest thank you.
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well staying in europe the e.u. has defense ministers are meeting in berlin and they've got plenty to discuss they're focusing on what's known as the strategic compass a framework for responding to threats and challenges as a bloc but the process in belarus and tensions between turkey and greece over gas exploration will likely also be on the agenda as cross live there to see berlin where dominic cain is standing by for us don't make well sort of role can the e.u. play in these various conflicts given its no military of its own. well the strategic compass is clearly pointing to the south east of europe right now because that is where you have tension building up between the turkish government and the greek government certainly that is the feeling here in berlin the interesting point to make here is of course the e.u. does not have on its and its in its own way
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a military role the military role in europe the guarantee of security in europe has traditionally come from nato now that's important the nato secretary general yes back is here in berlin this week here today and he will be here for the next couple of days because tomorrow and the day after there will be the e.u. foreign ministers will be meeting in berlin but the nato angle is important because remember that greece and turkey are both nato members but of course turkey is not an e.u. member. although they're not at this meeting the comments being made the view coming from the government of president richard type to one is definitely going to be there because he has been speaking about what he considers to be the turkish government's right to its its own rights over the territories of the black sea the mediterranean sea and all everything that flows from that and that's important because the greeks and the turkish government disagree about the petrochemical
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finds that have been made in the eastern mediterranean around cyprus we know right now the french the italians the greeks in the cypriots have a military exercise underway in the eastern mediterranean so lots of tension right now between these 2 nato countries but only one of them has representation at this meeting that's taking place in berlin this taking place here of course because the german government currently holds the 6 month rotating presidency of the european union ok dominic kagan they're bringing us up to date from berlin thank you very much and dates. well it stay with those tensions turkey says its opens its dialogue with greece over the species oil and gas resources in the mediterranean but without its preconditions the greaser hearing has also signaled that it's ready for talks the 2 sides blame each other for the dispute despite to plastic efforts by the e.u. to find a resolution simcoe syria lou reports now from istanbul from turkish and greek
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warships on alert and tensions are high as the 2 countries have been locked in a dispute for weeks over matter tembo andries and offshore rights. germany for its part is trying to mediate a dispute between the neighbors and nato a life that's foreign minister hike of last conducting shuttle diplomacy between athens and ancora earlier on to say most warned of a passable catus for a fender region or severe it's all over the us what we originally need are visible steps towards the escalation and a genuine readiness for dialogue i have been hearing from all sides that there is a willingness for dialogue and so we believe holding talks is achievable in the end a binding and peaceful solution to the eastern mediterranean dispute will only be possible if there are direct talks between greece and turkey. turkey calls greece a spoilt child who has and conditional support from the e.u. that's why and honestly you medication is necessary for diallo you are the hope
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that only if you make statements such as we would have window rights we carry our rules we do not say we will make a mistake but we will do whatever is necessary without hesitation therefore do not get ignored by those countries act with common sense tension between the 2 neighbors speak when the turkish research vessel that they or trace began carrying out suspect research in the eastern mediterranean the ship is being escorted by warships between crate and cyprus where say is hoping for a diplomatic solution but stands ready militarily. so greece will defend in the name of law its sovereignty and its sovereign rights greece will defend its national and european borders the sovereignty and sovereign rights of europe it does not have any other choice but to do certain. turkey's foreign minister sat athens provocator steps on the disrupt stay low between the 2 countries germany revived das collation talks between senior turkish and greek office szell's and
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initiative started in july but broken up by turkey several weeks later after greece and now some maritime deal with egypt or. this month turkey says it is open to dialogue with greece only if there's a fair distribution of rights in this in mediterranean but if athens continues presenting preconditions for dialogue and doesn't give up its uncompromising approach in the region and chorus is a real conflict may become unavoidable see now because so little al-jazeera a stumble. sorry for the weather iraq is here with updates on the turbulent weather in asia yeah typhoon in fact service a look to move fairly rapidly from the east china sea up into the yellow sea that's in the last 18 hours or so it's typhoon could have to ask to hurricane now the core of winds that are that strong stretching about 100 kilometers in the center so don't quite reach jeju but james you do get damage in that most of us but gale
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force winds if you tween you and me that looks like rotten wood to be on so there will be some damage with it has been sometimes this thing is forecast to go directly north through the yellow sea and make landfall probably north korea so that's where the much of the damage the wind damage could happen causes from the flooding as a result of that though it's thankfully over the water. another story a show on the fairly active weather on the monsoon. that could but it's gone further this line of cloud up through pakistan has been active it's caused flooding not far away from. the northeast of corruption crushing itself has been fairly wet in fact struck the length and breadth of pakistan bastard's of heavy rain and it's gone beyond it's gone to afghanistan and although this looks just like a muddy mess this is caused many deaths in northern pakistan and the forecast isn't a good one from that point of use. to some degree after there's more rain to come in the next day or so. thank you rob lots more still to go on here our knowledge is
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there a textile workers in indonesia these businesses have been struggling using their skills to make musts instead and serena williams suffers a setback ahead of the u.s. open all the tennis action coming up for you in sports. alaska's far north pristine environment that's become a battleground with the trumpet ministration king to let oil companies start drilling some in its remote communities are tempted by the promised wealth we may live here we may not but others bitterly opposed we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas crossing the high peaks of the arctic circle to investigate people in power at the edge of the earth on al-jazeera singapore is being accused of expanding its coast in the south and some of the islands off the
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coast of indonesia literally balance it's a big business boggling sample and they will take this there in the sand is there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so profound tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sandals at this time on al-jazeera. the emerging. you're with al-jazeera quick reminder all of our top stories this hour at least 2 people have been killed and another injured during protests in the u.s. city of kenosha crowds to fight a curfew for
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a 3rd night they're demanding justice for an unarmed black man jacob break he was shot 7 times by police in the back he's been paralyzed from the waist down. out a serious investigative units has obtained the cyprus papers a cache of confidential documents the state thousands of people who bought citizenship in cyprus some are criminals and some are seeking a safe haven away from their own governments the names include hundreds from china and the middle east and u.s. president donald trump the 1st lady and the secretary of state school conte 2 of the republican national convention we're here with decades of precedence the 1st lady malani a transport from the white house rose garden on my compay all recorded his address journey diplomatic mission. well here section of state is jews and have high level talks in the united arab emirates and pay a visit for those trips to israel sudan and by her in the u.a.e.
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and israel established diplomatic ties under a u.s. brokered deal earlier this month but bear didn't say what he would discuss in wednesday's closed door meetings well they were him fry hat system associate professor of conflict resolution at the door institute he joins us now by skype good to have you with us on the news let's just start with those leave the domestic politics for one site in terms of might compose mission in the middle east so how are you likely is it that you will be successful drumming up support with other arab nations to normalize ties with this through. i think he made some progress over the. not really significant quoting sample if you will from israel to . jews they then explain why that it's light but i think he was the 1st u.s. official to do this. his trip and sudan was disappointing for having because he
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did not achieve what he wanted but she of which was he was expecting solid support from the so that his government transitional government thought of the normalization of that with israel so on that level i think he struggled significantly and so on so i think that's why he is leaving to go by and i'm delighted about emmett's in order to. try to get some more support in addition to jeb bush not employing him to the next few days and we can't ignore the timing of this of course a this diplomatic push does come in the middle of a rather divisive presidential campaign and this must also come into the thinking of the arab nations. are trying to courts do you think countries like bahrain like oman for example are likely to. take this timing into consideration or do you think many arab states will be likely to wait until november to see how
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much progress they should actually be making. i did say i think this is more of an election campaign that i'm really trying to make peace in the middle east for example i was so that. significant into this coalition that it's being marketed as building a coalition against the i'm so that has no role to play in an equalization against the same thing you know their militia should with this has been practically immobilized a long time ago i mean there is no hostility between saddam and his are so secure that it won't be you he is trying to get some to make some just some 2 election campaign successes in order to take you out of the presidential election and they will ask how likely. is it on countries like bahrain and it is possible.
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i mean practically also and by and that has been notable ization going on for a long time united that a minute has already come through for him but beyond that i think. that it's quite difficult with all my and also moral cause being mentioned. it's many i'm likely to see a big if there were happening on the on that level but by and especially that that's sort of been its policies but in policy mostly with the saw with saudi arabia so that it yeah i don't think it's going to happen anytime soon one but the man again also this month would not like symptoms be. to be footballing day and i think that i've been in it so that is already the i want to be between you know my mother and i think that a bit outside we've seeing this movement is being led by united not a bit but it's so probably the most wanted and the maximum what he would that you probably are behind but beyond that i think i'm
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a thinking man's about ok but we'll keep an eye to it here and i'll just there and bring you all the very latest a citizen happens but for now if you're him for i had thank you very much indeed for your analysis. well the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu is sending a senior delegation to the united arab emirates next week on the country's 1st threats commercial flights to the gulf states it's a day she has as we've been discussing have agreed to normalize ties as part of that u.s. brokered deal the u.a.e. was earlier reporters have called off the meeting after netanyahu opposed the sale of u.s. built f. $35.00 fighter jets to abu dhabi. israeli military says some of its aircrafts have fired at several pools belonging to the lebanese group hezbollah in response to shots fired from lebanon or is there earlier the israeli military had said it identified a security incident in order to people to stay in their homes no injuries were
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reported last month israel said husband trying to infiltrate a northern border area which the group tonight. the gunman behind new zealand's worst mass shooting has faced survivors and relatives on the 3rd day of his sentencing hearing brinson tyrants killed 51 muslim worshippers in christ church last year he is likely to be given life without parole when hey reports for a 3rd straight day brinton terence was brought into the high court in christchurch handcuffed and shackled he again set largely emotionless as he listened to and faced family members of people he killed or injured and those who survived his attack are we don't really thought the women to really as i feel the young men me here and fighting in the store. i stayed in that position and even the police came. out from. i saw the bodies or looked
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after them what's. terence was charged with killing $51.00 people at 2 mosques in christchurch on the 15th of march last year attempting to murder 40 more and to engaging in an act of terrorism he pleaded guilty to all charges. and says in there will be enough justice for what has happened at the hands of it here it's. you. however i know one thing for sure that this monster and my father and the other beautiful souls that day much is a coward on the opening day of the sentencing the court heard how terrence methodically researched the mosques and planned the attacks for when they'd be busy before entering his 1st target the elmore mosque he uploaded a manifesto online detailing his obsession with white supremacy tyrant declined to
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address the court but many of those who were affected by his attack chose to speak directly to him i don't know how does justice system will deal with you but i have peace knowing in the here after you get what you deserve by the will of the young might not be here or. oz. was up when the sentences handed down brenton tyrant is likely to become the 1st person the new zealand to be sentenced to life with no chance of parole wayne hey al jazeera. hundreds of thousands of people have been told to leave their homes along the u.s. gulf coast as hurricane laura bears down on texas and louisiana the storms already claimed at least 11 lives in the caribbean that is just strengthened to a category 2 system but is expected to grow stronger and he reports. all along the gulf coast they're preparing once again for the worst when tropical
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storm laura churned across the dominican republic in haiti it left a trail of destruction and killed at least 11 people the weather system then hit cuba's southern coastline before spiraling into the warm waters of the gulf of mexico now a hurricane it's expected laura will strengthen potentially to a category 3 before slamming into the coasts of texas and louisiana verges the. cover up north. all open and that is around there. in the open like this repair for flooding druther parents right there are several reacted on its states of emergency have now been declared in many low lying communities as the national guard deploys troops and equipment to prepare for what could be a major hurricane both the state and no stranger to powerful storms they are in the words of the mayor of houston battle tested and ready to throw pandemic into the
1:45 pm
mix and things become more complicated many residents are being told to keep wearing masks and practicing good hygiene they're also being asked to stay with friends and relatives if they need to evacuate gathering large numbers of evacuees in shelters is say authorities something they'd like to avoid actually a hotel motel location is a good type of location when a back you a sion or evacuating during a pandemic remember. just because a hurricane is coming to texas does not mean that coburn a team either has or is going to leave texas in previous years hurricanes harvey and katrina devastated the same coastlines of the core severe flooding and killed 68 people in houston 3 years ago between a claimed almost 2000 lives in new orleans in 2005 city officials say they're taking no chances paying attention this thing has been changing fairly quickly and
1:46 pm
it's still possible for to move even further nice to me more of a direct hit to us hurricane laurel will make landfall late on wednesday or in the early hours of thursday morning forecasters say a period of rapid intensification is likely bringing potential storm surges of 3 meters and winds of 170 kilometers per hour and a gallacher al-jazeera. flash floods in parts of afghanistan and all across pakistan have killed more than 200 people over the past few days dozens are missing and hundreds have been forced from their homes the afghan president has ordered a deliveries for the worst affected areas and troops have been sent to flooded neighborhoods in pakistan. has this report. like about what a lot of afghans in power one province rescue their loved ones anyway they can. green and flash floods so impoverished through northern region that dozens killed mostly women and children. others remain missing feared trapped under the rubble of
1:47 pm
their destroyed homes local leaders say the scale of the disaster is overwhelming and they need help to move. there was barbed wire on the roof of my neighbor's house i cut that and wanted to take my family to the rooftops for flood water was coming towards us just to save their lives suddenly the flood water flushed out everything and my family 7 members of my family were missing. all over me bring pakistan it's a similar seed of devastation after days of 2 richard reed is the largest city crowd she says polluted water from the north koreans not streets spilling into homes. but a promise to run conses troops are being sent to help pump out water from flooded neighborhoods of the long run you can see there is chaos people are annoyed no
1:48 pm
vehicles can pass through the streets as all the roads are inundated we appeal to the government they must do something to clean the storm water drains. but the monsoon floods in both afghanistan and pakistan are common at this time of the year and so is a threat to life and property with outdated drainage systems and poorly constructed homes adding to the danger could go out to 0. the world health organization says the likelihood of being reinfected with covert 19 is only a slim possibility that's after hong kong man was reportedly infected for a 2nd time when the 4 months apart so we've had anecdotal reports every now and then of people who have tested negative then tested positive and it hasn't been clear up until this case whether that was simply a problem with testing or whether people well getting infected a 2nd time but it's very important to understand what this means in terms of the
1:49 pm
munitions and this is why we have got a lot of research groups actually tracking people measuring antibodies trying to understand how long the immune protection lasts the natural immunity protection and that should be understood as it is not the same as the immune protection that a vaccine provides. well the outbreak of covert 19 has had an enormous impact even on creative industries in and in the asia many artisans and had to adapt to keep their businesses viable textile designers and i helping to combat the pandemic by making millions of facemasks per day just go washington has the reports from jakarta. this is what it takes to make indonesia's famous textiles intense concentration and an eye for detail this technique of making prints hand printing wax on dyed fabrics is called batek is a workshop in jakarta is in
1:50 pm
a social housing complex and provides employment opportunities for the women who live here. but sales have fallen with more people staying home because of the pandemic there's less need for new clothes. and we couldn't sell anything so we had to use monster truck buyers again and that's what we are focusing on it's what people need not masks are compulsory across indonesia and traditional textiles producers have helped to make them more accessible for the you know what i'm getting ahead of them is that we have to wear masks so we need to tell the government that because we all need to take care of our health. these fabrics are usually used to make shirts or dresses but covert 19 has changed that each month this small team produces around $100.00 sheets of fabric which they turn into mosques like businesses around the world they've had to adapt their practices and even their designs to stay afloat during a pandemic. designing prints for masks makes painting the designs even more
1:51 pm
difficult prints have to be smaller and more detailed and were used to working on large surfaces but now we are using smaller surfaces it is challenging for my eyes design and swati has also had to adapt to the reality of life during the pandemic some weeks how popular brand a modern take on ancient japanese fabric had no sales at all. our insights for what should we do during the pandemic well from there i came with the ideas off. from celebration fresh am in 2. years and. before the pandemic dresses were the brands most popular offering these days her handmade masks often sell out online. with cases of covered 19 rising by thousands each day in indonesia the demand for reasonable mosques is
1:52 pm
likely to grow just a washington al-jazeera jakarta. we're going to take a quick break and then we'll bring you the sports on the basketball stars of the scientists problems with a massive performance n.b.a. playoff action in just a few moments. i want to see. when.
1:53 pm
it's time for the sport here's ana thank you very much. looking to avoid a court battle with told the club but that he wants to leave the argentinian striker has been with the spanish team for his entire career his announcement comes just days after the team were beating a 2 by by munich in the champions league he said 3 year olds and potential exists however could have some serious legal complications while messi believes that he has a clause and his contract that would allow him to leave us alone on a free transfer the boss a claim he is bound by an $830000000.00 buyout clause while they say messi was legally obliged to have told the club of his desire to quit by the end of may mess is legal team say the deadline to inform boss of his intention should be moved to the end of august due to the season being extended by current virus while we've
1:54 pm
been talking to barcelona based football writer ben haywood about how the news has gone down in the city. i think the master chef you know it's been a few days now since it was reported that mess he was going to tell the top that he was still a part of that i think a lot of people too late and certainly fans didn't want to believe that but now it's become a reality message let the problem. 'd were x. which is kind of sense. that he wants to leave as far as the plug or at the end of writing. 'd 'd posts it was interrupted or over 19 it's our understanding that this is a late start because the season was extended why is that some of the holes on martin violet's closed so it was it was well he must believe very often. is. that some are and he's released was $700.00 in your arms and i mean
1:55 pm
it's an interesting parts that they're going to break or that maybe there was. some blunder is. not there is not a problem is right it's this point you know. like like they're going to change. 'd the course and spend some time. in the center in the city it's very difficult to sit in anywhere else so i think we're in is now sitting in a war it's like. the los angeles clippers and now one win away from the west conference semifinals they dominated that that is mavericks in game 5 in what was a franchise a bet called victory and the timing of it and to form for one of the stars sam matic reports. clippers fans have been waiting for a statement performance from the team in the playoffs and in game 5 against the
1:56 pm
mavericks they finally got it while and it looked on stoppable at times the film a rap disc. 32 points on the night past the frustration. of what made the difference however was the return to form of old george he's been struggling mentally with life in the bubble years but scored a game high j.t. 5 points the 6 time all star worked in perfect synchronicity with leonard's prompting what would be a history making victory to the clippers ron i don't want to be 54 to 111 when his franchise record school in the postseason and the 3rd most points scored ever by an n.b.a. team in the playoffs 2 games 234 i wasn't there so like i wasn't here. but you know shout out to people i was in my corner of the clippers and i was just one win away from brown to see al-jazeera. preparations for the u.s. open has suffered a setback
1:57 pm
a 23 time grand slam champion that was stunned in the last 16 of the western and southern open. a one set lead slip away against 13th seed by the secondary the americans struggled with fitness issues during the match and went down 577661 u.s. open is due to start on monday and rule a go ahead without suns in attendance. and the menstrual wall number one novak djokovic cruise into the quarter finals the serbian who struggled with neck pain in his opening match didn't seem bothered by the injury against the detainees. or a joke of it overcame his opponent in straight sets 6264 to change his 20th straight men of the season. and also the sport for me to hand you back to had enough i got to say welcome back it's very good to be buying thank you very much it's a sign of over peonies are to keep it here on out syria though the news continues
1:58 pm
with kim burrell she'll be with you after this very short break stacey.
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a story of love life deception life and death an israeli spy operating on the deep cover in syria knowing that discovery would meet certain death and al-jazeera well tells a gripping story of muskets coming up rated undercover in syria in the 960
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i'm not dangerous career that ended in public execution illegal and mossad agents on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. news and hero. the end. of the government in cyprus responds to an al jazeera investigation into a cache of passport scheme for convicted criminals fugitives state officials. there give it out this is all just there are live from dot com also coming up protesters in the u.s. state of wisconsin defy curfew they.


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