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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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we mean here we make the rule not their own but others bitterly opposed we should not have to change our culture for oil and gas crossing the high peaks of the arctic circle to investigate the people in power at the edge of the earth on al-jazeera. we will have law and order on the streets of this country for every american of every race and creed and color. the u.s. vice president mike pence rules are defunding the police as he takes the stage at the republican national convention. that says more national guard troops are deployed talk and no show wisconsin as protests over the police shooting of a black man stretch into another night.
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again i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from our global headquarters here in doha also coming up. no punishment. will bring our loved ones back. the man responsible for killing 51 people with 2 mosques in new zealand is sentenced to life with no chance of parole. also bracing for the worst hurricane laura heads towards texas there's a warning storm surges could be unsurvivable. the u.s. vice president mike pence is use the 3rd night of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's record on the economy and law and order mr pense was speaking to a crowd of about 100 people at the fort mchenry national monument in maryland he
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criticized the democratic presidential candidate joe biden for attacking america and said the country would not be safe under his leadership mr biden also focused on trump's commitment to freedom and ambition. the american people know we don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement and standing with our african-american neighbors to improve the quality of their lives education jobs and safety and from the 1st days of this administration we've done both and we will keep supporting law enforcement and keep supporting our african american and minority communities across this land for 4 more years. while our white house correspondent kimberly helka explains the symbolism is depends use to get that message across. for me henry is the site and the inspiration of the star-spangled banner for the american national anthem and this was really
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a message to a lot of the what many would call the chaos in the united states right now that is playing out on the streets and this is really going to be a dividing line for ordinary americans a choice when they go to the ballot box in november are they going to choose this law and order message that we're hearing from the trap administration or are we going to hear the message from the democrats which has included defunding police departments or bringing in a different type of policing in order to try and quell not only the end rest but also the disproportionate number of killings of african-americans by police officers often white police officers so you heard him speaking there about the end rast that is now taking place in can osha and wisconsin but also on the streets of portland oregon and elsewhere this is really something that has a nerve to many americans and this is what this is really
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a stray sion is counting on in terms of trying to pick up the votes after lagging so badly in the polls due to the concerns about cope with 19 that have really destroyed the economy donald trump was counting on running on for reelection the gunman behind new zealand's worst mass shooting has been sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole brenton tyrant killed 51 muslim worshippers in christ church last year the relatives of some of his victims spoke outside of court just a short time ago they say they're pleased that justice has now been. today. the legal procedures for this heinous crime. has been done. no punishment. will bring a loved ones back. we respect our justice system and the new
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zealand muslim community. and. non muslim as well we're still together against the hate and we set out on a model for the wall ron boswell has more from outside the court in christ church the gunman in the murder of brinton tara and his things seem tense to life behind bars with no parole this is unprecedented this is never happened before in new zealand history guilty on 51 counts of murder 40 of a team to murder in one terrorism charge the victims and their families since in the course solving is the same tense was handed down while terence said the cold in didn't waver is the judge told him how long he would be seen tends to life behind bars this week has been so it's so difficult for the victims and their families having to front up to court and face the gunmen in the eye talking about their
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experiences and how their lives have been changed in this really were expecting to hear from the ground 60 people 60 victim impact statements were supposed to be presented by the end of the wake that number was closer to 100 many people feeling empowered to confront the gunman the victim's head wanted terrence to spend life behind bars and that's what that's what's being delivered here today so no doubt there will be some relief many people gathering outside the court behind me erupting into applause. was handed down and no doubt there will be cause for celebration tonight as they can close this chapter in their lives let's get more on this joining us live on the program correspondent wayne hay who covered the shooting extensively for us here on this channel he joins us from bangkok so wayne we've heard 3 days of profound heartbreaking statements from survivors and the families. yes and those statements and the
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very long sentence delivered by the judge in the high court in christchurch brings an end to this chapter some 18 months after the attack in christchurch carried out by brenton terror and as mentioned in that report there was an incredibly credibly emotional seeing during those 3 days of statements given by survivors of the attack relatives of those who were killed as well and that's something that the judge commented on way back in march of this year when terence entered a supplier a surprise guilty plea that of course meant that they would be no trial possibly no chance for the family members of those who were killed survivors as well to have their say in court he said they wanted to provide that opportunity for them so that is exactly what happened during this 4 day sentencing hearing in the high court in christchurch well let's have a look back now at that tragic day in march last year. at just after 140 in the
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afternoon on the 15th of march last year emergency services received the 1st calls a shooting was under way during friday prayers at the el nor mosque in central christchurch for one gun when the federal. police force top in here there were some people injured in total $44.00 worshipers were killed by brenton terrence at el norte in an attack he lived streamed on the internet he then moved on to his 2nd target across town the lynwood mosque where he killed a further 7 people the youngest victim just 3 years old the eldest 77 he was arrested by police as he was making his way to a 3rd mosque in the town nearby it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. that was determined because of the preplanned nature of the attack and the ideology terence subscribe to the australian had studied the layout of the mosques and their busiest times he had uploaded
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a manifesto detailing his white supremacy beliefs and his hatred of muslims and non european immigrants as the wider population rallied around the new zealand muslim community attention turned to the high powered weapons he fired how he obtained them and in some cases modified them legally i can tell you one thing right now our gun laws will change less than a month later most semiautomatic weapons became illegal and the government buyback scheme for guns began in march this year terrance surprise prosecutors by entering a guilty plea that meant did be no trial but the judge wanted some of the 40 survivors and family members of those killed to have the opportunity to speak directly to the gunman in court more than 60 statements were given during the sentencing he had no issue with strong it doesn't even know. his own race is this how it his hide his big powerful.
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and short lives a little in the form of. she never even saw the child. it took something away from me the sentencing of brenton tyrant may help provide some closure and healing but his hatred and terror against the lives of so many and one of new zealand's darkest days will never be forgotten. what we heard earlier from the imaam of elmore mosque that was the 1st mosque that brinton terence went to saying that of course no punishment is enough for the crimes that were committed by him but this was a sentence that was expected and i'm sure is welcomed by most then it's a sentence that is really as harsh as the judge could have gone giving a sentence of life with out the opportunity for him to be paroled or even the opportunity to go before the parole board there is no death sentence in new zealand so this was as far as the judge could go and it's a sentence life without parole that we've never seen in new zealand before when
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thank you very much protests have continued for a fortnight in the us city of commotion as anger grows over the police shooting of the black man jacob blake the white house says it's helped with the deployment of more national guard troops following sometimes violent demonstrations in the most serious incident 2 people were shot dead a young white man has been arrested. the us department of justice has opened a federal investigation meanwhile states investigators have named the officer who shot blake in the back 7 times he's ruston cesky they say blake who is now recovering in hospital had a knife in his car at the time mr blake walked around his vehicle open the driver's side door and leaned forward while holding on to mr blake's sure officer ruston she fired his service weapon 7 times after she fired the weapon into mr blake's back.
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during the investigation following the initial incident mr blake admitted that he had a knife in his possession and the cia agents that's the division of criminal investigation recovered a knife from the driver's side floorboard of mr blake's vehicle a search of the vehicle located no additional weapons john hendren has more from. we saw an armored personnel carrier just a little bit earlier clear the town square now only temporarily they used tear gas to get rid of people but it is really another hour or so usually until the night tends to go seriously downhill so let me show you how these towns prepare for this this is normally a vacation town and so restaurants like this one would normally be filled but they're not just closed for the early curfew that goes through sunday night they're also boarded up and that's because they're afraid of looting and in fact when people live up stairs above the shops they put out signs like this that warn there
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are people up there that's a sign saying please don't fire bomb this place because there are human lives above and often they leave a little supportive black lives matter sign as well so right now it's fairly quiet we hear some helicopters but all we know that there are many more police here tonight that have been here on other nights and things don't generally start at this hour so we're waiting to see what happens. plenty more still to come for you here on al-jazeera including tensions in the mediterranean greece and turkey military exercises you know an area of water they both claim. the truce with the media is brazil's president takes aim at journalists about a corruption scandal. if
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you. and emma and you like thunderstorms because of the injection of more moisture they will be more thunderstorms and this high ground up here the heat is still blowing more or less across so you got overcast conditions but not every day anymore it's started to fail there are showers forecast for the western side of yemen in the mountains the southwest of sorry otherwise it's dry the schmaltz trying to pick up a little bit bring a bit of dust as you kuwait through eastern side it was bahrain and qatar is not a particularly strong one has to be humid 36 die hard now whilst we see showers grow every day because of the heat of the sun in the ethiopian harlan's and places further west and they should drift westwards look at this line here is developing now in tropical africa really you expect the showers to go to direction but this lot which will think bring floods is drifting to the northeast so more flooding seems likely in sudan and south sudan east that is a relatively dry picture the moment around the coast of kenya included. now we
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should see winter storms go across south africa they do it fairly regularly is one of his ways through now but apart from just effect in the caves they don't do very much if you shout up in the suit to young ladies in the next day or so then cape town gets more rain by the end of friday. jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on at will online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic arliss that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way he treats human way be it business if we're going to adapt to climate breakout this street on out is there a. herd .
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha your top stories this half hour the u.s. vice president mike pence has used the 3rd night of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's record on the economy and law and order he was speaking to a crowd of 100 people that the fort mchenry national monument in maryland. the gunman behind new zealand's worst mass shooting has been sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole brenton tamarind killed 51 of them worshippers in christ church last year. and protests have continued for a 4th night in the u.s. city of no show as anger grows over the police shooting of a black man jacob white house says it's helped with the deployment of more national guard troops. action against racial injustice is also spread to american sports the
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n.b.a. has postponed all of weapons days playoff games as after the milwaukee bucks boycotted their match against the orlando magic the bucs players made the decision in the aftermath of the shooting of jacob blake tennis player naomi osaka has pulled out of a tournament in new york where soccer said she withdrew from the semifinal of the southern and western open because as a black woman she feels compelled to put a focus on the police shooting black people. saying in the states forecasters in the us a hurricane laura could hit the coasts of louisiana and texas with quotes on survivor bill storms is currently a category 4 storm laura has rapidly picked up speed fueled by the warm waters of the gulf of mexico half a 1000000 people have already been forced to leave their homes is anika. bearing down on louisiana and texas are again laura has grown into a life threatening storm forecasters say laura has undergone
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a remarkable intensification becoming even more powerful than 1st predicted this is the most intense hurricane to hit the region in years bringing daya warnings from officials but i'm asking people right now to pay attention to this storm to get out of harm's way if there's an evacuation order in place whether it's mandatory or voluntary and understand our state hasn't seen a storm surge like this in many many decades more than half a 1000000 residents have been evacuated the national guard has been deployed and even those who normally ride storms out a taking no chances were it was going to stay but limited category 4 it was the even though the house supposed to be. thankful i think it is better than this because people here can turn it off so you know i know what to feel.
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the best bank is backing away. from laura is predicted to bring with it a storm surge of up to 6 meters that could go inland for 50 kilometers along the louisiana texas border forecasters call that unsupervised verbal language not often used by the national hurricane center but it's important for people to know that from about 7 pm tonight until about 9 am in the morning. it will be a little bit of a locked down time period for the ability of rescuers in aders that to get in and to provide support for anybody in the in the local regions winds may also reach close to 200 kilometers per hour making large scale power outages and extensive damage likely a storm the size and strength of hurricane dora hasn't this region in more than a decade to make things worse it may coincide with high tide making flooding and
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surges even more powerful even if that doesn't happen forecasters say hurricane lura will be catastrophic evacuations have been complicated by the pandemic with officials urging people to stay with family or in hotels now all millions can do is watch and wait as hurricane dora approaches and gallica al jazeera. workers have joined a general strike demanding fresh elections. hundreds of people gathered in the capital minsk as part of a wave action against the president alexander lukashenko despite security forces pressurizing workers to end their walkout. iran's agreed to give u.n. inspectors access to 2 alleged nuclear sites the international atomic energy agency has been trying to gain access for the past year iran had argued that the requests were based on allegations from israel the agreement was made by the head of the agency who's just returned from
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a visit to iran. the spectre's we have access to these sites we have agreed on day. 4 we have agreed on. extremely important we have also agreed that recognize that these. activities that we are going to have there are related to nuclear material or possible related nuclear activities. because more from tehran there was some tension between the i.a.e.a. and iran over these 2 sites and the head of the i.a.e.a. ruffo grossi had met with iran's head of iran's atomic agency. he met with the foreign minister divides the reef and also the president has signed rowhani. wanted access to these 2 sites that they said it was a. nuclear material had been stored or used on had blocked access to these sites
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in june of this year the i.a.e.a. passed a resolution that was put forward by germany france the united kingdom demanding access over the last few days it seemed like iran was changing his position said that they would correct access if it would end questions once and for all now this joint statement seems that these conditions of these kind of vague preconditions have been met now in the statement says that they don't have any more questions or access regarding sites to sites that iran has already declared but even more so what they've said is that they will take iran security concerns into consideration . the greek prime minister says he is ready to help deescalate tensions with turkey over offshore energy reserves and a call with the u.s. president cos mr tucker turkey would 1st have to end provocations both countries have been holding military exercises near a patch of water that they both claim in the eastern mediterranean
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turkey's president has also discussed the issue with mr trump earlier wretch at tyburn want to warn the greece not to test turkey's patients mr erdogan insisted on the legality of turkish maritime borders in the eastern med and the potential natural gas wealth beneath it. nato has voiced its concerns of the growing tensions between greece and turkey the secretary general ian stoltenberg called for the escalation and dialogue between the 2 nato allies during a meeting of defense ministers foreign ministers meets in berlin on thursday dominic cain has more from the german capital. the point about this meeting has being what the e.u. is calling its strategic compass and in effect this meeting has been all points east and southeastern europe specifically this situation building up in the eastern mediterranean how to resolve the tensions in
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a peaceful way between greece and turkey the problem being that given that it's an e.u. meeting turkey is not part of the e.u. and therefore is not in these meetings whereas greece and cyprus are as member states of the european union both those countries in broiled in this tension with the turkish government and although the turkish government has no representation at this meeting the comments the views from the turkish government from president out of one very much acts that meeting interesting me the e.u. has no military role of substance in this area whereas nato does and of course turkey and greece are members of nato and so un shelton back the general secretary of nato who was at this meeting in berlin on wednesday was calling upon both countries to step back to try to to ease the tensions between them the interesting
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thing is that there will be further such meetings but this time involving foreign ministers of e.u. countries in berlin on thursday where again this topic will certainly be to the forefront. turning our attention to peru where thousands of doctors and nurses are protesting over a lack of resources to combat coronavirus the country's seen a surge in the infection numbers reported more than 10048 hours medical staff across the country are demanding more protective equipment as well as better working conditions the virus has claimed the lives of at least 153 health workers in peru. mexico's economy is shrinking rapidly as it struggles to deal with the fallout of the pandemic it shrank by nearly 19 percent between april and june compared to the same period of last year mexico was already in a recession before lock down just under 5000 new cases were confirmed on tuesday with officials concerned 3 weeks of declines at plateaued john holeman has more now
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from mexico city. what's happened in mexico is that the president and his manual lopez obrador has refused to apply a large stimulus packages we've seen in other countries who are worried about the economic impact of coronavirus that might be a surprise to some of our viewers because this is a president who declares himself as a leftist someone he think might be handing out more state aid not less of it at the moment but also his watchword is or stare at a and he thinks that mexico should be tightening its bow at the moment he's worried about getting the country into debt he's worried about boring from international finance organizations you have to look at another economy in the in latin america actually the region's biggest economy and that's brazil which obviously has a far right president show you will sonando but he did unleash a big fiscal spending campaign to try and deal with the impact of covert on the economy and the economy of brazil relatively is not doing anywhere near as badly as
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mexico's chile as well as a far right wing government also at least fiscal spending programs so they sort of went against type. as well so the fact that brazil isn't doing so badly as mexico off to taking that measure is causing economists to sort of question what president lopez obrador has done now the only thing about this is that this could have bought him doubt mates could be on the up as we speak and that's what president and that is more normal lopez obrador would be hoping that the worst is behind him now. brazil's president has been lashing out at the country's media after stories of a corruption scandal allegedly involving his sons and his wife but as monica reports his popularity is on the rise. for a time brazil's president. was heeding the advice of his aides and suppressing his
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surge to lash out at journalists but now the truce with the media has just ended with a beggar who was a fascist it's the riviera earlier this week called journalists wimps saying they would likely die of covert 19 because unlike himself they aren't afflatus. before that he told a reporter he would like to punch him in the face the journalist had asked about several alleged deposits amounting to almost $16000.00 reportedly deposited into his wife's bank account by $5.00 a family friend and former aide now in prison on corruption charges kate ois is at the center of a corruption probe involving the president's eldest son sen flavio. and which is increasingly focusing attention on the president himself. from up on the in a few bucks an hour i was elected on an anti corruption platform but his narrative
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that he's different from all other brazilian politicians and is immune to corruption is not so convincing anymore his son is being accused of participating in a rockets game of hiring employees and keeping a part of their salaries for themselves while the president is on the campaign trail in november there will be simple elections in brazil and the president seems to be preparing the ground for a zone reelection and another 2 years he's been traveling all over the country inaugurating plants and visiting the poorest brazilian states in the north and northeast to polls show bill. so now his popularity on the rise even though brazil has the world's 2nd largest covert $1000.00 now break and despite criticisms that the president has downplayed the pandemic igawa. you can't blame both sonera for the virus which is all over the world i believe bucks an hour is a good man and even if he's not there's nobody else the previous lift us governments were corrupt but political analyst some thorough says government
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handouts are playing an important part in both so matters popularity in brazil since the beginning of the plan then we can we have an emergency aid that it's more or less 60 percent of the minimum wage and it's reaching almost half of the country so it's really be what will happen when the money runs out by the end of the year remains to be seen meineke inaki of al-jazeera rio de janeiro. this is al jazeera these are your top stories the u.s. vice president mike pence is used the 3rd night of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's record on the economy and law and order he was speaking to a crowd of about 100 people that the fort mchenry national monument in maryland the gunman behind new zealand's worst mass shooting has been sentenced to life in
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prison without the chance of parole brunson tyrant killed 51 muslim worshippers in christ church last year the new zealand prime minister just says she felt relief when the sentence was delivered. the trauma of much 15 is not easily healed but today i hope is the last we we have any cause to hear or acid the name of the terrorist behind it has deserves to be a life time of complete and silence. protests have continued for a 4th night in the u.s. city of as anger grows over the police shooting of a black man jacob lake the white house says it's helped with the deployment of more national guard forces action against racial injustice is also spread to american sports the n.b.a. has now postponed all of whedon's day's playoff games as after the milwaukee bucks boycotted their match against the orlando magic. forecasters in the usa hurricane
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laura could hit the coast of louisiana and texas west with unsurvivable storm surges currently a category 4 storm laura has rapidly picked up speed fueled by the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. also workers have joined the general strike demanding new elections hundreds of people gathered near the capital minsk as part of a wave of industrial action against president alexander lukashenko despite security forces pressuring workers to end their walkout. iran's agreed to give u.n. inspectors access to 2 alleged nuclear sites the international atomic energy agency has been trying to gain access for the past year iran had argued that the requests were based on allegations from israel's agreement was made by the head of the agency who's just returned from tehran but those are your headlines up next it's the stream of have more news in 30 minutes see that.
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al jazeera. i am fairly ok you watching the stream home edition can we chat well apparently not for very much longer in the united states the hugely popular chinese car we checked has been deemed a national security threat alongside tick-tock we will impact what's behind present chumps back and in today's show and if you want you can be part of the conversation as well but your comments in the new cheap comments and you too could be in the street. i am looking forward to hearing from these guess i will say hello to the guest the guests were introduced themselves to you and i'm kidding tell everybody here hi.


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