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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. some of your victims which are. others were made by you is there no one who did and incapacitated. in a 1st for new zealand the white supremacist who shot 51 miles of worship is dead is given a life sentence without parole. then using a limited muslim community. then most of them as well we're still together again mr hate the community still healing from the mosque shootings
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a year ago comes together again in a show of you to see. them come from al this is just there on live from doha also coming up. hurricane laura makes landfall along the u.s. gulf coast with warnings that it could cause unsurvivable damage. we need for more years of president john the truck u.s. vice president mike pence makes his case for why he and president trump should stay in the white house for another 4 years. and more national guard troops are deployed to can no show wisconsin to support police during another night of protests over the shooting of a black man. for the 1st time in new zealand's history
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a judge has ordered the convicted person to spend the rest of their life in prison without the possibility of getting out the sentence was handed to brenton talent the self-confessed white supremacist who killed $51.00 muslim worshipers and knowledge of last year he was responsible for the country's worst mass shooting reports. after a harrowing emotional 4 days in the high court in christchurch justice cameron mander delivered brinton terence sentence on each of the $31.00 charges of murder charges while the $41.00. was sent to life in prison. or did you see the citizens who are all terror and showed little emotion even when being told he would spend the rest of his life in prison outside the court there was relief and gratitude that the convicted murderer and terrorist had been given a sentence never before handed down a new zealand but it was mixed with the realisation that the pain will go on. no punishment. will bring our loved ones back.
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we respect our justice system and then using a muslim community. known most of them as well we're still to go there again is to the court was told terance actions after he entered the 2 mosques on march the 15th last year were premeditated and calculated he had studied the layout of the buildings and when they would be busy and in interviews with police expressed disappointment that he hadn't killed more worshippers because your opinion caught extreme arms. it was brutal and beyond. your actions in human. week the sentence brought an end to 4 days of statements by survivors and family members of those killed at least 90 statements were given some of them expressing anger some offering forgiveness all of them emotional the prime minister spoke soon after and expressed his support for them
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and the sentence the trauma of much 15 is not easily healed but today i hope is the last. we we have any cause to hear or the name of the terrorist behind it has deserves to be a life time of complete and utter silence. the sentencing of brinton terrine closes a chapter in one of new zealand's darkest days and means no one has to relive the events in a parole hearing but for the relatives of the 51 people whose lives he took away and those he injured trying to recover will be a long difficult process wayne hey al jazeera. well paul buchanan is the director and principal at 36th parallel a political risk consultancy he joins us on skype now from old friend in new zealand thanks for your time paul from a legal standpoint this case and the sentence with firsts for new zealand on
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several fronts is that right. yes it was i mean it noted the magnitude of the murder charges but the fact that this is the 1st time that a successful prosecution has been done under the terrorism act and the terrorism act if you remember came after $911.00 and was designed for java's but as it turns out the threat didn't come from the muslim community they were the targets and so he's been convicted of terrorism he's been convicted of $51.00 cancer murder 40 plus counts of grievous bodily harm or something to that effect and now he's been given a life sentence without parole which hasn't been used for over 100 years and i merely point out that the last time it was used it was used against mouthy independence activists in the late 19th century so this man is australian as of yet we've not had a mainstream new zealander convicted of any of these crimes but nevertheless it's
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a significant step even for those who don't like the idea of no parole because of the heinous and the magnitude of this man's crimes. paula the deputy prime minister winston pieces is now calling for town to be extradited to a stray via i mean one of the towns as if that actually happening or is this just politicking ahead ofan election. well that's a good point because that that's exactly it it's an election year and 2 things have happened 2 legal things have happened that are not entirely salyut jory the 1st is yes the foreign minister and minister deputy prime minister he wants to do a little payback to the australians because the australians have been sending new zealand born criminals back to new zealand even though there's no bilateral extradition treaty or an ending of the sort that covers prisoner changes and so once that peter's is in election mole and he has decided that the best thing to do
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is start you know that it will cost us too much to imprison him here news you know $1800000.00 a year apparently and so it'd be best to just send him back that resonate with you know some of his constituents bunch and there's no legal basis for it the prime minister i think very wisely said it's up to the victims whether they want to pressure to have them returned to australia but even the main opposition party thinks that's of ludicrous idea so this is an internal politics the other legal aspect of this is that the 2 main right wing parties in new zealand national party and the act party are now want to repeal the gun reform legislation that occurred in the wake of the march 15th massacres they want to do away with the ban on semiautomatic weapons high capacity magazines and the like so even those those very
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quick reforms that were made are now under the gun if you will to pardon upon and won't get only hope that regardless of the outcome of the election those sentiments will not prevail ok thank you for your analysis paul the canon there director and principal at 36th parallel. well landis del valle is the mayor of christchurch and joins us now via skype. what's your response to the sentence. i think that it was well received i was relieved when i heard that that was the result i know many of us standing alongside our muslim communities who had been so tragically affected by the events of much for staying were late when they who the sentence was without parole it had to be life but to make it without parole means that nobody even hates to think about fronting up to
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a parole board and and having to argue for that this man sections couldn't anyway lay to anything less than they now we're seeing so much coverage dignity over the past few days during the sentencing hearing how do you think the city has responded and also changed as a result of this. i believe that the community has changed and changed on march 15th and we saw it and the response from the whole community you know the tribute wall that developed over the days that followed which really did indicate an outpouring of grief and compassion and love and the in the one that really sticks in my mind was the call to prayer one week later standing and south park hopper search eleanor mosque. just thousands of crush its resistance to end
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up quietly and silently to seen the strong message to the muslim community that we're here we've got your back and the seats of togetherness the spirit of togetherness what are i believe will see us through and that is what we must continue to demonstrate to all of our communities in their in their diversity as a city saying that this is a place where there is no no place for hate and our city and certainly i mean there's no doubt that this city is the country in fact it has really come together and show in this unity this love for the for the muslim community. i mean i worked in and process for many years and many people have questioned whether christ in particular has confronted issues of white supremacy of white racism both historically and present day what do you think do you do you think that has
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happened. no i don't think we have and i think that you know i recall many years ago going on an anti racism match and you know it was very well attended i think. it really did start to open up people's eyes to the reality that there is this fear that there is that there are these individuals that have these views that are now able to be spread across and to need you know and i just think of facebook. 2004 and here we are just 16 years later that. individuals who have these views can can have them amplify through social media and a way that just simply wasn't possible you know 16 years ago and i think that has made a real difference and it does mean that people like the individual the terrorists
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who attacked out to mosques and i can find comfort from others around the world who share these extremists it's these views that we must. strike out they don't represent the best of humanity and the best of who we are and i so i do think that as a city we do have to from top to. being rice's i'm an absolutely. small white supremacist movement here and crush number of years ago we need to confront we need to make sure that anyone who lives and born into such a way that they come here from another country where they come here from another part of new zealand. they are able to develop true scenes of belonging but i just want to pay tribute to the courage of every single one of those people
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who stood up and court and made the statement. that not victims that they are courageous individuals who deserve our speech they wish so now 5 and i just my heart goes out to each and every one of them and i think them for what they have been prepared to do for our city and we will continue to work together to make sure that this is a city where everyone has seen its a belong and thanks so much for that is the mayor of christchurch new zealand and. hurricane nora has made landfall in the something united states with forecast is warning off on the survivable storm surges winds of more than 240 kilometers per hour have been recorded in southwest louisiana or near the border with texas tens of thousands of people are without power state governors are worried that some of
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the hof 1000000 coastal residents on evacuation orders have chosen to stay. i'm asking people right now to pay attention to this storm to get out of harm's way if there is an evacuation order in place where there is mandatory or voluntary and i understand our state hasn't seen a storm surge like this in many many decades. well joining me now in the studio is there is meteorologist everson fox ever since so how strong is this storm now and what's the latest in terms of how it's tracking well it made landfall as a category 4 hurricane laura a very strong one as well top end winds around 240 kilometers per hour and significantly higher gusts gusting this as of 300 kilometers per hour so it is something of a monster of a storm and we're looking at tornadoes as well several tornadoes have been reported across parts of louisiana but i'll show you on the satellite picture what we were
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up against here is a well organized system there you can clearly see the eye of the storm makes its way further north was pushes up towards that southwestern corner of louisiana where we have seen some very a very violent weather pushing through storm surge may reach 50 kilometers inland so that gives an indication of the push on this system as it makes its way into that western side of louisiana as we go on through the coming as eastern parts of texas in the mix as well as you say in there came we're talking in terms of the potential for unsurvivable storm surge reason for that is the winds coming in you can see the the dirty side of the storm the strongest winds from the right hand side of the system moves in a clockwise direction and it's moving in a general northerly direction as a system as a whole as we go through the remainder of thursday it runs right up that western side of louisiana pushing into arkansas as we go into friday by this stage those winds will weaken off it'll become a tropical depression not
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a not concerned about the winds as such then it's going to push all the way up towards kentucky towards sets the eastern seaboard as we go on through the course of saturday pushing out into the open waters on sunday and those waters remain warm enough for him and it may well develop back into a tropical storm ok we will be keen eye on that here on al-jazeera thank you for that everson. still to come here on al-jazeera. troubling signs for the president of bellows from his traditional support that's. a players from one of america's most popular sports express their views on racial injustice in the country it will. be. hello storm frances is moved quite
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a big one now opening up so not quite as powerful as it was but it's very obviously a storm that really belongs the middle of winter not the end of summer however that's what we've got it's moving through the sudden baltic into the baltic states and better as ukraine leaving behind a bit of a gap for next one tries to wind up as nothing not the same beast still wet and windy there considering we're still in august and i think it expands there although much of central and southern europe is enjoying now warm settled sunshine and the showers that were around the igi and the adriatic of god. we are going to see this expand there for sink south was which means you've now got the potential for big storms all the way from the northeast to spade across the french riviera and into the out still the sunshine is the south because this leaves enjoying it but the north africa is as well the temp is quite high in the middle of algeria morocco and tunisia not quite the extremes we had a week ago but there will say. about $31.00 now that we have got the band of
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ready banjo which is called right on the edge of the constant is likely to be wet least 2 or 3 more days these are big thunderstorms. but. a story of love deception life and death an israeli spy operating on the deep cover in syria knowing that discovery would make certain that al-jazeera one tells a gripping story of muskets by elie coming up rated undercover in syria in the 960 s. i'm not patients career that ended in public executions illegal and mossad agents a.t.f. on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera her binder of our top stories this hour the man responsible for new zealand's worst mass shooting has been given a life sentence without parole self-confessed white supremacist brenton tyrant killed 51 most of washington's months of last year. survivors and relatives of the victims say they feel relieved and hope the end of the trial gives them closure a minister just into issued a message of unity solace for the loss of commuters. hurricane laura has made landfall in the southern united states for concerts warning of unsurvivable storms such as we see ana and texas state governors some worried about coastal residents have chosen to stay despite mandatory evacuation orders.
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u.s. vice president mike pence has used the 3rd night of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's record on the economy have floor in order to criticize democratic presidential candidates joe biden for attacking america and said that the country would not be safe under his leadership a white house correspondent can be helped it has more from washington. it was a night heavy with symbolism as the vice president delivered his keynote speech at historic fort mchenry in baltimore the inspiration for the u.s. national anthem. by mike can't stood with veterans in a display of patriotism the imagery a condemnation of athletes to kneel during the song the star-spangled banner parents and president donald trump have denounced athletes many of them black who
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kneel in protest over police brutality the american people know. we don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement and standing with her african-american members trunk joined his vice president standing in support of law enforcement as protests and riots continue following the latest police shooting of a black man in the u.s. state of wisconsin pence denounced calls by some democrats to define the police you won't be safe in joe biden's america as the head of the coronavirus task force has defended the u.s. response to cope with 19 even as more than 180000 americans are now dead joe biden said. that no miracle is coming but when joe doesn't seem to understand is that america is a nation of miracles. just like the 1st 2 nights of the republican
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national convention wednesdays lined up again included members of the trump family advocating for his reelection this time daughter in law laura trump spoke directly to women who could help decide the 2020 vote defund the police in the rallying cry for the new radical democrat party. joe biden will not do what it takes to maintain order to keep our children safe in our neighborhoods and in their schools the appeal to female voters was also reflected on the white house lit purple and gold to mark the 100th anniversary of a woman's right to vote. but the convention didn't focus solely on domestic safety but also trumps foreign policy as well his former acting director of national intelligence defended trump's america 1st approach the d.c. crowd thinks when they call donald trump a nationalist and they're insulting him. as if the american president isn't
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supposed to base foreign policy on america's national interests thursday will be the final night of the convention would president trample officially accept his party's nomination for right here at the white house democrats plan to counter his message democratic vice presidential nominee color harris will speak prior to trump what she says are his failures to contain covert night. kimberly help at al jazeera the white house the c.e.o. of social media has resigned kevin may is to puncture comes as the company is facing growing u.s. pressure to sell its american assets the short video platform is owned by bud stultz a firm based in china over the past few days to talk has sued the trump administration over a berm washington has cited a national security threat. protests continued for a 4th night in the u.s. city of kenosha wisconsin as anger grows of the police shooting of unarmed black
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man jacob lake president donald trump promised to help stop the unrest by sending federal troops to assist the state's national guard about 1000 god members have been deployed to quell the violence and the most serious incident 2 people were shot dead on tuesday 17 year olds what man has been arrested more now from john hendren and ken osha. hundreds of law enforcement agents at all levels are descending on the small city of can no ship where local police have struggled to quell escalating violence. the ramping up of law enforcement follows a fatal fight between protesters and a teenager who fired an assault weapon on demonstrators killing 2 and wounding one . using video from the scene sheriff's deputies arrested 17 year old kyle rittenhouse a man you. know we're going to blame it on everybody else it was not clear whether rittenhouse was among the armed militia members who verbal
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e clashed with protesters after days of looting arson in violent clashes this city has responded with a new curfew we're not going to put up with what we saw monday night we're not going to is that mean we're going to stop it all. it comes on numbers that come we're not to be able to stop but we're going to be assertive in helping to protect the city you know. the governor has called in a broad array of law enforcement from across the state of wisconsin the region and the federal government governor tony has called in 500 more military troops from the national guard to join hundreds of local police and sheriff's deputies in riot gear president trump offered up federal troops saying today i will be sending federal law enforcement and the national guard to canoe she was constant to restore law and order that federal contribution could be sizable a law enforcement source tells me that 60 f.b.i.
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officers and an untold number of federal swat officers are coming from chicago alone adding to a force that has increased dramatically in recent days. the demonstrations began on sunday after police fired several shots into the back of jacob blake. a black man left paralyzed from a shooting his 3 sons witnessed from inside the car where he was struck wisconsin attorney general just call says the investigation into that shooting shows police were trying to arrest jacob blake following a complaint from his girlfriend that he had trespassed in her home and call name the officer involved. mr blake walked around his vehicle opened the driver's side door and leaned forward while holding on to mr blake's shirt officer rust and. fired his service weapon 7 times. says blake admitted to officers that he had a knife later found on the driver's side floorboard of his car the video did not
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show him threatening officers. as protests continued past the new curfew demonstrators seemed undeterred that a massive influx of police planned to shut them down john hendren al-jazeera can no show wisconsin. protests against the blade shooting continued at american sports the n.b.a. postponed all of wednesday's playoff games after the wisconsin based box boycotted their match against the orlando magic the rest of the teams followed suit. in belarus auto workers have joined a general strike demanding new elections. on wednesday hundreds of people gathered never capital minsk is part of a wave of industrial action against president alexander lukashenko as despite security forces pressuring workers to end they will kill us all demonstrations against a draw hundreds of thousands to the streets in the cities it's
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a different story in the rural areas because shankar who was a farmer remains popular among people there that support is slowly starting to wane step fossum reports from scum on top of the. outside the capital minsk life seems to have been standing still soviet style collective farms name call quotas still exist here although they are not as prosperous as in the old days a former coal goes direct to himself this is president lukashenko heartland villages are reluctant to talk about the mass protest against him events happening in the cities worry them protesters take stones from the pavement and attack policeman why the town of revolutions is gone nato wants war they will make profit from it on the bench an assassin gets this information from watching state television. a new person in power will not bring any changes that will never happen only young people are protesting old people are supporting look at sankoh i saw to
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muse like him many and of a lot have to get by on a small pension or income life has been difficult here but at least it's been stable worried about what might come next from say they rather stick to the devil they know meaning look at shankar but even here he is losing support flooding me who does not give us his full name make some extra money growing i knew and used to be astounded 4th of look at but those days are over. do not stay there in the ninety's he was a nursery leader he saved and preserve manufacturers' of the time by the rules came up from his knees but his successes have expired you must understand that he isn't able to be the country into something new. like many in belarus he doesn't believe the president will go peacefully pictures of look at shankar and body armor carrying a rifle during a mass rally last sunday well widely watched here for larry king live it you wrote
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a book about him fierce he's aiming for more violence to a poor who. he's a person who in politics relies on strength and violence use of them and cruel he uses cruel words like he wants to tear hands or. has more chances to win than the opposition in case of his victory there will be large consequences the. consequences are already felt in the cities where the belorussian rubble is falling in value during the crackdown on protesters and here in the villages many are also worried about what comes next step fasten al-jazeera care month overall. and give it all what the headlines here on al-jazeera the matter sponsible for new zealand's worst mass shooting has been given a life sentence without parole self-confessed white supremacist brenton tyrant
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killed 51 was unwashed as in march of last year. survivors and relatives of the victims say they feel relieved and hope the end of the trial gives them closure i minister just in to have this message for new zealand's muslim community nothing will take the pain away but i hope you felt the arms of new zealand around you through this whole process and i hope you continue to feel that through all the days that followed the trauma of march 15th is not easily healed but today i hope is the last. we we have any cause to hear or i should the name of the tear if behind it has deserves to be a life time of complete and utter silence. hurricane laura has made landfall in the southern united states with forecasters warning of unsurvivable storm surges winds
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of more than 240 kilometers per hour have been recorded in southwest louisiana near the border with texas tens of thousands of people are without power u.s. vice president mike pence is used the 3rd night of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's record on the economy of the war in order to criticize democratic presidential candidate joe biden for attacking america said that the country would not be safe under his leadership. the c.e.o. of social media tick tock has resigned kevin may is a departure comes as the company is facing growing u.s. pressure to sell its american earth is the short video platform is owned by bite darts firm based in china protests continued for a 4th night in the u.s. city of can no shit was constant people are angry over the police shooting of unarmed black man jacob blake. the news continues here on al-jazeera right after inside story which is coming up next stay with us.
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al-jazeera. well every. defeating to gas in the eastern mediterranean turkey and greece are up along the heads of all the top area of both countries claimed rights to energy resources that could this dispute escalate and what would it take to diffuse it this is inside story. i welcome to the program i'm adrian for the concerns are growing that there could be a conflict between turkey and greece in the eastern mediterranean for weeks now the
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2 countries have been disputing maritime boundaries and off sure.


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