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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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sneeze enduro. this is al jazeera. another that i'm alomar here dean and this is the al-jazeera news are live from doha coming up for you in the next 60 minutes you can measure the best. you slaughtered in the face the speech. and historic 1st life in prison without parole for the u.c.l. and point supremacists who shot dead 51 muslim worshippers. bearing down on the southern us hurrican lauren lashes the gulf coast. and the e.u.
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is justice commissioner consider legal action against cyprus is efforts to sell citizenship the latest developments in reports from al-jazeera investigative units plus. a 4th night of demonstrations in wisconsin over the police shooting of an unarmed black man. and i'm santa how much now have all the sport sports teams across the united states boycott matches there's a protest against that shooting and. our top story this hour a step toward for relatives of the victims of the worst terrorist attack in new zealand's history the gunman who killed $51.00 muslim worshipers last year was sentenced to life in prison without parole for instant terence's the self-confessed
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white supremacist who was responsible for the attacks on 2 mosques in christchurch when a has this report which after a harrowing emotional 4 days in the high court in christchurch just as cameron manda delivered brenton terrance sentence on each of the $31.00 shots the murder charges walker. was sent to live in prison. all of it you see the citizens who are tearing showed little emotion even when being told he would spend the rest of his life in prison outside the court there was relief and gratitude that the convicted murderer and terrorist had been given a sentence never before handed down a new zealand but it was mixed with the realisation that the pain will go on. no punishment. will bring our loved ones back. will respect our justice system. and then using muslim community.
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no most of them as well was told to go against the court was told terence actions after he entered the 2 mosques on march the 15th last year were premeditated and calculated he had studied the layout of the buildings and when they would be busy and in interviews with police expressed disappointment that he hadn't killed more worshippers his view of in-car extreme arms it was brutal beyond. your rations in human. week the sentence brought him into 4 days of statements by survivors and family members of those killed at least 90 statements were given some of them expressing anger some offering forgiveness all of them emotional the prime minister spoke soon after and expressed his support for them and the sentence the trauma of much 15 is not
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easily healed but today i hope is the last we we have any cause to hear or the name of the terrorist behind it has deserves to be a life time of complete and utter silence. the sentencing of brinton tyrant closes a chapter in one of new zealand's darkest days and means no one has to relive the events in a parole hearing but for the relatives of the 51 people whose lives he took away and those he injured trying to recover will be a long difficult process wayne hey al jazeera. well earlier we spoke to leon del zeal who's the mayor of christ church and she had a message of healing and unity for the people of her city. i was relieved when i heard that there was the result i know there many of us standing alongside our muslim communities m who had been so tragically affected by the events of march 5th
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day were late when they who today they seem to was without parole it had to be life but to make it without parole means that nobody ever has to thank about fronting up to a parole board and and having to argue for that the man sections couldn't anyway lay to anything less than the aged i believe that the community has changed and changed on march 4th jane and we saw it and the response from the whole community you know the tribute wall that developed over the days that followed which really did indicate an outpouring of grief and compassion and love and then of the one that really sticks in my mind was the call to prayer one week later standing and south hadley park opposite now in the war mosque. just thousands of crushed
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resistance to quietly and silently to seen the strong message to the muslim community that we're here we've got your back and their sense of togetherness the spirit of togetherness that has brought our i believe will will see us through and that is what we must continue to demonstrate to all about communities in the air and their diversity as a city saying that this is a place that there is no no place for height analysis but i just want to pay tribute to the courage of every single one of those people who stood up and court and made the statement. that victims that courageous individuals who deserve our respect they were. fied and i just my heart goes out to each and every one of them and i thank them for what they have been prepared to do for our city and we will continue to work together to make sure that
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this is a city where everyone has their seats along i must say with the sunshine rahman is a media spokesperson for the islamic women's council of new zealand and she joins us now from hamilton in new zealand good to have you with us on the news hour let's just start with your reaction to that sentence would you say justice has been served he thought it was the toughest thing to sound a new zealand could be given that was the scene terms that many of the terms hit us who are misstatements i think that would be relationally him that it was not anything in the mix an imperial to the person. would you say that this nie represents the ends of the ordeal for muslims and indeed minorities and not just christchurch but across new zealand's. it's the end of the court process and there in itself was
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a harrowing perseus and we're really happy that they did so but this is not the end there is still. to. see what to princes spaces and i think we as a country need to come to the end restart energy and time and making sure that people don't go down this path again what would that involve then what would you say needs to happen to make christ's church and new zealand's a much more tolerant and welcoming place for minorities because you look at the the prime minister just in there are dire and she's always been the poster child for the response to this kind of tragedy what more needs to be done with jews say to to make things better for muslims in new zealand. i think needs to be a wide range of changes 1st of all through government through some of the late slay ssion that will allow more accountability when people are making extreme statements
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but i think we also need work in the community activities that bring different communities together that allow us to understand each other in see each other's humanity and i think that's the most powerful picked of those but dumb statements is that we the world actually got to see the humanity got to see the pain and suffering in their experiences in a way that i think has happened before in this country. and in terms of why it's our actions that people should take not just in new zealand but looking worldwide we see divisiveness communities being pitted against each other around the world whatever it should people be making to try and understand minority communities and come together what should we be doing to try and combat this divisiveness that we are seeing. first of all we need more accountability of our leaders get together
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and hold your leadership to account. as the most important we can't do anything by cells but as we come together and stand together in solidarity seen such huge research and we saw that in new zealand after the shootings with tens of thousands of people came out. any kind of activity even the small things like inviting neighbors over to a team doing each other's face to walls but also trying to get into those more deeper more difficult conversations especially when it's our friends and our families who are saying things that we know are not acceptable really based way to counter the hearing lobbing in healing conversations and trying to show them a bit a point of view ok and my great to get your thoughts thank you so much for joining us here on the al-jazeera news are. the public can is the director and
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principal at 36 parallel that's a political risk consultancy he explains how the case has been playing a new zealand's domestic politics. it's an election year and 2 things have happened 2 legal things have happened that are not entirely salyut jory the 1st is yes the foreign minister minister deputy prime minister he wants to do a little payback to the australians because the australians have been sending new zealand born criminals back to new zealand even though there's no bilateral extradition treaty or anything of the sort that covers prisoner exchanges and so once that peter's is in election bowl and he has decided that the best thing to do is start you that it will cost us too much to imprison him here in new zealand $1800000.00 a year apparently and so it'd be best to to send him back so this is an
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internal politics the other legal aspect of this is that the 2 main right wing parties in new zealand national party and the act party are now want to repeal the gun reform legislation that occurred in the wake of the march 15th massacres they want to do away with the ban on semiautomatic weapons high capacity magazines and the like. plenty more still to come on the news hour including the details about the fatal shooting of an autistic palestinian man who was killed by an israeli police officer. we don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement. and standing whether african-american the. u.s. vice president defends donald trump's call for law and order racial unrest continues to dominate headlines across america. and in sports find that point one of the biggest names in tennis has pulled. the heads of the u.s.
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open. the u.s. president donald trump says federal troops are being sent to assist the national guard following a force nights of black lives matter processed in konoha wisconsin around a 1000 guards are in the city where police shot and paralyzed black american jake blake on sunday during protests on cheese state 2 people were shot dads police are questioning a 17 year old suspects more now from john hendren in can osha. hundreds of law enforcement agents at all levels are descending on the small city of can osha where local police have struggled to quell escalating violence. the ramping up of law enforcement follows a fatal fight between protesters and
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a teenager who fired an assault weapon on demonstrators killing 2 and wounding one . using video from the scene sheriff's deputies arrested 17 year old kyle rittenhouse i met you. and i was just going to blame it on everybody else it was not clear whether rittenhouse was among the armed militia members who verbal e clashed with protesters after days of looting arson in violent clashes the city has responded with a new curfew we're not going to put up with what you saw monday night we're not going to is that mean we're going to stop it all. it comes on numbers that come or not be able to stop but we're going to be assertive in helping to protect the city you know. the governor has called in a broad array of law enforcement from across the state of wisconsin the region and the federal government governor tony has called in 500 more military troops from
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the national guard to join hundreds of local police and sheriff's deputies in riot gear president trump offered up federal troops saying today i will be sending federal law enforcement and the national guard to canoe she was constant to restore law and order that federal contribution could be sizable a law enforcement source tells me that 60 f.b.i. officers and an untold number of federal swat officers are coming from chicago alone adding to a force that has increased dramatically in recent days. the demonstrations began on sunday after police fired several shots into the back of jacob. a black man left paralyzed from a shooting his 3 sons witnessed from inside the car where he was struck wisconsin attorney general josh call says the investigation into that shooting shows police were trying to arrest jacob blake following a complaint from his girlfriend that he had trespassed in her home and call name the officer involved. mr blake walked around his vehicle open the driver's side
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door and leaned forward while holding on to mr blake's shirt officer rust and. fired his service weapon 7 times call says blake admitted to officers that he had a knife later found on the driver's side floorboard of his car the video did not show him threatening officers. as protests continued past the new curfew demonstrators seemed undeterred that a massive influx of police planned to shut them down john hendren 0 can no show wisconsin. meanwhile u.s. basketball stars have joined those protests the n.b.a. hall of wednesday's playoff games that soft of the wisconsin based milwaukee bucks boyko said their match against magic the rest of the teams followed suit.
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u.s. ferries president says use the 3rd nice of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's records on the economy and lo and order mike pence accuse democratic presidential rival joe biden of attacking america and said americans wouldn't be safe if he beats donald trump in the fender selection here's a white house correspondent kimberly gets in washington. it was a night heavy with symbolism as the vice president delivered his keynote speech at historic fort mchenry in baltimore the inspiration for the u.s. national anthem or. by mike pence stood with veterans in a display of patriotism the imagery a condemnation of athletes to kneel during the song the star-spangled banner parents and president donald trump have denounced athletes many of them black who
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kneel in protest of police brutality the american people know we don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement and standing with her african-american members. trunk joined his vice president standing in support of law enforcement as protests and riots continue following the latest police shooting of a black man in the u.s. state of wisconsin pence denounced calls by some democrats to define the police you won't be safe from joe biden's in there as the head of the coronavirus task force has defended the u.s. response to cope with 19 even as more than 180000 americans are now dead joe biden said but no miracle is coming well what joe doesn't seem to understand. is that america is a nation of miracles. just like the 1st 2 nights of the republican
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national convention wednesdays lined up again included members of the trump family advocating for his reelection this time daughter in law laura trump spoke directly to women who could help decide the 2020 vote defund the police is the rallying cry for the new radical democrat party joe biden will not do what it takes to maintain order to keep our children safe in our neighborhoods and in their schools the appeal to female voters was also reflected on the white house lit purple and gold to mark the 100th anniversary of a woman's right to vote. but the convention didn't focus solely on domestic safety but also trumps foreign policy as well his former acting director of national intelligence defended trump's america 1st approach the d.c. crowd thinks when they call donald trump a nationalist and they're insulting him. as if the american president isn't
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supposed to base foreign policy on america's national interests thursday will be the final night of the convention would president trample officially accept his party's nomination right here at the white house democrats plan to counter his message democratic vice presidential nominee color harris will speak prior to its rob what she says are his failures to contain code that night. kimberly helped get al jazeera the white house. the heresies paper in israel is reporting that a police officer told investigators that his colleague was unjustified in killing to stick palestinian man yet her luck was fatally shot in occupied east jerusalem in may the armed officer denies being repeatedly warned to hold fire is kohli it reportedly said there was no need to shoot because the victim caused no threats
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let's get more now from harry forsett he's life or is in west jerusalem how do you just run us through exactly what happens in this case. well this is a dreadful case a real tragedy and one that prompted protests that happened around the same time as the killing of george floyd in the united states and prompted palestinian lives matzoh protests also listing rare expressions of regret from senior israeli political leaders as well when we spoke to a father who is 32 years old when he was killed shortly after his death he said that he was really very childlike really enjoyed cartoons and dressing well and had recently been given the responsibility and freedom of walking himself by himself to his special school inside the old city in occupied east jerusalem one of the teachers we were told especially introduced him to soldiers at a checkpoint nearby to ensure that they understood his condition but on the day in question so that if of may he arrived early in the morning it was seen to be in the
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opinion of one of those israeli security forces members to be behaving suspiciously potentially carrying a weapon to his colleagues who chased. one of them shooting at him and he ended up trying to hide inside a trash remember on the corner and it was that the 2 fatal shots were fired into his torso now the senior commander of those 2 israeli security forces who ended up there with him so that he told his colleagues junior colleague to stop. he told him to stop twice even after the 1st shot was fired and he said that it was a closed place according to the reporting and with no way to escape from it he didn't attack do anything to definitely not resisting he didn't endangered me in that situation i was junior colleagues and he didn't hear anything that he was just carrying out the operational procedures that he was told to do so because he felt that they were dealing with a terrorist and harry does the family expects a conviction to come out of all of this. oh no they've expressed expressed
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skepticism about the prospects of getting justice for the killing of the sunbathed also expressed frustration about the length of time that the investigation has taken and indeed if you look at the wider context of this the human rights organization he had bet salum has done an investigation into israeli investigations of such killings and found nearly a decade in $200.00 such investigations more than $200.00 only 3 convictions were 5 doubt and even in the case of some of those convictions if you think of. he is a 17 year old who was killed in the occupied west bank in 24 change in that case the security forces officer was convicted of negligence by using live fire instead of instead of rubber bullets in another very famous case in hebron the killing of dough shots al sharif who had been in the process of carrying out an attack at a checkpoint was shot injured lying on the ground in the was then shot several
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minutes later again as he lay there again the officer in that instance l.o.'s area served just half of a 18 month sentence and so there is some level of distrust as you might expect among palestinians more generally and indeed the family in this instance the investigation we understand is due to wrap up fairly shortly and that its conclusions will be handed over to the prosecutors arafat's their life as a master mason thank you very much indeed i reckon laura has made landfall in the southern united states with forecasters warning of unsupervised football storm surges winds of more than 240 kilometers per hour have been recorded in southwest louisiana near the border with texas tens of thousands of people are without power state governors are worried that some of the half a 1000000 coastal residents under evacuation orders have chosen to stay put.
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i'm asking people right now to pay attention to this storm to get out of harm's way if there's an evacuation order in place whether it's mandatory or voluntary and i understand our state hasn't seen a storm surge like this in many many decades which a gray is in lake charles louisiana which is taking the full force of the storm forgot that it's record there is a whole freefall i don't because. we all cope with pets that all the power. from all. of that. doesn't accept. the little fallout we have here it's just really picking up where it will propel you know most times the front side the front. door macaco power over the back like
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tell you this is. really the river and quite a pontoon of course in the way we're going to continue this in for the next hour here where for for over 4 hours 1st we're also told that's. all for that's all is going to then well with the storm for but in areas where we're going with the. rain for bourque that's the latest right now rick and then we will just take a lesson from what is wrong to ever make land in the free. well for more on that storm a much drier everton folks is with us here in the studio everton where is laura heading next month sort of impact is that likely to have well or is going to make its way up that western side of louisiana and then it'll push its way across into welcome so so the mid mississippi the kentucky valley the ohio valley they're all having some of the impacts from laura over the coming days look at the satellite
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picture you can see it's quite big it is quite a quite a piece this one of course as you can see from james pitches there very very windy i'm pleased to say the winds are in the process of easing down there but it's still a very dangerous storm we'll see the system currently making its way further north which is a set through the coming hours that's going to be thursday's whether the western side of louisiana strongest winds on the eastern side of the storm you can see they are the storm there that has now made landfall winds of around 175 kilometers presser is equivalent it is actually a category 2 storm a strong cat damaging winds a possibility it is making its way further north as fairly swiftly around 24 kilometers per hour 302450 millimeters of rain for some that's going to be urban flooding flash flooding river flooding the bang there are lots of very heavy rain and the storm surge you can see how wide these outer bands of the system are all the way across the gulf of mexico from that western side of the florida panhandle way facts to the northeastern corner of mexico storm
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a sweep its way further north becoming a depression as it pushes across arkansas gradually pushing up towards kentucky as we go on through saturday as we go want towards the weekend it will make its way out into the eastern seaboard and it could well developed back into tropical storm kate thank you very much indeed everton folks lots more still to come here on out just here we're going to see just how far mexico's economy is shrinking as the coronavirus act deepens months of recession and mind the gap have financial disparity between the rich. and poor in the middle east is growing. plus since sport this canadian tennis star is looking good ahead of the u.s. open 80 sales with sunnah later in the show. this is want to sound anchor of our regulations and all. we
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have to meet the c o 2 emission targets that. are to diminish and they need to be mined people are just talking about the summer as if that's going to solve the problem of what the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition is the promise of clean energy and illusion the dark side of green energy coming on al-jazeera frank assessments saying that. there's. like the links with this it's an informed opinion is ethiopia on the verge of breakdown many faults of the old will meet region are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate of that is a proxy he does look at everything big interest of the libyan people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera.
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the full on. this is al jazeera a reminder all the headlines this hour the gunman a new zealand's worst mass shooting has been sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole self-confessed white supremacist brandon tyrants killed 51 muslim worshippers to mosques last year. but there's no national guard troops are being deployed to the city of can i wish and it was scones after 4 nights of process over due to a shooting of an unarmed black man jacob blake u.s. athletes have also joined the protest with the n.b.a. the school and all of where he stays playoff games and hurrican laura has made
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landfall in the southern united states where the forecasters morning off on the survival storm surges louisiana and texas state governors are worried about coastal residents who've chosen to stay despite mandatory evacuation orders. in the middle east has some of the highest levels of income inequality in the world and the crew of ours pandemic is making things worse for millions of people while at the same time fattening the bank accounts of those at the top of the international charity group oxfam says $21.00 billionaires all of the men have increased their wealth by nearly $10000000000.00 since the pandemic began to put that into perspective that's twice the amount of money needed to rebuild beirut's following reports explosion as a whole more than 3 quarters of the region's income go. 10 percent of the population meanwhile $45000000.00 people across the middle east and north africa
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could be pushed into poverty this year well as bring in the door in beirut he's the author of this report in a senior policy adviser for the middle east and north africa at oxfam international good to have you with us here on the al-jazeera news this pandemic is not the great leveller that it had been suggested in your report is evidence of this just talk this is some of the key findings that explain how it's possible that people have actually grew wealthier at this time of worldwide economic crisis. thank you and thank you for having me and. yeah indeed the virus has not been their political those are many have said. i mean why or why you know many people who have plans and whatever to underestimate like i've said around 45000000 people in the region could be open to booty others have increased their work. others haven't
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because there was because i mean that have benefited from many of of the policies that have been in a good. a system which for the for it's been responsive to going to sponsor the condemning let alone that many many of the horse. many of these billionaires have benefited from from the from situation that has been from across the been going on for 4 months now this is i mean that it really started to reality of the region where this is i mean on going to the not only for this year but but for many years where a few roads much of the people who are under sort of this is also or an indication of of the unfair policies that have been dominating this leads in for at least 10 years and and more what taught us more about these unfair tax policies why
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do you think that the situation is able to to exist why is there not more of an effort made to tax the wealthy people in this region is it for cultural reasons or he just explained this to us. yeah i mean we have a lot of reasons for that i mean concert reasons would be the easier way to go around but things are more structure than that it's not about the culture of the region of course it is about the policies that have been united for years none especially so as 2010 and to be out of things in the region that hasn't been a push for of course an aggressive push for austerity policies in the region in many countries are going on with austerity measures and this austerity measures have had will have contributed to sifting the docs a burden from that it's just to the to too hard to households from corporations to our schools for so for example in indonesia for the past 10 years
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a continuation of a corporations to dothan which has decreased by 37 percent while the contribution of households are increased by 10 percent and the present for us that it has been paid by by the quarter because the governments have been refusing to increase that and on that it is so when we have more to go. but it is the poor that pay for the true increasing the true increasing in the back of the exit and there are many reasons one of them is it is or is it it cuts here where or where governments and people who are older people are in many instances they they blend and so you have policies that favor lids and you have this you have this also willingness in order to to have a quick profit at the expense of more productive economy was so horrible so i mean why that that it's more when you can have more of that and when you can make all
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other people pay for your expense of policies and for this but also that at that happening ok and that's a fascinating report. to talk us through it thank you so much that's not bill abdo there from oxfam international thank you very much indeed. yeah. well iran's currency has lost more than half its value in the last 4 months leaving iranians struggling to make ends meet the crude a virus pandemic and u.s. sanctions are causing more economic damage as a big sums it up from to her on. a struggling economy rising inflation and now the iranian currency is losing value fast the devaluation of the riyadh has caused the cost of living to rise and left the government and the central bank question for ideas about how to ease the financial pain at least in our i think it would we can't deny the role of sanctions while our economy is shrinking we're
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trying to create economic stability and prevent negative factors affecting our economy sanctions undoubtedly have their impact one of the ways to supply hard currency is to buy it from export as who bring their earnings into the country we buy hard currency from them based on the central bank's instructions. but the government is blaming exporters for keeping their money overseas. with the currency losing value some exporters prefer to keep the dollars abroad or in hard cash the government wants them to bring those dollars back to iran and use iranian banks to exchange them but they exchange rate offered by the banks is less than what they can get on the free market the government's offering $190000.00 results to the dollar whereas exporters can get around $220000.00 results elsewhere it's that lack of access to bond currently the one the fact is driving the devaluation of the real the government has put increased pressure on exports spending exports licenses and the state bank their u.s. dollars in iran but they're not just for the fun and the whole you know i'll throw
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some exporters don't return dollars into the country because if they sell us in the free market they'll earn more everybody naturally seeks his own interests government income sources have been restricted dressed sickly and oil income which is the main source of revenue has been reduced over the past few years and exported to kind under the pressure of sanctions. economists also think that years of government mismanagement is the major factor for the current crisis. but the government's inability to find new financial sources when oil revenues dropped they again raised exchange rates in order to fill their budget gaps that is the reason for the current turmoil the government leaders say they're confident the reality claw back any losses but with unfavorable exchange rates offered by the central bank there's little incentive for businesses to use the banking system to sell their dollars raising the prospect of the real sinking of a further said big al-jazeera that run. the foreign ministers are holding talks in
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berlin on easing tensions between greece and turkey over an energy dispute in the eastern mediterranean both nations have been holding military exercises near a patch of water they both claim a turkish ship is carrying out drilling research in the area on wednesday greece said it would extend its claim over waters in the ionian c. further to the west. we are all concerned about the situation in the eastern mediterranean i welcome your efforts to find a constructive way forward. i'm in constant contact with the greece and turkey my message is that the situation must be resolved in a spirit of solidarity in line with international law dialogue and the escalation are in everybody's interest let's get more now from dominic cain
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he's live for us and berlin a dominant group just been listening to the concern being expressed by the nato secretary general but has there been any actual progress made in these meetings that are happening when it comes to reducing tensions in the eastern mediterranean . the problem in so far as assessing whether progress is being made is that remember one side is not party to this meeting one side is not there the turkish side turkey is not a member of the european union and therefore its foreign minister is not present so it's clear that when the foreign ministers have that is gushing as they will hear the greek side the cypriot side but nothing from ankara other than the comments emerging both from president president aerator one yesterday and indeed the comments coming from the turkish government today the turkish government has been
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saying that it believes that france is stoking tensions in the eastern mediterranean in so far as the french element of a multi-nation military exercises underway between france italy greece and cyprus turkish government very unhappy about that now the thing to say is that in so far as the practicality of what's being discussed here in berlin we understand that the e.u. high representative mr bottle has been floating a range of different things that may emerge one would be sanctions perhaps now when he was asked about this yesterday he said he was not prepared to go into any detail about it but certainly that's what the speculation is that that may be something that's discussed that's not to so that's going to be agreed but it may well be discussed. and dominate certainly the eastern mediterranean tension is there a pressing matter but it's not the only pressing concern when it comes to see the e.u. foreign ministers just give us
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a sense of what else they'll be discussing on there quite a hefty agenda has to be set. well the thing that that's underlying all of this is what the ear is referring to is its strategic compass for the next 2 years now all points on that compass seem to be the southeast for the eastern mediterranean or eastern europe now that's below us in the situation there and we know that dog who we heard just shortly just just then we heard from the shot and back talking about the east mediterranean but in his meeting with angela merkel the german chancellor he also spoke about the situation in belarus because he was angry at the suggestion that nato was building up its forces on the board on its borders with b. other us and source only there is a feeling both in nato but also amongst the e.u. that they're trying to encourage the opposition inside belarus what's at the same
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time trying to make clear that they're not trying to intervene or interfere in the internal of of another european country ok dominic kane they're bringing us up to date from berlin thanking the european justice commissioner says he'll consider legal action to stop cyprus from selling citizenship he was reacting to a week of reports from al jazeera investigative units the cyprus papers reveal dozens of criminals and high level political figures who have bought so-called golden passports deborah davis reports. the european parliament has repeatedly demanded an end to schemes where one country can sell passports which open up access to the rest of the european union in an exclusive interview with al-jazeera the arab and justice commission has said the time had come for legal action. i have had many contacts with. the minister of interior.
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said letter to the government and now we are analyzing its need of interviews and in the city all key problem was a list of. the cyprus papers leak reveals the scale of passports sold to wealthy foreigners including criminals and officials considered high risk of being corrupt the european commission should put cyprus before the european court of justice the passport scheme of cyprus is a risk to security in europe passports and citizenship should not be for sale they are not a commodity at a press conference yesterday this is how the cypriot interior minister branded the cyprus papers you have to go on you are just you know what's out his ear is doing is not investigative journalism but rather propaganda against site press but this scheme has always been controversial even among cypriot politicians their way the
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scheme was implemented the last few years. yes a procedural final out here this year for which the republic of cyprus. from the pretty near the critics the only thing that will satisfy them is the phasing out of this is that we will see you will hear it's the best way of course. he also wants the cypriot parliament to take its own measures a new law to strip passports from criminals has just been passed i want to be sure that. the national well we have 0 evidence of a real problem well they don't really show all that. i've seen you know with all so you will have the reaction. worked it's also with us the justice side has investigated. so far the government says they've identified about 30
1:46 pm
individuals he's no longer be considered fit to citizenship the evidence of the cyprus papers suggests there are many more deborah davis al-jazeera london. and if you want to find out more about the cyprus papers you can head on just 0 dot com forward slash cyprus papers revealed and explore in more detail exactly who has been buying european union passports from cyprus and where they come from. now i'm on is the latest stop on the u.s. secretary of state's regional tour mike pump ale was welcomed by assault on haifa in tariq are expected to discuss how it's a lift these saudi legs 3 year blockade of qatar and the u.s. is encouraging more arab countries to follow the u.a.e. and normalize relations with israel. china has condemned new u.s.
1:47 pm
sanctions on $24.00 chinese companies accused of militarizing the south china sea government leaders in beijing say it's reasonable for the americans to target activities within china the u.s. says china is intimidating its neighbors by building military bases on artificial islands. the c.e.o. of social media ticked off has resigned kevin mayer is departure it comes as the company's facing a growing u.s. pressure to sell its american assets the short video platform is owned by by dance firm based in china over the past few days to talk has sued the trumpet ministration all over a ban washington had cited a national security threat. india has reported a new daily record of more than 75000 covert 1000 infections in the past 24 hours and students in the world's 3rd worst affected country are angry at the government's has decided to allow some university entrance exams to go ahead so
1:48 pm
that's despite the worsening i brag who's withdrawn i reports from the city of our growth. and. the highest. cases in for more than 2 weeks now and it is a cases than any other country in the. uk there are no longer strict laws. in most of the country when you leave the relatively satisfied world of central valley as we have there's no real social. costs the 2nd reason is and it hasn't released testing and detecting testing around 1000000 people a day now dellys chief minister has said that the capital region is going to double the number of tests it's conducting from 20240008 day off to the point of its stabilise and 14 days he said he would be to double the test and isolates people
1:49 pm
with the virus in the state of west bank goal there was a complete halt in place to something that no other state strict lockdown for 2 days every week and police officers out on the roads that chicken has to make sure that people are going out to essential services hub the chief minister has been one of the most local regional. police decision to hold in the city entrance exams for engineering and medical school. around 250 to just it and many are expected to take shots today in an online donation. and these exams but many street and it hit saying that students should be more important than exams. mexico's economy is shrinking rapidly as it struggles to deal with the coronavirus pandemic already in the session before locked and growth shrank by nearly 19 percent between april and june compared to 12
1:50 pm
months ago more than 5000 new cases were confirmed on wednesday. so the come on al-jazeera details on what was a big day of protests across us sports santa will be here with that story and more in just a moment. frank assessments what are you seeing in yemen. the way we see it this informed opinion is the theo be on the verge of a breakdown many cops or the or me at region are actually under a de facto state of emergency critical debate after years of proxy because look at everything because the bill of your people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera.
1:51 pm
it's time for the sport here santa thank you very much i have a wave of boycotts and process against racial injustice swept across for the united states on wednesday follows a police shooting of wisconsin that resident jacob play samak reports walking fox did not come out of the stalls of the n.b.a. he said they'd use their platforms to promote the fight against racial injustice and they've delivered on that promise back into the law on wednesday teams boycotted crunch postseason much as in protest following the police shooting of wisconsin resident jacob blake and it was wisconsin's very own team the milwaukee bucks that led the way by not taking to the court for their game against orlando
1:52 pm
we're expected to play. you next in the pool to other count we hold ourselves to the standard in this moment we remain the same from lawmakers and our forces. we are evolving for justice for doing a great deal there are also reports that both the lakers and the clippers have voted to boycott the rest of the season the biggest on the game making his views very clear on twitter. n.b.a. franchises we're joined by teams in the u.s. is top women's basketball division who also refused to play one matches in major league soccer were postponed due to play boycotts 3 major league baseball games are also called off from the summer but some players on teams that did play made their feelings very clear. it was the lone. kernel of their milk league.
1:53 pm
will be there. the black lives matter slogan has been highly visible across the us sport in recent months and it's clear that some are willing to walk away from a shot at glory to help win the fight against racial injustice to hell malik al-jazeera. want to talk more about this joining us now from chicago is sports legal analysts exceed their pope exactly how surprising was the reaction from the n.b.a. players and other athletes in the united states. i think a very surprising we saw a summer of protests after the jet georgia florida the end of world a minneapolis police officers and the biggest round of protests in this nation never seen and. we saw the players that they were not in great players weren't really considering playing at all before the bubble and you have players in the bowl where it be a players are staging near their playoff games right now and they had
1:54 pm
a chance to get together and have solidarity to be able to make decisions to be able to make a difference for a change this comes 4 years to the day that every month or so after school quarter up or down quarterback choleric outbreak he came public with his decision to kneel to the world so that was the world and so i significant day he will always remember august what you 6 for the day the sports world stop the shooting of jay z. here you've mentioned calling cupper nick i mean did you think did you imagine it will get to this stage and also with these protests and boycotts can they help to bring out change. that's a great question and i i have been championing this last 4 years since cochran it 1st a state that he was going to deal that this is just of a step in a wider process that will take some time but it's the sports world the truly catch up this should have happened 4 years ago. i've interviewed. he was a former n.b.a.
1:55 pm
player that went to protest the it's a natural at that he stated that until players banded together across the board that would be a change and we've now seen it it took a while for the momentum to happen or added to society to be able to change and people start starting to feel the impact. have been chanting for the milwaukee bucks who are doing really great recently in the playoffs what's going to happen next the last few months are they were at the end one of the best records in the league they had the best record in the late last year the at the league's m.v.p. janet on to the bow of the bits of player of the year i don't think it means much if the books are not banning all the rights in the lives of black people that should not be shot and killed but those are there to protect and serve them and so i do believe that maybe a pic of waste that starts to come this is not over this isn't just a moment of silence like a few a game world when
1:56 pm
a day players are playing and this is going to be a bigger call there is going to be this is going to be just not one day it's going to get t.v. let's talk about the black lives matzoh movement are you surprised about how it spread worldwide. i'm not surprised there is incredible pressure there's an injustice there is racism there's often here it is i'm. saying violence across the world and the world looks to united states but we are when united states of america was embarrassed to be the at the john lewis the many protests that were shown across the world being holes in on the pages bridge what are seeing some of this nation to start to decide to act and move towards only white. and so we've seen this before but the erika and be embarrassed on the world stage and have the world turn around to shine a light at the country as opposed to a shining light on the hill to be able to make the changes of the world ask her to
1:57 pm
support it and now the america has to be able to be reckoned with it's about why the world is responding to what is happening in the world. supposed legal and it is a view pope from chicago thank you very much for that big. time grand slam champion now me osaka has announced that she won't be playing in the western and southern open semifinal in protest of the shooting of jacob lake several hours later determined and announced that it was a pause in play for de osaka booked her place and the last 5 to beating and had to plant a bit of dystonia the from a well number one is building up to the u.s. open which starts on monday. and that's it for me hyla thank you very much indeed son of about set for this news or to keep it here with us on al-jazeera can the now will be with you on the other side of the break with more of the day's worlds means stay with us you've been saved by.
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the victim. being his posture as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often 2 sides to even the dacosta stories witness the color of the chameleon amount is there. this underwater
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treasure is a risk of disappearing juice a coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures. great. strain the eric eric egypt's. tourism industry based on steps we instantly if we have another. is continue they just won't obey the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those magic. side to supporting full stronger climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without the situation on the get was. to jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media and will online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic arlen's that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we
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are going to need to transform lives the way we could soon be a business if we're going to adapt to climate right out of this stream on out to 0 . you can measure. you slow the and the fish. and historic 1st life in prison without parole for the new zealand white supremacist shot dead at 51. alone can fill this is just there are live from doha also coming up a 4th night of demonstrations in.


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