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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 239  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2020 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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u.s. vice president used the 3rd night of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's record on the economy and law and order mike pence accuse democratic presidential rival joe biden of attacking america. as newspaper in israel is reporting that a police officer told investigators that his colleague was unjustified in killing an autistic palestinian man. facially shot and occupied east jerusalem in may the armed officer denies being repeatedly warned to hold fire his colleagues said there was no need to shoot because the victim posed no threat. nor is battering louisiana and texas in the southern u.s. forecast is warning of unsurvivable storm surges it's been downgraded from a category 4 to a category 2 but still has top wind speeds of almost 180 kilometers per hour. news continues on al jazeera after inside story.
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the piecing together the eastern mediterranean turkey and greece are up along the heads of a volatile area of both countries claimed rights to energy resources that could this dispute escalates and what will it take to diffuse it this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian for the concerns are growing that there could be a conflict between turkey and greece in the eastern mediterranean for weeks now the
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2 countries have been disputing maritime boundaries and offshore energy rights on tuesday they sent warships to the waters at a show of force turkey's vessel the aura greece is conducting research and greece says that it's above its continental shelf anchor disputes athens exclusive rights in the region they've both announced military exercises within a broader area between crease and cyprus but they've also signaled readiness for dialogue as germany tries to b.d.a. between the nato allies al-jazeera. reports now from istanbul. turkey and greek warships on alert tensions are high as the 2 countries have been locked in a dispute for weeks over matter tembo andries and offshore writes. germany for its part is trying to mediate a dispute between the neighbors and nato a life that's foreign minister conducting shuttle diplomacy between athens and on. when to say most wonderful passable catus for
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a fender region or spirits of what we urgently need are visible steps towards the escalation and a genuine readiness for dialogue i have been hearing from all sides that there is a willingness for dialogue and so we believe holding talks is achievable in the end a binding and peaceful solution to the eastern mediterranean dispute will only be possible if there are direct talks between greece and turkey. turkey calls greece a spoilt child who has and conditional support from the e.u. that's why and honestly you medication is necessary for dialogue your hope that only if you make statements such as we would have window rights we carry our rules we do not say we will make a mistake but we will do whatever is necessary without hesitation therefore do not get ignored by those countries act with common sense tension between the 2 neighbors speak when the turkish research vessel they or trace began carrying out suspect research in the eastern mediterranean the ship is being escorted by
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warships between quaid and cyprus where say is a stopping for a diplomatic solution but stands ready militarily. so greece will defend in the name of law its sovereignty and its sovereign rights greece will defend its national and european borders the sovereignty and sovereign rights of europe it does not have any other choice but to do search. turkey's foreign minister sat athens provocator steps on the disrupt style oak between the 2 countries germany revived escalation talks between senior turkish and greek offer szell's an initiative started in july but broken up by turkey several weeks later after greece and now some maritime deal with egypt earlier this month turkey say as it is open to dialogue with greece only if there's a fair distribution of rights in this in mediterranean but if athens continues presenting preconditions for dialogue and doesn't give up its uncompromising
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approach in the region ancora say is a real conflict may become unavoidable see now because so little al-jazeera a stumble. well turkey sent out an alert last month saying that it was sending its vessel to carry out a survey the mission though was suspended following german mediation but talks were called off and the order of race left port on august 10th greece signed a partial maritime demarcation agreement with egypt earlier this month a similar deal was signed by ankara and libya's government of national accord the g.n.a.t. lost here turkey is drowning in waters where cyprus claims exclusive economic rights and it's also at odds with greece of the areas that it claims in the islands north they're also in dispute over migrants crossing from turkey into greece. well let's bring in our guests who can discuss all of this with us joining us from athens ga ga police strategic affairs analyst
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a lecturer at the democritus university of trace from london we're joined by wolf pickle a managing director of the political risk arm of the global advisory service 10 a.o. wolf covers turkey and greece extensively and from istanbul yousif a retired turkish colonel and security analyst at the turkish defense university welcome to you all gentlemen wolf i want to start with you turkey's president has warned greece not to test his country's patience or courage turkey will take what is its right in the mediterranean in the aegean and in the black sea he said just as we have no lies of anyone's territory sovereignty and interests we will never compromise on what belongs to us we determine to do whatever is necessary in political economic and military terms how dangerous is the current situation wolf is there a risk that it could escalate into a military conflict well in terms of this dream in bible isn't there a lot we have seen in our lives before nothing particularly new there whenever it
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really seem to have the on making the statement we need to take into account of his the use them as the them asian there in plate. in terms of the situation on the ground it is clear that there isn't a diplomatic at this collation they are tempted by the german foreign minister yesterday he visited out and i could have to mediate failed it was said to fail and now both sides both agree excited to use ice getting out to competing naval exercises obviously when you put a lot of military hardware in a small piece of sea there is to recover the least of an accident is i we have already seen it there if you will if you days ago but there east of an outright community confrontation in my view it means fairly low use of to what extent is turkey's posturing about playing to a domestic audience is it behaving like a schoolyard bully. no i don't think thought i don't i do not think saw because the
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turkish side is it indicated that it is their rights inside the mediterranean sea a warning to the united nation congressional last year let's remember that this issue this game is not a c. in iraq and it shouldn't be also 0 sum game soft science should come to conclusion or this isn't the german chancellor merkel a. couple of weeks ago or requests that romero aren't they this is ships from the turkish. continental shelf so they didn't send the ships but all of a sudden that turkey realized that egypt and resists signed an agreement beaches violating the turkish financial shell done than the good they don't want game just after that the turkish systemic research ship and then the option they would start to sail again to the mediterranean or this isn't it should be.
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each should be sold in a very unique is there is a lesion because this is a very unique area so you cannot resolve all those issues which is very unique in. taking into consideration off the job or off st george curry says that it's great exercise what it says is its legal right to extend its territorial waters along the western coastline from 6 to 12 miles abandoning what the prime minister says is decades of passive foreign policy just how far is greece prepared to go in standing its ground. well thank you for having me greece actually attempts to protect its over anything and solver in iraq it's the extension of that there it already award. is placed in its interest to protect its over n.e.p. while its action now in the eastern mediterranean is placed in its interest to
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protect its over and writes what greece is attempting to do is to so does the international community that that kind of problems can be better sold by our diplomacy but the question is up to what extent diplomacy can solve the problems from the moment provocative actions are taking place in their region it is said only in vain the rest of greece to cooperate with their key but under current circumstances these dozens out seem that easy. wolf what are the implications of the deal signed between turkey and libya on demarcation rights in all of this and the more recent want to sign between greece and egypt well it didn't one of the complexity of all the world dispute here that went with defined boundaries what is legal what is not legal is utterly unknown. so there is a huge legal going mention which applies to this deal between turkey libya apply to
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the greece egypt deal so there is a huge amount of uncertainty but what is clear is that without the political will here and without the mediation of a serious 3rd party we are not going to get the people around the table to try to start tackling these legal legal complexities right now there is no will from either side to engage on this front despite all the statement that everybody is willing to negotiate and wolf for briefly who who should mediate between the 2 sides germany's had a go but hasn't achieved much does does this dispute really need a mediator or should the 2 sides just get talking to each other. well the problem is adrian that would be i don't have to cite any longer this was a regional crisis that now is becoming bigger by the day even counties from the gulf are involved francis bacon site and so on so they're much more and more
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players in a small region with loss of legal complication who should be negotiate well they you can to be the negotiator is not an objective side we grew both cyprus and greece are you members. germany's trying but the record of germany's immediate there is not particularly great one and these not perceive this to be in objective mediated by the greeks after the shoot is that all has been played by the us to the big players missing in the us and somewhat contributing indirectly to the spike in danger in these united states if about it the need to stick to where greece and turkey went head to head over our pointless island it was the united states with a round of phone calls that brought back some common sense which is now utterly missing years of how can turkey have any claim to territorial waters in the southern parts of the mediterranean areas that are geographically nowhere near turkey there are 2 parts to your question one of the most important point is that
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territorial alter or from the perspective of the territory or editorial what's that is not just about that but then you come to look a comical excuse or saw and also all the continental shelf the united nations convention of law does not draw a clear line the church part belongs to each country and that is this start off that there problem from my point of course or disuse isn't. diplomacy which will take place either inside germany aren't there enough to now or not out whether it will be very fruitful in order to solve this problem because. he still has no idea that each youngster each country yes greece declares an excuse to economy goes on but $30000.00 not accept and 30 declares a consonantal style and also the greece does not the and that you take it take
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a look at the maritime law many time law does not throw certain lines like the land orders just give some great area such as the mainland or obstruction of ek on free equip the blood lust saw for history isn't it the diplomacy does not solve this problem that the power will solve such kind of problems and i do not think that that issue be come to that level or deceit isn't the mediation of germany although my friend unite in them say is that your money is position is always as a mediator may clearly use a result because i do not think that this is as 0 sum game so bought side may mean from the position if they come to a table george what do you make of that what you heard then what about this the steam occasion right deal signed between greece and egypt. when there are 2
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main away on on on how the problem can be sort of peacefully via diplomacy the 1st is that build out to a level which is possible this means that greece and their key can be engaged in bilateral negotiations in order to settle the issue of the continental shelf and the 2nd option can be the ideal some will to lotro dialogue president ever go on has order read him mention that it seems to me on a day that needs fair there are elbow ration of course cyprus needs to take part on these and this is the authority on how this idea can be followed by practice in my opinion and i sense some of the views of my colleagues it can be a win win game because anyway the eastern med gust form already exists and there are 7 countries which take part in this forum and i don't see why there can lebanon perhaps other countries should not take take part in the future from the moment
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they accept their orders of the majority in my opinion it's a matter of political will in order to solve the problem via diplomacy because this is the key point and as far as the agreement between greece and egypt is gone sour and this is related to the interest of of the country to accept or not to foreign policy and sort of these you peacefully with its neighbors as obviously their good deed with libya the problem is how all the countries together can cooperate in order to get out the prosperity for the societies in different countries wolf a we're talking about it particularly the eastern mediterranean here at the moment and in the last 2 ounces from from use of and george but i didn't get a. the answer i wanted from from yousif about what turkey is doing in territorial waters. off libya and having done this base deal with the government of national accord what right does it have to claim any territory in the southern
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mediterranean the deal was done. for political reasons turkey felt that it was becoming more and more isolated in the region greece always at cyprus and insight they made an agreement with the israel they were in negotiation with egypt so everyone somewhat corner pooled their lead be a deal out of the hat is illegal is the deal that stands legally nobody knows that didn't matter no at this point because we are not there so that is where we are so that from the turkish perspective there is a sense of the countries being isolated the now more recently you have seen france taking the side of. greece you've seen day united arab emirates taking the side of greece so. that more to feel squeezed the
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more it because going to become aggressive that is one of the risk here at the end of the day and if i can add one single point that we have no mentioned yet yes there is a dispute about boundaries territorial waters whatever you want to call it but there is an underpinning dispute that is it over cyprus is situation that has not been solved since $1074.00 so they had to hurry up to get there making a solution even more difficult to achieve wolf a sort of rescue as well to what extent turkey may be stretching itself right now on too many fronts with its involvement in in syria and now libya. well is there a series north in iraq is libya and now potentially mad well what from if you put yourself in the shoes of president of the one is facing great cinema rising unemployment the economy is cracking just these moony the leader was
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at the lowest level ever where there's some point with a $7.00 to $1.00 against the dollar and what the u.s. seeing that these military adventurism abroad as paid off so far in terms of popularity it did in syria it did in libya let's see where there's going to pay off in terms of the east mad sort of money or needs to distract the public opinion need to try to keep popularity i and the know has a so far out of these these initiatives even if they cost the $30.00 dearly in terms of international standing they pay off the mess the click here so what do you make of that military adventurism seem as popular back home is turkey stretching itself at the moment what are its long term strategic goals i mean can i call it as an adventure this is reality when you take a look at the map off middle east 6 failed states equally rock
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syria yemen and libya and bla bla and 2 off that is the neighboring countries which turkey shapes saw wrong balls to play in states such as iraq and syria the know that more than $4500000.00 syrians are living inside turkey and that creates lots of terrorist problems such as in the case of the doubt on a problem and also the same issue is that it or the northern part of the euro or this isn't no on true part that turkey sit back and they but the terrorist organization or off the terrorist organizations are planning for the future of the turkey or this isn't is not playing an adventure turkey is conducting operations and sux. sessler completing it doesn't produce a result yes today i can say that all the measures is inside the gate are as secure as long. as secure as partisan burning or this isn't call it
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as an adventure not be ever right or knowledge because they don't grow you solution they do produce a lot out of all saw their reach and result that dirty wants what is yours and i cannot say that this is an adventure especially in the last failed states thank you maj in that last failed states even by the border of not doing them france or germany they will also do the same action and even not call it as an adventure ok use of just very briefly as well to what extent does to cyprus. factor into turkey's behavior this the un resolve this us as well called it a cyprus issue is a very long issue that we should discuss for many hours in this program saw that take a look at the sectors according to the constitution of the cyprus the turkish people who lives inside cyprus are not minority it and the know how of this
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constitution in 96 he says because that you are in not in saving them for we did military coup because some saw a good each side pruett declared that the item from now on beyond the greece or disappears and that's a huge discussion point ok but what 30 year cvs what's going on inside the south turkish that is very clear to protect the rights of the turkish side it is either as you say one of the key as you say it's an issue that we just don't have time to get into here and now wolf one of the implications of this from nato both countries members of the military alliance cohesion of a united front and all going to be achievable if if 2 member nations a school playing. squabbling within nato has been on going on for some time and not just involving turkey but involving other countries need to erase one of the partners that is completely missing. there was an attempt by the greek community
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station to involve than it was like of the general indies a mediation attempts it was nowhere to be seen so neat the nato year is certainly under pressure now we have seen france taking a stance they arc i'm sorries one of these international going to is issue just like at the un they should be part of the solution but i now are nowhere nowhere to be seen and what wolf we to make of francis military involvement and its support firmly for greece what are the implications for the e.u. . well the usa before was not an objective partner. from britain from but from the very start france decided to take the side of greece and cyprus i think there is an element of an emotive between micron and president have gone over what happened in libya for example where they france where the
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french were outplayed by by the turks. and inseam many ways i think also france as it did to germany by by sending these media 3 ships in the region while the germans are trying to mediate here so even they use deeply divided i think this bush in their very artfully e.u. sanctions which are not coming in my view there is a you meeting on the 2720 years of 0 cost i had of the council meeting is a ben burtt one of the side with the greeks and the cypriot asking for a sanction in the e.u. is not in the position of the bush people sanctioning turkey so that is why i only know in my view even if i agree with the use of in georgia that there is much to gain from a deal i don't see a deal coming in the time soon ok. i'm afraid gentlemen we must leave it be wondering why i didn't put another question to george there was a power cut in athens and the internet connection has dropped between between us
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and george so i'm afraid he had to leave us that program gentlemen thank you very much indeed for your time wolf piccalilli yourself about up out of course george governess. thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program again at any time just by going to the website al-jazeera dot com is where you'll find it and for further discussion you can join us at our facebook page we're on facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter i handle at a.j. inside story from me adrian for the good of the whole team here though thanks for being with us i'll see you again but for now. we.
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september on al-jazeera the trial of those accused of helping in the 2015 charlie hebdo newspaper attacks begins in tatters as the world plans to move to was a green energy a new documentary examining the fresh and fire mental challenges this will cause following the postponement of parliamentary elections due to coronavirus iranians return to the voting booth one on east investigates in-depth stories from across asia and the pacific as u.s. president donald trump's executive order banning check china's most popular act comes into effect across america will this put flood the strain on u.s. china relations september on al-jazeera. hi i'm steve clemons i have a question about these days it's hard to filter out the noise and keep track of
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what's really important the bottom line tackles the big issues this is shaping the united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only on al-jazeera. a story of love deception and death an israeli spy operating on the deep cover in syria knowing that discovery would make sense and. al-jazeera well tells a gripping story of most at spot early coming up rated undercover in syria in the $960.00 s. m o dishes career that ended in public executions illegal and mossad agents on al-jazeera. people have come to expect a lot from al-jazeera over the years. it's the reporting the commitment to on the reporter places the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power if a politician comes on this channel they will be challenged and that's what people
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expect of us they want the questions answered. that is what we've always sometimes but we will continue to do. i'm how mohit seen in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the sentencing of the gunman responsible for the worst terrorist attack in new zealand's history promises to be a step toward closure for victims' relatives of the victims friends and tyrants see killed 51 muslim or shippers last year in christ church was sentenced to life in prison without parole when hate reports. after a harrowing emotional 4 days in the high court in christchurch justice cameron mend
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delivered brenton terence sentence on each of the $31.00 shots of murder charges walked in.


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