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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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asis of the day's global headlines inside story on al jazeera. played important role checking in with. each face. this is al jazeera. 1500 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm come all santamaria welcome to the news hour the russian police seen moving in on another protest on a day foreign journalists were told their permits are canceled also europe's migration crisis worsens on land and at sea hundreds are stranded in bosnia and an
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overloaded rescue boat is calling for help in the mediterranean. tanzania's president draws big numbers for an election rally as opposition parties say their candidates have been blocked from running. and how the politics of resisting israel's plans to. land is only adding to frustration and hardship in occupied territory. and i'm peter same with all the sports news lewis hamilton takes pole position for sunday's belgian grand prix and 2 major league baseball teams protests racial and social injustice by walking off the field before the game can start. starting in belarus this hour which is tightening its media crackdown as the protests continue against president alexander lukashenko accreditation has been withdrawn for some journalists working for foreign outlets
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a day earlier might remember several of them were actually rounded up and detained in minsk most were later released the president has criticised foreign media coverage of the run up to his disputed reelection this month and then subsequently the demonstrations that have followed. also on saturday there were arrests at what has been billed as a women's march for peace in minsk 10000 people are out demonstrating then now so let's start with bernard smith he's covering this one from neighboring lithuania's in vilnius 1st for obvious reasons bernard you can't get in there and it's getting even more difficult for the media who are in there yeah president previously complained about foreign media coverage of protests in belarus on this crackdown on foreign media continues at least 19 journalists have their accreditation revoked now these are mainly local belorussian
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journalists working for foreign media organizations in kenya to work without accreditation the wrists and the possible consequences of that are severe they risk being arrested and we have heard of journalists being beat not during these past few weeks there are still a few foreign journalists in belarus some of them without accreditation the worst they would fear is being thrown out of the country if they are court we have a statement from some sicko nobbs she was the opposition presidential candidate largely the one that had been an election she is now here in exile essentially and then yes and she said that what has happened is another sign that this regime is morally bankrupt and the only way it will attempt to cling on to power is life and intimidation. despite your location but to tell us what you're hearing from contacts in minsk about the protests today this large women's march the pace.
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it is almost entirely women march and according to a source we have on the ground there about $10000.00 women are taking part that's more than might have been expected so long to so many weeks of protests there was a fear certainly amongst protest organizers that they were losing momentum people were tied people are tied up with so many weeks of protest and no indication is willing to give up power but the biggest protest day is always the someday so if there were $10000.00 people winning out today that is an indication our source on the ground says that i could be much higher on sunday the protesters have also been prevented from walking to independence square where most of the protests where the process of previously been taken place that walks in the opposite direction but they are still out there on the streets that's been
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a smith keeping an eye on events in belarus from neighboring through ania on to other news and hundreds of refugees and migrants are stranded on a railway track in both snow herzegovina on province banned them from entering and then tried to push them into another which also refused it leaves them stuck in the middle support from china balance. on a road to nowhere hundreds of migrants from bosnia a trap to my place and a changing political times the blair riggers like. we are not human here we are. they say they are being kicked between police into neighboring bosnian provinces yunus on a kent on announced last week would ban migrants in tring and movement the rulings in a galaxy has been questioned migrants were pushed back to the province of republika srpska which refused to accept them these were away tracks so the only place they find and stay. there is 17 you know that it is very hard.
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they rely on aid agencies to bring food water and medical aid to the tracks. no food no water nothing. and he migrants seem to me and is increasing in bosnia people in one town says up roadblocks this summer to stop migrants who still see increased after a regional health minister announced 8 migrants have tested positive for private 19 infected were taken to a local hospital and 2 escaped during through the anger from residents. it is certain we have hundreds in fact thousands of migrants and camps where migrants don't follow any norms any regulations and none of our guidance there are simply people who don't respect anything the un's refugee agency says as of last month there were $9000.00 refugees in bosnia accounting for 60 percent of refugees in the
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western balkans the vast majority are from pakistan and afghanistan $600.00 arriving in bosnia each week up from 50 in may. even migrant camps are full. they keep coming every day it would be ok if they were inside camps but they keep coming from everywhere coordinating their movements by phone. then they tried to walk to the croatian border just 3 kilometers that way but get turned back to us. became a bottleneck for thousands of europe migrants and 27 tane as other migration routes closed up resulting in a there she found increase of arrivals these migrants are finding themselves on the wrong side of the tracks charlotte ballasts 0 well the united nations says there are about $9000.00 refugees and migrants in bosnia right now which means it's hosting more than half of all the refugees in the western balkans most of those in
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bosnia are from pakistan and afghanistan about $600.00 people arrive each week we've got a piece of it with us now the bosnia herzegovina representative for the i.o.m. the international organization for migration on skype from so you have a peter thank you for your time today what's going to happen to these people and we've just said how big the numbers are across the country but these specific 500 or so people what do you think is going to happen to them. well i think 1st of all the current stand of creative cannot be sustained i think he said they seem to move to a perennial problems that returning procedure to go through seems most years ago hurricane returns its roots the markets and rejects growth from greece towards older parts of the european union the 1st sees that we've had almost continuously insufficient bits in official accommodation for the markets in ridges from interest they don't
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mean $3060.00 days in both its governor and during this thing not all of them have access to official centers and pro research for example you know some agenda which is harder tortillas decided to soak into markets into their territory there is about 25023000 migrants and refugees currently streaming out sites official or religious into schools here official accommodations into sort through the 2nd program that they seem to be getting is that there has been a lack of a national approach to this issue and the sensors that are there or even one of the canton inside if accounts and only and there's been a lack of willingness of all of course of the country to also extend a producer in centers on their territory and those 2 things together i think have increased a number of protests the most a lot of population in the sun the gentlemen actually in the past 2 years as mostly show a lot of understanding humanity in solidarity with the markets and measure jesus being very lethal and the market sentiment but what we're seeing now i think is
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that people are frustrated after 2 years and have they're still facing with 250-3000 people sitting outside in their neighborhoods we know those solution inside from their perspective so then that description you you noted when you called bosnia herzegovina a transit point is people going through to places like greece which we hear a lot more about maybe it's not a transit point maybe it's actually a place i mean by those numbers which we said that actually more and more people are staying there. well i know what we are seeing today i think the numbers vary from day to day but what we're seeing is about as you indicated between 406 other people or a figure which per week in debating who we receive approximately the same number of people departing if you look at the last 2 and a half years we've consistently had somewhere between say 50026002 mexico 89000 migrants and refugees in most years ago when
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a figure hides the fact that these are not the same people mostly there are so the small group that is an exception but most of these are these are changing population pressure has its years ago now remains transit's country for now which is by the way also the reason why markets and refuses continue to come because they know that they have the highest chance to actually make it through mordor creations really into the own words are you speaking as the i o m i u speaking to or for his in these provinces in bosnia herzegovina about what can be done in this particular case. yes really we are speaking to them but i think when we are specifically speaking also to the council of ministers because when you look at those years ago which is the centralized state but the moderation management including providing unitarian seasons in a tradition community has stayed recently through as you state so the solution cannot really come from accountant or even from salary of work and they can manage
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to a certain degree what happens on their territory but we really need a statewide it's a solution for these and these can really only come from the state council music's reach we hope there is a new lease or security in place we'll take in each the student. accommodation official accommodation especially because we have the winter around the corner but also to hopefully get agreement amongst political actors that we can have a demolition in order to guarantee the sincerity ever. of the british journalist cantons again be reduced in the coming period there i had paid out from the international organisation for migration very important that we talked about this today and we do thank you for your time thank you very much for having me that's just one of the migrant stories we've got happening this saturday the other is at sea where the italian coast guard has picked up 49 people from a charity boat in the mediterranean after it sent out
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a distress call of its own crew on board the m.v. louise michel said that they were no longer able to move the vessel after rescuing 200 refugees and migrants over the past couple of days this is the boat funded by the british street artist banksy. the line now is in the eyes of polish who is a member of the he's michelle shipyard a crew calling in from near to valencia in spain. they have got it up to. actually you believe we might not actually have a connection with her at the moment we'll try to get hold of allies or in a moment to find out what is happening with that charity ship let's have a look at what else is coming up in this news hour the german police stepped in to break up a large coronavirus skeptics protest in berlin because few were wearing masks or keeping their distance. it's the most famous park in america and there are dozens of statues but in the more than 150 year history of central park none are dedicated
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to women until now i'm gabriel's onto a new york coming up i'll tell you which women are now being honored. and in sports novak djokovic edges ever closer to an a.t.p. masters record peter will have that on the rest of the sport a little later. still looking at maritime issues now this is the territorial dispute of course between turkey and greece in the latest escalation the turkish government says it stops greek fighter jets 6 of them from entering sensitive and space although media reports from greece say its planes were hired by turkish fighter is as they returned to base on the on a discrete this happened over a pos of the mediterranean which both countries claim is their own of course potentially rich in oil and gas reserves this month turkey started exploring the
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area for oil and gas the european union which includes grace is calling for a diplomatic solution but it hasn't ruled out the possibility of sanctions either so our correspondents in greece and turkey here they are. live now athens but we're starting with stephanie deca in istanbul so what's the word coming there as we hear from both sides that it seems to be blaming each other for escalating in the skies . yes well this is something that has happened before certainly not in this area but it's a back and forth that at the moment shows no sign of stopping we've had strong words from turkey's vice president saying that some of the moves greece's recently made almost amount to an act of war i mean the message here from from the top has been strong all along turkey saying that it's being unfairly treated in terms of the access to the to the sea to what's under the sea and this also has to do with the recent. treaty if you will between at least 8 countries that use military
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mediterranean gas for greece cyprus israel egypt jordan the palestinian authority all involved in this but turkey not so turkey not happy feeling sidelined one of the reasons why it's undertaken this what the european but the europeans the french president calling it provocative act the french even having sent military hardware here to back up greece so it shows you the international implications and roles that are going on it's not just a simple fight between the 2 sides of course when it comes to energy in the eastern mediterranean you have companies like italy's any like france's to like the american exxon mobile everyone is involved so it's a very complex and multilayered issue that is going on here come all but certainly you know the greeks having the support of the european union this is a dispute between 2 nato allies so it is very complicated certainly a particular when you have so much military hardware in
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a small area and turkey making it clear it's going to continue military drills northwest of cyprus until september 11th ok that stephanie decker in istanbul thank you will move back to john psaropoulos now who's outside of athens for us if stephanie saying turkey is willing to continue this sort of thing i assume greece will as well they will want to match each other here almost. well the reason why it was that it stuck right over the eastern mediterranean was that greece was having a specific military exercise in south of crete and south of cyprus in the in the past few days and those exercises ended yesterday and the day before yesterday respectively so this isn't likely to be a frequent event but the fact that it's happened i mean if you suggest that it could well be repeated in future but it's had an annual military exercise called image use of that is due this it is also
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a multi country exercise it is also likely to ramp up tensions in the region because it's mainly a spinning over the tensions that exist in the age and every day into the new area of greek turkish from confrontation which is the east and mediterranean last year turkish fighter jets clocked $5800.00 violations of greek space. that is a dozen a day that provide ample opportunity for accidents to happen for privates to get killed and they do and this is now spreading and it's involving more countries in the region and it is therefore multiplying the possibility of a. accident or a broken home plate gratian what's at stake of course is microbe except on the deck of rightly pointed out there is gas under the sea floor in greece has probable not proven gas reserves of 70 to 90 trillion cubic feet that's as much as is
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well egypt and cyprus have discovered since the turn of the century combined it has a pre-code but value of about $200000000000.00 now assuming that gas to rubble for the next 25 years the greek state would have up to 30 crowd percent of that value to reap in taxes and benefits and royalties. that is an enormous windfall for a country that has a public debt to 200 percent of g.d.p. it is clearly a very important source of income for the greek economy it is clearly seen as a very important source of income for the turkish economy which is much larger and support times as well so both sides are going to right over this both diplomatically and possibly militarily as well if trucks do not take place in the next month. reporting from the athens thank you john well protests protesters are still out in big numbers in berlin for
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a march against coronavirus restrictions that is despise a police order for the demonstration to be shut down because social distancing rules are being violated counter protests are also planned germany remember has recorded over 242000 infections dominic kane in berlin for us take us through the day's events today just behind you dominick still think plenty of people out there . plenty of people on the streets of berlin today all of them protesting in some way shape or form about what they believe are the worst sides of the coronavirus measures that's the security measures brought in by governments state level and federally here in germany to protect the wider community against the risk of coronavirus infection what you have taking place in burns' city center here the brandenburg gate behind me one of germany's most iconic monuments a focal point
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a rallying area for tens of thousands of people to come united by their hatred as it were of the measures that have been brought in they say that their freedoms are infringed by being forced to wear a mask in public public transport and enclosed spaces they say that having to observe social distancing goes directly against their fundamental freedoms the or thorough here no that's not the case your storage fees believe that by these people not observing social distancing and not wearing masks they increase the threat to the public health not just for the people themselves but for the wider community what the north or excuse here have done is where they have seen protesters not observing the rules they have moved in to stop them as they did earlier in the morning where they've seen protesters observe the rules they've not really stepped
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in to prevent them the police estimate that around 20000 people are on the streets the demonstrations have been coming and going in intensity the plan is for the demonstrations to be over within the next hour or 2 if the organizers are able to retain control of that clearly the police are monitoring the situation very closely and have demonstrated before their determination to break things up if they believe the threat to public health has got too big. thank you for that report dominic cain in berlin and now chris smith with us in a day or so with their radio show the naked scientist sees on skype from cambridge for us chris it is no surprise i think to see protests like this to people who are saying look we're fed up with restrictions we've got to get back to work we've got to get back to life in some way shape or form how to governments manage it. well i can see sort of where these people are coming from because if you think
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about it the entire world we think about a 3rd of the world population have experienced some kind of lockdown which amounts to the biggest restriction in people's civil liberties really in living memory and the difference between previous situations where people have actually been confined to barracks for a while and this one is that no one can put an end date on this no one can say to people your jail term will be over by date x because we just don't know and i think that uncertainty together with how long this is already gone on means to some people becoming extremely frustrated as a result showing that frustration by going on these marches protesting in the way that they are i think some aspects i have sympathy with others less so but then are they arguably not making it worse you have a protest like that in berlin today there's one going on in syria right now as well i think there was one in london trafalgar square as well by going out in big numbers like that and as we see so many people not wearing masks i mean the knock
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on effect could be enormous. well the mosque question aside big numbers is definitely a risk if those people are not observing social distancing and it's very likely that many of them won't i mean obviously you've got to be careful because they may be household groups and household groups can be considered to be a person in the not themselves in one group so that's a bit different but i think some of the tension here is around the question of wearing masks outside and to be quite frank the evidence supporting that measure isn't strong i don't think there's really any justification for a person who's wandering around in the street not near anybody else wearing a face covering that really isn't going to help anybody but when you're in a situation where you can't observe social distancing that's where it might be helpful and the data that we're generating seem to suggest there might be even if it's a small one a benefit from a face covering all of those circumstances and that's why governments such as the u.k. government have said in situations where you can't do social distancing like on public
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transport like in a shop for example where you have less control over where you stand relative to other people than it might be useful but i think people are getting frustrated because they see no end in sight and and to a certain extent you can see how we might be moving to a situation where we now know a lot more about this virus than we did at the outset and as a result we know who the people who are really at risk are therefore people are saying well 99 percent of people are doing something to protect one percent of people perhaps we should throw more resources at protecting that one percent of people and allowing the 99 percent of people to do what they want to do and to take the risks that go with it but then how does it all tally with and i'll say with the u.k. as an example though this is happening elsewhere as well the idea of things like reopening schools and the like you by the very nature of that putting more people at risk even if you try and maintain social distancing there and yet you're still telling the people well can you please social distance and you can please were it's
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this is so difficult to find a happy medium isn't there. well the way to think about this is almost like a seesaw and we want to keep that seesaw in some semblance of balance so everything that we do that involves an interaction between a person and another person is a potential conduit for the virus to spread so therefore if we are offering up to the virus more conduit through which it can spread through doing one set of activities we may have to row back on other sorts of activities or build up our resilience to defend against spread in those other areas so that we keep that seesaw in balance and the schools opening up yes measures are being put in place to try to mitigate risks but yes it is going to offer more opportunities to the virus to spread so we do anticipate more cases but we're hoping that we'll keep that seesaw balanced by having a more resilient testing and tracing system a lot of testing going on and a well informed public plus the people who are going to be going to school the
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school kids on the whole there are a very low risk from the virus if they catch it anyway so the balance is judged to be one where the risk worth taking as it were in this chris really interesting and really informative talking to you thank you do appreciate it pleasure thank you to believe you are which is easing its coronavirus restrictions the interim president . knowledge they could be a 2nd wave but says it's become a choice between the virus or mass hunger the levy's economy was already in trouble before the pandemic hits. if not the corona virus then it will be crucial now hunger because one becomes desperate not have an economic conditions to bring food home but other. we will evaluate god forbid there should be a new outbreak but there's always that possibility of a pandemic has taught us much during this time we're only half done with this news our here's what's coming up. thank.
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you. yeah chadwick boseman known for his role as a superhero in black panther has done. is also to finish some of the best female cyclists to begin the tour de france the time it relates. to. hello there mostly horse and drive picture across much of the middle east we're still seeing quite a bit of cloud across the fall southwest of yemen and this has also produced some showers some of those heavier in the day through sunday you can see a few more of those showers and maybe just even just across russia really across will sudden sections across into amman and maybe into the u.a.e. but meanwhile to the north of there it is very warm 45 in kuwait 46 celsius in
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baghdad the winds that is a bit light on sunday but very warm again for the eastern end of the mediterranean the time which is well above the average and then through monday the temperature quite a lot lower in the hall 36 degrees but the winds coming from the south it will feel very humid but look at these temperatures in jerusalem about 10 degrees above the average for this time of year so really is extremely hot 39 degrees celsius a little bit cooler. very warm with a high of 36 then down into southern africa the use activity across central areas but lots of clouds further to the south of this could well produce some showers it's a front which is training right there back across into balls want to eventually up into angola but also across into zimbabwe areas to south africa because while it will work its way steadily northwards on monday and. gusty winds pushing across into cape town.
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this is one of the down drinking revolutions in all men. we have to meet the c o 2 emission targets. there to diminish and they need to be mined people are just talking about the song or is it that's going to solve the problem of the world of these trees and commerce is driving the energy transmission is the promise of clean energy an illusion the top side of the green energy coming on al-jazeera alaska's phone nor a pristine environment that's become a battleground with the trumpet ministration keen to let oil companies start drilling some in its remote communities are tempted by the promised wealth we may leave here we may not there but others bitterly opposed we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas crossing the high peaks of the arctic circle to investigate the people in power at the edge of the earth on al-jazeera.
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or on the news hour here at al-jazeera these are the top stories better roosts is tightening its media crackdown as protests continue against president alexander lukashenko credit haitian's been withdrawn for some journalists who are working for foreign outlets turkey says it stopped 6 greek fighter jets from entering airspace above an area where one of its ships is exploring the gas great meteor also said the greek planes were harris to state return to base creeks and the italian coast guard has picked up 49 people from a charity boat in the mediterranean after it sent out its own distress call the m.v.
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louise michel had rescued 200 refugees and migrants and could move the boats is funded by the bridge street. the. line now from near valencia in spain we've got and he's a 42 is a member of the louise michel shipyard crew and he's if you've got an update for us 1st of all about the status of the ship and if it can move yet. the reason that it was not able to move was because they were telling these to life raft along side to not overcrowd to fix too much and also to have. 5 a place that body that was unfortunately found in that boat in distress. arrived on the scene so now as people are being disembarked finally after almost 24 hours. coast guard vessel. the situation is getting if it. is
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a lot of people on board of. then again the only other ship in the area that might be willing to take them on board is the next. 4 'd so again it's not. a job but it isn't the problem that a lot of the ships in fact if not all of them operating refused entry into the ports by trying to go through so they end up being stuck regardless. i was a problem in the 1st place is the absolute lack of faith in the passage for people . wanting to seek asylum in europe it's made it impossible for them to come into. legal ways so that only left with this option going through the detention camps in libya and then ending up on the. absolutely shipwrecked. rubber dinghies and then indeed have
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a society ship. independent project. very much in all the operations by the european states so what's the future plans then for the reasons she had obviously as you said the situation is easing on board now is the plan to continue trying to refuse many people as possible into the future keep funding the project. well unfortunately i think we'll have to keep running the ship if we can because the situation in the central med is not looking like it's going to change it's not looking like european governments are taking up the responsibility to reacting to distress cause of paying. that. in mitosis is. the message of life messages does not reach the governments quite obviously so for now i'll.
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probably try to get back into port once this situation is resolved quite obviously there's a lot of stress physically and mentally on the whole crew tended to get was that many people on the boat for such a long time but then of course we hope that we'll be able to sense the ship back out again ok and he's a thank you for that update we do appreciate. well thousands of people have protested in more rishis against the government's handling of an oil spill from a japanese ship that ran aground last month is anger about the slow response which the prime minister has blamed on bad weather about a 1000 tons of oil spilled into a marine life century when the ship hit a coral reef tanzania's president is officially launched his reelection bid with a rally in the capitol dome or john negroponte is seeking a 2nd term but he's facing accusations of absolute control of covering up the extent of the corona virus outbreak he's facing the opposition leader to undo the
6:36 pm
sioux who recently returned after spending 3 years abroad following an assassination attempts so let's talk to catherine sawyer who's in nairobi following this story for us he came to power i believe on this platform of anti corruption is that the same push this time around. absolutely it is the same push and fully kicked off his campaign in a stadium packed packed full of thousands of his supporters and he spoke about the achievements of his government and he did speak at length about corruption as saying that his government has been dealing decisively with corruption which has been in damage in tanzania he says that he is winning the war against corruption he also spoke of the he's development truck he spoke of infrastructure all the roads
6:37 pm
that are being built he said that hospitals have been stocks up more and more people are now on the electricity grid and he said that his government has a managed to uplift the lives of millions of people who are in the grassroots people in the markets families people in villages and so one but he has also been accused of being terry and not tolerating dissent he's been accused of you know curtailing free domes of expression and the media increasingly we've seen journalists arrested politicians and people who are just opposed to the position of the government will fully did not engage in that debate while at that political rally in doma but he did say that he wants he's development trucks to speak cloyd south and he's asking the people of times anea to elect him for a 2nd time so that he can finish the project that he started what about the
6:38 pm
opposition here in words that some of them say they're actually being blocked from running. well yes there is a lot of complaints by leaders of several political opposition political parties complaints against the electoral commission which a demo party which is the main opposition party says that 57 of its parliamentary candidates have been disqualified as well as 600 candidates for the local council they say this has been done unfairly we've had complaints from the leaders of other opposition parties as well officials of the electoral commission saying that they're investigating these complaints opposition leaders are also saying that there is no equal playing field this saying for example that they do not have broadcast times broadcast times in the on the radio or on the t.v. the main opposition candidate. people are saying he is the main challenger to
6:39 pm
the he started his campaigns in dar es salaam on friday and he's saying that he wants to restore democracy he say that president musharraf is a dictator and he's telling the people of tanzania if you elect president michael hooley again in the situation is just going to get worse a lot of his supporters are confident that if the election is going to be free and fair then to list who will win but other towns are saying that eve the opposition does not rally behind one candidate then it's going to be very problematic because it's going to put the opposition in a very weak position especially against against a leader as formidable as president john. catherine so with that update on the elections in tanzania thank you. amazing called by mali's military coup leaders with civil society and protest groups has been
6:40 pm
postponed on friday the west african block told the they must transfer power to a civilian the government and hold elections within a year in exchange the 15 member bloc say they will lift the sanctions they put in place military leaders though are talking about elections within 3 years. protests in the libyan city of misrata a day after the u.n. recognize government suspended its interior minister. is being investigated for his handling of demonstrations in tripoli last week when shots were fired to disperse the crowds friction it reportedly been growing between the prime minister of. the united arab emirates is officially ended its boycott of israel the u.a.e. president. handed down the decree enabling economic relations to be normalized the 2 sides recently agreed to establish diplomatic ties making the u.a.e. the 3rd arab state to recognize israel the palestinian leadership has refused to
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have any contact with israel's government ever since the deal was announced it's a strong political statement it is an abraham report that had big consequences as well for people in the occupied territory. imagine reporting an armed robbery to the police but they can't show up on time this is what happened to a jewelry shop owner in 10 feet in the northern occupied west bank thieves keep to israel in june with 8 kilograms of gold police say they know the suspects but can't get to them palestinian security forces requires rady permit to operate in more than 60 percent of the west bank was that already complicates the work but now they don't apply to israel for permits in a political protest against the israeli government plans to annex palestinian lands they've all finian authority cut all ties with israel and may. we
6:42 pm
can't arrive at the scene as quickly as we used to when we had security coordination i can't risk sending policemen in uniform to some villages still have to pass by israeli forces or settlements they could arrest or humiliate them in some police officers try to work out of uniform in plain clothes but it's not always possible during the 1st wave of the front of bars and i mean palestinian security forces imposed lockdown on palestinian areas controlled by israel like this one without security coordination they can't do that. no coordination means that imports of medical supplies through israel isn't possible international organizations are facilitating the delivery of covered 1000 really it's applied palestinian officials say 30 percent of imports are blocked including used cars. we bought cars then all of a sudden they told us that coordination is stops our cars are now stuck at the ports and are a risk we need to have one high profits but restore our capital fewer imports means
6:43 pm
reduced tax revenue the palestinian authority is already suffering a financial crisis it's refusing to receive palestinian tax revenues collected by. israel and only $150000.00 public employees aren't being paid regularly you. will shoulder your responsibilities fully you will collect the garbage and the . community and you. israel isn't doing that is coming under pressure to restore coordination it's not the 1st time. to choose between 2 difficult options. bank. to the u.s. now where it has been 100 years since women were granted the right to vote and only statues been unveiled in new york for 3 of the women who led that campaign for change. new york. there.
6:44 pm
was a statue to honor 3 women who paved the way for voting rights it's called the women's rights pioneer monument unveiled to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote in america the statue shows 3 inspiring women of great achievement who gave their lives in really their entirety to fighting for women's equality and the right to vote and full citizenship for all women regardless of color or economic status there susan b. anthony elizabeth cady stanton and so's your inner truth they're sitting around a table as if conducting a strategy session anthony holding a pamphlet that reads books for women from design pays to sculpting to unveiling it
6:45 pm
took nearly 3 years and the location was no accident here in central park there are over 2 dozen different statues of beethoven shakespeare and even want to frederick douglass who fought to in slavery in america and there's a statue of a dog but until now there's been no statues dedicated exclusively only to women. it comes at a time less than 3 months before a presidential election for women's votes will be more critical than ever and when for the 1st time in her us history a black woman is on the ticket running as vice president and nearly 4 years after hillary clinton was united states her 1st female presidential candidate on any major party ticket she was on hand for the statue's debut there is nothing more important to honor the women portrayed in this statue then to vote that is the
6:46 pm
best way to lead. erica forward as the suffragist used to say forward through the darkness forward into light organizers say they're not done the work is not finished so monumental women is now challenging our municipalities are wrapped more statues and other public you know monuments to women and people of color to teach young people about the suffrage movement and about all the other ways that women and people of color have contributed to the united states a symbol of the struggle for the right to vote long overdue but now in shrine in star gabriel's andro al-jazeera new york sports is up in a moment with peter as the japanese swimming star returns to the polls after beating the kenya. a story of love lies deception blood and death an israeli spy operating on the
6:47 pm
deep cover in syria knowing that discovery would make certain that. al-jazeera work tells a gripping story of moderates by early coming up aerated under cover in syria in the $960.00 s. an audacious career that ended in public executions illegal and mossad agents on al-jazeera. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking skiing. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. we return to see how the students and the scheme helping change the face of india. super 30 announces iraq.
6:48 pm
there are some sad news from the entertainment industry today usaac to chadwick boseman died from colon cancer at the age of just 43 he was best known for his role in the blockbuster film but panther and chappelle is poised to do one of these pictures procure head chadwick boseman brought the stories of real life black heroes to a new generation of 3 movies black man and white baseball among them jackie robinson james brown and thurgood marshall roles that would inspire black youths to strive for greatness by remembering their past you like the his portrayal of baseball legend robinson in the film 42 caught the attention of hollywood which
6:49 pm
watched him out shine established actor harrison ford a private person with a quiet demeanor bozeman spoke about the challenges he experienced that connected him to the characters he portrayed especially racism and discrimination. and he turned down roles playing black characters he believed lacked complexity or spirituality intellect or romance and were without hope the questions that are areas that the producers are guarding perhaps paved the way for less stereotypical but true for the black actor they stepped into the role after me and there was one role in his career that he said he was on are to bring to life to challah the king of wauconda in black panther. it was the 1st major superhero movie featuring a predominantly black cast and shattered expectations in hollywood earning more than $1300000000.00 at the box office 3 academy awards and many other accolades. i think the important thing for tonight wait especially when really you know it's. shallots why was that you know the history of black people in america is is
6:50 pm
you know and there's really no way around that so many of us are not connected with where families are from but this role really made him feel that he was able to connect wait in his own country wakanda is obviously a fictional country in the continent of africa but it made him it reminded him that we were you know descendants of kings and queens and that is something that he added that he felt right about that moment and i think that the collaboration with wright letter both co-wrote and directed the film gave him the confidence postman's family say he filmed black panther and other movies while undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for colon cancer his fans were unaware many say bozeman changed their lives we knew that we had something special there we wanted to give the world that we could be for human beings in the roles that we were playing that we create
6:51 pm
we could create a world that exemplified a world that we wanted to see those men died at his home in los angeles with his family by his side he was 43 years old. time for a look at your sports news with mr peter stem it very very kind mr santamaria formula one world champion lewis hamilton has dedicated his pole position at the belgian grand prix to chadwick boseman following the actor's death allison was again dominant in his mercedes finishing ahead of team and fell terry bought us red bulls max the stepan will start alongside daniel ricardo of renault on the 2nd row it was also habitants mine t. 3rd career pole and 6th at spa. so i ran across a section he. speaks. for
6:52 pm
henri were on the front row in belgium last year but saturday session was in stark contrast to the italian team as a battle to get through the 1st qualifying sessions the car made it into the top 10 and what's turning out to be one of the teams would just seasons for many years surely claire will start from 13th just ahead of teammate sebastian vettel. cycling's delay tour de france is underway nice despite rising numbers of coronavirus cases across france fans have been allowed to line their routes on the 1st of its 21 stages on saturday and riders will undergo covert tests throughout the tour which ends in paris on september the 20th again bad now is the defending champion previous winners get on thomas and chris froome or not competing this year because of a lack of form meanwhile the best female cyclists have been competing in the curtain raiser last course which ended in a photo finish along nice and see front line to 6 kilometer route oil down to
6:53 pm
a battle between 6 leading riders including dutch greats and i make fun flatten and money on a force but it was britain's a lizzie dagon who edged out her rivals to win. major league baseball teams the use masters and oakland athletics have walked off the field to protest racial and social injustice before they game could start on friday sports teams across the u.s. have suspended games this week after jacob blake a black man was shot by a white police officer the players 1st took to the field for a moment of silence before accepting it also happens to be jackie robinson day he was the 1st black man to play in the major leagues back in 1947 the teams would instead play a doubleheader on saturday the new york yankees went ahead then played on friday but their manager was brought to tears when discussing the racial protests this is a difficult conversation in our society you have you know 2 beautiful black
6:54 pm
children who are your adopted children there's just this moment mean more to your family to stand up there with black lives matter as you can see being was overcome with emotion at that question and had to step away from his pre-game news conference on friday to compose himself before returning to answers my prayer is just that you know. we continue to even though we're going through some dark times that at the end of this we're better we're better for it elsewhere the n.h.l. playoffs resume later after 2 days of empty racism processed in the league the n.b.a. also resumes after suspending games in the florida bubble on both thursday and friday well the mobo the bucs strike which began this latest suspension served to highlight major issues like systemic racism and police misconduct the team say is still a long way to go. and you know. it creates
6:55 pm
a man who runs all around right. now becoming an american the. you know rather has been shot you know on a daily basis you know is just doesn't make a lot of sense to everyone expects us to go on our you know we need it. from florida to new york means a world number one never talk of it's just one win away from the perfect warm up ahead of the u.s. open starting on monday on saturday became spain's real bad about is that a good as well as a neck injury in the western subban open semifinals the 33 year old drop the 1st set at full back to take the win 466476 if he beats me last around each in the final later on saturday will equal what i found out els recalled 35 miles to one of the holes and tight it's. very strange match i must say.
6:56 pm
i don't know how i wanted to be honest it was a better play i just didn't feel good on the court at all in any in any aspect of my game and not just the body but somehow. i managed to pull this one through. but there will be no women's final later after naomi osaka pulled out with a hamstring injury handing victoria as a rink of the title by walkover been a difficult week for a socket who was a late tennis a stand on racial injustice protests the 3 time grand slam singles champion initially pulled out of the semifinal only for organizers to suspend play anyway as they took a stand she did end up playing the beating lisa merton's in straight sets be for withdrawal. 4 time major champion rory mcilroy is the co-leader at the halfway stage of the b.m.w. championship the woman before from northern ireland shot a one under 69 in the 2nd round on friday in chicago he shares top spot on the leaderboard with american patrick can plea they are the only 2 players below par at
6:57 pm
the stage of the 2. i think one of the big keys this week is just not making big numbers i've been making big numbers for the last few weeks so to just you know if you hit it you know if you hit it i'd have position get back in position make sure that your worst score is a bogey and move on because you know honestly bookies aren't that part right here. and we'll finish with some good news japanese a limbic hopeful. has returned to competitive swimming of the undergoing treatment for leukemia for more than a year the 20 year old won 6 gold medals 2 years ago at the asian games in jakarta and was a favorite for the olympics in tokyo before falling ill she's not expecting to try to qualify for next year's delayed games but could talk at the 2024 olympics in paris the key here mocked her competitor for sense of the pool in the 50 metres freestyle heat in a local means in tokyo. that's where we'll leave it for now most sports news again
6:58 pm
a little bit later come over thank you for that meeting in other sports books and on next news outlets coming at 1800 s. g.m.t. which is and perhaps for now but we're back right after the break with all the latest headlines right here on out is. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to make such the mounds as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against easter we provide business growth promote social
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economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy solutions for future generation the breastpin pioneering future energy singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business smuggling example in the. take the say there in the sand is fair to say this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound was at this time on al-jazeera. what is left of the last ditch of this knowledge. of the americas as a sultan's for centuries. to amateur stratagems lock on the journey of discovery and reach a remote village mexico's violence. but who has more to learn about the ways of the
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world. a route through mexico's contemporary records and its mystery past you follow the blog says at this time to just. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the pond certainly johnny take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. belorussian police seen moving in on another protest just a day after foreign journalists were told their permits were canceled. again i'm come all summer here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera people protesting in berlin against coverage restrictions on defiant after police asked them to disperse. they play every goes like a football.


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