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doesn't. this is al jazeera. it's just going to 900 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm come all santamaria welcome to the news hour. moving in on another protest on a day when foreign journalists were told their permits canceled also in the news europe's migration crisis it's only picks up some of the people on board an
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overcrowded rescue ship while others find themselves stranded in bosnia people in israel are out again on the streets calling for prime minister netanyahu his resignation and now they're attempting to globalize their campaign. in tanzania's president draws big numbers for an election rally as opposition parties say their candidates have been blocked from running. and i may well into the store snoozes the torture front starts the n.b.a. gets ready to resume and a mark of respect from lewis hamilton to dedicate public position to active chadwick boseman. is tightening its media crackdown this saturday is protests continue against president alexander lukashenko accreditation has been withdrawn from some journalists the ones working for foreign outlets still though people are out
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protesting on saturday led by thousands of women as our report. defying what looks like a crackdown on dissent in belarus these women chanting we won't forget we won't forgive a part of what they call a peacekeeping force designed to stop peaceful protesters being intimidated thousands marched in the capital minsk. since alexander lukashenko was reelected as president earlier this month officially winning 80 percent of the vote there have been daily demonstrations several people have been killed and hundreds more injured and now the authorities have started withdrawing the accreditation of journalists working for foreign media outlets the government says the move was recommended by bellerose his counterterrorism unit opposition leaders for atlanta taken off sky in exile in if the way nia says she's worried about the government targeting the media on saturday she said quote the only way it will attempt to cling on to power is by
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fear and intimidation there was also a strong reaction from western embassies in minsk in a joint statement they said we condemn the disproportionate use of force and urged the bell erosional thora teams to stop the violence and the threats to use military force against the country's own citizens and to release immediately and unconditionally all those unlawfully detained intimidation and prosecution based on political grounds need to stop we call on the bell original dorothy's to respect the country's international obligations on fundamental democratic and human rights . the crackdown on journalists comes a day off the e.u. foreign ministers agreed to impose sanctions on 20 senior bella russian officials this sanctions against certain list of individuals who are guilty of human rights violations about the groups that is an important step and this will impose some sort of hassle for those people on the list but the regime considers this as the cost of doing business and this won't stop them from further intimidating bellers.
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the e.u. has urged russia not to intervene in belarus after president vladimir putin promised military support for on xander lucas encouraged but there's no sign those in power are ready to change their approach to the opposition. al-jazeera. well he has been at smith now he's in neighboring in the few any in the capital vilnius obviously been a deep couldn't get in given the situation there and a more difficult situation now for journalists who were covering events yes look at shank alexander lukashenko the president has long complained blaine's the foreign media the stoking the protests in men's sc so enormous challenge now to cover that story that most of the journalists out there are credit stations revoked the local better russian journalists working foreign media outlets as they continue
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to work without their accreditation that's potentially very dangerous for them with serious consequences if that calls and i have been reports of journalists being beaten up there are want to pour in journalists still they are some of them working without accreditation and if that called then they risk being thrown out of the country so what do you know the insert obviously contacts you have there of what has happened today about the large scale protests led by women. one of the challenges for the protesters is keeping up the mountain elections the presidential election was held on august the 9th look at this close victory more than 80 percent of the vote and the protests starts they have been at some level almost daily with the biggest ones on the weekends but people are tired we're now entering the 4th week of these protests and so the protest organizers have been
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worried are worried that the protests are going to lose steam well we've seen the government do is essentially allow the protests to take place yes there have been some crackdowns but on the whole the people have been allowed out onto the streets the haven't been mass crackdowns that might have prompted even more people to come out so it is a tactic by the government to hope this will fizzle out that will have to see maybe on sunday when there's supposedly another big protest how that pans out certainly the opposition say people are still coming out to protest and with several 1000 women out today calling pollution all right so more protests expected then across the weekend thank you bernard smith in building its. and now from new york is with us from the c.p. jo the committee to protect journalists i'm sure are going to say you're disappointed by the news coming out of belarus but i suspect not surprised this is a classic strongman play isn't it to silence the media. exactly there and get
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stereotypical who are going to shake it because we've seen him trying to crack down on independent reporting for years don't forget that he's been president of for 26 years and even before you make sure his foreign journalists have the difficulties to get a critic ation but stooping to your own yourself or critiquing each into the station in such a large number is a sign of how. much look at shane. and how big a sprint he is because he and his government basically feel you have to control the independent reporting and if the flow of information in. a guess though it might be a little different this time around because the story is already out there isn't it the media were there for the election so much was covered it would be difficult. for him to to put a lid on this now and to stop the story from getting out of. yes i don't think he's
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going to succeed because we have seen so many other tactics in suppressing independent reporting the orthogonality is detained generally is somewhat there were subject to your treatment in detail. the committee to protect journalists document those cases will also include it on. 7 you know net being blocked the war interrupted and there have been reports that the government behind it we have seen many other ways of 7 crackdown on the independent reporting and this is one. step to silence independent reporting in belarus a correspondent pointed out you may have heard that the lot of the people arrested have were actually or sorry not arrested who had their credit tension take away were local journalists but working for foreign media how risky would it be for them
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to continue operating if they wished. yes i wanted to point out that the fact that many of 1 these reporters who work for foreign media outlets are people russian nationals that more vulnerable to the government through oppression now they are steeped of the arab league status but i would like for anyone citizens think cannot be deployed to it to other countries so they remain very vulnerable and the government can exercise any ways out for patience and crackdown on it is a mash and you know detention or arrest the way the prison terms and have to fire as we've seen all those left because journalists now without the approval taishan remain very vulnerable to government crackdown goodness aside from the committee to protect journalists in new york we thank you for your time thank you. on to other
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news on the italian coast guard has picked up 49 people deemed to be in the most need of help from a charity boat in the mediterranean the crew on board the m.v. louise michel sent out a distress call saying they were no longer able to move the vessel off to rest we moved in 200 refugees and migrants in the past couple of days the boat has been funded by the british street artist banksy we spoke to and he's a fine it is a member of the louise michel's shipyard crew in spain near valencia she told us that while the immediate emergency is over for now the situation on board is still very worrying the reason that we share with not able to move was because they were towing these 2 life raft along side to not overcrowd to pick too much and also to have. 5 a place for the dead body that with them fortunately found in that boat and. then michelle arrived on the scene and now people are being disembarked finally after
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almost 24 hour. period in cars got better. yet the situation is getting a bit like a. lot of people. off. and then again the only other ship in the area that might be willing to take them on board is an edgy over to watch for 'd so again it's not the u.k. majority doing a proper job and in addition to that story as many as 500 refugees and migrants a stranded on abandoned railway tracks in bosnia herzegovina they were barred from one province that forced them into another where help was refused once again shelob ellis has the full story. on a road to nowhere hundreds of migrants from bosnia a trap to my place and a changing political ties the blare are those like a football we are not human here we are just
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a football they say they are being kicked between police into neighboring bosnian provinces in a sauna can't own announced last week would ban migrants in tring in movement the rulings in a galaxy has been questioned migrants were pushed back to the province of republika srpska which refuse to accept them these railway tracks are the only place they find amnesty. while there are 17 you know that it is very hard life here is going to hard work and they rely on aid agencies to bring food water and medical aid to the tracks you can't go to that site you can't go. no food no water nothing. empty migrants seem to mind is increasing in bosnia people in one town sit up roadblocks this summer to stop migrants has still see increased after a regional health minister announced 8 migrants who tested positive for private 19
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infected were taken to a local hospital and 2 escaped during further anger from residents. it is certain we have hundreds in fact thousands of migrants in camps where migrants don't follow any norms any regulations and none of our guidance there are simply people who don't respect anything the un's refugee agency says as of last month there were $9000.00 refugees in bosnia accounting for 60 percent of refugees in the western balkans the vast majority are from pakistan and afghanistan $600.00 arriving in bosnia each week up from 50 in may. even migrant camps are full. they keep coming every day it would be ok if they were inside camps but they keep coming from everywhere coordinating their movements by phone and then they try to walk to the croatian border just 3 kilometers that way but get turned back to us. became a bottleneck for thousands of europe migrants and $27.00 tane as other migration
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routes closed up resulting in a $34.00 would increase of arrivals these migrants are finding themselves on the wrong side of the tracks shallow ballasts 0. 0 balkans reports now on the anger amongst locals against the refugees. citizens of b cards are gathering for the 9th time to protest and the reason is still the same like it was for the last 3 years they demand all levels of authority here in bosnia-herzegovina to do some urgent actions and to help them with this migrant crisis they want migrants and refugees to be deported from the entire bosnia and herzegovina they say that it would be the best solution for everyone. they are also stating that there's a lot of concern with people here in because because for the last 10 to 15
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days there's thousands of by grins without any shelter out in the street in the open or in abandoned buildings and there's been reported more and more violence and fights between migrants so they think that this is not safe environment for people who live here their families and their property they are also stating that they have support for this protest from the mayor and as well from surrounding cities and areas who are also under a lot of burden since they also have the same problem with this migrant crisis for several years. some of the more background on this for you the united nations says there are about $9000.00 refugees migrants in bosnia which means it's hosting more than half of all refugees in the western balkans most in bosnia come from afghanistan and pakistan and around $600.00 arrive each week. the numbers vary from day to day what we are seeing is about as you've indicated some are
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between 406 other people arriving a week for a week in the building who we receive approximately the same number of people the party if you look at the last 2 and a half years we've consistently had somewhere between i would say 50026002 max an 800000 migrants and refugees in those years a government that figure hides the fact that these are not the same evil mostly there are so the small group that is an exception but most of these are these are changing population population trends and so was he as an ordinary remains a transit country for now which is by wails of insulin markets and refugees continue to come because they know that they have the highest chance to actually make it through the border creations ravinia into the on words. here is what's coming up for you german police tried to break up a large coronavirus skeptics protest in berlin because few were wearing mounts so keeping their distance the devastating toll of the oil spill in the richest springs
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protesters who accuse the government of failing to act quickly enough and they support the n b a possible returns off to social justice protests but the players say there's still a lot of work to be willing to house the sport a little like to. israel now where the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing another evening of demonstrations demanding his resignation for weeks now thousands of israelis have been rallying outside the lead his official residence in west jerusalem unhappy with well a lot of things his handling of the economy the coronavirus and his pending corruption trial. his sorry for sit in west jerusalem for our regular saturday appointment it's become an area these protests week after week have gone on but they do seem to be growing. it is pretty extraordinary come out
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of the fact that so many people we've got thousands again coming out week after week in this way they are trying to do new things this time they're coordinating with 18 other cities around the world largely in north america as well as europe in no way to try to internationalize this there have been protests around the world in any case before now and there are also. that there's a bit of a split between the people who are gathered here and that thousands and others who gathered at a bridge a few kilometers away in west jerusalem again they marched towards this area to try to join up with the main protest last weekend we saw the police try to stop them and they were. cat and mouse kind of running attempts to get by the police this time it seems that the police have largely allowed them to march although trying to steer them in their preferred direction just the last couple of minutes there have
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been reports of protesters trying to get through police barricades and there were concerns about violence tonight both from protesters who talking about police violence and incitement last weekend and from the police who say that there were calls for police officers to be harmed by protesters on social media something that protest organizers denied so far here it's been going off pretty peaceful a bit later on leaving with these clashes if they happen tend to do so pretty hard for prime minister netanyahu to ignore these protests harry but does he acknowledge them does he. you know talk about the matter at any point. well i mean that's what this one thing that the opponents adventure in netanyahu have complained about the fact that he hasn't publicly at least tried to internalize the message from these protests actually indeed he's done the opposite really vilifying the protesters as atticus and leftists and of course some of them
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are from the and the majority probably from the israeli political left but as well as that there have been protesters representing small businesses contract workers people who've been hit hardest by the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and of course there are longstanding protests the benjamin netanyahu demanding that he leave office because of the 3 cases of corruption that he's currently on trial for the question for these protests really is how to leverage this how to translate this pressure externally into something effective that gets their demands met so far he has put off the prospect of elections at least until next march and he still has very strong support with his in with within his own right. you could ruling party out the coalition i mean coalition faction of the coalition government so trying to get this message through to the prime minister to get some kind of
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political movement to oust him from office is greeted. another noisy night in west jerusalem that's reporting. to the maritime territorial dispute between turkey and greece and in the latest escalation the turkish government says it's stopped 6 greek fighter jets from entering sensitive space media reports from greece though say those planes were actually harris by turkish fighters as they returned to base on the on the discrete it happened over a part of the mediterranean which both claim as their own area potentially rich in energy reserves this month turkey started with its ship there exploring that area for oil and gas but the european union which includes greece is calling for a diplomatic solution but it hasn't ruled out the possibility of sanctions on 2 shortly we'll hear from john psaropoulos near athens he'll tell us how greece is accused of making more and more military incursions but 1st stephanie decker in istanbul on how turkey is viewing greece's announcement about
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a maritime border change. we have heard from the vice president he said that greece is moved greece has announced that it's going to extend its maritime borders this is on its towards italy however but by 6 miles but certainly here it's being taken as something that it could then also do when it comes to turkey and saying that that certainly you know if that isn't a provocation to war what else is this is the kind of language that you're seeing coming out of the highest levels here also the announcement that turkey will continue to carry out military drills northwest of cyprus for the next 2 weeks or so so i think certainly there's no indication that the situation is calming down anytime soon it is so complicated you have a situation where you have 2 countries backed by different regional and international european powers it's all about the exploration of gas it's all about where lines stop in the sea but you've got an area that is so populated by islands for example the greek island of kos there loaded saw is only around 10 minutes by
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ferry from the turkish coast so it just shows you how complicated the situation is and even longstanding disputes with cyprus are coming into this and inflaming it in terms of who gets access to what gas so certainly turkey yes particularly europe being accused of being provocative but the message here from from ankara is that they're doing what's right in that they're being unfairly treated. the escalation of these incursions by turkish forces has been very precipitous in the last 2 years they've risen from dozens before 2009 to hundreds since then and well into the thousands and this year we're set for repeat performance greece nonetheless insists that it is going to play this dispute by the book which means it is simply standing by international law and international maritime law the u.n. role of the sea and it is calling on turkey to come to
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a dialogue on the basis of those laws greeks are standing by this by the book approach because they're winning by this week they've ratified maritime agreements based on u.n. law with egypt and italy they've managed to get the european union behind lining up sanctions that could be used against turkey next month and they are going to stick to that strategy. protesters have turned out in their thousands in berlin for a march against coronavirus restrictions that was despite a police order for the demonstration to be shut down because social distancing rules are being violated don't it came as the story from berlin. for weeks the daily number of new coronavirus infections in germany has been rising yet for these people in berlin what matters most is their right not to observe any restrictions not to wear masks not to follow social distancing and to show their anger at the
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politicians who have imposed them because of the killing is illegal eilis is illegal the whole government is illegal everything is illegal and corona is just a medium to heavy flu a pandemic that is being used to enslave us humans. that view is not shared by the police who tried and failed twice on friday to persuade the courts to ban the demonstration saying the protesters posed a serious risk mentioning d.m. of and of them was going on and that these are people that we can assume as coronavirus skeptics have taken no precautions in recent months in a time when infection numbers are increasing we don't believe these gatherings to be responsible. the protesters are made up of many different groups some from the political fallout of society some from the far right what unites them is a sense of injustice and rights being lost demonstrations like these pose this country's politicians a serious ethical dilemma forcing them to balance on the one hand the rights of
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individuals to protest against government measures with which they disagree and on the other hand the rights of the wider community to be protected as far as possible from the risk of coronavirus infection it's a risk ministers say is growing. limit is it's just some fruits of war the problem is the numbers are too high too early given that winter is coming and we don't currently know what effect it will have and how the flu and other illnesses will affect it the numbers are too high at this early stage. that's why the all thora t's have tried so hard to prevent scenes like these and why they are so fearful of what effect so many people might have when they're in such close proximity to each other without masks dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. and there were similar protests in zurich switzerland where people demanded an end to all coronavirus related restrictions that includes the demand for no more
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mandatory mosques and an end to compulsory facts and actions. is what's coming out for you in the 2nd and this news out of politics of resisting israel's plans to annex palestinian land is adding to frustration and hardship in occupied territory . to chadwick boseman known for his role as a superhero in black has died at the age of 43. in a photo finish some of the best female cyclists begin the tour de france that is coming up with me now to. hello there mostly horse and drive picture across much of the middle east we're
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still seeing quite a bit of crowd across the fall southwest of yemen and this has also produced some showers some of those heavier in the day through sunday because a few more of those showers and maybe just even just across russia really across most sudden sections across into amman and maybe into the u.a.e. but meanwhile to the north of there it is very warm 45 in kuwait 46 celsius in baghdad the winds at a bit light on sunday but very warm again for the eastern end of the mediterranean the time which is well above the average and then through monday the temperature quite a lot lower and their whole 36 degrees but the winds coming from the south it will feel very humid but look at these temperatures in jerusalem about 10 degrees above the average for this time of yes it really is extremely hot 39 degrees celsius a little bit cooler. very warm with a high of 36 then down into southern africa the use activity across central areas but last. cloud further to the south this could well produce some showers it's a fundraiser training right there back across into balls want to eventually happens
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i'm going to but also cross it does involve way air is a south africa because while it will work its way study northwards all monday and all the while a few washouts and gusty winds pushing across into cape town. this is one of the sounding revolutions in all of make. we have to meet the c o 2 emission targets electric cars there to. remind people we're just talking about the solar is it that's going to solve the problem the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transmission is the promise of clean energy an illusion the topside of green energy coming soon on al jazeera the 2000 mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the boat comes route begins to close for refugees it has become
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a race against time for one syrian family. except perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning bank to the ravages of war left at home. scully and grand a witness documentary on al-jazeera. route the on the road. with al jazeera these are the top stories on the news hour hillary says tightening its media crackdown has protests continue against president alexander lukashenko creditor. it's been withdrawn from some journalists who are working for foreign outlets. italian coast guards picked up 49 people from a charity boat in the mediterranean after it sent out a distress call the m.v.
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louise michel risked 200 refugees and migrants and couldn't move the boat has been funded by the british street artist banksy. an israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing more demonstrations demanding his resignation purchases remain on happy with his handling of the economy the coronavirus and his pending corruption trial. there were protests in the indian ocean island nation whose waters have been polluted by a fuel spill people say the government didn't react quickly enough and the environmental damage is worse than it could have been more than a 1000 tons of spilled out when a japanese ship struck a coral reef in july car like records. the final desperate moments of a mother trying to save her dying cough. this footage was filmed by a fisherman as he tried to help the pair as they struggled in waters contaminated
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by oil in militias but they join dozens of others that have washed up dead in recent days that's happened after a japanese own tanker struck a coral reef in july and leaked more than a 1000 tons of fuel oil into the sea. nourishing or 30 states not yet clear whether the spill is to blame for the dolphins deaths but environmentalist and experts warn the worst is yet to come. this ship is stranded on coral systems and destroying the creatures creating clouds into the water inside the coral reef despite the mission government's efforts and a team of specialists sent by japan the people here say not enough has been done. thousands gathered in the capital port louis calling for an investigation and for government officials to step down the government says it has set up a commission to look into the spill and promised autopsies on all the dead dolphins
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but many say that's too little too late since the one i have been like soliciting our government about. their immediate precautions to prevent managed into the ocean but i've never thought they were completely in action the full impact of the spill is still unfolding but scientists are warning of a major ecological disaster one that could impact militias and its tourism dependent economy for decades to come car leg al-jazeera. tanzania's president has launched his re-election bid with a rally in the capital the john mica for the seeking a 2nd term but is don't buy of wielding too much power and of covering up the true extent of the coronavirus he is up against to turn to lisa who recently returned to tanzania after spending 3 years abroad following an assassination attempts at an soil tells us now the key message is the president was pushing at his rally.
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president john mclaughlin he kicked off his campaigns in a stadium in the capital packed with thousands of his supporters and he mainly spoke of the chief ments of his government in the last 5 years he spoke at length about corruption saying that his government has been dealing decisively with corruption which has been an demick in tanzania he spoke of infrastructure all the rules that have been building he said that more people in tanzania are now connected to the electricity grid he also said that to his government has uplifted the lives of millions of people in the process through its people the villages for people in markets and so one but the president has also been accused of his authoritarian style of leadership the people in tanzania say that is intolerant to dissent and they say that his government has stifled. expression and the media
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increasingly losing john the least and politicians being arrested and just people who oppose the government position by the president and today's rally steered clear off that debate saying instead that he wants his development track record to speak for itself and. you'll remember when we started this war against corruption we got a lot of threats including threats of legal action by many people including tanzanians but we forged on without fear because these resources belong to the people of the country now i'm sure those people who are talking arm barest that we are winning the war they're 14 other presidential candidates but a lot of people lessing president before his main competitor is to listen he's a flag bearer of the main opposition party chair damage and he started his campaigns on friday and arrests and he say that he is going to restore democracy in the country he has often called prism a before the a dictator and dispelling the people of tanzania if you allow. the president again
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the situation in the country is only going to get worse and a lot of his supporters believe that if the election is free and fair then the suit is going to win also had complained by opposition politicians planes against their lector all commission to damn awful status the thing that the 57 of its parliamentary candidates have been big disqualified as well as 600 candidates of the local council post electoral commission officials are saying that they investigating the allegations that are also coming from leaders of other opposition parties but already we're seeing this leader this opposition politicians saying that they do not believe that the election is going to be free fair or transparent . they were meeting called by the military coup leaders with civil society and protest groups has been postponed on friday the west african block the told vision
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to they must transfer power to a civilian led government and hold elections within a year in exchange ico are said they would lift sanctions the military leaders have said they only want to hold elections within 3 years. protests in the libyan city of misrata a day after the un recognized government suspended its interior minister. is being investigated for his handling of demonstrations in tripoli last week when shots were fired to disperse the crowds friction had reportedly been growing between bush and the prime minister. the united arab emirates has officially ended its boycott of israel presidential actually fabens i don't ask handed down the decree enabling economic relations to be normalized the 2 sides recently agreed to establish diplomatic ties which make the u.a.e. the 3rd arab states to recognize israel. elder political analyst and contributor to
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haaretz and told us many citizens from the u.s. are unlikely to visit israel we don't see many arabs muslims coming to to israel in the last 2 decades hopefully the message from the media in the gulf in the usa will be different than the media in egypt and jordan that is not highly recommended in visiting israel and showing normalization this is a kind of peace between leaders it's still to be seen if it will be peace between people and it takes time for that and of course i believe that the people of the gulf will be looking at the israeli occupation what is how israel is behaving in the holy sites in jerusalem and in high fives you mentioned hala it
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will have to come from top down and bottom up the message from the tell me how of course was that we now see a new middle east is well is. accepted by the arab world and the deal as he's put it is peace for peace this was not the deal was egypt and was jordan this is was not even the deal that was on the table in our fortunately was not finalized between israel and syria the deal was territories for peace for the palestinian leadership cut contact with israel's government 3 months ago in protest against its plans to annex land in the occupied west bank it is a strong political statement yes but as near him reports it has had big consequences for the people. imagine reporting an armed robbery to the police but they can't show up on time this is what happened to
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a jewelry shop owner in 10 feet in the northern occupied west bank thieves escaped to israel in june with 8 kilograms of gold police say they know the suspects but can't get to them palestinian security forces requires rady permit to operate in more than 60 percent of the west bank was that already complicates the work but now they don't apply to israel for permits in a political protest against the israeli government plans to annex palestinian lands they've all finian authority cut all ties with israel and may. we can't arrive at the same as quickly as we used to when we had security coordination i can't risk sending policemen in uniform to some villages still have to pass by israeli forces or settlements they could arrest or humiliate them some police officers try to work out of uniform in plain clothes but it's not always possible during the 1st wave of the front of bars and i'm
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a palestinian security forces imposed lockdown on palestinian areas controlled by israel like this one without security coordination they can't do that. no coordination means that imports of medical supplies through israel isn't possible international organizations are facilitating the delivery of covered 1000 really it's applied palestinian officials say 30 percent of imports are blocked including used cars. we bought cars then all of a sudden they told us that coordination is stops our cars and our stock at the ports are a risk we need to have one high profits but restore our capital fewer imports means reduced tax revenue the palestinian authority is already suffering a financial crisis it's refusing to receive palestinian tax revenues collected by. israel and 150000 public employees aren't being paid regularly
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you. will shoulder your responsibilities fully you will collect the garbage and the . unit and you. israel isn't doing that is coming under pressure to restore coordination it's not the 1st time. to choose between 2 difficult options. now it's been a 100 years since women were granted the right to vote in the united states. has been unveiled in new york for 3 of the women that campaigned for change. reports from new york. there. was a statue to honor 3 women who paved the way for voting rights it's called the women's rights pioneer monument and bail to coincide with the 100th anniversary of
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the constitutional amendment granted women the right to vote in america the statue shows 3 inspiring women of great achievement who gave their lives in really their entirety to fighting for women's equality and the right to vote and full citizenship for all women regardless of color or economic status there susan b. anthony elizabeth cady stanton and so's your inner truth they're sitting around a table as if conducting a strategy session anthony holding a pamphlet that reads books for women from design phase to sculpting to unveiling it took nearly 3 years and the location was no accident here in central park there are over 2 dozen different statues of beethoven shakespeare and even want to frederick douglass who fought to in slavery in america and there's a statue of a dog but until now there's been no statues dedicated exclusively only to women.
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it comes at a time less than 3 months before a presidential election for women's votes will be more critical than ever and when for the 1st time in her us history a black woman is on the ticket running as vice president and nearly 4 years after hillary clinton was united states her 1st female presidential candidate on any major party ticket she was on hand for the statues debut there is nothing more important to honor the women portrayed in this statue then to vote that is the best way to lead america forward as a sufferer just used to say forward through the darkness forward into light organizers say they're not the work is not finished so monumental women is now challenging all municipalities. more statues and other public you know monuments to
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women in people of color to teach young people about the suffrage movement and about all the other ways that women and people of color have contributed to the united states a symbol of the struggle for the right to vote long overdue but now enshrined in stone gabriel zonda. new york. your sport is coming up in a moment we will tell you about the japanese swimming star which returned to the pole after beating leukemia. a story of love deception life and death an israeli spy operating on the deep cover in syria knowing that discovery would make certain that. al-jazeera work tells a gripping story of mossad spy elie coming up rated undercover in syria in the 960
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s. a more dangerous career that ended in public executions illegal and mossad agents on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story it's real and says container right rather than explosion when people need to be helped. we would like and the story needs to be talked out use iraq as teams on the ground a major challenge are giving it away fed by the control to bring you more rewards when in documentaries and light news. on air and online.
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the u.s. actor chadwick boseman has died of colon cancer at the age of 43 best known for his role in the blockbuster film black panther andrew chappelle has more to do with one of these pictures procure head chadwick boseman brought the stories of real life black heroes to a new generation of 3 movies black man in the white baseball among them jackie robinson james brown and thurgood marshall roles that would inspire black youths to strive for greatness by remembering their past us the his portrayal of baseball legend robinson in the film 42 caught the attention of hollywood which watched him out shine established actor harrison ford a private person with a quiet demeanor bozeman spoke about the challenges he experienced that connected him to the characters he portrayed especially racism and discrimination. and he turned down roles playing black characters he believed lacked complexity or spirituality intellect or romance and where without hope the question is going to
9:48 pm
and set the producers are guarding perhaps paved the way for less stereotypical but true for the black actor they stepped into the role after me last and there was one role in his career that he said he was on or to bring to life to challah the king of all conduct in black panther. it was the 1st major superhero movie featuring a predominantly black cast and shattered expectations in hollywood earning more than $1300000000.00 at the box office 3 academy awards and many other accolades. i think the important thing for tonight wait especially with really you know it's a challenge like with that you know the history of black people in america is is you know and there's really no way around that so many of us are not connected with our families or from this role really made him feel like he was able to connect wave his own country what condit is obviously a fictional country in the continent of africa but it made him it reminded him that
9:49 pm
we were you know descendants of his and queens and that is something that he added that he felt right about that moment and i think that the collaboration with wright letter will whole wrote and directed the film gave him the confidence bozeman spammy say he filmed black panther and other movies while undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for colon cancer his fans were unaware many say bozeman changed their lives we knew that we had something special there we wanted to give the world that we could be for human beings in the roles that we were playing that we create we could create a world that exemplified a world that we wanted to see those men died at his home in los angeles with his family by his side he was 43 years old topic in sports news weekly. thank you come also let's start with lewis hamilton who has taken
9:50 pm
pole position for the belgian called free and dedicated to the late actor chadwick boseman how it all was again dominant in his mercedes finishing ahead of taking my party bought us a good book as much for stopping and starting on the side down the yard and the 2nd day it was hamilton's 93rd career pole and 6 spot but. i'm sure i will grant the session. so. it is a really special one for me and i wanted it to be probably today i wanted to show strength and i wanted it to to be honest i wanted to be up front on my own but i chose. to make it significant to make it important and impactful because today is a special day to be a to dedicate that to jad. and i feel very honored to be able to do that and there was another sporting tribute suppose meant during football's community shield which
9:51 pm
starts the new season in england and if i can't win as arsenal came out on top against premier league champions liverpool on a penalty shoot out america bunny i'm hoping this is going fast and like hamilton celebrated with what kind of forever salute from the film black panther. or one of those men's most famous roles was the baseball hero jackie robinson and it was actually jackie robinson day and major league baseball on friday celebrating the 1st african-american who broke the sports rights in 1947 with the brooklyn dodgers players across the league was what we do since famous number 42. phrases among social injustice remain huge issues across the u.s. of course and several sports teams have boycotted games to protest in the wake of the jacob blight shooting in wisconsin the houston astros and oakland athletics walked off the field on friday and did not play the new york yankees went ahead and played on friday but their manager was bored to tears when discussing the racial
9:52 pm
protests. this is a difficult conversation in our society you have you know 2 beautiful black children who are your adopted children this is this moment mean more to your family to stand up there with black lives matter. i have a column with a motion of that question i'm about to step away from these pretty good news conference to compose himself before returning to once write my prayer is just that you know. we continue to even though we're going through some dark times that at the end of this we're better we're better for. for just a few hours until the n.b.a. basketball passes you mean that disney bubble that's after action was halted by anti vices and protests the league was suspended on thursday and friday after the milwaukee bucks refused to take the court against the overland i magic jack a blood shooting happened in the box home state by play game 5 shortly with the
9:53 pm
bucs leading that series 31 the l.a. lakers as human sunday against the portland trail blazers at one stage this week it was reported the latest and fellow los angeles team the clippers had voted to actually scrap the n.b.a. season altogether. i mean i don't know what you guys are her i've heard many good stories you know bronzer girls the brand. so much so. i think some of most of it was untrue because i don't know what you heard what you think is true or not was that about. the meetings when a simple as you know we had our own meeting before the meeting we discussed that over our trucks but we were kind of what the majority tennis player now. is another sports star to take a stand against rice's in this week she's now had to withdraw injured from the final of the western and southern open in new york she's got a hamstring problem which means victoria as a rank against that title earlier in the tournament cycle pulled out of the
9:54 pm
semifinals to highlight prices in the 4 organizes suspended play anyway which allowed it allowed to carry on but despite the injury she plans to play the u.s. open and that starts on monday. cycling's still a total farce has got under way in despite rising numbers of coronavirus cases across the country fans were allowed to line the route on the 1st of its 21 stages on saturday by those who undergo covert test throughout the tour which ends in paris on september the 20th and it's saying the records more than one positive test will be expelled from the rice stage one was won by the norwegians princes alexander christophe and let's finish on a really good news story japanese unpick hopeful ricardo r k has returned to competitive swimming after undergoing treatment for leukemia for more than a year the 20 year old won 6 gold medals 2 years ago at the asian games in jakarta and was a favorite for the olympics in tokyo before falling ill she's not expected to try
9:55 pm
to qualify for next year's the labeling picks but could target the 2024 games in paris ok i marked her competitive return to the pole in the 50 metres freestyle heat in a local weight in tokyo and swam more than 2 seconds slower than novak inside but you can say just how much it meant to her to be back and that's all the sport for now and see more lights out. thank you les finally apple and google i donate a multi-billion dollar gaming market on smartphones they've got a fight on their hands at the moment the developer behind a very popular game is taking them on in a legal battle that could drag on for years they can gauge has the story. gaming is big business and with more than 350000000 plays this game called fortnight is one of the most popular on the market while it's known for its virtual battles the company behind it games is now picking a fight with take giants apple and google setting the stage for
9:56 pm
a courtroom battle that if successful could have widespread ramifications. epic provoked the tech giant by deliberately violating rules installing its own payment system protesting the 30 percent cut apple in google's app stores take from all purchases both companies keep the game off them or bar marketplaces apple also cut off a piece developer tools but a judge ruled against it removing its other software system on real used by hundreds of other businesses if. the all you did about $17000000000.00 it came prepared to fight releasing a parody video about whose dystopian theme to $984.00 read which at the time was
9:57 pm
apple's own response to i.b.m.'s dominance of the computing industry in the new video apple is big brother big says it wants app stores to be pharaoh for all developers. so. it is an injustice here and the fact that they're standing up for. the status they think is reasonable apple says epic has benefited from an obstacle for 10 years and agreed to its guidelines which it says came to the store safety uses but it's opened wide a debate about whether the tech giants have too much market dominance we don't expect markets up to 30 percent every transaction enough appears sure if it's fully justified that we should be out of that stance with tens of billions of dollars earned by the mobile app stores each year a lot is at stake nicola gauge how does the euro and that is your news
9:58 pm
are from the team here in doha thanks for joining us maryam namazie and the team in london are up in just a couple of minutes on. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some of india's poised children for entry into its toughest universities 'd. we were turned to see other
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students on the ski helping change the face of india. super 30 announces iraq. hi i'm steve clements and i have a question because these days it's hard to filter out the noise and keep track of what's really important to you the bottom line tackles the big issues this is shaping the united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only on al-jazeera. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days. of the neighborhood and many fear the economy is the pirate card store bought for human life itself out of people come here to the caucuses and they are here because spike in public like to places we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus condiment special coverage on al-jazeera talk to old jews there are we is the
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government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the road a 0. women lead protests and better routes as the government intensifies its crackdown on dissent and targets and journalists working for foreign media outlets. hello i'm maryam namazie in london and watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program an encounter between turkish and greek fighter jets in contested as space
10:01 pm
in the eastern mediterranean.


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