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what you astrologers are bulk of the journey of discovery to reach a remote village. but who has more to learn about the ways of the world. a roof racks close to the record of which mr moss you fall in love at the start to see. women leave the protests and valorous as the government intensifies its crackdown on dissent and targets journalists working for foreign media outlets. hello i'm maryam namazie in london watching al jazeera also coming up farai activists attempt to storm the german parliament after police break up a massive demonstration against the government's coronavirus restrictions. a
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mediterranean plea for help the italian coast guard evacuees thousands of people from a rescue boat financed by the british artist. and an aerial encounter between turkish and greek fighter jets in contested aspace as tensions rise over disputed mineral lights. come to the program our top story thousands of women of launched him batteries to denounce they violence against protesters since the presidential vote 3 weeks ago there's been a crackdown on peaceful demonstrations but also been hundreds of arrests with mounting evidence of torture and ill treatment in detention centers well now the authorities have started withdrawing accreditation from journalists with some of them expelled on saturday and he bobber reports.
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defying what looks like a crackdown on dissent in belarus these women chanting we won't forget we won't forgive part of what they call a peacekeeping force designed to stop peaceful protesters being intimidated thousands marched in the capital minsk. since alexander lukashenko was reelected as president earlier this month officially winning 80 percent of the vote there have been daily demonstrations several people have been killed and hundreds more injured and now the authorities have started withdrawing the accreditation of journalists working for foreign media outlets the government says the move was recommended by bellerose his counterterrorism unit opposition leaders for atlanta taken off sky in exile in if the way near says she's worried about the government targeting the media on saturday she said quote the only way it will attempt to cling on to power is by fear and intimidation there was also a strong reaction from western embassies in minsk in a joint statement they said we condemn the disproportionate use of force and urged
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the belorussian authorities to stop the violence and the threats to use military force against the country's own citizens and to release immediately and unconditionally all those unlawfully detained intimidation and prosecution based on political grounds need to stop we call on the bell original dorothy's to respect the country's international obligations on fundamental democratic and human rights . the crackdown on journalists comes a day off the e.u. foreign ministers agreed to impose sanctions on 20 senior belorussian officials but this sanctions against certain list of individuals who are guilty of human rights violations about the roost that is an important step and this will impose some sort of for hassles for those people on the list but the regime considers this as the cost of doing business and this won't stab them from further intimidate validation . the e.u. has urged russia not to intervene in been
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a risk after president vladimir putin promised military support for an exam to look at center but there's no sign those in power are ready to change their approach to the opposition but al-jazeera. well in our other top stories today far right extremists tried to storm the german parliament building after a protest against the country's pandemic restrictions but he said they were intercepted and forcibly removed incident occurred after a demonstration by tens of thousands of people opposed to government health measures intended to stop the spread of the virus and he said ordered the march to stop after participants refused to observe the a great social distancing whirls detaining 300 people dominic cain has more from berlin. for weeks the daily number of new coronavirus infections in germany has been rising yet for these people in berlin what matters most is their right not to observe any restrictions not to wear masks not to follow social distancing and to show their anger at the politicians who have imposed them but the guns are big
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youngest illegal eilis is illegal the whole government is illegal everything is illegal and corona is just a medium to heavy flu a pandemic that is being used to enslave us humans. that view is not shared by the police who tried and failed twice on friday to persuade the courts to ban the demonstration saying the protesters posed a serious risk mentioning d.m. of and of me was going on and that's these are people that we can assume as coronavirus skeptics have taken no precautions in recent months in a time when infection numbers are increasing we don't believe these gatherings to be responsible. the protesters are made up of many different groups some from the political fallout of society some from the far right what unites them is a sense of injustice and rights being lost demonstrations like these pose this country's politicians a serious ethical dilemma forcing them to balance on the one hand the rights of
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individuals to protest against government measures with which they disagree and on the other hand the rights of the wider community to be protected as far as possible from the risk of coronavirus infection. it's a risk ministers say is growing glimmers is too fruit the problem is the numbers are too high too early given that winter is coming and we don't currently know what effect it will have and hell the flu and other illnesses will affect it the numbers are too high at this early stage. that's why they all forty's have tried so hard to prevent scenes like these and why they are so fearful of what effect so many people might have when they're in such close proximity to each other without masks dominic kane just era berlin.
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alitalia the coast guard has picked up 49 vulnerable people from a charity rescue in the mediterranean after it sent out a distress call crew on board the m.v. louise michel's said they were no longer able to move the vessel after rescuing more than 200 refugees and migrants over the past couple of days the boat is funded by the british street artist banksy. a member of the louise michel support crew and she spoke to us by phone from the of the landsea in spain. the reason that i was not able to move was because they were towing these 2 life raft along side to not overcrowded too much and also to have. 5 a place for the dead body that was unfortunately found in that boat in distress. mashallah arrived on the scene so now as people are being disembarked finally after almost 24 hours on to. coast guard vessel. the situation
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is getting if it lies but. that is a lot of people on board of. and then again the only other ship in the area that might be willing to take them on board is an n.c.o. vessel for 'd get it's not that you've seen this already doing the job. meanwhile hundreds of refugees and migrants a strong they don't track involved it's a calm enough one prominent banning them from entering and trying to push them into another which owns i refuse to have them eating people stuck in the middle child of paris reports. on a road to nowhere hundreds of migrants from bosnia a trapped my police and a changing political ties the blair egos like. we are not human here we are. they say they are being kicked between police into neighboring bosnian provinces in
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a sauna can't on announced last week would ban migrants in tring and movement the rulings in a galaxy has been questioned migrants were pushed back to the province of republika srpska which refused to accept them these were away tracks so the only place they find and stay. there is 17 you know that it is very hard. they rely on aid agencies to bring food water and medical aid to the tracks. no food no water nothing. and he migrants seem to mind is increasing in bosnia people in one town sit up roadblocks this summer to stop migrants his jealousy increased after a regional health minister announced 8 migrants who tested positive for private 19 infected were taken to a local hospital and 2 escaped during further anger from residents. it is certain
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we have hundreds in fact thousands of migrants in camps where migrants don't follow any norms any regulations and none of our guidance there are simply people who don't respect anything the un's refugee agency says as of last month there were $9000.00 refugees in bosnia accounting for 60 percent of refugees in the western balkans the vast majority are from pakistan and afghanistan $600.00 arriving in bosnia each week up from 50 in may. even migrant camps are full. they keep coming every day it would be ok if they were inside camps but they keep coming from everywhere coordinating their movements by phone. then they tried to walk to the croatian border just 3 kilometers that way but get turned back to us. became a bottleneck for thousands of europe migrants and 27 tane as other migration routes closed up resulting in a through z. fold increase of arrivals these migrants are finding themselves on the wrong side
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of the tracks. there is a honest man of it has more now on rising sense of anger along the local populations towards refugees citizens of b cards are gathering for the 9th time to protest and the reason is still the same like it was for the last 3 years they demand all levels of authority here in bosnia-herzegovina to do some urgent actions and to help them with this migrant crisis they want migrants and refugees to be deported from the entire bosnia and herzegovina they say that it would be the best solution for everyone. they are also stating that there's a lot of concern with people here in because because for the last 10 to 15 days there's thousands of by grants without any shelter out in the street in the open or in abandoned buildings and there's been reported more and more violence and
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fights between migrants so they think that this is not safe environment for people who live here their families and their property they are also stating that they have support for this protest from the mayor and as well from surrounding cities and areas who are also under a lot of burden since they also have the same problem with this migrant prices for several years. turkey's saying it stopped an attempt by 6 greek fighter jets from entering contested airspace the incident happened on thursday as tensions escalate between the countries in the eastern mediterranean cockpit video released by anchors defense ministry is said to show a turkish f. 16 chasing and locking its guns onto a greek fighter jet but greece is saying its jets were simply flying back to base incident happened over part of the mediterranean both claim as their own it's potentially rich in energy resources stephanie decker is in istanbul where she says
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the government there is ramping up its rhetoric we have heard from the vice president he said that greece is moved greece has announced it's going to extend its maritime borders this is on it's up towards italy however but by 6 miles but certainly here it's being taken as something that it could then also do when it comes to turkey and saying that that certainly you know if that isn't a provocation to war what else is there this is the kind of language that you're seeing coming out of the highest levels here also the announcement that turkey will continue to carry out military drills northwest of cyprus for the next 2 weeks or so so i think certainly there's no indication that the situation is calming down anytime soon it is so complicated you have a situation where you have 2 countries backed by different regional and international european powers it's all about the exploration of gas it's all about where our lines stop in the sea but you've got an area that is so populated by
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islands for example the greek island of kos that loaded saw is only around 10 minutes by ferry from the turkish coast so it just shows you how complicated the situation is and even longstanding disputes with cyprus are coming into this and inflaming it in terms of who gets access to what gas so certainly turkey yes particularly europe being accused of being provocative but the message here from from ankara is that they're doing what's right that they're being unfairly treated . watching al jazeera live from london still had dolphin deaths and environmental disaster anger in the russia over the handling of a massive oil spill. and we'll be live in the u.s. flag relatives of jacob blake a black man shot by police holding a protest on ch. hello
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the weather is largely set fair across australia at the moment we've got a few blustery showers just rolling through the bite so they'll be a little bit of wet weather just once again making its way towards victoria easing over into tasmania. has since just running through hey want to show as to just sliding up towards that northeastern corner of quasar but elsewhere it is largely fine and dry with plenty of sunshine make the most of the temperatures that we see down tools at southeast corner melbourne at 19 celsius how about a 20 degrees the system goes through when the temperatures plunge so we're struggling to get to around 30 in melbourne just about getting up to 11 in hobart but it should at least the last drive by this state law to try for new zealand us and what's the weather coming into the south as we go on through monday further north we got some wet weather heading towards japan at also into the korean peninsula over the next day or so a lot of cloud here just around the korean peninsula that will sink further
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southwards and a swiss cottage in particular will see some very heavy rain some showers along the spells of rain also just making their way into what japan into hot she was we go on through the course of monday central areas also seeing wanted to show us and we will see a half a typhoon making its way further north. rewind to ten's with a nice scenery. and brand new updates on the best about to serious documentary this by will compel the pool of onion in the onion the fitness bug in the book and promote the goal to rewind continues with cambodia is often in business. this is actually totally crazy cinna just allowed us to pick up full kids from his infinite they now gone out and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera.
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the. the evening and. welcome back our top stories thousands of women have been marching in belarus today announced a violence against opposition protesters in the wake of the disputed presidential election 3 weeks ago some journalists have also now been expelled from the country by authorities after that accreditation was revoked. german police have halted a march in the capital but live in protesting against the government's coronavirus measures after people failed to abide by social distancing guidelines and the italian coast guard has picked up 49 vulnerable people from a charity rescue boat in the mediterranean off tourists and town a distress call for help. now activists and relatives of jacob blake
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a black man who was shot by police and cannot show wisconsin taking part in a justice for jacob lauch event follows another night of protests which remain peaceful more than a 1000 members of the national guard from wisconsin and 3 other states will be on watch as an ocean moves forward after days of unrest 29 year old blake was shot 7 times in the back has been left paralyzed let's go to john hendren now who's following the story from chicago and of course you have this news that the president trump says he will go to show wisconsin how provocative provocative or inflammatory move could that be. present in trouble walk into a city that is very much do right it was already divided before this in 2016 it's a city that voted for president trump a republican 2 years later. good for a democratic governor and it remains very divided we've talked to people in that
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town who are very upset at the fire bombings that have torched dozens of buildings in that town over the past week although not in the past 3 nights just in the 1st 3 nights of protests but he's likely to get a hostile reception from the people in the streets and among them was jacob blake's father who today accused the police of attempted murder on his son trump over the past week has been speaking at the republican national convention refusing to mention blake's name refusing to acknowledge the pain that is family is going through or the legitimacy of the black lives matter movement as a result of police shootings of black men and that is is something that is likely to play into the upcoming election in fact already is the president coming to wisconsin will be coming to a state that he won in 2016 desperately needs to win again and of course democrats
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plan to hold their convention in wisconsin but ended up doing it virtually because that state is so important to them in winning it could help decide this election joe we've also had some information about jacob facing criminal charges relating to an incident early in the c.f. . that's right jacob blake's father says that he has been shackled hands and feet handcuffed to his bed which is not terribly necessary because the 7 bullets that severed his spine. left him paralyzed he couldn't get out if he wanted his father says so those the deputies have left the handcuffs have now been taken off but this all stems from a charge back in may where a woman who identified herself to police as his girlfriend said that he vialli. had a restraining order and she said that he touched her in
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a way that she deemed sexual assault police were trying to arrest him on those charges so he is expected to appear remotely from his hospital bed in court this week and plead not guilty but police say they are no longer going to be standing in his room no longer going to be shackling him his father says this man has suffered enough i thank you very much john hendren. well the stories we're following today the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been facing another saturday of demonstrations demanding his resignation for several consecutive weekends thousands of israelis have been rallying outside the leader's official residence in west jerusalem but has to say he should step down while facing a trial on corruption charges and also angered by his handling of the economy and the coronavirus outbreak are a full set was at the demonstrations in west jerusalem. another saturday night
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a noisy protest here in west jerusalem thousands of people gathered just a few 100 meters from the entrance to the official residence of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu there demanding that he leave office we've seen people gathering again on various bridges and intersections around the country in protest against the prime minister as well as are those in international elements especially to those photos with various gatherings of 18 cities mainly in north america isolation jem'hadar also in europe which are being cool ordinated and there's another group inside question them as well marching from a bridge a few kilometers away to join this group here that's what i've been last weekend as well that the time police intervene tried to stop them from marching and they were clashes minus scuffles and a couple of dozen of detentions as well this time police are allowing them to march on in did so detention a sign that there is an attempt at least not to have a repeat of what took place last saturday the police did say that they had seen
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calls on social media the protest is to confront and physically home police are something that the brits protest organizers have denied entirely the question remains can these people get their demands met they are protesting against budget corruption case against his handling of the economy and the coded pandemic that his party the likud faction still supports him he's put off elections by region. we do with these coalition partners at least until spring of next year it's very difficult to leverage this time to public protest it's getting their demands. well have been protests as well in the libyan city of misrata a day after the un recognized government suspended its interior minister. is being investigated for his handling of demonstrations in tripoli last week where shots were fired to disperse the crowds protesters from his hometown accuse the government of corruption it's been reported the friction is growing between prime
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minister fires a seraph and bashar over the control of armed groups and tripoli a meeting called by military coup leaders with civil society groups and those who had anti-government protests against the ousted president has been perspire and on friday the west african bloc ico was set the military must transfer power to a civilian led government and hold elections within a year in exchange the 15 member bloc says it will lift sanctions but the opposition in mali is saying it's the people that should decide the timing of the elections and the influential opposition made him what do you call is warning minute treat as not to make the same mistakes as the previous government. i ask you to remain vigilant i would like to say this and it is a clear and firm message that no one will be given a blank check. we lived this fight people died the military came to finish it but don't let them make the same mistake as the previous
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one in. what floods and killed at least $45.00 people and hundreds of thousands more have been forced from their homes heavy rains have caused the river to overflow shutting down the capital niamey hundreds of granary have also been damaged which will probably affect food supplies prime minister anyone that climate change means the country will never be safe from flooding. well thousands of people in russia for testing over the government's handling of an oil spill well the $1000.00 tons of fuel leaked into the sea after a japanese ship struck a coral reef off the indian ocean island nation in july car leg reports. the final desperate moments of a mother trying to save her dying car from. this footage was filmed by a fisherman as he tried to help the pair as they struggled in waters contaminated by oil in militias but they join dozens of others that have washed up dead in
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recent days that's happened after a japanese own tanker struck a coral reef in july and leaked more than a 1000 tons of fuel oil into the sea. nourishing or 30 states not yet clear whether this bill is to blame for the dolphins deaths but environmentalist and experts warn the worst is yet to come and the strongest ship is stranded on coral systems and destroying the creatures creating clouds into the water inside the coral reef despite the moorish and government's efforts and a team of specialists sent by japan the people here say not enough has been done. thousands gathered in the capital port louis calling for an investigation and for government officials to step down the government says it has set up a commission to look into the spill and promised autopsies on all the dead dolphins but many say that's too little too late since the one i have been like soliciting
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our government about. their immediate precaution to prevent managed into the ocean but i've never once thought they were completely in action they are the full impact of the spill is still unfolding but scientists are warning of a major ecological disaster one that could impact militias and its tourism dependent economy for decades to come car leg al-jazeera. now it's been 100 years since women were given the right to vote in the united states and while the fight for equality is far from over inspiration can still be found in the pioneers who led the way for change a new statue has been unveiled a new york for 3 women's rights advocates as a tribute to that work gabriel is are now has more from new york. there. was 7 a statue to honor 3 women who paved the way for voting rights it's called the women's
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rights pioneer monument unveiled to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote in america the statue shows 3 inspiring women of great achievement who gave their lives in really their entirety to fighting for women's equality and the right to vote and full citizenship for all women regardless of color or economic status there susan b. anthony elizabeth cady stanton and so's your inner truth they're sitting around a table as if conducting a strategy session anthony holding a pamphlet that reads books for women from design phase to sculpting to unveiling it took nearly 3 years and the location was no accident here in central park there are over 2 dozen different statues of beethoven shakespeare and even want to
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frederick douglass who fought to in slavery in america and there's a statue of a dog but until now there's been no statues dedicated exclusively only to women. it comes at a time less than 3 months before a presidential election for women's votes will be more critical than ever and when for the 1st time and u.s. history a black woman is on the ticket running as vice president and nearly 4 years after hillary clinton was united states her 1st female presidential candidate on any major party ticket she was on hand for the statues debut there is nothing more important to honor the women portrayed in this statue then to vote that is the best way to lead america forward as a sufferer just used to say forward through the darkness forward into light organizers say they're not the work is not finished so monumental women is now
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challenging all municipalities are wrapped more statues and other public you know monuments to women in people of color to teach young people about the suffrage movement and about all the other ways that women and people of color have contributed to the united states a symbol of the struggle for the right to vote long overdue but now when shrine didn't start gabriel's on dough i'll just read a new york. look at the headlines for you now thousands of women have watched in better routes to denounce state violence against protest as since the disputed presidential election in the country 3 weeks ago there's been a crackdown on peaceful demonstrations and hundreds of arrests have taken place with reports of torture and ill treatment in detention centers well now authorities
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have started expelling journalists from foreign media outlets it comes a day off to foreign ministers agree to impose sanctions on 20 senior about a russian officials. certain list of individuals who are guilty of human rights violations about bruce that is an important step and this will impose a search for a house for those people on the list but the regime considers this as the cost of doing business and this won't stop them from further intimidating the belorussians and our other headlines far right extremists tried to storm the german parliament building following a protest against the country's pandemic restrictions the incident occurred after a demonstration by tens of thousands of people opposed to government health measures intended to stop the spread of coronavirus but he said or did the march to stop off the participants refused to observe the agreed social distancing rules
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the italian coast guard has picked up 49 vulnerable people from a charity rescue boat in the mediterranean after it sent out a distress call the m.v. louise michelle has rescued more than 200 refugees and migrants over the past couple of days the boat is funded by british street artist banksy. he says it stopped an attempt by 6 great fighter jets from entering contested s. space on thursday tensions have been escalating between the 2 nations of right disputed region in the eastern mediterranean potentially rich in energy resources he says it's just recently flying back to base hundreds of refugees and migrants a stranded on a railway track in bosnia herzegovina one province ban them from entering and then the all the try to push them out. as effectively left them stuck in the middle on a railway track. rewind is the program coming up next.
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the deadline it's drawing near the ivory coast his rival parties to nominate that presidential candidates. october selection is likely to be a major test for the country's security who will face the people in a run for the highest office i rico's presidential candidates on al-jazeera. hello and welcome again to rewind i'm kemal santa maria when we launched al-jazeera english more than 10 years ago our goal was to bring you the sorts of documentaries of a channel simply one doing here on rewind we revisit some of the best of them and find
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out how the stories of moved on and today we're returning to a film which had a major impact on young lives and changed the way a.


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