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tv   For Love or Money  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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'd oh i'm maryanne demasi in london a look at the headlines this hour now because say of bahrain has joined the united arab emirates in agreeing to normalize ties with israel u.s. president donald trump announced a deal on twitter after speaking with. bin isa honey for and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the 3 nations hailed the move as a historic breakthrough to furthering peace in the region officials from bahrain the u.a.e. and israel will formalize their relationship in a signing ceremony at the white house next week while i white house correspondent kelly how kate has more from washington there is no question given the fact that
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bahrain is often seen as an extension of saudi policy the question becomes will saudi arabia be next many saying that this couldn't have happened without the blessing of saudi arabia but what this does is established a number of goals that the trumpet ministration has had for some time well it underscores the fact that one of those goals has failed and that is finding an agreement between israel and the palestinians it does at least start to it believes achieve the goal of allowing arab nations to join israel in positioning against iran which has been a nation that this administration has been railing against since donald trump took office well israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu fang to donald trump for negotiating the agreement. pivot of history. we're about to agree on another historic peace between israel and the kingdom of
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this follows the story of peace between israel and the united arab emirates we've been working on this for many years but we wouldn't come to this historic moment without the force to leadership the president from and is able to. there is no to abraham is in ramallah or in the occupied west bank and has for the palestinians nothing has changed at the same time palestinians are saying that even when they you we deal with israel has boasted that it has put annexation on ice for the time being it's really practices on the ground are ongoing so for example operation hasn't ended and the beheading any statement of normalization agreement today is not it didn't give anything to the palestinians so they feel that they've been left out alone against what the arab league's previous resolutions were in specific the arab peace initiative which calls for the normalization between arab states and israel but only after israel and its occupation now the palestinian
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president has recalled the palestinian ambassador to haiti and we've seen a similar move to that when the u.a.e. find its deal and of course the fear now among many palestinians is that there at the u.a.e. is the deal has been a green light really for more arab states to normalize with israel empowered by the arab leaders. meeting in which it failed to the palestinian resolution to condemn. any normalization between an arab country with israel. well in all the headlines this hour afghan government and taliban negotiators in fudging on cattle for long delayed peace talks which are due to begin on saturday it's more than 6 months since the u.s. brokered a deal and ending america's longest war before his appointment in 2016 donald trump to end the conflict and he's hoping to cash in on his promise before the election in november thousands of migrants on the greek island of lesbos the demanding
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authorities allowed them to leave for the mainland after 2 fires destroyed the overcrowded refugee camp more than 12000 people have been sleeping on the streets since mori account was this week gutted by fire 10 e.u. countries have agreed to take in moreas 406 unaccompanied minors and there are growing concerns over the economic damage caused by ongoing flooding in sudan the worst in a century at least 100 people have been killed and 100000 homes destroyed or damaged the sudanese pound is promising to value by 40 percent while food prices soar the government declared an economic state of emergency on thursday the slum for love or money is the program coming up next week at the difficulties of staying fit and healthy in poorer neighborhoods.
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15 years from now one in 3 people one tonight live. like these in this rolling megacity of manila. built without proper sanitation lacking medical facilities and little. used as a dumping ground for the sick describe it in a moment they stuck over to the soap and then was invited. and with the rising crime the news they never. a little bit of a lie when the last. bit of it. but it's not just about poverty and chaos the generations have lived in these
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slums the. word. of the survivor. and esquire. the lot of false the man's the neighborhood of one another. these are the stories from the signal. smoky mountain for 50 years one of south east asia his most toxic rubbish dumps shut down in 1905 and now home to some of manila so homeless.
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presa lived on the dump for the last 2 years. her name no yelling morning good morning to you now a widow mom of 8 including a 9 year old cello. a lot of found but i'm sad for the man. that my low salt i wish and i will buy it in california and i lost a lot of one thing or i as in it is. wrong. in what i will jay leno on top of that about.
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what we're. going to. do you know what we're you know what i. really think that we'll talk about all the shallow. but unless it was you know. but. you now get a chance to me also waking up is jealous brother 10 year old cherry. if you get. a little young looking. after.
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it's 2 30 am. saudi is queuing for her final prenatal checkup. the hospital doesn't open until 7 am. and then here again a political nanny to defend their home i have the money and. the philippines has one of the highest birth rates in southeast asia. june in part to the cosmic church's stance against artificial contraception.
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and on the money problems of the summer's day but not a lot of the love britney that is immediately. in the league families of 10 or 12 are common in the slums so hospitals are swamped by expect. mother's every day. but. she. her. it's 11 am and sally has been queuing for over 8 hours. to. see. if.
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they don't like. the one. on my one that's. going to be good enough to nominate oh. oh they never believe there's a reporter to be able to money was the cause oh yes it was very easy to say that but he wishes to do. so then why do you believe only what it is. the follow the simple feel he should be michael operating under fire for what these commuters are allowed to. sell he's been in hospital
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for 12 hours for a routine check up. she'll have to start all over again tomorrow. it's. she need to drive her down ticket he has been in the room for 13 hours. not actually. going much some little. i'll go because. i'm upbeat yeah. haha enough. time a irate. no not i'm booked. up
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because i'm awful one. little bottle. bottom a day to. go he's. not one of them but be indelible within the. within the dot you gotta love you know about the legal. illegal. for his 13 hour shift done to earn splats than $4.00. the bulk of the money goes to the g. nice. i'm glad it's i mean let's face it.
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not only. that he. didn't make up the time it. took. me out enough trying to get. us in the. a little novel when they get. there but they give. a listen to it. 8 months pregnant sally lives
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with her husband and son in a squatter settlement. next door to the biggest charcoal making community don't. you know you have the natural history of a little richer you know that you are already here during. the yearly they may be squatters but they still have to rent their wonk room which doubles as the kitchen living space and bedroom. an alien years. don't follow me around you. see a man on you you. know you you let me get your goals. this will be sally's 2nd child by says sorry in section. 100.
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70 easy if you. really think that was not. going to be the. case you blood is a valuable commodity and sally has to take along her own supply for her so sorry. cannot mean you. there's a little girl our little. girl in the burbs was. told that it could. have been we are but we've been really cool if you make it. husband andy will have to pay for all the medication. but earns very little as a handyman.
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who. earns her living working on a plantation on smoky mountain. decaying rubbish has produced toxic yet for tile soil. while harvesting vegetables give us reluctantly has to leave jello by himself. boy battle. but no i mean you my little boy. had the what you. think feeding wish. i had out by. now monkeying around by by. say i'm not.
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your momma but then invest the money i made. i don't know maybe i don't know. once harvested give us has to sell the vegetables but this means leaving jello with his 10 year old brother. i know. all might do a lot. yes. and. in this i am then yes now let's look.
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closer. so. i'm going by what i say score and. punching the law so my borderline. cup but the. very beginning of the thought and. i don't get a game up but they go with me and i'll pretend i gave us all that. when longing to go away i need us to believe. never says only source of income is your share from selling the crops and today it's market day. it is.
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what i. want them if they do know as. a man that i like whatever. it's a 5 kilometer round trip to a coral market. on a good day if this sales are vegetables quickly she can get back to jello in less than 2 hours. sally is back at the hospital she's brought her brand big stick keep her company and to donate blood for her sister mary and. the airplane
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to be. the to nation means sally won't have to buy blood. but babes has to pass the screening 1st. time to. eat. eat eat eat eat. eat eat eat. eat it's. you know what it is. sally and andy will now have to find an extra $23.00 for blood supplied by the hospital so. let's not allowed. to
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let. the. whole world was. his goal. without the bible #. but. that's. not enough to know. that some of the letters. you know demanding to know you're going to hold on one leg up on one of them by adults who know no outlasting the. better part guiding what i wore a nip out for not follow we not being cool myself i lay in the will not let it bug you need to know what's the line up of me begin a planning death and i don't claim that i'm breaking the law. i'm going on down. have a spurned $2.50 for her days sure. it's enough to feed her family tonight
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let out a gun nut. you know. if he was even if he did up. early. and. really. care that i got. a staff and. i got outside a while i say an apple. and a.
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jeep new driver down lives in a makeshift community of 60 families under a bridge. the only way in is through a tunnel. yeah . i mean on a bus what about i. done 2 lives with this mentally ill wife jossy and their daughter in the ocean muscle. tone arm up in the long. molecule of members of. the monkeys who were in the room and.
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you know. this i know most of obama because i'm in bangor. in the office. i'm more than political bob i was awful i don't know what i'm bored. he just lives next door to dante and just found a way of making money from the kilometers of polluted canals outside who do well and. can take on the weight. issue. here the catch because without. him bono. what they would miss in any random way cool.
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but it isn't what i mean no one was what i warn you only. have played out a little bit. but not. that i know. but you might get. on the long visit from the un with a vote for what i hope was among. them up in the that's my only one with. i mean if i had a political moment. then i got the film because of the new guy the. you know what i mean and i want what we didn't need for tonight in the seventies and now. and then. one does not mean i'm going to.
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send. all of them just. now coming. and. everybody will. have it everyone i know. that somebody can now you know. benefit of. this i mean i hate that they now zone that it that it will you know but then and only now before the very tiny one i mean. how long of a want of anger and. all of you were not what i am. not a proponent of locking analyzing we need out. back under the bridge done to struggles to deal with this wife's mental health issues. somebody
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who just is dead and is maybe i'll get aboard the bus. it will end about the board and doesn't will be put. on the roof and i was out of the i mean. not me what it would have been now alabama going on but on a full. hour on this i want to. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence by means of shock corruption is not something people be told and that it. is not. your country his. let's destroy this wall. came 2020 the free space over encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption
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this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption here and. nominate now. johnnie's of danger. and hope. to do is to move to get to the. al-jazeera wild foreigners for refugees facing the challenge of building on my from europe but staying close to their roots i still have this more open the. doors i'm very proud of what i call the tiny house and i call nature a place of refuge. and i'm still on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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you're. o.-i mariam realizing on the quick look at headlines now the gulf state of bahrain has joined the united arab emirates in agreeing to normalize ties with israel u.s. president donald trump announced the deal on twitter after speaking with behinds king hamad bin isa honey for on these right prime minister benjamin netanyahu 3 nations hailed the move as a historic breakthrough to furthering peace in the region officials from bahrain the u.a.e. and israel will formalize their relationship in a signing ceremony due to take place at the white house next week there had been 2 peace agreements with israel in the last 72 years this is now out of the 2nd peace
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agreement that we've announced in the last month. and i am very hopeful that there will be more to follow i can tell you there's tremendous enthusiasm on behalf of other countries to also join and we think ultimately you'll have most countries join and you can have the palestinians. in a very good position they want to come in they're going to want to come in because all of their friends are in. in response the palestinian leadership described the move as extremely dangerous saying that it blows up the arab peace initiative that was that description the you to ship cold on bahrain to backtrack because of the enormous harm to the inalienable national rights of the palestinian people well now to other news we're following a saudi afghan government and the taliban negotiate is heading to cast off a long delay talks which are due to begin on saturday it's more than 6 months since the u.s. brokered a deal and ending america's longest war before his appointment in 2016 donald trump
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to end the conflict and he's hoping to cash in on that promise before the election in november thousands of migrants on the greek island of lies boss are demanding authorities allow them to leave for the mainland after 2 fires destroyed their overcrowded refugee camp well and 12000 people have been sleeping on the streets since more account was this week gutted by fire there are growing concerns over the economic damage caused by ongoing flooding in sudan which is the worst in a century at least 100 people have been killed and 100000 homes destroyed or damaged sudanese pound has plummeted in value by 40 percent while food prices soul back to our program the slum and then the news hour after that $2100.00 g.m.t. c.n.n. . in
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the makeshift community under the bridge jeepney driver dante has arranged a free psychiatric appointment for his wife jossy. out. of. man.
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it. was. it's time for sally to give birth by says sorry and section. i mean if you don't make this isn't it. the. good.
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husband and he is left to pay for all the magazines. the. dating service believe. me but i know it will find it is if it was me he was sending it. if. it would. be. for. that so you. really. believe. that the me and it was a hoax that i. knew find out who knows this. and that i don't.
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like a better model. for a are good though and. just. in the. smokey mountain this is doing some essential d.i.y. again but i'm going to pay over and trying to protect her belongings. like i mean. nothing. i see means an analysis on the needs of all glass and the. best. to our. i mean it when i will dig up with you that's the way. i see you but when i. don't
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know i got it i said but it was all or less than me send forward on a final. one of all my god we. believe that. our regular dads. are no good for you there is no one. but. i don't. need a lonely. boy my little girl and. yeah this is grown up children also live on smokey mountain. married son bonaire makes charcoal. and 21 year old nonoy lives next door with his 16 year old pregnant girlfriend even di. i love her so i look at the matter. to madeleine.
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and i mean i know i'm not breastfeed but we've been very. very beginning the way. we were that they are pulling them out. the window and you know. you know. what. i'm not. with all that i have going on here are. we. losing or will you get a new. one here. smokey mountain may be off the beaten track. but the local midwife rémy permit us has to make the hike to checkpoint in di. my bungalow got to be the
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bottom. so i'm going to take out. it made a quick scan the bar. you know what did not go on. and no. 6060 in. let no one. in there no may a man organise as extended back. up a bit they. must not been be but the only. one in the us in the manner. that's in the thigh.
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sally says sorry and has been successful. she has had a girl andrea. will get that last night was meant that he might be medicine. and the big win in the film set the. moment aiming. for the old local. easy for. me to see among the most willing to. get a show and i. decided in the end that. the coming of. me was not enough and that's just monday. on. the down
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gaper and the final moment with. the movement among. the moment they lend. you the most you can really. get in the spinning world order that is just going to sleep. let me sleep in. dante is still struggling with this wife's mental health problems. and has asked the local priest for help. oh you. could. slowly but surely the my eyes was. just an anomaly by then
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know and not only were mindful that. we did. so usually. intercept the talking in one way or so easy for they wish with. knowledge of. the one. that are. you know. but i'm going with this in a minute or 2 when you know yourself. you know but you know like i'm just a little boy or. like i say no. pushing.
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worse. oh oh oh. it's been 3 days since sally gave birth to baby andrea and the bills are piling up. more than. you are some of the you might think since yeah. me that made me oh yeah you know i know. you know most and. she's a similar. me to you and. you know. the middle name.
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now you know what. i didn't know yet that they've been opening up a waffle. and. 'd now. we're going down oh yeah like. you have a sister life is a delicate balancing act. if she doesn't work she doesn't earn so jealous visits to the physiotherapists our waiter. get ready to run the bottom line here. don't know where we all. got yet. i. mean this is going to some this. was a little because it was done with the zelig.
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of those. people we didn't. say that if little. about me. that i don't know. but i. think it was probably at least. that was the moment but. nothing more than. that i guess only in my little messiah a few minutes out of this out a. window in. an exam stocking. up on but i know when it did sound bosses. and all. but on guys.
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despite never says face jell-o. will never walk again. dante has quit his driving job so he can dedicate himself to his wife's career. may when the ball will build on the way she would have. been and i'm up in a while but i don't. know what's on the up i want to be a bit. or a guy not. a good numbers and we're going to my money. without an income the only food comes from
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a local charity. going to be because i mean to go. out and meet. for you and. for your. review the money they have been bottle. of us i love but. what i'm feeling. but for me not to be. things are looking up for sally enter family. and he has got his job back and they've escaped the slaughter. they've moved into a newly built a government housing project 2 hours out of men in their. you know so by.
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god and about knowing and knowing me b.t.w. . then living it really means she did it by nothing to do to listen to me do not think you know to learn from the fact that you are the girl what it meant. but you but you do not know you come by. hanging out with her not listening from for not. doing much less have just got to give me. but not so. for the guys think that i bought. from a plan b.
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but they do most. when those without at least. it may be healthier and cleaner but it doesn't come cheap. as a lump but i know the bill the end of story is that big i need to. kinds it it all i know and you get the. most want to be must want to do and. i stood up ah. a. minimum piece of music and was beginning to know nothing then. none of the doing. but after i had. made good.
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i am happy our chance found it but. you know that we can do you know. the middle of it something that even the georgians who. don't like you much you must not really you might even know when they are there for a minute no no no no no. no no. no no. no. no. back in the know they're done tests made a difficult decision to leave his wife at home and go back to work. in the hot
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oven but on the other side of. the aisle the old dutch are going to go up the mamma did i want to be let me into the shop that we should i. was. going to have a. damn good i was a poem animal. and i young but much about. they were not among other things the more novel she made up on the 2 of them about but they gave mamma she bought a mother myself. the united nations the law you money the united general. as i believe the little bit the way he. did they always got away my wife. and all in doable with the. knowledge i've been level with them. god love up with
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us i'll help all that much believe. it's my money. and i want to be a eagle don't even going on. it would not make one but i want to. know is it one and then tell me about being allowed to believe that i. really know when i left the. bottle or went along with me on that and. it all adds up i don't need to tell in a month. but i would johnny i'm here. it's christmas in manila and the residence of smokey mountain has
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a visitor. hello. but it is almost the middle of the. local pastor. bringing good cheer started. modeling on me. stay. still. a little reassurance the wrong. thing i don't what i am i finally gave up will be to get it all or my wondering i even remember what is going to be the most young. right there i don't know happening or i on the phone. in fact i know. what they
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know. and that you do not plan on going that feeling of that ever but i do know though what i know and i have how you. might use a little play on your time in america when we go anywhere. your god knows your brain which you know the music video. right here you know i'll give you the number you know my old. boy. maybe if you very much for the money you could use on the longer you buy over the last i. need you're never. gonna be when you you know i'm a big ace on the learn them break through some very rough ones but. the mother lives we've. got to go made in a home i'm clean i already. liquid done i've an
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event on. you. think i'm really been. the thing that i don't got no. washing. you know not well yeah. no. i didn't yeah. me too i was a pony and i want. to begin to talk to you my own and. you. and me. and i did that with the epidemic that. you know. that i am oh yeah yeah. yes. oh i know now.
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that it made me release a whole moment. i didn't know if. you mean i didn't go play my nominee complained missed the film simple enough question to me. but i love it when. i listen i like the way. you notice how very much i. hate to let my.
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hello it's already cooled down in melbourne this from one went through front tooth on its way through now as it will cool down a bit more has been rained out of it for victoria a bit more than in tasmania as well in the few showers a wonder into a new south wales so we're in the teens here on the opposite side of australia we're warming up person to about 25 by sunday 1st temperature is above the average by about 5 to 7 degrees and stays that way for the next 3 days. it looks like back to seasonal rains in east asia they're a bit ragged admittedly but it's been quite wet just in the east and south china on the forecastle take out through the south of south korea and in the west and sobbed
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pamphile the thing turned into a circulation of the water that does mean significant slow moving rainy tokyo the potential for flash flooding again here in the city itself and behind it all well yeah sudden charles looking wet including hong kong much of china is not just a few shows up in the high ground in the west but not much more than that it's a frontal system going don't bend towards beijing temperatures might drop a bit when that goes through for next week to the northwest of india and pakistan still looks dry when you want to guarantee it stays that way there are still big showers further south. but. in a global pandemic. family comes 1st. for every american healthcare has never been more important. because the new disease does not favor republicans over democrats bridge over poor or black over white. america
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decides how to care for a nation. extensive coverage of the us elections. on al-jazeera on counting the cost of a debt crisis and an insurgent uprising now you zombies troubled road to becoming the world full of the biggest gas exporter an epic battle the challenges apple's grip on its i'm still on the rising prospect of a currency war at the mighty dollar sink counting the cost on al-jazeera. 3 minute . to. minute yeah and on in the future the hot and cold. mean. people are saying india is 10000000 children brought in bondage by the victims of trafficking in one day and the large numbers are very very big numbers on our which
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is the era. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. suits rule the world on 00. 0. hello i maryam namazie you're watching the news hour live from london coming up bahrain joins the united arab emirates in agreeing to normalize relations with israel a move palestinian leaders have branded extremely dangerous. thousands of refugees left homeless when that camp burned down demand to be allowed to leave the greek island of last boss. and while fires leave a trail of devastation.


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