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tv   For Love or Money  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2020 4:00am-5:00am +03

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station on how does iraq under stand the differences and similarities of cultures across the sentimental when you. use in current affairs that matter to you. i money inside and the top stories on al-jazeera talks aimed at ending decades of war in afghanistan began an unprecedented meeting between the taliban and afghan government negotiators is taking place in qatar after months of delays at stake during the talks a permanent ceasefire the rights of women and minorities and how taliban fighters will be disarmed some of the reports. after decades of war and conflict of understand finally has a shot at peace this is a former of the minister whose government's been fighting the taliban and here is
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the co-founder of the taliban still a potent fighting force once on enemies they sit in the same room facing each other for the 1st time since the start of the nearly 2 decades long afghan war follows a federal we want all the people of afghanistan to be reunited under one roof or game after more than 42 years of upheavals aggressions jihad and resistance all the negatives might differ we all know what happened to us throughout these years and where we stand today we now need to address this unique opportunity to move towards a new future that we can defy together it took months to initiate the interest of gun dialogue the taliban insisted on the release of $5000.00 prisoners before talks could begin and in turn released 1000 afghan government detainees. we have acted accordingly to all the points outlined in the previous agreement and we are requesting the other side to act accordingly to those things that have been agreed to so we can have this process without any problems ahead we want of understand to
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be an independent developed country and it should have a form of islamic system where all its citizens see themselves reflected. in february the us government agreed to pull out its troops from afghanistan provided the taliban guarantee to hold attacks against the u.s. and its allies as the end of the longest running u.s. war nears leaders want to remind they will not be left behind each of you i hope you will look inside your heart. each of you carry a great responsibility. but no no that you're not. the entire world want you to succeed and if counting on you succeeding since the us agreement was signed in february thousands of people have been killed in fighting between taliban forces and the afghan government major issues such as the taliban's insistence on an islamic emirate and position on the rights of women and the constitution need to be
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resolved if the road to achieve intra of gone dialogue was hard getting results out of it is going to be even harder both the afghan government delegation as well as the delegation being led by the taliban need to make compromises both sides agree that they are willing to make those compromises the beats in days ahead are going to determine whether it's going to be successful some of. the police and galleries have detained dozens of women calling for the resignation of president alexander lukashenko more than 10000 women defied a government crackdown to march down the streets of minsk have been protests almost daily sense as disputed reelection last month. greek police have fired tear gas at refugees in less they're demanding humanitarian assistance refusing relocation after that camp and on tuesday there been more protests in lebanon demanding justice over the beirut port explosion hundreds of demonstrators tried to
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march on the presidential palace last month devastating blast killed nearly 200 people protesters in israel again rallying outside prime minister benjamin netanyahu is resident in west jerusalem calling for him to resign because he's on trial for corruption charges they all say angry at his government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. mali's military and political groups have agreed on a plan for the future after last month to agree to an 18 month transitional government followed by elections the u.s. state of oregon is preparing for mass fatalities as wildfires rage across the west coast dozens of people have been reported missing and half a 1000000 have been ordered to leave their homes those are your headlines he continues.
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15 years from now one in 3 people want to operate in the snobs like police in this rolling megacity of manila. built without proper sanitation lacking medical facilities and little. used as a dumping ground for the sick describe it in a moment they stuck over to the soap and was invited to end with a rising crying mooney's anything that isn't there. a little bit of a lie in the last a. little bit. but it's not just about poverty and chaos the generations have lived in these slums the.
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word. of the survivor. and s. hide. the lot of false the man's the neighborhood of one another. these are the stories from the signoff. smokey mountain for 50 years one of southeast asia's most toxic rubbish dumps shut down in 1905 and now home to some of manila so homeless.
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the. press lived on the dump for the last 2 years. her name no yelling morning good morning to you know a widowed mom of 8 including a 9 year old cello. a lot of bound by lines had to let you know. that my low salt i wish and i will buy it in california and i lost a lot of one thing or i as in it is. wrong. to what i know will jay leno on up a bit about. what
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you want to. do you know what would you know what i. really think that would go on all the. motherboard. but unless you have a boss you are. you know get it me you know also waking up is jealous brother 10 year old cherry. you get. a little thing like this. after.
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it's 2 30 am. saturday is queuing for her final prenatal checkup. the hospital doesn't open until 7 am. you may hear again a political nanny to defend their home i have the money and. the philippines has one of the highest birth rates in southeast asia. june in part to the gas leak church's stance against artificial contraception.
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not an. anomaly not with someone somewhere it was a lot of the love britney that is in the young women that you see. in the middle east families of 10 or 12 that are common in the slums so hospitals are swamped by expect. mothers every day. it's 11 am and sally has been queuing for over 8 hours. who. says.
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they don't like. the one of. the mother who was. going to give it enough to know on a 00000000. 000880 years i require her to be able to money was the cause was. was very easy to see that might be pushing the city. is filled with anybody do you believe anyone with any of this if. you just go to the simple deal he should be among the operating under fire under one of these to move to south carolina back to. sally's been in hospital for 12 hours
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for a routine check up. she'll have to start all over again to our. state . it's it's it's it's it's it's it's. legal. she need to drive her down ticket he has been in the room for 13 hours. not actually. going much some little. i'll go because. somebody yeah. haha enough. time a irate. little nod i'm booked. up
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because the awful one. little bottle. in the bottom a go to get a guilty. plea . not one of them but be indelible within the belief. that on the dot you got your mug you know that coming up looking. for his 13 hour shift done to earn splats than $4.00. the bulk of the money goes to the jeepneys. i'm glad i mean looks
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like a. body but not all. of them being. able to make up for the time in months. some may be out trying to get. us in the. hold them when they get. there but thank you. a little bit on the whole said. 8 months pregnant sally lives
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with her husband and son in a squatter settlement. next door to the biggest charcoal making community don't. you know you have the natural history of your mother you know how to measure the temperature you know that you stray are you going to do. yearly they may be squatters but they still have to rent their wonk room which doubles as the kitchen living space and bedroom is an alien years you. don't follow me around and you. see an animal you do you. know you. begin to put your souls. will be careful with this will be sally's 2nd child by says sorry in section.
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130 minute is going to have been easy if you can take. over anything that was not. going to be this little moment you for having us. he was going to. ok blood is a valuable commodity and sally has to take along her own supply for her salary and . may actually be saddling up on me. or. where we will. go. to believe me about repealing real of the old rule if you make it. husband andy will have to pay for all the medication. but earns very little as a handyman. who
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. earns her living working on a plantation on smoky mountain. decaying rubbish has produced toxic yet for tile soil. while harvesting vegetables give us reluctantly has to leave jello by himself. boy bedell. if. you my little boy is going. to have the what you. think on a feeding wish. i had. no money. i am not.
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your mama but then invest the money i made. maybe i don't know. once harvested give us has to sell the vegetables but this means leaving jello with his 10 year old brother. i know. all might do it for lot. after. the bugs out. then yes now let's look.
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closer. oh my i'm going by what i say scorned. but i'm tickled all so my borderline. cup but the. very beginning of the thought in the. final game. of meet up which had made us all that. while longing you know why i named yesterday . never says only source of income is your share from selling the crops and today it's market day. but. it is.
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what i. am. family dinner as. a man that i like whatever. it's a 5 kilometer round trip to a coral market. on a good day if neighbors cells are vegetables quickly she can get back to jello in less than 2 hours. sally is back at the hospital she's brought her brand big stew keep her company
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and to donate blood for her sister mary and. the airplane to be. the to nation means sally won't have to buy blood. but babes has to pass the screening 1st. we thought. it. was. you know what you're. saying sally and andy will now have to find an extra $23.00 for blood supplied by the hospital so. let's not allowed. to let.
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the. whole world was darwinistic. goal. without the bible all. the time. that they might have to know. that something. let. you know their money only going to hold on one leg up on one of them by adults who say no no while busting out the better part of what i wore a nip out for not fall we have been going to stuff i lay in for the. needle langdon up in the beginning i mean death right then i don't claim that i'm breaking the law i am. going on down. near have a spurned $2.50 for her days sure. it's enough to feed her family
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tonight let me know no such luck. you know. if he was even if he did up. early. and. only. care that i got. assaf and. i got outside a while i would say an apple. and
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a. jeep new driver down lives in a makeshift community of 60 families under a bridge. the only way in is through a tunnel. yeah . i mean one but what about i. done 2 lives with this mentally ill wife jossy and their daughter in the ocean muscle. tone arm up in the long. run and i'm going to monaco remember such. as the magician were in the room and.
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you know. this one the most a woman of the them in bangor. in the office. i'm a wimp will be good bob i was awful i don't mind but when i'm bored. that. he just lives next door to dante and just found a way of making money from the kilometers of polluted canals outside her do well and. that one of the latest. issue. if you look at the. compound. what they've been missing in any random way gold.
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but it is what i mean no one was what i warn you only. that made out of the town. but not. the money. on the long as they provide you with a boat for when i was among. them up in. my only one with. i mean that i probably had a political money. then i got the film because of the guy that. you know what i mean and i want one we didn't need putting it in the seventies and. and i. want to do one does not mean a building and they. send
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. all of them just. now coming. and. everybody in that hill. how does everyone know. that somebody can now. bear the fate of. the film in my head government ok now so long now you're telling me you know but then again we don't know what the very telling. one for the indian. government cannot go on how. lacking in some we need our. back under the bridge down to struggles to deal with this wife's mental health
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issues. experimentation may be able to do that but. it will end up in court and doesn't go before. the roof in the once out of the. not we thought it would be. a learnable. alanis i would have. ready. in response to global warming germany is gradually shutting down its coal industry but is it happening fast enough we don't have any time to waste anymore we can't wait so we're taking direct action to call for the immediate phase out of culture may as climate change activists challenge communities reliant on the industry for jobs people in power who will win the cold war on al jazeera.
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remind you to lose. limbs to counter-sue sooner or later barely a minute we are going to on in the future bought the house and the only. remaining . people say india 10000000 children who are in bondage are the victims of trafficking in one day other that's a large number 2 very very big number on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is here to report on the people often ignored but who must be heard how many other channels can you say will take their time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover major global offense but our passion lies in making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like palestine libya yemen the sahara legion and so many others we go to the make the effort we
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care to stay. in doha your top stories on al-jazeera the 1st star peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban have begun in qatar in the opening remarks the government called for an immediate cease fire while the taliban insisted it will protect minorities on to an islam. for those we want all the people of afghanistan to be reunited under one roof again after more than 42 years of upheavals aggressions jihad and resistance all the negatives might differ we all know what happened to us throughout these years and maybe stand today we don't need to address this unique opportunity to move towards
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a new future that we can define together but. we have acted accordingly to all the points outlined in the previous agreement and we are requesting the other side to act accordingly to those things that have been agreed to so we can have this process without any problems we want of understand to be an independent developed country and it should have a form of islamic system where all its citizens see themselves reflected. police in belarus have violently detained dozens of women calling for the resignation of president alexander lukashenko all than 10000 women defied a government crackdown to rally in the capital minsk been protests almost every day since lukashenko has disputed reelection last month. police have fired tear gas at refugees in less boss they're demanding humanitarian assistance refusing relocation after their camp burned down on tuesday and more protests in lebanon
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demanding justice over the beirut port explosion demonstrators tried to march on the presidential palace last month devastating blast killed nearly $200.00 people. protesters in israel are again rallying outside prime minister benjamin netanyahu has residents in west jerusalem calling for him to resign because he's on trial for corruption charges and also angry at his government's handling of the corona virus pandemic. bodies military and political groups have agreed on a plan for the feature after last month's coup have agreed to an 18 month transitional government followed by elections. there's a you had lines the news continues here on al-jazeera after slum.
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in the makeshift community under the bridge need driver dante has arranged a free psychiatric appointment for his wife jossy.
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mandia. it. was. ok. it's time for sally to give birth by says sorry and section. and if you don't make this isnt it. good. husband and he is left to pay
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for all the bad decisions. believe. me but i know it wasn't is the way it was meant it was funny. face it. yes. for him so so so so you. only. the. only. thing it was i didn't know that i. knew find it to know if this. doesn't mean that i don't.
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like a better man if there is a clown. played football for me are called the one. in the. smokey mountain this is doing some essential d.i.y. again but i love going to jail and trying to protect her belongings. like i mean. nothing. else. that siemens and i was out for not that manson i'll guess that. the power. point they had him was. i mean it when i will dig up with it out that way. but when i. don't know i got it i see but it was all
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or like damn you send for don and finally. got me. so. you know dad. before there is no one. i don't. need lonely. boy ok well my little girl and. you have a sister grown up children also live on smokey mountain. married son bonaire makes charcoal. and 21 year old nonoy lives next door with his 16 year old pregnant girlfriend even di. i love her so i look at the matter. to madeleine.
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and i mean i know i'm not breastfeed but we've been very. i believe begin the way. we were that they are pulling them out. the window and you know. what. with all that i have going on here are. we. losing or will you get a new. one here. smokey mountain off the beaten track. but the local midwife rémy permit us has to make the hike to checkpoint in die. may bungle get to the
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bottom. so i'm going to take out. it made a quick scan the bar. you know what did not go on. and no. 6060 in. my last hour more. than the one on my him and 60 in the back. of that they might be boreal now must not been be but the only. one in the us in the. us and i.
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sally says sorry and has been successful. she has had a girl andrea. will get that last night was meant that he. might be another 6. and the beginning michael knows that the. moment naming. the old local. legion is more of a. need to see among the muslims than. it assume i. mean aside in the way. that the coming of the. lead was not enough and it's monday. on. the down gaper and the final countdown
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with. the among. the moment they lend. you the most you can really. get in the spinning world order that is just going to sleep. let me sit in. dante is still struggling with this wife's mental health problems. and has asked the local priest for help. oh you. could. slowly but surely my eyes was. just an anomaly by then
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know and not only were mindful that. we did. so usually. intercept the talking in one way or so easy for they wish with. knowledge of. the one who. by their. eyes that are. you know. but on with me this in minutes. you know yourself. i know but you know like i'm just a little boy or. like i say no. pushing.
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worse. oh oh oh. it's been 3 days since sally gave birth to baby and. and the bills are piling up. but. you are some of the you're my big since yeah. me that made me oh yeah you know. you know most and. sees a similar. me to you in. the middle of night. now you know what.
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i didn't know yet that they've been opening up a waffle. that . we're going down oh yeah like. you have a sister life is a delicate balancing act. if she doesn't work she doesn't hurt so jealous visits to the physiotherapists our waiter. in get ready to run the bottom line here. don't know where we all. got yet. i. mean this is going to pull something like this do anything that was ok was done was to was.
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very much. those of the people we've. seen that if a little bit. about me. that i don't not love i. think it was probably at least. that was the moment but. nothing more than. that i guess only in my little messiah a few minutes out of this out a. window in boise. and it's obvious talking. but i knew when he did so voices. and all. but on guys.
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despite never says face jell-o. will never walk again. dante has quit his driving job so he can dedicate himself to his wife's career. may when the ball will build on the way she would have. been and i'm not gonna watch it but i don't. want to be a bit. or a guy enough. so. they get numbers and we're going to the money. without an income and the only food comes from
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a local charity. going to be because i mean to go. out i mean. just for you and. for your. remaining among them and they have been battling. with us a lot but. what i'm feeling. but for me not. to mention that she might. things are looking up for sally enter family. and he has got his job back and they've escaped the slaughter. they've moved into a newly built a government housing project 2 hours out of men in their. you know so by.
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god and about knowing and knowing me b.t.w. . then let me talk it through means if. i'm not frightened of the do to you simple thing you do not going to learn from the fact that you bring the girl what it meant . but you but you do not know you come by. hanging out with her not listening from 49. millimeter lens has just got to give me . but not so. for the guiding that i bought. from a band of ok the most. fun those without at least.
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it may be healthier and cleaner but it doesn't come cheap. as a lump but i know the bill will blend this. big guy until i. kinds it ended up with and to get the lead in. must want to be must want to do and. i stood up ah. a. minimum piece of music and i'm beginning to know nothing well then. none of the doing. a good. i am happy our chance found it but.
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you know that they can do you know. the middle of it something that even the georgians who. don't like you much you love love love love you might even know they're permitted oh no no no no. no no. no no. no. no. back human in their gun deaths made a difficult decision to leave his wife at home and go back to work. in the hot
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oven what on the other side of. the aisle the old dutch are going to go up the mamma did i want to be let me into the shop that we should i. was. going to have a. damn good i was a poem animal. and i young not much about it but they were not among other things the more novel she made up on the 2 of them about what they gave mamma she bought a lot about. the united nations the law your money the united germany. as i believe the little bit the way he. did they always got away monday night and all in doable with the. job and level with them. god loved up with us i'll help
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all that much but here. is my money. and i want to go eagle down the evil done. he would not make one but i want to. know is it one and then tell me about being allowed to believe what i. know now when i left the. bottle and went along with me on that. it all adds up i don't leave it out in a month. but i'll be johnny i'm here. it's christmas in minnesota and the residence of smokey mountain has
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a visitor. hello. but there's some of my beloved. local pastor mateo bringing good cheer started. monitoring the me. just say. this. little reassurance the wrong. thing i don't what i am i finally gave it up to get it all along i would never marry her even from her in the movies or going to. the motion well you. were right there was no happy ending for you on this show me. in fact i know. what they know. and i do not plan
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on that feeling of that right but i do know though what i know and i'm afraid you. might use a little play on your time in america when we go anywhere. your god knows you're on the right was you know the music video. right here you know i'll give you the number you know you. need it if there's no money you did you. know you'll buy over the last i. mean if you're not going to . be when you you know i'm a big ace on the learn them break through some very rough ones but. some other lives they've. just. got to go made in a home i'm clean i already. liquid done i've only
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got known. you. think i'm really been. the thing that i'm gonna get from watching. you know not what. not. that i did and yeah. me too i was a bum and i want. to begin to talk to you my own and. i did. and do you know. i didn't do what they did they would be up to their work that. night that i am oh yeah. yes. oh i know now.
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that it made me really. that info if. you imagine complain whine and complain must come soon enough should . i but i love. how this and the way i. do what i'm. paid to learn why. this lumps of manila home to extraordinary talent and. that occasion on hard work transformed child's compensation just into
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a professional on the arena she has the strings technically she's very strong on mixed martial arts fighter just want to be swayed from the streets to success in the ring so i can tell you this is your stepping stone. this is not on i'll just 0. hello there across the united states it really is a country of 2 halls across the east we have some showers and thunderstorms we've even had some flooding rains across well central areas and there's another mass of rain on its way towards the midwest but of course out across the west it remains
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hawse and john at times it is not as high as they have been but it really is about the rain but it will be heading to california not for several days and you can see how to continue to fight all of these fires and this is what it looks like once that fire retardant has actually. being deposited now temperatures all coming down slightly into the pacific northwest seattle on sunday a high of $21.00 but still pretty warm further down towards the south. the rain out there in the pacific that is eventually on its way towards the pacific northwest probably for the beginning of the week bringing in some very welcome rain i mean plenty of rain across the eastern half of the country another says masthead just sitting in the gulf of mexico this is the next tropical storm trying to develop there it will spread its rain and strong winds along those coastal areas in the southeast continue on through monday and as a say out tools the pacific northwest you've got the rain eventually beginning to push in certainly through choose they were she sees them right now the winds will also change direction would have an almost sure flow adding some humidity but at
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the same time blowing that snow further inland. midst destruction and despair a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they've built a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness. on al-jazeera. building a wall was the promise made in the bid for the white house 0 tolerance approach the southern border became government policy detaining children and separating families the stark reality a picture too much to bear for many americans in
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a country that was built on immigration. follow the key issues of the us elections on al-jazeera. face to face the afghan government and taliban leadership meet in doha to work on finding a lasting peace to decades of conflict. my money and saeed this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up dozens of women rounded up.


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