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tv   For Love or Money  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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latest developments from across the globe coronavirus special coverage on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera bella who says president is seeking support from his russian counterpart vladimir putin as protests continue against his leadership at least 400 demonstrators have been arrested in the capital minsk and the 5th consecutive weekend of rallies against president lukashenko follows his disputed reelection because shank is due to meet later on monday. has been in protest as in minutes after. the rally has arrived at one of the residence. but it was just occurred to. protest the route they just wanted to send
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a message. that they are still here and that there will. agree god and have less both being moved to a new site after their camp was burnt down demanding humanitarian assistance and want to be taken to the mainland there's confusion over the sale of chinese video sharing tick tock tick talks parent company has been under pressure to sell after the us president threatened to ban the up for security reasons announced on sunday that it would not sell to microsoft and instead favor tech firm oracle but in the past hour chinese state t.v. has reported that the u.s. operations would not be sold to either company. accountings taking place off a vote to decide japan's next prime minister the ruling party is choosing a successor to resign last month for health reasons the chief cabinet secretary an obvious right hand man yes and he is the front runner veteran u.s.
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journalist bob woodward has given his 1st televised interview about his new book on the trump presidency he revealed that trump knew of the severity of the coronavirus in february but downplayed it to the american people would spoke earlier to c.b.s. this is the tragedy the president of the united states has a duty to warn the public will understand but if they get the feeling that they're not getting the truth then you're going down the path of deceit in cover did the president ever disclose to you why he wasn't telling the public what the stakes were with the coronavirus so in my hurt try asked exactly that question you know what's going on and the president said well i think really to be honest with you here i want you to i wanted to. i want to always play it i still like playing it
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down yes because i don't want to create a panic i think he did not understand the american public it might disappoint some of your fans that you reach an editorial conclusion at the end of this book something that reporters are not supposed to do yes i said the president is the wrong main for the job. i warning has been issued of high winds as emergency crews struggle to contain wildfires across the west coast of the u.s. authorities in oregon say they're preparing for the possibility of mass fatalities nearly 100 fires are burning across 3 states president trump is due to visit california on monday. the mayor of colombia's capital bogota is calling for reconciliation not the days of violent protests 10 people have been killed in demonstrations over police brutality. israel's government has announced a 3 week nationwide lockdown in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus as the 1st country to reimpose restrictions on
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a national scale measures will come into force on friday that means israelis will have to stay within $500.00 metres of their homes. and indonesia's capital jakarta is reimposing lockdowns to reduce the strain on its health care system doctors say all the city's hospital beds could be filled in weeks the new measures include closing non essential businesses. and in support dominic team has staged a remarkable comeback to clinch a maiden grand slam tennis title at the u.s. open he beat germany alexander's very red by winning a 5th time break but it was a rocky start for the austrian team dropped the 1st 2 sets but rallied to become the 1st man in 71 years to win the final after such a setback but those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the slum for love or money stage of them so watching.
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15 years from now one in 3 people one tonight. like these in the sprawling mega-city of manila. built without proper sanitation lacking magical facilities and little. used as a dumping ground for the sick just rubbish in a moment they stuck over to the soap and in a. bit and with the rising crime the loonies even admit that. a little bit of a lie when the last. couple. but it's not just about poverty and chaos the generations have lived in these
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slums the. word. of the survivor. and s. cry. of the lot of all son means i knew one another. these are the stories from the signoff. smoky mountain for 50 years one of southeast asia's most toxic rubbish dumps shut down in 1905 and now home to some of manila so homeless.
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give us grenada presa lived on the dump for the last 2 years. her name no yelling morning good morning to you now a widow mom of 8 including 9 year old cello. a lot of found but i'm sad for the men. that my low salt i wish and i will buy it in california and i lost a lot of one thing or i as in it is. wrong. in what i know will jay leno on top of that about.
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what's. going to. do you know what we're you know what i. really think that we'll talk about all the. motherboard. but unless you got a boss you're. that. you now get a chance to meet you know also waking up is jealous brother 10 year old cherry . if you get. a little young looking. after.
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it's 2 30 am. saudi is queuing for her final prenatal check up. the hospital doesn't open until 7 am. and then here again it will be when they manage to find that their home i have the money and you get. the philippines has one of the highest birth rates in southeast asia. june in part to the cosmic church's stance against artificial contraception.
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not an. anomaly i will suffer some for it but not a lot of love britney that is in reality the only one. in. the league the families of 10 or 12 are common in the slums so hospitals are swamped by expect. mothers every day. it's 11 am and sally has been queuing for over 8 hours. who. says.
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they don't like. the one of. the mother who was. going to be good enough to no money oh. please. oh please please there's not a partner to be able to money was the cause oh yes. well that's very easy to say that my questions to you. is filled with anybody do you believe anyone with any of this is. this fellow a simple deal. he should be michael operating under fire or one of these who moved to south carolina that afternoon. so he's been in hospital for 12
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hours for a routine check up. she'll have to start all over again to our. state . it's. legal. need to drive or downtick libby has been in the room for 13 hours. not actually. going much some little. i'll go to dial. the mafia yeah. haha enough. time a irate. little nod i'm full. of
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it because i'm awful one. little bottle. bottom a day no good going. up one of them must be indelible bit in the bill. but on the dot you gotta love you know about the legal. illegal. for his 13 hour shift done to earn splats than $4.00. the bulk of the money goes to the jeepneys only. i'm glad something
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like that. but it will not only. publish them being. able to make up the time in my. book. i may be out trying to get. us in these in. a little novel when they get. it but they get. a little bit on the whole set here. 8 months pregnant sally lives
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with her husband and son in a squatter settlement. next door to the biggest charcoal making community don't. you know you have the natural history of your mother you know your letter which are you know that you are as you already are you know you're dating they may be squatters but they still have to rent their wonk room which doubles as the kitchen living space and bedroom you look at something alien years you. don't follow me around you. see a man on you you. know you. begin to put your souls. will be absolute this will be sally's 2nd child by says sorry in section. 130 minute is going to have been easy if you.
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it was not. going to be this little number. one task is going to be long. ok you blood is a valuable commodity and sally has to take along her own supply for her salary and it. may actually sound like a major economic. or. where we would. be the leader of the school if you make it. husband andy will have to pay for all the medication. but ernst very little as a handyman. who
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. knew of us earns her living working on a plantation on smokey mountain. of decaying rubbish has produced toxic get for tile soil. while harvesting vegetables give us reluctantly has to leave jello by himself. boy battle. but no i mean you my little boy. they do what you're. feeding wish. i had out by. now monkeying around by by. say i'm not.
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your mama but then invest the money i made. maybe i don't know. once harvested give us has to sell the vegetables but this means leaving jello with his 10 year old brother. i know. all my do a lot. now. that some. of them bugs in this eye and then now look.
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closer. oh my i'm going by what i say scorned. but i'm taking the law so my borderline. cup but the. very beginning of the burn with the thought of the. bottle going up i think it's made up which had made us all that. well longing in a way i need us to believe. never says only source of income is your share from selling the crops and today it's market day.
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that was. what i. meant family dinner as. i man up i think that. it's a 5 kilometer round trip to a market. on a good day if this sales are vegetables quickly she can get back to jello in less than 2 hours. sally is back at the hospital she's brought her brand big stick keep her company and to donate blood for her sister mary and. the airplane
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to be. the to nation means sally won't have to buy blood. but babes has to pass the screening 1st. we're going to. eat. eat eat eat eat. eat eat eat meat. you know what it is. sally and andy will now have to find an extra $23.00 for blood supplied by the hospital so. let's not allowed. to. let.
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the. whole world was our lives. without the bible all. # the time. that they might have to know. that some. let. you know their money only and more to hold on one leg up on one of them by adults who know no outlet in the. better part guiding what i wore a nip out for not following in not being cool myself i lay in the will not let it bug you need to know what's the line up of the beginning i mean death and i don't claim that i'm breaking the law i am. going on down. never spurned $2.50 for her days sure. it's enough to feed her
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family tonight to let me know no such luck. you know. if he was even if he did up. early. really. care that i got. a staff and. i got outside a while i would say an apple. and a.
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jeep new driver down lives in a makeshift community of 60 families under a bridge. the only way in is through a tunnel. so yeah. i mean one but what about. down 2 lives with this mentally ill wife jossy and their daughter in the ocean muscle. tone arm up in the lung. on the boat on the market again for such. the money for the women.
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you know. because i know most of obama because i'm in bangor. in the office. i'm a wimp illegal bob i was awful i don't know what i'm bored. he just lives next door to dante and just found a way of making money from the kilometer itself polluted canals outside her do well in. the latest. issue. that you know. if you look at the. unbound. what they've been missing in any random way cool.
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but it isn't what i mean no one was what i. have made out of that little bit. but not. that i was. but remember. was it from the un with a vote for what i hope was among. the many only one was talking. and i mean that if i had a political moment. then i got the film because of the guy that. you have no point going on and i want only to new put an ad in the seventies and. you know. me i wonder if one does not mean other than the me.
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send. one of them just does it. all for me. and and. everybody that really. does everyone i know. but again now you know. benefit of. this i mean my head ok now zone now you're telling me you know but then again we don't know what the very telling in. one of the indian. government cannot go on how you are. lacking and we need our. back under the bridge don to struggles to deal with this wife's mental health
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issues. experiment which may bump it up with love but. it will end up on the board and doesn't go before. the roof you know was out of the. not we thought it would be. a learnable. alanis i would have. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing god can guide us to. a simple tough. inform us. unconventionality of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness
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documentaries on al-jazeera. i wish i had as on the other working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own story is that a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the graces challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from miles because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al-jazeera is so important we make those connections. it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the oceans $21.00 geologists are secretly plotting your borders. as the struggle for resources been proud so far some of the world's most powerful
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scientists speak out. oceans monaca on a 0. well i'm down jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera japan's ruling party has chosen. as its new leader the successor to prime minister shinzo abbate resigned last month for health reasons. as chief cabinet secretary and was right on . belarus his president is seeking support from russian counterpart vladimir putin as protests continue against his leadership at least 400 demonstrators have been arrested in the capital mince in the 5th consecutive weekend of rallies against president alexander lukashenko it follows his disputed reelection because due to meet putin later on monday stepped bastien has been with protesters in the capital
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minsk after marching for more than 2 hours the rally has arrived at one of the residence. here right in this but it was just a courtesy the thousands of protesters turning around they just wanted to send a message. that they are still here and that they will. remain in office refugees on the greek island of let's boss up being moved to a new site after their camp was burnt down demanding humanitarian assistance and want to be taken to the mainland there's confusion over the sale of chinese video sharing to talk in the u.s. to talks parent company by dons has been under pressure to sell love to president from threatened to ban the out for security reasons by don's announced on sunday that it wouldn't sell to microsoft with tech from oracle emerging as the front runner but chinese state t.v. has reported that tick tocks u.s.
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operations would not be sold to either company. a warning has been issued of high winds as emergency crews struggle to contain wildfires across the west coast of the u.s. authorities in oregon say they're preparing for the possibility of mass fatalities nearly 100 fires are burning across 3 states president trumps due to visit california on monday. the mayor of colombia's capital bogota is calling for reconciliation up the days of violent protests 10 people have been killed in demonstrations over police brutality. and in sport dubnyk fame has staged a remarkable comeback to clinch a maiden grand slam tennis title of the u.s. open the german alexanders vera i would in our 5th step tie break up a drop in the 1st 2 sets those are the headlines now back to the slum for love or money and that's about it. the health of humanity is its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o.
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is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that scene keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the land now more than ever the world needs w.-h. and making the healthy a world for you. to everyone. in the makeshift community under the bridge need driver dante has arranged a free psychiatric appointment for his wife jossy.
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out. of. it.
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was. ok. it's time for sally to give birth by says sorry and section. i mean if you're gonna make this isn't it. good. husband and he is left to pay for all the magazines. dating service believe.
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me but i know it wouldn't it is if it was me and was standing. face to see if it. did. yes. for. that so you. only. thing it was i didn't know that. new find out who knows if this. doesn't mean that i don't. like a better match. point i don't . believe. in the. smoky mountain
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this is doing some essential d.i.y. again but i'm going to play over and trying to protect her belongings. like i mean. nothing. i see means an analysis or not the nansen i'll guess that the. best. the power. plant didn't was. didn't. mean it when i will dig up with you that's the way. i see you but when i. don't know i got it i said but it was all or less than me send forward on a final. so
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. you know dad it's. good for you there is no one. i don't. need a lonely. boy my little girl and. yeah this is grown up children also live on smokey mountain. married son bonaire makes charcoal. and 21 year old nonoy lives next door with his 16 year old pregnant girlfriend even di that i love her so i look at the madeline as. a madman. and. everything i mean but remember i know i'm not breastfeed but we've been very. loving of again the way. we were that they are pulling them out. the window
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i don't know. where or what but. the thought i had going on here of course. we know it was only. because i was in a world the guy who knew. part one here. smokey mountain may be off the beaten track. but the local midwife remi permit us has to make the hike to checkpoint in die. may bungle get to the bottom. so i'm going to take out. the.
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can be the one. made it risky by. you know what did not go on. and no. 6060 in. my last hour more. than one and. then there were no me him and organise 60 in the back. of that they might be boreal now must not been but the only. one in the us in the. us and i. sally says sorry and has been successful. she has had a girl andrea. the last night was newt and he
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at midnight is a fan. in the beginning muslims that the. moment the name. of the old local. policing is even more of a. need to see among the muslims to. put a show and i. mean aside in the way. that the coming of the. me was not enough and it's monday. but down in april and. the final countdown to. the movement among. the moment they lend. you the most beginning
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when you. put it in the 2nd one or that is just going to sleep. let me sit in. dante is still struggling with this wife's mental health problems. and has asked the local priest s'pore help. oh you. could. slowly but surely the my eyes was. just an anomaly by then you know what and not only were my children and we did. so usually. intercede to talk to them and
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they were more so easy for they wish with the knowledge of. the lady with. whom i was all. their lives that are. going to. run on with me this in a minute or 2 when you know yourself. you know but you know like i'm just a little boy or. like i say you know. all money must work. oh oh oh oh.
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it's been 3 days since sally gave birth to baby and. and the bills are piling up. but. you are some of the big students yeah. me that made me oh yeah you know i. believe you. know most and. she's a similar. so let. me add a. little bit of a new name. you know what. i didn't know yet that they had never been in a market 'd.
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that's. really going down ok like. you have a sister life is a delicate balancing act. if she doesn't work she doesn't earn so jealous visits to the physiotherapists our waiter. get ready to run the bottom line here. don't know where we'll. go. only i. was going to pull something like this do anything that was because it was done with the zelig. of those. people if you. say that if little.
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sympathy for the sick. i don't know. but i. think it was probably at least. that was the moment but. nothing or nothing. but i guess only in my little messiah a few minutes out of this out a. window in boise. and xander stocking. up on but i know. voices. and all. but i got. and. despite this is face jell-o. will never walk again.
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dante has quit his driving job so he can dedicate himself to his wife's career. may when the ball will build on the way he would have. been and i'm not gonna watch it but i don't. want to sound up i want to be a bit. or a guy enough. so. they get numbers and we're going to my money. without an income the only food comes from a local charity. going to be because i mean to go. out and meet. for you and i'm buggin aporia a. 1000000000 among them and they have been following. us
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a lot but. i wouldn't believe. that but for now it will be. things are looking up for sally enter family. and he has got his job back and they've escaped the slaughter. they've moved into a newly built a government housing project 2 hours out of men in their. you know so by. god's never knowing and knowing when b.t.w. . and.
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then living. room being shown. by nothing to do to this simple thing you do not going to learn from the fact that you were in the car what it meant that. it but you but you do not know you come by. hanging out wasn't listening from 49. millimeter lens has got to give me. but not so fun. for the guy i think that i boxed. in the form of plan b. but they do most. when those without at least. it may be healthier and cleaner but it doesn't come cheap. as
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a lump but i know the blandest it's a big guy and i. kinds it ended up with and you get the lead in. just more of the must want to do and. i stood up ah. the minimum piece of news and i'm thinking none of it will end up. none of the doing. after. they get. i am happy our chance found it but. you know that we can do you know. the middle of it something that even the georgians who. don't like you much you
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love love love love you might even know when the i have a minute oh no no no no. i'm done son. of the. moon no. no no. no. no. backing the no they're done dance made a difficult decision to leave his wife at home and go back to work. in the hot oven what on the other side of. the aisle the old dutch are going to go up the mamma did i want him to let me into the shop that we should i. was not.
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going to have a. damn good i was a poem animal. and i young but much about. the more not among other things the more novel she made up on the 2 of them about what they gave mamma she lied about. the united nations the law in money the united generally. does i believe the little bit the way he. did they always got away my wife but each and all in doable with the. job you know with the job and level with them. god loved up with us i'll help all that much but here. is my money. and i want to be
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a eagle gun even gun he would not make one but i want. one and a 1000000 now by being allowed to believe in. a. 1000000 i know when i left the. bottle let alone the model for on with me on the phone. it all adds up i don't leave it out in a month. but i would johnny i'm here. it's christmas in minnesota and the residence of smokey mountain has a visitor. hello. the. weather is almost the middle of the. local pastor. is bringing
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good cheer started. modeling on me. streets to. stop this. little reassurance the running. thing i don't want i am i finally gave up will be giving it all for me i would never marry her even for her in the middle of the room . they're like most young well you know. right there i don't know happening why are there so. in fact i know. what they know that dick. and i do not plan on going that feeling of that right but i do know though what i know and i'm afraid you. might use a little play on your time in america when we go anywhere.
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your god knows your brain which you know that. right here you know i'll give you the numbers on the number you. gave if there's so much you could you. know you'll buy over the last i. need you never know. how to get out of the new you know i'm a big h. on the learn them break through some very rough ones but. some other list we've. got and i know people made in the home country and i already. look we've done have an event on. you. think i'm really been. watching.
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the stuff i know not well. when. i getting out of the. meeting i was a pumpkin and i want. to begin to talk to you my own and. i did not and do you know. what they did there would be up to the work that. you know. that i am oh yeah. yes. oh no not. that it made me really.
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that info. you mean i didn't complain my mom complained most of them seem from enough of them. i got a lot of. problems and i like the way i. was happy whatever my. patron you might want. to but it. does lamb so many not home to extraordinary town and move. that occasion on hard work transform child scavenging just stuck into professional connery now she has the strings technique i mean she's very strong and meets martial arts fight just the 2 feet away from the streets to success in the ring so i can tell you this is your stepping stone. this is not on august sera.
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however there's very little change in the weather across the middle east at the moment so lots of sunshine like warm sunshine still just around the levant biarritz and jerusalem getting up around the 30 degree mark all sunshine in baghdad and kuwait around the $46.00 degree mark over the next couple of days they will come to the light here in doha temperatures at around $39.00 celsius just a gentle braised if anything at temperatures just dropping off a touch as we go through tuesday quite brisk winds coming in through the red say some showers there around the southern end of the red seems that western side of yemen is still saying those showers just drifting off the ethiopian highlands and pot in the way farther west was towards the gulf of guinea we got a few showers in the full cost just around southern somalia eastern parts of kenya
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on the coastal strip that. pushing into were tense near that is some heavy showers for time into our uganda pushing across central african republic over towards cameroon and easing down a little further south as well to the south of that it is generate dry but we have seen some right just starting with the far south of south africa on the cool side over the next as i said temp just paid back to around 15 celsius in cape town where that windy weather will make its way further east. you have to choose between your sight and feeding your family what do you do and it happens because we don't keep ourselves healthy when you sun could face death from a dog i want you to carry this new kind of constantly intake choice can you afford them. films are inspiring solutions to global challenges.
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e.g. cynics on al-jazeera. japan's governing party have a new leader your feet if it's not on track to become the next prime minister. hello from doha everyone on come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera protests have turned violent again in bellerose ahead of a meeting between president look at santa and russia's vladimir putin. also the staggering economic impact of the flooding in sudan will have a live report from khartoum and indonesia's capital goes on the locked.


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