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tv   Up To The Last Drop  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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for computers. to short fans show how a love of learning finds a way. logan piece it'll be here in doha your top stories on al-jazeera mali's interim president has been sworn in following last month's military coup veteran soldiers will serve until nationwide elections are held west african states are calling for a swift return to civilian rule and it was dark is following this from neighboring senegal. not the usual heads of states foreign heads of states a dignitary present for this ceremony because the is sanctions in place and no one could travel in a side from the president of gets out that's present there exceptional also because
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not only is a president being sworn in but also a vice president that's not in the constitution of mali and the new president of this transition well he's a retired. soldier retired officer of the the military part of the same division of the military joint and going to and we heard that he was approached quite early on by the military to take that position the reputation of this man. being of man of integrity he's he was trained in the former soviet union and then in the 1990 s. he was then and this system to revise or to move said chary the president the time and he abruptly resigned over corruption allegations then again in 2014 he became the 1st defense minister a brain boubacar kate again he resigned after the president suggested that armed groups that the militia the malian army were fighting would enter great to the
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mahdi army himself so he's seen as the man that that beats corruption a man that straightforward that's all in this and that has the integrity and that's key to rebuild the trust between the 1000000 people and its political leadership because it's under our kate that that trust was broken another developing story there so you live to paris because several people have been injured in the stabbing attack in the french company who took place in the form offices of these the surgical publication shelly of the police of now arrested one person. the north korean leader has issued a rare apology for the killing of a suspected south korean defector the south accuses soldiers of chords an atrocious act of brutality for shooting the civil servant in the sea near the disputed border mcbride as more quite a surprising development it is not very often that north korea admits to making mistakes like this rarer still that they would then go and issue one appears to be
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a very sincere apology according to the presidential office here in south korea this apology has come personally from kim jong un saying how sorry he is to have disappointed moon jay in the president of south korea talking about this unsavory case and putting in place measures to prevent a similar occurrence and the north says that it has apparently carried out its own investigation and has pretty much confirmed the details of what we know happened that apparently this was a south korean citizen on a some sort of floating object that came across to the northern side of this maritime border he was intercepted by this patrol boat and that north korean border guards fired a total of 10 rounds 10 shots at this individual it then says that that the crew of this boat then set fire to the flow take floating material that this fortunate
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individual had come across on as a preventative measure it seems against covert 19 now south korean officials as we know have said that the north koreans actually set fire to this man's body so there seems to be some dispute over that but at least this does seem to be a recognition that this did take place north korea is apologizing for it and it does seem to be a concerted effort by north korea to try to keep the door open to better relations at some point in the future. there have been protests in the french city of mass say over new measures to limit the spread of coronavirus bars and restaurants are closing for 2 weeks the government has warned it's in a close race against time to stop the spread of the virus france reported a daily record of 16000 new infections those are your headlines up next it's up to the last drop i'll have more news in a little under 30 minutes i'll see that. whose
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. idea can you dance like going to the guest room was that it's pretty. i think since i called are they spending also think of their own idea if you can interview looking toward technique in solar cells these. people stare at it all. in the hopes want to study so much.
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if you don't know. that if you take umbrage this you double up on all asia and. the penguin will believe that they are our people. in the last 15 years increasing their release we could call a spontaneous emergent trans global trade of water means politicians which goes in the opposite direction taking water back into public cans only until a few years ago privatization was the only game in town. position and secondly to police and it's very surreal when you're going to stop anybody having a body she had been actually did it to the patient from forth and not everybody in the game until i want to play in the place of those who are no but if you do.
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get a ticket they can get it in the mail if you can make a thought all right these are people piece of his life if you tickle beast. on a small bush mega-star i guess it's becoming more and more. become highly profitable and hardly tradeable those people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want to. be one door. to him. or anybody the any. water is the driving force of life and natural resource that is scarce and to which 110th of people on earth have no access to. the question of its
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management that is who will be the provider of water to the big cities has become a major factor. for over a century water has been the domain of private companies but since 2000 something has begun to change. 2 2 the. 94 cases of this awful fronts. and i think that this is quite important as a trend especially because france is the country that has invented water brought us asia as we know it today the country that those would have brought our ization best . the paris cholera outbreak of $1832.00 left
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$20000.00 jobs it's was the catalyst that led to a to come out to call revolution. the 1st. and sewage system for the city could provide drinking water to. remove water waste safely. he said. good.
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to see past today's french multinational company. 2 of the world's largest private water corporations. cindy look more.
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but up but up bulletin a college student at goldsmiths this woman what would you have been to see all of this. is just that's a milf. just rejected devil only breed you should've voted to effect good libby did not. last. at. me but if you're very excited about it. he's appalled that there. was a trade unionist at delia when he started publicly condemning his own company's practices that cost him his job and led to a long legal battle that resulted in his dismissal and then rehiring.
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back to dia even do daily mail for did you know man few last year extraordinary. going to get. a protest on the. it all gloom do know uncle does the law as. the elect ought. to over there. are all that it what shall we call them or as surely he fell a used as relay pool or. is sussy balls us reject the 2 who put them on their little get their t.v.
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channel called harder voluntas i remember tonto. tunnel down the post followed you it forces from. new on our. own. lives from there on the big out on this when i. move for avoir of i won pretty bleak you know by living guess your beauty cut. the b.s. you know there is no unit out there on the pounding you. might miss something for not only. poor it was surely. in that site for the nonce on that knowledge it was not an annoyance and i sat in
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the lead and in the nearly will i live has begun mid year the political idea exactly. privileges you this nation would. do this fund. this to do this must be done. as a despite what. the 1000000000 of us are between would privatize it wouldn't and i would ask mr disorder. it could be an average of that the un does not believe in up the fruit born arbor does not believe. for sure that that might have it is good for infant i.c. . sure it. doesn't allow drinks by food when they shouldn't and wish deeply about this evil nish to really.
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carry in their shermer a social democrats member of the brain state parliament asked to see the contracts between the state and the 2 companies and was granted permission. she was led to a windowless room and not allowed to take a pen make notes or copy anything they have had to call to the local market does any good. in public private partnership or traffic. passes in my p.p.p. as all. would read. on bellina nizkor new glass had lincoln. was half up how can this come this didn't. the 1st woman had. had. the only and she had skittish and behind us sheets and we as indecent to typify to. guide the disk attack
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from. fear and gang and are given a file and. back us is. called here on. the scheme can i for tough. as a decision of prima shift would it desire to play by. and gain of the nation under name or here what. can happen nor are these equal by these and for dark does guns of these ego only cross the line by.
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negotiations. you know this is me. this spare little cornwall where i would pull it back or. buy staleness is a beautiful medieval city with a population of 120000 in northern portugal. in the mid 2000 the city signed a concession contract for its water supply services with a group of companies whose main shareholder is a spanish multinational called sethi are. you respect. represents its shareholders. the goals you in that. the game waged to bullies in the way all the girls who leave the. some with books but are with book. and using. over
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the years to go through the vent sealed but of. course you're not getting the date of legally. you should go into new orleans. you move into new glee and the video goes mute. much near the scene they needed to be relieved yes it going into your. only means mass. murder. or if the c.e.o. of a very clean. the goals that the municipality had guaranteed in the contracts like the definite increase in population and consumption remains only on paper. so when the newly elected mayor miguel kosta gomez started protesting in 2010 the company
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took the matter to a court of arbitration to demand compensation for the brain piece of junk. but i. feel. says imus to kenya if he enjoyed a little. nearby stadiums is passionless defend a city with a population of $50000.00 which find a similar contract with the same company. the consequences were tragic to people who took to the streets. as fun was. that the place. 8 earlier was. passos the ferrero suddenly had the most
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expensive watch her in portugal india ok's like you still did just that then it would get us to believe it is us that all game like you did it without the kids then work with them and it will get you off the game and have the most kind of doubt umberto brito became mayor of passions defended after putting the issue of water privatized ation at the center of his election campaign the situation was even worse than he did madge and no severe give you the the link community cannot say. the maze simulated summit was a food is it going to him. but is a pretty. good i would tear going is exposed moved it is look it is there that. one glass will be the place where they live whether on the list of the most i know with student this is typically.
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the answer part of lebanon. why do you say. the brother brings her daughters which is why. there are no yes no. events like i'm going to guess wrong now and. ties it puts and. dammit. i'm tired as i know it and i'm tired become an. you know i said not sign and given i'm type for to get it and what's important is the result. the people will have good quality whatever. these environment protected these are the men we thought to be performed. for those who knew what was in the contract of the sale for brilliance water company which had been kept secret there was only one course of action to make them
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public. then german citizens would know that they themselves had guaranteed profits to 2 private companies for 30 years. you had signed. the contracts could only be made public through a state referendum which all political parties try to stop. that's what to do what would once have i got up a who then b. in the flood thinking who do have them 1st do this does leaps on the shifts guy i'm . going to school since that was how they are getting it done for to spend enough of us some skittishness me or and that's not only off i go on piece of old autistic you will become. and my time.
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all they are. as a result of the referendum the berlin state government was forced to take back the berlin water company into public ownership in 24 team. boy however it paid an enormous price $1300000000.00 euros. the holocaust so remain a sponsor. were approved mainly due to the fact that water of had been privatized 1st this i still believe that saddam gets no money. but the.
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really. you. know these are pushing this official. to several of these. top of the market this thing. be about all of. you. are going to. almost never open. your heart or mind. is behind what products. i think of the european commission would be very very good to impose water privatization on anybody if they only could. we. are going to in the way that the think it's more efficient. both
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public and private ownership are possible so that we have an official says the that distribute high quality safe for the boards of all the states is. going to put it. in their paces. it didn't occur to me that in to happen everybody's. i mean what are the 3. in what we are. talking about 3. i could say that is a better position. to. be in a historic nationwide referendum was held concerning the privatization of water services. in the berlusconi government's plans to privatized the water
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supply. voted down by a massive 95 percent of its value voters. the reason why we had this referendum is because the. government 2 years before before passed a law that was forcing. anybody that management of the police ability. to sell out at least 50 percent of the state's become pennies for all the public said not only were there. a few weeks after the italian referendum. and mario draghi the departing and incoming directors of the european central bank sent a secret letter to berlusconi the letter was made public by the qur'an della serra newspaper and reminds berlusconi of certain key measures the e.c.b. was expecting from its city. these were structural reforms in favor of complete
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liberalization of local public services through large scale privatization. this secret letter had major consequences as the european central bank has no power to enforce specific policies on any member state. it was judgment the judgment of the. what was necessary in this absolutely dramatic circumstances where 40 percent of the g.d.p. of the. was under attack. one of. the berlusconi government did in fact implements many of the measures proposed in the letter it also tried covertly to reintroduce provisions for the privatization of water which the italian people had voted down in the referendum the course official courts intervened
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and said no you cannot rein should years. legal provisions to of been repealed as a result of her for us. this prompted european commissioner all the rand to write another letter to berlusconi seeking clarification. you know let's when there's a brawl we just want to look at america really hasn't done you have found a man you really doesn't. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. i guess. corruption is not something to be tolerated. it's. no country his emu and let's destroy this wall.
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in 2020 the free space award encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anticorruption hero. nominate now. overthrown and exiled they appoint again same rule don't dismiss me can you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the truth for spying and we will not negotiate for you is the top of the long winter change case return of the president on al-jazeera if by trying to win it by the mob when he lied to the american people failed to do is job on
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track they don't go in sleepy joe for not saying ok he still doesn't have a place to stand this christmas one of the finest presidential t.v. debate on al jazeera. hello again peace it i'll be here in doha your top stories molly's interim president has been sworn in after last month's military coup veteran soldier. will serve until nationwide elections are held in 18 months west african states according for a swift return to civilian rule nicholas hawk is following but from senegal. the reputation of this man is of being a man of integrity. he was trained in the former soviet union and then in the 1990 s. he was then and assistant or advisor to the president at
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a time when he abruptly resigned over corruption allegations then again in 2014 he became the 1st defense minister. again he resigned after the president suggested that armed groups that the minute the malian army were fighting would enter great the mahdi army himself so he's seen as the man that that beats corruption a man that's straight forward that's on this several people have been injured in a stabbing attack in paris that took place near the former offices of the satirical newspaper shelley abdo the police have arrested one person north korea's leader has issued a rare apology over the killing of a suspected south korean defector the accused soldiers of an atrocious act of brutality for shooting the civil servant in the sea near the disputed border big crowds have defied a curfew for a 2nd night in the u.s. city of louisville in kentucky they're protesting against a decision not to charge police officers over the death of
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a black woman briana taylor. protest in the french city of marsay over new measures to limit the spread of coronavirus bars and restaurants are closing for 2 weeks france reported a daily record of 16000 new infections madrid's regional government has extended a partial lockdown in the spanish capital more than a 1000000 people will now be living under that locked people in the affected areas can only leave their homes for work school or for medical reasons. hamas and fatah have agreed to hold the 1st palestinian elections in 14 years the rival groups want to form a united opposition against deals israel has signed with bahrain and the u.a.e. to normalize relations elections to be held within 6 months those are your headlines back up to the last drop i'll have the news for you in a little under 30 minutes hopefully i'll see that by. the world's biggest economy was put on hold. deregulating industries of old delivered new growth for
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a president who promised greatness again. but the coronavirus pandemic has seen resurgence replaced with a recession as the world eagerly watches zone to see out there presidential candidates might revive the flagship u.s. economy. details coverage of the u.s. elections on al-jazeera. watch here is the driving force of life and natural resource that is scarce and to which 110th of people on earth have no access. the question of its management has become a major factor it's becoming more and more blocked because highly profitable highly tradable those people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want they want door.
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says it is somewhere you have to get is at but this one is the lover. so he has he put the maze in and they're here scott has given us yet here you see that they're on board or. did you not look at that and there are who are not mixes. one of the your. reply i mean is that by that we're going to prevent its will see that this is the exact city going to. do go up. then these are peaceful says it. all is
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a big deal for. large scale privatization features heavily in the known agreements that the troika imposes on every creek government the athens and thessaloniki water companies are always on their list. yannis maha like east is a journalist but in 2011 was spokesman for the greek new democracy party he then became minister of interior for the rightwing government formed by at the unease time i asked him 2012. in the same year the government's minimum holding percentage in the 2 largest water companies with abolished by law paving the way for their complete privatization. thought if you tickle bees in the quarter or 2 then the copy that of them on up your head to. them is the kick but it was without. them i'm giving up every bit of hubris and. with a mania. that i make. after nikolay the school
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know me of us because they're the good kind of us that it was because of the people and i'm still. curious as we look at him of this. as an analytical doctors who go to the board in making all the measures the us says it is. developing to support them elizabeth this could have. thessaloniki is water supplier is a profitable public company that provides cheap water to over half a 1000000 households 5.46 percent of it already belongs to the french multinational sou'west. or the liberals like you my goodness when i was asked not to vaccinate is of course under the stars so your theory is usable the message really bad santa clause got another doesn't it get them out as only get out of them oh my god is an
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. aid to happy is greece's largest water company supplying water to 5500000 people. we know by the look at the awful and or hear it saved up. joe all hallows by the norse elena's them allies complete which i look pretty good as the mean of us usually helmet on a rebel cell in addition with us you know i'm almost in my system of a.t.m. machine is the bottom up not the just tell when a much more efficient goal is a plane might get. won't stop all people to a strong us system or soon it better not start the. leap year to just longer as a risk reste so the apocalypse offered to that authorship ballast where you have
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you know not a problem up to c.b.s. said this is your particular. increases that i did. fashion across your. there's a particular. democratic schill this. ability if you know putin is this city. and on water privatization officially it's not the commission's policy mississippi is stating however it's true if you don't look at the troika us and if you look at the memorandum of understanding between for example the troika and portugal the commission as part of the troika is asking to further privatized across the protocol so in the troika the commission is still pushing for privatization so if it is really human right and if you really are serious to the citizens and to this
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initiative we should start acting on policies instead of celebration. we could not . see it. very simple. like. the european water movement believes that water is a fundamental universal right its root to all the ran at the european commission highlighting that the main institutions wrongly apply pressure to the southern european countries to privatized water and that this has to stop.
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a few months later the commission replied saying that it believes the privatization of public utilities including water supply firms can deliver benefits to the society when carefully made. 60 cure. the deaf cure the peanuts just want to have his be cured and bunch was as they wanted a duffer to cosign cradle. such you never go back son i can still have accepted don't go see best able to put out that it was something i want. you to consume at no also did some enormous economic every nothing if it's out of the death of a thought about it that you've already cause a little don't need see need to shift to be all know gosh by the commission open and not by deed just be sure you don't get to dismiss your commission or bridge you know that. it will explain minimum opinion dissenters extreme events you can be
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good as you can feel see could detect it got lucky let me be the last whom i did this with just another look at dog and see their salaries do look the result was that he's gone and a very serious one b.b. . when the troika came to ireland they wanted to privatized the water utility. but there was no water utility. the water was sprayed in 27 local authorities so they were told or government by the troika to build on the i was government set up a company called irish water which began installing meters. at side people's homes . and the 1st protests took place in talk or in scouts of the city of clock where he only went out in the morning and said you
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are not putting up either inside my house. i told him they want come into the station but we didn't want the water meters and that was arrested. within an hour or 2 there was a mass of supportive people here to stop them. and this was the 1st time that the irish people had taken a stand on any issue since a steady had begun says to troika write to towson do not. go on the make up. i think for some people it probably was the straw that broke the camel's back. no out of a sudden mood in the street together. or are. you know this is too or only a little bit of power you can cool and fun to try but you can stand to thank your
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folks and there's a polar and it like it might be traders and we're still not finished but people are still resisting this because it is the one thing that they have power and they're never going to get it. was. and we knew then this is being something different to something it's about water forced to foremost but it's also about much more than war it's about to hurt to be trailed. the surrender of sovereignty. and the redistribution of our west upwards and their debt downwards. there is a problem with the leaks and we couldn't find them until we have brought in some measures so if i see my solution suddenly it's as good as a 1000000 liters
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a month for a couple of people in my house i call ducktown patrol so that's the reason for the us in ireland there were no me terrorist because it uses a completely different system of watch your billing pay through general taxation over a 1000000000 euros were set aside for water maintenance and operation some people think those paper water through taxation is a little bit crazy we really only country in the o.e.c.d. that has 0 war poverty and we're the only one with 0 water poverty because we're the only one that pays for to progressive general taxation that's the one thing we got right we'll keep it that. we really need to modernize our water structure so now we really have to invest. so we need a structure to invest we need to wage borrowed money and then we need
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a way to pay fresh paying out of general type stations people who work would probably end up paying more taxes. we are losing 47 percent of our treated water into the ground uniques before it gets to the top. now by the 1000000000 you're up to spend do i choose to spend it on meters or do i choose to spend not 1000000000 euro in fixing the leaks and building a new war structure. despite water being paid for through general taxation no tax exemption was planned for the irish as a counterpoint for the new charges i said just watch out for. the forcing more the major. abel's worse as many irish people feared they would end up paying for watch her twice they saw the proposed introduction of meters and charges as yet another austerity measure and the establishment of irish water as
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a 1st step towards water privatisation. us real. centers of this office and i will of course we all know privatisation is ultimately envisaged. and then there was a letter from the centers of just examples in your start you can say that would you please take these words out of the report. so then the report came back from us that would towards. following the examples of berlin and it's really
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a popular vote was planting greece in 2014 the people of this in an e key were asked to take part in a non-binding referendum on whether they were in favor of the government's proposed privatisation of the water company but they were faced with a last minute problem. october is here. about a bit of those a little bit is lovely it's a good idea that there's a bit they say that they did it and that if they didn't really see it got it they always make note of what the ends are intellectually and the people who are making a little bit scared because this is the minister of the interior here yeah like east sent out a letter to the minister politics to declare the referendum illegal then the mic at the top you can make an image or not what i've said in the christmas numbers a lot of my the couples are cheaper we're going to save yours muffed or after going to the victim i believe you speak moment because i'm making fun of
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a physical human but i'm some of it is all about education like a little jelly the guy who is like one of the kind of if you're hitting you in the middle of what is was a little of that initial healing we're going to be like what am i going to latch on to the same man that he. thought might make me feel. but our goal is to get to cope with as much about this if you tickle basis to say office i don't need to eat but i've been up officer to somebody needs to be good at this chemically none of us unsteady sympathy for the convinced of this feels like a baby still next year because the whole should be easy to see is even if he's got a man but significant b.c. to put them all so all of them on a push to build up some of the voted for the. thank
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the french president's emmanuelle mccall is on an official trip to athens he is accompanied by 40. french businessmen who are interested in the greek privatized program. they will have the opportunity to receive answers directly from the prime minister of greece alexis tsipras. amongst them is. c.e.o. office aware. of any particle of problem. for us because we got on the back of a because. this is. the goddam outlook you know but it abroad robert how the more you know and the left there brought up.
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the. butterfly most focused don't give up over if you tickle a piece of the stock of the washington there was a message that if there is to be a stock up that you can hear from them years ago and already they have. killed the good ones that you just give up and their value does not stop it did not make it middle of the apples to look that's very difficult. after looking into should be. in portugal fernandez became minister of the environment in the newly formed left wing government in the 2015 elections water policy would soon change. oculus latest movie deal 1st then was the vs what the believe it. but they meant
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that yeah it was a little misery in this movie c.b.s. good thing cause. was. the bash. no but it is a sort of eden and we see this is that we will see that. unfortunately the government washes its hands of privatisation cases according to portugal's constitution municipalities are autonomous and the state is forbidden from intervening by stills and passions defended i have to get by on their own. the mayor of our state lowest has been left to deal with the compensation charge of 172000000 euros to the group of private water companies the municipality also realize it had lost all technical know how regarding water was
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released on my return started. i was born. in fact no wife but i guess if that's where. the mirror of passion is the ferry around britto witnessed the troubles in barcelona and tried to negotiate with the company new good. no seems new is that a big out of the world look mr vehicle because in the good ability uses of. course . the bus freedom at their leisure the. bison wasn't going to the sea and. oh you know me. activists against water charges often patrol this neighborhood of
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cork when they find an irish water crew installing meters they do what they can to stop the. you know what we need when we know. nothing has been set in stone yet but the commission keeps pushing ireland to comply with the community directive in order to impose meters and water charges on its citizens. there is this principle which is. framed in the water directive that the polluters should be so there should be a direct responsibility of this cannot be done with a general exception obviously faced with unprecedented public disobedience the government is trying to maneuver through public discontent and the demands to impose water charges from brussels what are trying to do you know in a small way they would say has to happen because the european union told us it has
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to happen because detroit at all us that's what it us but we can tom logical its head very very quickly because when the european commission offers a different opinion something else for example the apple corporation or the citizens of this country talk to bill talked in 1000000000 euro suddenly the ideology walks in there. and suddenly the new liberal say the european commission it's only an opinion we're part of europe but it doesn't it doesn't take away our ability to meet our own decisions in relation to how we tax how can do european commission take away our ability to make our own decisions in relation to water. for an opinion of the very same body and the very same people allows this to be her own decisions in relation to give an apple a 13000000000 year old gift well all you have to do is look at who profits to explain those contradictions so we're asking people to stick with the concept of
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company government that i have died 5 years ago the demonstration isn't done and it's apparently friendly demonstration like it's about money money is the bottom line you're going to be date without water it's not just not an option and it's too important it's much too important everything everything left in the hands of for profit companies. i was cuttin. how. i was i was how you do cause i was you was all of these situations and all of the peoples of europe need to start having an honest conversation with each other i think like
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to go see. russia europe people are saying you know. enough is enough. here we have our social europe by. the. mess thank you he was the who are you are who was. your car. or who was it r s come up oh no more fool who would. prefer to say oh it was. always me a lot of people think we almost want this i know you are the one who who
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was a who was who who. was. who. hello there it has been very wholesome draw across northern as of argentina and still no sign of any rain that is father to the south at these files continuing to in cool dave a province it is very mountainous the winds have been strong and it is hot the
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firefighters have yet to even get this particular blaze under control now the winds are coming from the north and it is hoped 39 insoles you on the winds a strong the rain is further to the south as we go on into south of the winds will change direction we're hoping to some of this rain to work its way northward but instead we're probably just going to get some very strong winds coming from both directions 40 celsius missiles you on that is against an average of just 26 in september plenty of rain across much of the cow a bit cuber again seeing some heavier downpours across into the bahamas as well and then central america on towards the mexico some very heavy downpours as we go through the next couple days finally beginning to get here across into florida began to say those rains very heavy through central and western as a cuba so if you will rain showers decayed away from the far east coast of the united states that's the remnants of what was beaten to the northwest we have got some rain showers pushing in but it is fine and dry in san francisco the golden gate bridge look at this is time lapse photography showing the fog clearing it'll stay dry and warm here's
3:59 pm
a go through friday but this and very welcome rain pushing in across much of the northwest. on the counting the cost brazil's economic meltdown covered $19.00 denial and corruption but both somalis popularity's on the law i must mexican farmers fear what little water they have given to the united states and the battle to get electric cars off the ground. counting the cost on al-jazeera. from out shiria liberia ponderous and cameroon al jazeera world means full rightism performance this past week journeys to europe have changed their lives i can't use the force. i'm talking about we we are moving fleeing persecution seeking a safe haven and creative freedom hardrock from home journalists and activists on
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al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the pond so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. this is al-jazeera. hello malcolm i'm peter double you're watching the news our live from our global headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. do a jew. or a side colonel is sworn in as molly's interim president and promises to hand over power within 18 months. very sorry for disappointing south korea the north sea leader issues a surprise apology over the killing of an official at sea.


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