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see. one of the bosnian war is darkest secrets bosnia they count on al-jazeera. i mean and azerbaijan ignore calls for a cease fire in the corner of her back as russia and france say syrian rebels are fighting for these areas. but on a clock his answer live from doha coming up. another woman is gang raped in india where outrage is growing over sexual violence and caste discrimination. dozens of people arrested in hong kong as thousands of police trying to stop pro-democracy protests from china's national day. breaking the rules
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over break now the european union is launching legal action against the u.k. . so we start with the conflict between john and armenia in the disputed new going to karabakh region where it's alleged that syrian fighters have now joined the battle france and russia say they've got evidence the fighters traveled through turkey to join the fight on behalf of azerbaijan french president of man or macro says it is a serious new developments the breakaway region is internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan controlled by armenian forces france and russia have joined the u.s. in calling for an immediate end to the fighting though the warring parties say now is not the time to talk peace to a place you don't know we have information today that is very clear that indicates
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that fighters from syria have left their their members of jihadist groups and they traveled via gaziantep to join the fighting into going to care about the situation because. the situation is serious in that region and we remain fully mobilized a few minutes ago we published a joint communique president trump president putin and myself as the 3 presidents of the mink's group in charge of monitoring the situation in are going to care about we demand an unconditional ceasefire. when all the while the turkish president resit type or one says it is unacceptable for the united states russia and france to now trying to reach a cease fire and are going to karabakh accusing them of ignoring the issue for decades he also repeated his call for armenia to withdraw its forces from the disputed region. but given that these 3 mints countries the us russia and france have neglected this problem for nearly 30 years it's unacceptable that they
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are involved in a search for a cease fire in the face of these negative developments that came to surface in recent days but if something is wanted the invaders should leave these lands in order to achieve a solution. well but a smith is life or a synagogue or a back and the panic. situation very serious what's the picture where you are. well over night was wednesday night into thursday morning it was comparatively quiet although the armenian defense ministry says it shot down another by johnny herrick helicopter then crashed into iranian territory later this afternoon though there was further down and in that shelling a local journalist a fixer working with 2 french journalists was killed he was from the town of mark today and that's where the shelling happened and the 2 french journalists working for moms newspaper one of then has been seriously injured nick. burns what about the diplomatic side of things any progress there at all. well we've heard
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pretty uncommon language certainly from the armenian perspective where i am in is prime minister nicole pushing me and has all long since this fighting started on sunday that turkey has sent because from syria mercenaries to fight alongside as ery forces turkey has denied that but he's now saying that the front line in go no karabakh has become a clash of civilizations he says and a pool of survival and our sack which is what the armenians call new. is a fighting against international terrorism sponsored by turkey and he says turkey seeks to continue in the genocide so what do you have foreign powers france the us the union russia calling for a cease fire the language that the armenian prime minister is the most but is not
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somebody looking for a cease fire and when we spoke to him on wednesday he said that the people of northern been attacked they have a right to defend themselves or a bullet thanks very much indeed i'm sorry about the signal coming out there but we got the gist of what bernie was saying. in syria because syria has this update from the azerbaijani capital back. tension is fairly high by the border especially up on the northeastern side of nagorno-karabakh where. this recalled character has been under attack by the armenian forces since the early morning and we heard that a civilian lost his life this early morning in tora tora as the civilian areas have been indiscriminately targeted by the army and says the officials and defense ministry has been is saying also down to south job rylan that the strikes at that have been fired also by the armenian forces and the fight has been intensified as well just let us remember
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a couple of days ago we heard that our survey jumble the tree was able to take over some villages to regain control of some villages in facilities strict but currently now we have 2 battle points one in the north is territory and down is the fuselage of area and the officials have been accusing our mania for indiscriminate targeting of the civilians and as also bernard for true azerbaijan is also seeking some support on the international level because when you speak to the officials they always complain that the area is under our mannion occupation these are not disputed lands these are our lands and all lands are being attacked by their minions again from all lands this is what as a real fish will have been saying since we arrived here last monday. protests are taking place across india over the gang rape and subsequent death of 2 women from the marginalised community police prevented opposition politicians from travelling
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to the site of one of the attacks india is regarded as one of the world's most dangerous places for women with a rape occurring every 15 minutes so hard as this report. as news spreads of the gang rape and the death of a 2nd woman from the donitz community these protesters try hard to enter the village where the 1st victim was from but it's now under knocked down emergency law was day of the days of demonstrations. we have section one for 4 of the indian penal code active in the district right now which means we are not allowing an assembly of more than 5 people. police went on to detain leader of the opposition congress party rahul gandhi and his sister as they tried to get into hatteras village to meet the victim's family. the police officials pushed me hit me with sticks right now and i fell down i'm not saying anything about that i have no problem i am only asking this question that in india be an artist people can walk
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on the road you can't govern people not walk in this country early. and a comment for the not rock. the latest victim was a 22 year old who died on tuesday on a way to a hospital in luck now in the northern states of a to pradesh the same day as the 19 year old 1st victim died off the spending 2 weeks in a hospital in delhi police say they've made arrests in both cases and if denied accusations by the family the 1st victim of committing a body without their permission thank. you separate cases have reignited protests across several states and online demanding justice for victims of sexual violence. the father if he yochi at atlanta can't protect women that it's better that he should voluntarily step down and resign he can't run the government. if the uttar pradesh government is on the women's side then why of rapes happening every other day every other day there are sexual assaults and other crimes happening to women
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we will teach this government a lesson not only did both women live in the same state but they were also both from the daleks community marginalized being at the bottom of india's deeply entrenched cost system despite laws protecting what was formerly known as the untouchables they face daily discrimination for generations so those so-called main dimensions ideas regards those such as violence against a custom woman as a serious issue but when it happens to or a low cost woman they are trying to predict their past just in the past right now not coming out as you would want for an upper class woman for instance in the us her head was used she was brutalized she was in the hospital but she was not given to build proper medical care the issue of sexual violence against women has been under the spotlight in india since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a woman in delhi which led to huge nationwide protests and changes to the country's great pools but this time protesters say it's hasn't been enough to protect these 2
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women enter to pradesh sort of hired a jazeera. while it had not been surging day who's a senior fellow at the harvard kennedy school and a scholar of india's caste system and he says that prime minister narendra modi's government thrives on the unfair cost. what we need to do is we need to strengthen the communities we can't rely on the bed of the limbs of the dominant caste and that's never going to work out and the world revolutions happen before colonization not upon the venerable and of the oppressor but we took the responsibilities upon ourselves and i think it is about time that the world community recognizes the cries of the elect and as recent as the data of 29000 chills 10. women i reaped every day it's not a country that is safe for any woman more so for the little one because she lives. in
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a condition that marginalizes her and this and ready to say at every level off for life the movie represents a certain ideology that wants to establish the roster him the nation and him to nation means something billets to the architectural status there is no hindu nation without untouchables there is no equality we look before 19 fifties a legal doctrine was yet to keep balance into subhuman level so when they try to paint a picture of muslim as an aggressor i said assaulter what we want to highlight is that the condition of ballots which is add to the level of they want to have a free slaves to work under them still ahead here not 0. where then die in the explosion now they're killing us losing hope people living in lebanon say there's no solution for the country's financial meltdown. we'll tell you why the u.s. is blocking imports of homo from a company in malaysia. hello
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we've got the rain clouds gathering across central parts of china at the my little area of cloud just starting to push into the central positive towards will hand to the east of that shanghai generally fine and dry along with the korean peninsula and much of japan will be a few showers into northern japan over the next day or so but wes a weather well that will push its way across north korea towards the far north east of china and you can follow that line of cloud right all the way back into central china so we'll hand having a pretty wet day as we go through friday that right pepping up to becomes more intense possibility of some flooding and disruption as it make their way into san stay to the south of that it is generally settled in sunny 30 celsius in hong kong settle in sunny to across the korean peninsula and also into
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a good part of japan tokyo at around $26.00 degrees lots of fine and dry zloty dry to across northwestern parts of india up towards the northern plains into pakistan but some very wet weather just around the northeast of the country a little circulation here bringing that warm moist air into west bengal pushing up across a good part of bangladesh where there is low lying lands of course which could well cause some flooding and some disruption on the other side of the bourbon go more heavy rain coming into western areas of me and my. hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question to ask these days it's hard to filter out the newly sinking track of what's really important to keep the bottom line tackles the big issues this is shaping the united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the well and the bottom line only and. if you want to help save the
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world. sneeze into euro. head again you're watching al-jazeera remind of our top stories and french president merrill macron says the deployment of syrian fighters to the disputed nagorno-karabakh region is a serious new development france and russia say they have evidence that fighters traveled through turkey to join the battle on behalf of the budget of. indian police have imposed emergency laws in the village where a young talented woman was gang raped a 2nd woman from the marginalized group also raped died on the same day come to
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outrage across the country. more than 80 people have been arrested in hong kong after defying a ban on protests the arrests came during china's national day holiday which marks the founding of the people's republic 71 years ago aaron brown has for. under the shadow of covert 19 and deepening concerns over a new security law this was a subdued national day for many people here but at a ceremony attended by hong kong's political elite the territories leader kerry lamb said the legislation had brought stability or hey sam like it over the past 3 months the plain truth is and it is obvious to see that stability has been restored to society while national security has been safeguarded and our people can continue to enjoy their basic rights and freedoms in accordance with the law. some not on the guest list try to stage
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a demonstration outside the venue. a protest that was quickly extinguished by police. on a day when they were braced for trouble riot officers sealed off a busy shopping area ready to act quickly to stamp out any signs of unrest they'd earlier denied permission for a march citing covert 19 and the potential for violence you cannot have well organized today but i think most of the hong kong people will come at this with to express their anger. there were many arrests taking to more than 10000 the number of people detained in protests since last june the combined effect of the new security law plus social distancing measures means we've seen no repeat of the mass protests of a year ago conventional demonstrating in hong kong is now effectively over with the movement behind the protests continues so people have had to become more creative
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in how they protest like displaying the newspaper most critical of the government there was some overt resistance with heckling. and chanting of pro independence slogans. in the chinese capital beijing the mood was very different not a mosque in sight at a ceremony in tiananmen square a mask of the ring that would be hard to imagine in many other countries today and a reminder of how life in china is returning to normal a week long holiday is likely to be a test though of the country's success in controlling the virus adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. the russian opposition leader lexan of on the has accused president vladimir putin of directly ordering the poison attack against him the valley is still recovering in germany 6 weeks after he ingested
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a soviet era nerve agent he told the spiegel magazine as an order from putin is the only explanation the kremlin has dismissed the mounties allegations as absolutely groundless and unacceptable. the european union has announced it's launching legal action against the united kingdom over plans to breach parts of the brics agreement it's a bill now before the british parliament would violate international law when it comes to trade rules in northern ireland prime minister bros johnson has admitted it breaks the rules but says it is necessary to protect jobs and the integrity of the u.k.'s internal market european commission president to live on the lead made the announcement this morning at the commission has decided to send a letter farmer notice to the u.k. government this is the 1st step in an infringement procedure. to let invites the u.k. government to send its observations within a month. and besides this the commission will continue to work hard towards
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a full and timely implementation of the withdrawal agreement we stand by our commitments a letter now from paul brennan who has more in london. i think that goes to the crux of the exhaust ration that the european union is feeling having seen the british sides in the negotiations essentially go back on the pre-agreed terms of the withdrawal agreement and having given the british 3 weeks to amend the internal markets bill and by the end of september with take out those controversial clauses the fact that they didn't meant it was inevitable that on the 1st of october underlaying would have to come out with this statement whether it will inevitably mean a day in court is by no means a foregone conclusion there are plenty of ways that this can be avoided 1st of all the british can relent and one route is through the agreements of the free trade agreement before the end of the transition period and the fact that they're still
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talking that still negotiating in brussels i think is a good sign whether they can do it in time though is another matter the british have set a deadline of the 15th of october the european union i think believes that's unrealistic and things early to mid november is more likely but the fact that they're still talking i think is a positive sign and it's not to get an absolute foregone conclusion that the 2 sides will face each other in some massive day in court dominant kain in berlin has more on the european perspective. pretty clear from. the lack of good faith from the british side of this particular scenario means that she and her colleagues. have to take this action they have to pursue the legal remedy if there is one the interesting thing is the rail politic element of this we know that there is an e.u. summit going on in brussels today and tomorrow we know that from the irish
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government remember the irish government is a particular player in this given the the fraught situation about border control should they be imposed on not between northern ireland part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland we know that the deputy prime minister has said today that he believes that there is still the scope for a comprehensive trade agreement which would not involve any form of terrorist for the controls like that and some form of minimum supervision might still be possible which would allow for a trade deal to happen but then juxtapose that with the view from the french government we know that the french of europe minister. born has said that without the british government removing the legislation that paul was just talking about there cannot be a trade deal so you have this sense that negotiations still going on but the lack of good faith as the europeans see it from the british perspective is definitely making it harder. attacking greece will jointly set up
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a hotline to avoid accidental clashes in the eastern mediterranean nato has been working with both countries to diffuse months of tensions over gas reserves of the new safety measures followed like collusion between turkish and greek frigates in august greece says it was an accident while anchored called it provocation. has been a potential breakthrough between israel and lebanon an effort to end a decades long border dispute lebanese parliament speaker boehner says the neighboring countries have agreed to hold u.n. mediated talks maritime and land borders are expected to be discussed at the meeting which will be facilitated by the united states the u.s. secretary of state that's my pumpin has called the development historic. or france is spearheading efforts to keep lebanon's a collapsing economy afloat country is struggling to form a new government and president's men will microsoft has given politicians an extra 6 weeks to form a nonpartisan cabinet design a hoarder reports the political vacuum is likely to continue for weeks. it's been
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nearly 2 months since the devastating explosion at the port in beirut it hasn't been easy for david sabella to find the money to fix the damage in his restaurant the economy was already collapsing and now a political vacuum creates more uncertainty within died in the explosion and now they're killing us and everything right away and still no solution in their fight and we're going to have or they don't even formed a government. the government resigned in the aftermath of the blast an initiative by french president a man well mcchrystal failed after lebanese parties didn't commit to forming a nonpartisan government capable of carrying out much needed reforms to unlock international financial assistance has been the most powerful group that is backed by iran wants a different approach. will have to be in the government whether through party members or non party members as this is up for discussion all the while the
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financial meltdown continues a caretaker government can't implement reforms or revive stalled talks with the international monetary fund for a bailout plan but got on the scope of this going on in lebanon and have been going on for 30 years that's protected by. wide open politicians and i don't think it. i think we're going to think much lower. many feel lebanon's fate is in tangled in international and regional politics. with. exterior. so i don't think it's going to happen in. the us government's maximum pressure campaign against iran is also directed against its allies washington has been trying to isolate hezbollah and its role and government seems to believe there can't be a political deal here until after the us presidential election many say it wasn't a coincidence that his deadline to form
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a new government after the polls in november but the french leader did advise the parties not to make a mistake on any possible changes in u.s. foreign policy. lebanon can't wait out the crisis the central bank has warned it will and subsidies on basic goods in the next few weeks because it is running out of foreign reserves this will further fuel inflation. most of our customers are buying this subsidized products now because other goods are too expensive. for many . middle class the sinking into poverty the local currency continues to lose value many fear difficult days ahead. firefighters in northern california are struggling to contain 2 moving wildfires one is threatening towns and. the other has killed 4 people close to the oregon border state has seen a record shattering far season that's already scorched over 1500000 activists. the
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airline industry is one industry that has taken a hit layoffs have begun for more than $30000.00 employees american and united airlines says if congress comes up with $25000000000.00 in aid to the next few days its workers will be recalled. the details. the airline industry got a stimulus package back in march with the provision that they don't layoff any staff that stimulus package ran out on thursday the 1st of october and now they are beginning to layoff between 30 to 50000 al line staff not just airline staff but those that support them as well so baggage handlers people that work behind the counters etc so the impact of this is on hundreds of thousands of families and there are aviation experts now that say at least one to 3 major airlines may actually fold all together because they don't believe that travel will return to anything like normal until around 2024 at the moment travel is down 70 percent but
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the treasury secretary steven ocean is pleading with the airlines not to lay people off because they may come up with some kind of new stimulus deal that doesn't like it's close at the moment with the democrats proposing over 2 trillion dollars and the republicans holding off but the important thing here is it is affecting the lives of normal 'd everyday americans with no real prospect in the future that they may get their jobs back if they are laid off or furloughed as they will be on thursday that means no health insurance that means a very desperate future for many many people in the united states has banned imports of palm oil from the malays in company after approving 2 allegations it uses forced labor the company says is disappointed with the move because it's been actively trying to fix the situation for snow he reports now from quite a number. the world's most widely consumed vegetable oil palm oil is found in
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half of all consumer products from food to biofuel it's also been blamed for deforestation with companies accused of clearing huge tracts of forest for plantations and now one of the world's biggest palm oil producing company malaysia based f.g.b. holdings has been accused of mistreating its employees the u.s. has blocked imports of palm oil and palm oil products from the company after a year long investigation by its customs and border protection agency found cases of abuse deception and intimidation of workers. has issued a statement saying it's disappointed by the u.s. decision and that it's been taking steps over the past few years to uphold my best bandit's this is not the 1st time the company has been criticized for labor abuse 2 years ago it was sanctioned by the round table on sustainable palm oil a world certification group that promotes ethical production of palm oil for among other things forced labor and complicity in the trafficking of its workers rights
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activists in malaysia say the exploitation of workers is a widespread problem in the industry so we have seen. which. illegal beats. from the work. sometimes. because of the fact. they use uk i work in how you. work there right malaysia is the world's 2nd largest palm oil producer after indonesia the 2 countries combined to produce 85 percent of the global supply malaysia's human resources minister told reporters the government views the allegations seriously and action would be taken but did not give further details the u.s. import back. and comes a year after rights groups called on f.g. to be investigated over concerns about forced labor and human trafficking on its
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plantations and it's not the only malaysian palmer producer on to scrutiny and she trafficking groups that lifted a petition to u.s. authorities in april against another malaysian based plantation company florence louis al-jazeera. for let's have a quick check of the headlines here in our desire and french president tomorrow macro's says the deployment of syrian fighters to the disputed you're going to occur back region is a serious new development france and russia say they have evidence the fight has traveled through turkey to join the battle on behalf of the by john france and russia have joined the u.s. in calling for an immediate end to the fighting though the warring parties say now is not the time to talk peace to a place you don't like we have information today that is very clear that indicates that fighters from syria have left today they are members of.


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