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tv   Rewind The Gift Of Sight  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2020 2:30am-3:01am +03

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there's great a general public to all of the 2 poor us we already were last year and now with the right to inequality. argentines have gotten used to persistent economic troubles although for many it's part of a desperate cycle with each new crisis condemning the most vulnerable to a life of constant need. and just when a site is. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera armenia says it shot down for hostile drones that appeared near the capital year of iran thoughts as its conflict with azerbaijan over the disputed nagorno-karabakh region continues for a 5th day the drones were spotted in 2 provinces bordering the capital meanwhile there been reports of an armenian drone being shot down by as a reformer says i'm not going to care about this footage was broadcast by turkish
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television on thursday the flare up in fighting this week is the deadliest in decades there are also allegations mercenaries from syria have joined the fight on behalf of azerbaijan protests are taking place across india over the gang rape and death of 2 women from the marginalised dallas community local police have denied one of the women had been raped citing a forensic reports. the european union is launching legal action against the u.k. over its bricks of plans a bill going through british parliament would violate international law and relation to trade rules in northern ireland this morning the commission has decided to send a letter from will notice to the u.k. government this is the 1st step in an infringement procedure. the letter invites the u.k. government to send its observations within a month. and besides these the commission will continue to work hard towards
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a full and timely implementation of the withdrawal agreement we stand by our commitments turkey and greece will jointly set up a military hotline to avoid accidental confrontations in the eastern mediterranean nato has been working with both countries to diffuse months of tension over gas exploration in disputed waters the safety measures following minor collision between a turkish and greek warship in august reset it was an accident while ankara called it a provocation the russian opposition leader election of all these accusing president vladimir putin of directly ordering the poison attack against him of all the is still recovering in germany 6 weeks after he ingested a soviet era nerve agents those are the headlines rewind is up next on al-jazeera. i am sequence of course because the these days it's hard to filter out the noise and keep track of what's really important the bottom line tackles the big issues
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this is shaping united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only on al-jazeera. alone welcome again to rewind on the parana here on rewind we're going back to some of al-jazeera as most powerful documentaries and finding out how the story has moved on sim's today we rewind into a film about a remarkable doctor on a mission to cure blindness millions of people around the world suffer from blindness that makes difficult lives harder than ever it in many cases they
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condition could be easily cured most cases of cataract blindness occur in the developing world and often they go untreated simply because of poor access to medical facilities but in some of the most remote parts of napalm one of the world's poorest countries and i can revolution is on the way thanks to a doctor locally known as the go out of sight so effective as his technique that doctors from around the world come to naipaul to train with him from the 101 east series back in 2014 he is yahoo mail hands moving and beautiful film the gift of sight. the himalayas remote and wild. the pose mountains are renowned for their picturesque beauty. for the
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many people living in the shadows of its peaks this stunning splendor can't be seeing. 'd is a 70 year old grandmother living in the foothills of nepal's himalayan mountains. is 4000 feet above sea level with a view many would pay to see. ringback there 4 years ago her world faded to black. 'd it started as if something poked me in the right eye and then it moved on to the left and say as a. ringback mother. ringback is blind in both eyes and
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lives her days immobilized by darkness and fear. her husband ring genies both her eyes and her feet. still her world is confined to the walls of this house. that. i used to plow the fields cuts grass and do a lot of work. now i can't even fetch water my husband has to do that. but a solution is within sight. as a form of blindness that is curable cataract blindness. across the country an estimated 150000 new police struggle to see most a blind from cataracts a clouding of the key lens of the. arena but one doctor has made it his mission to help them see again.
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i've come to the 2 ganga institute of ophthalmology to make the man locals call the god of site. son to kuwait is a world renowned expert in cataract surgery the 59 year old nepalese eye doctor has helped more than 100000 people to see. his one dozens of awards and he's one of the world's leading up from ologists the doctor away still tries to give each of his patients some time even for basic ictus. the center in katmandu is not only a hospital but also a state of the factory. each year 350000 lenses outward used here for cataract patients and sold across the world. in the u.s.
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a cost $100.00 to many clock to just one lens here the costs only $3.00 to sell them for about $3.00 to go bust. making the. idea is to make money. make. health in fact make that millions of people who did the surgery if you believe them in a moment will come within the package should be having told my governor here. dr weight is not only producing cheap lenses he's also changing the lives of the country's poorest by providing free surgeries all over nepal. today he's preparing to take his clinic out on the road.
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dr await has invited me to join him and his daughter on this trip. we begin with a day's drive into the mountains. next morning a journey it's tough. it's a steep climb but this is familiar terrain for a doctor oh wait. he grew up in similar foothills in a remote village in east in nepal where he learned what it means to lose somebody to illness when he was a teenager his sister died of tuberculosis you know it was very mental in my life because she passed away in front of me. and also i felt certain amount of an emptiness inside you know. a medical conditions like this can take away their wants from you so soon so i really felt that maybe this is
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a profession that i should take up. this will be the 1st i camp ever held in this region. the risk of getting a cataract rises in such high altitudes with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays . this combined with poor nutrition and lack of basic medical care may catch wrecks the leading cause of preventable blindness in the developing world. after an 8 hour trek we arrive in the village of bondi. most of the people here assured that an ethnic group made. famous for climbing everest dr waitstaff arrived at head of us and have already begun setting up. a team is rushing to transform this unfinished building into a makeshift hospital it's all hands on deck to turn this room into a surgical stater everything is going to be sterilize the walls and floors scrubbed
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down in preparation for surgery tomorrow. some patients are still making their way to the camp. for. the surgery could change her life. that i'm extremely happy that the i camp is here in my village i really hope that the operation works and they'll be grateful for that. getting his wife to the i can is a challenge for e.g. he's too weak to carry his wife so his brother has come along to help. in the now sterilized operating theater dr weight is getting ready for a long day he aims to complete at least 50 surgeries doctors in the west do only 121518 busy day. i joined him as he explains the small
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incision surgery technique he pioneered. a middle cut on the front surface of demands which is like the boy exists on the front shelf. know what i'm doing next means i'm isolating the nucleus richest the. nucleus from the back and take it out in one go like that seem credible. what you're left now is the back shell of the beautifully intact. with a clouded dumb. lens now removed dr away to carefully slides in an artificial one and this technique requires no stitches. and this is the concept of just the smallest some surgery become self sealing. the surgery is over in less than 7 minutes and in less than 24 hours the patient will see again dr await spent
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years creating and perfecting the stitch for a surgical technique today his method is widely practiced around the world by doctors who travel to nepal to train under him many come from developing countries like indonesia mean ma ethiopia and even north korea. not all of them speak with english so doctoral wait patiently guides them with hand actions. and. work with. dr joyce clough dane is an eye doctor from a remote island in indonesia a recent medical graduate she's here for a month long training program with doctoral wait. still be able to do pieces independently now. for nearly perfecting the technique similarly to do about
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another 2000 before succumbing to besides and says and. every year dr await and his tame train about 50 for an eye doctor. for them learning and a doctor await is a lifelong dream. the with. the ghost doctor it is an amazing i don't know a good man who wants to share his knowledge with other eye doctors regardless of which country you come from. for dr joyce it's a steep learning curve to indonesia in indonesia i would operate on 2 to 3 patients a day where since i've arrived here i typically operate on night 10 patients daily . it's late afternoon and both doctors have been operating for more than 5 hours but the crowd outside desperate for their turn isn't easing up. finally it's turn.
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these cataracts are not going to much or got the help of a mature. and about to burst out if she left her for longer would it be possible to operate. them is a really good chance those you know going down was collinson is glaucoma and. would probably be left with. an absolute blind eye. and curveball after a few minutes the surgery is done. but. the
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next morning back at the i camp anticipation and anxiety filled the air. i don't know. i have to no one seems as anxious as. they are that other. men did the talk of the day you know. if they do go a little more mum. number that's up if you're going to us. for all we would have but we had a look at that moment i was in the middle not so much of that. yeah but i'm like yeah. yeah there's some other guy like.
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if you. actually did say that. my dog is any good i don't believe it was the well we do the article that says already that we've got. to get out of the last find your yo yo yo yo yo cause of that as i want to that might get my head is that i think you know you and i you know this so sickly intervention is one of the few you know where you will see the patient like this just within 24 hours you know and after 24 hours sees at least 10 years younger than she was yesterday that brings the life brings to life you know the this smiles the author of here and i you know in a cycle of psychology and confidence and you see probably has
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a legacy expressed in the word. in a beautiful or today getting a week from a deep sleep you know let itself say so. none of these villages here thought they'd ever see again. it's a new beginning. to an awful lot like in the silliness of when i was in my life so i feel like i've just come eyes of my mother's womb and everything is so clear i just want to do my work and roam in the fields i haven't been anywhere in the past few years but once again strength i would like to travel around the world. it's the end of dr joyce's month long training in nepal she'll be taking what she's learned home to indonesia to the small island of nias wish to serve as the only trained eye doctor
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. it's a lot of pressure but she remains upbeat. and yes i'm happy to return to me yes apart from see my family i can also help the cataract patients in me as regain their eyesight. a few days later i also head for indonesia. i want to see how dr joyce is doing if doctors are having problems getting into nepal's mountains indonesia has 17000 islands are even more challenging it's why having a local eye surgeon is crucial. in these as one of the highest rates cataract blindness in the world with experts estimating between 2 and 3000000 people affected by the disease there's been no official studies done here on this island but it's not just adults who are suffering from correct blindness and we're about to find out why. while
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altitude is a problem in the pool here is the ultraviolet rays reflecting off the water for a community that spends a lot of time in the ocean many are at high risk of developing cataracts. today dr joyce is conducting the island's 1st cataract surgery camp to dr awaits for most students have flown in to help. while cataracts are usually associated with older people we find children among the waiting patients at that but for cataracts in children there is a possibility to have it from birth or that the pregnant mother suffered from malnutrition or fever contract a chicken pox but usually the cataracts don't fully form until they're about 11 to 17 years old. the siblings are given something to comfort them in preparation for
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what's to come. it takes about 5 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect and then it's time for surgery. in the theater dr joyce is getting ready to operate on her 1st child patient. of the head with a. 13 year old soul than tell him ban or is afraid of needles and hid the fact that he was blind in one eye but when he found out there was a free i camp he confessed to his parents that he had trouble saying dr joyce makes the incision but it's not easy to keep a young patient calm. but it's soon over
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and solon is sent off to recover for dr joyce it's on to the next patient. the hospital that she's working in is extremely basic sanitation is a problem and there's a severe lack of medical equipment we found only one sterilizer. but fortunately with dr awaits technique you don't need much. and 264 operations are completed here in just 2 days. the next morning the patients line up they and dr joyce are about to find out if the surgeries worked. dr joyce's young patient souls and is now able to see in his right eye it'll take time before sovan fully recovers. my mind numbing but. i have 5 can you say maybe one meter to see if.
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you are long gone. i am. so numb but i feel happy and proud when my patients regain their eyesight after alterations about her have. 7 7 7 at this size nearly key is the patient's begin to sing and dance it's been a successful 1st camp. from nepal to indonesia dr awaits vision is inspiring a new generation of doctors. with the surgery so simple and for many free. they not only restoring sight to the world's poorest they were storing hope.
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that was the gift of sight the story of an extraordinary man whose work changes lives well we return recently to naipaul to meet dr wrote again he's now working to develop community our hospitals to take the prevention of cataract the. imus down to a local level. 5 is on my fist seems completely for sharp who lives in bomb in the foothills of the hey mom yes. she's now in her mid seventy's and established in never in our lives on treacherous roads for an eye test at the pentagon the hospital in come on to. that that. have been doing that and that but enjoying it i'm going to get out of the
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building to go to the. market of them and know. what i'm talking about my. going to look on down the top of him. all the time boss on i'm going to eat. by the sword like most of us up there i can see if he had the confidence and of why it's because he was so timid that time you know and i was his sort of feel areas and make fun and i know i could get lots of the malaria. i don't buy but want to talk about without any that money can't have. and this was a kid with a. i was also done that again. after. her i. am dying. later that i don't have that or that it will hurt i've got what 1011. although and lamu site
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is clearly back she still needs glasses. for that but if you. ever get a number then i am going to get another cat. as well as performing surgeries doctorates hospital also manufactures lenses in the last 5 years it's nearly double it's production to around 500008 year and it's hospital has been recognized by the world health organization. of 5. to santa dr drew it runs a community i hospital in moscow 100 district. a team of 3 i talk to and support staff runs this hospital screening more than 300
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patients every day and performing nearly 5000 surgeries a year most of them cataract surgeries like that of anglo. it's a model that dr drew it says is easily jobs for 2 other developing countries but the initial investment of $2000000.00 over 3 years before the hospital becomes fully sustainable. this area is so short you comical situation the the window same same's. miller to us so we double up a system here keeping in mind that we face these obstacles so such a system of i care can very easy be replicated in other countries with similar challenges. and if his plan succeeds thousands more will get the gift of sight just like anger.
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well that's it from rewind for this week for more from the series there check out the rewind page on al-jazeera dot com i'm elizabeth purana from the hotel thank you for joining us and we'll see you next time. rewind the time. it's on the best al-jazeera documentary i would compel you to read onion we haven't done in the future spot the hot dog this is. the wrong city. motown to grow to. be in out here in the soil learning about health by eating good business train my wife i can't imagine doing something else on al-jazeera.
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and. global community we are our biggest overseas and elbow but so how crazy is that what response that looks like the part of the debate issue in each if you can jump into the conversation by 2 way when no topic is off the table you are not afraid of anyone taking power we just call him what he lives in the least in the world you see 3 children richer and the poor getting poorer it's not kill destroy the system it's just to look at the system and adapt it to the modern world history on out is the euro. 2 years off to the murder of a saudi journalist. the global demands of transparency continues. with the shall ever see justice. system if you can. on
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a just. a little. armenia and azerbaijan continue. to face off in a disputed border region there are allegations fighters from syria are also involved in the conflict. is all just there a light from a headquarters and. also a heads up. mass demonstrations across india over the gang rape and deaths of 2 women from the marginalised zealots community. the e.u. formally launches legal action against the u. .


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