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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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mc this is 2020 this is the united states when you see this is the super surprise with bells on i can already see the members that see hold on hold my beer because that's where this is going to go after this you would expect it to be a big moment absolutely but there's still a long way to go to the end of october how does it affect the race while donald trump likes being out in the crowds he thinks that that's a way to get the message across he picks up television coverage both in local stations when he goes to swing states but also in some national stations although not everyone carries him know in the way that they did 4 years ago so he believes this is a good way to get his message out the problem is he can't do that anymore he's got to self isolate at least for 10 probably for 14 days in fact the trump campaign this morning sent me a note saying that donald trump will be in texas next week while he's not going to and that's going to hit the fund raising is well he really needed something to change the face of this race but not in this way this isn't going to work oh well
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for him because of course the democrats have for a very long time pivoted to virtual fundraising virtual town halls virtual rallies joe biden and his campaign have put together a very tight social distancing protocols so it's not that much of a pivot for them it is a much bigger deal for the democrats to for the republicans to change their style of campaigning for donald trump and he needs to change the narrative of this race because if you look at the most recent polls there was one yesterday nationally he's behind by 8 percent what is concerning for him is that has been the same since very early in this race since joe biden essentially was named as the democratic candidate but he's also behind in key swing states so. he's he's going to got to get surrogates out there he's got to get them on the ground hoping that they can generate interest but the reality is when it comes to the republican campaign donald trump is box office that's who they want to see that's who they want to hear
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from and for the next 2 weeks he's going to be very limited in his interactions and who knows what will happen next fish of the time being thanks very much indeed an official there at the white house. well let's just review where we're at the white house says that donald trump is experiencing mild symptoms after testing positive for coronavirus white house chief of staff has just said that trump is expected to remain on the job officials are now rushing to find those the president has come in close contact with in the past few days the 1st lady and a senior aide have also tested positive for covert 19 and a month out as we've just been discussing without official a month from election day there's new uncertainty over the campaign the president confirmed the results in a late night tweet hours all through a top aide was confirmed to have the virus pics traveled with the president several times in the past few days including on choose date to the debate in cleveland in ohio the next day they flew together to
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a campaign rally in minnesota the president does have mile sent and as as we look 'd to try to. make sure that not only his health and safety and welfare is good we continue to look at that for all of the american people he continues to be not only in good spirits but very energetic we've talked to a number of times this morning. let's bring in dirt plumber who's a democratic strategist and joins us live now from washington d.c. mr plummer as a lot of uncertainty here to say the least what now do you think the election campaign how is it going to pan out. well listen i think what we will see over the course of the next you know our guest tonight and now days is that you know this is going to bring the issue of the pandemic and health care to the forefront of american voters one of these that we've seen over the last couple weeks is that the
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charm campaign has tried to as much as they could to pivot away from talking about health care talking about coded and right now their new campaign and she has and so people can be thinking about that and as was reported earlier that's going to change the dynamic in terms of how troublesome be able to get out his message you know he's in wanted to do these large rallies were people were wearing masks he's not going to really be able to do that it's going to impact his fundraising joe biden just raised more than he needs he raised in august in august he shattered records at $365000000.00 and trump is at a deficit in terms of fundraising so there's a number of factors a number ways a split impact campaign but this is only an october surprise and what do you think we're going to see more of mike pence substituting campaign rather than fisher of course we're just discussing then that it's total trump who's box office. yeah i mean look i think what's going to happen is that you're going to see more about
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mike pence right you're going to see more about who might pence is and what that means you know here in the u.s. our succession is in the admitted the president pass it in any way that it in because the vice president and what we'll see in the coming days i think is seen my pince you know the vice president to be that's one of the next wednesday between he and senator harris and he's going to have to try to you know carry the weight of the campaign at least in the foreseeable future and do this we don't know if he can do that and what about joe biden best can he play this to his advantage will his campaign regard this as an opportunity converse for the for donald trump. could a swift recovery work to his advantage. i have to say you know look historically when world leaders have gotten sick we've seen poll numbers change so for instance when boris johnson earlier this year contract a coke that we saw
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a 17 percent bump in his approval rating i don't they were to see quite that with because he has really talked about. it in a way that it's been nonchalant he's trying to downplay the actual significance of it not wearing a mask setter and so i don't think he can really expect too much not bump no way and i think what that means for the by the campaign is people actually want to talk about the substance people want to actually talk about what are the policies how are we going to say what does this mean when you know the president has the absolute best. health care one can get his own personal doctor he has access to hospitals there's no one on this earth that has better access to medicine and doctors than the president the united states i think which is even the biden campaign is the really focus on the issues that matter most the pain to americans make sure they're talking about why every american doesn't have the ability to have the type of access to health care that we see from elected officials like president
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trump one thing that just occurs to me if donald trump did become too sick to take part in the election what would happen the. yes so you know voting has already started in 36 in the u.s. and. you know he will remain on the ballot and there is a possibility you know he would withdraw i don't think that would happen but at the end of the day if he's not able to campaign on the ballot is still the same matter of fact i just received my ballot yesterday here in the d.c. area and so you know we have an opportunity to vote for who's on the ballot but again i think that's what we're going to see a lot more mike pence regardless because you know he's going to carry the message absolutely. and we'll see those tweets you have 10 to 14 days or so to do that and that is his you know his preferred method of communicating but i think people are going to actually hear some stuff from from. and from trump in terms of my policies
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and i think that's going to be primarily the burnette going to have to carry for the next 2 days appreciate so you're not assisting her mission thank you thanks for having me. let's take a closer look at the president's health trump is 74 years old and considered overweight both make him high risk for the coronavirus questions were raised about his condition in june when he appeared to have difficulty drinking water and coming down from the stage at an event but he dismissed concerns about his health in november last year trump made an unscheduled visit to the doctor for a test something that's usually noted in his public during the white house said he was in good health during his campaign in 2016 trump produced a note saying he'd be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency later said that trump had written the letter himself well son john. and if
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associate professor of infectious diseases at the australian national university and he spoke to my colleague some music and told them that despite trump's age this still a possibility the president's case may not be too serious. look he could potentially despite a couple of respect us have a very mild illness and hopefully that will be the case and he will get over it we're angry cover without any major complications there are 2 things against against that his age and potential obesity as well we know that if someone is around $74.00 which which is he $74.00 also if you're over 70 the mortality rate of the death rate from this infection now it varies in studies around the world but it's around 10 percent and if someone is a beast there's about a 100 percent increased risk of being hospitalized compared to someone who isn't about a 70 percent chance of having our critically ill illness and about
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a 48 percent chance of dying or right now how long might it take before one would know if this virus you know if we're going to have you are going to suffer from this virus or it's going to be a mild case i mean how soon would one be able to make that determination normally you know this is quite different to start sars often early on people got unwell but with curve it it's usually early on in the 2nd week that people start to become unwell so the 1st few days of the you know this might be mild maybe that 2nd week that they start to become unwell and in fact when asked if a 48 percent chance of an obese person dying i mean of relative is not an absolute qualifier and from what we know about the president's schedule in the last 2448 hours you know he's he's had a busy schedule he's appeared at campaign rallies it wasn't long ago he was at that
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debate in cleveland ohio would you suspect somebody with that kind of active schedule may have passed this on to many other people or many other people may have received it from where. he got it from as well that this is not going to be just an isolated case that's right but look at it also depends on a few things was he symptomatic or asymptomatic if you was coughing and spluttering he may be inclined to have infected more people than if he was asymptomatic so that is important as well but context traces will try and determine what or how many close contacts the hat so how many people he was in almost face to face contact for 15 minutes or so or was in the same room for more than 2 hours so those sorts of things context races are going to go through in great detail to try and determine the number of close contacts that the president has had well u.s.
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president is not the 1st world leader to contract the virus brazil's president gibe also nora he tested positive back in july and the british prime minister bruce johnson was moved to an intensive care unit in april after contracting covert i mean barbara has more now from london. boris johnson has been one of the 1st world 'd leaders to put out a message of support for president trump and his wife in the last few hours based not just on that close friendship that they verse struck up but based on boris johnson's own personal experience of being in a hospital with covered 193 nights of his hospital stay being in intensive care leading to dark days in which in his words things could have gone either way let's have a listen to what he said just a few hours ago well obviously i think we all want to send best wishes to the president and the 1st lady and i've done that this morning as you can imagine and i'm sure that they'll both stage a very strong recovery where boris johnson is to some extent and
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a changed man after his experience when he came out of hospital he paid tribute to medical workers who he said had saved his life he then started a fitness regime including daily runs and he has lost weight and just this week in fact reporters asked him whether he had fully recovered from coverage 19 he said that he was far healthier than he had been previously due mainly to losing weight and in the last few months he's actually trying to start an initiative to fight the big problem here in the u.k. of obesity at the same time initially what he went through seems to actually increase his personal popularity ratings into april but then they've actually started to go down following controversies over the way the government handled things like testing for coronavirus things like protective equipment for frontline workers 'd and other issues so i think there was
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a lot of public sympathy for boris johnson as well it's not clear exactly how his experience will compare to the u.s. presidents but certainly boris johnson has taken the whole danger the whole fate of coronavirus more seriously one can say than for example president also narrow in brazil. in other news people in india defying a protest by the state of law to protest following the recent gang rape and death of 2 women from the marginalised community the cases have reignited a national debate on sexual violence and i discriminate 3 cost system but as a sort of reports it's also turned into a week of political attacks between the government and the opposition. in an
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emergency lockdown and a ban on protests hasn't stopped people from gathering at this village in india's northern states of it's a pradesh this is where a 19 year old one of 2 women from the marginalized community was gang raped recently resulting in her death was scuffles broke out between opposition politicians and the police i'm not doubt if there 2 are valid dire jobs when we were going to meet the doll it family they didn't let us go this policewoman pulled my blouse and beat one of our legislators with a baton she fell down. the 2nd victim was a 22 year old he died on her way to the hospital and she stayed the same day as the 19 year old they cases have caused a national public outcry was a protest is a blaming the government's police and what they say is a deeply entrenched discriminatory call system for what happens to minority women.
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while the suspects from an upper castes community are in custody the police chief on thursday ruled out rape allegations in the case of the 1st victim. it was clearly stated in the report of the forensic science department that the samples that were collected didn't show any trace of sperm this makes it clear that some people used this case to try to start casting sions and the state was a claim refuted by forensic experts in the victims' families who accuse the police of destroying evidence and cremating the body of 19 year old victim without her family's permission. facing heavy criticism the government has promised to fast track the cases it's human rights activists and the opposition blame it for allowing police to use excessive force against protesters including the detention of congress party leader raul gandhi and his sister on thursday. accountability is
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also completely asserted me it's not in the public domain if it's happening it's happening only in the level of the department and that doesn't build public trust it would build public trust of the police reported to the public this is why we had to take the action that we teach. children pritish reid says police in delhi mistreated him during a protest on wednesday. police it seems you know is functioning with complete immunity there is really don't care if you file cases there really don't care if the media covers i personally feel that you know delhi is on the word of becoming another don when kashmir where you basically waste your don't agree to go pinion and you are welcome to the police station or the jail. sexual violence against women was at the center of widespread anger and nationwide protests in 2012 that led to changes in the little.
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potato years later women here still face a significant risk of sexual assault according to the government's own national crime records bureau a woman is raped in india every 15 minutes set aside at al jazeera. to mexico now where the supreme court has ruled that a referendum can be held that asks if the state should be allowed to prosecute former presidents it was proposed by the current leader and throws manuel lopez obrador this could allow the investigation and potential prosecution of 5 former presidents one or reports from mexico city. protesters outside mexico supreme court. they are here to support mexican president and that is one way lopez obrador and his proposal for a nationwide referendum that opens up the possibility of investigating and prosecuting former mexican presidents for alleged crimes committed while in office . we won prosecutions we want to prosecute the ex presidents who did so much damage
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to the country how is it possible that those who committed crimes are not paying for it the yellows and. the debate before the supreme court which met via video conference was over whether this sort of public survey is constitutional or politically motivated in the end the court voted $6.00 to $5.00 in favor of the referendum. for his part president lopez obrador it has said the motivation for this initiative isn't about going after opponents but rather broadening political participation in national politics. to these means respecting the spirit of article 39 of the constitution which says the power rests with the people and it is instituted to their benefit and that the people have the right to change their form of government that is the essence of the. i'm going to use them for that if enough people vote yes mexico's living x. presidents could face investigations and be tried for alleged crimes constitutional
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experts however say the debate is unnecessary as former presidents are not immune from prosecution and can already be investigated if accused of a crime. this is smoke it sound to sweeten the ears of the people and to distract from the issue of secure. health of the economy or our having passed the question of constitutionality the nationwide referendum is scheduled for june 2021 to be binding however it will require at least 40 percent of the national vote and clear the many other legal challenges that have made the prosecution of former presidents in the past next to impossible when read up a little al-jazeera mexico city thousands of honduran migrants bound for the united states on foot may be forced to return home after crossing to guatemala because while the president has ordered they be detained it prepares a because since the pandemic devastated central american economies more about money has this ripple i outnumbers and facing thousands of people determined to end to
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quote to mana i it doesn't take long for these one durance to push through the lines of soldiers at what i'm on is a symptom or buddha and pressing their aim to reach the united states. there are thousands of people had left some pederast in west and hundreds by photo when they it's not far from the border but the journey was made longer as they avoid is in large mountain range. they say they are desperate one door says economy was hit hard too in the pandemic that has killed more than 2000 people some say they had this with choice leave oh thanks salvation. again i live in iowa there is nothing here we're dying of starvation there are no jobs we'll see we have to fight to get to the u.s. or above on things awful here we have to find new opportunities if we stay here crime or starvation will kill us. it's the 1st large group of people to leave
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honduras this year and the largest migrant caravan in central america since the current a virus pandemic case in march as people reach quite amala they were greeted with a sign reading welcome to guatemala the days people are hoping they would be baffled law. the regional agreement allows hondurans to transit through. parts they are expected to be processed at the border many were held up after not presenting ideas or author proof of a negative coronavirus test before entering parts many north of the crossing instead illegally breaching the border nearby. what demolished president hundreds and then once he would take measures against the caravan saying on twitter he would not tolerate anyone entering the country illegally. neighbor mexico has also made it clear they're not welcome it's consulate in honduras is warning it would not
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allow a migrant caravan to transit to the u.s. and the u.s. embassy in honduras warned it would be more difficult than ever for people to enter illegally into the united states. although these people are determined to find a better life in the u.s. with the asylum system practically shut down during the pandemic the future remains uncertain. you're about among the al-jazeera. now then armenia says it's ready to work with mediators to reestablish a cease fire in a go in a car about a 1000000 in azerbaijan forces have been fighting over the disputed region and it's continued into a 6th day the united states russia and france they've all called for the resumption of talks they co-chair the minsk group set up to find a peaceful resolution to the decades old conflict let's join robin 1st year walker who is live in tbilisi in neighboring georgia and robin said tell us more we're getting new reports of fighting and attacks on civilian locations can you bring us
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up to speed. yes nic i can in azerbaijan we can start there 1st today in the republic in the main territory we know of at least 4 villages all settlements that came. from the side of the armenian forces and also on the median held territory of the disputed territory of going to karabakh a number of places struck with. other forms of munitions and particular step on a kit that's the the regional capital of the school and there they were saying that it was the worst that they had experienced since the fighting began on sunday some injuries that another city as well was accused they accused these areas of firing a particularly lethal. russian rocket attack there has been infrastructure hit a bridge down it looks as if forces are trying to cut off and go in
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a car back now and media came under attack i've seen pictures of of a minivan that had clear press markings on it. struck by small rounds it's incredible that no journalists. but yesterday 2 french journalists and seriously injured and sadly their fix it was killed but those 2 journalists are now understood to be in a stable condition so the fighting very much still in full swing in the going to nic what about all the media saying it's ready to work with mediate how much credence can we give that. you know will the foreign ministry of armenia made a statement that would be considered the idea of a ceasefire if the under the terms under the conditions of the minsk process that's the that's the group that has been traditionally responsible for trying to find
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a peaceful. lucia into this conflict has been going on for decades it's. co-chaired by the u.s. france and russia who remember yesterday released a joint statement an unusual one by the then the presidents of russia france and the u.s. . now that was seized upon it as a sign that the armenians were willing to talk but again no sign from the very site that that is going to be entertained and again we're hearing from turkey from the president repeating his assertion that the only way out of this is if the armenians leave and is going to care about all together and the armenians have no intention of doing so looks as if we still face continued fighting and an intensification of this war in the region all right robin thanks a lot to robin 1st you're welcome to in tbilisi well as president is accusing international mediators of allowing all media to all. for decades in an interview
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with al-jazeera says it's about time the u.n. security council resolution is only going to karabakh implemented. the main reason is that armenia doesn't want peace they want to keep our land under occupation for ever they don't want to change the status quo and this is a reason why i lasted so long because otherwise if i mean it demonstrated with real and acted in compliance with the resolutions of main international organizations the conflict would have been resolved many years ago because back in 1903 when armenia occupied part of our territories un security council adopted 4 is aleutians demanding immediate cruel and unconditional withdrawal of their troops from our territories but this is a lucius remain on paper means
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a group which was created in order to facilitate to find a solution. already is in activity for 28 years and also without any result therefore who was the main reason this they said the position of armenia the 2nd reason is that leg of insistence from the side of the mediators and lack of pressure on armenia to start implementing resolutions of united nations security council and you can watch the full interview with us by jones president ilham aliyev on talk tried 0 that's on saturday 0430 hours g.m.t. and we will also air an interview with the armenian prime minister that's nicole a past union on sunday at 830 g.m.t. sides coming. now all foreign media accreditation have been cancelled in better or
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worse the government says all journalists and now required to reapply the foreign ministry's also some of the ambassadors of poland in latvia in the capital means it's inviting the embassies of both countries to reduce and diplomatic stuff. al-jazeera why critics say the french president plans to strengthen secularism will end up stigmatizing muslims. and in sport the carolina panthers are using these robots to help combat current peter but it's plain old. how low we've got some right in the full cost for pos of the middle east generally up around northern parts of the region up towards the black sea it was a caspian sea just around the coaxes you can see this little light of shower
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clabber seen some showers recently in armenia in the into georgia pushing a little further south northern parts of iraq could see some showers as we go through the next couple days although wise is very much a case of hazy sunshine temperatures into the low to high twenty's across parts of the event by rita $27.00 celsius and with temperatures for at jerusalem still touching 40 degrees there for baghdad and for kuwait 38 in doha 14 back to call it chilly 35 degrees celsius here on sunday a pleasant 35 shall we say little cloud across the western side of saudi arabian a chance of wanted to showers between mecca down towards that western side of yemen always with a good chance of showers across central africa of course and there are rolling off the ethiopian highlands some heavier downpours now pushing across northern parts of democratic republic of the congo still some showers into central areas of angola what's the weather up towards lake victoria still seeing some of the weather across
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the southern cape and also the eastern cape it does turn drive in the south but showers continue. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. against corruption corruption is not something to be told that it. is not going to african. no country his email and let's destroy this wall. in 2020 the free space overlord encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption hero. nominate now. hi i'm steve clements i question his keys days it's hard to filter out the newly sinking track
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of what's really important to the bottom line tackles the big issues this is shaping the united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only on al-jazeera. out again you're watching al-jazeera or mind about top stories this hour the white house says that president donald trump is suffering from mild symptoms of current of ours after testing positive is not rushing to find those who else might have been infected the 1st lady and a senior aide also tested positive for the trumps are in isolation and a month out from election day is new on certainty of the campaign. several senior
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officials have confirmed negative tests you could have sex your state might compare who's in croatia he says he plans to go ahead with his asia trip next week vice president mike pence as you say tested negative. democratic house speaker nancy pelosi said that plans are for continuing government are in place and that there is tragic trumps habit of going into crowds without a mosque was a brazen invitation for something to happen. well we've also just heard from the 1st lady who has tweeted to say thank you for the love you are sending away i have mild symptoms but overall feeling good i'm looking forward to a speedy recovery. well let's take a look at how well this is impacting the world stock markets and u.s. stocks fell when wall street opened a couple of hours ago investors are jittery after president trump announce he had tested positive christensen he joins us live from new york and kristen the markets like certainty and this is nothing like certainty. yes you're
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absolutely right the news sent markets around the world tumbling and here in the united states the tech heavy nasdaq index is down the most at more than one percent the dow is down about a half percent elsewhere in the world in japan the nikkei down point 6 percent closed down at point 6 percent some other asian markets were closed for holidays in europe we're seeing the dax down point 6 percent in the footsie down slightly as well as you say the markets don't like uncertainty and this is something that they are still processing this news that president trump has tested positive for the coronavirus and investors want to know not only what this means for the president's health and for the upcoming election but of course for the economy and there are a couple questions that investors are waging weighing in as this news develops and that is what impact this will have on attempts to get
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a stimulus bill passed that something investors have been very concerned about the house passed a $2.00 trillion dollar stimulus bill but the republicans are saying there's no way that they're going to go along with that we know that treasury secretary steve newton is scheduled to talk with president trump about this later today there are reports of that here in the united states that is something that investors will be watching very very carefully as things move forward because. the bill will have a big impact obviously on the economic recovery we also heard some job figures today for the last month which showed that the united states unemployment rate continues to tick down a word it's heading in the right direction but it looks like job creation is slowing and that's a concern on the unemployment rate it's now at 7.9 percent that's down from 8.4
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percent last month at this time. the job creation. 660000 new jobs but again a slowing rate of new job growth that had been taking up $1000000.00 jobs per month so far the recovery has only yielded about half of the jobs that have been lost since the pandemic so lots of data to crunch for investors and lots of concern now seeing the president diagnosed with kovan really brings it front and center the possibility of a 2nd wave of infections here in the united states and how that could also impact things going forward so for now again markets here and around the world trading lower less than 2 percent most of them a lot of uncertainty there a lot of uncertainty christine thanks a lot between new york well the u.s. constitution's 25th amendment spells out the line of succession if donald trump declared himself on able to discharge the power. of his presidency temporarily hand
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to vice president mike pence by sending a written declaration to the leaders of the house and the senate the next in the line of succession is the democratic speaker of the house that's 90 bluesy this section of the amendment has never been used in u.s. history and then comes the most senior senator in the majority party that's the republican senator of iowa chuck grassley and if all of them are incapacitated the presidency goes to search your state and that's currently mike pompei oh all right let's speak to steve clemons who's the host of our deserves the bottom line and joins us now from just time in maryland so steve so if chums condition did worse and mike pence would take the helm he's tested negative as we've heard what kind of precedent is there for that and what implications would that be on the election in one month's time. i think it would be staggering you know and i think we need to be careful of saying if the president's condition worsened that
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power would then move to mike pence you know i think that that step is one that folks are going to be very very cautious about function waiting i think the white house and particularly this president we all know president trump is is tenacious about you know his position and his power and he's going to send a signal that he's fine and working through this and he will no doubt. you know try to give an appearance of standing strong what should a transfer of power occur as you just indicated to michael pence i think it throws everything we see about the united states election which is in 32 days everything we see about the fight over the supreme court seat the seat vacated by ruth bader ginsburg into you know a you know of of more text and and while we know that the republicans still have the seats that they have it's the tenaciousness of donald trump behind many of these things that is driving the republican party right now mike pence that's not
6:39 pm
come off as a wrecking ball and that is what the base of donald trump wants to see and what he plays to and so it's a staggering implications yeah mom it is a cause i should say that the white house press secretary saying that donald trump instead on the job and will stay on the job. look at the other side of things what about the electorates what given that day. trump was openly mocking joe biden his opponent in the upcoming election for his mosque wearing and given what he does not please mask wearing the right one you know use mass wearing it is being relegated for so long to the basement remember when he was calling him basement joe because they were worried about the large crowds the door knocking be masculists giant rallies that were taking place we saw the president applauding. hundreds of thousands of people of bikers motorcyclists gathering in south dakota and going back to places around the nation and driving new spokes spikes in the
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coronavirus we see florida removing all restrictions whatsoever on the wearing of masks throughout any place of commerce in the state of florida which is again all been aligned with president trump's dismissal of coded as a serious threat so either that is going to become a learning moment and one of humility where where they were chastened and show that they were chastened or we're going to continue to have a very deep divide in the country over masks and kind of sensible hygenic standards to what degree could donald trump use this to his had volunteers because that will be plenty of sympathy out there for. i think the sympathy vote is something that very few people have thought through i think americans typically rally around their leader who is donald trump in times of crisis i think what what shaves
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a few points off of that sympathy vote is the fact that many people are going to say that this was a self-inflicted situation for himself and one in which he was reckless you remember his good friend herman cain one of america's great black business leaders and a former candidate for the republican nomination for presidency who went to the toll so rally mocked the wearing of masks and recently died and so there are a lot of people like that i think. they're going to say this is self-inflicted but the sympathy vote should he become very very ill i think is something that could be significant and they stave always try to get your perspective on this thanks very much as they've claimed you know joining us thank you. now it's been 2 years since that saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi was murdered inside his country's consulate in istanbul activists have held a memorial event after initially denying reports of his death the kingdom said the journalist was killed in a rogue operation by team of agents sent to persuade him to return to society rabia
6:42 pm
taking says it's committed to hold to account those responsible for the killing while the shell has more now from mr. despite it being one of the most notorious crimes in recent history 2 years have gone by and still justice has not been served in the murder case of jamal khashoggi 24 months on the focus on the saudi journalist who entered his country's consulate in istanbul never to be seen again may have died down but the outrage remains. had been writing for the washington post the 1st anniversary of his murder was marked in a high profile vigil attended by the post's owner and the world's richest man jeff bezos a monument was placed just yards from the saudi consulate store a place for people to pay their respects for the slain journalist who was not afforded even the rights for a proper burial a saudi official still refused to disclose the whereabouts of his body or his remains. colleagues this year's anniversary is being marked with the launch of the
6:43 pm
organization which will she was setting up before he was killed dawn or democracy in the arab world now it was this type of work his advocacy for freedom and poor ism that earned him the wrath of saudi crown prince mohammed bin son man jamal was perhaps the arab world's most famous political exile in saudi arabia try to silence we will give a voice to thousands like him struggled for change in their country. while his friends and colleagues have succeeded in continuing his legacy through the launch of drone there's been little success in their fight for justice after initially denying they killed him saudi arabia then pushed the narrative that the journalist was murdered by what they described as a team of rogue agents a snotty mask images a video it took months before any form of court proceedings began and even then they lacked any form of integrity or transparency. in december 2019 a saudi court sentenced 5 unnamed people to death and 3 others to prison for the
6:44 pm
murder but those sentences were commuted 3 weeks ago in what the united nations special envoy an extra judicial killings described as the antithesis of justice meanwhile turkey says it's committed to holding those responsible for the murder to accounts on thursday the prosecutor's office said it was indicting 6 more saudi citizens in their ongoing case the latest names include true consulate staff crown prince mohammed bin sun man who is believed to have ordered the murder appears to have weathered the fall out he's still very much in power and world leaders continue to do business with him but even in his death jamal khashoggi remains a thorn in his side and one that could prove to be even more damaging still drama. to stumble. the president of france has described islam as a religion that is in crisis all over the world today and not all macron made the comments during an address on battling radicalism in france he also announced
6:45 pm
a draft law aimed at strengthening secularism the anti separatism bill was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic critics say it will stigmatize muslims young enough that islam is an idea in this radical islamism there is a declared wish and a methodical organization to contravene the law of france and create a parallel order to establish different values develop a different organization for society a separatist one at 1st but with the final goal of taking complete control. of france's expecting demonstrations against its new cave in 1000 restrictions intensive care units have been filling up in paris and other regions about restaurants are closing for 2 weeks beginning from monday but they've already provided protests early this week more than 10000 new cases have been reported daily for the past fortnight. new. to come into effect in madrid despite the standoff between the spanish capital city and the central government under the new restrictions residents in the city will not be allowed to leave the
6:46 pm
area the less they have to make an essential journey with drugs regional government says it questions a legal credibility of the order and would challenge you to court spain has recorded more than 770000 corona virus infections 5 european members of the un security council demanding an explanation from russia on the poisoning of the opposition politician in the letter submitted to the council calls the attack a threat to international peace and security the valley has accused president vladimir putin of directly ordering the attack still recovering in germany 6 weeks after a nerve agent was used to question him hill tribes in northern thailand have spent decades fighting for citizenship tourism was one of the few ways that many of them like the current tribe and their livelihood and that's straight up because of the pandemic forcing some to consider heading back to myanmar to reports now from my teaching in thailand. has for the last 3 decades since fleeing
6:47 pm
her home in myanmar's state she readies for her day of selling hand-woven fabrics to tourists after her parents died and with no work nor land to cultivate she left for a better life in thailand but that living had been brought to a halt because of cope with 19. she lives in a village with others from the korean hill tribe made famous by brass rings the women wear around their necks giving them the nickname the long. they make their livelihood into worst villages posing for photos and selling crafts while most of the men work with elephants at nearby camps. tourist hill tribe villages in elephant camps are viewed by many human and animal rights groups as exploitive but it's one of the few ways the hill tribes people can make a living like the other ethnic hill tribes in thailand generations of korean have been fighting for thai citizenship my prey has been waiting 15 years i'm
6:48 pm
a christian and i guess nobody is helping me i want to get citizenship i tried so many times but they say i'm too old the ethnic hill tribes are some of the most marginalized people in thailand they're decades long battle for citizenship now coupled with economic hardship because of the pandemic their meagre earnings from tourists have been decimated not teach also fighting for citizenship realizes the pandemic has slowed the process she's willing to cut her losses but can. i think of leaving if the borders reopen but they aren't open now pando on jai fled fighting between armed groups and the government forces in myanmar shan state in the 1980 s. he's also seeking citizenship and is part of a group helping others to do so. since they are not making money. to pay for expenses like this means they are unable to pursue the citizenship local immigration officials say that even in the best of times it's a slow process to investigate cases due to understaffing. many who cross over don't
6:49 pm
have passports or birth certificates in the current bill or just district normally $500.00 cases will be processed monthly because of covert $1000.00 at most 20 per month are completed. so the current long necks hope and wait for more people to come and see them at least giving them the chance to earn some money while they wait. or al-jazeera may time. will show you how free style ski is in australia practiced by the lack of snow.
6:50 pm
for. moving forward.
6:51 pm
let's get on to sport is pretty big thank you so much we'll start with big news in formula one the engine supplier honda has announced it will leave the sport at the end of the 2021 season the japanese company says this is not due to the pandemic but because it wants to focus its resources on new 0 emission technologies as the car industry moves away from internal combustion engines it means that the red bull and alpha torrie f one teams now need to find a new engine supplier earlier we spoke to former one analyst and broadcaster mark gallagher who says 100 pulling out is a major blow. the sport has only just gone through a big renegotiation of its commercial deals with the teams and the sports rights holder and so really going back 6 weeks ago everyone felt we were entering
6:52 pm
a new period of stability and then to have one of the 4 major car manufacturers pull out is only expected and particularly given that honda have been achieving race winning success with both their teams this year red bull racing and the sister team of alpha tory so here's a successful program effectively being cancelled mid flow and at relatively short notice because end of 2021 is only just over a year away the news at home they are going to focus on battery and hydrogen fuel cell technology is not really unexpected the whole of the automotive industry is moving in that direction and i think the problem for formula one really is that because we are currently wedded to internal combustion engines albeit a hybrid internal combustion engine and electric power train clearly for a home the technology isn't interesting enough to keep their to keep their focus and that decided to move on and so the question now arises what happens to the
6:53 pm
other car manufacturers in formula one but on the face of it receive these bans are very committed to the sport ferrari are part and parcel of formula one and renato has just recommitted to formula one by signing the new commercial agreements back in august so i think this forwards ok in terms of the remaining 3 manufacturers but there's no doubt that home does decision is a blow for formula one and specifically a blow for red bull racing and their sister team alpha tori because in the case of red bull they're a team in title contention most years even the receive these are dominant dominant in formula one red bull are the team most likely to win races if lose hamilton and valtteri bottas have any issues or if there's a truck to protect the suits a rental car and without the power behind them the question is. the red bull go to for their engines because e.j. their arch rivals are cds that they go cap in hand to origin ferrari who don't have a competitive power unit at the moment already know with whom they had
6:54 pm
a pretty public falling out not too long ago so it's probably a difficult moment for red bull but i'm sure they've got their financial resources and under strategy to cope with this turn of events 12 times french open champion rafa on the dollars on court right now in the early stages of his match against italy stefano trevelyan earlier u.s. open champion dominant team booked these place in the 4th round in paris team took care of norway's kasper rude if l.t. had been on the receiving end of some bad line calls there is no roland garros although there is a growing call for it to be included nevertheless team won 6 top 63 and 61. on the women's side only misfit alino was a straight sets winner on friday in the 3rd round the food seeded ukranian defeated the oleksandr over of russia 64 and 75. football and ac milan have qualified for the europa league after an extraordinary
6:55 pm
match against rio ave in portugal it looked like the portuguese were heading for a famous winner after taking the lead in extra time when. they were seconds away from victory but conceded a penalty which milan school had to take it into what turned out to be an epic penalty shoot out there were $24.00 spot takes all together with several schools including that pancha and several missed as well but eventually it was milan who came out on top thanks to say from they keep a generally g. . now it's ok to game 2 of the n.b.a. finals with the l.a. lakers looking to build on their impressive performance in game one bron james and his teammates were convincing one is against the miami heat on wednesday they just 3 wins away from their 1st title in a decade as for the heat they are really up against it with 3 of their best players injured and drag it out about will likely miss game to jimmy will play but he's
6:56 pm
missing a so ankle and then rains it pours. but it's what. we got here for a reason knowing we may be a couple man down no other guys are going to step up in a big way so we're really really excited to see how we bounce back. it's tough to get you know your mind moving around a 1000 miles for our. wall and we're. going to. in major league baseball the atlanta braves of power their way into the next round of the playoffs they defeated the cincinnati reds 5 nothing on thursday to sweep they wildcard series this is actually the 1st playoff series win through atlanta since 2001 to run homers by. the adam duvall help the braves to set up a series against either the miami marlins the chicago cubs next. we've already seen
6:57 pm
an n.f.l. game postponed this week because of a corona virus outbreak at the tennessee titans meanwhile the carolina panthers are doing all they can to keep their stadium and facilities clean by using a robot there it is it actually emits powerful bursts of ultraviolet light that can be effective at killing viruses so you can see the robot in action in all its glory . and will finish with some pictures from australia where winter olympians have been training despite the lack of snow in the country's government and major sports bodies have spent $6500000.00 on this ski jump in brisbane next to a swimming pool it's the 1st year round out the aerial facility in the world which allows for the stars skiers a chance to practice the moves as they prepare for the beijing games coming up in 2022 they now no longer have to travel abroad to train and that's all the sports news nick face but you have to be keen when you. have this news hour be back in cover minutes for another half hour of news press will see them.
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corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. against corruption corruption is not something to be told that it. is not the african. no country his. let's destroy this wall. came in 2020 the 5th face over income ranges the heroes who are fighting against corruption
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this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption here and. nominate now. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such that moms as a global power develop into the basement company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the stigma we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generation the breastpin pioneering future energy of all my friends and coworkers who were detained by endemol the one who survived they were all waiting for news of their men for good was only one word on their lips were those saw a boy killed in his father's arms i saw
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a man kill next to his son i have only once in my life seen men who are scared to death one of the bosnian war is darkest secrets bosnia the count on al-jazeera. donald trump and 1st lady melania test positive for cave at 19 the white house says the president is experiencing mild symptoms. we have a president that. is not only on the job more remain on the job and i'm optimistic that he'll have a very quick and speedy. and i think about this is al jazeera line from doha also coming up trumps campaigning is now on hold what does this mean for the election.


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