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cyber attacks from russia there are. betting. on a 0. donald trump makes a surprise appearance in a brief drive by outside the military hospital where he's being treated for corona virus. this while questions remain about his health he's given a powerful steroid usually administered to seriously ill cope with 1000 patients. to watch al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. also coming up cities under fire armenia and azerbaijan accuse each other of targeting civilians in the fight for and i don't care about. plus new
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data reveals the california wildfires have burned more than $1600000.00 hectares of land almost double the record for any previous year. thanks for joining us donald trump has briefly left the hospital where he's being treated for a coronavirus to do a drive by for hundreds of his supporters who were gathered outside the u.s. president was seen waving to crowds from a motorcade that did a lap of the street directly outside the walter reed military medical center minutes prior to his trip outside he posted a new video on twitter saying that he now understands covert 19 having experienced it firsthand. we're getting great reports from the doctors this is an incredible hospital well to read the work they do is just absolutely amazing and i want to thank all the nurses that doctors everybody here i've also got to meet some of the
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soldiers and the 1st responders and what a group i also think we're going to pay a little surprise to some of the great patriots that we have out on the street and they've been out there for a long time and they got from fleg zen they love our country so i'm not telling anybody but you but i'm about to make a little surprise visit so perhaps i'll get there before you get to see me a but i just when i look at the enthusiasm and we have enthusiasm like probably nobody's ever had our people that love the job we're doing we have more enthusiasm then maybe anybody so it's been a very interesting journey i learned a lot about cove it i learned it by really going to school this is the real school this is in the let's read the book school and i get it and i understand it and it's a very interesting thing going to be letting you know about it let's not bring in john hendren he's joining us from that hospital in bethesda maryland where the president is being treated john what's been the reaction to the president leaving
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the hospital and doing that drive by and waving at his supporters. well as with so many things that donald trump does it divided america and americans right now the crowd is dwindling you can see a handful of people dozens of people really hanging out in front of walter reed national military medical center but at the time just hours ago there were hundreds of people lining the road behind me cars driving through just honking nonstop and it was it that time that the road suddenly cleared we saw police stopping traffic on all sides and then we saw a motorcade go 1st on the opposite side of the street. very slowly path fans you see across the way waving their trump signs and then it came back this way and many of us were wondering if this was maybe the vice president mike pence or some foreign dignitary coming by in this military caravan and as we pulled up here you
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could see in the back of the car was the distinctive face of donald trump waving at people presumably smiling we don't know because he was wearing a mask in the back seat with 2 secret service officers in front of him in full gear and what looked to be medical quality masks and the president put out a video that video that you just showed at about the same time just letting people know that's what he was going to do and in the video course he says he's out there to show some appreciation to the people he called patriot's side now that there's a long history here in the united states we're not really sure of the status of donald trump's health because we keep getting these flip conflicting accounts that he's been on oxygen a couple of times he's taking a cocktail of medicines he's taking very powerful steroids and yet we see him out here outside of the hospital inexplicably and that sort of falls in line with this history of conflicting information we get franklin delano roosevelt nobody most of
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the public did not know he was in a wheelchair john f. kennedy had addison's disease that was not publicly known and when ronald reagan was shot just down the road here at the hilton hotel at it was much later before most americans discovered that his life was in great peril at that time he waved from his hospital window to people and so people thought he was ok because it's a long history of americans not really getting the straight story about how healthy their president is in the past couple of days have been no different we put together a story on the president and his health was take a look. it was perhaps the most brazen campaign stop in u.s. history. a candidate so sick with a potentially lethal virus that he has taken an experimental cocktail of drugs and at least twice supplemental oxygen sneaking out of his hospital room and into a hermetically sealed as u.v.
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with 2 secret service agents waving at the fans lined up outside as his motorcade took a victory lap on both sides of the street he tweeted a video explaining why i also think we're going to pay a little surprise to some of the great paper that we have. surprised you with yet another. moment in like many trouble makes it divided america really on the ground here in the street but. remarkably the response to. the head of disaster medicine at george washington university medical center tweeted that presidential s.u.v.s not only bullet proof but hermetically sealed against chemical attack the risk of covert 1000 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical procedures the irresponsibility is astounding my thoughts are with the secret service forced to play. earlier his team of doctors
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emerged for another update in the president's personal physician 1st explained the reason for the particularly rosy prognosis that was given 24 hours earlier saying he was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude of medical team and president and didn't want to give. any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction and in doing so you know came off that were trying to hide something that was innocently true i feel much better now in a video tweet president trump said he was feeling well as sentiment supported by his doctors who are now saying he might return to the white house is soon as monday but dr sean connelly confirmed what he would not in the 1st public briefing that the president received supplementary oxygen on at least 2 occasions the 1st on friday he was not short of breath. he was tired had the fever and that was about it and after about a minute on only 2 leaders he said ration levels are back over 40 over 95 percent
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stayed on that for about an hour maybe it was off and gone another critical piece of information that the president is now receiving the steroids dexa met his own which is recommended only for critical care the texan meant the zone use again is extremely extremely worrying sign w.h.o. it says it's only used for critical and severe patients it actually recommends against people who are not serious and i also said only for serious patients who are i don't ventilators or supplemental oxygen which trump does barely qualified for so he's on a really bad trajectory i don't know if tomorrow tomorrow is a little premature destroyers questions continue about contact tracing in the wake of president trump's movements earlier in the week the white house says it is directing this in cooperation with the centers for disease control teen. but many who were at this crowded rose garden last saturday say they have not been contacted
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authorities in minnesota where president trump visited on wednesday say they have launched their own contact tracing program in the absence of any white house direction a similar situation happening in new jersey from which the president returned after a campaign fundraiser at one of his golf clubs on thursday just hours before a test confirmed he was positive for the coronavirus john hendren al-jazeera bethesda maryland. yes there too is an emergency physician and professor at oregon health and science university she says the president's treatment is very unique and projects a high degree of concern every single time we get a clinical update about the president over the past 3 days it is more serious so 1st he had mild disease and he was being transferred out of an abundance of caution and then he had received this upgraded medical therapy rem does appear which is for patients who you know are not have more than mild disease then he had transience oxygen supplementation the then he had ones that were more serious it sounds like
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multiple times and now he's on dex the method zone which is really reserved for patients who have at least moderate but usually severe coated disease involving the lungs and and in patients who have have hypoxia so it certainly seems like his course is dynamic and it is headed in the wrong direction and we don't know as far as this whole cocktail because no one that i've probably in the world has received the combination of the monoclonal antibody from does b. or steroids and and so he actually is unique person and unique case study in seeing the impact of that particular combination of medications so he he you know what we learned from him will be fairly unique he may not have been very clearly in one category of disease or another and i'm sure it was a pretty complicated conversation about whether to start him on steroids at all knowing
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the potential downsides but i'm sure that was made a decision that was made in consultation with the president and his own personal wishes about how aggressive to be with treatments knowing that there is a potential harm. the u.s. attorney general william barr is going into core and seen as a precaution after a close contact with several republican politicians who become infected with coronavirus barbers at the white house event for supreme court nominee amy tony barrett last week he was speaking closely with the former trump aide kellyanne conway who's now tested positive barr has had 4 covert test since friday which have all come back negative. meanwhile 9 states in the us have reported record numbers of covert 1000 cases over the past week country has cited an increase of nearly 49000 new infections on saturday alone in wisconsin an average of almost one in 4 tests or coming back positive. coming up in just a moment on al-jazeera. police and others use water cannon
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to disperse tens of thousands of protesters demanding the release of political prisoners colombia's far gravels claim responsibility for a series of notorious murders but there is doubts over the confessions. holloway have yet another developing tropical storm out in the open waters of the northwest pacific massive cloud here that's going to slide its way further north it's over the next few days it's a very slow moving feature but i suspect it will have to watch japan for the latter part of the week ahead of that a weak fronts here that's going to bring some sherry right now to central parts of china now some wet weather there easing across northern areas of japan for a time that brighter skies pretty much everywhere as you go on through choose day
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and then it comes our system as i said will be the end of the week before we start to see some wet weather edging up to that eastern side of japan central areas of china on the other hand staying largely cool and dry northeasterly way and we'll see some wetter weather just making its way towards taiwan cooling off in hong kong around $27.00 degrees but it should stay dry here with some sunshine sunshine and shows continuing widely across much of southeast asia labview downpours around the south china sea pushing over towards the philippines is saying some flooding rain recently into thailand more heavy showers coming in here and they show is joining up with a wet weather that we have a crossed me a monolith eastern parts of india bangladesh but this is seeing some rather wet weather we could also see some wet weather there easing down towards more than passive on top of the ash. we're heading to the place some deep in the truth really amazon it's taking us 2
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days this just to get from the search through. looks at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creatures because they are disappearing because the legal pad trade with too many researchers wanted to see if reintroduction of narcotics was a viable option to save some of these population. techno on al-jazeera. you're the. father we've got the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has briefly left the hospital where he's being treated for coronavirus to do a drive by for hundreds of his supporters gathered outside the u.s.
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president to a scene waving to crowds outside the walter reed military medical center earlier doctors treating trump said they'd given him dexamethasone that's a steroid the world health organization only recommends for severe cases they also revealed his oxygen levels dropped briefly on both friday and saturday but say he could be discharged from hospital as early as monday 9 states in the u.s. have reported record numbers of covert 1000 cases over the past week it's an increase of nearly 49000 new infections on saturday alone in wisconsin an average of almost one in 4 tests are coming back positive. and there are many are accusing each other of targeting civilians in their conflict over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh the remote mountainous area is officially part of azerbaijan but it's ethnically armenian and has been an officially run by arm. forces since 1904 the ongoing fighting threatens to drag in turkey which is backing
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azerbaijan and russia which has a defense treaty with armenia at least 10 people died during a sustained bombardment in the region's capital stepanek karats our reporter bernard smith was filming there when rockets and mortars started falling you know you have 812-345-6789. this is been the most sustained bombing of japan occurred since 1994 and the end of the war between ethnic armenians in the nagorno-karabakh and azerbaijan from early sunday morning at raid sirens wailed across the city. as a of rockets and mortars rained down on. the target where we were filming seems to have been a nearby electricity distribution station now that was a. very close. rocket targeting
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somewhere near. here. and i think. karma. ok let's go guys. life has moved underground insta panic at the 8 days now those who haven't left here have been living like this. we are in a very bad situation we sent all of our children out of the city and we're here for our soldiers for our sons waiting for good news and to get out of the cellars we haven't heard from the fighting we don't know how they are totally armenians are strong we are patient. this apartment building was hit on friday night fortunately
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the people who live here were in that shelter the shockwave smashed the windows of buildings nearby. weapons technology has advanced considerably in the 30 years since ethnic armenians in the go no karabakh and azerbaijan last fought with this intensity because there is now of help from the turkish military and it seems precision guided missiles and drones. i was 7 years old when i 1st saw war we don't want our children to go through all that that's why we took them to get a van we are brave united that is why everything is going to be ok kind of is going to. carry back infrastructure is being targeted there was a direct hit on the electricity transformers a couple of hours after we'd filmed nearby to panic or it is now without power you are. and on the very edge of nagorno-karabakh more electricity transformers were
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targeted on sunday afternoon we driven past 5 minutes earlier. this on clay he's under pressure like never before as azerbaijan's military forces seem to be trying to completely cut it and its people off from. bernard smith al-jazeera nagorno-karabakh. its cities are also under the government is accusing armenian backed separatist forces of firing on civilian areas in its 2nd largest city the armenians say they've only its military targets destroying an air base azerbaijan also says armenians armed forces launched a late night missile attack against a city a miniature veer center who was there earlier. amid accusations of all those are bridge on our menu against each other for attacking their civilian settlements in a corner car about conflict seems to be transforming into
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a direct war between our mania and us our page on that within this week top azerbaijan officials including the president to have threatened that if our mania attacks us our rage on from our many in territory those firing positions would be destroyed and today our mania official said that they hit. again jay are bored again jet is the 2nd largest city of azerbaijan with 350000 population after that we heard off the show saying that there is eventually area in the city center was hit by rockets fired from armenia so now everybody is worried as well as our bridge on retaliate against this attack from our mania because as soon as i heard the incident i spoke to official sources in the foreign ministry and to some academics sources all sides are saying that our main yes front to draco's are big john into a bilateral conflict because if this happens and they believe our main will be able to regain the. international support all regional support let me say that they've
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been they find it necessary from the. security collective security treaty organization which are many is a member of but as our bridge on is and by this way russia might be in all different and then this question comes up will just turn out to be a regional conflict because if russia is involved turkey might be involved so all these questions are waiting for answers but the coming days seems to be a far from coming around the negotiation table for us are based on an armenian offer szell's. tens of thousands of people have marched through the center of the bell the russian capital as protests against president lukashenko enter their 9th week antigovernment demonstrators called for a political prisoners to be freed or were manly reports. show it with water cannons . up against bruce the armed police and understood. that you like.
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tens of thousands of people remained undeterred i have continued protests for more than 2 months that since the opposition says the election on the 9th of august when president alexander lukashenko claimed a landslide victory was really. i presently shank it denies electoral food and was inaugurated last month and yes those those advances seriously and i think that having been in power for 26 years look at shanghai has completely departed from the reality you cannot understand that his time is over he's afraid of the new leaders who can take power and use it efficiently. i think that time is on our side this movement when people come to show their solidarity their will to win and freedom cannot be ignored it upsets the authorities would. these people say they are also angry about police
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brutality and all the truly rest of opposition politicians and protesters i have many gathered outside the wards of pristina detention center shouting let them and. they refer to it as a new tourist told to change but. by demanding the release of the president names the pinning to the tools at the detention center the protests continue in iran and base is the main message to the governments they are not stopping and they will carry on and the facts only the government doesn't really know what to do in the circumstances they understand that the policy of terror of doesn't really work but they don't have any other strategy they don't seem to want to engage in any sort of negotiations. many western governments agree that the election was fruity and this week the european union put sanctions on russia nationals for their roles in the election the u.s.
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has put sanctions on 8 russian officials and britain and canada have imposed travel bans and asset freezes on prices because shankar and other officials accused. and with the government unwilling to negotiate and the opposition likely to continue the protests if the political deadlock shows no sign of ending soon. to many out of fear. former commanders of colombia's far crumbled group have claimed responsibility for 6 assassinations during the country's civil war one of the assassination says that if a conservative x. presidential candidate killed in 1905 but many are raising doubts about the circumstances surrounding the farkas claims. the reports. in a surprise announcement colombia's peace court said former 5 gravels took responsibility for 6 assassinations including that of. an ex-president chill candidate. the special jurisdiction for peace informs that the chamber for
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truth responsibility and facts determination has received a letter in representation of the former secretary of the fock e.p. in which they offered to provide to clarify the events and as you responsibility in the following cases on the site of. the november 2nd 1995. the claim has shocked colombians who have long believed that the killing of the tree times conservative party presidential candidate was the responsibility of political rivals with links to the military and drug cartels the accusations pointed at the former president. who allegedly received millions in contributions from drug traffickers to finance his campaign in a press release the leaders of the feyerick who are now part of a legal political party said that killing goma sort of the other was a mistake and that they now recognize this commitment to peace in the country
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promising to reveal the whole truth but some including relatives have gone and president for sowing doubts about the revelations accusing the fark of faking responsibility to protect others since they will not face prison time in the peace tribunal. who made the call for philip's task but it can't allow for an attempt to obstruct the true responsibility behind the murder because pretending to take responsibility for these crimes when there are already guarantees that no one will go to jail generates doubts suspicions and concerns. i've only got to say. at some analysts say that however surprising these revelations are credible and a hopeful sign for the peace accord. that whatever is revealed will never could lead become a political debate it demonstrates how little we know the court will have to investigate and will have the last word yet i think that the murders are coherent
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with the way operated there are many more things that the fog has to reveal and he's now time for colombia's political establishment to do the same. despite the shock the revelations show that the country's fledgling peace tribunal is moving forward in trying to bring clarity to a still murky and violent past alison. people in the south pacific territory of new caledonia have narrowly voted to stay part of france in a 2nd referendum in 3 years there has been a long running tension between indigenous cannot sue wants independence and the sentence of colonial settlers who remain loyal to paris french president's minute on my phone says he's grateful for the results. shifted it down as head of state i welcome this expression of confidence of the republic with a deep rickey henderson i also welcome these results with humility you get i do hear the voice of those who want independence and want them to know this it is with
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you even if it is only to give their will to boom tomorrow's new caledonia so they can california deadly wildfires have hit a new record of flann burned 1600000 hectares have gone up in smoke fires are still burning or brunell's reports from los angeles. wildfires have beseeched california since august when thousands of lightning strikes ignited tinder dry forest and brush scorching hot weather low humidity and high winds turned small places into monsters burning hundreds of homes and consuming 4 percent of the entire land area in the state a total of 8155 fires have burned to date hundreds of homes have been destroyed and at least 31 people have died it's never happened before in recorded history a largest record we have before this for an annual earned was 1.5. if
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it can't be understated but we're getting an unprecedented number of acres burned across the state and unfortunately we are just getting into some of the most critical fire months in california the somber record was reported in a tweet from cal fire the state's fire fighting agency. nearly 17000 feet. firefighters are trying to contain 2 dozen active fires are. officials say the so-called glass fire burning in northern california is famous wine country is now their top priority it has incinerated vineyards and wineries and forced thousands to evacuate including the entire town of callus stoga 110 kilometers north of san francisco the climate in california has turned much drier over the years making trees and brush more likely to burn our research also shows
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that as global warming continues in the coming decades we can expect to see further intensification of these extreme wildfire weather conditions the primary reason is the very strong effect that the warming has on the dryness of the vegetation with 2 more months before the fire season ends it looks like california is headed for more destruction robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump has briefly left the hospital where he's being treated for a coronavirus to do a drive by for hundreds of his supporters gathered outside the u.s. presidential scene waving to crowds from the.


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