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tecno on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. another call for a ceasefire needs a chief or jews as opposed and armenia to stop the violence as the fighting increasingly target civilian areas. hello again pete over here in doha you're watching out his ear also coming up questions remain about the u.s. president's health is he's criticized for his drive by meet and greet. nearly
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16000 coronavirus cases in the u.k. go unreported for one week because of a technical failure within the data system. and the team behind the discovery of the hepatitis c. virus and the 2020 nobel prize for medicine. we start with the intensifying fight between armenia and azerbaijan over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh the conflict is now into its 2nd week fighting is moving closer to major cities and remains intense along the line of control the regional capital stepanek yet that's come under sustained bombardment as opposed to an as reported several missile attacks on 2 of its cities in this region it says some of the infrastructure sites in the city of via were targeted nato secretary
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general has joined the international calls for a cease fire yet in stoltenberg also called on turkey which has been backing azerbaijan to use its influence to calm tensions. we are deeply concerned about of the situation in on their own god but we are of course watching the situation very carefully because we are concerned when we see. gratian in the halls that it is more fighting more violence we have all seen the reports about the increased number of casualties also civilians civilian casualties and of course. any fighting night this also poses a risk to all kinds of critical infrastructures bennett smith following developments from gorgeous inside all media. there has been this increased bombardment of civilian areas both in the going to carry back and nagorno-karabakh
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the main town of step and has been under intense bombardment all day today we're told by people who were there on the ground we were there on sunday when it also was being intensively hits there seems to be targeting infrastructure locations in nagorno-karabakh particularly electricity substations we saw one of those blown up by a rocket coming from the azerbaijan side and another electricity substation was targeted as we were on the outskirts of town the challenge for the army of nagorno-karabakh is really they are much smaller these are nagorno-karabakh ethnically armenian fighters fighting armenia the country its military says it's not involved in this there have been a couple of skirmishes with armenian and azerbaijani forces but this is essentially a small army from no go no care about facing a much greater army as it has got
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a population of 10081000 troops going to karabakh 146000 people living in that so big difference in the power dynamics between the 2 and i saw john with the turkish support has that ass who periodicity seeds of the moment as well well sinan. from inside azerbaijan. here where i am there is a water reservoir and there is the country's hydro hydro electric power's power plants and the rochas that fell to area they fell close by this power plant which raised concerns because it provides energy to all country and if there is an electricity cut across all as our bridge on that would be chaos and the same goes for our mania because as our big journeys since the 1st attack last july they threatened that if our media taxes are bridge and they would they would actually
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shoot the nuclear power plant in armenia so all these are actually concern for not only the locals but for all the international community if the a water reservoir explodes here 14 cities might be under water or if as our bridge on the source nuclear power plants in armenia that would be totally a disaster for everybody not only the 2 countries but all regional countries in the world all these are major concerns as escalation is rising and the weapons used in the in this war between a 1000000 forces and us are vigil forces are highly sophisticated compared to the war that was 30 years ago these are all concerns because it's all civilians in the residential areas the border. the context line between nagorno-karabakh and as our bridge on is actually something symbolic because it's a breakaway country so by the conflict lines you have the villages on both sides civilians living there they are making calls for sebelius evacuate those areas
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nearby the context line but of course civilians get targeted unintentionally. let's go to washington the white house says doctors will decide if u.s. president donald trump will be able to leave hospital later on monday he is being treated for covert 19 and he briefly venture out on sunday evening to a drive by the hundreds of his supporters who gathered outside one doctor working at the walter reed military hospital said the irresponsibility of the move was astounding. live to my colleague who's there for us outside the hospital trump those complex building that behind so you can believe do we really think mr trump could possibly be well enough to the white house and the ground running because general election in less than a month. absolutely and that's what's really frustrating the president the fact that he's watching cable news and he's
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seeing joe biden hitting the campaign trail he's of course the democratic presidential nominee headed to florida i keep battleground states it has to be bothering the president so much that we saw a spate of early morning tweets or something the president laid out his platform talking about the issues that are important to him but in terms of whether he can get out of the hospital today that is going to be up to his medical team and it sounds like the president was particularly frustrated with the fact that he was still in the hospital even as he has had some very close brushes with severe medical situation reportedly the president asking to return as of sunday not able to do that and that may be what prompted that very unusual drive by in front of supporters where the president got into an s.u.v. briefly on sunday to see people outside of his hospital room but he remains there right now and what we're being told is that his medical team will have to make that determination that in fact he will be going to have an assessment by the doctors
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and then they will determine that now one thing that we are hearing and this is just coming to me from our producer chris sheridan is that the white house press pool is headed towards walter reed now the walter reed of course is the hospital that i'm standing in front of and the last time we saw the travel pool moving that the president was headed to the hospital so now that the travel pool is reportedly headed up here as of just the last few moments that could mean the president is planning to leave. again we were told earlier from his chief of staff that this would be a determination made late this afternoon that several hours from now following consultation with the medical team but again the word we're hearing is that the press pool is headed here that only means that the president is preparing to make some sort of movements ok that's that's really interesting we'll stay with you for that can be of course 11 final conversation point kimberly you know if we listen to
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his spin doctors not his medical doctors do his spinmeisters his his people that exist in the shadows to they want him to come back from this quite quickly so he can get back on the campaign trail and he can say look i'm younger than joe biden i'm i'm fit m v a royal i glanced off me and it's not really as bad as everyone's been making out you know i'm sure he would never say that explicitly of course he would never do that but he would he would make speeches and deliver rallies and rowdy in cools the provenance of which was that kind of destination. there's no question they want him to get back on the campaign trail pressure to me is standing right next to me what we say going to present him everything ok so what we're hearing is peter we may have a briefing coming up in the coming hour or we don't have a time on that but we're watching very carefully to hear that there could be some sort of updated information to your question does the president want to get there is he getting pressure from republicans within the white house and even his party
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absolutely he has again the time is ticking in terms of that calendar november 3rd is not going to be pushed off in terms of voting day the president is trying to get out there as americans are casting their ballots now that's why we saw him sending out those tweets that's why the president is pushing to get back to the white house or we should point out there is a medical suite that can treat him but again the point that the president seems to be feeling is that he must project strength even as we know he has severe vulnerabilities just like the rest of us. he is fallible you has and he is mortal and we know that throughout these last few days there was a rapid decline he did require oxygen he did have a spike in fever and as you and i were talking earlier he does have underlying health conditions look at me well he's improved right now to the point he could go to the white house that doesn't mean in the coming days even hours he could again take a turn for the worst ok kimberly great to talk. to chris and we'll keep talking to
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you if something develops thanks very much. prime minister is going into a 14 day sell koren seen after minister tested positive for coverage 19 seasons in will work from home for 2 weeks after meeting with his islamic affairs minister who later did test positive insists the isolation is a precaution and says he's tested negative for the virus. european commission president. says she's going into self isolation after meeting with a person who later tested positive she says she isn't feeling any symptoms but her entire team will stay in isolation pending their test results. the world health organization says around a 10th of the world's population may have been infected with corona virus mean the majority of people do remain at risk the comments come as the number of confirmed cases worldwide 35000000 the director general is calling for global unity to defeat the virus i will never be tired of calling for solidarity
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finger pointing will not prevent a single infection apportioning blame will not save a single life what saves lives is national unity and global solidarity everyone must play their part from the individual decisions we make to protect ourselves and others to the discussions we will have this week on behalf of the people we serve. almost 16000 coronavirus cases in england have gone unreported for a week after a technical error it means there's been a delay in efforts to trace the contents of those infected the news has led to more pressure on prime minister boris johnson who has been widely condemned over his handling of the pandemic and that in barbour has this from london this was all affecting the cases in england and the government agency known as public health
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england has admitted responsibility for what they're calling a technical glitch now 15 of the well nearly 16000 cases when unpublished in the daily reports that the government puts out for over a week the problem was we believe that for some files containing positive results the files were too large for the software which is used to transfer data to the central n.h.s. test and trace system which then goes on to tell people to self isolate and to try to trace their close contacts and let them know so this saw over the weekend figures like on saturday cases daily cases being reported of nearly 13000 and then on sunday 23000 a huge search but this was
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a result of those missing cases starting to be added to the daily figures because they hadn't gone in when they should have done last week so now they have gone into the count if you like the problem is we don't we don't know exactly how many people out there there are who still need to be contacted the prime minister boris johnson says all the people who tested positive were contacted on time within the normal timeframe. still to come on this program kyrgyzstan's opposition calls for protests and reject early results from the country's parliamentary election. we are just getting into some of the most critical fire months in california warnings the worst is yet to come in california as wildfires burn a record amount of land across the state.
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we have a new tropical system making its way towards tapan at the moment big massive cloud here and that's going to not just win the general northwesterly direction over the next few days now and probably take around 4 or 5 days before it does actually make landfall and i suspect it will be somewhere close to q.c. but a great deal of uncertainty on that at the moment whatever we do expect though we do expect see some wetter weather gradually coming to that eastern side of japan as we go on through wednesday and eventually that will fade a fair bit of wet weather across southern parts of japan through the remainder of this week most of that it is fine and dry warm sunshine is sold at around 21 celsius similar conditions to into beijing central piles of china to a little quiet a few of showers as we go through the next day or 7 fine and try to down towards the south of the country find a dry across northern parts of india and more than which was the northwest into
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where pakistan we still have the circulation just around the by a big old spilling in some very heavy rain up towards west bengal into bangladesh into that western side of me and ma still seeing a quite a few showers up the west and gas for the time being they become fewer and further between as we go through the next few days. talk to old 0 we as is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that when we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on hold a 0. be the hero the world needs. washing .
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welcome back let's recap your top stories for you so far this half hour the capital of new going to come about is under renewed bombardment azerbaijan's says armenian forces are intensifying its attacks on major cities both sides accuse each other of not targeting civilians. the white house says doctors will decide if u.s. president from will be able to leave hospital later on monday he's being treated for qubit 19 and he did briefly venture out on sunday evening to a drive by hundreds of a supporters gathered outside. the world health organization says around a 10th of the world's population may have been infected with corona virus meaning
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the majority of people do remain at risk comments karmas the number of confirmed cases worldwide past 35000000. in a time when public attention is particularly focused on medical advances this year's nobel prize for medicine has been awarded over the discovery of the hepatitis c. virus the work of americans harvey alter charles rice and britain michael horton was on it in stockholm the prize is especially significant this year as the world grapples with the covert pandemic the laureates achievements provided the foundation that was needed to now start combating the spread of the virus thanks to the effective blood screening programs that the thai deceive ours is now almost eliminated in many parts of the world and the development of highly effective antiviral drugs means that more than 90 faith 5 percent of treated patients can be cured from the infection these developments have saved millions of lives well right
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. well there is currently no effective vaccine against hepatitis c. but treatments are improving it is a blood borne virus that causes liver disease is typically passed on through unsafe injection practices or even the transfusion of on screen blood products according to the world health organization it kills around $400000.00 people every year hepatitis c. is found worldwide but the world health organization says the most affected regions are northern africa parts of asia and parts of europe. toss is an assistant professor at the johns hopkins school of medicine he says it's discoveries like that of hepatitis c. that give us hope for dealing with modern day pandemics. i remember my years in medical school learning about these habitudes viruses that existed and hepatitis c. was an interesting one of all of them because it was
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a blood borne pathogens meaning you need to have blood to blood impact in order for it to infect the next individual and so that meant for decades there were people who would receive a life saving blood transfusion only to suffer liver consequences later and that eluded so many scientists couldn't figure out why that was happening ultimately hepatitis c. and that discovery shed light into recognizing you know this was the virus that was causing these liver injuries and the significance of that while that was done earlier in the seventy's the consequence is it changed guidelines to help lead transfusions happen it. began to save millions of lives because we were able to identify this virus and begin to work and cures and so forth but there's no vaccine i think the biggest big breakthrough with hepatitis c. is the change of guidelines we have blood transfusions happen in addition to the fact that now we have to yours where we can see millions of the older population
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who have received transfusions back in the seventy's and sixty's as well as current young adults who are struggling with their addictions that also has another plague of hepatitis c. upon them so i think this this discovery is just one chapter and medicine that's just powerful and one that we can hopefully parallel today with our own viral pandemics. kyrgyzstan opposition supporters up for sensing instantly results in sunday's parliamentary election 3 pro-government parties us let's take 107 out of 120 seats european observers will deliver their assessment on accusations and vote rigging later on monday. islanders in the south pacific territory of new caledonia of narrowly voted to stay as part of france now the results of the 2nd referendum in 3 years just follow a long running tensions between communities indigenous can x. want independence descendants of colonial settlers campaign to remain loyal to
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france and shout to sylvia. sunday's independence referendum is closely fought and marked by a high turnout just under half of voters said yes to ending almost 170 years the french rule but a narrow majority still voted no. we won tomorrow new caledonia will rise and it will still be french so that's a good thing. it was the 2nd vote on that issue in 2 years and while french loyalists prevailed again the results showed prove independence forces are getting close to securing a majority of. the numeric or guarantees 3 day we have to keep that in mind we've done 282-020-2022 awaits us that means the disappointment is just for tonight those who are disappointed or who are crying tomorrow the sun rises tomorrow cannot he needs you to continue to do its work so that in 2022 full
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sovereignty will be affected. the decolonization plan was agreed to in $998.00 put an end to violence between the mostly probably dependents in this population and the descendents of european settlers and or the agreement another referendum can be held in 2022 if that's the will of at least a 3rd of lawmakers president the man will mark home valve that france will continue holding its end of the bargain while declaring himself humbled by sunday's time results it's addictive to some to me the voters have expressed their opinion in the majority confirm their wish for new caledonia to remain in france as head of state i welcome the sign of confidence in. republic with a deep sense of gratitude i also welcome the results with humility the new caledonian archipelago is 1200 kilometers east of australia and 1350 kilometers west of fiji it's a part of the world where chinese influence is growing and where france would like to retain
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a foothold new caledonian voters have been sure that for the time being that will continue to be the case when the silver al-jazeera. the german government says a new deal breaks it would be an irresponsible burden for the u.k. because of the coronavirus pandemic britain and the e.u. have agreed to extend talks trying to reach a deal on trade and security next month the mention of this can't people on both sides of the channel are currently busy enough shouldering the health related and economic challenges and it would therefore be totally irresponsible to burden them with additional problems resulting from a new deal. the global chemical weapons watchdog says russia has asked them to help investigate what happened to the opposition leader alexina valmy germany german doctors treating the say he was poisoned with the nerve agent novacek he fell ill on a flight in siberia in august western governments a call for sanctions against moscow about that case former front commanders of
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the rebel movement in colombia have accepted responsibility for 6 assassinations including a former presidential candidate the admission has shocked many colombians. reports now from bogota. in a surprise announcement colombia's peace court said former 5 gravels took responsibility for 6 assassinations including that of. an ex-president chill candidate. the special jurisdiction for peace informs that the chamber for truth responsibility and facts determination has received a letter in representation of the former secretariat of the fock e.p. in which they offered to provide to clarify the events and as you responsibility in the following cases on the site of. the november 2nd 1995. the claim has shocked colombians who have long believed that the killing of the tree times conservative party presidential candidate was the responsibility of
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political rivals with links to the military and drug cartels the accusations pointed at former president mr some pair who allegedly received millions in contributions from drug traffickers to finance his campaign in a press release the leaders of the feyerick who are now part of a legal political party said that killing goma sort of the was a mistake and that they now recognize this commitment to peace in the country promising to reveal the whole truth but some including relatives of governments and president who are sowing doubts about the revelations accusing the fark of faking responsibility to protect others since they will not face prison time in the peace tribunal. who made the call for fillets task but it can't allow for an attempt to obstruct the true responsibility behind the murder because pretending to take responsibility for these crimes when there are already guarantees that no one will
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go to jail generates doubts suspicions and concerns. i've only got to say that some analysts say that however surprising these revelation. are credible and a hopeful sign for the peace accord is still up us out of the united at the complexity of course like whatever is revealed we never become a political debate it demonstrates how little we know the cult would have to investigate and would have the last word yet i think that the most bizarre coherent with the way fox operated that are many more things that the fox has to reveal and he's now time for colombia's political establishment to do the same. despite the shock the revelations show that the country's fledgling peace tribunal is moving forward to trying to bring clarity to a still murky and violent past at least in the room and as you know with the. at least 50 homes have been destroyed by a wildfire in new zealand to say it's a miracle no one was in a remote village on the south island they started in
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a forest near lake oval on the strong winds found the flames towards the village. wildfires a still burning in california and setting new records for the amount of land that's been lost rob reynolds reports now from los angeles. wildfires have beseeched california since august when thousands of lightning strikes ignited tinder dry forest and brush scorching hot weather low humidity and high winds turned small places into monsters burning hundreds of homes and consuming 4 percent of the entire land area in the state a total of 8155 fires have burned to date hundreds of homes have been destroyed and at least 31 people have died it's never happened before in recorded history a largest record we have before this for an annual earned was 1.5. if
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it can't be understated but we're getting an unprecedented number of acres burned across this state and unfortunately we are just getting into some of the most critical fire months in california the somber record was reported in. tweet from cal fire the state's firefighting agency. nearly 17000 firefighters are trying to contain 2 dozen active fires. officials say the so-called glass fire burning in northern california is famous wine country is now their top priority it has incinerated vineyards and wineries and forced thousands to evacuate including the entire town of callus stoga 110 kilometers north of san francisco the climate in california has turned much drier over the years making trees and brush more likely to burn our research also shows that as global warming continues in the coming decades we can expect to see further
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intensification of these extreme wildfire weather conditions the primary reason is the very strong effect that the warming has on the dryness of the vegetation with 2 more months before the fire season ends it looks like california is headed for more destruction robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. this is al-jazeera these are your top stories the capital have been going to cut about is under a new bombardment as a bunch of nonsense armenian forces are intensifying attacks on major cities both sides do accuse each other of targeting civilians nato secretary-general again stoltenberg has called for an end to the fighting. we are deeply concerned about to the situation in on their own. we are of course so watching the
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situation very carefully vehicles we are concerned when we see. skittish.


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