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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making healthy a world for you. to everyone. al-jazeera . hello there i'm here seen in doha with the al-jazeera news coming up for you in the next 60 minutes kyrgyzstan's parliamentary election results. after all position protesters stormed the president's office a lifeline for mali the west african regional bloc lifts economic sanctions that
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were imposed after a military coup. turkey's top diplomat accuses armenia of committing a war crime a massive. as the border frights takes a toll on civilians from both sides and back in the white house donald trump infected sprue coronavirus says he's ready for next week's presidential debates plus 3 scientists are awarded this year's nobel prize for physics for their discoveries about one of the most mysterious objects in the universe. and in sport there is a record breaking run at the french open is over the 1st arab woman to reach the last 16 at roland garros was beaten by americans danielle calling. but we begin this new site with the political turmoil in kurdistan the election
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commission has a no holds the early results old sunday's faults and the speaker of the parliament has resigned now this comes after a night of violence where the protesters storm. in state buildings they were accusing the governments of rigging the election in its favor and now the protest is also freed former president as unbiased and other senior officials from jailed the president soon by jeenbekov has insisted that he's still in control of the country well charles stratford ses ally for us in the capital bishkek you can join him on the phone at charles was the latest night where you are. or certainly as we speak at the situation is a lot calmer than it was this time and generally pretty calm across the city we know that there are large crowds outside the hotel where we're expecting to see
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this. emergency call of entry session being held to more course that was originally scheduled for today was postponed that we don't know exactly why that happened but interesting about standing outside the hotel as a question. last crowd of opposition supporters appeared on the scene we understand that there was security. and as a result. could fall into. got to remember of course that these members of parliament. members of parliament 2016. they lack of the juice of the sea it's all many people here in this country a. this kind of crisis that he stands experiencing at the moment is to do with finding some sort of legitimate leadership as we go forward. to this announcement that the
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election results were void body election committee. is going to be very interesting what happens tomorrow. it's also important to say that in order for this session to go forward and happen there needs to be 61 members of parliament. for majority because courses 120 seats in parliament will not even because even with 6161 m.p.'s will be there. still there is so much in the balance here there is such a great sense of uncertainty in kyrgyzstan this evening. no doubt momentous events in his political history and we've seen scenes of jubilation obviously earlier today around the parliament building was taken over by protests we've seen former politicians who were released from jail but in the monks that
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you will ation there is this great sense of uncertainty because despite the president saying that he is in control of this country all evidence suggests that he's far from true. for example. from kyrgyzstan thank you very much indeed. well kyrgyzstan has been seen as one of the more democratic central asian countries but the valse on sunday was marred by accusations of for spying when the preliminary is results showed that parties costs to the poor russian president's own by because of one almost see every single seats not protest or say that this crisis is reminiscent of 2 recent revolutions in 20052010 brought about a one term limits for presidents the current unrest will be closely watched by russia it has
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a military base in kyrgyzstan they bring china is also invested partly through its belts and route initiative well alex. the is a research analyst who specializes in kyrgyzstan the risk consultancy i.h.s. markets he joins us now live from paris it's good to have you with this here on al-jazeera kyrgyzstan isn't one of these countries we we normally discussed say today here on al-jazeera just explained why does all of this matter what was a stake for the various parties involved in this in these disputed elections. well thank you very much for having me i really appreciate it and i have to point out that your correspondent did an excellent job recapping the situation where there's a really clear pathway out of this political crisis ok you know they're the only legitimate institution left and. the 126 legislative
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legislature curious legislature and the only reason why they failed to meet today to vote on the richmond or the president's or and by john bercow which is one of the 2 preconditions for the political stability to kind of take hold and get just on one is the calling will do. another general elections which is what central 'd election commission did and another one should be the impeachment of the president fortunately today we're going to could not go in because of the lack of the quorum and and let's hope that this will be the case to morrow because the longer this uncertainty going to in years the more political situation will remain on stable there and there are already news in local media about want on that tax on the mining sites across the country i'm referring to gold mining companies for instance and you mentioned that the institutions that one institutions this is rather strong but as we've pointed say this isn't the 1st sign that there's been these protests
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and if it's a. tariff precedence. of pavel why do you think we keep seeing this situation what is it about the integrity of the elections and character stand that needs to be looked at. well not all of the rounds of not all of their hours of the previous elections were marred by the irregularities to the extent that they provoked such a backlash you know the previous immediately previous rounds of elections were not not to these to the same extent but this time around it's absolutely correct you had a number or very significant violations of the form of election electoral conduct including as it meted by the center election commission massive. number all 'd the privacy violations of the privacy of voters the pressure on the public service
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employees to to vote for the program and parties and of course big we have to ban mind for the context that give us time is one of the poorest countries of the post soviet states and other being so voted by and has been sort of endemic during the elections which also mars marred the elections but i think that the kind of the point the point of breaking was achieved when the central issue commission announced the present in a result which showed that only 4 parties most of them being program of bodies and one led by their brother all the president made it made of across the 7 percent threshold and that kind of greater than major back so the 16 parties were participating to begin with formated across the threshold and the 12 decided to organize mass protest and then we then we know the story i mean is that into violent unrest and what's what's particularly sad about the situation is that we're
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witnessing again the spectacular collapse of state institutions across because already spontaneous the mayor of bishkek resigned you know we are not even clear who is in charge of the ministry of internal. at present you have some people who are kind of self-styled acting on behalf of or officers who resign so you know that is actually a problem because it points to chronic weakness or state government ok they're concerning situation one we'll continue to cover here in al-jazeera but for now alex merrick really joining us live from paris thank you very much indeed for your thoughts my pleasure thank you. west african leaders have lifted sanctions on mali following orchestra military coup the echo us block imposed sanctions after president abraham boubacar kater was ousted spine military leaders
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now they had promised to lift the sanctions after a new civilian prime minister was appointed which happens last week. and a prominent small the opposition leader who was abducted spy the arcades in groups has been released similarly c.s.a. was abducted in march as he campaigns in his home region of near from k. the government freed more than 100 fighters in exchange for his release still unknown if french aid worker sophie petrovna held by the group since 2016 has been released so let's say get more now from our interests he joins us live from a about let's start with the mali and sanctions echo us as though lifted though is that new is going to be received in mali. well there is your relation in large parts of mali that the sanctions of been
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lifted it was greeted by a sigh of relief with a sigh of relief by the military leadership as well as the transitional government in mali remember these sanctions tarted biting and mali being unlocked country realize that if this sanctions were to last it will have a devastating effect on the economy of a country that is already there was already struggling even before the cool in august now a lot of people feel happy that the sanctions have been lifted and although there are remain such in areas of the economic community of west african state leaders want to see the transitional government has done which of course involved that move all of the release of all of those military or civilian civilian were arrested in the aftermath of the cool now apart from that of the economic community of west
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africa state want the new government to ensure that power has been handed the transition is small and powers under a democratically elected government in 18 months so it's a good step forward for many and it's coming on the same day the money in transitional government has named a 25 member cabinet that include of course some senior figures that led the coup in august this year and just says say you were speaking to us that we just had to. come up from the associated press said they could sing officials in mali they say that the french aid worker sophie patron and has been released these prisoner swaps are also coming at a time of certainly transition within the government what more can you tell us about these prisoners swaps and what is taken for these 2 to come about.
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well the fact that the prisoner swap was a very very tricky situation for the money and government the new government and of course the military would want to portray a very very tough stand against the armed groups in the north and central parts of mali however when news broke out that $206.00 former fighters or prisoners of war belonging to the gym i told. my 2. well most i mean the. been released in exchange for 2 individuals some analysts say and sufi petronella there was a lot of. some kind of and happiness on on the bust on the some money and especially activists and people who are calling for tougher stance on the armed groups unleashing terror in the north of mali and central parts of the country as well as extending their reach into and became a fossil now the release of these 2 individuals pave the way for some kind of
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dialogue a lot of people feel that there will be dialogue but many millions also see the end of friends in the case they are keen in get this lady who's been taken since 2016 and has been in the hands of g. and i him since that period when she was taken in the city of go. because all the very latest from abou jahjah thank you very much indeed. now turkey's foreign minister is criticizing international efforts to end the conflict between us and by sharon and armenia move lutes. the solution is offered his full support as a by shant during a visit to the capital baku he says diplomacy has failed to resolve the conflict in the kind of over the last 30 years dozens have been killed in the last 10 days. in some literature this. this is a crime against humanity and war crime to stand in equal distance to armenia and
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azerbaijan amounts to rewarding me aggressor the world should stand by the side of the righteous which is as. well we've got paris may 3rd in greece in armenia on the story but 1st let's head see. she's in bardi in azerbaijan and in them turkey clearly throwing its support squarely behind her by sharon in this conflict what exactly is turkey proposing. well turkey has always been in supports with john because. the 2 nations of 2 states they always say we are one nation in 2 different states this is a this is also this is also a common understanding in foreign policy of 2 countries as well turkish foreign minister cherish all those visits actually the coin sides with some rumors in here
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yesterday when the delegation from russia headed to armenia for a meeting of eurasia economic union that is going to be held on october 9th then diplomatic sources. and it was all over in the news that russian prime minister is also in the delegation and it's john officials. had some reactions against it apparently this was seen as an open open back up open support of the russians to armenians by the turkish side then apparently childish will want to emphasize turkey's support. by a solid visits he came here he met with the president as our vision and how my live when he met with his counterpart. they exchanged here he took 2 countries always are in touch about what's going on here in the going occurred about conflict but he he took some sort of the information he took some sort of
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information from the foreign ministry and defense ministry officials about what's going on on the front lines and as far as we have learned from our sources he will be conveying all the information that he gathered in a gentle turkish presence. there will be and of illusion by the way it is not only the foreign minister who always who said that the international initiatives to solve this conflict has failed but added on also has been saying that also jump president has been saying that the international talks has failed and a new. initiative is not that case in there joining us from us or by john thank you let's head to bernard smith now he's in greece in armenia bernard turkey clearly supporting azerbaijan he's backing armenian. well nobody overtly is backing armenia at the moment but very interesting lee the.
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meaning prime minister nicola shinya has spoken now 3 times at least to the russian president vladimir putin since this conflict started now they're not necessarily the best of friends because bush union came to power it 2 years ago in a velvet revolution that essentially ousted a putin ally but nevertheless now the head of russia's foreign intelligence service there is has said that a wider conflict between armenia and azerbaijan risks drawing in thousands of what he calls islamic radicals and that poses a threat to moscow this is because of the reports that the french said is true that mercenaries have been brought from syria to fight for as a buyer john nourish can set a new war would be unacceptable more to moscow he said the latest upsurge in fighting was different because of the large scale and the fact that for the 1st time turkey had openly and strongly come out in support of azerbaijan now really russia hasn't said anything quite as strong as that to indicate that it is not
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happy or to suggest that this conflict should not spread any further than it already has an indication that for from russia that it wants i guess things to calm down to slow down it wants some sort of solution and we know that the russian foreign minister has joined with the u.s. secretary of state. to call for an immediate cease fire ok bernard smith joining us from greece thank you for now i. lots more still to come here on the seas are including we'll bring you the latest on the red alert in iran as the covert 19 infection rates climbs once more. and we'll hear the 1st t.v. interview by alexina vani since his poisonous plants here in the kremlin critic thinks was behind his poisoning plus. the sportsman stepping up for a new challenge the ghana international who made
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a big move on transparent deadline day. here's president on the trump says he'll be ready for next week's presidential debates despite spending 3 days in hospital being treated for covert 19 has not returned to the white house and is calling on americans not to fear the virus but his doctors say the president is not so nice of the woods yet so he was skinned to appear in good spirits by posting this video shortly after going home. don't let it dominate don't let it take over your lives don't let that happen we're the greatest country in the world we're going back we're going back to work going to be out front and now i'm better and maybe i'm a new and i don't know but don't let it dominate your lives get out there be careful we have the best better selves in the world and they're all happened very
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shortly and they're all getting approved and the vaccines are coming momentarily thank you very much and walter reed what a group of people. well it's on the campaign trail his democratic challenger joe biden criticized for not wearing a mask telling n.b.c. news he wants the president to send the right message. i would hope that the president having gone through what he went through and i'm glad he seems to be coming along pretty well would. communicate the right lesson the american people massed matter these mass and matter it matters it saves lives it prevents the spread of the disease. let's get more now from our white house correspondent kimberly holkins joins us now live from kimberly lots of people have lots of opinions on these latest developments but 1st things 1st highways president trump.
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what we don't know we haven't had an update from his physician in fact this is something that white house reporters have put forward requested but we haven't had any sort of timeline of when we're going to get an update on the president's condition he has tweeted that he is feeling great he also got a lot of attention for another tweet that i'm going to have you put up on the screen there i would like to read it for you but here in the united states this has been deemed to violate twitter rules now what the president was talking about is that essentially he believes the seasonal flu is in his view far less lethal and we're going to have to learn to live with it now again i can't read it out verbatim because according to twitter when i pulled up that tweet it said that this tweet violated the twitter rules about spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to cope with 19 so this is the 1st time that the president has had a tweet removed because he has been accused of spreading misleading information but
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this is what his critics have seized upon is that there is really a contrast between the u.s. president and his democratic presidential challenger joe biden in fact joe biden releasing an ad in battleground states today that shows the contrast of the president removing his mask when he arrived back from walter reed medical center and joe biden putting his mask on this is the choice that americans are going to make in 28 days donald trump taking the tact that he believes he has confronted to cope with 19 that he has dominated in his view but his democratic challenger saying that what he's doing is spreading misleading information and we also know as a result of that super spreader event spreading germs that essentially allowed for many people to be infected by covert 19 putting others lives at risk and me.
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kimberly while all of this is going on the wrists to a presidential campaign. how are these frissons of events impact seeing this campaign for president because. diagnosis brings the debate back onto a subject that the president as far as been hooping to avoid. right what we know is that the show is going to go on for now at least 1st we have the vice presidential debate that takes place already we have come a harris the running mate for joe biden and mike pence the vice president in salt lake city utah out in the west of the united states preparing for that debate the set to take place tomorrow and then the following week we have the presidential debate now you'll recall that the 1st one was pretty contentious and even more so after it was revealed the president had tested positive for cocaine 19 given the
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fact that these 2 men advanced in age were on the same stage now so far joe biden continues to test negative he is campaigning and continues to do so in battleground states but this is prompted the commission on presidential debates to change the format we believe potentially we already know is going to be a town hall style on the 15th in miami but there may even be a virtual element to this not exactly clear having said that the u.s. president eager to get back on the campaign trail even as he has been cleared by his doctors but he tweeted in just the last couple of hours that he is preparing for that debate on the 15th he plans to be there even though he is still recovering again once again trying to project strength but many questioning whether or not he is being reckless in doing so. life or as from washington d.c. thank you for now you. well president's strong purpose accidentally ignored the advice given by his own health officials have to learn in the white house aides
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hope excessed opposed to for corona virus and thursday he shoots have isolated himself from the people around him that's according to c.d.c. guidelines instead says he won't see a fundraiser at his resorts in new jersey where he hopes with more than 200 donors he didn't inform them that he may have been exposed and infected person can spread covert days before showing any symptoms or testing positive well upon returning to the white house is trying tested positive on a rapid coronavirus test and since then he's been wearing a face mask more often but she's also been seen but it's one in defiance of the advice and don't forget at least 13 people close to president trump have since tested positive for coverts in the last few days includes the president's wife 1st lady malani trump along with top advisers communications staffers and campaign
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officials 2 sitting senators a former governor and the chairwoman of the republican national committee have also been infected in the one fail they have in common it's ended this white house ceremony on september 26th to introduce store translates as nominee for the supreme court amy coney parents know most attendees as you can see from that picture where knots social distancing nor were they wearing masks let's get more know from dr peter drawback he's an infectious disease experts answer global health experts and joins us now from oxford great to have you with us here on the al-jazeera news are and that we're hearing a lot of conflicts in messages from different governments on the coronavirus certainly donald trump doesn't appear to be following his own government advice on what to do with coronavirus or just for the benefit of viewers watching this if a person tests positive for corona virus what steps should they take.
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well thank you for having me if a person test positive for corona virus obvious of a need to get appropriate medical care for some that means care that can be. you know continued at home and others of course require hospitalization what's clear though is that this is a highly contagious disease we've of course all learned that the hard way and that people typically are infectious for approximately 10 to 14 days from the onset of symptoms it can some cases be a little bit less than that in other cases it can be more than that but what's common for everyone who is infected is that it's very important that they be strictly isolated from others during that period and that's obviously been a concern with some of the behavior that we've seen from the white house in terms of these super spreads are events and these these tend to be different from the risks that you would normally have if you were just walking down the high street or
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something what can people be to avoids phone vixens a super spatter events is there anything that gives an indication of where the risk could be higher. yes of the risk is higher from being in close proximity to others for prolonged periods of time so a passing interaction for a few seconds or minute or 2 is less risk than spending 10 or 15 or more minutes in proximity to others especially in close proximity but then the 2nd really important factor or other risk is much higher an indoor poorly ventilated spaces and that may be about 1000 times greater risk relative to being outdoors where there's more natural airflow so avoiding being in proximity to others particularly without masks in indoor spaces it's the main thing with regard to the event that you mentioned at the at the rose garden that may have been a super spreader vent it's worth noting that most of the people there were also meeting in joris before and after the event and that may have been the time when
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the deceased was passed around and there our correspondent in washington referenced a tweet from donald trump about the flu virus that's obviously pretty contentious on social media because people are debating this but it if you compare the flu then we often hear these comparisons if you can play the flu and corona virus both are deadly but it seems this there appears to be more ways to protect yourself from flu than there is from cool well how would you do you think it's dangerous to to make these comparisons between flu and cool vents or do you think that. they are pretty similar because people die from both. they're quite different and i have a real problem with making that comparison so 1st off what we know so far about covert 19 is that it appears to have
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a fatality rate approximately 10 times higher than that of the flu so it's quite a bit more lethal amongst those who are infected 2nd we have no vaccine and we actually don't yet have very much of the way of proven treatments for coated 19 thirdly most of the population probably about 90 percent of the population around the world that's not yet been exposed has no natural immunity to the virus so those are quite different but there's another thing as well this just isn't a binary thing where you get infected any that you die or you survive we're learning now that many people infected with covert 19 suffer prolonged sometimes debilitating symptoms we sometimes call this long coat syndrome because it's actually not just a respiratory virus it's a multisystem. inflammatory kind of phenomenon that can affect multiple organ systems in the body as well as blood vessels and about 10 percent of people possibly higher are facing weeks if not months of chronic fatigue concentration
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problems blood clots and a host of other factors we don't really understand that phenomenon yet in the more that we just continue to passively let this virus rip through populations for example new us infecting 40000 new people every day we don't know what kind of burden that's going to create on people in terms of morbidity in the years to come as well quite so given this virus is so it is a so deadly the still an awful lot that we don't know about it how frustrating is it for you as an epidemiologist as a medical professional a to see these conflicting messages from from different world leaders or or even world leaders he say they want to bring it up and control but but do want to cause the countries than any further what do you think needs to happen to start bringing this under control do you think world leaders are taking this is seriously as they need to. well some are and some aren't and there are many i think who feel like
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there's a tension between public health and controlling the virus and in the economic effects of things like law i would argue that that's really a false choice and in fact the best way to keep an economy open and to have life be as normal as possible is to suppress the virus as much as possible and we've seen this around the world so if you look across asia and the pacific rim for example where many countries have taken a more comprehensive science based approach to controlling the virus i mean there are fewer cases in several asian countries and entire countries and they're coming out of the white house right now it is possible new zealand has a sensually gone back to normal because they've not had a case of community transmission in some time so it actually is possible through a combination of science based policies that does include some careful social distancing unmask or individual behaviors but then also rigorous public health work aggressive testing contact tracing and isolation measures that actually can bring
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this virus under control the u.s. has all the resources and capabilities to do so what is luck so far is the leadership piece or intro bag great 2nd your analysis there thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera that starts a pizza dough bag an infectious disease experts speaking to us live from oxford. and we're just getting some breaking news now i at over kyrgyzstan where we understand the prime minister has resigned. as correspondent on the ground he grinds he joins us on the phone from the capital k key ad the prime minister has now resigned this is the latest developments in a very turbulent political situation that will move the tellus. yes again it's a generation of the fast developments we've seen how over the last $48002.00
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main developers of the last half an hour we had a politics reception held in that hotel that we were talking about earlier that session was scheduled to take place early in the day and had been. put forward to tomorrow it had been delayed until tomorrow so i was surprised that indeed a session seems to play place at least 61 members of parliament turning up in order to form majority and she's being made we hear the tabernacle to pick up today if it was a who was a member of parliament 10 is now understood to be part of government has been made the new parliamentary speaker. go to chipotle who is an opposition figure now importantly he has been made to the new prime minister now importantly he was released from jail freed from jail by opposition supporters
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late last night he was in jail serving a liver jailed for kidnapping. 3 years on that jail sentence there was some light shed out from that session we can't independently verify this picture but it's being reported to clear all chip our sorry had made us way to members of parliament saying that it didn't make me. the prime minister he was done with the crowds of supporters of his that were waiting outside so again quite incredible developments this evening i'm getting questions as to you know diligent him a sea of of all all based call them to parliament the need to constitutionally be in place. until new elections are held but a parliament that now seems to be. making decisions on its own or as we were saying
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reportedly being forced in to make decisions to include people that have very dubious history. constitutionally unsuitable for the job because of the criminal of the criminal record or. indeed only having been released from general lost. or stunning developments. only adding to the sense of uncertainty. will return rest and indeed how does this light how does this development likely to be received on the streets of bishkek. well it's fair to say we were standing outside the parliament building the smalling the celebrations which i could place following last night and the taking of control box supporters all that building and such a crowd of us now being made a prime minister was welcomed with jubilation crowds cheering as they wait him
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through to into the parliament building and he made a speech we know he is a very popular is often described as a nationalist he is very popular certainly with the rural kirby style but he is yes not seen as being particularly say great by a large number of the population of the electorate to. a it would be unfair to say that his his position or his being appointed prime minister he's going to be anyway silly approved. and i think it's the same could be said about mick tippett today the new speaker of parliament who is widely believed to have been pro-government. in his position at least the last 10 games. in that way does it settle anything really. makes anything more stable in this
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country but it just shows the kind of. yes i mean arguably you could say shows the kind of. trying to take to bring such stability but the legitimacy of certainly chip or having only been released joyeux a convicted criminal serving the idea of being the prime minister of this country is one can only imagine not going to go down well cable have to wait and see how this plays out but charles start from there thank you very much indeed for very has the latest on a serious charge stratford skipping across all those developments that fast moving situation stand. now ethiopia's northern region has ceased to recognize the government in this suburb or the leaders told ethiopia's prime minister his mandate to govern the region would expire on october 5th tensions
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were increased after regional elections were perspire to the coronavirus pandemic we don't recognise the prime minister would organize a deputy prime minister we don't recognise a cabinet. ministers we don't recognise the parliament we don't recognise the house of interest otherwise other institutions have to continue to. provide services. to its national defense forces military forces. are expected to defend the country from anything. well joining us on the line from adama any theo pierre is. the heads of the prosperity part say good to have you with us on the news are you heard their. reluctance to remain part of ethiopia where to. go from here.
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yes madame hello there can you hear me. yes. saw the. region has ceased to recognize the government in a bar what are your next steps are you reacting to this news. this is a. meaningless and childish decision because we know that it would but not here and the word on today is that it was in a pretty serious global situation a lot of problems due to the 19 and therefore we had the plan to call in the next year in 2002020 in july but because of the book of it 19 pandemic that the creationist they're really into are not being fair and 3 democratic election and due to the action what's going on here and they're part of the reason that you
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could only do 5 video on constitution and b. and meaningless b. and try to conduct its all and action which is really on purpose because it's not and meaningless to say because this country and on the world with enough problems a little of the globe on pandemic and we on our side would not at all recall the night and election be selection conduct but. region because if 1 you cook your sense for anything the morning kind of lection which doesn't have any consideration for the global and national problem that in much ado to be called 90 another then i feel that the big living at some groups are declaring that they don't want to take over made the parliament and the house of representatives and they don't want to take what made the company rich which means 'd they. might be in
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a position to not to accept any incentive and don't mention shifts with with the federal government we sit in make any sense to say that the security institutions can function and all of the search institutions can function because if you don't recognise the parliament the house of the federation and the cabinet all of the power politics the strategies then difficult decisions on my. it's from the house of people's representatives and having it and therefore that it is simply meaningless really and random. things that do not have any practical meaning to to reject well. particularly big government institutions and say that the security forces can function well you would you say this is. the party it's a great say that they held this election and the turn i was 97 percent they say they have a mandate here. not that there is not any mandate because you know
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the party and the ruling governing party we saw that you don't recall denying the election conducted in their region because it is totally unconstitutional there is not any meaning to have your own electorate of war. 'd and therefore you will you will you conduct your own election at the at the regional level this is part of the meaningless and practical i think childish position given that the christian they get their evening and the word it all together is because of the cloven 19 pandemic and there are or was the decision of the parliament that election will be conducted they were they have to wait and conducted on election constitutionally recover my election also with a with an open framework and within the constitutional mandate so whatever little we got here that there is not an election ledge and there is no any formal established a government does that because we did what we had of organizing
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a lecture on within the constitutional framework and we know that the election will be conducted this here in in 2021 of the people in this region to make of this because they now have 2 competing government saying that we are in charge our elections are legitimate where do you ethiopians go from here what are the next steps. no it's not that you know while we know that this issue is going to buy them groups and it doesn't mean any implication in the public because yesterday we recognize that. there were no members of parliament from the reason except one that one lady and that indicates that it's sinful propaganda that doesn't have any strategy completion for the government then we are discussing the need on with and on institutional framework and everything will be sort of it within the constitutional provisions and it doesn't have any very
6:47 pm
significant implication on the stairs and implication on the that will be any genuine and that relations with between the region and the federal government because we are discussing on the issue and we will practically solve it within the legal framework available ok. we'll have to leave it there but thank you so much for joining us on the al-jazeera news are thank you thank you so much thank you so much. 70 percent of. cases are located in just 10 countries that's according to the world health organization but they say it's affecting people all around the world if we take a look at the latest figures from the johns hopkins university tracker more than a 1000000 people have died in the u.s. brazil india and mexico remain the worst affected nations but cases are increasing in other countries now iran is on red saleratus infections are on the rise once again and what's already the worst effects country in the middle east more than
6:48 pm
4000 new cases were recorded there in the past saying well the health ministry says field hospitals may be needed to cope with the increase. kremlin critic hillocks in of all nice says his health is improving just weeks after being poisoned with the russian nerve agent novacek valmy collapse on a flight to moscow at the end of august transferred to a hospital in germany where he was placed in a medically induced coma the opposition leader says russians presidents putin must provide answers for what happened to him. it's a super secret thing even possessing this substance this novacek it's only great poison and is banned it's forbidden to have it anywhere in any amounts and one of the problems it has is not whether he ordered me to be poisoned or not but the fact that someone got ahold of nova chuck in russia and used it which in itself is
6:49 pm
already a violation of the chemical weapons convention. afghan president ashraf ghani is in doha with his delegation amid the ongoing taliban afghan peace talks a correspondence of some a binge of aid spoke to the afghan foreign minister mohammed hanif atmar who says that those who insist on violence would be extremely marginalized. now that it's been nearly 3 weeks since this dialogue began talks seem to have stalled and the only sticking point seems to be the to think in ways that you mentioned. it's not moving forward and there is no reduction in violence hundreds of people have been killed in afghanistan what makes you sure that this time around with your help of your partners you'd be able to tell the taliban to reduce violence but we're quite hopeful. those who would insist on file it's would be extremely. marginalized
6:50 pm
and they will not have. the churches machine any of their horses to pursue thank you so much everybody minister when you got there there you had that was the foreign minister acting foreign minister of afghanistan after meeting 3 as well as american officials telling us that he's still hopeful that dialogue is the way forward and both sides are going to come to some sort of an agreement to reduce violence well this bring in ahmed rashid's in madrid he's a journalist and the author of the book taliban militant islam oil and fundamentalism in central asia good to have you with us on the news can i just ask you why do you think the afghan president is in doha what you think you'll achieve . i think one of the. president somewhere even if it was to break a long term you know it's been almost a month peace talks a common prayer broken down would be no progress now suddenly yesterday
6:51 pm
it seems when president. qatari leaders there in doha and the missiles that the u.s. represented entity they persuaded people to come inside and be counted on to agree to a 19 point ground rules which will truly essential mean that nobody can walk out of the talks don't matter how long they are prolonged or. a good development comes out. of them out of western governments but the talks could collapse but not a lot of good work out time to be hoping that the money consistently the government will be trying to play catch up and trying to hold a parade down the most recent. course for fear of a great town is the taliban insistence that. all the talks should be conducted
6:52 pm
under the 130 islamic code which is followed by sunni muslims. and of course this would mean. islamic country within sunni and. shia. minority but of the hindu conceit all who live in afghanistan would be excluded from any kind of participation in the store so you know this will immunity under relatively new tomorrow that have to be. bean counter. and one of the reasons why they would be able to break down so hoping no longer this pressure that there will be some movement forward we will wait to see if there is any progress made so i'm afraid we'll have to leave it there but i asked matt rashid thank you so much for joining us from madrid. thank you. 3 scientists working on a black hole of research have won the nobel prize for physics brit's roger penrose
6:53 pm
german writing hard against american un jackets were on hertz in stockholm their research focused on the discovery of black coal from ations and their connection to the theory of relativity. so it's a come on al jazeera will have the sports and the italian cars and driver and he threw a temper tantrum then quite a sports figure will be here after the break. if
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
your sport has fire thank you so much on his record breaking run at the french open has been ended by danielle collins. jobber tennessee has become the 1st arab woman to reach the last 16 at this grand slam after collins won the opening set jobber him back to win the 2nd and level the match the unseeded collins won the decider 64 to set up an all american quarter final this if you can it. that idea pulled off a huge upset in her quarterfinal the world number 131 from argentina knocking out a lead us with alina in straight sets she's become the 1st female qualifier to reach the semi's at roland garros but alina had been the highest ranked player left in the tournaments. english premier league team are sol made the biggest move in the final hours of the european football transfer window they signed to ghana international thomas party from spanish team led a common trade in a $16000000.00 deal the midfielder will join up with his new team mates next week
6:56 pm
after he returns from international duty games with mali and caps are in the coming days adama terry aura has trained with spain's senior squad for the 1st time the wolves player had been called up by both mali and spain in recent days the 24 year old was born in barcelona and could play for either country trail or he could now make his 1st appearance for spain against portugal on wednesday le bron james says he owes it to his team to play better in game 4 of the n.b.a. finals le bron's l.a. lakers were beaten by the miami heat in game 3 on sunday but he still trailed to one of the best of 7 series with the team set to meet again later this tuesday and . if it is mission you know you did this. if he was. jewish or. so i take that.
6:57 pm
he's got a lot of no doubt. that i would be much better. the 2nd round of major league baseball playoffs is underway with the new york yankees making a winning start this american league division series with the tampa bay rays is being played in san diego neutral venues are being used to limit travel and the risk of catching coronavirus john carlos stanton had a grand slam in the 9th inning to help the yankees to a 93 win game 2 of the best of 5 series is coming up later this tuesday. and a go cart driver has been making global headlines for all the wrong reasons italy's carberry crashed out during a karting world championship race and then decided to throw part of his wrecked view hole a rival since apologized and says he's decided never to race again. ok and that is all yours for for now hala back to you thank you so much well that's it
6:58 pm
for this news are to keep it here on al-jazeera i'll be back with you after the break with more of the very latest including that breaking story in kurdistan stay with us. cyprus a european island opening offering citizenship to those who can afford it in august al-jazeera made global headlines with the cyprus papers confidential documents that reveal a murky possibly by investment scheme all this before. the start this is. now al-jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that
6:59 pm
go to the heart of the cypriot state i'll just 0 investigations the cyprus papers on the cover well i'm not happy with when the president of the united states speaks out the rest of the world takes notice. aggressive negotiation on trade deals. unparalleled military might international agreements hanging by a thread will the next u.s. foreign policy put america 1st. and be a leading light for the world at large. salmon the key issues of the u.s. elections on al-jazeera. that show or people get killed on one occasion you know as bloody a massacre as this was in the tracks a lot of reporting there was just a current drumbeat who did it who did it who did it the hasty conviction that led to the world's longest held 3. christmas and his sister's 47 year long battle to
7:00 pm
save him from execution witness. japan's death row on a. we know what's happening in our region we know how to get the plague that others cannot but fires are still going on the way they held the story is what can make a difference. kyrgyzstan's prime minister resigns following protests that forced the unknown months of parliamentary elections. below that i haven't seen and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a lifeline from mali west africa in the west african regional bloc and lifts economic sanctions that were imposed following a military coup. turkey's top diplomats accuses armenia of war crimes in our
7:01 pm
azerbaijan as the border front tate's.


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