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i'm to be close on a few strokes. just. as a by john accuses armenia of attacking one of its main cities as the conflicts for the disputed region of not going to cut it back intensifies. my money inside best as al-jazeera life and also coming up. protests outside in athens courts as it issues verdicts on the far right golden dawn party and the involvement of some of its members in the murder of a single into when to. cut a sounds parliament names a new prime minister as
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a political crisis that deepens. homeless and feeling abandoned hundreds of thousands of people in pakistan struggling to recover after a monsoon rains destroyed their homes. that's been fierce fighting over noise as armenia and azerbaijan continue their battle over the disputed mcgoldrick out about creech and these are pictures from the armenian side they show damage from shelling and sophisticate the main city in the goma cutback both sides accusing each other of targeting civilian areas. and this is a recently released video showing a missile attack on the azerbaijani city of ganja the azerbaijani side says on media has also launched attacks on several of its main cities resulting in more than 20 civilian deaths the rights group amnesty says there is growing evidence
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cluster bombs and now the use of the conflict by more than 100 countries but not by armenia or azerbaijan let's go straight to our correspondents in him because so who's live for us in. azerbaijan bring us up to date with the very latest on the fighting. well in the intense fighting has been on the way especially since september 27 especially a couple of days ago several stories of azerbaijan was attacked as are bridge other coups are money or for that last night again some cities important cities especially in a region have been attacked for the region is one of the a decent region surrounding the area and there were some advances in some of the villages a couple of days ago as our bridge our military took control of the some villages and as our bridge on official stated that i.d.p.
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settlements for the internally displaced people have been attacked by iranian forces in for the region on the other hand yes there are millions side says that step on a carrot. they're going to cut a guy has been attacked by the very forces through a strikes and miss hours and people are trying to find safety in refuges and they are they have been actually under the military fire since last sunday as well . the firing of their own city military stepanek cared had actually lost in intensity in yesterday during the day it was quiet but again it to get it intensified at night according to iranian side statement so what sides accusing each other for firing the 1st bullet are many are saying ses it was azerbaijan who 1st started journal official stop official say that it was armenia who violated the
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over the fragile cease fire and fired the 1st bullet and it was the 1st hours every soldier who got killed when the school is started last july there is a trade off war of words as well alongside the front line but the battle is not only in on the ground in the front lines like the region and other places but also it seems like and they are battle with their own going on going claims accusations for both sides for using cluster bombs. so then because for us in the get severe in azerbaijan. the political turmoil in kurdistan isn't easing the prime minister has been replaced by an opposition politician who was freed from jail the day before by protest is widespread anti government demonstrations have seen opposition supporters take over most of the capital's government buildings because this is led
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to the results of sunday's parliamentary election being an old following accusations of vote pulling. let's get straight to that here is. what is the latest on the political situation. well the chaos continues basically i'm standing in the square where we saw those protests that were pushed out by security forces a couple of nights ago after those elections and all night day we were seeing a sense of unity amongst the opposition today a completely different story there are various different groups various different opposition supporters from different allegiances holding meetings in the square today earlier we saw some big groups of various different parties gathering and giving speeches to a larger crowd if you like and they were demanding that a full parliamentary session is held immediately they were demanding that the
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president be impeached now it's important to recognize that their opinions are not universal by any stretch. but the general feeling all of that statement was that it was a criticism of the appointment last night in a parliamentary session of the new prime minister this man southern part of who was serving an 11 and a half year jail term for kidnapping until he was freed by his supporters 2 nights ago that particular opposition group was saying that that vote was a legitimate illegitimate because there wasn't a full parliamentary session there's room and there are only about 20 m.p.'s at that session which was held at a downtown hotel because opposition supporters control the parliament building to my right. it's an indication once again of the fact that there doesn't seem to be any single story in control of this country in the worrying thing is is that we are beginning to see potential for
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a major standoff between supporters of this new prime minister and those that want of. parliamentary vote before he is officially made pm of this country an interesting lead the atmosphere in the last sort of hour or so has been it has been increasingly tense and we've been we've heard reports of at least one journalist that was beaten up by supporters of which policy we just don't know so yeah the chaos certainly continues in kyrgyzstan here today. and child it seems some people are now taking advantage of that lack. in government getting the port safe this company that has been broken into. yes the coal companies control or is a canadian owned gold company it's the largest gold mine here in this country it's
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fundamentally important for the country's economy contributes about 8 percent of the g.d.p. here. indeed to cool to attacks we understand this morning by a group of unidentified men no damage to the headquarters they were repelled or pushed back by we understand security people at that building but this is not the 1st time we've had an incident like this these incidents have been happening over the last couple of days other gold mining facilities and coal mining facilities in areas of the country have also been attacked by an identified groups of men but what's interesting is that what we're hearing now and seeing these are volunteer groups that establishing themselves setting themselves up via social media. basically placing themselves around the city to prevent looting to prevent vandalism to prevent these on a on identified groups of men causing damage to private property and they were
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working very hard last night we understand there was a bit of looting the 1st real looting that we've seen this. since this crisis began with the start the volunteer forces are having to do this work of not look loose is another example of how potentially lawless the situation could become. strafford for us in bishkek many things a spring new some breaking news out of greece leaders of the far right golden dawn posse have been found guilty of running a criminal group thousands of protesters have gathered outside the court to hear the verdict police have fired tear gas to break up the demonstrators the background to this is it comes off to the killing a fair musician back in 2013 by a golden dawn member at a tavern we are expecting to speak talk correspondent john psaropoulos who is live for us in athens on that story and we will bring him to use his we have.
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still ahead on out to syria. donald trump is criticized for the ending negotiations over an aid package that could have helped millions who've lost their jobs over the coronavirus pandemics. i was saying some very wet weather recently entered the philippines pushing across into malaysia i think the wettest weather over the next couple days is going to be a little further north up towards in the china that's the situation there in the philippines 150 millimeters of rain here malays 121 millimeters of rain but take a look at this for the rifle title that is just to the north of denying in vietnam 234 millimeters inevitably there has been some flooding as
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a result of that and there's more wet weather where that came from we've got these a silly way in striving that warm moist air into central and northern parts of vietnam over the next couple of days going on in sea where friday that west of where the punching a little further west was through allow heading over towards thailand russia showers continuing as per usual then across malaysia seeing more the way of showers starting to crop up now into indonesia but some sunshine him between we have seen some rather wet weather also affecting the interior of australia still this long band of cloud and showers the wettest weather will now down be towards the the southeast some very heavy rain there into southern parts of new south wales victoria saying some rather wet weather blustery conditions continuing across a good part of tasmania into the weekend. but. i know you're his night. and manager is
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a material tonight you'll find beauty is brown's food out points behind doesn't he need to call to forge new year's day just for you to see. i am sure i've only done my part here but. my nigerian on out is there. you're watching out of their minds of top stories this hour as abides on the house release footage of a recent missile attack on one of its main cities it's accusing armenia of
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deliberately targeting civilians as the conflict in the going to come about continues many is accusing azerbaijan of using cluster bombs. because the prime minister has been replaced by an opposition politician read from jail by protest this is always constitutional reform elections within 3 months some base result led to widespread anger was counseled. and as you've been hearing late is the greek far right golden dawn party have been found guilty of running a criminal group thousands of protesters gathered outside the court to hear the verdict and police a 5 tear gas to break that demonstrates is. as get more on that story our correspondent john psaropoulos in athens clearly a strong feeling amongst people about this case it's been a long time coming talk us through what was announced by the court today.
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well the 2 most important decisions were the guilty verdicts for you i guess the merger of history says he is the man whom security and surveillance cameras captured driving up to the point where the wrap up of the species stood on the device of 17th september 23rd teen expecting evidently a physical altercation with right wing is but not a murder attempt he walks up to him past 2 policeman and stabbed him twice in the chest police seem to have been so confused about what happened that no one intervenes to stop this there was a total of 8 police at the scene at that time and they were even attempted to arrest the murdered man he was still alive and with his dying press he pointed to his killer and told them what had happened and showed the police's wounds and that is why little by gas was arrested that night otherwise police seem to have had no clear understanding of what happened because it happened so force that man has now
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been condemned as guilty of murder which carries a statutory sentence of life imprisonment here in greece the 2nd very important decision was that all 18 members of the golden dawn party who were elected to parliament in 2012 have been judged guilty of participating in a criminal organization this is the key charge that the government and the prosecutors had banked on in order to put golden dawn away as a group 8 of those 18 and he's our additionally guilty of forming a criminal organization which carries as we understand it a minimum of 10 years in prison after those decisions were made. there was absolute mayhem here outside the courtroom both on this plaza where i saw the mother of the murdered rapper populace faces calling out her son's name and evidently jubilant that the family has been vindicated in this 5 and
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a half year long legal battle to have not only the merger a person away but also the party that motivated that killing meanwhile sounds of left wing supporters and opponents of golden dawn to my left on alexander's avenue they had shut down this entire section of town. which cheering. and clearly jubilant at the verdicts to the point where the police felt they had to be dispersed and just moments ago we had clouds of tear gas sweep over this plaza here and stun grenades were going off in our immediate vicinity the crowd has now dispersed but there seems to still to be lots of people in the side streets around us that we can see there is nothing yet resembling normalcy here traffic has been cut off there are people in the streets obviously this is a decision that had been awaited with great fervor for a very long time and it seems to have gone down very well indeed in greek society don as well reminding people this was
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a posse that was in column and for 7 years explain the wider significance of his buttocks. the important thing was not to banish the party the party if it had been banned as a political force could have simply changed its name and carried on and stood for reelection also such an approach a political approach wouldn't have got its 18 and he's out of parliament they could have stayed on this independence independent of the original party the important thing was to judge the party guilty of being a criminal organization and a militia in the guise of a political party in other words falling foul of article 187 of the penal code it is under that article that they have now been found guilty and that shuts down both
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the individuals and the organization it doesn't address the ideology of far right the fascism because that is problematic under the greek constitution but it does address the substance of the matter which was not only getting rid of golden dawn from parliament but also making sure they don't reappear a certain extent that goal had been served in the latest election when the party did not make the 3 percent popular vote threshold in order to enter the chamber of representatives so they do not have seats in parliament anyway but this is also illegal vindication and safeguard that they cannot come back they cannot stand for reelection certainly not the condemned individuals and certainly not that political organization that is known as golden door so the party i would say the significance of today's decision is the party has been defeated both politically in the latest election and now legally as well.
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tens of thousands of south africans are taking part in nationwide anti-government protests they want president run for so run a so to address corruption allegations about missing funds from the $26000000000.00 coronavirus relief funds if the money was meant to be spent on protective equipment for frontline workers and to help those who have lost jobs the rallies organized by the country's biggest workers' union cosatu a key support of the ruling african national congress let's go to all correspond for me to mina who's live for us in perth tory and these are huge protests what are we expecting today. we're looking at some of the issues that people here want the government to pay attention to when you touched on the issue of corruption which has been
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a significant chance of africa especially during the time of. 'd life for some people yet. in 6 mali. government love them. adequately side from corruption is this you dealing with a lns of issues everything from pay radically. against women we do lol that even schoolroom of course was dealt with by the forgives woman he's cool date the country's 2nd pandemic and at one point this protest really appears to be about a culmination of issues i'm a member of perspiration 2 is really a basket it will be she's hoping people will say the government is not doing enough to address the frustrations of south africans and they want an answer from the
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government what is significant that is this is the congress of the south african trade unions it covers a number of trade unions in this country it's also an alliance. but the african national congress so john says oh if the government listens to anyone or at least pay some attention it would be to consult you because they play a significant role within the work force in this country. amid a mellow there in the thick of nationwide antigovernment protests reporting from pretoria senior white house adviser stephen miller has become the latest member of the trump administration to test positive for covert 19 joins a long list of those who now have the virus and the outbreak appears to have spread to the pentagon mike hanna reports. steven miller is president trump's top speechwriter and policy adviser and a company use of president tom the majority of his campaign and fundraising trips while the president took off his mask when he returned to the white house from 3
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days in hospital there's been an increasing number of infections in the building in recent days another close adviser to the president hopes picks tested positive last week she'd been in close contact with most in the president's inner circle but all ringback floated c.d.c. guidelines by not going into sort of current team until testing negative. the press secretary kaley mcanany briefed reporters the day after hicks tested positive and this week she announced that she is infected along with a number of aids and at least 3 journalists who work at the white house the list of those in the white house who've been infected include both the director of oval office operations and president trump's campaign manager. the country's top infectious disease expert is no longer in regular contact with the president and has not been consulted at all in recent days what went on in the white house you
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know i don't want to and every time i say something that's an issue i wind up spending a lot of time ensuring phone calls and e-mails i should say it was not done according to what i would have recommended. a number of non white house staff tested positive buff to the scattering in the rose garden to announce president trump's nomination to the vacant bench of the supreme court it flouted d.c. law that forbids any gathering of more than 50 people the white house is a federal property and outside the district's jurisdiction the day after the rose garden gathering this man coast guard admiral charles ray attended a meeting in the oval office he's tested positive for corona virus he held meetings with joint chiefs of staff at the pentagon in recent days and now the country's most senior military leaders are in self quarantine including the chairman of the
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joint chiefs of staff general mark milley on monday 105 new coronavirus cases were reported in the district of columbia that is a high as daily total in 4 months the white house will not release an exact list or number of those who have tested positive but it's likely to be a significant portion of the daily cases recorded in d.c. as a whole mike hanna al-jazeera washington. u.s. president donald trump is facing criticism for calling off negotiations over a new coronavirus stimulus package talks had been on the way with the democrats but the president has tweeted saying he'll only pulse the bell off the he wins the election or u.s. stock markets fell by about 2 percent following the news house democrats have passed a 2.2 trillion dollar relief bell on thursday but senate republicans rejected it is down from watching it because he has abandoned our children we had such great
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provisions in the bill not that they greet all of them yet but on a path out workers need to do for america's working families they band in our fight to crush the virus which they have heard and not really. know and they are going to . taste the nickels is a democratic strategist he says the president has bailed on helping those struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic. i think it reflects really poorly on this president he is somebody who prioritizes himself he's getting the best care government subsidized care but doesn't want to public option for the rest of us for the rest of us to get the kind of care he got and as a result 210000 people have died under his leadership you see him spreading this kind of this information somewhere between 12 and 60000 people die from the flu but yet as i said in less than
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a year we've already lost 210000 people very famous and powerful people have lost friends and family members and more importantly or should say more importantly but also lots of working class people their families are struggling they're losing family members they can't feed their families at night or during the day or at any other moment they're having a tough time keeping a roof over their heads and paying their bills and the president has bail and said we're going to do this after the election you know after you know all the negotiating chips are and are in my favor because you've already won that's not prioritizing the american people that's prioritizing his agenda and himself representatives from libya's rival administrations have a grade on the appointment of several high profile positions and paste from libya's u.n. recognized government in aaa on the eastern based temperate governments have been holding talks in morocco the new appointments include the central bank up into
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chairman of the national oil corporation and a general prosecutor and aims must be endorsed by both houses of parliament. the mexican resort town of cancun is bracing for a direct hit from hurricane delta which has strengthened now to a category 4 storm tourists have moved from her tells into shelters and the hurricane could be the strongest to strike the mexican states of yucatan in 15 years neighboring cuba is also bracing for the storm and has evacuated coastal areas are expected to head towards the state of louisiana in the u.s. later on this week. to pakistan where more than a 1000000 people are struggling to recover from 2 months of devastating floods the province of sindh has been worst hit childless schalit by this reports. the rains
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began in august in the southern port city of karachi they were the heaviest in almost a seam tree they lashed the surrounding province of sindh for 2 months monsoon rains fell on already sort of ground resulting in devastating floods the wood food programme in sindh government believes that more than 1200000 people have lost more than 90 percent of their belongings and crops used to go to. 20 families live here and our village has been swept away we haven't received any tents or rations yet now we are under the open skies seeking mercy from god. residents in rural sin say they feel abandoned by the government they have been worst hit most families have lost livestock nearly all their crops are ruined and 2 thirds of irrigation infrastructure is damaged and that the baby i got. we lost everything in these flood waters our house our cattle and our belongings we hardly say anything there
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isn't any help from the government and we're faced with starvation and we don't have any money to rebuild a house this isn't a government declared a state of emergency in late august they say they're assessing the damage to infrastructure like roads and communications that are overwhelmed and for comfort i strongly protested with the federal government about their epiphanes towards this disaster i asked them several times to call international agencies and friendly countries to help at this crucial time to reach out to these poor people but there was no response. hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced some have found safety on a bank means although there are widespread who had use of food in clean drinking water residents lack basic amenities including toilets the wood food program says it is particularly concerned with winter approaching and the 3 of water borne diseases we expect to systems contin. at least through to the end of november and
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perhaps into the middle of december a recent terms of release support for those people who lost lost their homes this will be a critical. part of an ongoing effort right now in an area known as the bread basket of sindh there is little to be harvested these people rely on the rain for their livelihoods but this year it took much more than a good shall a palace which is here and. my. guess is out as they are at these are the top stories as a by john has released footage of a recent missile attack on one of its main cities and says armenia is deliberately targeting civilians as a conflict in.


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