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al-jazeera. and. a kenyan court finds 2 men guilty for their role in the 2013 attack on a shopping mall the killed 67 people a 3rd person was acquitted. hello malcolm i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera life and also coming up. great police fire tear gas into crowds gathered outside a court in athens offered will the leadership of the far right golden dawn party ran a criminal organization. the city's come under heavy bombardment as fighting continues
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between armenia and azerbaijan. and a major ruling today from the european union's top court against france the u.k. and belgium the mass surveillance of phone and internet data is against the law. 2 men have been found guilty over their role in a shopping center attack in kenya 7 years ago a 3rd man was acquitted the suspects have been charged with helping al-shabaab fighters carry out the attack at the westgate shopping mall in nairobi 67 people were killed during the attack in 20130 catherine sawyer joins us live now from nairobi katherine when will we get the sentencing. while the magistrate gives his sentence on the 22nd of october he said the
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defense lawyers and the prosecutors all agreed to this the prosecutors say that they want the survivors and some of the families that lost their lost loved ones to give their testimonies ahead of that sentencing and the defense lawyers say that they want a pre-sentencing report from the different security organizations now the prosecution case peter was heavily reliant on call logs of come does a show and telephone conversations that were held between the accused and the attackers 4 of them this attackers who were all killed during the operation in westgate in 2318 in fact prosecutors saying that one of the accused spoke to one of the gunmen a $109.00 times between june and september of 2013 the lawyers also say that one of the accusers is involved in the part chase of
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a vehicle that was used to transport the attackers to the westgate mall and they also say that they confiscated a computer from one of the computer accusers and this computer had in it material that was that had terrorist. terrorist related material which was used in the organizing of this crime but then on the other hand the defense lawyer said that this is all circumstantial evidence they say that the argument of the prosecution is just the stories and theories and fantasies that really don't warrant don't marry a conviction the chief magistrate francis and i agreed with the defense on one of the accused leave no maher whom he acquitted but then he said that the to. the same has been. guilty of the terrorism related charges and i have been talking to some survivors of the westgate mall attack who told me that even if the state case has
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taken so long 7 years they're just hoping that perhaps today's decision by the magistrate is going to help them move on. and a friend were driving into the basement parking of the westgate mall when they heard the 1st blast then got shots from moment he thought it was a robbery what's a little more times it's me most is where i was hiding there's a security guard who was right next to me was shot in the head. and i didn't realize i was injured until. a rescue team arrived and as i was trying to get up that's when i realized i had a lot of blood that security guard was among the 67 people killed in a 4 day siege in september 70 years ago 4 gunmen stormed up market mall and will be seized by security forces their taxes were eventually killed in a government operation that some kenyans criticized as being on coordinate head slow in response and clumsy. the armed group al-shabaab based in neighboring
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somalia say this man carried out their talk. 3 men suspected of helping coordinate their talk was charged with multiple offenses including conspiracy to commit a terrorist act the judgment comes almost 7 years after the trial started some security analysts say it has taken too long if we have difficult laws the do more to allow us to expedite justice is precisely for to resume we need more men to go smalls and make them conform with our times because the times we become terrorism times to other major attacks in kenya have happened since westgate in 2015 gunmen killed more than a 100 people mostly students at a university in the northeast and in 21000 a luxury a school tally nairobi was attacked and 21 people killed westgate mall was reopened 5 years ago but some survivors and families of the dead remain traumatized they say
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they want justice and hope the decision by the court will give them closure in some way then more hopes that their judgment in the courtroom will help heal the wounds that still run deep catherine soy al jazeera nairobi. to greece where leaders of the far right golden dawn party have been found guilty of running a criminal organization the police fired tear gas of thousands of protesters who gathered outside the court to hear about politics investigation into the golden dawn organization respond by the murder of a musician and 2013 the group was once the 3rd biggest party in greek politics john psaropoulos is in athens with more on today's ruling. the golden dawn party has now been convicted as being a criminal organization and an illegal militia under the guise of a political party all 18 of its members of parliament who came into parliament in 2012 have now been convicted of membership or leadership of that criminal
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organization and they will spend many years in jail we don't know how many yet because sentencing is to follow in the coming days the important thing is that over this 5 and a half year long trial more than $100.00 different cases involving. violence in many cases against migrants or leftists that were brought to trial and in most cases golden dawn party members or supporters were found guilty that suggests to the judges that these acts were not random they were not entirely spontaneous they were part of a pattern of behavior the court believes ordered from the top by the party leadership in a way that suggests that the party acts it as an organized crime ring there are reports that more than 10 villages in russia have been evacuated after a blaze broke out at an ammunitions depo it happened in the region of rise on
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footage on social media shows a fireball unfix smoke billowing up into the air and one witness in one of the videos says shrapnel and ash were seen falling from the sky. in kyrgyzstan opposition protests continuing despite the resignation of the prime minister and the promise of a new election but there is growing confusion over who's running the country demonstrators have taken control of government buildings and the prime minister has been replaced by an opposition politician he was freed from jail the day before all by protesters and the uncertainty follows the an element of sunday's parliamentary election which many say was rigged charles stratford joins us live now from bishkek charlie i know you've got some new reporting for us what do we know. we've had an analysis from the the coordination council now this is a group of opposition parties 13 opposition parties that was formed yesterday off
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to the clearing up the square by security forces. and they have come out and made a statement saying that yesterday's parliamentary session that voted to make the so there who is in the building we understand behind me the new prime minister there saying that that session is invalid and they have put their own man forward they put their own candidate to be prime minister and they are demanding that parliament holds what they describe as a secret session of the secret location story in order to vote on whether to keep the power of the prime minister or indeed their man and it just shows you once again how difficult the situation is here it's a power of the day said that he thought that in his words there were forces in the country that were trying to mount a counter revolution one would think he's referring to a council revolution against a decision that was made to make him prime minister as we've been reporting this is
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a man that was released from jail freed from jail by his supporters a couple of nights ago serving an 11 and a half year sentence for kidnapping. his criminal record was white playing with last night by the supremes court supremes it doesn't carry much legitimacy with many of the people in this country. we still haven't heard anything today from the president's nothing since yesterday morning and you know the sense of uncertainty and chaos continues in bishkek and we're we understand in other cities around the country as well nobody really has much idea what's going on and indeed who's in charge that full of this committee or a commission or whatever the they're calling it get the sense that that means the protest is coming together instead of staying fractured and if they are does that increase the chances that they will get what they want or is they just too many
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variables in play just now. there are so many variables at play i mean logically you would think that a coalition of 13 opposition parties coming together and making a statement like that would suggest unity but it was only this morning that we were standing in the square listening to representatives of those various parties and they seem to be contradicting each other on who to put forward there seems to be a splits as well within the opposition or basic split amongst those who prefer a younger politician the younger leaders who basically want to purge the old leadership and those that want more established names people with more experience. and of course. the the the new prime minister. standing sticking to his guns and saying that he is the man to hold that position and is it's important
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to recognize as well that this man is accused of having contacts or having backers who have very dubious histories of people with great power and many of whom are accused of actually being criminals now he denies that but he certainly has a lot of backing a lot of support from people who believe in what he says and he carries a message which is. often described as being quite nationalistic. there are so many variables there are so many ways that this is split whether it be a young old argument whether it be a rural poor or. whether it be a nationalistic more populous starkey mental more liberal thinking idea. the fact of the matter is there is no real agreement at the moment and we wait to see what kind of reaction your power of speech will have to this announcement by the opposition coalition council that they are going to put forward their man for the position of prime minister ok charles many thanks charles for their reporting live
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with a developing story out of the bush camp. still to come here on this program for you we're just hours away from the only debate between the 2 u.s. vice presidential candidates we'll take you live to washington with a preview plus. if you are. feeling the consequences of this president's failure to take this seriously. former 1st lady michelle obama's attack. on his campaign. chant home has now been. graded to a typhoon that system continues to intensify out in the open waters of the northwest pacific winds of around 120 kilometers per hour moving at a fair old lake 20 kilometers per hour and it will continue to drive in
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a general northwesterly direction than expected to make landfall actually as a system a ceasefire close to japan begins already see fair bit of rain just pushing into southern and eastern japan as we go on through friday turns increasingly wet across q.c. eastern parts of honshu saying that wet weather that watch weather just making its way across much of honshu as we go on through saturday and then eventually it'll punch his way back out into the open waters but not before some parts of say around 200 millimeters of rain possibly more that will inevitably cause widespread flooding a flood risk to n.c. central parts of vietnam some very heavy downpours coming through here again some of these areas seeing around 202300 millimeters of rain severe flooding certainly a possibility here and you push across a ottoman say this little area of cloud hand this clutch of storms that's developing pushing out into the tools nicobar islands the ottoman islands some very heavy rain coming through here over the next couple of days and it's gradually
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making its way through the back end goal. of. cyprus a european island openly offering citizenship to those who can afford it in august al-jazeera made global headlines with the cyprus papers confidential documents that reveal a murky passport by investment scheme promised for. now al-jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state al-jazeera investigations the cyprus papers on the cover.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera your top story so far this half hour 2 men have been found guilty for their role in the westgate shopping center attack in kenya 7 years ago 67 people were killed a 3rd man was acquitted. leaders of the greek far right golden dawn party have been found guilty of running a criminal organization thousands of protesters gathered outside the court to hear the verdict police fired tear gas to break up the demonstration. in kyrgyzstan there's confusion over who's taken over as prime minister following. to protect your own office resignation a replacement was named after a parliamentary session on tuesday but a group of opposition parties say that choice is invalid and they've nominated their own man for the top job. there was fierce fighting overnights as armenia and azerbaijan continue their battle over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh both sides are accusing each other of targeting civilians these are pictures from the
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armenian site now that shows damage from a series shelling in stepanek yet the main city inside not going to cut back and this is recently released video showing a missile attack on the as a bridge on the 2nd biggest city of gunja because there is say armenia has launched attacks on several of its main cities resulting in more than 20 civilian deaths the russian president vladimir putin is among those calling for a cease fire despite being a military ally of armenia he's ruled out entering the conflict on their site. the chin them on the couple here. is well known as a member of the collective security treaty organization we have certain commitments with armenia within the streets military actions continue up to now much to our grid but they aren't conducted on the territory of armenia concerning fulfillment of our treaty obligations we have always had filled and always will fulfill our
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commitments within this treaty is bomb iran has registered the highest number of deaths from curve in 19 since the outbreak began 239 people have passed away in the last 24 hours the previous i was in july full of 4000 new cases have been confirmed for a 2nd day our road restrictions are being tightened across the country. in france coronavirus patients now make up more than 40 percent of intensive care patients in the region surrounding paris health officials say nearly 450 people are being treated in hospitals and warn the occupancy rate could reach 50 percent in 2 weeks some hospitals have already started reshuffling plan surgeries it's only also struggling with the resurgence of cases the government has now made wearing masks outdoors mandatory to try and stop the spread of covert 19 italy is also extending its state of emergency until the end of january cases there have been increasing steadily but they do still remain much lower than in other major e.u.
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countries. senior white house adviser stephen miller has become the latest member of the trumpet ministration to test positive for cope with 19 he joins a long list of those who have the virus and the outbreak appears to have spread is mike hanna. steven miller is president trump's top speech writer and policy advisor and a company use of president tom the majority of his campaign and fundraising trips while the president took off his mask when he returned to the white house from 3 days in hospital. creasing number of infections in the building in recent days another close adviser to the president hopes picks tested positive last week she'd been in close contact with most in the president's inner circle but all flouted c.d.c. guidelines by not going into south korean team until testing negative. the press secretary mcanany briefed reporters the day after hicks tested positive and this
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week she announced that she is infected along with a number of a and at least 3 journalists who work at the white house the list of those in the white house who've been infected include both the director of oval office operations and president campaign manager the country's top infectious disease expert is no longer in regular contact with the president and has not been consulted at all in recent days what went on in the white house you know i don't want to every time i say something that's an issue i wind up spending a lot of time ensuring phone calls and e-mails i should say it was not done according to what i would have recommended. a number of non white house staff tested positive buff to this gathering in the rose garden to announce president trump's nomination to the vacant bench on the supreme court it flouted d.c.
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law that forbids any gathering of more than 50 people the white house is a federal property and outside the district's jurisdiction. the day after the rose garden gathering this man coast guard admiral charles ray attended a meeting in the oval office he's tested positive for coronavirus he'd held meetings with joint chiefs of staff at the pentagon in recent days and now the country's most senior military leaders are in self quarantine including the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley on monday $105.00 new coronavirus cases were reported in the district of columbia that is a high as daily total in 4 months the white house will not release an exact list or number of those who've tested positive but it's likely to be a significant portion of the daily cases recorded in d.c. as a whole mike hanna al-jazeera washington. u.s.
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president donald trump is facing condemnation for calling off negotiations over a new coronavirus stimulus package talks had been underway with the democrats but the president has been on twitter saying he'll only pass the bill after he wins the election u.s. stock markets fell by around 2 percent following the news house democrats to pass the 2.2 trillion dollar relief bill on thursday but senate republicans have rejected it live to our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat just looking at mr trump on twitter he was on twitter 12 minutes ago where he is accusing joe biden of staging a coup his words not mine and he's also in his tweet from 30 minute 31 minutes ago he's saying vote trump california is somebody checking his meds. i think you've really hit the nail on the head in terms of the fact that the president is has always been somewhat erratic on twitter but this since
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he was diagnosed with covert 19 and return to the white house seems to be the most erratic in terms of topics on twitter that that i've seen i can think of a handful of other instances but this certainly stands out there it's clear that the president i think what i pull from this is number one this is a man that is heavily medicated still and still being treated for a very serious disease there may be some side effects to these drugs including euphoria we know and that's why we see the sort of. impulsive nature on twitter the stream of consciousness but the 2nd thing is this is a man itching to get back out on the campaign trail feeling frustrated that he can't and so taking every action he can to fight against his opponents knowing that there are you know less than a month now until the official voting day of november 3rd in fact the campaign just released a statement saying that as part of operation maggot as they call it make america
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great again donald trump jr will be going to florida that coveted battleground state a couple of times in the near future essentially trying to campaign on behalf of his father who has had to cancel very big rallies there once he was diagnosed with 19 so this is a president that is really trying to. you know would take every tax he can to try and win reelection even if it means that he's having to do it from the medical suite of the presidential residence ok we've got the v.p. debate just around the corner kimberly both candidates must be prepping we haven't seen them we have from them so i guess they're prepping what do they think about the other ones weaknesses what will they be tossing you know. we know for sure that the weakness that come away harris is hoping to target with regard to mike pence is this administration's record when it comes to covert 19
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a democratic memo that was put out this morning says all pandemic all the time this is where they feel their campaign strength is we've seen this from joe biden in the ads that he's released where he was putting on his mask donald trump is taking his off this is where they believe they're scoring points with the american voter so that's where come a harris will 0 in as the democratic vice presidential nominee we know that mike pence is an experienced debater and he's going to fire back on what the republicans see as some hypocrisy on the part of kamel harris which will be hard to defend you remember those allegations of racism and accusations of bigotry that she made towards joe biden as she herself was running for the presidential nomination later sort of sweeping that under the rug too except to offer to be his running mate those are accusations that are hard to dial back so what we know is that they're going to push hard on that they're also going to push hard to say that come a harris represents the most extreme and radical wing of the democratic party now
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in terms of the polling how do we think this is going to measure up the american people think that the upper hand goes to come to harris in fact they say 43 percent believe she'll win this debate only 37 percent believe that might pence well thank you so much good conversation as a thank you sink you. you can watch live coverage of that debate right here on al-jazeera that's what i was g.m.t. thursday morning. now the former 1st lady michelle obama has a time donald trump in a new video she's accusing him of racism and mishandling coronavirus and people not to waste their votes if you are a parent like me you're feeling the consequences of this president's failure to take this pandemic seriously from his constant downplaying of the importance of mask and social distancing today more americans have died from this virus than died in the wars in iraq afghanistan vietnam and korea combined
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take all those lives bravely sacrificed and double that that is roughly the scale of this tragedy and our commander in chief sadly has been missing in action well in the last hour on the news hour i was joined by a vis jones to weaver she's a political commentator as well as the editor and founder of mac's black media she told me the type of voters that michelle obama is talking to here. we do have very polarized opinions that is absolutely clear but there is a sliver of americans who if not are completely under sided they are not the traditional democratic voter either on the far left or the right so for example you do have those republican voters on the right suburbanites who voted for trump last time and also quote unquote working class who voted for trump
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last time who she's appealing to on a conscientious level and she's also signaling to those on the left who last time may have stayed at home because they were frustrated with the options and who are still frustrated today with the level of the press and the heightened level of oppression that people of color and persist with typically black people and other people of color have been feeling in this nation that literally have put our lives in danger and what she's saying is to those on the left don't stay at home this time your vote does indeed have power and you need to come out and vote and to those on the right she's appealing to their conscious and saying is this really the behavior that you want to ratify with your vote i think not so to me she's trying to kill 2 birds with one stone. the use top court has ruled that mass surveillance of phone and internet data is against the law the decision says snooping on such
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data is only appropriate in the event of a serious national threat the european court of justice has ruled on a series of cases from france the u.k. and belgium all 3 countries have stepped up surveillance after attacks and security threats over recent years estelle massey is a senior policy analyst at access now a global digital rights nonprofit organization she says the u.k. will still need to abide by the ruling even though because of rights it shuttled to leave the e.u. this is quite an important clarification from the court for many years now at the e.u. member states have been shielding themselves behind those white exception for national security telling brussels in the e.u. well you cannot enter within those legislation and look into therapy cation because it's within my soul remit as are the states for to protect national security i can do whatever i want basically and yesterday the court clarified that this is not the
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case that you will and human rights look must apply which means that they have to reform those you know in order to include more safeguards even though the u.k. could see this ruling from yesterday saying like well i'm leaving anyway so i don't have to follow your rules anymore the u.k. has made very clear that they want to continue to be transferring data from the e.u. to the u.k. because of their 1000000000 the economy. and take firms that are in the u.k. and years in this information but in order to do that they need to ensure that they have a high level of data protection rules and that government access to data in the u.k. is strictly limited and in line with you all so what the ruling also confirms for the u.k. is that even though you are leaving you will have to refer this legislation if you want to continue to trade with the e.u. and if you want to exchange those data.


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