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an enormously unaccountable war the same way as we had if you could not receiving indulgence from the u.s. list without solution. told us that this is all it would have to do to their loved ones was a crime. in the world just as. something war 2 was. a fragile ceasefire between azerbaijan and armenia threatened by reports of attacks from both sides. i'm sad to say this is al jazeera live from the house so coming up. and back in front of supporters donald trump addresses crowds at the white house
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but is it clear of co with 19 voting is underway in tajikistan where one of the world's longest serving leaders is hoping to extend this 28 year rule and anger in nigeria against a controversial police unit accused of brutality. at least 8 people have been killed in the latest fighting over the disputed region. as a real fishel say the city of ganja was struck by missiles overnight both john and our media are accusing each other of violating the cease fire came into force on saturday the deal allows them to exchange prisoners and recover bodies to there's been heavy fighting in the region for the past 2 weeks the worst in decades so of course all is in danger as a very john where there's been an ongoing search for survivors. today around
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34 am local again just city center was it the building right behind me which is a historical one actually from 19 thirties they tell me the local sound me was hit by ballistic missile which is reported to be a torch go u.n. so far we have at least here as reported 8 civilians killed and more than 40 people who have been injured at this 10 of them are children they're telling us and the civil defense units which are the main search and rescue teams here and as a vigil now working to take out some bodies because the neighbors living around have reported that there are still people under the rebels that's why they have been working hard and just less than an hour ago we witnessed the search and rescue teams the civil defense units taking out a body in a bag at the time they just cleared us from the area we were much closer to the debra's and they took out the body in a bag and we have been hearing from the officials here that the body was not in
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that good shape that's why they actually pushed us out and this is not the 1st some ganja city has been hit on october for it was hit there are some m.p.'s are very m.p.'s from ganja that we have been speaking to while working here and they're telling us that the ndaa city has been targeted because it is the 2nd largest city and last week again civilian centers city centers marketplace have been targeted they've been they believe armenians are trying to frustrate us or if people and create a pressure both on the azari civilians and as our bridge and governments and maybe push them force them to make a call to stop the war this is some of the pull of what the some of the politicians say here but the cease fire was into force in just a couple of minutes later yesterday we heard both sides violating each other both
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sides support. violations from each other and we have been hearing from our many aside that the bank at the main city of not going to care about was already have the under fire by the azerbaijan forces over the night and at the same time other cities have been targeted by missiles forces minggah chev it which is again close to the area was hit by a few missiles this is what we heard and this is the situation i'm in the air defense systems are capturing some of the messiah's. but the civilian areas are being targeted again and some of them are reaching to closer to bucky for instance last week his the us said which is 3300 kilometers from the context line and has no relation with the front line but this is the situation and let's see how far it is going to go between azerbaijan and armenia despite a cease fire brokered through russia's help a couple of days ago but it smith is in goto samini and he says the cease fire was
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shaky overnight but it's largely holding on sunday morning. earlier this morning the president of the gone oh karabakh her attorney and he was giving a press conference he was asked actually about ganja he was specifically asked about this and he didn't make any comment but there has been shelling overnight of stepan archerd the main city and they go on karabakh and also of this is a town to the south which a couple of days ago there was about johnny president claim that they had taken back but they haven't because there is still fighting going on for it they might have taken part of the province rather than the town i am told though this morning it is quiet in step and other parts of nagorno-karabakh so the ceasefire warbling heavily overnight but quiet it seems this morning we got a chance on saturday to go and have a look at step and in that gap in the cease fire was beginning to take that.
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step and accurate has taken a battering these last 2 weeks as a by john has thrown the latest high tech israeli and turkish supplied weaponry at this town and the surrounding areas of nagorno-karabakh the ceasefire has allowed people to risk emerging from their shelters. a cease fire these good certainly but the problem must be solved you can't have a cease fire and several years lead to war again a cease fire must solve the problem that is our independence. independence is very unlikely this is internationally recognized as azerbaijani territory but it's governed by ethnic armenians a previous ceasefire lasted more than 26 years but the status of nagorno karabakh went on resolved a ceasefire allows both sides to assess the capabilities of each other and for the armenians there must be
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a new appreciation of the technically advanced and destructive weaponry that their adversary hands. what has surprised armenians in karabakh is turkey's open support for azerbaijan if one of the results were a direct involvement of told king and i don't see that told his going to pull out from the region it means that we have to somehow you know change some geopolitical approaches so far with state strengths and. for the string strengthen our relations with brows of countries but i shot united states iran and china. in the is very town of tartar these buildings were hit by armenian artillery before the ceasefire we don't support the ceasefire our enemy shall face what they deserve maybe 10 times more than what they did to us before these were homes built for some of the 10s of thousands of his areas displaced from territory next to karabakh that
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armenia talk in the 190124 war now they're on the move again our. international community or a serious group or cheers should take responsibility and transforms that current moment a change in momentum of status quo into the durable peace is a particular focus on israel of the armenian friends are quite that if there is a president. russia says armenia and azerbaijan have agreed to substantiate if peace talks for them to work both sides will have to make the sort of compromises on territorial sovereignty that they've never been willing to make before. i mean there are bernard smith al-jazeera stepanek kurt nagorno-karabakh. dog doctor says the president's been cleared to return to work but won't confirm if he's tested negative for corona virus it comes after trump addressed a crowd of hundreds of the white house he spoke of the pandemic this appearing and
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the taxes democratic rival joe biden white house correspondent kimberly how could reports. with his recovery still in question donald trump emerge from the white house to address supporters it's the u.s. president's 1st official appearance since contracting cold with 19. times physicians will say when trump last tested negative for coke at 19 only that he's been cleared to resume campaigning and while the white house insisted saturday's event wasn't a campaign rally it sure seemed like one attacking his opponent former vice president joe biden multiple times sleepy joe biden has betrayed black and latino americans if you think you can run this country you're wrong track was addressing black and latino conservatives who are part of a movement known as blacks it or black accept the movement believes the democratic
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party has betrayed communities of color and is encouraging them to vote republican if the left gains power they'll launch a nationwide crusade against law enforcement and they've already done that. trump is playing on voter fears of the sometimes violent unrest that gripped several u.s. cities for months this past summer following protests over the death of george floyd a black man killed while in police custody. trump hopes his law and order message will help him win over white suburban voters in addition to minority communities hurt by the violence but time is running out for a president currently trailing joe biden in the polls right now american. they're actually voting their early voting either in person or their mailing in their ballots so there's not much time for the president if he's going to turn this around to do so prior to cope with 19 trump it built on historically low
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unemployment for minorities but since covert 19 those jobs have been wiped out and once again communities of color are suffering economically in greater numbers than white americans but with little clarity about his own code that recovery there are questions about whether trump should even be on the campaign trail i think is the word that you make. that they both want to get. beyond the president trouble began holding large public rallies beginning on monday and again on tuesday and wednesday as he targets 3 battleground states he really helped get al jazeera wash. democratic presidential candidate joe biden is accusing the trump of ministration of neglect over its handling of the pandemic biden's been campaigning in pennsylvania laying out his plans for the economy he claims he will
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create millions of jobs and fund that economic recovery through new taxes on the super rich the cove in 1000 outbreak has left hundreds of thousands of americans unemployed to more than 200000 have died in america deserves a president who understands what people are going through your face should real challenges right now in the last year it is a president who exacerbates more than 210000 are dead as was pointed out we lose anywhere from 700 to a 1000 people a day dead the president was told a little while ago when he was told 100000 people a day were dying you know what he said he says it is what it is. it is what it is because he years who he is my heart goes out to everyone struggling economically. simple neglect on the part of. priscilla's president has again downplayed the severity of coronavirus telling brazilians not to worry about catching it. says he
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didn't feel a thing when he tested positive in july scientists fear a 2nd wave resolve its way with infection surpassing 5000000 fatalities linked to the virus exceed 150000 that's the world's 2nd highest total india's confirmed infections have now surpassed 7000000 the health ministry says more than 74000 people have tested positive in the past 24 hours new cases have been dipping in recent weeks doctors are warning the gains in containing the virus of being undermined by a mask wearing in social distancing fatigue. still ahead on al-jazeera the president the battle rose comes face to face with opposition activists who are jailed for challenging his re-election. more on the fears that water borne diseases are spreading fast in south sudan.
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hello it's not unusual to hear of floods in vietnam will come boediono laos but when you've got floods and then you add a tropical spin there over the top it's just going to get worse and that's unfortunate condition now and in the next couple of days this part of southeast asia that made over the last that causes something spinning up in the south china sea which may follow on so that takes much of the energy of this part of the world from the point of view of rate further sas is a good scattering of rain showers in malaysia and indonesia but they don't exactly fit in the sky because of what's happening further north and just the east the philippines the potential development as might send something worthwhile to put in your point of view on its way to the philippines with a change of season australia persons enjoying slow warps there are standard storms in western australia a lot of a person's self temperature wise well we go from melbourne's 24 to perth 27 and
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that's just getting warmer and it'll be the 1st time it's been this consistently warm since may they made a big surprise there are a few shouts of helping now in the case of new south wales down to victoria a.c.t but the rain proper the heavy rain has been taken across the tasman to new zealand has been wet in south auckland but for monday it will be in north on. we want return. with updates on the best algeciras documentary. to. millions and millions of people's money we'll take killing people for their whole lives from. just down in drain and one day on al-jazeera.
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come back you're watching out to syria time to recap our headlines now at least 8 people have been killed in the latest fighting over the this putrid region of no god no. official say the city of ganja was struck by missiles overnight as a man armenia are accusing each other of violating the cease fire deal the u.s. president's doctor says donald trump has been cleared to return to work but won't confirm if he's tested negative for corona virus comes after trump addressed a crowd of hundreds of the white house. a number of confirmed corona virus infections in india has surpassed 7000000 the health ministry says more than 74000
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people tested positive in the past. production is restarting at libya's largest oil field libya's national oil corporation says it's lifted an order that prevented the fields from operating has been closed for most of this year and that is in tripoli for us and somatic there's been a lot of international pressure on libya as well as interest in getting those oil fields producing again right well that's right there's been a lot of international pressure ahead of these political talks that are planned countries such as the u.s. italy france germany and others have all called on hastert to reopen the oil last month the u.s. embassy posted that. gave them gave the u.s. government a personal commitment to allow the full reopening of the energy energy sector by
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september 12th that really didn't pan out on on in september but we're slowly and gradually seen ports an oil oil fields over reopening and what does this mean in terms of the quality of life for libyans now. well i mean. is the u.s. is the lid is libya's only or main income this is how they pay salaries this is how they pay for government services recently in the last month or so we've seen protests across all of libya against the lack of government services there's been long power cuts tripoli here they've seen power cuts up to 16 to 18 hours a day so the quality of life was really really bad and deteriorating now with these oil closures oil openings libyans hope that it will it will improve the situation
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now the national oil corporation has said that the power cuts are due to the lack of diesel and gas feed in the power stations that that you know give electricity to the residents here and also on the. libyan central bank has said that the oil closures have caused losses since in between 20132020 that exceed $180000000000.00 so that's income that the government hasn't been able to receive because of oil closures like this one all right thanks so much. turkish cypriot leader has cost his vote in the presidential election in the islands breakaway north. is running for reelection was joined by his wife at a polling station in the capital nicosia the republic of northern cyprus is in the recognized by turkey the internationally recognized greek cypriot government is based in the south of the island. polls have opened in tajikistan presidential
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election with the incumbent expected to extend his 20 year rule in mali rahmani is among the 5 candidates running for office european monitors say there's a lack of genuine political competition there. can be reports now. his struggling to keep his coffee shop open the shabby international airport's been placed for the last 6 months because of the korean virus and that means ahmed has been unable to improve his regular supply of coffee he says whoever is elected president needs to help small businesses. we order a lot of stuff for our business from other countries due to covert air traffic is blocked it would be great if our government appreciated up problems and gave us some help it would benefit us tremendously. presidential candidates are promising to grow the economy and create jobs to take
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a stand is the poorest of the place save the state a lack of work opportunity at home more than a 1000000 to kick men and women to find jobs. along the shallow. we want to see job growth especially for those who are unemployed if there are enough jobs here men will not look for opportunities in other countries they'll stay here with their kids. 4 years ago they tis induced changes to the constitution which scrapped the limits of 3 presidential terms that's allowed current president . on to stand again he's been in charge of to take a stand since independence from the save the union in 1980 analysts say political and economic reform is vital if the country is to avoid the instability and violence it's experienced in the past. we need to initiate drastic social and political transformations economic reforms
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reduce government corruption and ensure access to mineral resources for this it is necessary to adopt a new constitution. many bitches expect direct man to win the election the any question for them is whether the 68 year old will serve out the full 7 year term victoria. or. a politician freed from prison by supporters just days ago is now the new prime minister of kyrgyzstan the parliament confirms the jump of after nearly a week of violent protests over a contested election his supporters celebrated on the streets of the capital bishkek or a state of emergency is in place jump off says he expects the president to step down within a few days. but. i'd like to bow my head to the people and especially the youth who risked their lives and came into the square to stand for justice and the idea of legitimacy after gaining
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a deeper understanding of the political situation everyone has taken a step towards returning to legality and deciding to stabilize the present situation in it here is to the lord media beauty's presented my candidacy to the post of prime minister and now i have accepted these powers of prime minister i am grateful for the deep trust that has been placed in supporting my candidacy for this position. for the russian president alexander lukashenko has held the next unexpected meeting with opposition activists in prison state media says he discussed constitutional reform with his political rivals they were jailed for challenging look at his reelection which triggered weeks of mass protests thousands of people were detained in the violent crackdown that followed the disputed poll in august but. the protesters are demanding dialogue i thought based on the criticism of your followers and the most radical proposals we shouldn't only focus on the constitution and i know half of you here are lawyers and perfectly
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understand that the constitution can't be written in the streets and i'm trying to convince both your supporters and society at large that we must have a broader view towards these problems. protesters in nigeria are demanding a police unit accused of abuses be disbanded they say the special anti robbery squad commit torture and killings reports from. violence as demonstrations against alleged police brutality gather momentum across nigeria. this man was shot by security forces but the video cannot be independently verified. in the capital more than $100.00 protesters have camped out in front of the country's police headquarters demanding a police unit known as the special and to the robbery squad. i q's to carrying out extrajudicial killings and extortion be disbanded.
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brother in police detention in 2012 the family assumes he's been killed and for no reason. his sister says the family's petition to the police for access to him dead or alive was ignored i never had an opportunity. to know what kind of. wrong he did well on why he was killed. so it's not a reason for me to be here and i think i was the only one not just in need but a lot of young faces in nigeria for the stories of bendy young people and felicia inside the country funny as the was they leave police unit set up to tackle robbery and violent crime cisco over the years been accused of murder extortion and disappearances. after the recent allegations nigeria's police chief ban the unit from cheap patrols and setting up roadblocks
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saying such crimes were not true in the force the special unto robbery squad has been banned 3 times before but each time they've managed to reform protesters nigeria is mainly in their twenty's and pretty has. been particularly targeted by this elite police force unit but security officials say this is the age group that is mostly involved in online fraud. and it's each group mainly impacted by high unemployment you see young men yours who have high from the recently and want to look good once you since you were well enough india's economy or you are even if you didn't the technological system of this country i thought it was up to meeting the country's most senior police officer president mohamed a body called for swift investigation and punishment to police men responsible for the killing that led to the current round of violence. but many protesters say the
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only action that will keep them off the street is the government doing what it's failed to do so far oh it is bending this pressure interoperate scored for good. al-jazeera object. the train has crashed into a bus in thailand killing at least 18 people around 30 others were injured and taken to hospitals 80 kilometers from the capital bangkok thousands of passengers were on the bus as it crossed rail tracks during rain. so they are flooding in south sudan has forced families already displaced by fighting from their homes aid agencies say many are struggling to find shelter as well as for you water and water borne diseases spreading fast more about miami reports. they've been described as the worst rains in living memory homes and property across south sudan submerged under muddy water. livestock killed harvests decimated livelihoods
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destroyed the wet season started in july and the since flooded hard to sit on 78 counties tens of thousands of people have fled their homes to seek dry land but before the rains came the dry season also puts placement of mother 7 voegele paolo fled her home when the floodwaters rose no pillaging genine she'd already twice been forced from her that it's the here because of ethnic fighting our home was hit by floods before so when this flood came we left you know we don't have plastic sheeting for shelter or can you we were displaced by the fighting and we fled but we came back. a war that started in 2013 led to millions of people being displaced. even though a ceasefire was signed 2 years ago armed conflict and ethnic fighting persists.
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regina chant hasn't left her village even though her home is surrounded by water the nurse says she's doing what she can to help her sister who fled from the nearby village of gomer uk when fighting broke out they have nothing because they came with empty hands everything i'm done to eat now every day if their feet modeling anything on the market and on top of. the local field coordinator for doctors without borders says the villages there now have to contend with water borne illnesses and malaria. huge huge rates oh you know every culture to which we're treating at clinics and at the mobile clinic we're also seeing a measles or a rise or a spike in reasons cases here we're also very concerned about food insecurity 12 months of displacement has led to a life or food shortage in the area the flooding of violence the black people in desperate need of food shelter and water many can't see an end to the suffering nor
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about a man the al jazeera. and on a more positive note more than 100000000 fans of the world's biggest k. pop boy band of watch their online concert. p.t.'s fans wave their signature light sticks and chatted online instead of going to a live show which was cancelled because of a cry and a virus in june the band and the guinness world record for most viewers for a live streamed performance after its 1st paid online concert drew around 750000 people. and take you through some of the headlines here and i'm just hearing now at least 8 people have been killed in the latest fighting over the disputed region of the. officials say the city of ganja was struck by missiles overnight as out of a job.


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