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tv   The War in October Week 2 The Heat of Battle  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera a fragile cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan is under threat following attacks from both sides in the conflict over nagorno-karabakh new fighting has killed at least 8 people and there's a search for survivors buried beneath the rubble as area officials say the 2nd city of ganja was struck by missiles in the early hours of sunday morning the international red cross says the prisoner swap shuttle for saturday never happened . nigeria's police chief has the zoll of the notorious unit had the center of allegations of murder and disappearances the announcement followed days of
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nationwide protests demanding the abolition of the special anti robbery squad we did receive reports now from the capital of. up to 5 days of demonstrations some of them violent protest is our sebring victory. they went to the march on tuesday after a man was allegedly shot and killed by members of the special untrue bruce court or so. it's the controversial police unit which has been implicated in torture disappearances and killings for years. yes brother was last seen in police detention 8 years ago his family's petition to the police for access to him dead or alive was ignored i never heard an apology. you know what i mean what you did wrong and why. and i think that.
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not just me but a lot of young men in jail for this story then. she insisted that police commanders couldn't reform sars and nigeria's police chief agreed dissolving the unit whose members are accused of father tarnishing the image of a police force already in need of serious reform then spoke to general announce that soon i mean the squad will be set up to tackle violent crimes and that civil society will now work with the police to identify and punish officers found committing abuses but civil society wants to see officers already accused of murder and other crimes be punished. both by their victory activists now want to push for more accountability from judges and politicians. but it does show you know corruption is through very you know high legislative corruption is going on and it is the act of corruption is going on so definitely all the institution or the public institution needs syria as you know reform in order to respond to the union
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and aspiration of nigerians you cannot have an organization that is that was to be run by a law and order and it is completely drained you know cut it out it activities with impunity the system dissolving the enterovirus court a lot you start to know they want officers punished if they are guilty of crimes they've been accused of which is what nigerians will be watching out for before the new police court is for. al-jazeera which are. just over a week after the u.s. president tested positive for corona virus starts. has said he no longer has the illness and that he believes he's immune he made the comments a day after his 1st public appearance since revealing he had called the virus his physician said he'd taken a test showing he was no longer a transmission risk but he stopped short of saying if trump had tested negative. for russia meanwhile has just broken
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a new daily record of corona virus infections more than 13000 cases are reported nationwide in the past 24 hours alone russia has the 4th highest number of cases worldwide 22000 people in russia have died from covert 19. a new prime minister is in place in kyrgyzstan where the dust appears to have settled after a week of violent protests following a disputed election savvier shop at all over one till last week while serving a prison sentence for kidnapping was voted into government to during an emergency parliament session on saturday but there is now debate about the legality of that vote coming up next the war in october a week to looking at the arab israeli war of 1973 and i'll have more news in half an hour.
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on the 6th of october $973.00 the 10th day of ramadan the muslim holy month and young kapoor the holiest of holy days in the jewish calendar egypt and syria launched an all out war against israel. this 1st liberation of land occupied by israel in the 19676 day war provoked an enthusiastic response across the arab world. fillin show a little bit. of the moroccan people were so enthusiastic about the war
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that was evident in the campaign organized and more oaken cities especially the big ones to donate blood and it was a very popular campaign that how is it. about us and what it will give them in algeria and president who meridian took up the cause and gave a blank check to the soviets and said spend it as you like on weapons a $100000000.00 for egypt and a 100000000 for syria to cover everything they need in the way of ammunition weapons spare parts and so on that. area. in october 1973 the arab world seemed to have united behind a single precious sky. but the common purpose of egypt and syria the 2 countries who started this war was about to dissolve into
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acrimony and mistrust. the syrian golan heights. occupied by israel and the 19676 day war. still occupied to this day. this high plateau is a tranquil and beautiful place. but it is also scarred and defaced by the bloody fighting that took place here in october 1973. memorial stand to the israeli forces the 4 to desperate battle to stop the syrian thrust which threatened to reach right to the heart of israel.
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in the 1st 5 days of war here on the golan israeli losses alone amounted to 250 tanks and hundreds of men. it was and vicious for the syrians to think that they could penetrate significantly into the israeli rare over the course of 24 hours but it was not wholly under realistic how the israelis not being able to respond flexibly it is entirely possible that a syrian exploitation force could have had a trade into northern israel with an attack. but it was not to be and less than 24 hours israel had mobilized 2 armored divisions which soon turned the syrian and. ballance into retreat. on the 10th of october and after suffering huge losses and tanks the syrians withdrew from the golan
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heights. back behind the 1967 cease fire line the same place they had started their assault 5 days earlier. now the israelis faced a crucial choice what should be their next move. the decision taken in tel aviv was typically bold to go on the attack to push on into syria itself. to make it go the other. game of fire. and we are going to press. and out. and out right. and right by race. and alcohol every week better. than. the effort to take syria out
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of the war had already started the previous day with strikes by the powerful israeli air force. in the worst possible conditions we penetrated deep into syria to damascus and blew up their air force headquarters and the general staff both of them in front of you. these were the 1st of a string of attacks targeting syrian infrastructure. 'd and at that stage a certain population got up on the roof to watch the bombs fall and most of all the exciting. truth had been sunk in the country was mortal danger. alongside the heavy aerial strikes
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israel would launch its ground offensive. to arm the divisions would attack across the $967.00 cease fire line known as the popular line along the damascus road towards the syrian capital 60 kilometers to the east. at 1st light on the 11th of october the assault began. despite fierce syrian resistance the israelis advanced capturing territories deep inside the syrian mainland. but they. ended up. the retreat began and when the israelis launched a massive counter attack the 1st division started to retreat before the israeli army. when it did it had almost 250 tanks and the infantry brigades behind it
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they started to retreat to this resulted in the advance of the israeli army i remember that day the president issued an order dismissing the commander of that division and appointing another in his place. stories emerged that assad's punishment for his commanders went beyond mere dismissal. and a score and no hassle that he could i remember yes more than one officer was arrested and it said that some of them were executed. there was one senior commander that president assad summoned and asked him to account for himself that the commander then shot himself in front of the president. assad's rage was born of the anger he felt towards his allies in cairo. the egyptians had successfully stormed across the canal on the 1st day of war. they
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had quickly established a defensive bridge had 10 kilometers deep and repulsed all the israeli armored attacks. but since then they had moved not an inch further east into sinai. again the liver ace said the president said kept calling president sadat telling him mr president advance the whole israeli armed forces are in front of us and we are taking aerial strikes by the entire israeli air force there is nothing stopping you from advancing deep into sinai as we agreed but there was no answer to. what is your. 8 months earlier and to meeting in egypt set out on our side had forged a plan with a common purpose they had agreed to launch a war against israel on 2 fronts. but now it seemed the 2 presidents had entirely different concepts of the war they had planned together. as
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a totally that from the moment of the seizure of power is ambition his dream was to avenge the seat of my 67 when syria had lost. the 2 israel with us and themselves have been defense of the stuff so i. i think he felt as with personal responsibility for the recovery of the land. i said saw the wall which he was planning as the war of liberation. sadat on the other hand had been planning for a limited war to focus the minds of the world superpower as and jumpstart the stalled peace process. i would have you said that when president said that came to power he met with us in march 19th 71 he told us i just need to get things back on track just give me 10 centimeters of land in the east and that will be enough to show what i had. a week into the war
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it's possible target had already been surpassed it seemed a swift victory might be in sight. in the early hours of october the 13th he was woken for an urgent meeting. the british ambassador had come with an offer to broker a united nations cease fire resolution the israelis he told sadat were ready to accept the cease fire based on the current positions. saddam kaka shade side not some israeli army had been hit hard the israeli army was ready to accept a cease fire it was defeat at that moment a terrible defeat and we were ready to accept that which shows that we've given up hope of winning the war. seduced by success sadat now refused the british offer. he would only accept a cease fire he said if israel withdrew from the whole of sinai things are going
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very well said for sadat he didn't want to stop the war something dramatic had to be done to persuade him to to agree to a cease fire or maybe even to get him to request a cease fire and. the only thing that. the good work was crossing of the canal that might scare them enough. but the egyptians alive to the possibility of how to arm the divisions with over $200.00 tanks each and a 2nd line of defense west of the canal. it was a problem of which israeli chief of staff general divied elliott as it was well aware. before crossing the crown he wanted to draw those 2 arm of the business to the israeli side for 2 reasons one not to have to cross while those to the business are waiting for him on the back of the canal when you're very vulnerable number 2 to have them
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is really so i worry can meet them on israel's terms. generally as it was sure that a 2nd phase of the egyptian attack would begin on october the night with those 2 armored divisions crossing the canal to advance in sinai strategic passes some 40 kilometers to the east. but the egyptian plan was to stay put. yet 48 hours later president sadat gave a new and surprising order to his woman a star general smiled. they were to go ahead with just the 2nd phase the advance that it had been waiting for you. on october 11th. came to me and said we want to advance to the past as i told him it was not possible for many reasons and one can actually get it to.
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carry on with moshe he came again on the 12th and said we want to go ahead with the advance to take the pressure off syria i told him we can take the pressure off syria as the enemy air force is capable of holding any front west then he said with a get. well again on the for wealth for the 3rd time he said no this is a political decision and it has to be implemented c.s.e. live with their fees. after a long debate for the shadley general smile issued orders to the commanders of egypt 2nd and 3rd field to begin the advance east. yeah there were also mobiles that immediately both of them called me and said we can carry out orders the minister sent us that's what i was told by saddam my moon and i've been when i was alone and sad even said he's ready to hand in his resignation.
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that night the 2 commanders was summoned to send to 10 the egyptian armed forces command center in cairo. heads up march right to midnight dismay was just like a broken record this is a political decision and it has to be implemented if you don't it's tantamount to mutiny so all we could manage to do was to postpone the start of the attack on til the 14th we delayed for 24 hours. ironically at almost exactly the same time egyptian commanders were arguing over an attack from west to east the israelis were locked in their own debate about an attempt at crossing and the other direction. attending the stormy meeting in golda meyers. office was seasoned near the head of the israeli intelligence must sat. reading was go and tell it were with the. inner cabinet and the general staff.
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there in the middle of the discussions someone entered and whispered into it to some years here and he excused himself went out. as a man returned with astonishing information from an impeccable source a spy operating at the heart of affairs and kyra. the egyptians were on the point to moving their armored divisions across the canal. next day 13th of october confirmation arrived in israel. an american spy plane as saw 71 black but had photographed the suez canal front with high resolution cameras. recognizance pictures showed the west bank was suddenly empty of the chips and tanks. the egyptians were committing their biggest mistake of the wall. the israelis would do nothing to stop them.
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over he will all be the commander of the 21st armored division told me i was surprised because while we were crossing from west to east i expected to be hit by the israeli air force but nothing happened not a single tank was hit and the crossing from west to east they just let us in. with a little bit of trouble. the egyptian plan was to make for some thrusts towards the sinai strategic passes and crossroads. 3 of the assaults would be made by ahmed brigades. the central push would be by a full division the 21st ahmed. at 6 30 in the morning of the 14th of october the egyptian army moved east. to the
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one we're going to where there are spoke to those that like a book in the regular order is over for about. totally out of a rupture of our egyptian tires. the israelis were waiting for the tank assault in pre-prepared positions on the ridges east of the egyptian bridgeheads. the tanks came up and boom boom boom boom. in the 1st few minutes of the battle the gypsum 21st armored division suffered significant casualties. possession . of the needle at the border one of the armored brigade commanders was martyred corno a say you. also his chief of staff was injured and the commander of their total brigade was martyred. there was a lot of confusion at the front. that's a word you. would be afloat it's awful lot saw us all we definitely succeeded in
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stopping dozens if not hundreds of egyptian tanks and blowing them up with not many casualties on our side during the action. before the course a lot. by midday on the food 1000th of october $250.00 tanks had been lost. the egyptian general command ordered all advancing forces to retreat westwards to the bridge heads. here at the house it was an attempt to relieve the pressure on the syrian front but it didn't do that how could we do that ministers between us and them is 500 kilometers how could we relieve the pressure. in fact by the time the egyptians launched their attack the syrian front had already been stabilized. israelis had been forced to halt their advance by the arrival of iraqi troops. begin you know.
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they arrived and surprised our forces when they attacked. we had put out an alert that the iraqi forces are moving towards the goal line but we couldn't tell them the precise location so that came as a surprise. they tried to place part of the blame on us but what could be done. was over. the iraqi 3rd armored division had moved swiftly from its bases around baghdad towards the goal line a distance of over a 1000 kilometers. levels and. we arrived that night and the outskirts of damascus it was guarded by syrian civilians the things they said to was that night the 11th of october shocked us are you iraqis yes we are iraqis
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for god's sake save our own or. we thought it was a total victory that was a huge shock we started to realize that the situation had completely changed. into sought heavy or sudden also. despite their fatigue the iraqi forces were rushed to the front to reinforce syrian troops retreating before the advancing israelis. shorter so i we had penetrated deep into syrian territory i climbed a couple of observation towers i saw the air was full of dust and i assumed it was one of our forces on the move the division commander called me in and told me that a very large force was moving towards us and that it was very close something like a 1000 meters away in effect that. if you had them open. and that situation that was a strategic victory on the syrian front the timing was perfect if it happened come
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just 24 hours later it would have been much tougher and the israeli forces would have reached the gates from damascus for a swap of which. 5 squadrons of the iraqi air force some 60 at craft were flown to syria to make up for losses sustained by the syrian air force so wolf if you can see some mystery in the iraqi prison sort of fresh the syrian pilots up tied for the bottom even the most his didn't know how come pilots from iraq are up for the fight why the syrians are reluctant to leave babies so it turned into a competition to carry out their missions and that in view could watch what he said . with the arrival of the participation of iraqi forces in the war the jordanian army was now straining at the leash. there that happy if.
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it was very embarrassing for us i mean it embarrass the late king the same a lot because there were 2 arab countries who had territory occupied in 1967 and jordan was a 3rd arab country whose territory have been occupied in not. 6 to 7 but those 2 other countries are fighting to regain what they lost while you're not with i remember i turned to one of the meeting saying how old were the military and i saw how much pressure they put on him to go to the war. but doesn't give it to the jordanian forces. just to be. with iraq he isn't jordanians were not the 1st to arrive. 5 months before the outbreak of the war on the 2nd of morocco has sent
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a brigade to support the syrian front the moroccan brigade was given the name. they didn't want us over with. a very expression to lead them means home or campaign and that. the americans were given the task of guarding the eastern foothills of mount hermon. more expeditionary forces would soon arrive from other arab countries. but. on the syrian front we 1st faced a moroccan brigade later the iraqis came and we fought then to. then later the jordanians came and after that the saudis so we found 4 armies that we had to fight. the israelis had suffered heavy losses but they had also achieved significant gains in the last 4 days. they had
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advanced to within 35 kilometers of damascus and occupied new territories to bring to the bargaining table after the war. now their initial goals in the north achieved the israelis were about to turn their attention south to the egyptians. the plan to cross the suez canal had been finalized and given the name stout hearted man. the remote kingdom of the tang has become known for its pursuit of happiness. while one east explores how disgusting inspiring the younger generation on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera a fragile cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan is under threat following attacks from both sides in the conflict over nagorno-karabakh new fighting has killed at least 8 people and there's a search for survivors buried beneath the rubble as area officials say the 2nd city of ganja was struck by missiles in the early hours of sunday morning the international red cross says the prisoner swap shuttle for saturday never happened . a notorious elite police unit in nigeria will be dissolved immediately the move follows theys of protests across the country demonstrators had accused the group of
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murder extortion and disappearances. dispositioned drew brees chordal denied you know police and there was no nonsense. by design or form issues. will use commands and if they're not covered. where they couldn't. just over a week after the u.s. president tested positive for corona virus total trump has said he no longer has the illness and that he believes he's immune he made the comments a day after his 1st public appearance since revealing that he had caught the virus his physician shawn coleman these said in a statement he taking a test showing he was no longer a transmission risk. russia meanwhile has just broken a new daily record of corona virus infections more than 13000 cases were reported nationwide in the past 24 hour with a low russia has the 4th highest number of cases worldwide and 22000 people in
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russia have lost their lives to cope with 90. a new prime minister is in place in kyrgyzstan where the dust appears to have settled after a week of violent protests following a disputed election said there yet but overall until last week was serving a prison sentence for kidnapping was voted in the government on saturday but there is now debate about the legality of that vote and more than a 1000 refugees reached the spain's canary islands in the 48 hours to saturday that's the largest number in 4 years they headed to the south coast of gran canaria in so he 7 boats many were rescued at sea. the war in october week 2 continues now and i'm going to have the al-jazeera news that will for you in just under half an hour i hope you'll join me then by.
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during the war in october 973 ariel sharon was the general in command of the 143rd reserve army division one of 3 facing the egyptians in the suez front. a controversial personality sharon had already developed a plan to deal with any egyptian attack during his 3 and a half years as commander of the southern front an assignment that had ended just 3 months earlier. so then i asked him what will happen only if. any does work this war is going to end. wherever. they are on the other side of the come on. that's the only place where it can be terminated. this is the 1st time i hear it's we are going to cause the souls that love. was around 730 of top of the 6 you
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know the pool. the nice kitchen in the ship. on the night of october the 9th the 4th day of the war sharon sent his reconnaissance battalion west towards the canal. surprisingly no egyptian forces intercepted them and they quickly reached the shores of the bitter lake where the waterway is up to 5 kilometers wide. turning north the israelis and to to abandon foods of the bar-lev line block a can and maps meant. the battalion had stumbled on a 40 kilometer wide undefended gap between the gyptian 2nd and 3rd armies. sharon was electrified and radioed headquarters for permission to implement his strategy. when sharon tells them. we have to cross the come out
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we have to arrive in their rear. they telling we cannot afford to do what you are suggesting because you are the only division which we got in that. you are the only one. between the enemy and tel aviv. what's more on october the 9th there was still 2 egyptian army divisions on the western side of the canal ready to counter any israeli crossing. sharon's plan was placed on hold until 5 days later when those 2 divisions suddenly crossed the canal and began their abortive advance deep into sinai. now the israeli plan could be activated the time had come to stout hearted man. but to pull it off the israelis would need to transport a curious mix of equipment to the waterline. they picked up in
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europe. second her son tomb bridge the year before a war surplus and also picked up floating wraps mechanize raf's which carry a tank. but 3rd and most important was an actual bridge specially built in israel this was how the main forces would cross the canal the idea of the bridge. roller bridge they call it it was. a bridge that was built in tire it was 200 metres long metal bridge with metal rollers are rowers but the rulers were thrilled with the substance that floated. hole it to the canal with turks where you reach the edge of the target in the breakfast course you're going to order and you have
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a ready made bird. but getting the 400 ton bridge to the water's edge a 25 kilometer journey was to prove harder than expected. before the war the israelis had cut a dirt track specially designed for moving the bridge to a pre-prepared crossing point but now that truck was an egyptian hands. a strong defensive position the southern flank of the 2nd egyptian army stood in the way of any israeli advance. the battle to open the road to the canal would be called the battle of chinese farm. like farms on the eastern bank of the canal today the area was an egyptian agricultural development on which work had begun in the early 1960 s. with the help of japanese experts. occupied during the 6
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day war the israelis had mistaken the japanese writing on irrigation equipment for chinese. the farm had now been recaptured by the egyptians the 16th division dug into dry ditches now serving as trenches. had to engage the 2nd army. tank battle so that the bridges could reach the canal and the tanks could cross on the bridge and. dusk on the 15th of october. the israeli tanks started their assault on the chinese farm. but the egyptians would counter the attack using their new highly effective weapon anti tank guided missiles. things of the sea kashif. i remember the conversation between opera gate commander.
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and division commander ariel sharon and he called to view raviv 2 because it was the 2nd of his 3 brigades and he said to this is 4040 is the division commander the attack is looking good. until your raviv who had a d. crimean invoice said 42 here it's our tanks that are over. well sharon's division was taking heavy casualties and the chinese form a $750.00 strong israeli paratroops force was advancing towards the canal across the genes. by midnight they had reached the crossing point. her troops. reached the canal and half trucks. and carrying with them half trucks or rubber boots. and they crossed uncertain of what they
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would find on the other side and the 1st man. climbed everest another back. yo clear and they didn't go in there they stablished the bridge so there's now an israeli presence on the western bank. but despite the desperate efforts of the israelis the road to the canal remains closed find entire egyptian infantry brigade. but there was one ray of light for the israelis and mechanized rovs could move independently across open terrain. and by 630 on the morning of the 16th of october 15 rovs had reached the canal and began ferrying tanks to the west. just when we arrived there and it's quiet.
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and we are there we have there on the come out sharon sense between 12 to 20 thanks across the cannot and what happens is exactly what he said and it's in these their way their gypsy's don't know what happens to them for 24 hours that arrival in their rear of the enemy was exactly what sharon was aiming at and the decisive phase of the war is closing. the israeli canal crossing went almost unnoticed by the egyptians. and later that same morning in cairo it seemed the head of state was totally unaware of what was going on at the front.
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and his 1st public appearance since the start of the war sadat led a victory parade through the streets towards parliament. he was accompanied by a woman mr general mattis my. commute . and arrows and speech sadat set out his conditions for a cease fire a total israeli withdrawal from sinai.
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later that day in jerusalem told him i made her own speech she decided to share the good news with the israeli knesset. for 15 this afternoon the israeli population were told for the 1st time that their troops were on the west bank of the suez canal. what to mrs murray is said came as a surprise not just to the israeli people but also to the egyptian military. israeli paratroopers and tanks had formed a limited bridge had on the western side of the canal in an area cooled. but egyptian rip. it's about the is really crossing the confusing and underestimated the scale of the problem. from the law. there was a problem with reconnaissance and most or all of the you gonna since units were on the eastern side of the there was no reconnaissance in the west to provide information and that's why when i asked for information about the west no one knew
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anything much. it was only when the israeli forces in the west went on the offensive that the egyptians fast crossed the extent of the problem. that the enemy was already in their backyards. or the type of man the 1st cross received. for headquarters saying so i want to talk to you. the force as a force commander general. you have a map. you see the flowers on the those are the. batteries. please destroy them out. located on the western side of the canal the egyptian surface to air missiles and cause the israeli afros heavy losses in the 1st days of the war. now reachable by israeli tanks it
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was payback time for the egyptian and defense. but despite the israeli success in destroying the somme batteries other aspects of stout hearted man were not going so well. alas i shall give. ariel sharon received an order not to activate his forces in the west of the canal because the concern was that if they were unable to establish a real bridge a pontoon or roller it would be impossible to establish a logistics route to evacuate casualties send supplies send forces. and then they would even consider canceling the whole operation. the israelis still hadn't gained control of the road to the crossing point foot soldiers would have to be used to flush out the egyptian infantry and tank hunters from the ditches of the chinese farm. we were walking in the sands
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a beautiful. by the in the silence i think was totally quiet and suddenly we were. under heavy heavy fire back by really heavy for. supper and fuel injection said numbers and tanks. with light arms. during that long night the egyptians inflicted heavy losses on the paratroopers 41 killed and over a 100 wounded. but the action kept egyptian forces occupied and both the israelis the opportunity to tow their pontoons forward to the crossing point. by the night of the 16th of october having finally realised the scale of the israeli operation the egyptians reacted. the plan was simple the
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25th armored brigade would move northwards to meet up with the 21st division which would advance southwards. in a pencil move the 2 armored units would close the gap and crush the israeli forces . the plan seemed straightforward but to general it was flawed. he wanted the brigade to cross to the west and make its assault on that side of the canal which was under gyptian control. general ismail ordered that new forces that had already crossed to the east should cross back to the west. this he said was a political decision taken by president sadat himself. me this my would back down until finally president sadat was asked to come to the egyptian main command center known as center 10 to arbitrate on this dispute between the top
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2 commanders of his armed forces. at the latest i told him mr president i disagree with gen it's my. assoon as i said so he blew up in my face blew up in my face he shouted at me and kept saying don't ever mention withdrawal mr president this is not that was drawn words it's maneuvering with force is no maneuvering with forces and no withdrawal not one soldier has to withdraw i will have you court martialed if the word with no one is ever mentioned again. such decision was clear the next day said. of october at 0700 hours the 25th brigade moved northwards to carry out his mission. but szczesny was about to be proved right. of the muslim home as the work of. the 25th brigade came from the area of the bitter lakes and 2 tank brigades caught
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in a sort of ambush. about us 2 tank brigades. one brigade on that side . and the other brigade on the other side the battle was over very quickly. the egyptian suffered heavy losses. with 65 tanks destroyed only 10 able to retreat southwards. had looked as if in the hustlers in love walk in. and get the losses for the 25th brigade were shocking maybe 90 percent of our tanks were lost and that was so sad because these were the best tanks in the egyptian army the new t. 62. what was even more damaging was what happened to the fighting units around us they regarded the 25th armored brigade as their shield the pride of the gyptian army. so what happened to the 25th armored brigade was a blow to the morale of the soldiers at the front during that battle and then lock
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up in the one. meanwhile in the new than sector of the suez front things were no better for the egyptians after 2 days of heavy fighting of the chinese form the right flank of the 2nd army had been decimated. the remnants of the brigade that had blocked the road to the canal had retreated. but only after making the israelis pay a heavy price. yes painful. very painful mainly because of the dead. and their wounded. and one night of the crossing with a man we lost some 400 people. tanks were fighting. some of them when we saw in broad daylight later one barrel against another like to salt competence
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in the media every time a theater with tanks both of them destroyed maybe most of the people in both of them that the valley of death next day along the come out was terrible. but we were on the other side of the. general and john's alma division had successfully crossed the canal using the pontoon bridge. next day 18th of october early morning a dance tanks are unleashed on the egyptian red. soon they have destroyed more trees clearing the skies for the israeli air force. is not a top down the air force started to appear previously we hadn't seen it at all but
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after the 17th we started to see the air force a lot no one to stop them with our defenses the anti-aircraft missiles were non-existent for the air force had a free hand well as the national. on the 18th of october these really high command decided to capitalize on the successful crossing building their presence on the western bank of the canal to 3 armored divisions. sharon's division would move north to surround the egyptian 2nd army and capture the city of its my area. i don't division and another commanded by general monk and would move south to encircle the egyptian army and capture the city of suez. this would be their final goal israel would come to the bargaining table holding a trump card. israel had
11:53 pm
2 bridges we're going to merge the roller bridge. they were now ready for an army across the river sort of. for 2 days and with the bulk of the egyptian army on the east of the canal scattered forces in the west foot bravely trying to hold their ground against 3 israeli armored divisions but they were outnumbered and overwhelmed. general shadley could see that his plan was on the verge of failure. and this again i was a different i went back and said the situation was becoming very dangerous so on the 20th i said tonight i have to bring back any armored brigade i can afford from the east i had for army brigades in the east with no job i said i have to bring them back tonight as then. that night one small general a small you had to request sadat to come to the command center the president was
11:54 pm
unmovable he simply reiterated what he had said food days earlier and caught up. all this at a with well it appears decision was to withdraw not a single rifle or tank from east to west everyone to stay where he is and fight that was nonsense this is not a war in the world that works like that you have forces under pressure and you do nothing to assist them while others have nothing to do and you don't want to bring them into the battlefield. that doesn't give a lot of. credit to shows they haven't been in or in the whole. the father of the for a long time general. the special forces the paddock. i mean the kind of forces that do high risk war. and i think he was really professional. sometimes he would do a border thing and maybe on certain occasions it would be to truck bomb if i
11:55 pm
thought my janek. fiesta in obama to add the 11 commission. suggests position was clear any movement of forces from east to west could undermine morale and lead to the collapse of the whole front. he's lost bargaining chip would be lost. on us at hand as we actually are a lot of people who are dead at the time they said if we had seen just one soldier to cheating the whole army would have done the same. shortly after midnight sadat laughed sent a tan and returned to his residency. he summoned the soviet ambassador and told him that egypt is ready to accept a cease fire. this time though it was the israelis who had no interest in a cease fire. but we can say that israel had
11:56 pm
a greater interest in the cease fire getting it right at that moment but they still have work to do so terror it was recovered. but in the 3rd week of the war international attempts to broker a cease fire in the middle east would bring the whole world to the verge of a new confrontation. corruption it is that invisible mind a wall of silence. against corruption corruption is not something to be tolerated it. is a friggin. country his e-mail and let's destroy this wall.
11:57 pm
in 2020 the face to face award encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption here and. nominate not. color all the what you could course suppose wintry weather there is now spring is diving sags and i should of course but it has recently caught tasmania in victoria close one pleasant weather but to say it's going south hit new zealand recently
11:58 pm
potentials can now rise knoebels at 24 but look at perth at 27 rising to about 29 1st pair of days of this sort of order temptress since may so proper spring water is coming through is generating a fish out again in victoria new south wales and queensland on the coast in the next day or so but rain proper has actually gone east to new zealand. we've had rain proper in. shoot really northeastern hong she has been affected quite badly by the remains of china home or at least what is certain off that mia typhoon never actually touched land it has affected the weather in this part of japan now it should increasingly dry up not so much on monday as if on tuesday and to the west it's already dry the korean peninsula and china are experiencing oncoming winters attempts to slow to dropping the rains optically extensive there it is visible from place to place and it's certainly showing itself in the south china sea that is active whether part of the monsoon trough study retreating but halted by the
11:59 pm
fellows as it's doing in india. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing gone. a simple time. inform us. the unconventionality of lying witness through the lens of the human mind. is what inspires scientists. witness documentaries on how to see in. my name here the place where this is going to lead calling their homes. bringing up wanted me to once you know you all ends up with money and nigeria is resilient and is just so for a surprising finding here yes. yes to every know. my
12:00 am
nigerian. on al-jazeera. this is al. hello and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes nigeria's police chief announces he's this band that an elite unit that's been linked to claims of torture and extrajudicial killings. lives destroyed buildings reduced to rubble the ceasefire between azerbaijan and armenia hangs by a thread after more attacked.


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