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tv   Viewfinder Latin America Driving Change  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2020 1:30am-2:01am +03

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it confirms theories about what happens when a star is destroyed by a black hole its material is ripped into threads in a bright flash before disappearing completely from space and time good money you can catch up any time on our website address for that is our 0 dot com and that's updated throughout the day. the top stories are now jazeera a divided u.s. senate has begun confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy kearney barrett just 3 weeks before the presidential election democrats say the 4 day hearings are being rushed republicans are trying to push through the process before the u.s. poll parrots confirmation would increase the conservative majority in the supremes court potentially for decades to come she says laws should be interpreted as they are written. i chose to accept the nomination because i believe deeply in the rule
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of law and the place of the supreme court in our nation i believe americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent supreme court that interprets our constitution and laws as they are written and i believe i can serve my country by playing that role russia's foreign minister says turkey will not be involved in peace talks over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh azerbaijan had proposed that its ally take part in the discussions on media and as i began accusing each other of violating a humanitarian ceasefire hundreds have been killed in the region since fighting flared last month. the united nations report has found natural disasters around the world have nearly doubled in the past 2 decades the u.n. says world leaders a failing in their duty to stop the planet from becoming what the body calls an uninhabitable hell floods and storms account for around 80 percent of the increase
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in the canary islands have seen the highest number of migrants arrive in 14 years with 1000 people landed in the spanish islands off the coast of west africa over the weekend migrants are increasingly taking the dangerous atlantic ocean route to reach europe instead of traveling via the mediterranean sea where they face heightened security local politicians have asked madrid for help saying the canary islands do not have enough resources. health care workers in china have been told to test all 9000000 residents of change out in just 5 days the city has reported a dozen new cases linked to a hospital treating code 900 patients certain areas of the city have already been placed under lockdown. you stay with us on al-jazeera if you find that america is up next. he began with the war and the good it was to hear i got shot by fall ball i felt like i was that a documentary filmmaker once granted unconditional assignment contrasts his
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experiences with those seeking refuge today and intimate you know of the consequences of the policies of detainments is really almost the same in all this misery they cannot absorb this number that people have to suffer and in this way it is unacceptable and refugees tayo on al-jazeera viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe.
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your story from underwater and also mark orlando so you can hear it from a guy negro. sickies or any of the some of. us here if you are a terrible. bin susie i'm going to be. marking me every hour no i mean all born here and you know i am going i'm going to the auditorium in los. angeles has a on the podium on. no you know you'd assume that we're not hearing anything here. basically a minority on angels even when i think you are being assaulted on the same way as you are i saw you are going to continue to think that he said you are going to
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produce something i want without it being on an interview about a little known to be in the medical scene and. in hearing you've got the radio. in our community carrying out superman but i mean you know i'm the one saying that's. not the problem i know. but it's in the communities had it been painted to give us another kind of. get their name once tried the only thing i would. see in israel or to learn all i could although. i believe far as i really see. here there was one of the little. you know much of. one of the.
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so. but i might only know what it. says. about the total. silence. so if you mean the stuff in your head coral you seem to think you know metal in the early morning you saw not only mean the other. thing done. when i get to the point i. need otoh when the window unit. get up and i'm ok to get it on.
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but i would like to see a. different media. body and didn't want to. sell it to them in a case here. but i could love. you and keep in a moment here. but in a more positive good i want you. to my know what i'm about to so you know that i mean what they do you. know what they need a food. they need. but i hope you. got another woman. in order to maintain.
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also. a premier no i said. no but i can if you know any money left was. thinking of. going to need. only. for money so you know what you can see and. know his castle people seem. one can achieve both in and one chinese buffet no point in you need to one of the i have had a cordless ace and one i didn't name. when
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the. bus and. what did you order. one of for. sure. you were good with the money.
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i think. i may give my how i look but i keep going to car. lengths. and how does. any of this have or you've got to be a little bit about it in the. love of your life you're going to gain enough money he said and. you know. the work. i did i love i mean but if you are not absolute i mean if you look around you see you believe. anything. you know they said that's what you mean you know you're not here saying you're. on my you'll be here you know right now we will mark this several. photos here you want to. mentor you. when they see more in the lucky guy but i think i don't know. if they're.
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going to be see yes there was a it's always a little let me see if you know they are going to anyone tell you guys this is why no how do you. begin you're so right on. in this again. not like you can hear the song going on you will see feel and be there keep an eye on bumble gordon we are here to go on but it is just a moment when some of the. tunes you know on the ceiling. he thought of that amount
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only. begin your battle with the company in the group where you and i learned the so thin air ladybird you want to 93 yeah the needle for us to go he has he left me my feet does he give them up to each other the same good to live and we love what i do jenny sr. he is the other one too and those who will be on someone is people who will provide articles i gave. it all on the lady long form thought of as if words. it's all in my throat or left it out i said what are in. a period other good areas in the mine your honor he they are more like thought of going to get yes i did see what they are really. did i got it they were nearly 4.
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more no. i love the miracle i want out of what i. see well my thought on both those who are going to come the only thought of clothes . or no beer is sort of a good thing also if there were not also turn your. things you are going to use is a loser you can. you know we don't you know when you. do you see and you see media i was easy but i think you see used to somebody says yeah like i said i was the only way out for the only began my you don't believe me when i say you don't know anything is unique there you see you eat it all going to say oh well but i love it when you don't have to follow your own army took so many have pointed out that i
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look. like only dominic i don't know that he said that if you look at them i mean look i'm looking at some of the they said a little bit but it's michael. they have. you know that you don't know something and i look they're not looking at the label but also in the morning well we've all heard that emma and a 4th interview him. a little. you know they say you know for them but arguably you know you know i receive that when we talk about one of us here you know i said i'm going for the no fear and lay there he you want i thought that i'm ok if. they're not here that might be you. have got more last hope that i have got on
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looking. for. it i say. yes you know working on the working middle. class last day not ok i can also no problem and sign you know on their land is kind of kindness. to me and i think i'll hear laughable seem on a side note on that. one ok so i need a lot of info on. a lot of calls a lot for them out of a yes i did on. mental that my dad and i call me. you know going to lay down in yak. and one of the indoor fall on. him which i don't know is in my exam he says he did. it for africa as simple. as. that. to live and that's.
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when i thought who out is and we're all. getting kind of already you. know. is. you know and did not continue later in it i'm not going to go. on one of the and i think one of the he also is a former. dean in it here sufi scene but i said friends you're not allowed. in some not so you know if you look for 100 of it all you're going to find a c.n.n. hero even in the well being. of our son when i was most of the men to not get a 5000000 a day on the order. this is just. like one. of the rules you know the rules.
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are i don't believe i want to be made a little my brothers you are going to live to see what i am our. i don't. know rick bundy or that i go more. you know. our whole focus and i knew a lot on. the big that the on one hand the most. in this ng i do. believe middle is an awful cauldron. for ballpark. for you mind going to have a song like a lead up for a minute from sony meaning i mean do outrank you know i will believe it or not but if you're a local bunted local realtor i'm running for chairman for that i had a. look
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at it i put o.e.m. bass on last up at our house. and several you and i think. it's the of them entity that are sold. up the side of the lowball for you know what i'm going to lead if you give you any got to tell. the owner of my part that also you know gary on the whole on. the in in this little thing on the holiday and the one thing that on side you'll see on a soap opera but on the not going to be. able to. you. know if you do you think that if you're in the room.
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either they come up to me and. it's. very. big they're going. to meet the press are going to be a. little possible to put the man in there and let it be a good thing. in a young man. yet i will say. basic i love. him for the. i would i thought on the some of my have you seen this suddenly i will on my set of cannibal scene. and in the latter one lot of course look at the in. the cia.
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thank you no one eco paul mother beater get to know him for a couple of us. in the monitor. that are called being naughty i'm walking away kind of come on my stuff michael sam . is evil he's complaining. oh you're going on me well out of one thing you want to get out of it and.
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then i don't understand why because you always look at who he. was. when they hear that even if someone nobody you know but i want to tell them that under the law i think honestly i didn't i think see a movie. with it or you are probably sequel going to try it out when it's another little fellow going to talk about it not to hear them with your proof that you're joining them on people who put up with this mouth when i go no. farther to him or don't know that i want you out if even if i went out i don't you know nothing else on the anybody and you know if you want but i need don't want me i mean like you want to know what i think and i think the trees i know. you're no good you. got i got a dish in the way it was to the n.b.a. they're. going to see now you know that i know but only you could have made it look a lot more fun i think i got so to know you. guys you know can't idea
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it's recently they know it's a year. when you think of arguing with. the leno you know from them and them in the piece and in the mental scene scene you'll see nothing markie had done by. you on this. one only thought from the 90 minute gardam old nor wanted i've been out in sun down there i usually don't i'm going to go but i used them in the market i did all of the medical. as you. didn't for going to. be done in the
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field for now you don't believe. we're learning here then i think i've been increasingly you know if you see and it is here in passing you know thinking of course it means you can of been a good thing or here they are yourself. all of them thank you and you're good looking here in your new italy understand and say to your. he no concept of the i don't know i would it really confusing going. in the while you are but if you are gone then you got there you are. you know what i mean you know what. they're more laid out. say so. the talk of time. seemed say. he went.
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oh my god my team put off my thing i'm done. now i tell you. my home you know you don't want to come across he says he. wants to look for my. friends on the other. oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah that's fine you're still going to hear what i thought i was but then yeah i hope you're right but i. see you say you are hostile. if you go there you go say when i saw my dinner you know why you think i don't care so. i've been a lucky. you know. that for over 30 we've all got you know. we know. that we're going to act but
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you know that's the reason. why you guys are not been going to believe that the president you want you want to. i want you to do you know i think you should. and there you have it even though i mean their next. week which i don't know possibly funny little who was doing this is 30. they've been a good or good meeting made it. so they say they may not say you know he. means we'll. see you later and he can and. so do you. know.
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what women want to know. if. they if but only. if you're getting into your mobo to get out of the. thought ok moving you know my heart. like you have it on the pedestal and i think you know if you get a man if. you don't look at him other than. a face. some more you put a few song going to see me until i'm in the initial light is getting to see it but
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i. look at them and i'm on the court out of my butt and i'm out of my old people which are my 41 which are my baby and. you know people say it enough. income you're in us and i meant it but i like you but i think when he does you know but all that i've gotten myself into my fussy it was what i meant . to it that they're going to. school money i mean even if i. hop in the good thing or where out of modern also lamenting the marquis nancy you know i don't know if it doesn't feel like a thing will be. a lot of bit of money in them and they've got me in mind there and think i probably got in one of them and you know. it was have been there might be another money you know and you know new york city analysts have been there it's been the lead of the on the money.
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rewind returns. with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentary. needs. to. be. fools gold this is millions and millions of dollars of people's money just being taken in for their whole lives for money and an agent down a drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera. writing for the code 19 pandemic asian americans suffering an epidemic of violent attacks and abuse.
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one when east meets the new generation bottom got 0. divided over a supremum court nominee the u.s. senate begins hearings for amy county ballots who democrats say is a threat to health care. but i mean this is out 0 life from also coming up hoping to make lost ground to a u.s. president donald trump resumes campaigning after he recited lines where he got 19.


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