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injures we're no longer entitled to either basic rights or citizenship rights. al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution after him and me and mom. exiled on out to sarah. i went through it now they say on them you like it so our. president trump returns to the campaign trail with election day now 3 weeks away. from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up opposition leader anwar ibrahim pushes his case for becoming the new prime minister of malaysia. shelling
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of the rising death toll after a cease fire between as a body shot and armenia russia calls for both sides to deescalate. and the sugar plantation in uganda that environmentalists say threatens a protected grain forest of hundreds of its animal species. us president told trump has been back among the crowds to fire up a campaign that was interrupted by his covert 19 infection trump addressed supporters in florida without a mosque a decision the democratic rival joe biden described as reckless and he gallagher reports from miami. after a dramatic 2 weeks that seen president donald trump contract at 19 and to the walter reed medical center and make an apparent speedy recovery he's now back on the campaign trail his 1st stop central florida where thousands gathered to welcome
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him back following the example of the president many in the crowd didn't wear masks and social distancing was nonexistent as florida governor rod dissenters and to the rally he gave high fives to the crowd before touching his face president trump told supporters. he's never felt better i went through it now they say i'm a mutant i can feel i feel so powerful i'll walk it was walk in iraq kiss everyone . our kids the guys in the beautiful women and everybody yes if you have the fact is any thoughts of the president might change his tone after contract in the virus were quickly dispelled despite rising cases in many states and flu season fast approaching the president says his approach was right all along the cure cannot be worse but if you don't feel good about it if you want to stay stay relaxed stay but if you want to get out there get out. in ohio
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democratic candidate and former vice president joe biden talked to auto workers touting his experience in tackling the economic woes faced by many he placed the blame for the coded 1000 death count now in excess of 210000 squarely with the president he didn't want to panic the american people that's why i said nothing we don't panic america doesn't panic but trap panic is reckless personal conduct senses diagnosis has been unconscionable longer donald trump as president and more reckless he seems to get. in the coming days president trump will travel to pennsylvania iowa and north carolina all important states in november's election for president trump supporters this was a triumphant return after a warrior few days for critics yet another example of the president flouting basic
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medical guidelines joe biden is leading in the polls here in florida a state trump must win joe biden will be here on tuesday as the election draws ever closer and he gallacher al-jazeera miami florida are on call as director of debates at the university of michigan he says the president trump needs to appeal to voters beyond his base to ensure his re-election. these rallies generally are with his base people that are predisposed to vote for him likely voted for him in 2016 but in order to win reelection he's going to need to reach out further than that to moderate independent voters maybe people that voted for barack obama in 20082012 were disaffected voted for president trump in 2060 but then went democratic in 2018 the president's done a great job with his base but it's only between 30 and 40 percent and he needs that additional 5 to 10 percent of independents and moderates and he needs to get his message a little bit further he's been off the campaign trail for 12 days and this is the
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most important time right now there's only about 3 weeks until the election so they have to get him out there these all these campaign rallies they also register new voters and get voters activated and so i think a big part of it is trying to get people that maybe didn't even vote for him in 2016 but are interested in the message coming to the rally with friends to get them to sign up and vote they need an even larger turnout of his base supporters white voters those without a college degree that are typically considered his base even more to turn out and register to vote that did in 2016 for him to have any chance of winning reelection seniors are skeptical how seriously president trump is treating credit iris and what his plan is going forward in terms of you know masks and contact tracing and even vaccine or submission and and they're the most vulnerable and so yes a signal like this is not positive and seniors are a big part of the voting constituency in florida and so it doesn't send the right message and and seniors could determine this election if not florida but other
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states are crucial because they're such dependable voters it's being reported that 10000000 americans have already cost on ballots in early voting in the state of georgia that were long lines some wasted for up to 4 hours some technical issues were reported including glitches that slowed down voting at one site in atlanta. malaysia's opposition leader and why abraham a spoken to the king as he tries to form a new government and was been trying to prove that he's had the parliamentary support to replace prime minister or hitting the scene since last month i would appeal to the. police since to exercise. patience wisdom. and. the king. to death. and decide based on. the experience the constitution and the discretion of his highness. and we must also remember that.
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yes it's lost. its majority. and therefore. would be appropriate for him to. resign more from florence louis in kuala lumpur. the opposition leader on my brain says that during his meeting with the king he presented the monarch with documents including statutory declarations and. statements by party leaders to show that he's got the support of more than 120 members of parliament 112 is needed for a simple majority now and it's not clear though that on or has been able to convince the king that he does indeed have support of the majority in parliament shortly after our last press conference the palace issued a statement to say that yes indeed the meeting took place and yes i'm well told the
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king that he has the support of the majority in parliament but on want to not give the king the king a list of the names of members of parliament who he says supports him which would strengthen his claim now in the prime minister's party as all show has also issued a statement to say that on one has once again failed to prove his claim so this is the 1st hurdle for anwar it's not clear that he has been successful then there is a 2nd hurdle the king has the discretion to dissolve parliament which would trigger snap elections if he's advised to do so by the sitting prime minister yes and now it's not clear that this will go down well with malaysians considering that the country is now going through a 3rd wave of corona of the noble coronavirus and this has in part been blamed on state elections held in sa prostate now if on what is unsuccessful there is still another option for him he could propose a motion of no confidence when parliament sits again in november but whether or not that motion of no confidence is accepted is another matter. russia's foreign
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minister says the cape which supports as a by john will not be involved in peace talks over the disputed region of no go back the foreign ministers of armenia and russia have been missing in moscow media and azerbaijan accuse each other of violating a cease fire with casualties on both sides al-jazeera supported smith reports now from goddess and all media. when an armenian missile hit the apartment block where an urchin live there was supposed to be a ceasefire. this was another brick 9 people died in this attack on ganja on sunday azerbaijan's 2nd largest city here they have no interest in a ceasefire. if you let me go to war mom i'm going i'm going that chanting turkey is giving azerbaijan its full support and its fight to reassert sovereignty over the ethnic armenian enclave of nagorno-karabakh an adjacent land occupied by all means now is area president wants turkey to be involved in talks to find
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a solution to the conflict but russia isn't interested. miss them as they learned but there's. statement confirms the unchangeable nature of the negotiation process and its format minsk group consists of a fairly large number of states with us but it has delegated the management of the negotiation process and mediation to the 3 co-chairing states russia the united states and france. but in almost 30 years the minsk group has failed to find a solution to the status of nagorno karabakh. talks with his armenian counterpart following a similar meeting with the azeri foreign minister last week. on monday in karabakh main town is to panic at the air raid sirens were still alerting people to the shelters despite the cease fire the anger here as raw as it is on the other side of the conflict. is used in the war jessica is one of them who would be here next to
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me i would strangle him i would strangle him without a weapon i have lost my husband and now i could lose my grandchild and relatives why 5 armenians were killed on sunday and how drought in the south of the going to kind of back as azeri forces attempt to capture the town about 50 kilometers in that direction is the ethnic armenian town of how dry it now there's been intense fighting going on there as both sides a seemingly trying to cement their positions while moscow increases the pressure on armenia and azerbaijan to fully implement the humanitarian cease fire. burn it's an al-jazeera doris in armenia. we're going to weather update next here i was 0 then. thousands of demonstrators demand to be heard as covert 19 spreads further in argentina and. we have worked with local leaders to counter local spites with targeted restrictions the u.k.'s government defends its efforts to
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limit the pandemics rise in northern cities. hello tropical storm now this one here which formed only recently is currently interacting with harvey now is the go force warning out in hong kong as well this is a tropical storm which will go a bit further north. the last one but end up on the coast of vietnam just in hans in the floods which are pretty much all over this part of southeast asia and then affecting southern china as well and that won't necessarily be the last one just forming over the philippines another depression which way will spin up and be another storm so it's just an active part of the season but most of the action is up here there are heavy showers as fast as borneo and solo ways but if you're in
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java or all parts of the east it could well be relatively dry for the next few days that is the story of course of the moment in most of australia that our frontal system dragging through the west which means you'll get some cloud rain just touching western australia and purse temperature will come down from the very high values of the last couple of days but all those dry further east in quite warm places 31 in hobart you're 90 degrees about to get a bit disappointed by the incoming wind and rain temperatures won't change mediately but it's yet more wet which you maybe don't want which will turn to snow on the heights in new zealand. but. in the deprived villages of northern argentina there's one man with a solution to every problem. for engineers self-proclaimed inventor fernando and he's dressed in 94 to 7 ford truck no job and just
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a small village too far in his latest mission he construct a much needed a soldier a tour of the drums and file board if you find a latin america driving change on al-jazeera. well again this is 0 that's for much of the main news this hour u.s. president donald trump is back with the crowds trying to fire up a campaign that was interrupted by his covert 19 infraction trump took to the stage without a mosque to rally supporters in florida that's off of the white house to confirm that it tested negative. around $10000000.00 americans have reportedly already cost
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their ballots. the state of georgia there were long lines some wasted up to 4 hours . malaysia's opposition leader anwar ibrahim is spent the king as he tries to form a new government he says that he has the parliamentary support needed to replace private we've seen. several islamic organizations in indonesia throwing their weight behind a protest movement against a new law on jobs of workers' rights the so-called law was passed last week it's intended to cut red tape regulations and encourage foreign investment but unions say that it will erode workers' rights and environmental protections it's the 2nd week of protests against the measure of al-jazeera as jessica washington reports from jakarta where the rallies are getting underway. in the day here in indonesia and these protests so far have attracted a crowd of around 1000 mostly people who have supporters of these hardline islamic
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groups here in indonesia but we can see the crowd is growing we have young demonstrators pouring in attempting to join the demonstration and this is one of those rare issues in indonesia where we have islamic organizations workers unions and human rights activists all speaking out with the same perspective saying that the government has acted in a way that is unconstitutional by passing this law in such a swift manner to give you an idea legislation can often take. well sometimes even more than a decade to get through. the government has endeavored to push this through in a matter of months and politicians did not even read the final version off the legislation before they passed it into law. cyprus is suspending a controversial citizenship for investment program after an undercover investigation by al jazeera that exposed a high ranking officials inside pro 6 pressing a willingness to aid convicted criminals to obtain citizenship in august the
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investigative unit released the cyprus papers which revealed serious flaws in the country's citizens for investment program a pharmaceutical company in the final stages of its covert 19 vaccine trial has poor state study participant became ill johnson and johnson says the unexplained sickness is being reviewed the final stage of the trial involved 60000 people it's not the 1st company to suspend the trial though in september a british drug maker astra zeneca briefly put its trial on hold also when a participant fell sick. well the coronavirus could be here to stay that's the warning from health experts for months now but as we near a year since the 1st cases were seen how do we keep the laws or officials including the world health organization of concern about public fatigue over restrictions that expand over time but experts say that a 3 step middle path can be replicated around the world without the need for
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repeated lock downs step one is reminding people to remain to maintain hygiene and physical distancing to is to focus public health systems on tracing cases and tracking outbreaks with better resources and the 3rd is to ensure that guidelines between different governments a clear or a bowl consistent dr david nabarro is the special envoy of the world health organization director general on covert 19 he says the best way to contain the virus is to follow strict health and safety measures. the most important thing that everybody has to do is to hold this virus a way and that does mean people behaving in a way that restricts the ability of the virus to infect of public health services that enable everyone to know where the virus is and help with getting with local spikes as they build up and then consistency inside countries and between countries
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so that the world can get moving again and the middle path is our way of trying to help people to understand a little bit more about what we're saying we don't want everyone to be in lockdown for the foreseeable future but we all said think it's very dangerous just to let the virus go where it wants to because we know that that will lead to overloading of health systems and a lot of death that's why we go over the middle path keeping the virus at bay the testing for this virus is not easy it uses a complex test that requires regions that are scarce in some places so it's not straightforward but it has to be the mainstay of getting ahead of the virus if you don't know where the virus is it's very hard to mount an effective response and having enough testing capacity so if you compare couple spikes quickly and then react very very fast when you've seen them is absolutely central to this we are
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seeing good testing and tracing in many parts of the world including some places in europe where serious covered by a team of local level is on the way for one of england's largest cities liverpool is being put in a very high a tear category from wednesday with social mixing band of pubs and leisure centers shops all serious jonah hall report style from another northern city newcastle. bars in northern england are living on borrowed time in. serving food will be forced to close from wednesday night the city falling under the highest risk category of a new 3 tier system of restrictions announced by the prime minister in recent months we have worked with local leaders to counter local spikes with targeted restrictions. but this local approach has inevitably produced different sets of rules in different parts of the country that are now complex to understand and to
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enforce infection rates are soaring in parts of the north and other cities like manchester leeds and newcastle interior to know they could be next but critics question the science behind bans on the hospitality sector already struggling to survive but we've seen what's happened over the last 4 weeks of school this big gulp sewage and it call in saves i don't think who incidentally with the retune of students with 3 to one of the children to school it has yet to be sure and. where in this deal there is not available is not being presented where this alleged suddenly increase within hospital is coming i think it's very convenient science and there are questions about the effectiveness of these measures including travel restrictions and bans on household mixing with evidence that the national test and trace system has failed to trace contacts effectively and to enforce isolation the
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government has promised to confer more power on local authorities who say they can do the job better here in newcastle there's relief that they've escaped 3 for now but there's also a lingering worry that the rules seem to overlook another big threat the enormous rate of infection among students universities in the north with their crowded halls of residence have been huge drivers of infection rates are said to be up to 7 times higher than surrounding areas after students were encouraged to return to campus last month there's plenty of blame to go around here and for the university's point of view i think they were told we're going to have a world class test and trace facility we're going to have this we're going to have that and so forth and we actually have those things that were written off and may and june and so forth and the decisions that they made might have worked out by and . like so much to do with code 19 if only join
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a whole new castle russia has once again reported a record number of new corona virus infections nearly 14000 of them were reported in the latest tally previous record was set only on sunday russia has the 4th highest number of infections in the world only 23000 people have died health care workers in china testing all 9000000 residents of an entire city in just 5 days they say they've tested 3000000 so far expected to be finished before the end of the week it follows a dozen cases links to a hospital treating coronavirus patients in qingdao 6 of them are local transmissions china's 1st in nearly 2 months or 11000000 residents of all holland were tested in may and says he was the initial epicenter of the global pandemic. government leaders in argentina are facing increasing criticism of their handling of a coronavirus pandemic that's the latest economic crisis means that millions of people
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are struggling to make ends meet and the anger is being compounded by attempts to reform the judiciary which critics say is aimed at protecting politicians from accountability of zeros to rise above reports now from the latest anti-government rally in. the national anthem echoing on the street outside the president's home. thousands of people came out to protest against the handling of the economy the pandemic and attempts to reform the judiciary. as he's tired of seeing argentina fade over and over again pretty much the muslim said we have a beautiful country with 4 climates we can feed millions of people but we can't do it what is wrong with us my parents came as immigrants from italy and they helped build this country has been destroyed in the last 50 years every day we pay more taxes and more people live in poverty corruption mismanagement in the political
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class and to blame. this role for a generation is an extremely difficult time in that country where. the women from poverty level are on the right i think it will take a year to denounce what they say is a parallel agenda to protect the vice president with you. in the past few months and in spite of the pandemic the government has tried to pass judicial reform and remove 3 judges involved in the trials of the vice president. government supporters showed up at the president's residence to accuse the protesters of disrespecting argentina's democracy. should they come here to sing the national anthem they don't care about the country they want to remove the president from office we want the elections. people want parents and because we help people these people don't care about the core. in march argentina was one of the 1st countries
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in the region to impose a lockdown to prevent the spread of covert 19. this enjoyed a 70 percent approval rating but 7 months on with infections on the rice and the economy in the red the situation has changed the researches of the central bank are slowly vanishing and the peso currency continues to lose value analysts say the main problem is lack of confidence in the government. there is no trust and there is no physical plan and that's a negative cocktail that explains why stocks are down economies showing no signs of recovery there is a lot of mistrust argentina is deeply polarized between supporters of the ruling peronist party and those who oppose it know. a division that has cost so much damage in the past. only political dialogue will allow the country to move forward but for now there are few signs of that happening.
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more news we brought you a few moments ago cyprus suspending its controversial citizenship for investment program after an investigation by al-jazeera which exposes high ranking officials in cyprus expressing a willingness to aid convicted criminals to obtain e.u. citizenship on the line our investigative reporter david harrison is in nicosia david what's been the reaction to this announcement. well there actually see announces as being it's being welcomed by most people. this comes just a day off. 4 a documentary was broadcast and being a relentless increase in amount of pressure it demands for resignation we had companies pulling out of the investment scheme clearly the government decided they could act alone says boyle and this is what they've done it's
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a very dramatic decision it's very it's embarrassing and humiliating for the people who administer the scheme and who we exposed a number of people network of people who were aiding and willing to aid our undercover reporter representing a criminal chinese client who wanted to get a passport and this network we exposed encouraging and 3 willing to help this person possible this was the ultimate humiliation for the scheme but it will be it's being warmly welcomed by the majority of people who are taking to social media who are glad that this scheme has been abolished all right but the scheme itself has been abolished could criminal charges follow do you think. well that remains to be seen what's happened is the government set up this investigating committee appointed by the attorney general and this will report to the government make recommendations but sadly there is none to pressure for resignations and nobody's
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ruling out possible possible criminal action there's also inching up as a protest in a position as you are for tomorrow evening which is inspired directly by the odyssey revelations and will be a demonstration against corruption david many thanks for days. on the line from nicosia. the protests in several latin american countries on the anniversary of the explorer christopher columbus is arrival in the americas these were the scenes in chile of indigenous march in the capital protests threw stones and petrol bombs police responded with water cannon demonstrators used the occasion to call for greater protection for indigenous culture and rights columbus was an explorer from what is now it's really his voyages paved the way for european colonization of the americas and mexico's capitol police and demonstrators scuffled during protests there a few days earlier a statue of columbus was removed for the 2nd was fenced off to stop it being
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vandalized by protesters. nigeria's president is promising extensive police reform after more than a week of protests against police brutality the decision came shortly after a video emerged showing dozens of protesters running for cover as shots rang out in lagos at least to protest as a police officer died during the rallies the government is the spread of the notorious police squad that's accused of extrajudicial killings and talk show. it is good to have you with us hello adrian fenty going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has been back with the crowds trying to fire up a campaign that was interrupted by his covert 19 infection in florida trump took to the stage without a mosque to rally supporters off of the white house talked to confirm that he tested negative for the virus few in the crowd or mosque see that if you vote for
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me prosperity will.


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