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might revive the flagship u.s. economy. details coverage of the us elections on al-jazeera. 'd thousands of families forced to flee fighting in afghanistan's helmand province. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up clashes continue in nagano color back and it's civilians who are paying the price. huge numbers of early ballots cast in the lead up to the u.s. election signs that voter turnout could be the highest in a century. and anger on the streets of bangkok thousands of thais vent their
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frustration over the country's electrical system. tens of thousands of people have been displaced following days of heavy fighting between government troops and taliban forces in southern afghanistan it's been happening since saturday when the taliban launched coordinated attacks on several areas hospitals are becoming overwhelmed the fighting is centered mainly around the regional capital lashkar gah the u.s. is carrying out airstrikes to defend afghan security forces it's the 1st major taliban offensive since peace talks with the afghan government resumed last month and it could complicate the united states plans to bring home remaining forces by christmas let's go live now to kabul filial control is there for a sufi what's the latest on the fight. well the fight it incident has been
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intensifying in the south and province of afghanistan in the month and the round last guard. the afghan acting defense minister is already in the area where he went to assess the situation and discounts new security plans with sunni or local officials at the same time last night 2 afghan military helicopters crashed as they were taking off from the now what district it seems that they were evacuating the injured afghan security forces from the area because there have been several commando units and other rain forests moments from the afghan government that have been sent in to how with the fighting but what's really pressing right now andrea and in that area is a humanitarian crisis that seems to be unfolding down there according to the u.n. it's been reported that about 35000 people have been displaced in the last 4 or 5 days and about 200 have been killed and injured or i did speak with the un's
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office for the coordination of humanitarian efforts affairs earlier and they did tell me that they do have assessment teams on the ground trying to really see what's happening down there but it is extremely difficult to get information because a lot of the infrastructure community telecommunications and phone lines have been destroyed disrupted what they told me is that it's unlike the situation is dire they sent me some pictures where it seems shelter is one of the biggest problems it's very it's very very basic also hospitals have been overwhelmed some of them have been forced to raise the strict and limit their operations because they can only deal with the 10 injured that have been coming in and while they do not know how this set up will be to help all this people down there so far they have only been able to identify 500 displaced people they told me that's about 70 families but what they do know is that these people do need urgent assistance
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adrian. trivial contre for reporting live from kabul. moscow has called on armenia and azerbaijan to abide by a cease fire they signed there's been intense fighting over nights of the disputed no go to a cutback region the russian brokered cease fire came into force on saturday the area is officially part of azerbaijan but it's controlled by ethical medians let's go live to work go to this at all media there has been at smith is the bullet what's happened to the cease fire. well it's really just on paper only this ceasefire has been intensive fighting continuing overnight along the line of contact in the armenians tell us from their side there was particularly intensive fighting what they describe as the most intense battle so far all along the northern part of the line of contact so a lot of russia's foreign minister says that now it might be right to deploy
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observers along the line of contact but that's up to armenia and azerbaijan to agree now armenia hasn't responded to that yet today but i asked the armenian prime minister about 10 days ago nicol pushing on about the idea of russian peacekeepers and he was just very diplomatic about it saying it could be discussed as part of a wider resolution within the minsk group this is russia france and the u.s. which is trying to negotiate some sort of long term settlement the nagorno-karabakh territory that armenia took when it fought their last 4 to major war there is still not calm enough for the gret cross to agree to a time to exchange bodies on prisoners of war between the 2 sides there was a small exchange we understood on one part of the line of contact earlier that seems to been agreed to locally nothing to do with the red cross but even that attempt to exchange bodies was interrupted halfway through when fighting started
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again so just from that example you can appreciate how tense it remains on both sides al-jazeera smith reporting live from. in armenia. israel and lebanon 2 nations technically of war meeting for the 1st time in decades to discuss the maritime border but allegations are in southern lebanon for what's being called in direct talks being hosted by the united nations and mediated by the u.s. both sides claim parts of the mediterranean coastline stake of the rights to oil and gas fields since go live to southern lebanon of 0 say the holder is in the cooler so what exactly are they talking about so you know what's the significance of this. well the 1st round of talks ended a short while ago it was a short meeting both sides really preparing or laying the groundwork for future discussions maybe even chosen
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a new date for the 2nd round october the 28th away from the media israeli and lebanese negotiators sat down in one room in a meeting hosted by the u.n. and in a meeting mediated by the united states significant ts because there's a long running dispute the maritime borders between these 2 countries they've agreed now to sit down and talk why now people are asking that question what change both sides did make compromises but many believe that you know there's a political timing to this 1st of all some lebanese politicians were coming under international pressure were coming under sanctions which were really linked to corruption as well as links with with the group hezbollah and at the same time you have the united states which needed this diplomatic when they get another diplomatic win amid a reelection campaign the trumpet ministration really celebrating this deal is historic coming on the heels of u.s. brokered deals between israel and the u.a.e. rain but lebanon as well as israel are making it very clear that this is not about
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peace we're not making peace this is not about reconciliation or normalization what this is about is a technical matter a civilian matter and we are hoping to resolve this issue because economic and economic reasons brought. these 2 parties to the table elaborate on more than israel because israel has already started to explore and drill the possibility of gas reserves in fact it even exports cows but lebanon hasn't been able to do so so you need stability for international companies to start working and over the past decade significant caus reserves have been found in the mediterranean sea but whether or not the deal can be reached well that's a whole different question because talks are expected to be complicated. and as there is a knowhow to reporting live from southern lebanon but a thanks indeed say you know the world bank has approved 12000000000 dollars in new funding for developing countries to buy covert 19 vaccines financial help also be used to test and treat people for covert 19 it's part of a $160000000000.00 program to help patients fight the coronavirus and make the
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united states has reported more than $40000.00 new covert 19 infections daily case numbers have risen in 33 states as the country sees a surge in hospital admissions doctors say that amount of nevada has been reinfected with the virus he required hospital treatment after his lungs deteriorated during the 2nd infection it's one of just a few don't cases of reinfection globally in thailand hundreds of protesters are on the streets of the capital demanding reform it comes before a big rally that's expected in the coming hours the protesters want the prime minister to resign at a complete overhaul of the electoral system they're also calling for reforms to the monarchy and laws to protect the king from public scrutiny al-jazeera scored high is in bangkok. the anti-government protesters began gathering here in democracy monument just after 8 o'clock this morning 2 supposed to be in the afternoon but
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they came early to occupy some space here on this traffic circle around democracy money you can see them now starting to gather around makes you know why they have chosen today that's because in 1973 there was a student led uprising much like this that overthrew the then military government now what they're asking for now they've refined their demands down to 3 they want the cabinet to resign they want a new constitution and this is the most controversial part of it they want reform within the monarchy something that hasn't been touched in many many many years but that is why they're out here again this is the 4th large scale demonstration they have been able to do since july now what's interesting with this again this is a traffic circle here around democracy moment on this side of the monument you can see maybe some of the yellow shirts out there those are people who support the monarchy and who support the government so they have also come out in force again that's part of the reason why the anti-government protesters came out early so they can occupy their part of the circle so be able to see how things on the fold over
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the afternoon one thing though the organizers of the anti-government protest say they're going to do that later in the day is go down this road and that is to march toward government house now we know that down the road even further they have put the police up put on buses across the street and have police cordons after that to prevent them from doing it so they're allowing them to gather here around democracy monument but they're definitely making a bold move a strong move to prevent them from going to the government house later in the day. a weather update next to 0 then colombians come close ranks to protect a minister who's accused of leading a brutal response to opposition protests and closes its restaurants ultra cool daily increase in the birth of the trace.
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we have more very heavy rain pushing in across vietnam at the moment probable stallman lanka now weakening but it's still facing some very heavy rain in its central and northern parts of the philippines another feature that you'll notice is this collision him that's lucky develop into a tropical storm as we go through the next couple days rolling out of the philippines we have seen flooding in saber that's going to run across the south china seas and gradually push back towards poor over central and southern parts of it now later this week will still see some very very heavy rain heavy showers continue across a good part of thailand further south the usual scattering of showers there into malaysia what a crop of showers too now sinking further south as they should do across indonesia frustrated when i saw the possible straight of that we'll see some bits of rain over the next couple of days chiefly down towards tasmania nasty little system here just rattling across the region could see some wetter weather coming into victoria's well maybe the far south of new south wales but for much of oz it does
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look fired in dry truth be told temperatures generally getting up into the low to mid twenty's and live a cool day in melbourne around 19 celsius just 13 there in hobart cloud and rain when the weather will make its way towards new zealand. my name jared ablaze with this is can truly call it 'd they'll hold. me up to plan good springing up wanted me to want to know you all ends up with money managerial resilience and is just so full of surprises the planet here yes there is yes to every normal. mind nigeria. on al-jazeera.
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well again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news the fighting between taliban forces and government troops in afghanistan has displaced tens of thousands of people it began with the taliban launched coordinated attacks in helmand province sensible. moscow has called on armenia and azerbaijan to abide by a cease fire they signed has been intense fighting over nights of the dispute at the polo club about reaching washington brokered cease fire came into force on saturday. but israel and lebanon a meeting to discuss control of matter time borders delegations are in southern lebanon being called in direct talks. both u.s. presidential candidates have been trading blows on the campaign trail donald trump
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attack joe biden during a rally in the battleground state of pennsylvania. this election is a simple choice if by. all these other countries when we get ripped off by everybody agree with you we can still thing you wings in america which is very simple. for years the shellfish and corrupt political class betrayed the people of pennsylvania you know that and the people of our country joe biden has been campaigning in the state of florida addressing older voters many of whom backed trump in 2016. that's been used to already the entire story in my view donald trump's presidency the fact that he's never been focused on what matters he's never been focused on you he's handling of this pandemic he's been a radical just like us presidents used bad and it has prevented florida seniors and people all across the country from getting the relief that they need donald trump
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hasn't just been willing to not do the work i think it's that beyond that i'm not sure he cares about delivering any real help many us states saying historic levels of early voting more than 10000000 people have already mailed in or dropped off the votes to use the pandemic president trump has repeatedly criticized mail in voting say that it leads to fraud i was there as andy calico reports. on the 1st day of early voting in georgia people lined up for hours to cast their ballots in some counties voters reported waiting more than 10 hours but it isn't just in person voting that shattering records across the country as people make their voices heard more than 10 and a half 1000000 ballots have already been mailed in or dropped off a number that could see voter turnout the highest since 1908 despite fears over the cove of 19 pandemic long waits and technical issues in some states early voting is
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hitting historic numbers for me as a younger person i am really ready and willing to stand out here and brave the cold and the coal that i had to make it and i got it down it was so much at stake and president trumps unfounded claims that mail in voting could lead to massive fraud there are problems the republican party in california installed dozens of their own ballot drop off boxes virtually indistinguishable from boxes sanctioned by the state officials call them unofficial and illegal and have insisted they be removed those official ballot drop boxes go through a number of steps that are required in law and regulations for installation for security for placement so having these unofficial ballot drop boxes that anybody can go to on main and and not meeting all those requirements is just not appropriate according to the u.s. election assistance commission the popularity of 1000000 votes has been growing for years but this year it may play into the hands of democratic presidential nominee
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joe biden here in florida the number of early votes reveals a potentially worrying statistic for president donald trump the number of democratic voters who have cast their ballots early tops republicans by more than 350000 this is a state the president must win many republican voters don't trust mail in voting so those numbers will change is election day draws near or at the biden campaign's push to get people voting early seems to be working make a plan to. early and then get involved i know you're busy i know that i know you're stressed so. but there is action is still important not to do every thing we can florida is the 1st state to begin sorting its mail in ballots but like other states votes won't officially be counted until election day for now only the computers know the results of what will be a historic presidential election and to gallacher al-jazeera miami florida bars and
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restaurants are being shot in the netherlands after a wreck or daily increase in the number of covert 19 cases that the government has banned the sale of alcohol after 8 pm a mosque supreme made compulsory in indoor spaces nearly 7 and a half 1000 new infections almost on tuesday europe are seeing a spike in numbers and the netherlands has one of the highest infection rates per capita worldwide. could have ended on the storm you know it today we're introducing new and tough measures we're going to partial lockdown it's a hard message in the new rules going to hurt but it's the only way because the facts don't lie and we have to be stricter on ourselves and strict on our behavior in any case not enough people are near the lens and sticking to the rules and there are too many people who disregard the rules of al-jazeera steadfast in reports now from amsterdam. stricter measures are now being announced and it's still a partial lockdown despite the fact that many others also have been asking for
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a complete lockdown and make sure that in a couple of weeks maybe the inspections will go down so far the government didn't want to decide to have a full lockdown but they also said maybe in 2 weeks if the situation is not improving they might decide to do that so so far schools are still open but there is a still a new turn around from the side of the government to have this mandatory face masks now in all the indoor public areas and that's a complete different change in policy because so far the government has insisted that is it is help to protect you against the fire as they stubbornly. receded that for several months despite the fact that in germany and belgium and other countries here in the west of europe these are safe nice warm mandatory already they kept repeating it but now they have changed this stance and say that they will look for a legal framework to make it mandatory in the very near future i have
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a feeling it's not really sinking in yet what i've seen here and i'm so them because this is definitely a hot spot the capital of the netherlands has the highest infection rate and life has been as usual so that's why the government has this very tough task now to convince everyone this is serious the hospital hospitals are struggling i.c.u. capacity in the netherlands is limited a lot of operations can be performed right now because of the cope with 1000 patients coming in and they hope that people will believe this but there's also this criticism that the government hasn't been clear for the last couple of months themselves at all last ditch talks are taking place between the u.k. and european negotiators an effort to avoid a no deal briggs's the main sticking point is fishing rights from shoes leading resistance to any. that would reduce access to british waters by its fisherman and simmons reports are from peterhead in scotland the u.k.'s most productive fishing
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port. fishermen in scotland say they found the going to tough for too long on shore the scots may have voted to remain in the e.u. but out at sea they're looking at bricks it is their savior in peterhead the port was once filled with fishing boats it's different now 60 percent of the fleet was lost after the u.k. joined what was then known as the european community in 1973 skipper brian buchan whose fish the north sea for 4 decades remembers the bad times vividly after europe's common fishing policy gave fishing rights to other countries now he believes it's all about to change it's good to be an. element touch what we did say and when it should be a free for all fisherman in the u.k. government look across the north sea to a new agreement with norway which is not an e.u. member as a model and how they think it should be with the e.u.
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negotiations every year with the u.k. as an independent coastal states a mutually agreed exchange of quotas and access to each other's waters we have some of the best fisheries in the world in u.k. waters and for 40 years we've been giving those fish away the majority of those special caught by other nations we shouldn't be doing that but like most wrecks of related issues the fishing sector is complicated seafood processing companies could lose access to e.u. markets and heart of all u.k. fish production is exported to the. dust the people in the and the e.u. wanted of course they do it's where the boy in the 1st voice a people of the market. politicians can make all the body of the work but what it's about is the people wanting to be up to be the great place for it there's a mood of great expectations here although within it i realise ation that some concessions are likely to be made but there are red lines and if they're broken or
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blurred they'll be uproar and shouts of betrayal aimed at the u.k. government plan to. think that this is the u.k. prime minister boris johnson here at peterhead fish market a year ago making one of many promises to regain full control of fishing in british waters and his breakfast negotiators still seem to be abiding by that pledge if the e.u. doesn't do it that could be a no deal brecht's it and all the uncertainty that could bring andrew simmons al-jazeera peterhead scotland peru has opened the ancient ruins of matching pitching for one japanese tourists who were stranded in the country due to coronavirus restrictions the site was opened especially for jesse cateye omma he bought a ticket to the ruins tickets to the ruins in march but was placed under lockdown nearby before he could visit the site is due to fully reopen next month.
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many kurds are in hunger a. quarter of. the day. with the head of the park so that he could be set before returning home because the plan is for him to return to his country. colombia's to fence minister has survived the 1st stage of a no confidence motion and parliament holmes trujillo is accused of right wing links to police brutality and massacres carried out by armed groups supreme court judges have ordered him to apologize for what's been described as police excesses during protests last year on piers he reports now from. controversial defense minister catulus home. survived the motion of censoring columbia's lower house on tuesday. as the government coalition closed ranks around one of the most visible politicians in the administration and the probable right wing
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candidate for the 2022 presidential elections in the end the vote was 136 against to $24.00 in favor but the pressure is mounting against an administration the growing sectors of society see as less than democratic. the government affected security forces with the doctrine of the internal enemy would say that everybody who think differently is an enemy the youth is an enemy the students farmers indigenous all enemies and under this doctrine they are spying and threatening people these are symptoms of an increasingly authoritarian regime under scrutiny were the actions of security forces in recent protests against police brutality 13 civilians dead in 48 hours they followed another violent crackdown at the end of last year. to preen court ordered the minister to formally apologize for the violence something he avoided doing until the debate well the family in his 10
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months in office. tyrian drift. to create a dictatorship or a soft dictatorship of. the democratic structure well with all due respect that is not true. the minister is also being questioned for the worsening security in rural areas where criminal groups have killed hundreds of human rights activists and committed at least $67.00 mass killings since the beginning of the year most analysts believe that with the government holding majorities in both houses the minister will not change course i don't think the minister will be at all but i bow to. what we can assume from now on is a minister who you know are an approach which will you know increase the mistrust there is in the minister from a position groups and from some group the next step will be
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a 2nd debate and vote of no confidence in the senate on october 22nd which will come a day after a national strike which many fear could dream new violent clashes with the police listen to them. under protest as intern is here for with police after a man died when authorities bulldozed his unlicensed cigarette kiosk disasters of the town of spades through wrong a police blocked roads with burning tires a minister hisham machine has fired the province's governor and 3 local security officials in a bid to ease tension air quality in india's capital is to tear it it sharply raising fears the pollution could make it harder for corona virus patients to breathe this ability has been reduced significantly in new delhi with figures showing very poor conditions for people suffering from or spiritual problems it's
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being caused by farmers burning stubble. the un is warning that climate change could cause a 50 percent rise in the number of people needing humanitarian aid in the next 10 years and the un is urging governments to immediately increase investments in early warning systems scientists just returned from a year long trip to the arctic the data on the potentially disastrous consequences of melting sea ice flooding in central vietnam has led to the deaths of at least $28.00 people torrential rain inundated villages and submerged an estimated 100000 homes rescuers are trying to reach many stranded with more bad weather on the way as tropical storm heads in. kyrgyzstan parliament has voted for a 2nd time to approve such a jump of as prime minister the president made the decision after politicians and activists challenge the legitimacy of saturday's 1st votes in parliament just off
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was freed from prison by his supporters last week that the mass protests since the disputed election 9 days ago a new crew members have made it to the international space station in record time to russians an american were on board russia's soyuz. rocket that lost it all from kazakhstan for the 1st time they used to fast track with hoover to reach the space station in just over 3 hours it usually takes at least twice as long the team will be orbiting the earth for the next 6 months. good to be with us hello adrian for going to the headlines of al-jazeera new fighting between taliban forces and government troops in afghanistan has displaced tens of thousands of people it began when the taliban launched coordinated attacks in helmand province on saturday u.s. troops are helping to defend afghan security.


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