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taking al-jazeera bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to. counter 0. 0. 0 of their d.n.a. endo how with the al-jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes thousands of families forced to flee fighting in afghanistan's helmand province. lebanon and israel hold in direct talks for the 1st time to discuss a maritime border disputes. anger on the streets of bangkok fire zones of protesters vent their frustration over thailand's electoral system. i'm andrew
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symonds of the scottish fishing port of peterhead i'll be assessing the mood here over the fishing rights the main obstacle to post trade talks with the e.u. . and i'm santa how much and i have all the sport the atlanta braves to take it to a nothing lead in the national league championship series. tens of thousands of people have been displaced following days of heavy fighting between government troops and taliban fighters in southern afghanistan it began on saturday and aid agencies now say hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with the fighting is in helmand province and centered around the regional capital of lashkar gah or the u.s. has been carrying out air strikes to defense afghan security forces though this is
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the 1st major taliban offensive since peace talks with the afghan government began last month and it could come. kates the united states plans to bring the whole remaining forces by christmas well we've got 2 reporters on this story a summer binge of baiters life or is indoor but 1st let's talk to feel your conscious foolery he joins us live from carpool feel we've been seeing an escalation in violence just bring us up to date on the situation as it stands right now. the violence does continue in the province of helmand in what it's been for many many years one of ghana's stands most of western provinces and a taliban stronghold in the past few hours we've been getting reports from locals that yesterday several outposts so the afghan security forces have been
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run by the taliban around the last. provisional who venture capital area and if it's any indication of how dire the situation is down there the acting afghan defense minister did arrive in the area earlier to personally assess the situation and discuss with senior local members new security measures at the same time again like you mentioned. there also seems there is a dire humanitarian situation unfolding in helmand and around last car got coding to the u.n. and several local local sources about $35000.00 people have been displaced in just a few days since this fighting started and about 200 have been killed and injured the hospitals cannot cope with all the injured some of them have been forced to scale down the operations just so that they can treat the injured i did speak with
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a un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs earlier in the tell me the biggest problem right now in the area they do have assessment teams on the ground is that communication and telecommunications and and telephones are not working so it's hard it's extremely difficult to get information on what's really happening on the ground i did see some pictures they sent me and it shows that whatever shelter provisions they have in place right now it's very very basic and so far they have only been able to identify about 500 displaced people that's about. families they do know they do need urgent assistance basic things like food water and and shelter and they do not know at this point of given the situation what the set up for these people will look like but they do know that they do need urgent assistance hala ok fiocco jeffrey bring us all the latest from kabul thank you very
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much indeed well let's talk now to a summer bin genevieve's who joins us now from doha some of the timing of this seems rather strange because as we speak there are supposed to be peace talks underway where you are why are the taliban launching this offensive at this time. well it looks like a projection of power what part of our own sources have been telling us in the last few weeks is that the world has been talking about the release of prisoners but then not launching this spring offensive is a major deal and the taliban need to make sure that dear fighters are also kept in check as well so on one hand you have this peace process which has begun and is taking place after nearly 20 years they're talking to each other for the 1st time face to face but they want to make sure that their fighters on the ground remain engaged as well and that's why you see the language that is coming out of the taliban in doha is very cautious they don't recognize the government the legitimate
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van government this is a government as a party to the conflict and yet as these peace negotiations move forward the attacks on the ground by both sides have not stopped but in the hill month in particular this is for the 1st time after the peace negotiations that we've seen the united states spring into action to get as well and carry out airstrikes in the last few days so it is an ongoing process and it is not just limited to have a month there has been attacks and counterattacks by both sides in southern and eastern afghanistan after a summer where does this leave the talks in doha. well there have been some headway in the talks and to discuss that further we have a there's a senior advisor to president musharraf going in with another another he was also a member of the peace negotiation team thank you very much for taking the time i've heard you describe this as this ongoing violence as an impediment to peace in
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afghanistan is the afghan negotiation team willing to leave the table if the violence doesn't stop well our brief national defense and security forces are doing their job of protecting our people or our constitution. that this level of violence that we've seen in the past few weeks is a clear indicator of less care about peace by the side more about the violence it's acceptable to people to see civilians dying to see public properties and public infrastructure be destroyed and that's not injecting a good sense of confidence in a peace process that we are so willingly in generally and faithfully gauged and that the side doesn't inject that with the same level of genuineness to stop the violence we need to get this violence level down or stop it completely or people demand. so that they can build a level of trust and confidence that
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a peace process will lead to a shared future for all of us once that what we are. engaged looking forward to work with the taliban. to get it and it's been over a month you've had multiple rounds of talks 'd with at various levels with the taliban it seems like that the amongst the 2 sides are not moving forward you're still stuck on the basic principles of where there is going to be jurisprudence maybe there's been some progress in that but whether it's going to be a continuation off the u.s. agreement with the taliban or a continuation of the loya jirga in. kabul so it seems that you're stuck and with this this escalation in violence that we've seen rid of this leave the peace process well there is a sense of urgency on our part on the part of the entire nation to see the violence and the and all the wires seeds and that in itself is
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a clear burden on our shoulder to continue discussing we are not discussing these issues that are side brother on tables of the substantial principle issues that are not part of the operational procedures issues and those will form the future of whatever we may we friends both sides and that's why we are taking time we see the sense of urgency but we are not rushing to rash we may lose the chance for a sustainable peace however people want to see the violence sees and we are committed to our job and task here is to engage in peace talks and we are here to do that we are continually reaching out we are continually producing and providing different formulation that would satisfy whether they want and that would satisfy what we want to. apologies for that some technical issues there this is a story we will be following very closely on our just stay with let's move on to
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other news now israel and lebanon 2 nations technically at war have met for the 1st time in decades to discuss their maritime borders their delegations are in southern lebanon for what are being called in direct talks they're being hosted by the united nations and mediated by the united states but lebanon and israel have a long it can test it's 860 square kilometers of water known as blog 9 it's believed to have large reserves of oil and gas waiting to be explored as it is in a hotter in the cooler in southern lebanon where those talks are happening so you know this has been a torrid year for lebanon the country needs a breakthrough right now does that not does this constitute the breakthrough that lebanon needs. well it's not going to be an easy road in the words of the lebanese one of the members of the lebanese delegation we have taken
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one step in a 1000 mile march so everyone is expecting this to be complicated negotiations but yes lebanon does need some sort of a breakthrough in the words of the speaker of parliament that anybody who announced the deal less than 2 weeks ago he said that the exploration and the exploitation of possible gas reserves will undoubtedly help lebanon pay its massive debt this country is an deep economic crisis so one of the reasons why they accepted to sit down and talk definitely because of economic reasons but politics was also at play simply because of the timing down at the united states where there's been trying it has been engaging in diplomacy for years now and these 2 parties finally decided to sit on the table lebanon softening its position many are linking it to the pressure to the sanctions that the u.s. is imposed on 2 particular groups hezbollah the iranian backed group which the
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united states considers a terrorist organization as well as its allies speaker bertie his closest aide was sanctioned on corruption charges as well as for financially and they building has been a law so there was some sort of pressure many believe that's why lebanon softened its position but at the end of the day like you said this commercial interests are at stake and both countries will benefit if and when a deal is reached and said it was think u.s. rule here what would you say the united states is trying to achieve. well for the united states there celebrating this as yet another diplomatic win in the middle east the trumpet ministration amid a reelection campaign and just coming on the heels of the u.s. brokered deals between israel and arab countries the u.a.e. and pressure in so they really see this as a breakthrough in the words of the u.s. secretary of state this is historic deal so it's trying to invest in this and at the end of the day the united states is an ally of israel if these talks continue
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even if there's no deal and these talks continue and the atmosphere is positive then automatically you reduce the tensions along the border and there are secure there's security and stability along the border at the end of the day if you want to explore if you want to drill you're going to need that's the billeted for international companies to come and exploit the resources but many will say israel has already started to export gaz it has you know benefited from its offshore gas fields it's lebanon really has which hasn't been able to exploit possible gas reserves but whether or not a deal can be reached i have to you know reinforce this it's still not clear because lebanon is also tying this to its land border and there's disputes over a land border with israel so it may be a long way to go ok staying on across those talks in the cooler in lebanon thank you very much indeed. now israel looks likely to approve the construction for around $5000.00 new illegal settlements in the occupied west bank prime minister
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binyamin netanyahu earlier this month said he'd given the green light to the plans if and when you are approved by the planners the settlements are considered illegal under international law. is life or is in ramallah in the occupied west bank needs or we were expecting an update from that committee some 3 hours ago is there any news from them at this stage. well the thing is schedule today and there is also another meeting scheduled on thursday where the planning committee is expected to be discussing an approving thousands of new illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank of course if approved this would be the largest number of units advanced since nearly 80 years and we know that a lot of is a lot of the relationship between the palestinian israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu and the u.s. administration has really helped. the israelis advance a lot of illegal israeli settlements and palestinians are hoping that a u.s. democratic nominee winning the 2nd term of the u.s. presidency would curb the israeli settlement is to civically in the occupied west bank and need to what does this announcement mean for the u.s. normalization deal i mean after all this was sold on the basis of an israeli suspension of settlement activity. and palestinians will tell you if this is not considered an exception what is the u.a.e. normalization deals with israel have boasted that they are actually. supposed to be putting annexation is really an extension of illegal israeli settlements and some
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parts of the occupied west bank that they were putting them on hold now for boston eons if settlement expansion continues on the ground so do you what does. affordable order an official. delay of these settlements mean for them that israeli plans on the ground are ongoing and the u.s. . and the beheaded you have boasted that they are kind of putting a hold in this settlement construction order that excision plans but in reality for palestinians israeli occupation still there and israeli settlements are expanding ok neither abraham joining us live from ramallah thank you very much indeed. let's find some more still to come on the news hour including homes reduced to rubble fears of a humanitarian crisis satisficing continues as you know media and azerbaijan. heavy rain triggers flash floods and landslides we've got all the latest from vietnam and
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cambodia. and in sports andy murray is still looking to hit top form since his return from surgery all the details coming up later in this news hour. to thailand's ny where thousands of protesters are on the streets of the capital demanding political reform the protesters want the prime minister to resign and say a complete overhaul of the electoral system they're also calling for reforms to the monarchy and the laws that protect the king from scrutiny well scott heiler is at those process in bangkok and census this update. as promised in the thousands the anti-government protesters are marching now down from democracy monument and will head toward government house as they promised in the yen as we've been seeing
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throughout the day the police presence has been building up we know that there are 14000 police officers out for crowd control and there's certain court on on the way to government house there are buses there are fences and there are lines of polling . this is the 1st police barricade that the protesters met with on their way to the government house and i was a bridge here now they stopped the protesters just before they reached this line of police and they pulled up here and even more are coming down from democracy monument so they negotiated their way through the police blockade they have marched in and now i met with the police they cross this bridge now and they're on their way to the government. today is very important because if we don't. come out to help these students we won't get a true democracy we want to change and we have been fighting for a long time for it playing in the middle. i don't know much about history the will play an important role for our future where equal nobody higher or lower so this
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march and protest further solidifies the common goals it's banned generations here in thailand and that is the cabinet resigned that there's a new constitution there's a reform in the monarchy. for the process against governments corruption are expected in cyprus in the fall the following hours now this comes after an al-jazeera exposé showing senior politicians and gauged on a plan to buy a separate passports cyprus has since abolished the lucrative program granting citizenship in return for investments the parliamentary speaker who's seen in the on the cover video says he will abstain from jaycee's until an investigation is complete saves lives david harrison who's in nicosia david you were part of the team that print to gather that exposé that has it's fair to say had far reaching consequences just various up to date on the latest developments in this passport story. yes well after
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a dizzying day of events yesterday with resignations the abolition of the possible for investment scheme the inquiry the investigation announced yesterday by the attorney general is well and truly under way police are already making their inquiries and i think it just gives the idea that the government wants to tackle this they don't want to be seen to be brushing it under the carpet so that's underway but also people are now at a bit of time to think about that announcement about the application of this possible investment scheme on the signs of a division over what should happen next now i've been speaking to opposition politicians and various other interested groups and they're saying that they've got serious doubts of this street that skit that this passport scheme could be reborn reinvented under a different guys on the country could slip back into its old ways now they are very concerned about this because in the past the government has said it will tweak the scheme it will tighten the rules and each time the abuse and the weaknesses of the government describes them have continued so there is concern there on that side on
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the other hand we've got the property developers the chambers of commerce who argue that the system if it's cleaned up properly is efficient under great way to bring money into the country since 2030 when the scheme was launched its brought in an estimated $8000000000.00 u.s. dollars which is an enormous amount of money huge percentage of the g.d.p. of this mediterranean island now we don't know how much of that was devious money from devious sources we don't know our investigation suggested it could be quite a lot the secondary of concern is that this scheme is not going to be abolished and that i am of the 1st again people are concerned that this leaves a gap a time gap for the backlog and there is a huge backlog of these up occasions to be pushed through which could again allow potentially criminals and money launderers to obtain european union passports which give them access the entire e.u. and up to $170.00 visa free countries. so that's that's that's the others going got the most sorry i was so i am sorry to cut you off david's i thought you were i
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thought you were ranting there this is what's been happening then since that experts say that your team was working on in terms of the top leadership in cyprus the president has he commented it's all on the subject well he hasn't directly but he has the government spokesman the government spokesman for the announcement yesterday about the abolition of the scheme concerned about abuses and weaknesses but the president himself is actually he's in brussels at the moment and by a sort of strange and rather cruel twist of irony this means that demetrius salue is the president of parliament who was the exposed saying things that he admits that he shouldn't have said in our documentary he is actually under the constitution the acting president so here's a man who stepped down not only for his duties but not until next week so until next week while the president is president is abroad he is in charge of the country which is led to a lot of sort of mockery and stuff online where you have to remember that he claims
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ousted the other people who are exposing our investigation they deny any wrongdoing . ok david harrison there bring us all the latest from nicosia thank you very much indeed. russia is calling on the armed forces of armenia and azerbaijan to abide by the cease fire in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh intense fighting overnight since followed repeated violations and the cease fire brokered by russia came into force on saturday the region is internationally recognized as part of us or by shan but controlled by ethnic armenians. president trumps u.s. supreme court nominees says she's made no commitment to the white house on how to rule on major cases including election disputes in the county baratz testified before a senate committee on the 2nd day of her confirmation hearing alan fischer reports . on capitol hill it was time for judge to face questions from senators
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the chairman of the committee was a no doubt the president picked the right person to fill the vacancy caused by the death of ruth bader ginsburg i would say you're one of the greatest picks president trapped in may and from the conservative side of the aisle you're one of the most qualified people of your generation if you could be more specific in any way several democrats wanted the judge to make a position clear on controversial issues that may soon come before the supreme court money in politics abortion on the affordable care act again and again the response was the same my personal views don't have anything to do with how i would decide cases and i don't want anybody to be unclear about not willing to make a deal with the committee not with the president not with anyone and independent and she insisted her nomination was not going to her taking any position on cases before the court i have made no commitment to anyone not in the senate not over at
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the white house about how i would decide any case days before announcing the judges the supreme court nominee president donald trump said he wanted a full court justices to deal with any issues coming out of the election his comments on possible voter fraud sparking morning a lengthy court battle could follow the judge but it said she considers stepping aside if there was any conflict of interest i certainly hope that our members of the committee have more confidence in my integrity than to think that i would allow myself to be used as a pawn to decide this election for the american people senator cory booker tried to highlight differences between the nominee and the president from his questions she denounced white supremacy and. knowledge there was racial bias in america's judicial system would be hard to imagine a system of criminal justice system as big as ours not having any implicit bias senator coming the hardest said the nomination was being rushed for political purposes republicans are scrambling to confirm this nominee as fast as possible
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because they need one more trial judge on the bench before november 10th to weigh in and strike down the entire football career at the appointment of judges in the u.s. is very political particularly for the supreme court $88.00 of judge about university colleagues have asked her to withdraw her nomination because the presidential election is so close that's not going to happen and she'll be back before the committee 23 alan fischer al-jazeera on capitol hill. breaking news coming to us from greece for a member of the far right golden dawn party has been handed a life sentence for the 2039 murder of a rapper senior members of the group have also been given jail terms that includes the heads of golden dawn has been sentenced to 13 years in prison the group is now considered to be a criminal organization let's cross those johnson our posts he joins us from athens
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john these appear to be quite hefty sentences how surprising is this. well the parents have sent me up helps the recommendations made yesterday by the prosecutor it hasn't lightened them nor has it made them any heavier except in the general populace pieces left wing rap back in september 23rd team he not only receives a life sentence for murder he also gets an extra 10 years on top of that for associated crimes such as illegal weapons possession and the importance of the political wing of the party the 13 years that you mentioned going to. the station you know a prison sentence going to the top 6 members of parliament of the party is of course much greater because the killer is convicted of
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a felony of murder but the 6 leading m.p.'s of the party being convicted as running criminal organization is politically far more important it is essentially a condemnation of the entire party and the apple recess they have been arguing in court that this was really a political trial against not cism against national socialism and not really a criminal trial about the charges. that will lead against them but in fact in the eyes of the big public this verdict has been roundly approved on and to put it like that people have been repeatedly saying this is a very democratic so what remains now is for the court to decide whether. the
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appeals process which we presume. the lawyers for the convicted employees will now go into will allow them to go free to remain being rather or where they will be put in in the past or the immediately while we have field takes that is ok john psaropoulos that bring us all the very latest from athens thank you flooding in central vietnam has led to the deaths of at least 28 people french rain inundated villages and submerged an estimated 100000 homes rescuers are trying to reach many stranded with more bad weather on the way as tropical storm nunca heads and. let's get more on the weather now here's evidence. however we got lots of crazy sunshine across the middle east not great surprises here but it could be something of a change on the way if anything it's looking
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a little on the cool side even here in kos i was got a little more cloud running up towards the levant but not too bad here temperatures at 2627 mid thirty's there for baghdad but take a look at the 34 cells just some thursday we may struggle to get to 31 if we can call that a struggle as we go on through friday not out of the question that you might just catch your spittle spots of rain i think will amount to much but the changing of the seasons never the less must is see the odds spots of writing to the western side of yemen and the possibility of the sport of rain to around the horn of africa somalia could see a shower to over the next day or so the west the weather is across that western side of ethiopia pushing rural across towards the gulf of guinea some lively showers around the rift valley and notice a little pulse a very heavy rain which could make its way into central parts of tanzania as we go through thursday and on into friday that will drive its way up towards lake victoria some heavy showers there across the democratic republic of congo heavy showers extending all the way down across a good part of angola now to the south of angola it is largely dry and find plenty
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of sunshine here and it'll warm up into husband by friday. so to come here on al-jazeera corruption crackdown in mexico with the president abolishing trust funds vulnerable groups reliance on the cash speak outs and colombia's government closes ranks to protect a minister accused of leading a brutal response to opposition protests. he began with war and the bullet used here i got shot i fall down i felt like i was that a documentary filmmaker once granted unconditional assign and contrasts his experiences with those seeking refuge today and intimate you know of the consequences of the policies of detainment is really our master saw in all this misery we cannot absorb
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this number that people have to suffer and in this way it is a lot of refugees tale on how to 0. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing god can guide us. a simple tough. inform us. plea unconventionality of light witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. the all.
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this is al-jazeera a great reminder of our top stories for you this hour fighting between taliban forces and government troops in afghanistan has displaced tens of thousands of people it began when the taliban launched coordinated attacks in helmand province on saturday. a member of greeks far rights golden dawn party has been handed a life sentence for the 2030 murder of a rapper senior members of the group have also been given jail terms that includes the heads of golden dawn who's been sentenced to 13 years in prison the group is now considered a criminal organization. and russia is calling on the armed forces of armenia and azerbaijan to abide by the cease fire and it's supported region of the corps no care about. that fighting has been a continuing overnight flight sir cross nights a baronet's smithy joins us live from gordy's in armenia to get more on this story
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bernard what will come to the facing in a minute but the armenian prime minister has been addressing the nation in the last few minutes just bring us up to speed was he been saying. nicole partin yon's given quite a frank assessment really of the current situation of this fighting as armenia sees it he acknowledged 1st of all the number of soldiers that are being killed he specifically said we've had many losses and i mourn these and i take all these victims personally. in front of them he said and standing up he we know the least 532 soldiers have been killed on from the armenian side azerbaijan doesn't release the numbers of killed on the armenian side release the list of names they also release their dates of birth and most of them on the list signed sina born in
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20012002 just 18 or 19 years old so very young. and also says that during the last 18 days he says there's been explicitly some retreats in the north and south those were his words and we know that azerbaijan says it's taken some territory and some villages in the land that is not to go on or care about another land occupied by armenia doesn't say that these are strategically significant. victories if you like all repossessions of land as areas but he admits that that land has gone and he says that now the situation is quite difficult for us and it certainly is now let's not forget the region that we're talking about has been subject to a brush and brokered cease fire apparently which has been in force since friday but given the rising body counts in the latest fighting it doesn't appear that that
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cease fire seems to be a cease fire in anything but that name only what's been happening on the ground burners and one of the russians had to say about all of this. well armenia says there's been a lot of fighting along the line of contact again overnight in fact it says one of the heaviest bottles of the war has taken place in the north of the line of contact between azerbaijan and armenia so the russian foreign minister now he has said that he says that it's a right idea to deploy observers along the line of contact but he says this is up to armenia and azerbaijan to decide were that to happen you could almost have an almost immediate and in hostilities that if there were russian troops between managing the situation before between the 2 science it's not even been calm enough for this agreement to exchange bodies of killed soldiers and prisoners of war we
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understand there was a small attempt to exchange bodies along the northern area the line of contact and it started in the was some exchange but the fighting started up again and they had to stop exchanging the bodies the i.c.r.c. says the red cross says it's not safe enough yet for them to monitor and help implement this exchange of bodies prisoners of war ok as parents met reporting from in armenia thank you paranoids well of course bring you more from the other side of that front line later in the day here on al-jazeera. by the favorite meo the favorite british male rather a fish with chips is at the center of the main sticking points to avoid a notable breck sets and go see to fail to reach agreements before a summit of e.u. leaders on thursday french fishermen are leading the resistance to see any deal that means reduced access to british water andrew symonds has more from britain's
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busiest fishing ports peterhead in scotland. fishermen in scotland say they found the going to tough for too long on shore the scots may have voted to remain in the e.u. but i don't see their looking at bricks it is their savior in peterhead the port was once filled with fishing boats it's different now 60 percent of the fleet was lost after the u.k. joined what was then known as the european community in 1973 skipper brian bachman who's fished the north sea for 4 decades remembers the bad times vividly after europe's common fishing policy gave fishing rights to other countries now he believes it's all about to change it's good to be an old terms a lot of men clutch what we did say and when it should be a free for all fisherman in the u.k. government look across the north sea to a new agreement with norway which is not an e.u.
1:39 pm
member as a model or how they think it should be with the e.u. they go see a sions every year with the u.k. as an independent coastal state a mutually agreed exchange of quotas and access to each other's waters we have some of the best fisheries in the world in u.k. waters and for 40 years we've been giving those fish away the majority of those special caught by other nations we shouldn't be doing that. but like most related issues the fishing sector is complicated seafood processing companies could lose access to e.u. markets and half of all u.k. fish production is exported to the e.u. does the people in the and the e.u. wanted of course they do it's where the boy in the 1st place of people of the market politicians can make all the body of the work but what it's a boat is the people wanting the fish to pay up to be the plate braced for that there's a mood of great expectations here although within it's a realisation that some concessions are likely to be made but there are red lines
1:40 pm
and if they're broken or blurred they'll be uproar and shouts of betrayal aimed at the u.k. government planning i think this is the u.k. prime minister borrows johnson here at peterhead fish market a year ago making one of many promises to regain full control of fishing in british waters and his breakfast negotiators still seem to be abiding by that pledge if the e.u. doesn't do a u. turn that could be a no deal breck's it and all the uncertainty that could bring. well andrew simmons joins me now live from peta has and i'm joined u.k. prime minister boris johnson has made thursday the 15th the deadline for reaching a post bank's a trade deal where to both parties stand on this. will something might be found out in the coming hours because the fun delay on is
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speaking on the phone with boris johnson we expect on this very issue there's lots of posturing going on bonnie a the chief negotiator for the e.u. is reported to have said to finance ministers in luxembourg on tuesday that britain is a really playing fair that there is still a long way to go and even more reportedly the u.k. prime minister saying this is the 3rd deadline that boris johnson has actually made previous ones he basically backtracked so we'll have to see whether or not the u.k. prime minister will actually come down from his hard line about a conclusion being made at the e.u. summit due to take place on thursday and friday but as i say there is posturing going on at the backdrop to this is the time running out because of the interim period after the brics it was agreed and britain pulled out of the european union
1:42 pm
is now in a transition phase and that has to be agreement on trade that's right across the board before january the 1st when britain is fully out of europe with or without a deal it would seem and i'm sure this much talk about red lines on both sides of the immensity. well britain is pushing the line that it wants control of it fisher is it's been a long history of deprivation effectively with a smaller quota of being agreed every year because of agreements that date back to the 1970s but having said that britain simply wants to take control that doesn't mean excluding all e.u. trawlers out of its waters it wants annual agreements and that reference in that report that's of the norway agreement is what they want with the e.u.
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right now it's brussels that dictates what sort of deal is made and nearly over fishing rights and so we have here a an approach from the e.u. where it's trying to sort of put the trade talks in the area of picking one or the other picking fishing rights concessions in fishing rights or concessions from the e.u. over the financial services insurance services from the city of london now when you look at those 2 factors financial services puts something like 97 percent into the british economy whereas fishing is less than half a pence one half a percent so what you've got here is britain really standing by this issue because it wants to see the symbolism of an independent british fishing state so really you have a desperate situation going on as to whether or not britain is prepared to go all the way into
1:44 pm
a no deal brecht's it but of course that is something neither side wants can decide is that joining us live from pisa had say in scotland thank you very much. kyrgyzstan's president's house confirms said your jumper off as the new prime minister and his supporters rallied in the capital bishkek pushing for his appointment jumper off was freed from prison last week during protests against the disputed election results 9 days ago from the it's a cool region in northern kurdistan channel stratford explains how the jumper off emerged as the front runner so parliament has officially endorsed saw those part of as this country's new prime minister an incredible couple of weeks for this man who was serving an 11 year jail term for kidnapping before he was freed by protesters supporters of his jury in those post election protests we saw he's described by many as having strong nationally sympathies
1:45 pm
a great deal of support amongst the rural population of kyrgyzstan many of whom see that he was say that he was wrongly jailed they see him as somewhat of a hero to many other opposition groups though he is considered to be a bit of a straight he has already made public statements about potentially changing the constitution to give the president more presidential powers and there are analysts that are already saying that they believe this may be a move by him setting himself up to potentially be a president of this country in the future he's also accused of having links with criminal networks certainly amongst some of the other opposition groups that we've seen protesting after this rigged election he historically denied those accusations and actually said that he's going to go off to some of the big criminals in this country that were widely believed to be involved in election rigging. meanwhile as i say other opposition groups in this country that do not support japan are off
1:46 pm
still feel very betrayed they are still waiting for an announcement of another election a rerun of those parliamentary polls and it remains to be seen if and when they all held they will be clean and fair. colombia's defense minister has survived the 1st stage of a no confidence for motion in parliament carlos holmes trujillo is accused of right when links to probably brutality and massacres carried out by armed groups supreme court judges have ordered him to apologize for what's described as police excesses during protests last year and the sundra reports from bogota. controversial defense minister catulus home. survived the motion of censoring columbia's lower house on tuesday. as the government coalition closed ranks around one of the
1:47 pm
most visible politicians in the administration and the probable right wing candidate for the 2022 presidential elections in the end the vote was 136 against to $24.00 in favor but the pressure is mounting against an administration the growing sectors of society see as less than democratic. the government affected security forces with the doctrine of the internal enemy which say that everybody who think differently is an enemy the youth is an enemy the students farmers indigenous journalists all enemies and under this doctrine they are spying and threatening people these are symptoms of an increasingly authoritarian regime under scrutiny were the actions of security forces in recent protests against police brutality the left 13 civilians dead in 48 hours they followed another violent crackdown at the end of last year. to preen court that ordered the minister to formally apologize for the violence something he avoided doing until the debate
1:48 pm
well the family in his 10 months in office. here over totalitarian drift or an attempt to create a dictatorship or a soft dictatorship of. the democratic structure well with all due respect. that is not true. the minister is also being questioned for the worsening security in rural areas where criminal groups have killed hundreds of human rights activists and committed at least $67.00 mass killings since the beginning of the year most analysts believe that with the government holding majorities in both houses the minister will not change course and i don't think the minister will be at all but i bow to. what we can assume from now on is a minister who you know are going approach which will you know increase the mistrust there is in the minister from opposition groups and from some protestors
1:49 pm
the next step will be a 2nd debate and vote of no confidence in the senate on october 22nd which will come a day after a national strike which many fear could dream new violent clashes with the police i listen to them. fans in mexico it's a polish more than 100 from trust funds are being fiercely resisted by activists they say vulnerable people cultural projects and the arts depend on them for funding but the ruling party says the trusts are riddled with corruption and the government should control them john homan has more now from mexico city. but he had today said had already been told her brother was tortured and murdered luke was left was to look for his remains but she got death threats even for doing that is her children had to flee her native state of sonora she was helped by one of
1:50 pm
mexico's public trust funds the victims of the violence who relocated her to this apartment here in a 2nd if that were here if they take me out of these refuge then i don't know if tomorrow i will be alive or not i don't know where i would sleep in not just me but thousands wind these protection program that. they worried because president under his men will look his of the doors more in a party has just had a bill approved by congress to abolish more than 100 public trust funds the president says they're reduced by corruption and he wants the government to administer the money directly his promise no beneficiaries will lose their 100 c. the. exports people depend on the trust funds they'll keep receiving support if a not does it pains on them for the grant so they won't have a problem and the only thing we're going to do is revise how that money's being spent there will be control will quickly see the funds are being well applied. but
1:51 pm
look as obrador actually indicated months back that he wants to use trust for money for his national economic plan he's also just said that some of the funds will be used to cope with that since many in science some protection programs here they'll lose out the bill only needs to pass here for the next concern and that's why these people a governor. outside scientists filmmakers all face journalists and victims of the violence many of them depend on the money that the specially for them and protect it within these funds and they worry that if but this appears they're going to be left in limbo. there's another concern to one of the funds is specifically for natural disaster response if that disappears it will be a big deal in a country plagued by earthquakes and hurricanes. but the president does have a point the majority of trust funds do like transparency and accountability according to a study by funda
1:52 pm
a budget analysis institution that doesn't necessarily mean they should all be scrapped suddenly self it yet or is above the normal unfortunately it's become a question of trust funds are good or they're bag without analyzing each one of course in some cases they have serious problems of transparency and in others it would be a really good idea to see how they can be made more efficient and flexible. being reformed when necessary then instead of scratching a whole scheme that many rely on for their work and research and some light money at today's need just to keep them safe john home and al-jazeera mexico city. still to come on al-jazeera will have the sports in spain that never saw it coming the latest from the nation's league and just a moment. to
1:53 pm
move forward.
1:54 pm
in time for your sport here santa thank you very much at. baseball and the atlanta braves have taken a 2 nothing lead in the national league championship series tampa bay are now just one win away from a place in the world series sal malik reports. there's no trip to the atlanta braves they're on course for a 1st trip to the world series since 1999. to. take down the los angeles dodgers on tuesday to go to nothing off but the national league championship series ended this return a plan to double team here nancy. by having taken
1:55 pm
a 70 lead in arlington texas atlanta almost threw away what was looking like an easy win. they allowed the dodgers back into the game and saw the lead dwindled to just one run i think. i. in v.n. those they managed to hang on marc mellon called getting a.j. put to ground out to end the game for final score 7 braves the braves you know i don't feel good with a big lead i mean because these guys are too powerful and but it's good to have that's a good idea all the way and they all are now. tampa bay and now just one win away from reaching the world series kevin q my eyes set the tone for them early on in game 3 gets used and with his efforts in the fields kevin chad myers page one back
1:56 pm
. here course for the rays going on to be the astros 5 to 4 to go back to a 1st ever championship for the franchise might just be on one side i think. that's so he'll malik al-jazeera. spain's national football team has suffered their 1st defeat for nearly 2 years you sorry kids men were stunned in the usa nations league by crane who were coming off a 71 thrashing a by france last week the spaniards losing at this one a by a goal or 2 nil they still however sit at the top of the league group for. 3 time grand slam champion andy murray is still looking to hit top form since his comeback has been knocked out in the 1st round of the endo event in cologne the scot was beating a straight sets 6464 by fernando verdasco maher is currently ranked 115th in the
1:57 pm
world that he had played at the french open for the 1st time in 3 years following a return to the court after battling problems. 4 time world champion and olympic medalist diacetyl has been suspended by japan swimming federation off to have an extramarital affair the governing body ruled that the iraqis had failed to live up to the federation standards for its most sportsmanlike conduct last month the city had to step down from his position as the captain of japan's swimming team for the tokyo olympics after admitting to the affair the 26 year old is only suspended to suit the end of the year which means he's still eligible for the rescheduled games in 2021. now that's always full for me i will have a mall for you later on but for now i'll hand you back to helen thank you very much indeed sanna about wraps up this nice area to keep it here on al-jazeera aegina finnigan we'll be with you on the other side of the break with more of the very
1:58 pm
latest news. frank assessments if american public opinion piece betrayed by social media platforms off to november what would be there because if you believe that there corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to break from an informed opinion just look at his don't anyway the protest is all going anyway either it's a bullet it's going to evolution people will call in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on
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al-jazeera. temperatures are on the rise global warming is taking effect. as one of the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases the u.s. is set to withdraw from the paris climate accord the day after the presidential election we can and we will deal with climate change for the new president reversed the decision in time face up to the climate crisis all of the key issues of the us elections on al-jazeera. the buys of defiance it really touched my heart deeply when she started to see you all there. alex is there a world remembers a palestinian city. reached audiences beyond middle east born into a creative family in nazareth she sang out a powerful and emotional message the possible story of. the voice of palestine
2:00 pm
on al-jazeera. boldin untold stories from asia and the pacific on al-jazeera. israel approved the construction of thousands of new illegal settler homes in the occupied west bank. hello i'm adrian for good this is a live from go also coming up thousands of families forced to flee the fighting in afghanistan's helmand province. a greek chorus.


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