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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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just there are. right in the code if not a candidate asian americans suffering an epidemic of violent attacks and abuse. one a one east meets the new generation fighting back on al jazeera. al-jazeera . hello there i'm hala mohit see an endo how with the al-jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes deadly clashes continue in the. russia and turkey argue over how to end the conflict. thousands of families forced to flee fighting in afghanistan's helmand province. israel approved the construction of
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thousands of new settlers in the occupied west bank. and the greek courts handstand long sentences for the leaders of the far right golden dawn party convicted of running a criminal gang. and on time the hamas now have all the support the atlanta braves to take it to a nothing lead in the national league championship series. but we begin this new sorrow with the growing differences between regional powers russia and turkey over the ongoing violence in the goal of karbala a call by moscow for the armed forces of armenia and azerbaijan to abide by a russian cease fire has been ignored more than 500 people have been. since
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fighting boko last month the region is internationally recognized as part of as are by shan but controlled and inhabited by ethnic armenians were russia's foreign minister criticized turkey over its unconditional backing of azerbaijan he just. doesn't you know thoughts on the brutality that we do not agree with the position voiced by turkey that was also expressed several times by president so it is not a secret that we cannot agree with his statement that a military solution to the conflict exists and is permissible. well turkey's leader has shot back at russia with a defiant message and parliament's retch of type are the one says turkey will continue to support it says area lies that the region should be given back to azerbaijan resilin because that's a lot of you 3 members of minsk the united states russia and france are still putting this off with their stalling tactics just give them the occupied lands let them go to their lands let them do what they want in their own lands but there is an invasion here if there is democracy and human rights in this world and if you
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have been assigned to solve this problem as 3 members of the minsk group for 30 years what you need to do is not stall what you need to do is finish your negotiations and hand over the lands to their owner let's cross live 30 bernard smith he joins us from greece in armenia paranoids that's the international perspective we have heard there but the armenian prime minister is also been speaking what is he had to say. this was an address to the nation by the armenian prime minister nicol passion and he essentially admitted that they have had to make some military retreats in parts of the north and the south along the line of contact essentially admitting therefore that azerbaijan has made some gains and he also said that this has been very very difficult for his country he said that we have made we have had many many losses
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and i mourn this night all take all victims personally i bow in front of them and we know that there are at least $532.00 soldiers fighters killed in the fighting so far ethnic armenians and they release all the names or when you see the names they release the dates of birth as well 2001 to 2002 these are all young men 1819 years old many of them conscripts azerbaijan doesn't release the numbers of soldiers killed on that side but there will be casualties and they will also be younger many of them conscripts and burn wood meanwhile this violence continues despite that suppose that cease fire are a just bring this up to speed with what's happening on the ground. so there is still a lot of fighting along the line of contact and the angry rhetoric between armenia and azerbaijan is ratcheting up azerbaijan is accusing armenia of targeting oil and
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gas pipelines armenia says azerbaijan is trying to seize control of nagorno-karabakh russia's please over the top of this for them to observe the humanitarian cease fire don't seem to be being listened to on the big difference in the dynamic now is the involvement of turkey for many many well for 26 years since the end of the wall at the ceasefire 994 armenia and azerbaijan a face off across this line of control a lot of contact have been incidents before and the has been fighting before but never on this scale and this time the difference is the full throated support of turkey behind. and this is why russia says no we want a ceasefire we do not want we do not believe turkey should be involved in future talks over as a nagorno-karabakh which turkey believes those talks a failed because over 26 years they haven't found a resolution to what to do with nagorno-karabakh all the lands taken by armenia in
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the last war they formed a band of smyth are joining us from grace in armenia thank you. tens of thousands of people have been displaced following days of having fighting between government troops and taliban fighters in southern afghanistan it began on saturday and aid agencies now is say hospitals are becoming overwhelmed the fighting is in helmand province uncensored or owns the regional capital lashkar gah the u.s. has been carrying out air strikes to defend afghan security forces it's the 1st major taliban offensive since peace talks with the afghan government began last month and it could complicate the united states plans to bring home remaining troops by christmas or for more let's cross to feel your control free she joins me live from kabul and feel what's the situation like right know in helmand province and just how is it impacts in those who are caught in the middle.
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as you can see the sun has already said here in kabul and across afghanistan and probably that means that homeland will be bracing for another difficult night as most of the fighting in the military operations are taking place during the night we heard from doctors without borders here in afghanistan just a few minutes minutes earlier who described a very grim situation in terms of casualties they main trauma hospital in provincial capital. has been operating at full capacity cannot treat any more people and the m.s.f. supported another m.s.f. supported hospital in the area has been serving as an overflow facility with over 20 people have been admitted there in the past 24 hours and among them are even pregnant women and children in terms of the displaced according to the u.n.
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and local sources 35000 people have been forced to flee their homes a lot of them with nothing but their clothes we've seen pictures of them trying to load as much as they can and some model bikes and try to escape the fighting now you an assessment teams are over there in the try to assess the situation and it's extremely difficult to get information and a lot of the infrastructure the telephone lines have been damaged so it's hard to assess what exactly what the exact needs are so far about 500 people have been identified as displays that's about 70 families and a lot of them are in urgent and immediate need of basic things like water food and shelter because of the shelter that is being provided right now we see very very. very very basic and that's why i think they will try to send more teams to more in in the coming days to see how can the facilities situation in one of the common sense most western provinces where it's hard. too subtle to.
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come up to. a few of your country free reporting live from kabul thank you. well al jazeera is a summer binge of vegas and doha where the peace talks have been happening since last month. there have been some headway in the talks and to discuss that further we have or there's a senior advisor to president musharraf gone with another another he was also a member of the peace negotiation team thank you very much for taking the time i've heard you describe this as this ongoing violence as an impediment to peace in afghanistan is the afghan negotiation team willing to leave the table if the violence doesn't stop well our brief from national defense and security forces or doing the job of protecting our people or our constitution. that this level of violence that we have seen in the past 3 weeks is a clear indicator of less care about peace by the side more about the violence it's
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acceptable to our people to see civilians dying to see public properties and public infrastructure be destroyed and that's not injecting a good sense of confidence in the peace process that we're so willingly ungentlemanly and faithfully gauged and the other side doesn't inject that with the same level of general in this to stop the violence we need to get this violence level down or stop it completely or people demonstrably so that they can build a level of trust and confidence that the peace process will lead to a shared future for all of our friends that's what we are. engaged and looking forward to to work with taleban. together that you. find so much still to come on the news hour including here in nigeria where protests against police brutality are continuing for
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a 7th straight day. and in sports andy murray is still looking to hit top form since his return from surgery all the details straight ahead in the show. my. israel has approved the construction of thousands of new illegal settler homes in the occupied west bank it's the 1st time israel has approved the building of settler homes since a normalization deal with the united arab emirates and in the settlements are considered illegal under international law when these are ibraheem as lifers just outside ramallah in the occupied west bank it needs a high are palestinians reacting to this news. we've just heard from the spokesperson of the palestinian president not beat up again and he says that he condemns this move any condemns the general situation which
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israel's getting to expand its illegal settlements on the ground while at the same time getting what he called free normalization deals with israel of course this advancement of these new units that resembles the highest number of units being advanced in one year if compared to at least a decade we know that the issue of settlements has been the reason for rift between the israeli government and the previous u.s. administration under president obama just writes before the end of obama's 2nd term the u.s. did not. vote or veto a u.s. . sorry a u.n. security council draft resolution that condemned settlements and considered them illegal under international law so it was a message from the obama administration against the israeli illegal israeli settlements and many palestinians here are hoping that at term or that if the
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democratic nominee joe biden is going to be elected in november that they think that this would curb israeli plans of expanding settlements. need to what do you think the science and means though for the u.a.e. the normalization deal because this was salt on the basis of a suspension of israeli settlements and this is happening now. let me just point out one no tallow when the u.a.e. deal was announced to normalize relations with israel the u.a.e. has said that it has done is some sort of a favor for palestinians by stopping annexation which is an israeli a move that was discussed in israel the israeli government was going to be annexing parts of the occupied west bank including the jordan valley and some settlements
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here and there but poor palestinians they would tell you it doesn't matter if israel has delayed an expansion plans or put them on hold so long as certain and construction on the ground is continuing we're standing here now in front of the one israeli settlement it stands on the lands of. many residents have lost their lands and lost access to their lands to their olive trees we are in the all of season right now where many farmers cannot even acts of their land because of the growing in expansion of illegal israeli settlements and we're not just talking about homes we're talking about homes road systems infrastructure and what have you that makes any possibility for a future contiguous palestinian state almost impossible ok leader ibrahim there live for is in the occupied west bank thank you very much indeed. let's get more now from not be a shot a senior palestinian official ended fine said see the palestinian president mahmoud
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abbas and joins us from ramallah kids have you with us on the knees are how do you think this latest move for further harm an already shattered peace process what are the what is the palestinian authority planning to do about this. i think mr trump the united states made it very clear what we have been warming our brothers in the gulf for for a very very clearly and very. distinctly that that this term plan has nothing to do with peace it has to do with allowing israelis to annex as much of the illegally occupied territory of the west bank town and east jerusalem as possible. a said no by creating relationship with israel but israel is will be late for ever be it to be sure an extension and became
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very clear today that this is were there was never true lives were going on with an extension with further settlements became over as much of our really as possible there is no advantage at all that the palestinian people. the arabs creating a relationship with israel there is absolutely nothing that mr graham has planned for the palestinians or a 2 state solution or peace it will look quite bold i mean to the palestinians have any options here at all or is this something that is just going to have to happen because the israelis are the powerful ones and they now have normalization agreements with the u.a.e. with they're trying to get more deals with with more countries do you think this will tilt the balance at all will the u.s. and battery back track its all or are the palestinians left with nothing.
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i think it's possible that the battering may retreat from the position after what they heard today it is definitely this is going to discourage any other arab countries from going their way and we're there we're not leaving we're not going anywhere. there is in fact enough. support for us in the arab world and the rest of the world and. we're hearing on our land we're not leaving it we're 7000000 people in the in the area occupied in my think would be a very occupied back in 67 which is absolutely equal to the number of jews in israel and in the settlements before there is no way you can reach a solution that will bring about peace. and unfortunately we have lost shaath there he was
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a person official and adviser to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas well israel and lebanon the nations are technically at war have met for the 1st time in decades to discuss their maritime border disputes that allegations were in southern lebanon for what was called in direct talks both sides claim parts of the mediterranean coast line were all in gas fields have been discovered center how to report from the koran. away from the media israeli and lebanese negotiators talk about a decades old maritime border dispute for the 1st time the hostile neighbors are sitting in the same room but are speaking through their un hosts and u.s. mediators they insist this is not about making peace but it's about extending the exploration of potentially gaz a rich waters in the mediterranean the timing appears to be political it's quite
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peculiar that is happening. when us. toward some of them used. to simply mean that. the deal was announced after u.s. sanctions were imposed on politicians including a close ally to speaker of parliament nabih berri for corruption and financially enabling hezbollah berry is an ally of the iranian backed group which has fought wars with israel in the past and previously opposed the us mediating role in the dispute hezbollah says its attitude toward israel hasn't changed and given that it's the strongest force in lebanon its approval is needed for talks to go ahead both israel and lebanon and says the negotiations are not about normalization or reconciliation but this is the 1st time the 2 sides discussed a civilian issue since middle east peace talks in 1990 israel and lebanon claim
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about 860 square kilometers in the mediterranean sea where significant gas fields have been discovered the problem is that. i don't mind. and we are expecting. what you want and them. best. but amid a reelection campaign the trumpet ministration has politically invested in these talks coming after the u.s. brokered deals between israel and the u.a.e. and. they were aware of pressure so the pressure and the u.s. having some sort of agreement moving forward but obviously didn't really. have a more direct engagement with the mother of. the evidence is limited at this point that's not a full organisation but but i think at this point it's a win win but it's not the guarantee that we have in the especially a quick one there is no deadline but in the words of a u.s.
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diplomat the talks can bring about stability and security along the volatile border deal or not for now these negotiations are serving the interests of all the parties involved. southern lebanon. amber of the far right golden dawn party in greece has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a rapper and the heads of the party now deemed a criminal organization was jailed for 13 years golden dawn members censored parliament at the peak of the greek financial crisis back in 2012 its absence of anger against the stereotype measures and had a fiercely and see immigrants agenda well as cross life that see john psaropoulos he joins us from athens john these are fairly hefty sentences how significant would you say these judgments are. both criminally and politically significant i think this is thought to be the 1st time in europe this a nazi party or
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a fascist party has been convicted in its entirety the 18 golden dawn members of parliament who entered the legislature in 2012 with 7 percent of the popular vote at all now been given severe prison sentences for the 6 most senior including the party leader 13 years plus 6 months to a year for weapons possession a 7th leading m.p. gets 10 years and the remaining 11 which includes the wife of the party leader get between. 5 and 7 years full membership in golden dawn that's because golden dawn was deemed by the coat to be a criminal organization masquerading as a political party because all of the acts of violence committed by golden dawn members were deemed to be part of a systemic agenda for violence by the party directed by the leadership
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that's why the leadership has twice the sentences of the other m.p.'s who weren't part of the political committee of the percy so full directing or being a member of a criminal organization all of those m.p.'s now face those jail times there's also the matter of the murder of the left. that began the unraveling of golden dawn in september of 2013 just a little more than a year after it entered parliament very severe sentences there for the killer 25 year life sentence plus 10 years for being a member of golden dawn plus 80 years for weapons possession and use a total of $43.00 for the murder of that rapper and his accomplices get between 6 and 8 years and those sentences have all been very positively commented on by all
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the political parties here in greece k. johnson of the spring is the latest from athens thank you. nigerians are protesting against police brutality for the 7th consecutive day the latest rallies follow police agreeing to stop using force against demonstrators at least to protest as an officer died securing nationwide bally's against in the tourist police courts implicated in extra judicial killings and torture the government has since abolished the special and preschool was just being replaced by a new swat team correspondent chris has more from the capital of. the protests here in a job is destruction traffic forcing gridlock a major streets in the city and this protest is coming just hours after these particular the police and i was the formation of a new tactic or unit to deal with one crimes in nigeria remember in the early days in the past 2 days we've seen how the government has announced that it has spread
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that unit the protesters are calling for which is the special interests. now the youths are not happy with what has been a painful what has been done so far they want on the part of the police the only government to investigate. the question is. on the street. talking to one of the protesters is going to tell us tell us why you're still protesting against the president today because they have been tendons from sussed affect us us from federal response and now. we. know organizers want to make this more of a national thing they want to expand not only it sounds protests against police brutality but they also want to see more reforms in the public sector they want all of those leaders politicians and everybody more accountable to the public in
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nigeria so this is one of the things that is keeping this protest rolling. says sin weeks of protest on the political reform in thailand is underway the protest is in bangkok's a prime minister pray it's john the john must resign and the electoral system needs a complete overhaul and unprecedented calls are being made for reforms to the monarchy activists want changes to laws that protect the king and his inherited fortune from public scrutiny a correspondent scott hyde lawyer is watching what's happening. as promised in the thousands the anti-government protesters are marching now down from democracy monument and we're headed toward government house as they promise and again as we've been seeing throughout the day the police presence has been building up we know that there are 14000 police officers out for crowd control and there are certain court on on the way to government house there are buses there are fences and there are lines of police. this is the 1st police barricade that the protesters
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met with on their way to the government house now this is a bridge here now they stopped the protesters just before they reached this line of police and they pulled up here and even more are coming down from democracy monument so they negotiated their way through the police blockade they have marched and now they met with the before they cross this bridge now and they're on their way to the government. today is very important because if we don't come out to help the students we won't get a true democracy we want to change and we have been fighting for a long time for it paying the many old about what i don't know much about history the will play an important role for our future where equal nobody higher or lower. so this march and protest further solidifies the common goals it's generations here in thailand and that is the cabinet resigned that there's a new constitution and there's a reform in the monarchy. at least 36 people have died in flooding in
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vietnam as tropical storm don car makes landfall the coast has been hit by a series of weather fronts in recent days and more rain is expected under chapelle reports. entire villages submerged but even before tropical storm don cost trucked this region hundreds of thousands of families in central vietnam were struggling to cope 2 weeks of rain have left communities isolated many can only be reached by boat it is. close to a 1000000 people. and. and. none cars expected to drop up to 400 millimeters of rain in north and central vietnam by friday 200000 homes have already been flooded along with rice fields that people depend on to earn a living that's on top of hardships brought by the coronavirus this. continue was. because these.
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already. so. many. in the us also. rescue workers are delivering food and other supplies in the worst affected provinces in twatt been hey province search and rescue teams are looking for survivors following a series of landslides a landslide at a hydro power dam left some workers dead and others missing a 2nd landslide trapped rescuers trying to reach the nick with more bad weather to come many are concerned about what will happen in the days ahead and should help al jazeera it's time for a quick check on the weather here's everts and. we've got lots of sunshine across the middle east not great surprises here but the something of a change on the way if anything mr king a little cool side even here in kos i was got a little cloud running up towards the levant but not see bad here temperatures at
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2627 mid thirty's there for baghdad but take a look at the 34 cells just some thursday we might struggle to get to 31 if we can call that a struggle as we go on through friday not out of the question that you might just catch your special spot of rain i think will mount some much but a changing of the seasons nevertheless must see the odds spots of right into the western side of yemen at a possibility of the spot of rain see around the horn of africa somalia could see a shower for the next day or so the west the weather is across that western side of ethiopia pushing iran across towards the gulf of guinea some lively showers around the rift valley and notice a little pulse of very heavy rain which could make its way into central parts of tanzania as because through thursday and on into friday that will drive its way up towards lake victoria some heavy showers there across the democratic republic of congo heavy showers extending all the way down across a good part of angola now but to the south of angola it is lousy dry and find plenty of sunshine here and it'll warm up into hottest by friday. so to come on
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al-jazeera. it's the 3rd day of the controversial hearings for us supreme court nominee amy coney baratz we'll have a live reports plus. i'm andrew symonds in the scottish fishing port of peterhead i'll be assessing the mood here over fishing rights the main obstacle to post trade talks with the e.u. and in sports another i catch in performance by tampa bay fail to breach the world series. corruption it is the invisible behind a wall of sound. adams. against corruption corruption is not something can be called in the. african. country his.
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destroy this wall. in 2020 the free space over in colleges the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption here or. nominate now frank assessments look at any way the protest is going anywhere either the battlefield and in-depth analysis of the dates global headlines as it is really out there inside story on al-jazeera. the in. the the on.
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this is al jazeera quick reminder of the top stories this hour russia and turkey weigh in on the ongoing violence in the corner car about it comes as armed forces of armenia and azerbaijan continue to violate a russian cease fire that came into effect on saturday. you guys saying between taliban forces and government troops in afghanistan has displaced tens of thousands of people it began when the taliban launched coordinated attacks in helmand province on saturday and israel has approved the construction of fisons of new illegal settlement homes in the occupied west bank it's the 1st time israel has given the new homes the green light since a normalization deal with the united arab emirates and bahrain. where no n.c. the 3rd day of the u.s. confirmation hearings for trump's supreme court justice pick any connie barents is
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again facing tough questions from senate committee members so far she's been pressed by several democrats on key issues like health care abortion and election disputes life no it's alan fischer he joins us from capitol hill it was sort of thing can be expected a. well the shorter day for him and she spent more than 11 hours facing questions from senators on tuesday today they only get 20 minutes each which should put whore or deal somewhere around at the hour mark she will be questioned again the but those key issues drilling down on some of the things that were raised yesterday particularly her stance on abortion and how she would vote have ever went to the supreme court they mean well we visit the idea of a peaceful transfer of power that was one of the big questions that was asked on tuesday did she believe that there should be a peaceful transfer of power she said that because some of the disputes the
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election we end up at the supreme court she wasn't going to comment on that one of the interesting things that she did actually commit to was during questioning from cory booker who's a democratic senator from new jersey he ran for the democratic nomination but failed earlier this year he managed to put some clear blue water between her and the president during his questioning he got her to admit and say quite clearly that she felt that white supremacy was a portent was wrong and she also acknowledged that there was in heaven bias in the u.s. justice system so you can expect some of the democratic senators to go back and revisit those issues they are trying to get to commit to see how will you vote on some of these key issues that are likely to come before the court but she continues to quote ruth bader ginsburg a liberal justice when she had a confirmation more than 20 years ago when she said there can be no previews of what she is going to do at the court she will judge each case on its merits she
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will look at the constitution she will look at the law and then she will make her own decision ok alan fair share a live from capitol hill thank. that both u.s. presidential candidates have been trading blows on the campaign trail donald trump attacks joe biden chairing a rally in the battleground state of pennsylvania. this election is a simple choice if i can always shine it was all these other countries when we got ripped off by everybody if we were you will print something you will use in america which is very simple. for years the selfish and corrupt political class betrayed the people of pennsylvania you know that and the people of our country and joe biden has been campaigning in the state of florida addressing older voters many of him back trump in 26 states that's been used to already the entire story in my view
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trying to present us the fact that he's never been focused on what matters he's never been focused on you he's handling of this pandemic he's been arriving just like his presidency has been and it has prevented florida senior people all across the country from getting the relief that they need dollars charge hasn't just been willing not to work i think is that beyond that i'm not sure he cares about really really any real help well both men may not be going head to head on the debate stage on thursday but they will be competing for t.v. ratings trump assaulting a rival to own whole events on one american network has bite and does the same thing on another this is happening on the evening their 2nd debate was a rich of the shuttle to take place trump refused to participate in a virtual events following his covert 19 diagnosis they are just to meet again for a final debate later this month. the one precedences high levels of early
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voting are being seen in us states long queues of foreigners as more than 10000000 americans delivered their votes because of the pandemic and an increasing number mailing there is despite storm trump making unsubstantiated allegations that voting by mail leads to election fraud and the gallagher has more. on the 1st day of early voting in georgia people lined up for hours to cast their ballots in some counties voters reported waiting more than 10 hours but it isn't just in person voting that shattering records across the country as people make their voices heard more than 10 and a half 1000000 ballots have already been mailed in or dropped off a number that could see voter turnout the highest since 1908 despite fears over the coburg 19 pandemic long waits and technical issues in some states early voting is hitting historic numbers for me as
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a younger person i am relic ready and willing to get out here and brave the cold and the cold that i had to make it and i got it down it was so much at stake and president trumps unfounded claims that mail in voting could lead to massive fraud there are problems the republican party in california installed dozens of their own ballot drop off boxes virtually indistinguishable from boxes sanctioned by the state officials call them unofficial and illegal and have insisted they be removed those official ballot drop boxes go through a number of steps that are required in law and regulations for installation for security for placement so having these unofficial ballot drop boxes that anybody can go to on main and and not meeting all those requirements is just not appropriate according to the u.s. election assistance commission the popularity of 1000000 votes has been growing for years but this year it may play into the hands of democratic presidential nominee joe biden here in florida the number of early votes reveals
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a potentially worrying statistic for president donald trump the number of democratic voters who cast their ballots early tops republicans by more than 350000 this is a state the president must win many republican voters don't trust mail in voting so those numbers will change is election day draws near or at the biden campaign's push to get people voting early seems to be working make a plan to. how early and then get involved i know you're busy i know i know you're stretched out. but there's action is tell important not to do you every single thing we can florida is the 1st state to begin sorting its mail in ballots but like other states votes will to fishley be counted until election day for now only the computers know the results of what will be a historic presidential election and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. for the process against governments corruption and cyprus are expected later on wednesday
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the public anger for was an al-jazeera exposé of senior politicians willing to sell cypriot passports to convicted criminals the island's government has since abolished the lucrative business of granted citizenship in return for investments the parliamentary speaker who's seen in a covert video says he'll start work until an investigation is complete. the world bank has approved $12000000000.00 in new funding for developing countries to buy covert 19 vaccines the financial help would also be used test and treat people for coverts as part of a 160 $1000000000.00 program to help nations fights the coronavirus pandemic. the united states has reported more than 40000 new covert 1000 infections on monday daily case numbers have risen in 33 states as the country sees a surge in hospital admissions talked to say
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a man in the valley has been reinfected with the virus he required hospital treatment after his lungs deteriorated during the 2nd infection it's one of just a few known cases of reinfection globally. germany is reporting a 6 month high a new coronavirus infections raises staley tally confirms more than 5 fisons new cases chancellor angela merkel is meeting state leaders to decide whether new restrictions are necessary nearly 1700 germans have died since the outbreak began to the u.k. now and the favorite british meal of fish with chips of course is at the sensor all of the main sticking points to avoid a no deal breck's its negotiators have failed to reach agreements before a summit of e.u. leaders on thursday french fishermen are leading the resistance to any deal that means reduced access to british waters and recipients as more from britain's
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busiest fishing ports peter heads in scotland. fishermen in scotland say they found the going to tough for 2 law on sure the scots may have voted to remain in the e.u. but i don't see they're looking at brics it as their savior in peterhead the port was once filled with fishing but it's different now 60 percent of the fleet was lost after the u.k. joined what was then known as the grow appeared community in 1973 skipper brian bochum who's fished the north sea for 4 decades remembers the bad times vividly after europe's common fishing policy gave fishing rights to other countries now he believes it's all about to change it's good to be an old devon's a lot of men charge what we decide and when. it should be a free for all fishermen in the u.k. government look across the north sea to a new agreement with norway which is not an e.u. member as a model and how they think it should be with the e.u.
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negotiations every year with the u.k. as an independent coastal states a mutually agreed exchange of quotas and access to each other's waters we have some of the best fisheries in the world in u.k. waters and for 14 years we've been giving those fish away the majority of those special caught by other nations we shouldn't be doing that but like most wrecks of related issues the fishing sector is complicated seafood processing companies could lose access to e.u. markets and heart of all u.k. fish production is exported to the u. does the people in the and the e.u. want that of course they do it's where the boy in the 1st bush of people of the market. politicians can make all the body of the work but what it's a boat is the people wanting the fish to pay up to be the right place for it there's a mood of great expectations here although within it's a realisation that some concessions are likely to be made but there are red lines
4:45 pm
and if they're broken or blurred they'll be uproar and shouts of betrayal and at the u.k. government planning i think that this is the u.k. prime minister boris johnson here at peterhead fish market a year ago making one of many promises to regain full control of fishing in british waters and his breakfast negotiators still seem to be abiding by that pledge if the e.u. doesn't do a u. turn that could be a no deal breck's it and all the uncertainty that could bring andrew simmons al-jazeera peterhead scotland. fans in mexico to abolish more than 100 trust funds are being fiercely resisted by activists they say vulnerable people cultural projects and the arts depend on them for funding but the ruling party says the trusts are riddled with corruption and the government should control them john holeman has more from mexico city. but he had to research had already been told her
4:46 pm
brother was too should a murdered look was left was to his remains but she got death threats even for doing that is her children had to flee her native state of sonora she was helped by one of mexico's public trust funds the victims of the violence who relocated herds of this apartment here in a 2nd if that were here if they take me out of these refugee then i don't know if tomorrow i will be alive or not i don't know where i would sleep in not just me but thousands wind these protection program that. they're worried because president under his manuel lopez obrador more in a party has just had a bill approved by congress. abolish more than 100 public trust funds the president says they're riddled by corruption and he wants the government to administer the money directly his promise no beneficiaries will lose their 100 see the.
4:47 pm
exports people have been on the trust funds they'll keep receiving support if a night does it pins on them for the grant so they won't have a problem and the only thing we're going to do is revise how that money's being spent there will be control will quickly see the funds are being well applied. but look his obrador actually indicated months back that he wants to use trust fund money for his national economic plan he's also just said that some of the funds will be used to cope with that since many in science on some protection programs fear they'll lose out the bill only needs to pass here for the mets concern and that's why these people are government outside scientists filmmakers or fish journalists the victims of the violent many of them depend on the money that's emotive specially for them and protect their within these funds and they worry that if but this appears they're going to be left in limbo and there's another concern to $1.00 of the funds is specifically for natural disaster response if that
4:48 pm
disappears it will be a big deal in a country plagued by earthquakes and hurricanes. but the president does have a point the majority of trust funds do lack transparency and accountability according to a study by fund of a budget analysis institution that doesn't necessarily mean they should all be scrapped says sorry self yet or is above the normal unfortunately it's become a question of trust funds are good or they're bag without analyzing each one of course in some cases they have serious problems of transparency and in others it would be a really good idea to see how they can be made more efficient and flexible. what it's being reformed when necessary then instead of scratching a whole scheme that many. reliance their work research and some money at today's the just to keep them safe john home and out to sea to mexico city. kyrgyzstan's president has confirmed said their job as the prime minister his supporters held
4:49 pm
a rally in the capital bishkek pushing for his appointment chopper office freed from prison last week during protests against the disputed election results 9 days ago from the cool region in northern kurdistan chill strife and explains. the marriage to as the front runner so parliament is officially indorsed saw that was a part of as this country's new prime minister an incredible couple of weeks for this man who was serving an 11 year jail term for kidnapping before he was freed by protesters supporters of his jury in those post election protests we saw he's described by many as having strong nationally sympathies a great deal of support amongst the rural population of kyrgyzstan many of whom see that he was say that he was wrongly jailed they see him as somewhat of a hero to many other opposition groups though he is considered to be a bit of a straight he has already made public statements about potentially changing the
4:50 pm
constitution to give the president more presidential powers and there are analysts that are already saying that they believe this may be a move by him setting himself up to potentially be a president of this country in the future he's also accused of having links with criminal networks certainly amongst some of the other opposition groups that we've seen protesting. this rigged election he historically denied those accusations and actually said that he's going to go off to some of the big criminals in this country that were widely believed to be involved in election rigging. meanwhile as i say other opposition groups in this country that do not support japan are off still feel very betrayed they are still waiting for an announcement of another election a rerun of those parliamentary polls and it remains to be seen if and when they all held they will be clean and for. a new crew has made it to the international space
4:51 pm
station and in record time the soyuz rocket blasted off from kazakhstan with 2 russians and the american on boards and use fast track maneuver for the 1st time to reach the station in just over 3 hours well usually takes twice as long as strategy to spend the next 6 months in orbit sands in a couple of weeks they'll help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1st crew taking up residency. still to come here on al-jazeera will have the sport for you and spain never saw it coming all the latest from the nation's leak in just a moment. business leaders is both to buy no bra spot.
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for. business leaders is both to buy no bras pop.
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it's time for the sports here santa thank you very much to help us out with baseball and the atlanta braves have taken it to a nothing lead in the national league championship series they are now just one win away a place in the well serious reports. there's no truth to the atlanta braves they're on course for a 1st trip to the world series since 1999 because did i take down the los angeles dodgers on tuesday to go to nothing off with the national league championship series ended this she'd turn a blind double tonight here nancy. by having taken a 70 lead in arlington texas atlanta almost threw away what was looking like an
4:54 pm
easy win. i may allow the dodgers back into the game and saw the lead dwindled to just one run i think. i. was in the end though they managed to hang on mark melancholy getting aid to ground out to end the game final score 7 braves behind the braves hangover i don't feel good with a big lead i mean that because these guys are too powerful and when it's good to have that's a good and all game when they all are now. tampa bay and now just one win away from reaching the world series kevin kim i set the tone for them early on in game 3 gets used and with his efforts in the fields kevin cheer meyer plays one back. to their car sharing the rays going on to be the astros 5 to 4 to go back to
4:55 pm
a 1st ever championship for the franchise. might just be on. al-jazeera but argentina have made it 2 wins from 2 in south american calls flying up for the 2022 world cup in qatar on tuesday the people of the 21 brazil are also winners and their mom putting a massive performance p.s.u. forward scored a hat trick to help his side beat to root for to brazil top the group ahead of argentina on goal difference spain's national football team has suffered the 1st to see to it for nearly 2 years you saw rick his men were stunned in the usa nations lead by ukraine who were coming off a 71 thrashing abayas france last week a spaniard losing this one by a goal to nil they still have a sit at the top of the league a group for kicking the most minute here i think we deserved to win but it was the
4:56 pm
typical match where you dominate the encounter and you need to create chances to school we need to improve in that and also in the fact of the counter attacks it is impossible to avoid all of them and today they scored that goal in one of those situations the final result it doesn't lie to me but i am still having the same trust in my team we prepared well the whole week we knew it would not be an easy game we are a bit sad but we must continue because we are still leading our group we depend on ourselves and we want to finish as leaders on 3 time grand slam champion andy murray is still looking to hit top form since his comeback has been knocked out in the 1st round of the indoor event in cologne is called was beaten in straight sets 6464 buster 9 of the dust bowl where is currently ranked 115th in the world he had played at the french open for the 1st time in 3 years following a return to the court after battling problems. 4 time world champion and olympic
4:57 pm
medalist yes it all has been suspended by japan's swimming federation after having an extra marital affair the governing body ruled that the athlete had failed to live up to the federation standards for sportsmanlike conduct last month said to had stepped down from his position as the captain of japan's swimming team for the tokyo olympics after admitting to the affair the 26 year old is only suspended through the end of the year which means he still legible for the rescheduled games in 2021 and finally a rather obscure bit of history has been made in romania. the world's a 1st on the ground dive inside the salt mine has been pulled off by local diver horse attainable b.t.n. australia's rianna if you and the 2 of them dive 120 metres in this alan etter one of the world's oldest mines. and that's it for me hyla thank you very much
4:58 pm
indeed very impressive slightly terrifying this film especially sad about wraps up . i'll be back with you after the break with more of the very latest world needs. to he now global community we are our biggest conversation elbow. grease. looks like the part of the debate if you nicci you can jump into the conversation right away when no topic is off the table you're not afraid of anyone taking we just call it what. you see is 3 targeting richer and the poor getting poorer it's not to destroy the system it's just to look at the system and. this dream on out is the cyprus a european island opening offering citizenship to those who can afford it in august al-jazeera made global headlines with the cyprus papers confidential documents that
4:59 pm
reveal a murky passport by investment scheme for. now as investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state i'll just hear investigations the cyberspace undercover . and. 50 of them dads children. like to see a child at a. deep. deep sea to.
5:00 pm
the sea so. 'd that the clashes continue in the corner while russia and turkey argue over how to end the conflicts. i'm alamo he's in and this is out just here on live from doha also coming up thousands of families forced to flee fighting in afghanistan's helmand province. israel approves the construction of fisons of new illegal settlements in the
5:01 pm
occupied west bank. a great courtown say long sentences for the leaders of the fire .


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