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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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can a divided opposition come together phenomenon to stop and give me a lection 2020 on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a down this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes a long awaited exchange more than a 1000 prisoners are released on both sides of yemen's conflict. kyrgyzstan's president. resigns after weeks of protests the prime minister is now in charge the e.u. and u.k. record nav ridge of 100900 cases daily for the past week.
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leaders sort of on the line goes into quarantine during a summit in brussels after a staffer test positive for the virus. and democratic vice presidential candidate campbell harris suspends travel plans after a staff member contacts covered 19. and i'm santa how much snow have all the sport . has put on a record breaking performance to win the 1st game of the national league championship series. authorization is underway 3 to return more than a 1000 prisoners home across the front lines of yemen civil war planes carrying who think fighters who've been held by the saudi coalition have been arriving in the capital sana'a. ports. a long awaited moment in yemen prisoners held in captivity for years freed in the largest
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prisoner exchange between the warring factions the deal was brokered by the u.n. in 2018 but never implemented but this time who feel gravels and government representatives set aside differences. hoping the swap could lead to thousands of detainees being liberated in the future. it was a carefully arranged operation saudi sudanese and government detainees boarded a plane that took off from who the hell son our airport their destination airports in saudi arabia are the same time who feel rebels were transferred from say you an airport in southern yemen to any delay could have jeopardized the whole agreement. a separate prisoner exchange took place on wednesday
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brokered by oman the deal allowed more than 200 heard these stranded in a moment to return home in exchange for the release of 2 u.s. citizens detained by the who these the rebels also send back the remains of a 3rd of americans who died in captivity. citizen living working in yemen and. was in prison for a 199 days 2 years and 6 months in solitary confinement and it was hell really how bad bad experience and i think. his majesty some fun heightened for his assistance in getting us. the u.n. held the prisoner exchange as a milestone it's hope is to convince feuding parties to restart political talks to
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end the war in yemen. u.n. envoy martin griffiths faces a delicate task to hand encouraging the parties to do just that. but yemen is now more divided than ever the iran backed her thesis control most of the north the saudi backed government is losing ground that's a session a south backed by the u.a.e. in the south whitening to declare a state of their own possible al-jazeera of vani is the international committee of the red cross is near and middle east regional director he joins us now from yemen's capital sanaa good to have you with us so are you satisfied with how this prisoner exchange is gone so far you know it's to do we can say that it's it's a positive operation i think there are many families in yemen and in saudi arabia
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who have were celebrating and that's very is this going to lead to a broader release of all captives. that's what we hope i would say for the time being you know we focus on this around 1000 detainees who are really going to be raised to close tomorrow we still have. 22 legs we used. it in but we've celebrated it tomorrow and after we start working for the other detainees and there are there are challenges these countries facing you might turn challenges but it's. far easier to take us behind the scenes because this prisoner exchange was agreed to a while ago what made it possible now. political will and i think at the end of the day. you need a political will to make such a release of detainees possible because because there is while very important
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element to place. it's taking place why the conflict is ongoing most of the time result the changes happen at the end of a company not during a company and i think we should stress this and now. take it as a positive step i think they've done something really hard to really use detainees during an active company's very are so let's build on this. drop the ball should continue bush. political will that's what matters that's so interesting then do you read or see the political when will rather to implement other things that have been previously agreed to to like the ceasefire especially in her data. it's hard for me to tell you what's behind the scene as a humanitarian act i just see. the humanitarian aspect
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i want to believe that all parties to this conflict realize that we reached the end of the road or at least the people of yemen reach the end of the rope you know 80 percent of the people here are dependent on humanitarian assistance more than 20000000 of people have no access to to. to health to water and sanitation and give you just an example to illustrate a bit how dramatically the situation in the us here is see as only one center for treatment of coronary virus patients in the world money and it's yemen it's in aden because the situation is so traumatic the mortality rate is so high that we had to make an exception to our policy and open and also to treat our various cases in yemen this demonstrates that yemeni people they reach the end of the. school these political will needs to be present and we want to
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believe that it's present without that political will to especially to achieve a cease fire for you to be able to operate day there's something close to normal what does that mean for your ability to help people in need. you know before talking about our capacity to operate it's what does it mean for people in yemen if port of the day that is not functioning properly you know to talk about us it means that something is failing when you need to make an action when you need food water and you need international organisation in a country it's because something failed so i believe what we need to focus for instance on the data but not only on that because the impact on the people of yemen it is massive in our case the fact that we have difficulties to move goods
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in yemen and it's not just the data it's also for instance the frontline in matted which is disrupting our supply chain to what santa so i think in yemen we shouldn't isolate one element we should take it as a whole because everything is connected and it's about time now your ears about those issues because i repeat that the yemeni people wherever they live in this country are struggling and. thanks so much for brees or combo has been good talking to you thank you for inviting me of the united nations security council is being briefed on the situation in yemen by the u.n. special envoy our diplomatic efforts james bays is then james you probably heard fabricio there talking about the political will what does the political world look
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like in the security council right now when it comes to yemen. well i don't think it's a surprise that it happens to be the monthly briefing on yemen that is taking place right now in new york that this prisoner exchange as happened just a few hours before it i think this was carefully coordinated although i've been speaking to officials of the international committee of the red cross over the last 2 years since that deal that took place in stockholm and they've been working on this and it's been extremely frustrating at times. broadly welcoming what's happening you can see junk june who is the chinese ambassador to the u.n. speaking in the chamber right now i spoke to him on his way into the security council and he said this was good news but they had to go much further than out to get a lot of good news a lot more good news and that's certainly been the position too of the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths who is hoping that this will encourage other developments he described this is an airlift of hope the implementation of this
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agreement will build confidence and indeed momentum by demonstrating a simple truth of the peaceful dialogue. between the parties and deliver the road back to peace. prisoners agreement does not include many thousands more of yemenis detained during the course of this conflict and it is therefore our obligation and the obligation of the parties to convene very soon just got us further releases. so there you have the challenges ahead he said there are many more detainees in the next 24 hours we're going to see i think 1081 prisoners released we think there are over 7000 prisoners that are still in custody in this conflict and the problems
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beyond the prisoner issue are really severe we've heard from our local coos the humanitarian chief of the u.n. he says that the number of frontlines in the conflict continues to grow now 47 active front lines there worried humanitarian experts of increasing risk of famine in fact they think the window to stop famine in yemen is closing very very fast indeed people are fleeing their homes the economy is getting worse there are fuel shortages and on top of all of that potentially an economic it ecological disaster a tanker off the coast of data with over a 1000000 barrels of oil that is deteriorating fast and could leak they're very concerned about that although they say they're getting some positive noises coming from the authorities who thier authority is in sanaa about doing something about that issue at least all right thanks so much to that was our senior diplomatic editor james. and there's been further political turmoil in kyrgyzstan
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prime minister southern part of has now us assumed presidential powers after both the president and the speaker of parliament has resigned presidents are owned by jeenbekov face daily protests and parliamentary election earlier this month demonstrators accuse the government of rigging the vote since then leading politicians have been forced out as a new prime minister and another election has been promised charles stratford is live on the phone from mark in northern kurdistan so what sort of reaction 1st of all are we seeing charlie on the streets there to this announcement. so the initial announcement today by the president that he was resigned to. support his own. prime minister. celebrating that decision it's been
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a long time coming the president was expected to resign but he had to be changing his story last night said that he would resign until a new. parliamentary elections were held we understand that there were some very heated discussions between himself and new prime minister the speaker. last night. and we had supporters of jabalya of the new prime minister saying that he didn't resign last week and they would still. he has resigned today but then the clones pardonable cliches go even sicker even worry for political stability which country because in the last hour or so we've had the public treat speaker resign as well now he was supposed to go as per the constitution to come in to him president now that street bekele has resigned and he apparently to take that
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position now that lead to this in terms of the little of his duties that now means that remember 2 weeks ago serving the jail sentence to keep and he's now the prime minister takes up a presidential role as well it doesn't according to the constitution new parliamentary sharia the presidential election process to be held within months nearly 2 months from the date of the resignation of the president. understands. that you can hand back the presidential election it's an incredibly complex situation there are. the new prime minister say that. weeks ago. we may work fine const change the constitution in order to keep the cards the more how are. we going to arrange.
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for. those going to say how much consensus around. now taking over as president because it was already a question mark around him assuming the role of prime minister right. well that's right there are a lot of people terrorist opposition groups and pro-government peretz and parties that are very much opposed to solder to. becoming the new prime minister here there are obviously legal questions about to say the stability that he was prepared. to support is he not close election else there are a lot of people he has free to see he represents a major setback in the can only describe what's left of this particular democracy the current democratic power in. this country was all but it's also very important
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to me that mr prosser tries to huge support votes especially in the rural areas. we in the last 24 has to be presenting some of yours around his strong home. so they describe him as a hero they say he was. only put in jail he's described as a bit of a hero or. very much in their ideas of the traits to be. less neglected as people digging in rural areas that. may have been on the documents would move her his position is controversial and there are a lot of people in the opposition and pro-government caucus to worry that. this country can recognize to really. support a lot of back. his supporters had certainly been the most vocal.
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he has been lead in the post-election tales and we've seen that thanks so much for that. and plenty more still ahead on the news hour including. more political fallout from al jazeera is investigation into cypresses cash for passport scandal israel approved the construction of thousands of new illegal settler homes in the occupied west bank and in sports we hear from the england camp after a rough night at wembley. governments across europe are imposing strict new measures to reverse an alarming surge in new coronavirus and factions the e.u. and the u.k. together have recorded an average of 100000 new cases a day for the past week one 5th of those are in britain it's prompted its government to raise the covert $9000.00 alert level in london and several other
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cities france is deploying police across paris and 8 other cities to enforce night curfews that will begin from saturday you measures were announced after hospital admissions reached their highest levels since june so. the situation requires a strong and rapid response it's not conceivable that we allow our hospitals to piece numbers of severely ill that massively and quickly overwhelm their capacities to the point where like in the 1st wave it's no longer possible at all to treat other serious illnesses well as governments across europe tighten restrictions w.h.o. has again come out to say full lock downs should only be a last resort let's go to new vaca now joins us live from london and talking of restrictions and lockdowns approving more controversial than ever in the k y l e. well the british government's
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3 tier system that governs what happens here in england has very much divided opinions at the moment different parts of the country you either designated it being as being at very high risk high risk or moderate risk here in london a woman it hasa midnight on saturday the capital goes up a notch from moderate to high meaning that there will now be bans on people from different households inside the rule of 6 on people meeting outside it still applies so also does the 10 pm curfew governing how bars and restaurants offer a but there are some are just filled with a start and go far enough that the inevitable direction of travel will be the need for much tighter restrictions there are conversations still underway tense negotiations we gather between officials here in london and officials in places like manchester where the level is that high there it demands coming from officials here in london to increase the risk level up
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a notch put concerns form the likes of the man of man just who are deeply worried about the impact on the local economy that even though the government has said it will fund 2 thirds of the salaries of people whose jobs are affected by increased lockdowns the only part of the country so far facing very high restrictions is liverpool also in the north west where there's a complete ban on the mixing of households guidance needs to be source and whether you can enter will leave those areas and also all bars and restaurants have to close unless they're serving substantial amounts of food a shift in mood though largely championed by the leader of the opposition labor party kids stop asking for a short term full a circuit breaker locked down to really put a break in from sort of the virus spreading any further it is possible under current restrictions to be able to go from an area of high rates to an area low or raise questions really whether that loophole should be amongst several that it tightened to really stop the infection in its tracks neva seen questions raised
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right across europe with the number of cases rising all over the continent right. so you are right there are different approaches some ranging from the drastic some ranging for all the much more moderate approach in dealing with the virus but we've just had some new figures out of italy 8800 new infections in the past 24 hours that's a record increase there are some concerns about soaring infection rates particularly the north and long body which as you know was hit hard during the 1st wave of infections a whole raft of measures in place that they all thought geez i'm not ruling out the possibility of a citywide or even possibly regional wide much tighter lockdowns if they can get the numbers under control no one stay spain was the 1st e.u. country to have more the 900000 reported cases there also reporting an increase the number of help hospitalized patients but with less severe
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conditions this time around in catalonia in the northeast of spain where the boss a loaner is a 2 week lockdown bars and restaurants that concerns about the impact of the economy we're also hearing in belgium a warning that if the numbers continue to increase at this rate they expect the number of. beds in intensive care units to run out quickly and very briefly in france or as he mentioned very tight restrictions there a curfew in place from 9 pm until 6 in the morning in some of the areas that are most worst affected where the infection rates have been escalating an exponential rate what we're seeing though at the moment is a resistance towards tight nationwide lockdowns different approaches are being tried but across the board you're very much facing a 2nd search all right thanks so much need bot. now we're hearing that the president of the european commission are sort of on the lion is self isolating e.u.
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leaders have been meeting in brussels for a 2 day summit let's go to natasha butler in paris for us so this is turning out to be quite a difficult summit there not only in terms of finding common ground but just finding a space to show up right. yes well as certainly an unexpected turn of events the e.u. commission head. suddenly leaving the e.u. summit in brussels soon after it started later she made it clear that she had to leave because she says the somebody in her entourage has tested positive for covert 19 now she says that she has actually tested negative but as a precaution she is going to self isolate so it will be interesting to see what impact her absence has on this summit it was to be a crunch one at least that's what the u.k. prime minister horace transom wanted because he wanted this to be the moment at which the u.k. and you would be able to agree on a host breaks it's
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a trade deal e.u. leaders though seem to have made it quite clear that even though they are very willing to talk and negotiate more to try and find an agreement and a deal it probably won't happen now because we've actually had the draft conclusions from the e.u. council chief michelle michelle he has said within these are often conclusions that he's put out it says that leaders call on michel barnier to intensify talks negotiations so i think what we're going to see now is talks and negotiations on the e.u. side at least continuing now whether that will be acceptable to the u.k. prime minister is another issue the stumbling blocks for the e.u. remain the same they are over the so-called level playing field the e.u. looking for assurances from the u.k. that there won't be any unfair competition in the single market in the future and
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also of course one of the main stumbling blocks one of the main differences over fishing fishing rights the u.k. wants full rights and access to u.k. waters the e.u. says look fishing communities in the you've always been able to have access to those waters and that should continue we should also continue. talk about some other european issues so stay with us for a 2nd attash of his own kind of come back to you on this but european union and u.k. leaders oppose sanctions on 6 russian officials close to president vladimir putin now as a response to the poisoning of rock russian opposition leader and it's in the van the kremlin has promised retaliate 3 measures around these recovering in berlin after being poisoned in siberia in august moscow is denied any responsibility to take a look at those who are being targeted now in these sanctions alexander bartunek of the chief of russia's domestic spy agency 2 of russia's deputy defense ministers president putin's envoy to siberia which is where the poisoning took place the 1st
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deputy chief of staff of the president's office and the head of the president's domestic policy directorate go to natasha once again in paris there were struggling to find common ground over briggs's and other issues but they're finding some common ground it comes to russia what are they hoping that these sanctions what sort of response though or policy changes are hoping to achieve. well i think the e.u. is sending the message to russia that the using such chemical weapons and those are the words of a man of mark or the french president when he arrived at the summits a bit earlier is simply an acceptable that the e.u. will not accept such a chemical weapons not a chicken this in this case this nerve agent it's unacceptable for a country to be using this kind of this kind of poison now the e.u.
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has repeatedly called upon moscow to clarify the circumstances in which the russian opposition figure alexy novell knee fell ill in august the e.u. has made it very clear that they feel that russia has not given any credible explanation in this is why the e.u. is imposing these sanctions or thanks so much and. now the speaker of the cypriot parliament demetrius salute has resigned in the wake of a cash for passport scandal now dizzier investigation found senior politicians were willing to sell cypriot passports to convicted criminals the scheme was run to attract financial investment in exchange for e.u. citizenship the government has now abolished the program from nicosia david harrison. there's been another dramatic development in cyprus where the speaker of
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parliament demitra serious has announced his resignation now as the senators have been hanging on for a couple of days but we seem process outside parliament on 2 successive nights and his name is the one they're calling for to resign this is serious did not admit any wrongdoing he still maintains his innocence but he was a key figure in al jazeera documentary which revealed him to be agreeing to help a chinese criminal in an e.u. passport the last couple of days and also seen him being something of an object of ridicule with means showing him holding the now notorious glass of red wine and winking at the camera this is a serious insists that he will be proven innocent when the attorney general's investigation is complete but for now it's another scalp for the people who say that this man is corrupt despite his objects and that he has to step down and we've got a podcast up on our website so you can get more on this investigation and plenty of other episodes al-jazeera dot com forward slash podcasts forward slash al-jazeera
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investigates and for more on our investigation you can watch the science papers undercover at 12 g.m.t. on friday u.s. democratic vice presidential candidate camel harris's suspended all in person events after 2 campaign members tested positive for covert 19 harris was scheduled to travel to the battleground state of north carolina on thursday both paris and biden have been tested those results have come back negative white house correspondent kimberly health joins us now so what impact will this have on the biden campaign so close to elections. yeah well we know that all travel is suspended for both kamel harris as well as her husband doug and hof and that they will be not traveling but doing virtual events and that has been the nature of so much of this 2020 presidential campaign the fact that because of the pandemic there
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have had to be virtual events now they say that this is out of an abundance of caution because according to the campaign for biden harris in fact the 2 staff members never had any proximity to the senator in fact she was wearing an end 95 masks this is one of the best mass you can get in the united states that's used by medical professionals when traveling on the airplane where there was the campaign director as well as one of the members of the flight crew who ultimately have later tested positive but they were never a meter apart they were never in close proximity for 15 minutes and these are the c.d.c. sort of markers that if you would need or had done any of those things you would need to quarantine so the campaign says no quarantine is going to take place because of course that would be 14 days and that would have a devastating effect on the campaign given the fact that there are less than 3 weeks until voting day but still this is going to have an impact because the bottom
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line is these politicians want to get as close as they can face to face with the social distancing requirements and that's just not going to be able to happen so there's no question that this is going to hurt the campaign a little bit but again this is a different campaign than 2016 so the impact won't be as great but it's certainly not what the candidates want. give us a feeling now that we're so close to elections of where things stand in terms of popularity you both by trump right now. well there's no question that in terms of the national polls donald trump is still trailing but his campaign insists that this is just like it was in 2016 donald trump is a polarizing figure people who do like him don't want to admit they're going to vote for him and that's what this campaign is counting on now at the same time what
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is different from 2016 is that hillary clinton his running a rather his his rival last time was also a polarizing figure that's not the case with joe biden that's not the case with senator kamel harris in fact she's injected a lot of energy into the ticket people like her youthful listen and the fact that she is a woman of color they feel that this attracts a demographic that had otherwise stayed home in 2016 so these are all problematic factors for the u.s. president still the campaign insists that the president is raising money he's doing very well and he's also in their view defeated cove it or dominated as he'd like to say so as a result they say it'll have no impact but again now what we've seen sami is both candidates impacted in their campaigns impacted by kobe 1000 it just shows that it's really touched all echelons of u.s. society thanks so much. american cities are in a downward spiral financially as the economy fills the impacts of the pandemic even
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though some jobs return each week new jobless claims top 800000 star exley high number a stimulus bill that could help this held up in congress may not of arrive until after the election john 100 folds in chicago. the pandemic his scarred chicago's historic landscape plywood replaces neighborhood haunts sports bar the rain forest cafe all gone the city's famed willis tower is mostly empty it shuttered navy pier the ferris wheel is indefinitely stalled. 40 percent divest runs nationwide expect to close in the next 6 months according to the national restaurant association it's going to be 60 maybe even 80 percent because right now a lot in the warmer days we can throw to hit a break even. if people if the business goes down people are going to run out of
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money pretty soon you have to be creaming your house. after 3 decades in chicago celebrity chef rick bayless whose trim staff it is numerous chicago be stroh's it is bracing for worse to come and his pockets are deeper than most restaurants especially independent own restaurants are sort of the fabric of the neighborhood come next spring if we don't get some sort of financial assistance from the government those neighborhoods are downtown area they're going to look very different and it's going to take a few years to rebuild restaurants are getting creative with street closures an outdoor seating and heat lamps they're trying to keep people coming as long as they can but in cold weather climates like chicago nobody really knows how long they can go on chicago's once bustling magnificent mile shopping district is a shadow of its former self with even open shops boarded against recurring social unrest. their protest chants echoing in one american city after another violence is
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up and it is causing some minor flight out of the major cities we're seeing more and more people moving to suburbs outside urban landscapes and i think that is a real concern on the other side of this virus this spiraling economy spans across the u.s. as once for low jobs are gone for good each day the pandemics losses mount in lives and livelihoods the latest here is central camera the chicago institution opened it 899 closed in 2020 and hoping to reopen again john hendren al-jazeera chicago. security services have been deployed in the nigerian capital abuja and lagos amidst growing tension about police brutality follows more than a week of protests of cers have used live rounds water cannon tear gas against
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demonstrators the protesters complaints include accusations of murder torture and dicks to auction. i have addressed joins us now live from a boogy how did the process look now. well it's been clear to in the past 24 hours although calm has been restored in lagos and a border yesterday we saw how the 3rd with knives and clubs attacked protesters on the streets of the capital abuja. this morning we also heard or see in reports of. 3rd attacking demonstrators in the commercial capital lagos that has been calmed down now after the police intervened and protests just regrouping right now for more protests in in lagos state in abuja here the authorities have banned street protests but not before hundreds of
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protesters marched to the parliament to try to voice their concerns about rising insecurity about it types by police about an end to police brutality what we've seen over the past few days is that government has given into some of these demands by disbanding the police unit accused of these across it is the special interest group scored and replaced it just 2 days ago with another outfit called swat and protest to senate convenes that the government has them well they want an end to these they believe it's just a change in the name but not in orientation that believe that the atrocities will still continue and thus what the government tried to assure them now the protests are taking a different dimension protesters want not only accountability from security services but they also want to count ability from that in much of the just in the next coming days we probably will see more harsh tactics demanding action on several fronts some are even talking about high pay for members of parliament some
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are talking about ending insecurity that's been the major concern for nigerians over the past few years in this country as banded book. kidnappers and all these criminals running riot in various parts of nigeria all right thanks so much. there's been more violence between taliban fighters and government troops in afghanistan of a military base were destroyed after a car bomb exploded at that province not far from the capital kabul security officials say 4 taliban fighters were killed while 4 members of the afghan forces were injured. there's been fighting in the southern province of helmand no injuries were reported on wednesday night the violence is happening against the backdrop of peace negotiations underway in qatar more than $30000.00 people have since fled to the provincial capital of lashkar. charlotte better says more.
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in helmand afghanistan it is hard to imagine that peace is on the horizon as negotiations between afghan politicians and the taliban stumble forward in qatar the fighting rages back home you know about this that i have my mother with night it was evening when a mortar hit our home and all my family were hurt were asking the government to stop the war and bring peace despite the u.s. and taliban signing a withdrawal agreement in february violence continues between the armed group and afghan government forces there isn't a been flow of territory seized in last potential live for each for the talks. on sunday it is collated and helmand that jericho are no more frightening when we left our homes our fighting started a mortar hit near my brother we want peace here as you can see my hands are red with my brother's blood. each side claims to have inflicted more losses on the other because in the middle a civilians while i live in
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a ball in the village the situation of i was very bad we couldn't stay all these people are coming here because of fighting close to 5 families which is about $35.00 people out importantly being displaced and this displacement lead to additional leads from their site for shelter for work and sanitation. and also not knowing when they will be able to return back. helmand is a taliban stronghold they control about 80 percent of the province they say they are just retaking their own areas and have no plans to claim fresh government territory they promise safety for captured soldiers can hold out of that part that you can see the taliban are foreign from those houses but tain't so far away from here one boy was killed and still he is lying on the road the afghan government and u.s. forces have coded an unprovoked taliban offensive they claim to have killed the taliban's operational chief at home and along with dozens of fighters using u.s.
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airstrikes and a ground assault 2 afghan military helicopters collided on tuesday killing. or visit on the visits by other high ranking government officials is an assurance that by all means we will defend. it's been more than a month since peace talks began and don't have between the taliban and afghan political leaders each day brings a promise of peace and the certainty of sacrifice china ballasts al jazeera. and dr weil a hard time han is deputy medical coordinator for doctors without borders he joins us on skype from lashkar gah thank you so much for taking time to speak to us i know it's a very difficult situation there how intense is the situation there is the fighting right now. thank you so much for the question actually. fighting started on the live until dover and since then they hear the fighting is
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ongoing still there's fighting in an influx of war wounded patients started arriving in providential hospital supported by m.s.f. and actually denied. hospital which is it and by another actor is holding the bulk of the wounded patient and the overflow all come to the bus brought into the hospital the situation is not under control is quite tickets and number of people are being displaced is coming to the city center and said we received water wounded patient an. out the number of each to 52 patient 52 wounded patients received. in whose provincial hospital also of aliens able to access hospitals amidst all the fighting you're describing.
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actually we have a big concern on this bill because we don't know who are injured and all with the. possibility means. to reach us we expect that most of the casualties be stacked in the on the. front line and they are not able to reach as we have a big concern on this area and another we have also done on different. paper we used to refer some. to fund management to kandahar and even hospital but. the fighting started the road is broad and there is a very highly in security on the road and people are not able to go and preach to me right hospital we have a deep concern on this area. and when they do get to hospitals are they finding
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hospitals are sufficiently stocked and staff to help everyone. for now we are committed to continue hospital activity 247 and we already to receive word wounded and treat them but the concern is the lack of access for most of the casualties who are stuck in the fighting in the front line and really see if. they said 52 patients 52 wounded until now in majority of them including women children and. there were. hardly. recognise them they were badly injured by bullet in gunshot or i will leave it there for now thanks so much dr ali had
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them harm them. israel has approved the construction of thousands more illegal settler homes in the occupied west bank that brings the total number of homes approved to almost $5000.00 over the past 2 days the palestinian leadership has condemned the move it's the 1st time jewish settler homes have been authorized since israel suspended plans to an ex palestinian land as part of a deal with the united arab emirates. has more from bethlehem in the occupied west bank. the number of illegal israeli settlement units promoted this year is the largest in nearly a decade close to me and say that the israeli government is in boulder and by the trump administration settlement activity has increased by 25 percent since trump took office one of the largest expansions in the latest israeli decision is in this settlement over here built over the lands of the well as a village near bethlehem over 9950 new units will establish
6:47 pm
a neighborhood that is larger than the settlement itself they moved israelis is not only to build this certainly but. build them in a way that they can link. 'd their physical geography between jerusalem and the west bank between communities behind the green line and the settlements within the west bank this is the 1st and all cement of its kind since the u.a.e. and behind a normalized relations with israel the deal was full based on freezing annexation but for palestinians the ongoing supplement expansion is the fact that panic stations were not only talking about settler homes but roads infrastructure the separation barrier is an israeli settlers eating a palestinian resources. hundreds of anti-government protesters are out on the streets of bangkok openly defying
6:48 pm
a ban on public gatherings calling for the prime minister's resignation and reforms to the monarchy the government imposed emergency measures in the early morning hours to try to put a stop to months of demonstrations scott highly reports from bangkok. police leave a long night out front of thailand's seat of power government house as street cleaners wash away what was left behind by the thousands of anti-government protesters from the night before several 100 protesters camped out overnight and just before 5 am they were pushed out with calls from protest leaders for calm they left peacefully but later in the day some of the most high profile protest leaders were arrested the protester clearing operation was given the green light when an emergency decree was announced at 4 am saying that gatherings of more than 5 people was now illegal. the decree cited that the protests were illegal public gatherings causing chaos and disorder and threatening state security part of the justification for that decree was this hundreds of protesters using
6:49 pm
a 3 finger salute as the motorcade of queens to teach past by the salute has become a symbol of the protests the calls for government and monarchy reform at the daily life that even. would not result. in higher that because. you know problems. that has moved on now from start. to become. the decisive reform or now as we are now in new territory where the protests is directly in strongly calling for reform in the monarchy the government no doubt is feeling immense pressure from the palace to find that new emergency order and risking arrest protesters took over a major intersection one of the high end shopping districts in central bangkok they set up a stage where they called for their protest leaders to be freed saying they'll
6:50 pm
continue their protests making sure that they are heard by those in power it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. at least 46 people have died during heavy rain and floods affecting large areas of vietnam and cambodia tropical storms and seasonal rains have inundated tens of thousands of homes rescue agencies have been working to help move thousands of people a wildfire is threatening homes near los angeles is hot and dry weather conditions worsen in california fires have already destroyed hundreds of properties and killed or injured dozens of people this year emergency crews have been deployed from across the state forest fire on mount kilimanjaro in tanzania is burning for a 3rd day firefighters and hundreds of volunteers are contending with the high altitude dry weather conditions and strong winds fire is threatening what's known as the alpine ecological zone mostly inhabited by birds and reptiles.
6:51 pm
still ahead on al-jazeera in spalled it was raining home runs in the national league championship series baseball action coming your way in just a moment. all
6:52 pm
right sports fans the law is here to get us all caught up in the action thank you very much samuel with major league baseball the los angeles dodgers putting a record breaking performance to pick up the 1st win of the national league championship series on
6:53 pm
a night that's all he said keep alive their hopes of reaching the season finale so helmet reports. the los angeles dodgers are back in business. would be down to nothing and having just come up short in game 2 they responded with a display of historic proportions to beat out land on wednesday jersey 5 time. turner trickling through the door just put on a batting clinic to become the 1st team in postseason history to hit 5 home runs in the 1st 3 innings of a game he was. still as harris the braves quite frankly had no idea what had hit them i mean l.a. running away with it 153 to secure the largest post-season victory in franchise history you know just really good at bats i mean really a lot of just good at bats and then we had some homers and took some walks. just
6:54 pm
a really obviously a well played inning you know it's one of them days i mean you have a match it's more amplified i guess when it's in this situation but we could see a houston have finally sprung to life in their american league championship series against tampa bay. james down 3 nothing they won game 4 to keep their fading world series hopes alive. to. be a game 5 the astros' managing to hold off the rays for a full 3 when it was used but they'll have to do it all over again in game 5 as they fight for survival so he'll malick al-jazeera. england suffered a shock defeat at wembley in the us nations league it was a miserable night for the world cup semifinalists defend harry maguire was sent off in the 1st half as they were beaten one nil by demo this is football you know moments change the flow of the going. you can't afford to
6:55 pm
go down to 10 at any any level of the game it's extremely difficult to improve your result when you're down to 10 france down croatia as a team they be in 2018 a walk up final and just like that night and 2 on grossman and killian bapi were on the scoresheet final score 2 on to for us. it in the netherlands played out a drill they both trail a group one leaders poland who won on wednesday belgium lead group 2 after their win england down in 3rd in that group after their loss and portugal are 1st in group 3 ahead of france on goal difference after beating sweden. arsenal manager has opened the door for legendary former governors coach us and then go to turn to the club in some capacity of and assigned to his 22 year
6:56 pm
reign during which the frenchman won 3 league titles and a record 7 cups. i would like to see him back around us you was a mighty figure for me. i can use to learn other things i would have said and i would like to have closure to us over the actual environment it doesn't allow us to do but i think it's a fear that has to be very 1st since we were before because you see my wonder how division. will be the most. into miami missed out on a 3rd straight when as they look to boost their chances of making the playoffs and what's their inaugural season in major league soccer and tell apart owned by david beckham looks set to be to handle united after brett shear broke the deadlock on 80 minutes. but their joy was short lived 3 minutes later atlanta
6:57 pm
squared things off. jake molly rainey with a crucial goal to help secure a point 11 the final score. and in california classico the san jose earthquakes thrashed the l.a. galaxy 4 nail and it was the start of the night at his school the open urn come and came back to add more insult to injury with a goal in stoppage time. 3 time grand slam champion status last of wrinkled face denis up a shop i love in the quarterfinals of the st petersburg open on friday the swiss overcame home favorite igneous don't score in 3 sets to reach the last 8 looking for his 1st a.t.p. title in 3 yes. and that's as well so we'll have more for you later on but for now it's back to sunny thanks so much and that's it for this news hour but so we're back in about one with another full bolus and so do stay with us here on al-jazeera
6:58 pm
. while about afterwards when the president of the united states speaks out the rest of the world takes notice. aggressive negotiation on trade deals. unparalleled military might international agreements hanging by a thread will the next u.s. foreign policy put america 1st. or be a leading light for the world at large. salmon the key issues of the u.s. elections on al-jazeera. the buys of defiance it really
6:59 pm
touched my heart deeply when she started to see you all there locked. out is there a world remembers a palestinian singer who reached audiences beyond the middle east born into a creative family in nazareth she sang out a powerful and emotional message the personal story of. the voice of palestine on al-jazeera. never convicted and yet incarcerated 3 years. confined in a zombie in prison witness follows the journey of a man. who after losing his freedom and his marriage is left to mend it with concern. and with a future. the reminder. we
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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what. but music calendar for that matter to you. the coronavirus disrupts the european union summit in brussels as the head isolates . and in the u.s. democratic vice presidential candidate camelot harris suspends her travel plans after a staff member contracts coded 19. i'm sam is a than this is out just here a live from doha also coming out. kyrgyzstan's president soren by jeenbekov resigns after weeks of protests the prime minister is now in charge.


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