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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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now to 0. if you want to help save the world. and euro. group. oh. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes. type police used water cannon to disperse an angry crowd demanding a change of government. the u.k. prime minister warns the nation to prepare for a no deal bragg's it as we go she issues with the e.u. stall. more than a 1000 prisoners are exchanged in
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a deal that could revive yemen peace talks. the u.s. is on track to break all records for the most early votes cast ever before election day. and i'm peter stemmed with all day sports news will champion south africa withdrawal from the rugby championship citing player welfare as their main concern . let's begin in thailand where police and anti-government protesters a fault in the center of the capital was a can was used to break through a barricade set up by demonstrators in bangkok for a 2nd night in a row thousands of people defy the government ban on gatherings calling for the prime minister's resignation and reforms to the monarchy the recorded statement the thai king said the country needs people who. love the country love them all mickey
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scott high the has more from bangkok. there was that major confrontation at. a barrier that the protesters makeshift bury the protesters had used even using police barricades and that's resell the water cannon use there was another a secondary barrier built by the protesters just here again these water cannon but there were barely any protesters on the other side so they broke through that what's interesting now what we're seeing a little little bit of it this is definitely a mop up operation right now is that some of the protesters have blended into the side streets so there's a little bit of a cleanup a small operation riot police going into the side streets to clear people out we've seen a couple of detentions no mass arrests or anything like that but the protest organizers saying it isn't officially over for the evening what we can also say definitively and that is that the gloves have come off approach has made the decision to go hard against the protesters they have not done that until this evening and what we're
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hearing from officials too is that they're going to use as they said and this came just after we saw that 1st main confrontation will use all means at their disposal and we saw what that means that means riot police and that means water cannons but again as they as that the leadership that still exists now saying the protest is over tonight we know that a nearby university has allowed their campus to be a safe haven for any the protesters don't want to leave no protesting on the campus but a safe haven but it seems as though right now it's pretty much dissipated that most of those protesters have fled. here came prime minister barak's johnson says before pad for no trade deal with the e.u. his office says negotiations are effectively over his comments come while european leaders have been meeting in brussels over 2 days. they want the continued ability to control our lives the city freedom of fisheries in a way duty is completely unacceptable to an independent country and since we have only 10 weeks until the end of the transition period on jan to the us i have to
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make a judgment about the likely outcome and to get us all ready and given that they refused to negotiate seriously for much of the last few months and given that this summit appears explicitly to rule out a canada style deal i concluded that we should get ready for january the 1st we arrange groups that are more like australia is based on simple principles of global free trade and the moment we'll go to natasha who's following that e.u. summit from paris but 1st let's go to paul brown in london some tough talking there from the british prime minister calling the bluff playing hardball here or trade the negotiations really over. now this is brinkmanship of the highest order language being used by the u.k. prime minister is about as strong as he could possibly get to have to say he was asked whether he would walk away from the talks in a q.
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and a was just followed the statement that he gave and he didn't explicitly say that he was ordering the ukase negotiators to step back from the negotiating table and scrap the whole thing that said the language that he was using there pretty stark and it was brought to a head by the fact that the e.u. summit in brussels the e.u. had noted disappointment at the failure to agree a trade deal so far but gave michel barnier the negotiator another 2 weeks to try to see whether an agreement could be reached on the basis that mr johnson needed to make the necessary moves to make an agreement possible now that was like a red rag to a bull to the british side and hence the very sort of almost angry response that they gave this afternoon is at the end no but the fact is that boris johnson spokesman in an off camera briefing to journalists was pretty stark when he said as far as we're concerned the trade talks are over on speculation of the
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shabani it could come to london on monday to try and keep the talks going he said look in negotiators should only come to london next week if they're prepared to intensify talks and compromise otherwise do not bother if the trade talks are really over where would it leave talks on other issues that the whole idea of a negotiated brags that. well dead in the water ringback frankly him and i mean obviously there would have to be talks because even though no deal bret's it involves 'd the 2 sides trading with each other that the mutual trade is around $900000000000.00 worth on an annual basis what we would have though of course would be the imposition of tariffs and quotas all of those without to be discussed at a bilateral level and indeed a multilateral level with the e.u. and with the u.k. so it will become intensely intensely complicated it wouldn't be the end of talks but it would make it very very difficult and very much more granular and fragmented
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all right thanks so much paul brown there bringing us the perspective of london let's continue to talk about this from the perspective of the e.u. let's go over to tasha butler she's live for us from paris and we've heard some tough words from some of the e.u. leaders like the german chancellor saying you know we don't want to deal any price our european leaders losing hope. well i think leaders of heard all this before from the u.k.'s prime minister this kind of tough talk nevertheless as far as the e.u. is concerned things have to stay on track but what they are saying their message very clear at the end of this summit is that all 27 member states are united on wanting a deal but a deal not at any cost not any price that's really the message we've heard over the last 2 days and that price is not coming to an agreement between the u.k. e.u. on certain sticking points on those sticking points remain we're talking about the
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so-called level playing field the e.u. wants assurances from the u.k. that britain would not undercut any competition unfairly in the e.u. single market it wants more clarity on governance on how this trade deal any future trade deal would actually be regulated and of course there is this very contentious issue of fishing u.k. and the e.u. fishermen have been using a been fishing in each other's waters for decades centuries even the u.k. says that breaks it means that it wants to control its own seas and who can access those waters the e.u. says it wants things to remain as it is at the moment it wants a status quo in fact we have the french presence or management process and look fishing has been used by the u.k. by boris johnson for boris johnson's own political gain because fishing was a very popular issue for many bugs voters but macro saying there's no reason why fishing should be treated in
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a different way to any other trade or sector when we're looking at negotiating this trade deal in its entirety elite are saying as far as they're concerned they are are happy to keep negotiating it's important to keep negotiating which is why michele. briggs negotiators heading to london that was a message as well from the e.u. council head shall michel. we are totally united to be determined to actually you know the 2 little agreement possible but that the trust in what 3 said yesterday remains right to the and you know that. committed to leadership that we are ready to negotiate you agree to continue the negotiations and i hope that it would be possible to manage to made progress in the future but that we clit we are determined to we should little but not just also
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think of it push another european leader from the e.u. summit the prime minister of finland a sign of how really serious the pandemic is becoming once again in the continent right. well evaders this summit discussed greg said but they also of course discussed of the cove it pandemic many countries in europe are battling this 2nd wave and what we saw was the prime minister of finland leave the summit today she said she left because she found out that she had been in contact with somebody who has tested positive for covert 19 therefore she had gone home to finland to self isolate as a precaution we saw that happen on thursday with another e.u. leader the head of the e.u. commission. who also brockley left the summit shortly after it had started later tweeting that somebody in her entourage had tested positive for covert 900 therefore she was choosing also to sell for isolate as
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a precaution. overshadowing this summit in many ways you might say as i said something that the leaders spoke about shar michel the e.u. council had in his presser said the e.u. leaders have talked about how they can better coordinate on things like testing and vaccines because there is no doubt that so many countries are battling this 2nd wave and we also heard the german chancellor say that an upcoming e.u. china summit will actually be cancelled as leaders consider whether or not it is sensible to continue to meet in person in the circumstances all right thanks so much natasha butler a kyrgyzstan politician freed from prison by protesters just days ago has been appointed interim president so the jumper of was very prime minister on wednesday but is now assumed the presidency after the resignation of back of parliament has ended a state of emergency in the capital that had been declared to end days of unrest
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triggered by this futile the elections a new vote has to be held now within 90 days. jafar of is opposed by some who say he was he's forced is why undemocratically into power but he also enjoys massive support is child stripes travelled to jump over all his birthplace and roll northern kid gets done. this is the village of kin sue and it is a cool region of northern kyrgyzstan it is the birthplace of the man who so his critics say has forced his way into power in the chaos since a palm tree election on october the 4th was cancelled because of vote rigging allegations so there is a part of it is now prime minister and until new elections are held acting president 3 weeks ago he was serving 11 year jail term for kidnapping but here and the month of the vast rule regions of kyrgyzstan he is loved by many. i
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believe in soldered to par off because he's faced many difficulties in his life he recognizes the problems that worry ordinary people like us things like corruption and land that was sold to neighboring countries some politicians support him and some do not but it's meaningless because we support him. to power of supporters freedom from during post-election protests his party leaders scrambled for influence symbol to period to be a power vacuum to power supporters charged a peaceful demonstration. many supporters of other opposition groups fled. in rural terms there are memorials dedicated to kill guess who died fighting for the soviets in world war 2 and statues of historical figures who was a member of parliament 10 years ago is known for his nationalist views not much has changed in the village where he was born since kyrgyzstan's independence up to the breakup of the soviet union 30 years ago. the men ride horses to herd cattle and
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sheep most of the young have left for the capital bishkek will join the estimated 800000 killed is forced to find work abroad. yet the rifles and i believe everything will be ok i'm very proud of study or japan or of he came from us ordinary people i saw him once and i asked him to be good not to bring shame on us a man should only leave good things and memories behind him. his critics describe him as a thug somebody who should still be in jail afraid to the democratic progress this country has made they say but the fact of the matter remains that the new prime minister southern japan has huge respect in the rural areas of kyrgyzstan areas that experts say have repeatedly been ignored by governments in the past charles trafford al-jazeera you see cool kyrgyzstan. still to come on the news hour including tension in guinea head of sunday's presidential election got
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a live update from our correspondent in senegal i suppose former defense minister has been arrested in the u.s. we'll be live in mexico city. and installed the atlanta braves as one win away from the world series back story. live. more than a 1000 prisoners who have been on the frontlines of yemen civil war have returned to the capital in the past 2 days the last 2 planes carrying her thief i think is being held by the saudi television arrived in some way on friday another plane carrying coalition fighters arrived from the southern port city of aden after leaving some swap is seen as a trust building measure aimed at reviving peace talks from the latter airport
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where the phrase how things have been arriving. this plane has just touched down on the runway of some international. borders 100. just returned from prison tonight. also just being backed by the saudi arabia. now this is a moment of joy joy and also how did this. whole fees and also for the government of son i. mean waiting for this moment for months on you can imagine that those people. didn't just really. sighed the presence for all those 5 years both parties have faced many setbacks in order to coerce the. result already received. 672 president prisoners of war while the international. denies government have received 400 the presence of.
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15 saudis and also 2 or so many so such deeds could pave the way. to resolve their differences peacefully as he really. does not. want. any suffering. and also the. gate 90 or 80 percent of the country's cause. has been a public standoff outside a courthouse in senate colleague south africa over the killing of white farm worker the case is proving to be a flashpoint with thousands of supporters of the economic freedom fighters opposition party facing off with white farmers 2 black men accused of killing the
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21 year old appeared in court for a bail hearing which was later this. brendan horner's body was found tied to a pole 2 weeks ago the farm manager had injuries to his face and neck last night who is executive secretary of the council for the advancement of the south african constitution he joins us by skype from cape town good to have you with us is it fair to say that it's more than just one case that is on trial right now in senate. it did it's become a little bit of a flash forward to not think the as you said in your introduction the economic targets of. an extremist political party have sought to use this case opportunistically did try and grab media headlines and have busted in the you know hundreds or a couple of 1000 supporters into cynical today to confront the white farmers that
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are protesting about this. but we also have to recall that a week ago a initial hearing of the 2 accused. members of the white farmers tried to storm the courthouse and the police station and ultimately set a police vehicle alight so the effort for been using this as a as an attempt as they say to protect street state infrastructure but it's really a political standoff between the ia fair and white right wing elements in the free state how well as south africa dealt with grievances when it comes to land issues. well the issue of land is you know is an ongoing issue in south africa and everyone accepts including the government that the process of land reform which was promised for the with the advent of democracy in 1904 as not proceeded as speedily as it ought to have done just a week or 2 ago the government announced that several calls of farmland would be
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made available to aspiring black farmers on the leasehold basis but many people would say that this is come for a very late and has really come as a result of the pressure that was brought by the e.f. efren elements within the ruling african national congress to force a position overexposed creating land without compensation that is a legitimate mr de issue and there was a constitutional amendment to that effect that is currently be considered by parliament given all of that sensitivity there are you concerned that however this case is ruled on it's going to spark instability one way or another the song will be unhappy. well you know it's become a controversial case already because of the political system. and the rule of law is at work that the murder was committed you know just 2 weeks ago
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when 2 suspects that were already been arrested and really appeared in court today for the 2nd time and i think as president saw reports that made clear in his he used these weekly newsletter. earlier this week to call for calm and to allow the law enforcement authorities the police and the prosecution service to do their jobs without hindrance so i think ultimately you know there maybe i'm happiness depending on the outcome of the trial or who out alternately happen but i think most of the africans will be will be happy with the fact that justice will have been seen to be done it was done speak easily which doesn't happen in very many cases so i think we're really seeing the rule of law being implemented here and i think the president's call for calm it's an appropriate warm but as i say you know opposing political thought of forces are using this very opportunistically to try and rally the troops in these days as we face not just the coronavirus pandemic but
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it deep in cannot recession in south africa that needs creative solutions and these political parties of the e of f. and others are not able to contribute to the constructive debate they rely on a diet of populism of gimmicks and of slogans rather than truth seeking to do the hard work of. formulating policy that would get south africa out of the economic crisis and begin to address the issue of poverty that really lies about the heart of the very high crime rates that we see in this country or i thank so much for your thoughts on that last night of that. security forces in guinea of by the entrance to the capital city center as tensions mount ahead of sunday's presidential election. manage tanks to military base in western guinea killing the camp's governor a statement from the ministry of defense says the army has responded to the death
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of colonel moammar the condé president alpha condé is seeking a 3rd term in a campaign that's been marred by violence and ethnic divisions. because hans is live for us in senegal so all neighboring some english. little buggers election is going to turn violent things given everything is happening well it definitely seems like a given that just as you were announcing they're also going to is going to hold his final rally and the much feared presidential guard the red berets have been deployed in the capital manning checkpoints we know that the population has decided to stay indoors the capital there is an eerie call the situation is tense just 48 hours before sunday's presidential vote now this shooting that happened gunfire that happened in this military military camp in candia just 3 hours drive from the capital clinical that's
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a military base where many officers are trained as well as those soldiers that will be deployed in un peacekeeping missions at the u.n. and we know that the attack took place hours after all position leaders saloon jalen jello took to the stage in kindi after rousing crowd asking the military to vote out the county out of power they are deep grievances within the military itself and throughout this campaign we've seen different candidates stoke ethnic tensions among those. i mean the commander that was killed during this exact well he's from the same group as alpha cone day and so there's a sense that the divisive politics that we've been seeing in the campaign is being mirrored in the military and so this is all happening just 48 hours before this very tense election with all eyes on this on this vote femi no doubt your eyes will
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be watching for us thanks so much nicholas hoult. mexico's former defense minister has been arrested in the united states on suspicion of links to drug trafficking salvador c. and where goss led the army for 6 years under president and the ricky pena nieto the foreign minister confirmed on twitter where goss was being held in los angeles john home and joins us live from mexico city so what kind of reaction have we had from mexico to this. well i think the 1st reaction was from the mexican president coming out this morning and he said basically that this is another sign of the corruption under the administrations before him those ministrations equals near liberal so this is a real sort of political gift to him that's a favorite sort of narrative in line that he takes against corruption and he's actually for his party proposing a referendum to perhaps take x.
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presidents to try oh so that all sorts of will go into a narrative that's going to make him look good in front of his base now in terms of the wide a mexican public the army is a more respected institution in the country than the police and that's partly why it was brought in to fight in the war against drugs under former president felipe calderon so some people might be a bit surprised that this is happened the head of the armed forces for 6 years is being charged by the u.s. on the drug trafficking i think other people that we've talked to across years in mexico analysts victims of the violence those watching from civil society going to be a lot less surprise and that's because there's a real prevailing thought that in that time the army has become infected to some level with the same corruption the meant that the police were an ideal tool to fight against organized crime now the 3rd thing here is that this is a good political point scoring for president and those men who lopez obrador it's
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with past administrations but is it going to change anything now a key point in his press conference was when he said that the army and navy are pillars of the mets can state and one of then even this event which is the arrest of someone to let them for 6 years it doesn't change that it doesn't make them weaker now president and it has manual lopez obrador has come to defend the pendle the armed forces perhaps even more heavily than his predecessors so it's a question over whether it's just going to be political point. scoring or whether he's really going to delve into this and try and brutal corruption as he has repeatedly said that he wants to do in the country this is this arrest has come out of a u.s. investigation that's looked at a number of people might we see others implicated in this issue well i think that all depends to a certain extent all mexico and those who are talking about and that is manuel lopez obrador the president's willingness to really take this forward if it is just
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point scoring or if it is something more i think something to mention here as well is that the ex general salvatore sam for he goes isn't the 1st high level mexican official to be arrested by the u.s. we already had last year had not all garcia luna and he was the top cop for it is he was known under president felipe calderon from 2006 to 2012 arrested on similar charges of narco trafficking and is or is at this moment on trial in the u.s. so we are seeing a moment in which more high level officials being arrested and being put on trial but it is significant know that this is happening the u.s. is doing this not mexico now in the morning press conference president and there is more to a look as over there what actually said that there was no investigation in mexico open the gates general salvador to see him for he goes that the 1st he heard about this was 2 weeks ago from his u.s. counterparts so i think it just comes back to that central issue is this going to
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be the moment the gets to grips with this is specially in the armed forces or will it just be another bump in the road all right john heilemann there from mexico city well still ahead on al-jazeera. people. tend to take the position like someone's crazy uncle. or. clashes with a moderator or. policies and t.v. appeals for votes. and find out why israel's government has banned the palestinian popstar from returning to the occupied territory. they will tell you about the grand plans to return next year with or without fans in school.
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some lovely weather across much of the middle east now it's quiet plenty of hazy sunshine not too much in the way of any showers to speak obviously a few spots of rain around the gulf recently and of that over the next couple of days 33 celsius here. on saturday. cilla temperatures go on into sunday and elsewhere across the region she can see it stays lousy drive into the mid thirty's for baghdad and full kuwait getting up to about 27 in beirut this woman that forgeries the might see some wet weather is something of a change into turkey because see some showers just filtering their way through here that could well be heavy at times heavy showers to cross central parts of africa as usual the basically waves driving those showers over towards the gulf of guinea some lively downpours a possibility around lake victoria uganda casie some shops hours long spells of rain what's the weather once again coming into the democratic republic of the congo will also see some heavy showers up towards cameroon see some showers then that
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make in the way across a good part of angola but to the south of that what do they stand refine and draw some lovely sunshine there into was amby as in bob way there's a big looking pretty good box water also fine and if warming up in johannesburg with a top temperature of 31. but . rudy. giuliani. who's. come back here watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now police in thailand have used was a calendar break through a barricade set up by demonstrators in bangkok thousands of people continue to defy
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a ban on gatherings because of the prime minister's resignation and reforms to the law of. britain's prime minister says it's time to prepare for a no deal breaker talks are over unless there's a compromise from the e.u. the block has responded saying it's willing to continue negotiating but will not seek it deal at any cost. it's been a public standoff between opposition party supporters and white farmers at the courthouse in santa cal south africa to black man accused of killing a 21 year old white farm worker appeared in court for a bail hearing which was later supposed. britain's prime minister says he disagrees with the idea of imposing a complete national lockdown london and a number of other cities have banned indoor gatherings on england's new 3 stages system they've been moved to level 2 the number of new cases has comes down
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slightly. some of argued that we should introduce a national lockdown and instead of targeted local action i disagree closing businesses in cornwall where transmission is low will not cut transmission in manchester so what i can't rule anything out if a toll possible i want to avoid another national lockdown with the damaging health economic and social effects it would have. bach event joins us live from london he's made very clear he doesn't want a national down so what is the u.k. inching towards then. repeatedly say that he wants to continue dealing with this in a more localized way to avoid the misery of a full lockdown in the a detrimental effect that that may have fall on the economy across the country but the latest message from both the prime minister and his scientific advises is that
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the pandemic is spreading in all age groups all across the country not as fast as it was growing in march the rate of re-infection within the population is around $1.00 it's not going up in an unmitigated way longer because of restrictions that are in already in place things like social distancing the wearing of mosques so on and so forth nevertheless because of the rising numbers policies of the country have been pressured by central government here in london i'm talking specifically about money just to up the restrictions from i to very high the merriment just has been resisting not low over fears about the impact on people's lives and livelihoods but what force johnson said is that number's all going up so fast that within 2 weeks we would may well see more people in intensive care we much as to that at the peak of the pandemic earlier on in the year and if nothing is done to
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to bring that number down then central government here may well have to directly intervene so we're seeing challenging situation yes the desire for boys children to resist more all lengthy fuller lockdown but at the same time not knowledge them and that perhaps central government does need to be significantly more robust when it comes to challenging conceptions and ideas and given parts of the country there are some though that believe that a short term several weeks long look down a much more fuller lockdown is what is necessary including the leader of the opposition a many feel that that will be the inevitable direction of travel either way thanks so much nirvana that. poland is reporting a recall death toll of 132 in its latest daily tally for concerns its health services could be overwhelmed russia has reports of more than 15000 new cases there's been more than 1300000 infections there since the pandemic began and nearly
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24000 deaths germany also saw unprecedented rise with more than 7000 new cases the government has tightened restrictions on gatherings masks are now compulsory on public transport in shops and certain outdoor areas. in afghanistan the spokesman for the governor of helmand province is accusing the taliban of working with al qaida and other foreign fighters. says the armed groups are supporting taliban attacks against government forces taliban denies that the fighting escalated in recent days raising concerns stalled peace talks may collapse the fighting has forced more than 5000 afghan families in helmand to leave their homes in the last week the government says recent fighting is likely displaced about 40000 people the afghan government says 6 children have been killed by a roadside bomb it happened in the city of for ozone hole in god's province the
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interior ministry says there's been a surge in taliban attacks in the past 24 hours. u.s. president dog trump and democratic nominee joe biden held dueling town hole events late on thursday off the plans for a 2nd debate with scraps the separate events were at the same time forcing americans to flip back and forth between channels to hear the candidates address questions from the public eye to joe castro has more. with the pandemic raging in a divided america president trump was on the defensive in florida conditions are never going to die what are you listening i didn't use white supremacy at that what you next play she appearing to have recovered from his 3 day hospitalization for coping 19 but trailing in national polls the president also refused to denounce q
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one on a baseless conspiracy movement which has grown exponentially during america's outbreak i know nothing about. i just tried your very little you told me but what you tell me doesn't necessarily make it checked i have to say that i know nothing about it i do know they are very much against it pedophilia yet they find it very hard but i knew nothing of the day to leave the president's event aired at the same time as a town hall event with democratic challenger joe biden in philadelphia which mirrored his steady low key campaign presence in my view with all due respect to spend divide and conquer the way he does better if he splits us not there's division. and i think people need hope both candidates took questions and comments from voters some laudatory in the way and so many. others were tougher what's your view on the crime bill that you wrote in 1994 which showed prejudiced
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against minorities it was a mistake and biden whose campaigns been hit by the. recently disclosed coronavirus infections lashed out against trump's handling of the pandemic more than 217000 americans have died in the words of a president matter absolutely no matter whether they're good bad or indifferent they matter and want a president doesn't wear mask or make fun of folks like me when i was wearing a mask for a long time then you know people say well it must be that important pressed by the moderator i'm asked trump defended himself by falsely characterizing the study but just the other day they came out with the statement that 85 percent of the people that wear masks jack shit you know it is a very right to say as i said that's what i heard and that's what i saw i think the disservice may have already been done for the past 3 to 4 years maybe one way and you know misinformation and this information all these things i think became our
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new reality and i think. it's not shocking anymore that's the maybe the sad thing about. the final presidential debate is scheduled for october 22nd and so far both sides have agreed to attend but with the feared 2nd wave of covert approaching and the virus penetrating both campaigns nothing can be counted on an election year like no other. castro al-jazeera philadelphia. at one point the house criticize the president for boosting conspiracy theories about his rivals. just this week you reach tweeted to your 87000000 followers a conspiracy theory that joe biden orchestrated to have seal team 6 the navy seal to 6 killed to cover up the face the face death of bin ladin now why would you send a lie like that to get all of us to even read we that was a read tweet that was a opinion of somebody and that was
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a reach we've put it out there people can decide for themselves how did i finish and like someone's crazy uncle he was real i mean whatever that was a read tweet and i do a lot of reach which frankly because the media is so shaped and so corrupt if i didn't have social media i don't call a twitter a close associate media i wouldn't be able to get the word out and the worst. white house correspondent kimberly how could joins us now from washington d.c. so both by then and have events at the same time on the tell you who won the battle for viewers 1st of all. yeah well according to some of the metrics we've seen it was pretty even with biden getting a few 100000 more but according to one measure of smart t.v. viewing 6300000 watched donald trump 6900000 watched joe biden what's also interesting within that match rick is that when it came to viewers of
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color 32 percent watched joe biden but 29 percent watched donald trump now that's interesting because this is really a coveted section of the u.s. electorate donald trump's campaign in particular has been reaching out to voters of color and this shows that they may be making some headway in that area which is a problem for joe biden but as the reporter previously stated that in fact the polls seem to indicate that joe biden is ahead in the national ratings if you will particularly when it comes to early voting an early exit and this is still a challenge for donald trump because the bottom line is we are just 18 days away from the presidential election and every vote matters and so even every viewer matters when it comes to these town halls talking about the early votes who how is the unprecedented number of early votes being interpreted now. well it's
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being interpreted in 2 different ways number one the pandemic has for for no other reason really surge the early voting because people simply don't feel safe leaving their homes to stand in long lines on election day so not only have they been afforded that opportunity by their governments but this is something that they're really looking into or taking advantage of given the fact that there is simply a fear that coronaviruses now in its 2nd wave if you will in the united states and people literally fear for their lives that this is a life and death vote for their future but also for making sure that they're there still alive so that's the 1st reason is cost an enormous amount of exile among the american voting public but the 2nd reason has a lot to do with concern about election integrity we know that there was already outside influence from foreign governments and 2016 there's concern that's happening again there's also been repeatedly this discrediting of the safety of the
6:44 pm
u.s. voting system when it comes to mail in ballots particularly by conservatives and by donald trump so many are feeling the need to stand in line for early voting on the right they feel that that's the only way they can trust their vote to be counted on the left will there is more confidence in the mail in ballot and there's still a fear that it may not get there in time and may not be counted so we've seen an enormous surge and early voting like we've never seen before just very quickly as of yesterday 17000000 ballots have already been cast we've seen millions lining up early in states like texas and georgia and mail in and florida that's a key battleground state early voting opens there on monday where we expect the numbers to surge even further thanks so much can really help. now the death of a baby separated from her jailed mother has sparked anger in the philippines human rights work around the main doors are taken from her soon after birth the case has
6:45 pm
intensified criticism of president roderigo the taste treatment of prisoners and political activists general and often has more from manila from a peaceful ceremony to our lightning round which family members and supporters of rain and her baby river say a show of indignation and outrage towards the treatment of rayna a mother for the 1st time a political prisoner who was forcibly taken away from her baby elaina was not able to say goodbye she was not given a chance to say goodbye to her sick baby and she was only given 3 hours in total to visit the funeral and say goodbye today the day of the burial even before the program even before the battle began. with our lord and stop people from joining. friends and comrades and even the family
6:46 pm
members. from joining. * the program. all i ever wanted was for mother and daughter to meet for my granddaughter to be buried to have a peaceful meeting but it didn't happen i even hit my head on the funeral car because i was holding onto it. no rights groups say the treatment of rayna is proof of the harsh methods of the philippine government towards political prisoners activists and rights. now the plight of political prisoners is included in the latest human rights report by the united nations by amnesty international and by human rights watch these are again is asians have been piling on the philippine government to improve the living conditions of political prisoners and to ensure that those cases should have been dropped should be released immediately they say the philippine government has a responsibility to treat filipinos no matter what theirs that this is and to
6:47 pm
ensure equal protection under philippine law. the un says israel has started granting visas for human rights workers israel cut ties with the united nations human rights agency in february after it published a list of companies working in illegal israeli settlements in the west bank 9 out of 12 foreign staff have now been forced to leave the remaining 3 have visas that are due to expire in the coming months israel controls all access to palestine and has frequently use that power to stop rights groups from doing their work israel is also restricting a palestinian popstar from returning home hamad assaf rose to fame for with winning the arab idol in 2013 his previous permit was based on his status as a u.n. ambassador and israeli politician says as sufis being blocked because of videos he made calling for resistance against the occupation of palestine south has responded
6:48 pm
with a post on instagram saying the ban is a continuation of the israeli policies that oppress the palestinian people evaluate wouldn't stop him continuing to sing about the plight of his country. almost as the israel and palestine director for human rights watch he's based in manson's being expelled from israel last year over a claim he supported calls for a boycott shako says rights activists are being kicked out for doing their job forcing a un human rights monitors are part of a clear strategy that aims to muzzle documentation of israel's systematic repression of palestinians i mean this is part of a larger trend it's not only the denial of thesis of the to these un human rights monitors or my deportation we have seen other representatives of the united nations we've seen other human rights advocates we've seen activists palestinians and others from countries across the world denied entry to israel and palestine as
6:49 pm
a result of israel basically disagreeing with their underlying opinions or criticisms of its human rights record the reality is this is basic mainstream human rights advocacy in fact the u.n. human rights office in ramallah which i had the chance to work very closely with when i was based on the ground much of their work actually can constitutes working on arbitrary arrests and tortures of the palestinian authority and in terms of settlements this is basic black letter international law there are war crimes under the 4th geneva convention so documenting those abuses in calling for actors including companies to avoid complicity in that legality is the kind of basic human rights work that human rights watch does in 100 countries across the world and the work of the united nations doesn't virtually every country across the globe when the conditions are hampering efforts to contain a wildfire in the u.s. state of colorado the cameron pink fire is the largest in the state's history it's
6:50 pm
been burning for more than 2 months and has destroyed more than $64000.00. still ahead al jazeera is set to host a big asian football final in december it will have the details coming up in sports .
6:51 pm
rule. 5 let's catch up with all the sports news that we thank you very much will champion south africa will not play in this year's rugby championship to be hosted by australian citing play
6:52 pm
a welfare is the main reason. south africa's rugby players have only returned to action in the last 2 weeks after a long suspension because of the coronavirus south africans say the lack of game time for their players could result in serious injuries you zealand and australian players resumed playing in june and july respectively the springboks would have had to quarantine upon arriving in australia for the hampering training time and preparation south africa also face to the challenge of trying to get as many as 24 players based in countries like the u.k. ireland france and japan are available to play those countries all have their own coronavirus protocols the c.e.o. of the south african rugby union yuri root says we understand that public safety concerns come 1st and there's no way that we could expect short cuts to be found to get them out of their host countries and into the springbok bubble. the springboks have been should will to play argentina in their opening match on november 7th in
6:53 pm
sydney australia organizers say the withdrawal will have a big impact on the tournament and its funding. modeling. sorry rugby championship with double headers as you know. and now we model a 6 week tournament with rates names involved in the broadcast implications still to be worked through but look at the end of the day it is what it means if one thing. this year. you need to be nimble and carry the ball in both hands and be ready to. deputy editor sport 24th boom jigger liesl says the south africans have taken a decision in their own best interests especially with a lucrative series against the british and irish lions coming up in 2021. the only option but i think i had was to say that i know cook. i know ready and springbok
6:54 pm
team to australia have a choir and teen for 'd 2 weeks and then played test rugby it just didn't seem plausible but as it stands and it's not the fault of the all of south africans they had it there were all of in terms of covert implication of all the 4 countries. but african you live in australia and whilst you only get back now and be expected to go over there i think that the team or a team that will be risking injury is just not fathomable so south africa is a totally different country and i think for that reason that has fed into a lot of the decision making that happen are off for which is reported to cook to say guys no we're not going to do this we're not going to go over there and risk our players just with the sake of make making extra dollars let's wait let's get
6:55 pm
our bags into right into the right shape and let's get ready for the british and irish lions tour coming up in july of next year. the atlanta braves are now just one win away from participating in their 1st world series since 1999 atlanta handed the los angeles dodgers attain to beating on game 4 of their national league championship series was a good way to bounce back after the dodgers had the braves 53 the 942 home runs from marcel hoping atlanta to a 31 series be. very proud of the guys how they bounce back after yesterday i was asked that well what their demeanor be and if you heard that clubhouse in arizona are getting ready to play this game and the approach in these guys are resilient man and they did a great job of turning the page from last night in the american league the houston astros who are still alive in their championship series against the tampa bay rays
6:56 pm
the astros 143 in game 5 to reduce the tampa bay series advantage to 32. with a life in houma to help them to victory. one step closer to being you know getting over that mountain and that hurdle that that was the same like it was way off in the distance a couple days ago over in japan baseball will be used to test coronavirus counter measures at big events ahead of next year's delayed take you to lympics yokohama stadium will hold 3 games and 80 percent capacity later this month so far venues have been limited to 50 percent of fans this game at the tokyo dome on thursday had 900000 in attendance as well as having their temperatures checked all fans had to give their contact details to staff in case of an outbreak next year's wimbledon tennis championships will go ahead with or without spectators coding
6:57 pm
according to organizers this year the grand slam was cancelled for the 1st time since world war 2 because of the coronavirus pandemic it was the only major tennis tournament not to go ahead but wimbledon officials say the grass court event is planning for the difference in all areas in 2021. no fans either at the st petersburg open currently taking place the 2nd seed initial problem of fans at home in canada a boost when he made the same the finals he beats them in straight sets and will take on very rudely next quarter will host the final of the asian champions league the 2022 world cup hosts become a hub for asian football during the coronavirus pandemic the gulf country has already held the knockout stages of the western countries and will hold the east in matches next month the final will be held on the 19th december. and that's why we need to find out more sport again later sammy thanks so much peter and that's it from me sam has a band here for this news hour will be back with another full show so stay with us
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. as protests rage across america more black lives are lost despite the promises of police reform faultlines hears from those demanding justice the truth countability transparency that's what i desire from the city and desperately need to change i have no faith in the institution that needs to be reminded not to tell cool moment of reckoning racism and police in america on the jersey about. this underwater
6:59 pm
treasure is a risk of disappearing juice a coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures when we think about the great strain the area that's 'd heritage its iconic and the tourism industry base is this we will lose instantly if we have another bleaching event of these magnitude if this continues they just will not be the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those mad. scientists a calling for a strong good climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without this the situation well on the get worse. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not a force to defeat israel. this is a war of wait for the promise of the final episode of a 3 part series explores the impending threat of 2 global superpowers i don't
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covers why the our business really conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle and beyond on al-jazeera. type police use water cannon to disperse an angry crowd which is demanding a change of government. i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from also coming up the u.k. prime minister warns that i have to prepare for a no deal bragg's it as they go with the e.u. stall. more than a 1000 prisoners are exchanged in a deal that could revive peace talks to.


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