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everybody. as a by john says in a 1000000 missile attack is killed 12 people in the city of ganja putting a cease fire further into jeopardy. hello i'm rob matheson this is all jazeera live from doha also coming up. 6 violence in chile after thousands come out to mark the anniversary of mass protests that have rocked the nation. the schoolteacher is beheaded in paris in what the french president has condemned as a flagrant attack on freedom. and early voter turnout record records are smashed in
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battleground states 3 weeks out from the u.s. election. ok we're going to begin with breaking news in an escalation in the conflict between armenia and azerbaijan azerbaijan says at least 12 people have been killed by an armenian missile attack in the 2nd largest city gunja it's been here for peter at least since fighting broke out over the disputed region of novato kata back 3 weeks ago rescue efforts are underway it's one of the biggest attacks since a ceasefire brokered by russia came into effect last week sim costs your lives in baku for cinema just bring us up to date with what we know what about this attack. well grove according to general prosecutor's office to attack took place around 1
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am local in ganja and after that top officers one of the top officers the assistant to the president said on a turkish television that this rocket was also fired from our mania many of which will see or have been claiming that especially those missiles have been fired not from inside not going to cut about but from our men which are mania has repeatedly rejected so far we know that under the robles there are set to be other civilians who are waiting to be rescued if they are still alive but this is not the 1st attack as you have said the 1st attacked again just happened on october 4th again 2 civilians died but since then the city has been repeatedly targeted either via grad rockets or missiles like the previous one just earlier this week also in another city we was targeted tonight according to the official state. it was about to receive a ballistic missile which was actually eliminated before it's reached the ground by
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the air defense systems in every so why are these cities being targeted this is the question again is far from the front line at this 100 kilometers it is the same is the 2nd largest city with 350000 people. more than 110-0000 people there not the front lines or contact lines but here the locals believe that armenian forces are trying to create panic emong the people there and create something like a reaction against the government and make them scared this is what people believe . the war is in a different type right now inside as our great john roberts not only the contact time but other cities even cities like 300 kilometers far from the front line have been targeted so far so this is the situation and i just would like. to correct something in my previous life i said we were in maine get severe we arrived in baku
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yesterday afternoon and that's why i was saying it is because we woke up and we heard the news and everywhere is a target. except for bucky only a bucket hasn't been targeted to get people out of course terrified when when we were in danger couple of days ago people told us that they're not even sleeping until 4 am in case iraq could make it and they rio and the civilians may need something that's why they are trying to make themselves ready to cooperate and not to sleep not to get on their developers this is what people told us a couple of days ago basically it's like it's like a state of emergency in cities like. the who are periodically targeted by their main forces still we have no reaction from any other countries have been as it is too early hours of today but this is the situation on the ground and maybe some other people are still under the rebels and ganja well cinema thanks very much
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indeed that sin and cos you will bring us up to date from baku i want to bring in mind that shall head off he's the head of the azerbaijan institute for democracy and human rights he's joining us from baku thank you very much indeed for being with us i want to get a sense from you how the people in the rest of us are by john a reacting to this ongoing conflict. yes good morning greetings from back to you know our main armed forces continue firing on the syrians in azerbaijan and lol again just city of azerbaijan came on the missile attack again today and the reaction of the. population of azerbaijan are negative be all and these. violations of the cease fire 1st of all because on october 10th. in a meeting in moscow bob the ceasefire agreement reached between
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conflicting sides but armenia after a couple of hours. of face a meeting again while at the ceased and started a fire special a civilian. population of canned days of firing civil settlement civil 'd citizens and i think hiding itself behind mentality and throws armed forces of arming and continuing its practice of terror and war crimes because we we have to we had to replace a these war crimes during the 1990 ninety's during the 1st war a new missile systems have been brought to our menu of the cease fire agreement and immediately they started to attack civilians in azerbaijan is it is in cruel manner and the ballastic nice missiles have been fired from the teacher of our main yet again sulzer but just not from not going to cut about by firing from the army on to
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our money and also already tried to approach azerbaijan and to involve the sir can to special russia out of this conflict you know let me interrupt you there because i want to talk to you about something specific i interviewed the armenian foreign minister a few days ago and he was absolutely categorical in saying that i. media is not attacking us of by john it is however supporting nagano kutta by the influence that we took from that was that it was the defense forces in the goal and the cutback that were attacking us a by john why is it in azerbaijan's interests to try to stress that these attacks are coming from inside our media as opposed to coming from the defense forces in the go. 'd arming of sort is arming an armed forces and the terrorist groups in not going to care about the are the same color and manners from euro one and armenia not all the support
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even direct they say. the militants and these terrorists in not going to care about and every time they say that this is. liberation army or the going got about but that is not any arm and this is arming our citizens arming our soldiers that are located in echo but not going to care about others around the territories of azerbaijan you know last week. as a red general army. operated 'd what its axis for military operations in not going to care about a liberated several regions and release from arming an accusation that's why a lot armenian army. moved back to titter of our main and fired from special from tetro army and provoke azerbaijan to 'd attack and destroy these fire points in terror army and after that. to
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provoke 'd azerbaijan and say to its allies to russia and counter that azerbaijan attack it republic of arming us. by this way of arming also taste i'm going to interrupt you again because i want to don't want to you did bring up an interesting point in your 1st answer which was to suggest that armenia was getting equipment military support and equipment from elsewhere and using it in order to attack azerbaijan there is of course a strong argument that as a by john is also getting equipment from outside countries turkey is a name that has come up how big a role is turkey playing in this and with azerbaijan have responded in the way that it has if turkey had not been given giving azerbaijan its support. this is 2 different things we as are began by
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a space of rudeness. by money but our main i guess this little. corporate from russia from other counties but azerbaijan buys these. not all live from turkey we buy pens from russia from turkey from belarus from ukraine from is that aisle from us from other counties but this is a different think and turkey is our brother counter but anyway turkey's stance can meet ments and the requirements of international law and international law demands we start 1st of all resolve 'd external troops from acrobat not going to cut about there are all these other tional of the u.n. security council that immediately demands resolve all external troops from not going to cut about other surrounded or regions and turkey. demands for
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a commitment of these international laws or requirements also turkey is a rather broad like kountry. one nation to a state let's say let me ask you list because i want i want to ask you about the longer term consequences of this you are head of the azerbaijan institute for democracy and human rights is it not in azerbaijan's interests if it wants to. bring together as much international support as possible is it not in azerbaijan's interests to maintain the ceasefire to stop the fighting and take that. high ground and yet in never it does not seem intent on doing that it seems to determined to respond to every incident that happens. you know of course we stand for peace as well you know up the 1st ceasefire agrement signed in may to 992 for the last 2627 years we always stand
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for peace and peaceful negotiation of this counseling unfortunately in april 2006 then in july of this year armenian side always size the throat and fire the civilian settlements and the last 30 years as a region always of called international community always he means group coach to press arming up to respect international law because of international law the general account of a nation demands restoring order telling talking to a region that's rob rob so 2 years we always demanded the respect that the peace will never shaken but arming of sorties they tried to keep the stopped school and to gain. time. to formalize this accusation are not going to cut about that's right and these clashes spotted on
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sunday after the firing of. civilian settlements by army and armed forces and in response to these were what cations azerbaijan arment longit a lot scale military operations and destroys all this fire points in not going to kind of origin in a combat. as of course we are ready for peace negotiation but 1st of all. it must be committed that is aleutians of or un security council or is aleutians and external troops basically arming and troops must be result from a combined territories up but that we are ready to stop these peaceful negotiations but in the background of these negotiations you have the spanish are deaf i'm afraid i'm going to have to interrupt you because i'm very sorry time is against us that's sorry i don't he's the head of the azerbaijan institute for democracy and
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human rights and we appreciate your joining us on al-jazeera thank you thanks. still ahead on al-jazeera going back into lockdown the u.k. government struggles to contain a rising number of cope with 19 infections and warnings of an eminent coup in guinea as candidates make a final push in an increasingly divisive election. there we've got a taste of winter for parts of north america we got this band of clouds sinking down across the plains pushing further south was and it makes its way a good deal further south actually as we go on through the next couple days it will be something of a change for the across the northern half of the u.s. with some wintry weather spilling out of canada so temperatures in calgary struggling to get to 2 celsius on friday afternoon some warmth that down into the
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southeast of the u.s. and plenty of want the heat wave 1000 continue for a good part of california come saturday something of a chinese started to show its hand still very warm there in l.a. at 31 celsius but further north is that colder air minus for the top temperature in calgary as that wintry weather starts to slide a little further southwards and a switch so here we go we've got a fair amount of snow wind see alberta for example colder air coming in across the mountain states of the u.s. through the prairie sweater weather edging its way over towards the lakes as well go on into sunday that west the weather that cold weather that dies right down across those central areas heavier rain coming back in across the mountain states with snow over the highest ground wetter weather through the central plains ahead of that it's not about into the weekend temperatures in d.c. it's 80.
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line for the code 19 pandemic asian americans suffering an epidemic of violent attacks and abuse. 11 east meets the new generation fighting back on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. room. you want to go to see a reminder of our top stories this hour john says at least 12 people have been killed by an armenian missile attack in the city of ganja it's been hit repeatedly
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since fighting broke out over the disputed region of the role of cutbacks 3 weeks ago. rallies have taken place in chile ahead of the anniversary of last year's massive demonstrations it was mainly peaceful during the day but later it turned violent with police firing tear gas and water cannon sunday marks one year since the protests began dozens were injured and 30 people were killed a lot of medical editor the c n human has more from santiago. it started off peacefully enough this was the largest gathering and the largest demonstration in fact in what has been nicknamed ground 0 in santiago the main protest gathering area and thousands of people were out there it was the largest gathering in fact since march when the pandemic started in a state of emergency was declared here in chile and all gatherings were banned there is a curfew still in place it's just started
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a short while ago in fact but people dismissed that ban and went out in very very large numbers or it most of the people were saying it's time to get back on the streets and as they also to commemorate the one year anniversary of what here is called the social explosion that began on october the 18th and that led to months and months of protests and forced the government to at least agree to a referendum that's going to be held on the 25th of this month to ask chileans whether the green or not to rewrite the constitution this was one of the main demands of the protesters but by no means the only demand and the people riot police this time were very very well equipped in fact during that break i just mentioned the government bought some of the best as they say state of the art and disturbance equipment and we had a taste of it ourselves to a few hours ago very very strong tear gas was acid laced water cannon this is
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chemical lazed water cannon liquid that when it touches your skin or gets near your eyes and burns it's something like pepper spray and so they really were able to scatter people because there is a point is a journalist in the city of santiago she says the violence is only going to get worse. actually we have now a curfew that is not really respected but the thing is there's a lot of protests in the suburbs in the oust years of since jagow so the sisco not going to increase in the next day and it's probably tomorrow on sunday will be the big demonstration a group supposed to be a lot of violence something that was going to suspect what is really worrying it's this the patients many people who had sold the hopes on this referendum and i think that it's really high expectations that they fulfill all of their demands but we know that a new constitution will no solve all the problems have with all the holiday about
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health system the bad and education system and about pensions say ok you slave this is not going to and that the practice this is going to continue there in fact and there is a survey recently that it says 71 percent of chile and think that these they continue their protests will continue frankly say a teacher has been beheaded in a suburb and northwestern paris that an 18 year old man was shot dead by officers shortly after the incident earlier this month the teacher had shown pupils cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad in the satirical magazine charlie hebdo a new currency to a young. assistant one of our fellow citizens was murdered today because he was a teacher because he was teaching students freedom of expression freedom to believe and not to believe compatriot was attacked in a cowardly fashion he was the victim of a characteristic islamist terrorist attack. u.s.
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president donald trump has been campaigning in states he won in 2016 to address supporters in my home georgia where he explained his campaign's low fundraising numbers saying he could be the world's greatest fundraiser if he wanted held a rally in florida where he reached out to senior citizens and democratic nominee joe biden has been campaigning in detroit before that during another campaign stop in michigan he spoke about health care and again attacked president trump's handling of the pandemic with 3 weeks still to go before election day huge numbers of voters have already made their choice more than 22000000 americans have cast early ballots the large turnout is attributed at least in part to people wanted to keep away from large crowds and the risk of coronavirus on november 3rd several states including battlegrounds like wisconsin michigan and florida have already passed 20 percent of their total 2016 vote the political data from target early
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says so far more democratic party supporters are voting early while among republicans voting is down compared to this time in 2016 white house correspondent kelly holcomb looks at how voters have reacted to the rival town hall style events that the candidates appeared in on thursday. 2 very distinct and different styles of campaigning donald trump the more combative he got it seemed the more at ease he became much like his presidency and that it was a stark contrast to the more measured kind of policy focused someone even say sleepy town hall of joe biden so this is essentially the choice that americans are going to make and in fact we should point out are already making because the numbers seem to indicate that when it comes to early voting that these are numbers we've never seen before in the united states some 21000000 americans have already cast their ballots and more are expected in advance of the november 3rd election
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and what also makes the campaigns nervous particularly on donald trump said is there are fewer undecided voters this time around than in 2016 roughly 7 percent of the voting public is undecided so that means that donald trump especially has to work very very hard to try and win over but it is going to be a challenge because again he's behind by most polls by double digits but the number of undecided voters is in the single digits so even if he captured all of them he could still potentially lose the election so he's working very hard he's campaigning in the battleground state of florida but we also know that joe biden is hitting those battleground states very hard as well and as we know as well he's going to bring out some of the big names next week the former president barack obama will be campaigning we know on wednesday on behalf of his vice president joe biden of course running to take the oval office recorded corona virus infections of
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past 8000000 in the united states but there's new hope a vaccine could be available by the end of the year drug giant pfizer says it could file for regulator re approval next month phases in late stage trials involving $40000.00 people the company is waiting on safety data. but it's prime minister abbas johnson says he opposes another national lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus but he hasn't pulled it out london and several other areas will move into level 2 restrictions as part of a new 3 tier alert system in england and they have barker reports. last chance saloon from midnight on friday new rules in london and other parts of england or the mixing of different households inside all part of the government's localised response to rising infection rates a move the prime minister said avoided the need for another national lockdown. some of them argued that we should introduce
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a national lockdown instead of targeted local action i disagree closing businesses in cornwall where transmission is low will not cut transmission in manchester so when i can't rule anything out if a tool possible i want to avoid another national lockdown with the damaging health economic and social effects it would have in the capital up to 6 people for mixed households all support bubbles can still meet outside where there's little infection risk leading to some creative ways of bringing people together winter's coming and britain's bracing for a season out of the cold there's growing anger over the social economic and health costs of curtailing people's freedom the prime minister points johnson is walking a delicate tightrope between those who say his measures are far too restrictive and those who believe the government isn't going far enough in trying to stop this virus in its tracks. a bitter argument also erupted between the british government
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and leaders in the north of england the mayor of manchester's warned of dire consequences for the local economy if forced to accept the toughest coronavirus restrictions including a complete ban on social gatherings. the united kingdom has europe's highest official death toll but cases are soaring across europe with around 100000 infections a day the czech republic's building the country's 1st makeshift hospital to cope with europe's fastest rising cases more than 4000 hospital staff are now infected in some of the most drastic measures paris and other major friend cities will be under nightly curfews for 4 weeks starting on saturday. many businesses across europe were counting on the christmas season to help bolster sales and protect jobs instead you are now responsible for a 3rd of all global cases is bracing for
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a winter of deep discontent need barkha al-jazeera london. protesters in thailand have ended their friday demonstration after defying a government ban and gatherings for the 3rd day in the row. with protest organizers urged the crowds to return home and avoid more confrontations with riot police security forces of use water cannon to break up a barricade set up by demonstrators in the center of the capital bangkok new zealanders are voting on whether to give prime ministers us into our then i 2nd term in office more than half of new zealand's 3500000 eligible voters cast early ballots ahead of saturday's election center left government is facing a challenge from the conservative opposition led by judith collins who's ill and those are also voting on referendums to legalize euthanasia and recreational cannabis and just as candidates in guinea's presidential elections have been
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holding their final ronnie's a military camp has been attacked late on thursday security forces are on high alert and they've barred the entrance to the capital city center in the run up to sunday's polls nicholas reports. it's time for me to become your president a final gathering for opposition candidate said. after he called on the military to come out and vote president alpha condé out of power soldiers attack the military camp in kindi where the rally was held killing the camp commander a close ally to the president in an interview with al jazeera in september jello warned about growing discontent in the ranks of the military to do the risk of a coup israel us we would rather see them stay put in their barracks but so far they've always been on the side of the dictator. i hope that our soldiers will change their position and stand by the guinea and people. government shut the
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country's borders and is restricting internet access over security concerns the presidential guards have been deployed in the capital who are setting up checkpoints tension is rising ahead of sunday's polls so this is only. by. this kind of surprise in this guy. and his supporters so for me that is the one thing in the kind of real. way that i think that. increasing them strongly. the octogenarian president amended the constitution allowing him to run a 3rd mandate suppressing demonstrations in a referendum boycotted by civil society and the opposition during a campaign marred by violence called a stoked ethnic divisions in this multi-ethnic country make up the majority but never has a full on been elected to power gello is hoping to be the 1st with the slogan to
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unite and serve in the bid to bring together a country bitterly divided ahead of the polls because hawke al-jazeera. stolen from the sun for. ciscos zoot has been found a few miles away the 21 year old male named lucky was discovered in a church playground he went missing on wednesday after someone forced entry to the limo enclosure. this is all just here are these all the top stories about john says at least 12 people have been killed by an armenian missile attack in the city of gunshot it's been hit repeatedly since fighting broke out over the disputed region of the volatile part of bike 3 weeks ago sin and cos who has more from bako. at the 1st attacked again just happened to.


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