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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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cultures across the. alley take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. this is al-jazeera. over there on the clock this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes protesters return to the streets in lebanon new year after huge demonstrations against the political elite sent shock waves through the nation. a fight against nagorno-karabakh media is blamed for a missile attack that killed at least 13 people in azerbaijan 6 2nd largest city. turkey says it's discovered more natural gas reserves in the black sea equivalent
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to almost 10 years worth of its annual energy. prime minister just in your journey enjoys a landslide election victory is new zealanders reward her for curbing qubit 90. sports news english premier league leaders everton play out a thrilling $22.00 draw with local rivals liverpool. so the protesters are gathering in lebanon to mark one year since mass anti-government protests they've been rejecting corruption and the ruling class lebanon has been experiencing its worst economic crisis since the civil war which is only deepened since the pandemic let's take a look at how we got here in october last year a newly announced tax on calls made through the whatsapp application triggered protests across lebanon and then it turned into a broader call to end government corruption unemployment and poor public. it led to
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the resignation of prime minister saad hariri and a political deadlock to replace him and then in early august a powerful explosion ripped through central beirut killing more than $200.00 people that became another symbol of government incompetence and weeks later a 2nd wave of coronavirus threats for tens of thousands of people who lost their homes in the. spring to across one of the holder who joins us from beirut and this is and has been a dismal year in front of frustration once again mounting to say the least protestors rejecting corruption and the ruling class. yes they've returned to the streets to mark the anniversary of what these people call a revolution a nationwide leaderless and spontaneous movement was born on october the 17th when the government planned to tax what's up calls for many that was really the last straw they have been suffering as a result of dire economic conditions people losing their jobs they consider the
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ruling class which has been governing this country for decades corrupt and they believe that those in power they say they were stealing the money so people took to the streets it was a spontaneous movement there was a lot of energy there was a lot of optimism but it fizzled out it fizzled out after a few weeks for for many for many reasons 1st of all of fatigue 2nd the state intimidation the stakes responded with poor security forces are arresting people they intimidated people and people were also attacked by party loyalists supporters of the traditional political parties who run the country their supporters who benefits from the sectarian patronage network star and place people here want to topple what they call the regime. they also why. a new system of government
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because lebannon system of government is based on sectarian sharing and they believe that this prevents a civil state from being born and it prevents a state with a foreign state from being born for people here if you look around their holy holding one flag the lebanese live in a show of unity because this is a deeply polarized society where a lot of people are loyal to their party to their sect before the nation so they have faced a lot of challenges they haven't achieved their goals but today's message is about the determination it is about a message to the authorities that we will we will not back down. is drawing in there's another shot which i think we can show you which shows the crowds of protesters and they're all holding a lot of the holding candles tell us about that what's it all about. yes we are right outside the port the beirut port. nearly 3 months ago now of
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that massive explosion that devastated many neighborhoods in the lebanese capital protesters decided to march here because they wanted to pay tribute to the people who have died people here blame those in power for negligence and mismanagement because there were nearly 3 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in unsafe conditions in one of the warehouses of that port and nobody did anything about it all those in power including the president and the prime minister knew about the presence of this explosive material and yet they did not store it safely so people decided to come here at all they are expected to mark that moment of the explosion at 6 o 8 pm they're going to have a hard life a torch and yet another symbol of their determination. the push for change
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people here are under no illusion that this fight not only easy we mentioned how security forces clamp down on gatherings but i think we have to mention that there are still a sizable amount of people in this country who still support the political parties for many reasons i told logical or simply because they benefit they've been given jobs by those in power so we are expecting them to light the torch and now times now. is the worst we'll stand. so 76 yes that's exactly 67 which is 57 g.m.t. that's precise time as you say when this huge stockpile of the money not turned travelers were excluded and what killed more than 200 people just quickly what for the moment. very much in the mix of all this coronavirus of course very much again on the right. yes.
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we have lost all audio connection with and i will stay with these pictures as as we wait for the moment to say it's just been just a few seconds it's 6 o 7 pm 1507 g.m.t. that is the precise time when the stockpile of a 1000000 nitrate fertilizer exploded killing more than 200 people devastated swathes of the competition of course and design it was just explaining not only that we've also had years decades really of corruption and protests as rejecting that corruption rejecting the ruling class. this of course the 1st anniversary of the nonsectarian protests movements which took place a year ago the an economic crisis in a total collapse of deeply polarized society that is rife corruption i think we've got a connection but i'm saying is it just tell us about the scene that we can see that the kind and that's why. you get.
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tribute to those who died in this mass that they suppose. we've. been saying this is the message that we are still determined we will continue earlier to say they heard that one of the main arteries from the lebanese capital it's known as the ring on bridge because that bridge. became a front line during the protests that meant the largely peaceful anti-establishment protesters that were repeatedly beaten up by supporters of the political parties so today they went back to the spirit to give a message to those who want to defend and serve the status quo those who are afraid of change to get the message that the lebanese people should unite.
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not have enough public backing yes. we saw thousands take to the streets at 3. yeah we do apologize for that we've lost already a connection was a lot of mobile phones around then cutting out the signal that we've got there was an auto we're waiting for that the candle to be lit in memory of all those who died and maybe it's that they stopped part of an many in the trade fertilizer exploded on this 1st anniversary of the protest movement protesters rejecting rejecting corruption and. let's move on fighting has escalated in the conflict over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh a week after a cease fire between i suppose john and armenia took effect as about john has accused armenia of deliberately attacking civilians in the city of gunja with a missile that killed at least 13 people i mean his defense ministry says it did
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not fire towards us by john so hard has this report is there seen the damage from the missile strike destroyed at least 20 buildings in gunja azerbaijan 2nd largest city of 300000 people so. we've been living in fear for days we couldn't sleep at night we hid but that was no use we're suffering a lot i wish we were dead but our children would have to live without us we believe in our state and president may god give us back our back. people hate all fall from the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh azerbaijan and armenia are fighting over but they were not spent armenia's defense ministry denies firing tools as operation adding the type of missile it's accused of using doesn't have the range to reach gunja however it later released a list of what it called legitimate targets and ganja as a right john says it has proof that the missiles came from armenia to say how.
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immoral our. political. and army and on the forces. in other words just because it is a nickel on the job is not as a 1st they attacked in a deliberate and discriminate manner as it were to the syrians and that you have isn't what was burst scott i mean. the same. both sides of blaming each other for violating a russian brokered truce agreed a week ago which includes a school for the detainees and bodies of those killed. since friday night's attack in gunja anina says azerbaijan's armed forces violated the humanitarian ceasefire by hitting step pan card to nagorno-karabakh on saturday as i by john's president confirmed his forces have now taken control of mold villages in foods in the south east of nagorno-karabakh armenia considers fusilli a buffer zone between nagorno-karabakh and as i abrasion insist territory that both
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sides of the conflict have been negotiating over for the last 26 years. and as those negotiations failed as a bridge on with turkish support pushed to take some of these territories back it's you know most pressure on the armenians have lost more than 600 fighters recently. the violence is the worst in the region since azerbaijan ethnic armenian forces went to war in the early 1990 s. the control of nagorno-karabakh allies with an eye by john has been under the control of the ethnic amini and forces. fact since the war ended in 1992. on friday armenians prime minister met soldiers being sent to the front line. i love you all i'm proud of you all i believe that you'll defend the future of your children with dignity long live the republic of armenia long live the armenian diaspora. message but there's no signs of
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a rest but for now civilians very sides are facing uncertain days. so i decided. well a bernard smith is in the army in couple of year yvonne but 1st let's speak to horrible hammered by john couple of back and a week on from the series what chances there are of a ceasefire actually working. well it seems that that chance is diminishing by the day if not by the hour just a short while ago we heard from the ministry of defense here in baquba that said that if that target carried several air strikes on armenian forces in occupied territories just sort of the sudden belt of the north and i go in a car about region so certainly. also when you speak to anyone around they don't believe that they will be. any you know
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a stop in the hostilities any time soon i spoke to several people on the streets back with some are saying well it's going to be difficult it's going to be there's going to be human cost on both sides but at this point many here at least for tell you what it's about time we just go for it and he's raised try to resolve this conflict was and for all but everyone bracing themselves for more violence maybe more 'd destruction and death so where do we look where do we hope for a peaceful resolution and what role can the international community play. i think that you mean at the moment the international community has been issuing statements calling for calm we've seen the efforts of the. group we've seen the efforts from bloody mir putin we've seen also depreciation of russia turkish president trichet do and. it seems that no one is listening really underground here
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certainly azerbaijan is backed by tricky in this conflict it does have. superiority so it feels strong in that respect armenia says that it will retaliate and munir also having the backing of several european countries it seems but. underground it's a demo meant a new way when it comes to azerbaijan they're getting to making territorial gains. according to the president actually they have. retaken at least 2 of those 7 regions maybe not fully but certainly made enormous again in there there is momentum when you speak to azerbaijan they will continue this fight now obviously you have things that happen like yet back in ganja. you have a big human a human cost to this war yes people at the moment here are backing their leaders and they probably also back it does seem as happening in armenia but you know do
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more you do every day that passes and hire a human cost you have probably the positions will become also very difficult for both leaders or a lot of thanks very much indeed the pitcher and back who let's cross to i mean as couple of europe and we'll find bernard smith so bernard you have some developments i believe. yes. minister representatives to moscow to discuss with representatives a cease fire monitoring mechanism is on the back of the initiative started by moscow to get this ceasefire going but armenia says there's areas haven't turned up and they say they suspect that it's turkey stopped as of sending any representatives now no word yet from john on whether they will or whether or if they will send a representative to moscow but certainly there is pressure here on our media to do
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something because it's suffering military casualties at least more than 600 army needs killed on the battlefield and it's losing territory it's losing territory that it has control since the cease fire in 1994 this is territory between nagorno-karabakh. and what armenia says is a necessary buffer zone a safe zone between john and kyra back that is territory both sides are s'posed have been talking about over the last 26 years under the auspices of this minsk group moscow paris and washington d.c. . says nothing's happened they've not got any progress and that is why with turkey's assistance now they are prosecuting this conflict to try and take back their attempt militarily meaning it says it wants to implement a cease fire and he's willing to talk about implementation right and of course what's going on the important international. possibilities and the implications of
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what is the broader regional geopolitical situation. well the risk is that if this escalates then russia could get pulled in russia has a an agreement with armenia as it has real the former soviet states to provide security guarantees to help it security not at the moment russia said it's not stepping in to help armenia because the battle is in nagorno-karabakh and that is internationally recognized as a johnny territory but if. the republic of armenia azerbaijan get involved directly and russia may be forced to step in and you'll have russia and turkey on opposite sides again as you already have russia and turkey on opposite sides in libya in syria so there are risks of this of this escalating and why if moscow particularly can't make the cease fire work or abandon thanks very much
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better with. but more still ahead on this news hour including thousands of protesters in the time come to defy government warnings and a transit shutdown. and ivory coast president begins his campaign for a controversial 3rd term as his rival seek connection boycott. the houston astros refusing to go away in their series against tampa bay peter will be here with all the action in game 6. now turkey has discovered a natural gas supply roughly equivalent to almost 10 years worth of its annual energy needs a president right at top of one says to find off the east coast of the black sea is turkey's largest ever gas discovery for ankara turkey currently imports nearly all the gas it consumes further exploration in disputed waters in the eastern
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mediterranean has angered greece and cyprus the state's only speak to use a fellow bought who's a retired turkish colonel who worked on a nato base he now works as a security analysts at the turkish defense university and joins us from istanbul in the start about a welcome to the program so i think i'm right in saying that take the current imports all the gas it consumes said this is indeed a significant discovery yes of course now you'll also take a look at turkish trade deficit mostly stems from the nature of some the petrol imports from other countries for. finding the black sea region is a very important number from the torch for suspected because the state wanted for nature. almost 13000000000 dollar to russia by john and iran and it could stop producing as early as 2023 just 2 or 3 years.
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yeah 202300 years in who are still off the turkish public profile be it will be given to turkey something like 5. per year of the total cup us to be able to reach in $2206.00 so it will be a huge leverage for turkey not only afford the price of the nature of gas bottles at the same time so he has a goal for creating yeah i guess trading hop inside turkey for just isn't turkey not only use only its nature of gas for the trade top but also the know that there are lots of pipelines features bringing nature gas on petrol in from russia from afar by john from iraq from iran for dishes and so evil addle so what he is produce impulse to his for being a gas trading help in this area for balkan sound for europe right now let's start
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a good time to be building castrating hub he wondered how this keys into the world weeding itself of fossil fuels the use of gas on that scale is not compatible with a one and a half to 3 talk of the past agreement which turkey is a signatory. maggette last article for a christian story to be for for this amount of gas supply to come online it doesn't help keep the temperature of global warming just use global woman does it and turkey is a signatory to the paris agreement. that's true but in any case 38 is trying to use. you know look the clerk to. this international relations board make one i mean this isn't all lawyers a part of the perestroika agreement to really try to use the nature of gas and also . keep down its electric power generators which produce from the call for this isn't in any case it will be beneficial for the. totally sure all right
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use of about i appreciate your time thanks very much indeed thank you you're welcome. now let's stay with turkey which is reportedly tested its russian made missile defense system drawing criticism from the united states washington has repeatedly warned to encourage against purchasing the f. $400.00 system saying it could compromise shed nato military systems the u.s. says if confirmed the test risks jeopardizing the security relationship with turkey for pity's profit is a senior defense fellow at the international institute of strategic studies and was former director of policy planning at nato he says that turkey is playing a risky game of its placing nato alliance is in jeopardy. it's both a technological and a political problem technological because nato cannot integrate russian made weapon system in its own nato missile defense system so from a technical point of view it raises
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a really shoe and apart oxys turkey has been the one asking for the nato missile defense system to has as much coverage i suppose and to be obviously also partly based in in turkey turkey actually host the nato radar system that is part of these me said the fed so that's one thing the political issue is obviously its sense of a wrong signal when all the other nato allies especially seen 2014 when russia invaded ukraine how made a point of basically cutting ties technological ties with russia and defense systems so it's definitely a step in the wrong direction compared to where all the other allies are going i think what we're seeing is president ed go on doubling down on these various setit of region out policy it's not so much about the close alliance we if we threw russia because actually edwin has a complicated relation and sometimes a conflict regulation with president putin but it's about showing that turkey can
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be its own man and doesn't need either the west all the east all the russians. thousands of type protesters have returned to the streets for a 4th day after the please shut down major roads and public transport in the capital. main intersections in metro stations they were closed on saturday but i didn't stop large crowds from holding property rallies outside on the outskirts of bangkok to protest is what new elections and reforms to the monarchy tiny changes in bangkok and he says the protesters are ready for more street battles with police. all the protesters have now set up in 3 sites to the east the west and the north of bangkok and this is one of those sites and lab proud to the north it's hard to get a sense of how many people there are here but certainly several 1000 they've got a sort of impromptu stage it's not even a stage just a couple of chairs with some speakers on it. but they have so far managed to evade
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the police and the author it is despite the police earlier shutting down effectively the whole of bangkok closing down the roads 2 major intersections closing all of the sky china central bangkok stops and the underground and yet i think this illustrates the problem the police are facing they made threats they said that these gatherings are illegal under the new special emergency laws they said that anyone found here will be arrested and yet thousands are still coming out . the protesters are not going to push their luck they say they're going to break this up at 8 o'clock at this stage there don't seem to be any police in this area or any other security forces. and i think the protesters themselves are hoping that they can make their presence felt and then go home peacefully but after the showdown last night they're very aware that may not happen. still ahead.
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people in chile this is back on the streets a year off to huge protests against social inequality. from prison that's a prime minister said it promises elections and within 3 months. and some of the world's best same is prepared to get back on the water as they get ready for next year's america's cup. with pizza. how do they weather starting fine and dry across much of the middle east at the moment not exclusively that we have got a circulation moving across iraq who say that only very close it was at least inside of a man as we go on through the next couple of days might just splash
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a few showers into east name and nothing much to speak of but there never less certainly want to keep an eye on some lesser weather further north just making its way across western and central parts of turkey rolling towards armenia azerbaijan georgia easing little further east woods as we go on through monday some of your best of bright sunny a possibility at that stage but elsewhere it's dry highs here in doha of around $33.00 celsius with some very pleasant sunshine to come that is hot sunshine across southern africa present to central areas we have got the usual seasonal showers that are in quite nice to be got some west of weather that just now making its way into northern parts the tans and they're just pushing towards for when the brew and the heavy showers all the way across into the good parts of angola more showers as we go on through the course of monday but look towards the south and you can see it's hot sunshine we have heat warnings in falls for the northeast of south africa temperatures around 10 degrees above the seasonal average joe back with
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a high of 33 celsius. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such the mountains as a global power development investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the stick around we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy solutions for future generation the brush fire metering future energy. rewind return. with updates on the best of our geezers documentary. renditions inside libya's prison when the rebels came to tripoli. buildings associated with gadhafi it was in the office of spy chief
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a stash of documents which revealed the collaboration between british and libyan intelligence services on al jazeera. but i do what she does your mind about top stories this kind of vigil has been held to mark the explosion that ports in lebanon's capital that killed more than 200 people 2 months ago tens of thousands of people are also marking one year since mass anti-government protests erupted against corruption and a worsening economic crisis. as about john says at least 13 people have been killed by an on media missile attack in the city of gunja dozens were injured i mean his
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defense ministry says it did not fire towards as a bungee jump. turkey has discovered a natural gas supply roughly equivalent to almost 10 years worth of its annual energy needs president rest of top but one says the find off the east coast of the black sea is turkey's largest ever gas discovery frankly. people in chile have returned to the streets ahead of the anniversary of last year's massive protests it was mainly peaceful during the day but turned violent with police firing tear gas and water kind of demonstrators say they're still waiting for the government to fix social inequality and rewrite the constitution on that in america italy's union reports now from santiago. this was the finale of what had been a festive demonstration use armed with stones and molotov cocktails attacked armored riot police vehicles in the main gathering area for protests in chile's capital. security forces moved in suddenly hurling massive amounts of tear gas and acid laced water cannons. hours earlier this season was quite different
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i. demonstrators danced and sang to the tune of chile has awoken. thousands of people had come out to show that it was time to get back onto the streets to demand social change you know. we're out here after a long break because of the pandemic i'm a student and we need to show that we're still willing to fight for our rights. this was the preview to the 1st anniversary of the october 18th social uprising last year in her home it forced the government and ponderous to agree to hold a referendum later this month a mother to the right chile's constitution a key demand and the spanish says that the biggest struggles or battles are won on the streets and at the ballot box and that peace is the fruit of justice but the
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subtext here is to appeal especially to the young people who have come out onto the streets many of them angry and often reflect to pilot to go out and vote. 100 meters from the plaza groups with their faces well hidden set up barricades and built bonfires of those gathered ammunition with which to later confront the police . security forces armed with newly bought proud control gear waited until dark to finally move in sending the demonstrators scurrying agrees to until tomorrow. to return to see in human al-jazeera santiago. banda spec is the editor of chile today and he told us there was a celebrates free of this fear at the protest on friday. i was there for at least 5 hours and people were dancing people were saying there were lots of cultural manifestations of course some of the groups who are campaigning for a new constitution were present would banners with flags. and useful further away i
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think some 500 meters near a park a large group of policemen getting ready to like lucy already said one night set in to disperse the crowds and that's exactly what they did it once i left police started moving in and the usual spectacles the usual scenes happen again it's a huge moment for you have to see that all their constitutions have been written in dictatorship and currently the current constitution was written during the dictatorship of pinochet so that still hangs like a huge shadow over the current over the people of chile and right now they have the possibility of democratic referendum to choose for a new constitution to support a huge as long well i have to say i mean the people who are for a new constitution they're out in the streets and it could be that a large group of people who are against the constitution are just not showing themselves they are staying at home so you know to serve the polls the things you
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see in the street that might be misleading it might be that the rejection of the new constitution is bigger but as i see it the group who is for a new constitution is definitely bigger and will win on the 25th forked over. new zealand's prime minister has claimed a huge victory in the general election cemented 3 more years in power i don't labor party has won more than half of the parliamentary seats and on president result they will almost certainly govern without any coalition partners for target this is . just into our dern has much to celebrate not only has she won a 2nd term as prime minister she's led her party to a historic victory based on provisional results it's the 1st time since new zealand adopted a proportional representation voting system 24 years ago that a single party has won a majority in parliament now more than ever is the time to keep going to keep working to grab hold of the opportunities that lie in front of us so let's stay
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forward to give power who are people no doubt are let him her. but it was a bad night for the opposition center right national party judith collins who when he took over the party's leadership 3 months ago said the scale of the defeat is say bring the national power she will take we will repeat we will take time to reflect and we will review and we will change. national will reemerge from this loss a stronger disciplined and more cañete to passy. form a coalition partner new zealand 1st failed to pick up a single seat ending the career of 75 year old deputy prime minister winston peters who was elected to parliament more than 40 years ago he blamed 19 for drowning out
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every other issue. this election was widely seen as a test of our handling of the pandemic the government took early action to control the outbreak including announcing a nationwide lockdown when there were only 102 confirmed cases she will say one international praised the handling of a mass shooting last year by a white supremacist targeting 2 mosques in christ church and her quick action to ban semiautomatic guns and assault rifles voters in the selection of also have been deciding on 2 referendums the 1st on euthanasia if approved it will give new zealanders who meet the criteria the option of legally requesting help to end their lives the 2nd is about whether to legalize the use of recreational marijuana the results will be announced at the end of the month or done so cool go hard go early approach to cave in $1000.00 has helped to win landslide victory but she faces many challenges ahead new zealand's buddhism's still shot its tourism sector is
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suffering and some economists are predicting a long recession after the strict lockdowns in uncertain times the new zealand is fair and is the leader best able to get them through victoria gate and be al-jazeera. to the ivory coast where the president is rejecting talks with rival parties who are seeking a boycott of the election later this month alison wants. his campaign despite being accused of violating the constitution by running for a 3rd term his 2 main challenges a supporters to disrupt the campaign manager says this. company got off to a strong start with a large turnout. and celebrations. and the president relished the moment when he rose to address a gathering president. known by the. towards the opposition who called for both quarter of the fort. they are scared of losing the
6:39 pm
election as we say here in ivory coast if they are man enough to come to the election and let the ivorians choose instead of staying in the air conditioning lounges in their air conditioned offices and their air conditioned chairs let them come here and talk to the people let them come and we will beat them. as want to compete in ivory coast 2nd largest city of board his rivals has only organized a meeting to disrupt his plans. the opposition presidential candidates past. and former president. called waters candidacy illegal. we invite all supporters across the country to block the selectric that president is preparing to commit to prevent the holding of all operations connected to the election and apply the call for a boycott by own legal means at their disposal to convince the paulsen place to convene the country's political forces so as to find an acceptable solution.
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for the 2 opposition candidates both quoting the october 31st vote the race will now be between ouattara and form a parliamentarian quite joke on. the constitutional court earlier rejected for 2 potential candidates including former president laurent gbagbo and former rebel leader d m sorel both these men played important roles in ivory coast 2010 post-election crisis that led to the killing of nearly 3000 people so he's in exile in parys while stuck in belgium without a passport to return home after he was acquitted of war crimes charges in connection with a 2010 post-election violence. in 2016 the government organized a friend them to amend the constitution sparking white spread violence that killed dozens of ivorians whatever supporters say those changes allowed their candidate and former president to run again the president's critics say he's candidacy for
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another term after the constitutionally mandated 2 terms is illegal there are concerns that the tug of war between ouattara and the opposition could plunge ivory coast into a deeper crisis homage address al-jazeera. french prosecutors say an 18 year old man of chechen descent to use accused of beheading a teacher and parents on friday had approached school pupils to help identify his victim parents and pupils have been laying floral tributes to the teacher on saturday prosecutors say the school had received multiple threats after the teacher showed a controversial image of the prophet muhammad in a lesson about freedom of expression police say they've questioned 9 people as they try to find out whether the attack had accomplices. austria's foreign minister has tested positive for corona virus also attending in luxembourg earlier this week a spokeswoman for xander schellenberg says he may have caught the virus when he met members of the foreign affairs council on monday reported
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a record jump in new delhi cases with more than 700 cases confirmed on saturday russia has reported its highs daily jump in new coronavirus cases around 15000 infections were confirmed in the past 24 hours but i didn't stop died is heading out on a friday night most were wearing masks all following social distancing rules. hundreds of women have marched through better reeses capital in protest against the government's they carried flowers and chanted slogans in opposition to president alexander lukashenko government demonstrations have been held for the past 2 months following a disputed election on friday bellary seen officials announce they had issued an arrest warrant for opposition leader. in the sky. has thousands new prime minister 19 president has problems parliamentary and presidential elections in the next 3 months set in jeopardy of support his freedom from jail earlier this month during protests over disputed parliamentary elections he was serving an 11 year jail term
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for kidnapping says the charges he was facing were politically motivated is there. about it that there is a kurd saying that falsehoods travel faster than truth those people who are saying i'm a bad person that i'm connected with criminals and negative forces are saying that because they are scared the truth is that i'm going to fight against these corrupted schemes and i can see in the next 3 months there will be a lot of changes there will be presidential and parliamentary elections i will prove nothing by words but by real interventions that we are going to change and provide open and transparent elections. fair elections depend not only on the central election committee but on the corrupted interest of president or prime ministers of the past we are looking for new ways to break this institutionalized corrupted system we will fight against those who buy or sell the votes new legislation we are pushing forward might put violators behind bars for 2 years we are looking at amending the laws everything starts from the top so it's important
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that high officials are not corrupt. supporters of a paramilitary group in iraq have attacked me headquarters of the kurdish democratic party hundreds of members and supporters of the popular mobilization forces set fire to the building in baghdad itself to rocky politicians said the iran backed groups offices should be shut down the popular mobilisation forces have breached baghdad's fortified green zone twice this year and the united states has accused them of repeated rocket attacks on the area. mexico's president has promised to clean up the armed forces saw through its former defense minister was arrested in the u.s. on drug charges salvador theon forgoes led the army for 6 years john horman has more now from mexico city hinted i think by those the info cepeda think of it that you than anything senator knight as head of mexico's armed forces from 2012 to 18 salvador see him for a girls was a key part of the fight against organized crime. either but now in
6:45 pm
a surprise arrest by u.s. authorities he's accused of playing for the wrong team all along charged with conspiring to manufacture and ship cocaine meth and heroin into the u.s. as well as protecting the h. 2 cartel for mexican and u.s. law enforcement. 2 the indictment says he was known as el padrino the godfather it's the 1st time the former head of the mets can armed forces has been arrested president lopez obrador claims it shows the failure of past governments. maya said. this is an unequivocal signal of the decay of the government in the neoliberal period and i always said it wasn't just a crisis that it was a progressive deregulation this should serve for us to understand the main problem mexico is corruption. it's a political gift for the president he sees himself as an anti graft crusader and
6:46 pm
this proposed referendum to run in tandem with midterm elections over whether to charge former presidents have committed alleged crimes in mexico right now already one of the top topics in discussion is should former presidents go on trial and this place right now if a minister of defense was involved with drug trafficking what about his books is going to be used by the governing party more and other part of president of the world or to bring out voters. it's the idea of you know you're going to go to people say well you know why you know you're going to go out and bore and made some election this is historic once in a lifetime chance to clean up mexico but will it be more than just a vote getter a catalyst perhaps for real change the president's other comments may dampen expectations he claimed that the army and navy a pillars of the mets can state so strong that the detention of one ex defense minister doesn't make them weaker that's going to be hard for some people to
6:47 pm
swallow after all seems pointless led mexico's army for 6 years and not too long ago the president will pick up a thought has come to depend on his generals perhaps even more than his predecessors relying on them to combat crime and also to build infrastructure and this arrest was carried out by the us not by mexico which had no investigation opening to see him. if this is just the start of a meaningful clean up or a row bump to be quickly forgotten is an open question john homan i would just. like regional leaders in latin america calling on bolivian government to ensure free and fair presidential election on sunday last year a disputed poll led to the resignation of the former president evo morales and plunge the country into turmoil thredbo has this. son was buried in a mass grave in the cemetery he was a victim of colvin 19 lament unfortunately he was buried in this grave i'm very
6:48 pm
outraged there are individual graves and my son was not given the opportunity what can i do this is the way locke is off to. believe he has lost more than 8000 people took over 1000 and the numbers are climbing it's against this backdrop that voters head to the polls this weekend to elect the country's president. the elections have already been postponed twice because of colvin 1000 and as the country deals with more than 180000 infections and an overwhelmed hospital system health care is for many people a leading election issue one sees that others are endless but the pandemic course in a critical situation in the country in the hospitals we didn't have enough intensive care units i want a president will give us the health care system we deserve. instability has been on the rise in the country after former president evo morales was forced to resign last year he was accused of committing fraud voters will have to choose between the
6:49 pm
candidate of avon what alice party. and former president. polls suggest there might be a 2nd round. in the 1st round power is at stake because the 1st round will define congress in the 2nd round will define who will be the next president is a deep crisis because we're facing problems of all sorts economic social political we need to have minimum standards to decrease the level of conflict what's at stake in the election is bolivia is democratic system electorate say they're taking all the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus like preventing physical contact between voters and officials in the polling stations. they want to incite each station the electoral notaries i in charge of guaranteeing that voters want be in contact with others that their way to face mosque and prevent and it type of
6:50 pm
condemnation at a polling site. is in desperate need of political stability and peace elections are crucial to guarantee the next president has the legitimacy needed to help the country recover. and to see. how we got this post i'll come here and al-jazeera. to get it. yeah peter will be here to tell us what upset one of the top seed since in petersburg come up short of. cyprus a european island openly offering citizenship to those who can afford it in august al-jazeera made global headlines with the cyprus papers confidential documents that reveal a murky passport by investment scheme obviously for. the so. now
6:51 pm
al-jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state al-jazeera investigations the cyberspace bruise on the cover. held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent mark new saying his crime journalist. to demand more neutral links and voice solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. 'd to say.
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ok let's go this war has peter thank you very much english premier league leaders everton have played out a thrilling 22 draw with champions and local rivals liverpool saudi scored in the 3rd minutes about the raids on their way ever since quest to beat liverpool for the 1st time in 10 years was back on track thanks to a michael keane header star striker mohamed salah restored liverpool's lead but they could not hold on dominique calvert lewan equalised before a late jordan henderson goal was ruled out for offside by v.a.r. everton will stay top of the table for at least another week especially with offside to do then do the right decision to be able to be scored a goal one time as villa and they said it was offside. sounds funny we got it this time the picture i saw in our once on the laptop
6:53 pm
doesn't amp it does nothing to build trust on our side so and since then i had 10 interviews around about and everybody tells me it was not off site and that doesn't lift my mood obviously we competed really well spirited. also we were out of town or never lost confidence really would work well as the game for 2 dives riyad opportunity to grow up with a post-operative charlies on but at the end a part of the reserve performance was satisfied i was really satisfied to haemorrhage this fight. elsewhere chelsea are closing in on victory over southampton majestie united are looking to bounce back after a 61 thrashing by taught them they're up against newcastle later manchester city host arsenal the team that beat them in the f.a. cup semifinals back in july in several ways the season right now of course we. have to get points and start the chamber's rick around the corner in all the
6:54 pm
competitions with no time to think too much and just playing. in the italian city are atalanta have missed the chance to go top of the standings after they were hammered for one by napoli having lozano scored twice for napoli well matthew polytunnel and victor james also found the back of the neck for the home side. currently appealing a one point adduction now after failing to honor their away match at eventers earlier this month they cited the coronavirus for rock being able to travel to 2 rain for the match. on to tennis and russia's andre rieu believe will look for a title on home soil on sunday the world number 10 bookies place in the final of the st petersburg open beating denis shopov a low he took issue with someone in the crowd cheered i get.
6:55 pm
that it was late in the evening when it was appealing to me and i think i know who it was with. came from behind to be trouble for sure pavol of 2 sets to one he'll play ball or church in the final relives when also improves his chances of making the a.t.p. finals in london in november. portuguese rider made has tightened his grip on the leader's jersey at the judo d'italia after saturday's time trial efficient 6 to hold a 56 2nd overall lead but it was feeling garner who took the stage on a recently crowned world champion clinched 3rd victory at this year's race he was fastest on stage 14 is the week to go before the race culminates in midland. the houston astros were forced to decide in game 7 in their american league championship series after a $74.00 win over the tampa bay rays on friday tampa bay had the best record in the
6:56 pm
regular season and stormed into a 3 nothing series lead but 3 wins in a row now for houston. means that leaders vanished yesterday raining for the 3rd world series appearance in 4 seasons and hoping to become only the 2nd team in history to come back from 3 nothing down to win a 7 game series. where we never kept our heads down even after we went down the 1st 3 games we never you know gave up we always wanted to keep playing and you know get back to honor or another world series so we just we knew we knew were a great team we got some great pictures great off and some you know if we just keep playing our game you know well we'll turn up some runs and you know hold on to a few so we just got to you know come out tomorrow and do the same thing over in the national league championship series it was a tale of 2 minutes one was a star for the los angeles dodgers getting a 3 run homer the other the unfortunate atlanta braves pitcher at the receiving end l.a. winning $73.00 to reduce atlanta series lead to 3 to. some of the world's best sailors
6:57 pm
all getting ready for next year's america's cup york race in new zealand they've been launching their boats in oakland holders team new zealand them before challenges have just 2 months of trials before a woman prevent in december the any oss team is one of the challenges they've unveiled a 2nd generation yacht named britannia which will be skipped by 4 time olympic gold medalist payne ainslie a huge amount of expectation of course and 170 years of her have never won the america's cup is the only sporting trophy prince never won so of course a huge pressure and huge expectation i think as a sportsman that's what you want to be you want to be in that environment you want to be person and that's why we can pay. and that's all the sports news for now we'll have another update for you get a little bit later we'll see you then make it look for dizzy then thanks very much for the benefit of this i will be back in the coming to the hall from newton
6:58 pm
perhaps we will see that. i want you to know our nation's going to do defeatists it terrible china virus as we call it there is no place for hate in america well i'm feeling great out of about your worry mask is not a political statement it's a scientific recommendation of the final presidential t.v. debate live on al-jazeera. vying for the coded 19 pandemic asian americans a suffering an epidemic of violent attacks and abuse. want to one east meets the
6:59 pm
new generation who are fighting back on al-jazeera. i know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will moderate the american people with the truth and nothing else discover the formula for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera when the news breaks and the racism protests continue in a number of cities across the united states when people who need to be heard in the california area line nearly 500 points were destroyed and about 80 percent of this land does al-jazeera has teams on the ground people are just talking about wind and solar as if that's going to solve the problem it won't to bring new moon
7:00 pm
documentaries and life moves on and on mine. protesters returned to the streets in lebanon a year after huge demonstrations against the political elite sent shock waves through the nation. this is al jazeera life and also coming out fighting escalates 70 going to karabakh i mean here is blamed for a missile attack that killed at least 13 people in azerbaijan 2nd largest city.


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