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tv   Rewind Renditions Inside Libyas Prisons  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm +03

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there is no conscience there is no responsibility there is no accountability and as you can see now life continues on for them and they're back to their old ways as if none of us exist that is why people have returned to the streets they insist on being heard their peaceful resistance wasn't able to remove those entrenched in power but they are keeping the resistance a life sentence for their beirut. let's take you through some of the headlines here now just syria armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a 2nd ceasefire which began just a few hours ago more than $700.00 people on both sides have been killed during nearly 3 weeks of fighting a u.n. arms embargo on iran has expired after 13 years it was lifted as part of the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers the us withdrew from the pact in 2018 and its voice
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strong opposition to any easing of sanctions those advisories in fact wrong with more this lifting of the sanctions is seen as more of a political win for iran it's something president hassan rouhani it said just in the past few days that it's a very important step for the reigne nation for them to have something specific and tangible as a result of the nuclear agreement of 2015 now just to give you an idea of how much money iran spends on its defense of program it between 2016 in 2013 it was around 45 percent of its g.d.p. that was between $18.00 and $22000000000.00 that's not likely to change. protesters are gathering once again in the thai capital thousands have been rallying in defiance of a government ban calling for the prime minister to stand down the reform of the monarchy and the new constitution going ends are heading to the polls of
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a tense election that follows months of unrest nearly 5000000 eligible voters are choosing between 12 candidates including incumbent president alpha condé and these long time rival. voting is underway for the presidential runoff in the self declared republic of northern cyprus turkey backed prime minister. cast his ballot in nixie on sunday morning he's running against incumbent president stuffer kinja who favors reunification with the south a car bomb has killed at least 12 people in central afghanistan dozens were injured in the city of score in the capital or province. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks without money talk to us without really. got what it is to trust in
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a world to buy out. as more want to stations are made for us by these complex piece of code the question that comes up is inevitable can we trust algorithm in the 1st of a 5 part series questions the neutrality of digital deductions trust me i'm an algorithm on a. hello and welcome again to rewind santamaria. here on rewind where revisiting our extensive documentary archive to bring you some of the best and most influential programs of the past decade as well as news of how the story has moved on since
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from the early days of al-jazeera english the award winning people in power series is carried out in-depth investigations into some of the most difficult and important international stories like in 2004 when 2 libyan opponents of the gadhafi regime were abducted on route to the united kingdom then repatriated to libya where they were imprisoned and tortured but after the overthrow of the gadhafi regime following the 2011 uprising the 2 men began to investigate the real story behind their abduction and the role played by the u.k. government 2 years later people in power giuliana rufus gained exclusive access to the 2 men as they returned to libya in search of answers from 2013 this is libya renditions. this is a funeral in tripoli smartish square libyans who died as part of the resistance
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against colonel gadhafi regime for decades their bodies remained hidden until they were discovered in a hospital morgue after the revolution of 2011 they have just been identified through their d.n.a. . this is. one of the founders of the libyan islamic fighting group. an organization dedicated to overthrowing gadhafi one of his former comrades is being buried today he was killed in one of. 6 up in tripoli's notorious abu salim crazy about so that's. one of his fellow inmates was. who was ahead of me and. this
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is. proof of the holes for. the story of how these 2 men came to be in prison here. on the secret relations between. and the west. british intelligence that they were forced onto a flight and delivered into the hands of. a process known as extraordinary rendition. and unique they have proof of this. there are. buildings such as this one associated with the old regime. it was in the office of spy chief. that's found a stash of documents which reveal in startling detail the collaboration between
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british and libyan intelligence services today the secret documents form the basis of a lawsuit against the british government based on copies of top secret faxes memos and flight plans. claimed that britain conspired with the us to unlawfully render them to libya and that it was forseeable that they would be tortured. those being named in the civil suit objects the foreign secretary under tony blair mark allen former head of m i 6 his counterterrorism unit as well as branches of the government and security services these what individuals who were tortured and treated unjustly in some cases for several years and they want to they want to know . how high up. we have a range for our stay in tripoli to coincide with that of the lawyers who are prosecuting the case is. legal director of the human rights and reprieve
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and they are getting ready to meet for the last time before preliminary hearings start in the u.k. . says he's bringing his case not to get financial compensation but to expose british hypocrisy that they're going to. go. to cuba. to have that instead of the. us. back in the ninety's both britain and the. so gadhafi as their enemy accusations of the bombing of a plane over lockerbie and other acts of terror had made the dictator an international pariah and his opponents were welcomed in the u.k. but with the rise of al qaeda the situation. changed and she regrouped in afghanistan although the removal of gadhafi remains their only goal there would down by the close proximity to
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a sama bin laden who was about to unleash the $911.00 attacks. if you were a north african but say like gadhafi you were just rubbing your hands with joy because you knew that all you needed to do to get significant western money technical support assistance in oppressing dissidents in your country was just tar them with a brush of affiliation with al qaida. gadhafi seized the chance to rehabilitate himself by offering to destroy his stocks of chemical weapons in return the west saw a chance to get involved with libya's immense oil reserves it could be a win win situation for both the losers where the. terrorists. when we meet again he completely distances himself from al qaeda. much more to some of. the opening. we've picked to do matter.
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so i guess that we haven't made a new list of. most of. those really. have a rather work group who are going to go on forever were to lose by 2004 he was in hiding in china where he felt he was coming under surveillance a go between gave him a new study could seek asylum in the u.k. . but on their journey to britain and his wife were detained in malaysia for having false passports. according to their lawyers it's here that the secret documents found in tripoli begin to the british government's involvement in their rendition. which they key tripoli documents that of 11 to you ok. well they start with. what appears to have been a fax sent from the k intelligence services which tips off the libyans
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that along with his wife bell had she was also by the state and them. after this attack was being held in a malaysian detention center eventually and fact team ever told they could travel to london but by now this cia to have got involved it's a fax from the cia to libyan intelligence which reveals the role. agency is about to play the facts announces his pregnant wife the team are about to be put on a flight from malaysia to london which crucially has a stopover in thailand we're planning to arrange to take control of the pair in bangkok the americans right and place them on our aircraft for flight to your country. at the cia black site in bangkok when hard was subjected to interrogation beatings and sleep deprivation he takes us to his home to meet his wife and the son
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with whom she was pregnant during her abduction. business party must 1st film to interview. the masses from. the since. this. will arouse very very much to. come to. the. after 2 days the couple were put on a cia plane this time headed for libya. 3 weeks after. libya the british and americans collaborated again in rendering. also known as here he was abducted in hong kong with his wife and their 4 children aged between 6 and 12 sami
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who suffers from diabetes collapsed during the flight of thought he was about to die just utter horror and fear and then when they arrived in. sami and karim where we heard it with black hoods and again. crema thought that they were being taken to their executions. the key thing is that it was the fax from britain's m i 6. indeed the u.k. agency was keen to point this out to the head of libyan intelligence. this is the facts in which mark allen head of britain's m i 6. on the safe arrival in tripoli and says this is the least we could do for you in the very same document also writes about the preparations for tony blair's visit to libya and suggest for gadhafi to me 2 minutes tent i don't know why the english are fascinated by tense
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he writes the plain fact is that the journalists would love it. and that's exactly how it happened. the man. had managed to get accepted back into the international community. giving it. he was part of the team which in 2715000000000. i think it's pretty clear that it was the under the table part of the deal that was made in 2003 in 2004 to sort of bring back in from the called if you well welcome him into the community of nations get the oil flowing again. but there was
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a you know until now there is this part of this deal where he basically said can you deliver made these very very. sure no problem. british involvement in renditions. no truth. but. they say that when they have arrived in libya. an intelligence.
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from official. saudi claim that the british and americans knowingly delivered them into torture or worse they show us the courtyard and i was still in prison where the biggest massacre of qaddafi's rule took place a protest by inmates in 1906 led to a staggering response when security forces corralled them into this space. with more full. of steel jewelry from the stoop. over $1200.00 prisoners were killed within 2 days 2 of them were. brothers. and torture as seen in this disturbing footage found after gadhafi fall. where
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inmates they say libyan interrogators repeatedly subjected them to similar treatment for information that would link them to al qaeda they tell us that even foreign agents questioned them including british ones who wanted information on dissident libyans in the u.k. on one occasion was left alone with them. i should know. if you have if you have. the thought of you know. what you know and what you believe. but nothing changed and gadhafi is meant continue to enter into contact.
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to work. the fear of going to the leadership was the will. of the. woman knows this in the run up. to hear of the one and who we believe. the mold. of the of. this. regime or her going to the top of. this to move on to this very. mission we've managed to track down one of the libyans living in britain you bet hotch was so frequently interrogated about in fact he is now back in libya and he works here in the general election on. the at hashim manages the office of the president and he was in china with ben but just before renda hashim and his family won asylum in the u.k.
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he may have avoided ending up and want to adopt these prisons but within a year he was inside a british war. we don't need the money the nation. don't have. any hope of getting visually. and we'll probably doesn't it. there's 0 interest in the protests we're going ice in britain to stop the detention and deportation of dissidents like hashem to libya where he had a death sentence on his head no. longer with being a station. how do you need to me that i am. i cannot walk with you kind of move to higher you can propel you and you're.
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going to walk and yet even in libya hashem says his family were also victims he was released from prison without charge after 18 months but for the next 3 years he was electronically tagged and confined to his home. he says life under one of the u.k. government's infamous control orders affected the whole family but this. morning. did you walk. certainly. out of. the new euro. zone. if what. you say is true the british government didn't just help deliver people into torture but it also acted on this information by using it against libyans living in britain . according to cori crider such a process is bound to deliver flawed intelligence. this is the problem about joining hands with torturers because you think it is necessary is that maybe every
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now and then you get a nugget but by and large what you get is false it's just what somebody had to say to stop somebody beating him up. for crimes against the state. 2010 when they were released and. it was just in time for the revolution that would topple gadhafi. sensing the fall of the dictator britain turned yet again mr speaker it is clear this is an illegitimate regime that has lost the consent of its people and our message to colonel gadhafi is simple go now. the release of all the political
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prisoners in abu salim was one of the symbolic moments of the revolution with old and i have 2 members now entering powerful positions in the government the west suddenly started trying to patch things up with those they demanded the imprisoned . one who to do it on your side the. other libyans who say they were persecuted in britain i'm now preparing a joint legal action against the u.k. . in the meantime the government has settled out of court. for 2200000 pounds. the british government decided to pay out $2200000.00 pounds does that not make them look guilty in the eyes of the world. i think it probably does but it it's really a question that you need to put to the. and but i would imagine that paying over
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some of that level is not done unless they felt that that they were liable but how much in his wife and he might have refused any settlement they are asking for symbolic damages of only one pound each from jack straw mark allen and the british government but what they insist on is an official apology. today is the start of the preliminary hearings for ben hodges case and submarine korea heading for a long high court they tell us the government has started delaying tactics in order to keep the suit from coming to trial. the government is arguing that the courts and shouldn't even deal with the case because and the case involves other states as well is the you carry it means that if if the u.k. are not intuited some individuals and the courts can deal with the case but the moment they become involved with and of the state they're arguing it's outside the court's jurisdiction is pretty drastic so how long are you expecting this case to
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take we're talking years rather than months we ask some of allen and the relevant british government departments to respond to the claims made in this film so mark allen did not reply to our correspondents on behalf of the government the u.k. foreign office said we are committed to ensuring that serious allegations about alleged u.k. involvement in mistreatment and rendition of detainees by other countries are examined carefully they added that the government has been clear that it stands firmly against torture and cruel inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment we do not condone it nor do we ask others to do it on alcohol. that was libya renditions from the people in power series back in 2013 and i'm pleased to say we're joined here in the studio now by the report on that investigation giuliana roof it's nice to see you julie on the documents i want to ask you about those you know when you find the exchanges between get off these spy
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chief and the british government. and i don't know if you're going to give away any secrets here but how do you come across that sort of stuff how do you. from. there were passed around and let me just say there were pasta vow and it was really extraordinary about reading for you those documents was not just the detail that came out of them but also the tone because he was an exchange between you know the so moch allen the counterterrorism chief in british intelligence and most of the libyan spy chief and it was really friendly and casual and everybody was preparing for tony blair's visit to libya where he was going to meet gadhafi and bring him back in the cold and there was an arrangement and there were talking to each other about having having this reunion in a desert attend and then there was a little line saying yes because the journalist would love it so you can see this
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sort of camaraderie in those exchanges when really the will be just a few brief moments before well there was an apology in 2018 from former british prime minister. theresa may does that does that serve as as justice or is that just a government paying lip service and saying a wee bit of a apologize for that. no i think it is meaningful and i think it's important to bear in mind that at. always said he did not want money what was important for him and what was justice a what is justice for him is that he got this. apology and what he wanted to expose he said was british hypocrisy and all that so all of this taken together that wasn't just the apology from 2 recent may but there was also the payment that had gone to without an admission of guilt but the payment had gone and then the apology too but also a payment of roughly $600000.00 to that hodges wife the team so that was
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a pretty big package of apologies and compensation so we have compensation we have an apology but then you have someone like so mark allen who was the head of british counterterrorism at the time who was never charged with anything and yet there was all this evidence and all these documents why didn't it happen so yeah that's actually really interesting because on the one hand you had this legal case brought by the victims and outside and their families but there was also a 4 year long investigation by scotland yard the british police and they were collecting evidence and talking to witnesses and going for the papers and they were preparing for a criminal prosecution against mark allen and this was then reviewed by the british crown prosecution of the people who would have brought the case for a mental case and they felt that there was not enough evidence to successfully
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bring a case that would achieve a conviction so it was dropped so then giuliana given everything you've learned everything you've read the time that's passed since then do you. personally feel that justice was done in this case. i think that's a twofold. i would say that the victims feel and that's probably more important than what i feel but that the victims feel justice has been done and saudis with cif compensation and bell hogged has received the apology that he was asking for bug days of course always the question who was ultimately responsible full ordering these renditions and and all these people guilty of something and that is the question really hasn't been fully resolved and that should the investigation and examination sounds like a future edition of people in power i think it's only on a riff it's great to have you with us thank you and that is it for this week join us again next time for another powerful story from the on to 0 archives and don't
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forget you can find more films from the series at dot com remote from all of us here on rewind thanks for watching. cut through the noise figure for one thing they're going into for 3 hours and listen journalists the fact that there are 5 ways tell this story one of the problems that they're just really hard a lot of people of color who are making the 1st print run rightfully follow right the fact that it's worth the risk that our sunday you know that because you never know where they're able to live stream you're listening post monitors and in tougher it's the media on al-jazeera.
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great interview. al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters in doha i'm debbie navigate that coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds of lives lost in 3 weeks of fighting with a shaky new truce be respected by azerbaijan and armenia. back on the streets people in thailand defy threats by police to shut down protests against the government it's. a united nations arms embargo on iran expires despite efforts in the u.s. .


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