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al-jazeera. and. a compensation deal of al qaeda attacks 22 years ago could get sued on off a terrorism sponsor list and bring investment back. and imran khan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. russian intelligence officers charged in a major hacking campaign targeting next year's olympic games and the french
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elections. combating a surge in coronavirus cases across europe curfews and lockdowns a re-imposed as phase grow of worse to come for the winter. and accused of beatings in torture in the democratic republic of congo with the support of the military new video emerges of abuses committed by fighters loyal to a wanted with. sudan could be about to end more than 25 years of international isolation and boost its transition to democracy u.s. president donald trump says he's ready to take it off the list of state sponsors of terrorism that's likely to bring an injection of international investment and urgently needed debt relief to the morgan reports from the capital. this is one of
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the events that have kept sudan on a u.s. list of states ponces of terror and kept most foreign investors away for more than 25 years. in august 1900 attacks on the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania killed 224 people and injured more than 4000 sudan was accused of providing a base for the bombers then president ahmed bashir had already been accused of offering sanctuary to the likes of al qaida and its leader osama bin laden. but after you have negotiations by the transitional government president donald trump says he's ready to restore sudan's international status in a tweet he said sudan had agreed to pay $335000000.00 compensation and once deposited he would remove it from the list. the road ahead of us is long and we have to have a serious plan and work to give the to benefit from the separate units he we promised people and we work to achieve our promise with no agenda except the
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interest of the nation together we can achieve the impossible being on the list has meant sudan has struggled for investment resulting in a hard currency shortage that led to inflation that 1st throw slowly then steeply the countries pound has lost more than 50 percent of its value against the dollar in just the past 2 months because strapped government is struggling to pay for stuff lies of lead fuel and medicine all items it subsidizes resulting in shortages sudan's removal from the u.s. list would allow it to be relieved of its that by the international monetary fund that will still take months but the country needs help now some analysts say that may mean a move to normalize ties with israel which comes with an economic assistance package could still happen i suspect however that we will see in the coming days or weeks an effort towards normalization on the part of the sudanese because washington at the end of the day needs to get some kind of political way and i think it's a sad commentary for washington and for the drug administration. that it isn't
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a sufficient enough win for them to point to a success story in the horn of africa where there wasn't one before this is a region you know beset with political problems and economic problems and for us to be able to point to a success story should be a sufficient foreign policy when present ministration that it should want to try and trumpet that when. and while president trumps the foreign policy limb so dance prime minister up the mantle that the delisting would open path for sudan economic improvement crucial for its transition to democracy people morgan are just there are hot on some and all those a senior advisor at the center which tracks money linked to african war criminals he says the deal could be pivotal for hard terms later as the transitional government isn't that a lot of political pressure because of the difficulties in the supply of decision according to the population it's a reflection of the economic crisis that the government ultimately everything from
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president bashir is also assumed donor sudan's financial an isolation and most measures could be is by sudan's being in all to change from the cold and rehabilitate you consider a state it used to be under the human issues between now the a member of the club of the nations says international financial institutions seek . rescheduling and unforgiveness from international financial institutions and including foreign investments in its very promising economy industries natural resources so for all this reasons this is a merry important and really. want to see and that has happened today. the u.s. has charged 6 former russian military officers 'd for what it calls a destructive and disruptive global cyber attacks the justice department says the $2700.00 french presidential elections and the 2018 winter olympics were among
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events targeted by the group as well as next year's olympic games prosecutors say the group's part of the same unit that interfered in the 2016 u.s. presidential election kimberly healthy has more from washington d.c. . the truck administration's justice department saying that these alleged hackers in their twenty's and thirty's are facing some pretty serious charges not only computer fraud but also a conspiracy another part of a group that has been called sand worm but it's also known intelligence and defense circles by other names as well tele bots voodoo bear hades some of the attacks of they're alleged to have put together not only the attack on ukraine's power grid but also behind the mock ransomware virus not patch which is known to have caused billions of dollars in damage now what's significant about all of this is the
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department of justice there saying that essentially what russia has done has weaponized its cyber capabilities for malicious intent and that is why the united states is taking action because the feeling is is that essentially anyone who was in any way slighted or felt slighted in russia by another group was targeted by these hackers now apparently it's a broad list of targets it hits the financial sector even athletes as well as financial political is just as official says essentially that these are the most dangerous and aggressive groups out there and what's really important to know particularly when it comes to the issue of that ransomware not pecha is that we've seen sanctions from the united states even from you with regard to that but we've never ever seen individuals charge now that has changed with these charges coming from the department of justice in the united states. countries across europe are
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taking emergency action to stop a surge in corona virus infections globally there are more than 40000000 cases and the world health organization is warning that colder weather is will make the next few months especially difficult in the northern hemisphere now the reports. in ireland as elsewhere covered 19 is causing real fears for the winter months the country's just recorded more than a 1000 new cases in 24 hours now the government's approved the highest level of restrictions for a limited duration people will be asked not to leave their home except for exercise nonessential shops will be shut with restaurants only operating takeaway and delivery services. wales has taken a big step down its own path the devolved government is starting what it calls a 2 week fire break from friday the type of restrictions last seen back in the spring between friday the 28th of october and the 9th of november everyone in wales will be required to stay at home this means
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working from home where ever that is possible and the only exceptions will be critical workers and jobs where working form home is simply not possible the welsh government says the measures need to be short and sharp to fight an exponential rise in covered 19 cases it's offering almost $400000000.00 in support for businesses affected. while the u.k. has europe's highest cover death toll belgium has the world's 2nd highest told population vera warning of a tsunami of new cases of his images as he saw directly at malta some up infections are doubling every 8 days and hospitalizations are doubling every 7 days on tuesday oct 13th we've reached 12051 new infections this figure is the highest figure ever late so far bars and restaurants across belgium are now shut for an entire month
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and a nighttime curfew starts on monday this restaurant owner says he understands the moves. the virus will keep spreading of people are not disciplined in some other countries people are behaving and they can see the end of the tunnel but here people are not disciplined and in italy they're also bringing in new measures including earlier closures for bars and restaurants and a push to increase working from home the aim is to avoid the need for a true lockdown across the continent rising numbers of coronavirus cases in hospital admissions a reigniting the debate over how far to close down society and for how long the teen barber al-jazeera human rights watch has released a video shows fighters from a group beating civilians and getting support from the military the leader of the group the end say has been on the run for more than a year welcome web reports. she is wanted by prosecutors in the
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democratic republic of congo. action recruiting child soldiers and the crime against humanity of rape he leads an armed group called n d c r its fighters are notorious for torturing and executing civilians they controlled a larger area than any other militia in eastern congo until the group split 3 months ago. some of the fighters surrendered to the government. remains at large in spite of a warrant for his arrest and it's widely believed that a lot of his weapons ammunition and uniforms have come from government army officers who supported him to fight other armed groups denies it and denies committing rights abuses then. the in d.c. does not have any collaboration with the congolese army when we're in confrontation with other armed groups we find heavy weapons ammunition and congolese military uniform. international rights group human rights watch has released videos that
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it says show otherwise they will film secretly by local residents this one appears to show details fighters collecting illegal taxes and shows people who can't pay being beaten. punishments a brutal for anyone who doesn't comply. one of the fighters says you know. and one of the armed groups commanders. and the congolese government soldier one with him and my family. you know well it is there. but some things have recently changed. deputies turned against him congo's army has been fighting him since.
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those who say there may be a certain collaboration between the army and we don't should bring evidence we are actually in military operations against gadhafi collaboration would be against the nature of our mission which is to track down all armed groups. of people in eastern congo have suffered in brutal conflicts for more than 20 years human rights watch says and army officers who supported him must be brought to justice malcolm webb al-jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera. changing the roles of the game new measures for the upcoming us presidential debates after the 1st one was dominated by interruptions and insults. guinea waits to see who will be its next leader we look at why many in the mineral rich country feel abandoned and cheated by their politicians.
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well the 1st snow has fallen from the plain states new england there is more to come this bit of dippy is quite cold we're down to single figures now as a minneapolis on tuesday will see sleet and then probably snow is fairly heavy as well but then heading out through ontario missing toronto toronto seas warming weather without rain on the frontal system and then behind it temps has risen a bit the sun's will come to work in minneapolis but if you're in montana or british columbia possibly even the higher bits via the ho or wyoming it is going to be still is going to feel like early winter hardly a surprise whereas the opposite is true of the hallways in florida significant rain seems likely late on monday than early on chooses drifting a bit west still might catch the keys but the harm is done to cuba this is an area of particular where it is i think on tuesday and probably on wednesday as well
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whereas the yucatan down towards mexico not too wet and to be down to for example nicaragua or beyond in south america has a season changes we see more significant and helpful rain in western brazil and then this significant frontal system that runs up well through the river plate which brings rain and then a drop in temperature. of . a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing. a simple time. inform us. the unconventionality of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on how to 0.
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you're watching our jazeera remind of our top stories this hour. president donald trump says he plans to take sudan off the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism it's on one condition and that it pays a $335000000.00 to american terror of actives and their families today that former leader omar al bashir was accused of supporting al qaida which carried out attacks on u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania in 1998. the u.s. is charged 6 former russian military officers what it calls destructive and
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disruptive global cyber attacks among the events talked it with the 2017 french presidential elections and the 2018 when 3. countries across europe are taking a merge and see action to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus poland's transforming its national stadium into a field hospital. heading back into short periods of low. the number of 'd coronavirus cases in argentina has now topped 1000000 the latin american country has seen cases increase despite one of the world's longest lockdowns colombia mexico and peru are all expected to confirm their one millionth infection in the coming weeks in brazil scientists say an experimental vaccine development china appears to be safe there are several trials on the way the data on how effective it is it won't be released until the trolls complete. when though
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trump and his democratic challenger joe biden face off in their final presidential debate on thursday they'll be facing new roles the decision comes after the 1st debate last monday descended into chaos with frequent interruptions by president trump and insults from joe biden mike hanna has more strictly speaking it's the same format and that is a 90 minute debate divided into 6 sections but what the change is is that each candidate will be given 2 minutes to speak at the beginning of each section and now the commission on presidential debates says the other candidates microphone will be switched off during those 2 minutes to stop all interruptions and then during the discussion that will follow a free discussion in each section any candidate that interrupts will have the time taken off him and given to the other candidate this just follows the absolute chaos
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that ensued in the 1st and only television debate between joe biden and president trump now the commission insisting that it has to take these safeguards to ensure that some form of debate does take place between the candidates early on in the day of the trump campaign sent the commission a letter saying that it object it to the fact that it was not focusing on foreign policy this particular debate it also described the commission as pro biden and also insisted that it would not accept the muting of microphones well the commission announced this change in rules after that and it doesn't appear that there's been any oppose all opposition to this particular fact so it appears that this debate will be going ahead according to this new formula in terms of which the candidates mikes will be switched off for the 1st 2 minutes while the other candidate is talking. the u.s. supreme court has declined a republican bed that would have limited the count a mail in ballots in the state of pennsylvania that means postal votes they can now
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be counted up to 3 days off to election day and the 3rd the top call was deadlocked on the issue there are currently only 8 justices on the bench following the death of ruth bader ginsburg the international red cross says a stable ceasefire is needed and they're gonna cut it back so it can help civilians the head of the agency says so far it's only been able to provide limited aid there are reports of shelling continues days off by john and armenia agreed to monetary and truce the latest fighting over the disputed region broke out 3 weeks ago. in armenia civilians are volunteering to help those on the front line for many the fighting is different from the war in the 1990 s. the challenge reports from the capital year of a. strip by strip not by not they're hoping to save lives the women and teenagers in this year around school are making camouflage netting to send to the front lines
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they're volunteers part of armenia's home front war efforts and there are scenes like this all across this small country restarted not far from everything is said faith itself a lot and a great source. of the cross because i want to stay here i don't want more. the further is there and it's obvious why everyone is affected by this war in some way here is a translator and teacher and asked her students who they knew at the front there this one i think this. brothers fathers uncles cousins friends childhood friends colleagues and every day. we come to class their eyes are red my friend and my brother that if we had run over one of my students days that although they insist on media wants peace and will ultimately be victorious there's a sense here that things aren't going well people in armenia are aware the conflict has changed since the war of 1990 s.
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many of see those videos of drawings picking off groups of young soldiers i don't even know whether these nets can protect their troops against such things but they are hoping. armenia and azerbaijan are supposed to be respecting a humanitarian ceasefire but azerbaijan's president said on monday that is very forces had regained 13 villages near the azerbaijan iran border from armenian control and azerbaijan said armenia shelled a factory in the town of terror well beyond the new corner karabakh line of conflict hopes for peace rose late on monday when a leader and armenia's prime minister nicolas passion agreed in principle to meet in moscow. but the fight over nagorno-karabakh has deep roots nora moratti arm is one of many armenian artists raising money for the disputed region by selling their work. during the 1st war my sons were small 10 to 11 years old now
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they are mature men and now motherland is still in the same fatal situation i'm an optimist but when evil wants to empty our home even i sometimes lose my optimism azerbaijan says it's fighting to expel armenia from azeri land on mean years says it's fighting to protect ethnically armenian nagorno-karabakh either way most say there's more fighting to be done. al-jazeera your of. the united nations world food program is warning of catastrophic levels of hunger and because in parts of the. niger unless a groups of asian access violence and insecurity in the central so hell region of west africa has pushed the millions into acute hunger the number of internally displaced people has risen to nearly 1600000 so if you come to. an arrangement already fragile situation because it exacerbating natural disasters
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to raging crisis you see. there is. this region face 4 'd or 6 years humanitarian crisis in the years to come if we don't continue to build our response military and development assistance. guinea's electoral body has dismissed the main opposition candidates claim a victory in the presidential election. says he won even the official results on expected several days jailors the main challenger to the income from alpha condé is running for a 3rd term as nicolas hack reports whoever wins will lead a poor country with a wealth of natural resources. on the edge of guinea's capital an old man is mourning his land gone are the mahogany trees the rare species of chimpanzees and the home that his father and grandfathers were born in instead there is industrial
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extraction of bauxite feeding the world's insatiable appetite for a mineral used to build planes drink cans or i phones remembers the welcoming smile of the mining company officials who accompanied with armed security forces told him to leave his home they gave him the equivalent of a $1000.00 in cash for a piece of land twice the size of new york city's central park he's now displaced unemployed and out of money. they've taken away my dignity i've been robbed of my farmland and my identity i feel powerless pay rent here i'm homeless or come to the city hoping to find opportunities. where the largest reserve bank site in the world of mining companies such as the. aluminum co the. group resources and russia roussel are making billions of dollars in profit from a country where most people live on less than $2.00
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a day. problem is in terms of governance in terms of management there the big gap between what they could expect from the sector and what data getting at the moment i think should be one of those we could have in west africa if they. needed a mineral resources on sunday gideon's went to the polls to vote for the country's next president after a bitterly fought campaign where incumbent condé and other candidates fermented ethnic tension rather than address skinny's economic failure opposition candidates who accuses the 82 year old president of corruption and mismanaging public funds believes he won the race. in spite of the anomalies that marred to badly on sunday and in view of the results that came out of the ballot boxes i'm victorious in this election in the 1st round but alpha condé has yet to accept defeat caught in the
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middle of this tussle for power are given despite feeling abandoned by their political leaders still hope for the opportunity of a better life. nicholas hawke al-jazeera iran's defense minister says the ending of the us is an important economic opportunity for the country it was lifted off to 13 years on sunday as part of the 2015 nuclear deal with those in the exclusive interview with al-jazeera. said taro and it wants to develop its military agreements with countries like russia and china but also wants to focus on ensuring stability as well. we have important military relations with russia china and other countries and we also have agreements with moscow in order to develop our air system and air forces were very careful not to launch an arms race that could turn the region into a barrel of gunpowder we are ready to sign military and security treaties with gulf states for stability in the region. dozens of u.s.
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politicians are calling on agents president to release jell journalists and critics of his regime they say prisoners lives are at risk because of crying a virus outbreaks in overcrowded and dangerous conditions laura benignly reports. activists journalists and lawyers are among the thousands of prisoners in egyptian jails moved to how flimsy challenges for challenging president abdel fattah theses regime in that is to him 56 members of congress criticize the unjust attention of egyptians for exercise now fundamental human rights. he's accused of locking up his critics and notoriously overcrowded and dangerous presence the american politicians are urging sisi to free all political prisoners mourning the continued imprisonment risks death due to covered $900.00 outbreaks in jails the politician class the highlights the frustration in both chambers of congress and
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what they call theses glaring human rights violations it's not the only way to achieve accountability a lot of the people who are on the ground in egypt they are trying to build solidarity with their peers outside the country and this is one of the things that this letter this is all wrong is that they are the practice of taking family members and friends and inside egypt who are working was all related to people outside egypt as political hosts this is not acceptable. egypt's government is crackdown on dissent in fisi let the military coup 7 years ago which depends democratically elected president mohamed morsi the last in may prove problematic for don't trump a full his reelection bid next month he's repeatedly shown support for sisi once referring to him i think favorite dictator the us president has so far been falling
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into about abuses under 53 leadership. al-jazeera jana's mom the same is one of the many jailed he's been held for nearly 4 years without charge after his arrest and $26.00 while on a personal family visit al-jazeera is urging the egyptian government to immediately release all detained journalists more about the man the al-jazeera. or at best is ours and these are the top stories. president donald trump says he plans to take sudan off the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism it's on the condition that it pays $335000000.00 to american tara victims and their families sudan's president abdullah 100 has welcomed the decision and says it will open doors for the country
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they logans in khartoum she says the agreement is a milestone for sudan. something that means a lot to sudanese government because the country has been cut off from foreign.


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