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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2020 5:00am-5:31am +03

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ringback security forces open fire on protesters in nigeria millions are under curfew up to demonstrations against police brutality turn violence. no i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha also ahead seeking justice for jamal high shoji through a u.s. court is he on say soon saudi arabia's crown prince accusing him of ordering the journalists killing. taking on a tech giant the u.s.
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government files a lawsuit against google accusing it of using illegal practices to squeeze out the competition. in a complete look they're clean. and searching for the secrets of life a nasa spacecraft lands on an asteroid. nigeria's biggest city is in a 24 hour lockdown and millions of people are under curfew across the country. the drastic move follows a chaotic turn in days of protests over police were tallied security forces shot at crowds in lagos and there are reports several people have been killed amnesty international says it happened as they try to disperse demonstrate is a major. reports. oh. just hours after curfew came
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into effect the security forces started moving it. i believe he told gate in lagos several different witnesses recorded footage of what appeared to be security personnel shooting at protesters who are blocking a major highway a number of people want to put it killed. it began as peaceful protest to demand an end to police brutality. and for 2 weeks the government struggled but failed to come protest as. their demands among others include far reaching reforms of the police and the prosecution of officers accused of extrajudicial killings torture and disappearances not yours going through things we have been protests in we have not had any reasonable results which is what we want out to come if not you know. why now i'm really listening to does he was running. every day
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yeah yeah i don't buy that they don't want to and i think roy well you know i believe these well i'm going to do. and see the lawmakers are lining up behind some of the protesters demands i will not sign off on the 2021 budget that does does not include full visions to compensate those who have suffered violence i'm fatality other counsel to police in nigeria in the last decade which means the country's 2021 budget could be. on monday protest as blockaded international airport lagos nigeria has busiest. the same day these images appeared of prisoners among them violent criminals escaping went to prison. or typed. the prison authorities say nearly 2000 prisoners have escaped more warring is the looting of the armory in the correction facility here in nearly
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2 dozen caused one destroyed already states have started enforcing $24.00 confused among them the financial capital lagos which is also home to the country's busiest ports. this could mean more trouble coming already in a porsche. the president of the senate has also the president to address the nation to calm the situation but it's not clear if that will be enough to keep the protest this. is my last. special assistant to nigeria's president he believes the government will offer solutions to the protests as great. if you take of the holistic look at all the demands that were just made lolly demands you know i didn't you know very articulate at the manse the sound that needs to be done and i think government on its own part we're not one part we need to show more commitment to to to do with this issues those
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that are used to be dealt with in the backs and the vote patterns of inquiries across all the states i think substance of status and them of those articles to. the constitutional powers of state governments to do that and i think often sit on legal status that just that's not built and the members of those panels need to be mentioned young people need be not need to be part of those panels. and then as we move on beyond used to be offices in the police force or 'd in this case of what happened tonight we truly you know the army i involved the army people should be you know brought out mean and the prosecution process would have to begin and all the. government. get back the government would have to implement that commitment to be able to meet in the doughs for medium term a long jump there's a process event and we should be given the public weekly or monthly update on
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what's going on that we should have a committee set up for monitoring and evaluation to make sure that all the promises that government has made can be followed through and can be seen to be implemented as time goes on in other world news the fiancee a sane saudi journalist so in the confines of saudi arabia the last accuses monic been someone of ordering his killing shepparton saving points. the 7 count civil complaint is being filed in washington d.c. against saudi crown prince mohammed bin soma and 28 other saudi nationals it alleges that the defendants formulated a conspiracy to lure journalist jamal khashoggi from the us and then kidnapped drugged torture and dismembered him at the saudi consulate in istanbul in october of 2018. 1 made being found long mordred him he i want the truth we be no please don't sponsible the budget we want to hold truth.
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and we want accountability the lawsuit has 2 primary goals to have a u.s. court make a determination that muhammad been salma is directly responsible for murder and finally to reveal what intelligence governments around the world possess about the plot you absolutely want to get this country 1st and foremost not only from saudi arabia but also from the united states who lead the documents and recordings that are pertinent to this case because she agrees with those as the ultimate goal is to prevent the crown prince's accession to the throne no one behind if last gruesome murder sure have any role in becoming more not like robert and some of the law is ordering. the case has been declared closed in saudi arabia following the conviction of 8 unnamed defendants in september legal experts suggest that the civil suit may face complications in the u.s. especially as long as the queues remain outside the country however at the very
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least it may make the crown prince reluctant to travel to the united states for now she ever fancy al-jazeera sourly awaits and is executive director of democracy for the arab world now it's a human rights organization that because shoji founded and has jointly find that lawsuit against the saudi crown prince. we seek damages under one claims act the torture victims section act as well as for tortious interference with surrounds contract with dawn what we hope to accomplish is a measure of justice and a measure of countability and a verdict that will clearly hold muhammad in some manner and his coconspirators liable for this murder well based on the evidence that we all know and understand and we are hopeful because so far the judiciary remains an instrument of body in our country and not subject to trump suit an audience and the sorts of measures you
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might seek to pull in. the trial that took place in saudi arabia against some low level salary of fissile ziplock created in the crime was as concluded by the u.n. special approach your own executional executions a sham the saudi government tried to lay on some low level officials for these crimes without holding or even indicting the main culprits the architects of the mohammed bin some and some of the god only and general assyrian this is why resort to trial and force is inadequate and of course was an unfair trial. has been described as the most aggressive u.s. legal challenge against a tech company in decades the justice department has filed a lawsuit against google it accuses a firm of using its rocket power to keep a monopoly over search engines and advertising the complaint say is google pays billions of dollars to phone manufacturers and browsers to keep it as their default
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search engine a company says a suit is the be fraud that i imagine a c.e.o. and co-founder of connect safely dot org a nonprofit organization focusing on online privacy and security he believes google will face a strong defense. i think one argument that they might make is to go back to 2000 i'm sorry go back in 1998 when microsoft was on the hot seat for a very similar charges and i remember specifically bill gates speaking of congress saying you know some other company could come along and unseat us and indeed that very year a to graduate students from stanford were in a garage here in palo alto building google which actually did overshadow microsoft when it came to the internet so i suspect that's the argument they'll make and i suspect the common argument will be made that that google controls the entire android platform it dominates search and that it promotes its own products and it
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makes it difficult for other companies to compete either with search or with internet advertising there's a lot of both a legal and a political war going on between washington and silicon valley but this is a very specific lawsuit issued by the justice department claiming google is exercising monopoly power over search and over internet advertising so there is probably by far part of some support for this battle i mean the trump administration that has their gripes against google but so do democrats so i suspect this will be vigorously prosecuted and even if joe biden were to win the election i wouldn't be surprised if his justice department continued the suit still ahead on al jazeera muslims in front say they feel they're being targeted after the teacher was beheaded for showing the wrong tools of the prophet muhammad. to be biden. and probably for me it would be john household's smith says presidential contenders take the fight of the white house to the suburbs.
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hello was a nice quiet time there a moment struck china the korean peninsula and japan the might look like a little cloud around to you but this is a seasonal rowing going offshore and this is in coming winter a long way north now will develops around it but the immediate future unless you're in the northeast of china the korean peninsula the west of japan enjoy a bit of quiet sunshine without much of a breeze let's go a long way west to find the rain picking up for example in you know in china but having shows how close winter is we draw from 16 to 6 between wednesday and thursday as high temperatures and there is rain heading into western japan by that time but the real weather isn't actually immediately in the philippines trussing
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news on that's tropical psycho causing a lot of potential damage in a matter of razor flash flooding landslide but not the amount of wind storm itself will build up to become a proper tropical storm in the south china sea on wednesday and thursday and head towards the vietnamese coast south of all that there are some pretty big showers around for parts of thailand some cambodia and some vietnam and malaysia and indonesia a good scattering a big thunderstorm but because of this i suspect if you're in java those showers are pretty well spaced. but. he began it moved and agreeing to stay here i got shot i fall down i felt like i was that the documentary filmmaker wants granted unconditional newsline contrasts his experiences with those seeking refuge today and intimate you know what the consequences of the east policies are detained is really unnecessary
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all this misery they cannot absorb this number that people have to suffer and in this way it is a lot of them are refugees 10 and on into sierra. the in. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera very forces that nigerian security forces have shot at protesters in lagos it's one of several seasons where careful is in place after days of demonstrations against police brutality turned violent they say of murders in saudi journalist shoji is suing the crown prince of saudi arabia the civil lawsuit was filed in the u.s. it accused of ahmed in salman of ordering
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a shorty's killing he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in 28. and the u.s. justice department has filed a competition lawsuit against google saying it may need to be broken up the claim alleges a tech company uses its market power to preserve a monopoly over a search engine sent advertising. france's president emmanuel mccoy is shutting down a pro hamas group he says is directly implicated in the murder of a teacher on friday sami and patty was killed after showing his crass cartoons of the prophet mohammad during a lesson on freedom of speech and the morial march has been taking place in paris andrew symonds reports. death of the french. decapitated in broad daylight. with cameras. political reaction to the murder of history teacher. is anything but quiet.
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to the same to the national members of the french parliament gathered then a minute's silence. afterwards came this proclamation. we are united standing undetermined to fight the instigator of this murder because the mr samuel party lies the france that is republican and humanist that was cravenly under trying to tact. emanuel macron the french president has ordered a crackdown on muslim organizations they do not even as of tomorrow at the cabinet meeting we will dissolve the shake you see in collective directly implicated in the attack more decisions against associations and groups of individuals who follow in the coming days and weeks determination is complete the acts will happen the republic needs them. here worshippers at a mosque that's been closed down by the interior minister who claims its leaders shared an online video saying samuel parties should be intimidated he says they
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also shared the address of his school a part of the room from the moment someone relays a video you should chase him not the mosque not a whole community. protests against what the government has described as muslim extremism followed parties death. he had been killed by an 18 year old of chechen origin who was shot dead by police. earlier this month muslim parents objected after the teacher had shown cartoons of the prophet mohammed in a lesson about freedom of expression the images were 1st shown by the satirical magazine charlie hebdo and that led to a wave of attacks in 2015 what's happening in paris right now is causing more divisiveness along with fears that political leaders called a 0 tolerance to islamic extremism will escalate into more violence in both communities andrew simmons al-jazeera. the united nations has
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secured $1700000000.00 in international aid for the troubled region of africa the great does were made during a virtual meeting of several donor nations asya which runs along the southern edge of the sahara desert takes in nations including mali the share and booking a fossil both eisel and al-qaeda are active in the fast and remote area which has suffered what the u.n. calls and that alarming deterioration this crises has deep origins climate change rapid population growth struggles to find enough resources for people to sustain their livelihoods conflicts and into that space coming terrorists and extremists and the only way to change the course sees really to deal with the causes of this program say people may differ livelihoods to make a way through the changing times we need more education health warton sanitation
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services and we need to have effective responses to the presence of the terrorist new extremists from a military response wheaties doing a much better job out knocking off and protecting the needs of what reason millions and he's not going to you know where they reach kind of a pace and adds to the. so the suffering will receive the ns the u.n. secretary general says he stands ready to help gulf countries east tensions in the region speaking during a security council debate on tonio terry said he hopes crises ranging from the war in yemen to the ongoing dispute between katayama g.c.c. members can be sold soon in 2017 saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain in egypt imposed lancy an advocate on qatar they accused of supporting terrorism rejects those allegations. the covered $1000.00 pandemic now and
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across europe countries are imposing tougher restrictions as they record a steep rise in cases are being considered in parts of italy and spain while millions of people in the u.k. will move into the strictest level of force on friday but as reports the political handling of the move is causing anger after protracted negotiations and recriminations almost $3000000.00 more people in england are set to come under the highest level of restrictions given the public health situation i must now proceed with moving great amounts as i say to the very high level because not to act would put manchester's n.h.s. and the lives of many of manchester's residents at risk regional mayor andy burnham insists johnson's government walked away from talks even after local leaders compromised on the financial support package they'd accept the people whose workplace is shut down you are asking people to do
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a big thing and you can't do that without fully supporting them through that and doing it on the cheap but guys were it seems to me they were trying to do the whatever it takes moment earlier this year has completely gone they still get what we'll give you and that is an acceptable in the middle of a national crisis like a pandemic. the u.k. is clearly in dangerous territory it's just recorded more than 21000 new cases the highest daily figure so far and the devolved government in wales is bringing in a so-called fire break locked down on friday for 17 days the u.k. is also planning to carry out human challenge studies in trials that could start in january up to 90 healthy people will be exposed to cover 19 the aim is to speed up the arrival of a vaccine in italy the government's ruling out a national lockdown despite new cases reaching a new record at the weekend but the southern campania region plans to introduce a nighttime curfew from the coming weekend following a similar decision by the northern region of lombardy which was hardest hit by the
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initial outbreak the. prime minister just epic antti was hosting his spanish counterpart petro sun said roman tuesday sanchez is still considering imposing a curfew on the spanish capital madrid and possibly beyond stand most and this man has given us here we have very tough weeks ahead and winter is coming the 2nd wave is no longer a threat it's a reality in all of europe. russia has now seen a daily record of more than 16000 new cases of the covered 1000 death toll has risen to almost 25000 in moscow they've already opened temporary hospitals and introduce measures such as taking 2nd reschooling teaching online the city's mayor says there's no need for tougher restrictions but as the whole of europe is finding out situations can change fast knitting al-jazeera brazil says it will include china china rock vaccine in its national immunization program this comes as one of
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the country's leading by medical research center said corona of aqua safe after carrying out face 3 tests a todos vaccine is being used in a trial involving 9000 volunteers and national vaccination campaign begins next january. police in colombia and soldiers are beefing up security on the border with venezuela to stop the latest surge of migrants looking for a better life as a. force on the colombian city of cocoa tar hundreds of venezuelans are desperately trying to reach the other side any way they can. colombian police and soldiers on an impossible mission to block desperate venezuelans crossing illegally into the country. for more entry points have been closed for months to stem the spread of coronavirus oakland best in trails are everywhere. as economies reopen across the continent a new flood of venezuelans is fleeing misery and hunger at home and inflicts so torrie it made became to control this is really fishy it's very difficult
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especially during dry months when they can cross almost anywhere the border has way too many homes. 5000 migrants entered colombia in just 10 days many paying belittled they had left to criminal gangs who profit from smuggling gasoline drugs and people on the trails. the plows family had returned to venezuela at the height of the pandemic now they're trying to make it back to colombia's capital to look for work and food. we will continue working with whatever help we can find food a lift anything that helps us and for us in normal circumstances this bridge would see almost 40000 people crossing on a daily basis now it's totally empty and the colombian government was planning to reopen the border between the 2 countries on november 1st but now fearing a massive influx of venezuela and migrants into colombia saying it cannot reopen
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like on this unit the conditions are not in place to reopen and address the migration crisis it could be the most critical phase of the past 5 years and we must assess our capacity to attend to them as. when we already have 2000000 venezuelans in the country a close border is also impacting venezuelans who have lost work and are trying to go home their numbers have decreased in recent weeks some 900 so still sheltered daily in socially distanced camps in this way less allowing less than 200 enter on any given day the u.n. refugee agency says migrants are facing even worse humanitarian conditions then before defend them ik i guess we need to respond to the reality on the ground it would be an error not to address these growing needs where working with the government to generate that response. from the swelling crisis was already one of the worst in the world depend pushing migrants and those struggling to help closer
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to the breaking point listen to them and just. but the u.s. presidential election just 2 weeks away donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden are trying to win over the undecided voters and they also have their eye on those who live in the suburbs where kate 6 rain 2016 and he came close to winning minnesota from white john hendren reports. of the suburbs were rolling lawns lead to expensive homes where scenic views meet shops quaint and common close to culture far enough from squalor idyllic havens of safety and middle income splendor but don't let the leafy tranquility fool you divisions here run deep these are the battlegrounds where the u.s. election will be decided. in suburban minnesota
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a short commute from minneapolis george floyd's death under a police officer's need led to raucous protests that divided a nation in many households. and probably for me it would be trying i like the idea of a republican socialism and that seems to be the direction of the democrats and i think character is an important quality and. i think also we need someone who can unify and not divide it why president donald trump seeks to instill fear into the suburban heart if you elected this guy the suburbs would be overwhelmed with violence and crime and why joe biden is striking back how many suburbs will be burned in wildfires how many suburban neighborhoods will have been flooded out how many suburbs will have been blown away. super storms. here one voter's crisis of law and order is another's calamity of social injustice and i
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have 100 percent support for the protesters and i've been doing my best to stay as active and be as involved as i can with it when trump won the suburbs in 2016 he won the election the math of midwestern battleground states is pretty simple the city is lean heavily toward democrats the rural areas lean heavily toward republicans most of these states will be decided in the suburbs the battlegrounds within the battleground states in pennsylvania michigan and wisconsin trump won the suburbs and narrowly won those states he won the suburbs here outside minneapolis to narrowly lost this state but there are signs of trouble for trump here white women friends and college educated women. in many ways so a lot of the suburbs. overall they are moving away at least. here in the land of 10000 lakes trump is now lagging biden in the polls but trump supporters know he
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also leg hillary clinton in minnesota in 2016 before nearly pulling off an upset victory john hendren was a minnesota. nasa scientists have pulled off a delicate maneuver in landing a space probe onto a moving asteroid 320000000 kilometers away from that it's only the 2nd time it's been done a probe briefly touched down on the surface of the bennett asteroid with the goal of scooping up a few handfuls off the last 10 pebbles from the set face mike wallace is a senior writer with space dot com he says a mission could have understand how life began on. the roots of pretty amazing technological feats and all of this was done by the strobe by itself you know it's today it's far too far away to be controlled in this sort of real time by its hand those here on earth so it it basically did this all by itself out there of judging whether it was safe to go down and then it was it was more of like
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a kiss than like a landing at basically it has this this like sampling head on the end of a long robotic arm and it just came down and pushed that against the asteroid rubble and then touched it for about 10 seconds and then sort of back slowly away from the asteroid so it's pretty pretty amazing one of the big goals just basically i mean it did like these sorts of asteroids are sort of left over just just like building blocks from the big chunks that that belong together to actually make earth and the other planets long ago so if you study what they're made of like really precisely you can kind of learn a lot about what what the early solar system looked like how the planets came together and so on but that as i was just just kind of mentioning that there are a lot of scientists who think that that getting pummeled by and lots of asteroids like these 2 long ago actually brought a lot of water to worth and a lot of liquor get molecules that help life get going here on earth so yeah actually looking to see what these asteroids are made of and and like how many a sort of like are going to compensate on their surface couldn't form.


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