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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2020 11:00am-11:31am +03

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i want you to. defeat is the terrible china virus as we call it there is no place for hate in america well i'm feeling great out of about you worry is not a political statement it's a scientific recommendation the final presidential t.v. debate live on al jazeera. shots fired during protests in nigeria against the government and police brutality several people have reportedly been killed. hello i'm adrian forget this is al jazeera life and also coming up at least 12 women are killed in a stampede in afghanistan after thousands of people gathered to apply for visas to pakistan. from handy search told a global monopoly the u.s.
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justice department plays out its case against google. and a nasa spacecraft grabs a handful of cosmic rubble from an asteroid to bring back to us. the jury and protest leaders say that they will not be intimidated demonstrators were shot at a rally in lagos security forces deny any involvement the videos of men in uniform firing at protesters are beginning to emerge several people are reported to been killed thousands of turned out to rally for a 12th day against police brutality a 24 hour curfew has been imposed in lagos how does it as a bit address reports. just hours after curfew came into effect the security forces started moving. i believe he told gate in lagos several different witness. this recorded footage of what appeared to be security
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personnel shooting at protesters who are blocking a major highway a number of people want to put it killed. it began as peaceful protest to demand an end to police brutality. and for 2 weeks the government struggled but failed to come protest as their demands among others include far reaching reforms of the police on the prosecution of officers accused of extra judicial killings torture and disappearances not care is going through it says we have been protest in we have not had any reasonable results which is what we want out why are we to come and address it not by me but you know it's all user conduct network admin i'm not really listening to his does he wasn't on any. time you crying every day so not the guy yeah yeah i voice i don't buy that i don't want to know i said roy but yes i believe these well i've been going through yet. and senior lawmakers are
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lining up behind some of the protesters demands i will not sign off. on the 2021 budget that does not does not include full visions to compensate those who have suffered the lives i'm fertility other than sort of police in nigeria in the last decade which means the country's 2021 budget could be delayed on monday in protest as blockaded move to the mohammed international airport lagos nigeria is busiest. the same day these images appeared of prisoners among them violent criminals escaping went to prison. or typed. the prison or thought you say nearly 2000 prisoners have escaped more warring is the looting of the armory in the correction facility here in nearly 2 dozen cause one destroyed already states have started enforcing 24 hour confused among them the financial capital lagos which is also home to the country's busiest ports. this could mean more trouble for coming
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already in a poor shape. the president of the senate has asked the president to address the nation to calm the situation but it's not clear if that will be enough to placate the protesters. let's go live now to a man who joins us from. the morning after with lagos still in that 24 hour lockdown of millions of people across the country and curfew what's the situation. well there were reporters skirmishes some scattered incidents in lagos basically i think between security forces and some protestors or residents of lagos for most part of lagos things seem to be calm for now although like i said earlier there were some reported incidents in lagos or one idea of course chaotic. incidents have happened since the initial shooting at laiki tollgate however.
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quitely return commonly returning to normal now in lagos state here in a buddha although there is no curfew but you sense that feeling of people wanted to stay at home so most of the streets are a bit thinner than i usually ahd this hour of the day in ocean state in on though things a bit calmer some states of already imposed curfews 24 hour curfew so far we have about 4 or 5 states and from the look of things some most states in nigeria are going to impose curfews if not for at least for longer duration of the day the fear is that these protests may spread already they have already spread to many parts of the country or in most parts of the country but the main fear is that they could go violent ok what are we to make of the denial of involvement in the deaths of protests yesterday by security forces despite the fact that pictures
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have emerged showing men firing at protesters. while the military said its for. its forces or troops are not involved in the shooting are what we see is that there are pictures of men in uniform in this country for example it's a crime to wear a comb of life and some of these people who are seen with. with with guns or firing at protesters were in fact wary security forces uniforms so it's hard to believe that some of them at least not members of the forces. some of the protesters when you talk to them they tell you that. a few hours before the shooting there was directives that policemen should be on the streets days before the curfew in lagos we also heard from the military saying that they are going to
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conduct military exercises although they insisted it has nothing to do with the ongoing protests the military has issued a statement that its forces were not involved in the yesterday's approaches but protesters incensed that they were security forces involved police and military or paramilitary organizations apart from that we've also seen how some new teams went on in places like lagos we also saw how some police as stablish menzel police institutions are those have been attacked some have been destroyed some of been burnt at customs point for example mia at the border we've seen how protesters raided that post and carted away seized contraband goods that include rice so talk to the protesters on the streets of nigeria they will insist that they are not violent but they insist that the security forces and vote in the latest
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killings and make those are serious of address reporting live from the budget of the penny thanks indeed. at least 12 women have been killed in a stampede in afghanistan they gathered with thousands of other people in a stadium in jalalabad to apply for visas to pakistan the pakistani consulate started to issue visas again last week after a 7 month course because of the coronavirus pandemic let's go live to kabul and philly account for you can hopefully get to the small what more do we know about what was happening why were these people gathered at a stadium for visas. adrian and from what we know like you said the stampede happened at a stadium near the pakistan consulate in jalalabad where afghans normally gather to collect a token so then they can apply for their visas at the consulate for travel to pakistan and it's a lot of people but locals tell us that what happened yesterday there were rumors
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that started circulating on social media that today the consulate would give out more visas than usual and as a result a lot more people than what we normally gather about stadio showed up over $3000.00 people so with all these people when the gates opened and they were supposed to come in and start the process they started rushing in and that's how the deadly stampede happened adrian why so many people wanting to apply for visas to get out of afghanistan. well 1st of all pakistan adriane is one of only of a handful of countries to where afghans can apply and get a visa to travel to the afghan passport has been continuously ranking as the worst in the world so afghans are pretty much trapped here and a lot of them have to travel to pakistan and other neighboring countries for medical reasons and that's why a lot of the victims in that stampede have been people they go to hospitals here
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and so what doctors tell them all they can do is just refer them for treatment to pakistan a lot of them also they have families here pakistan has been hosting hundreds of thousands of afghan refugees throughout the year so they want to go and meet their families but the most important thing is is that they want to go there for medical reasons and that's something that you also see outside the pakistan embassy here in kabul where every morning hundreds of people gather a lot of them are sick some of them have to spend their entire night outside the embassy just to be able and get in the morning so all this shows how desperate adrian are these people are to get those visas and travel to pakistan from your country reporting live there from kabul for many thanks indeed 25 afghan security forces have been killed over 5 wounded in attacks by the taliban it happened inter car province taliban has intensified attacks in the last few weeks even as peace talks continue with the afghan government in doha more protests are planned in
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sudan as the economy there deteriorates but the government says that it has been is to pay $350000000.00 to the united states in order to be removed from its list of states that sponsor terrorism which is here as malcolm webb reports. it was on this street 22 years ago that douglas city ballet was driving to work it was just outside the american embassy here in kenya's capital nairobi then it was attacked 1st with grenades and then a truck bomb that's when the huge blast went from bad b. i have never seen later be a good again by. douglas was one of thousands who suffered horrific injuries like him many had their faces cut and lost their eyesight because of flying shards of glass now there's a memorial park at the american embassy one the names of the people who were killed
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or engraved in stone in 5 b.m.'s the building was at the front it was damaged in the attack but the building behind with completely destroyed with many people inside most of those who were injured or killed in the attack with kenyans who just happened to be nearby at the time. u.s. embassy in neighboring tanzania was bombed at the same time al-qaeda claimed responsibility for those attacks the u.s. accused sudanese president omar al bashir of supporting the group and enabling the attacks saddam was already on america's list of state sponsors of terror since 1993 bashir was eventually overthrown following popular protests last year. sudan's new government desperately needs reprieve from american economic sanctions its negotiated terms for its removal from the terror list with u.s. president donald trump the agreement includes compensation for employees of the
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u.s. government who were killed and injured in the attacks by all the activity but nothing for people like. he was working in a bank across the road from the nairobi embassy when it was bombed he says he was lucky to survive a shrapnel wound in his neck. he chairs an association of hundreds of others who were injured many of them so severely they could never work again down. to. give people. so now it will be leave. the country then that is the wrong. human being. for all. douglas and ali has spent the last 20 years campaigning for compensation under the new agreement between the governments of the
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us. no closer to getting it malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. got a weather update next then rewriting the war of the land what other countries from its constitutional referendum governments across europe tightening restrictions as they battle over the 2nd wave of the coronavirus. hello has been flooding in the last 24 hours in western europe in 2 places in particular that storm system went through arland cloud went through portugal now those to resolve themselves the storm systems no longer as tight and the cloud has moved east through spain and into france but it left its mark but a flooding in portugal and amusing flooding i think you'll find in cork this is
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coke city center would be about floating down in the water anyway as a whole even at the heavy rain today is like to be in england and that's moving up towards denmark southern sweden and finland in the next 2 days there is some more cloud and rain coming to porch go just not quite as heavy as it was taking you to thursday and things seem to be even quieter but there's an interesting draw of this southerly meaning much of central europe has become warmer and warmer you look at munich yesterday berlin's the same story the average for that is about 12 degrees in october this october we'll see 20 on thursday only slightly dropping by the end of the week now the rain that's coming through portugal has gone but there's more class coming in so catching morocco gives you 2 days of fairly significant rain i think throughout morocco.
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to he not global community we are our biggest opposition elbow but the whole the whole chris is the worst possible of looks like the part of the debate issue in each he can jump into the conversation right away when no topic is off the table they're not afraid of anyone taking power we just go and what isn't used in the world uses 3 talking richer and the poor getting poorer it's not kill the story the system it's just to look at the system and adapt it to a modern world this street on out is the era. this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour my jury and protest
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leaders say that they won't be intimidated if the demonstrators were shot at a rally in lagos security forces deny any involvement the videos are emerging of men in uniform firing at crowds. at least 12 women have been killed in a stampede in the afghan city of jalalabad they were among thousands who gathered at the pakistani consulate to apply for visas. sudan's government says that has transferred $350000000000.00 in compensation to the united states that's in order to be removed from its list of states that sponsor terrorism. the us a c. nearly 300000 more people die this year than it usually would the centers for disease control and prevention says that at least 2 thirds of these excess deaths are due to the coronavirus pandemic it says that black and hispanic americans are disproportionately affected and that covert 19 related deaths are likely higher than official numbers cathay pacific is cutting nearly a quarter of its workforce nearly $6000.00 employees will lose their jobs mostly in
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hong kong where the airline is based the company will also close down its regional airline carriers incomes have been decimated by travel bans and border closures due to the coronavirus. spain is nearing a 1000000 corona virus infections with france close behind governments across europe have been reimposing restrictions as they struggle with a 2nd wave manchester and northern england is among those facing new rules after a political fight zeros the barber reports. after protracted negotiations and recriminations almost 3000000 more people in england are set to come under the highest level of restrictions given the public health situation i must now proceed with moving greater manchester as i say to the very high alert level because not to act would put manchester's n.h.s. and the lives of many of manchester's residents at risk regional mayor andy burnham
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insists johnson's government walked away from talks even after local leaders compromised on the financial support package they'd accept the people whose workplace is shut down you are asking people to do a big thing and you can't do that without fully supporting them through that and doing it on the cheap but that is what it seems to me they were trying to do the whatever it takes moment early this year has completely gone it's you'll get what we'll give you and that is an acceptable in the middle of a national crisis like a pandemic. the u.k. is clearly in dangerous territory it's just recorded more than 21000 new cases the highest daily figure so far and the devolved government in wales is bringing in a so-called fire break lock down on friday for 17 days the u.k. is also planning to carry out human challenge studies in trials that could start in january up to 90 healthy people will be exposed to cover 19 the aim is to speed up the arrival of a vaccine in italy the government's ruling out
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a national lockdown despite new cases reaching a new record at the weekend but the southern campania region plans to introduce a nighttime curfew from the coming weekend following a similar decision by the northern region of lombardy which was hardest hit by the initial outbreak. prime minister gers epic antti was hosting his spanish counterpart pedro sanchez in rome and tuesday sanchez is still considering imposing a curfew on the spanish capital madrid and possibly beyond its time or so and this man has given us here we have very tough weeks ahead and winter is coming the 2nd wave is no longer a threat it's a reality in all of europe. russia has now seen a daily record of more than 16000 new cases in the covered 900 death toll has risen to almost 25000 in moscow they've already opened temporary hospitals and introduce measures such as taking 2nd rescore teaching online the city's mayor says there's no need for tougher restrictions but as the whole of europe is finding out
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situations can change fast knitting barber al jazeera. france's president emmanuel mccraw will be among the attending a memorial later on wednesday for a murdered teacher samuel party was to capitated on friday after showing his class cartoons of the prophet mohammed during a lesson on freedom of speech the government is now cracking down on some muslim groups andrew simmons reports. a march in silence to mourn the death of a french schoolteacher stabbed indicate it in broad daylight in a suburb of paris yet political reaction to the murder of history teacher. is anything but quiet. to the sound of the national anthem members of the french parliament gathered then a minute's silence afterwards came this proclamation. we are united standing undetermined to fight the instigator of this murder because the
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mr samuel party lies the france that is republican and humanist that was cravenly under 12 attacked. emanuel macron the french president has ordered a crackdown on muslim organizations they do not want to be as of tomorrow at the cabinet meeting we will dissolve the shake you see in collective directly implicated in the attack more decisions against associations and groups of individuals who follow in the coming days and weeks determination is complete the acts will happen at the republic needs them. here worshippers at a mosque that's being closed down by the interior minister who claims its leaders shared an online video saying some you should be intimidated he says they also shared the address of his school a part of the moment from the moment someone relays a video not the mosque not a whole community. protests against what the government has described as muslim
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extremism followed petty's death. he had been killed by an 18 year old of chechen origin who was shot dead by police. earlier this month muslim parents objected after the teacher had shown cartoons of the prophet mohammed in a lesson about freedom of expression the images were 1st shown by the satirical magazine charlie hebdo and that led to a wave of attacks in 2015 what's happening in paris right now is causing more divisiveness along with fears that political leaders call as 0 tolerance to islamic extremism will escalate into more violence in both communities andrew simmons al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general says that he is ready to help gulf countries end conflict and ease tension in the region. spoke during a security council debate he said he hopes the crises ranging from the war in yemen
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to the blockade on can be resolved saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain egypt have imposed an economic and diplomatic embargo on since $27.00 team they accused of supporting terrorism allegations that its government rejects. it's been revealed that the u.s. government doesn't know where the parents of hundreds of migrant children and it's custody are court documents at a u.s. rights groups say that $545.00 children were separated from their parents who were detained by u.s. border guards most parents are believed to been deported as part of president donald trump's 0 tolerance policy towards illegal migration the u.s. justice department is taking legal action against google a lawsuit is being described as the most significant challenge to the tech giants power google is accused of using its market dominance to maintain a monopoly of a smaller rivals the complaint says the company pays billions of dollars to phone
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manufacturers and internet browser developers to keep google is the fault search engine google says the legal action is deeply flawed. it will hold a referendum on sunday 2 on whether to rewrite to write rather a new constitution most people are expected to vote in favor it's hoped that a new constitution will help to end the year of political crisis here's our latin america editor lucien human. a constitution is regarded as the nation's most revered document. until a society no longer respects it. hence next sunday's referendum in chile to as citizens to approve the drafting of a new magna carta. in the old days a military coup was often the most common way of settling an institutional crisis but in the last 20 years many latin american african and european countries have
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chosen instead to rewrite their constitutions. and the common denominator is that they were born out of the profound crisis. of the constitutions government are continue their period of arbitrary carrying government have been tremendously interesting because they have incorporated democratic elements didn't exist and that reflected popular demands in the main but it doesn't necessarily have to be a traumatic event says mrs payne yeah. amid a social and economic crisis iceland decided to form a constitutional assembly in 2010 it's considered the most modern example of citizens participation in resetting the country's fundamental road map for the future. globalization and technological advances have shed light on issues and needs that were not considered by societies in the past. the us constitution 2nd amendment for example giving citizens the right to bear arms was conceived to allow
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americans to fight back against a tyrannical federal government a far cry from its current implementation constitutional experts say that the healthiest way for a country to ensure that its fundamental social contract is up to date is the submitted to periodical revisions as does germany among others it's a way of recognizing that society has changed and that no. i think it's written in stone in the us i don't i wanted to see on the worst thing that can happen is the text of the constitution does not reflect the will of the people the constitution needs to be respected because people believe in it the more often it's revised the less dramatic the better but. the majority of chileans have lost respect for a constitution that was conceived and written under a dictatorship 20 years ago perhaps the biggest danger now is the expectation that
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a new one will have the ability to solve the immediate and social economic needs of the present. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. a nasa spacecraft has touched down on an asteroid as it speeds through space around 320000000 kilometers away from its mission is to scoop up rubble that scientists hope will help us better understand the solar system actually o'brien reports but i want to. get down declared a major success for a mission he is in the making of. the spacecraft dubbed osiris ric's is about the size of a van it's been circling the asteroid since 28 team getting ready to make its precarious landing oh my god we're there for hugs that was amazing i mean i don't know if you saw the team here but they just kind of blew up there went from being severely odd to like celebrating the super bowl it's a pretty amazing technological feat and all of this was done by this probe by
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itself you know it's it's far too far away to be controlled in real time by its handlers yonder osiris rex chose a flat spot and nightingale crisis to touchdown surrounded by boulders as big as buildings nasa says the craft kissed to the surface landing for just 5 seconds and nafta st up a cloud of dust and rocks collecting samples scientists hope will unlock the secrets of life on earth. spacecraft did everything it was supposed to do. so we did it we tagged the surface of the asteroid and it's up to benny now to see how the event went asteroids like benaud date back about 4500000000 years so scientists say collecting the samples is like reaching back in time asteroids are our traffic and they're one of the best ways that we have of learning about the very early street it's only system before the formation of the earth and moon because after the earth moon or armed all the rocks that went into them have been recycled. japan
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space agency landed a similar craft on a now the asteroid twice last year it samples due back in december. for the team at nasa has to wait to find out if osiris rakes picked up enough rubble to bring back to earth or it'll have another shot at a landing seems like things are pretty well there so we try to have our fingers crossed that it works and if they determine that they've got enough this stuff will be coming back down to earth hopefully in september 2023 and scientists will be able to get their hands on the right the. the scientists clearly happy with progress and get to come back down to live with themselves and excel brian al-jazeera. that is gets every with us hello adrian from going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera nigerian protest leaders say that they will not be intimidated after
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demonstrators were shot asked at a rally in lagos security forces deny any involvement but videos are emerging of many.


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