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insulin equality. can americans find a leader to night. follow the key issues of the u.s. elections. on al-jazeera. 'd protests on violence on the streets of lagos nigeria after reports the demonstrators were shot tuesday. hello i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from joe also coming up at least 12 women are killed in a stampede in afghanistan after thousands of people gathered to apply for visas to pakistan. aid groups say that a replacement refugee camp on the greek island of moria is not going to be good
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enough for winter. the red carpet will tell you how the largest film festival in asia is getting around the pandemic. to begin in nigeria where protesters against police brutality are defying a 24 hour curfew and a call for calm by president mohamed who bihari. on wednesday morning security forces in lagos opened fire after several demonstrators were reportedly shot dead on tuesday in another part of nigeria's commercial capital a large fire burned at a bus station. the videos are emerging of men in uniform opening fire and killing people in lagos on tuesday but security forces deny any involved but let's go live now to the capital of to challenge a series of address but what's the latest you're hearing from labels.
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well as a street still not safe for people but residents some residents are out on the streets they have been reported cases of looting in other parts of lagos apart from the violence we've seen the arson we saw on the bus station there were also reports of of course confront nation in fact of a fire one of the country's independent television stations on by somebody who is very influential in politics that station is forced off the air now and there are also cases of government and private property being targeted in parts of lagos state yes today we saw how people invaded customs and excise department bases cutting away seized contraband goods especially rice in one state and in particular but what we're seeing in lagos is actually i re action to
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events of yesterday a protest insist they still want to continue their protest peacefully but it looks like now this is getting out of and it's out of their control now a lot of the groups are taking advantage of the situation to do whatever they want to do all new just for example this was not part of the script written by organizers of these demonstrations that we've seen over 2 weeks now rolling across nigeria and the capital abuja things have been quiet but the traffic is thin on the streets of abouta we hear about protests in other states so far we've seen at least 6 states imposing car fuse to. for our car for use in this state so as to contain the spreading violence but protesters and some of the main faces or notable faces of these protests insist that the protests will continue they want to go on and what are we to make of the tunnel from security forces of any involvement in the
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shootings in lagos on tuesday despite the emergence of video showing clearly armed men firing weapons uniform develop story. well it's not exactly it's not only security forces who are denying this we sold the governor of lagos state after visiting the wounded in hospital yesterday confirming that at least 25 people have been wounded in hospital now being treated in hospitals but said there were no reported fatalities so far but protesters and organizers of these demonstrations insist that doesn't solve their members have been shot and killed some of them may not be part of the protests may just be innocent possibilities but processed by but the fact of the matter is that unlocked witnesses saw people killed because of last night's incident and a lot of people also fear that today may also result into something into some cases
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of fatalities in some of these incidents we've seen in lagos state and it's not it's not only in lagos state but we see this we also are hearing but unconfirmed reports in parts of the south of the country that demonstrations are become so violent there so we are waiting for confirmation as to a confirmation too for these stories so that we know exactly what's going on but a lot of people still believe in this country despite denials by all 3 shows that in fact a lot of people were killed in yesterday's incidents of violence in mickey in lagos state of zeros on that address reporting live from lagos from a budget i'm sorry many thanks indeed for that. at least 25 afghan security forces personnel have been killed and another 5 wounded in attacks by the taliban according to the afghan government 115 taliban fighters were killed in the northern
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province of talk of province the taliban has intensified attacks in the last few weeks as peace talks with the afghan government are being held in doha video control free as in kabul with more on the recent increase in violence. despite repeated calls for a reduction in violence here in afghanistan or even a cease fire fighting between often security forces and the taliban continues unabated across the country according to the afghan ministry of defense $115.00 taliban have been killed in the last 24 hours alone while dozens more have been injured and according to the minister of defense it was all in defensive operations as the taliban i kept attacking afghan positions in 26 provinces now regarding the incident in talk har the spokesman of the government's office said that more than 25 afghan security forces were killed and more were injured when their
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positions where attacked by the taliban last night and we're getting word that the clashes and the fighting continues so this is a war that has been claiming lives on all on both sides and it is a war that seems to be getting deadlier every day. a stampede in a sports stadium in afghanistan has killed at least 12 women they were among thousands of other afghans sent to the stadium in jalalabad to apply for visas to pakistan the pakistani consulate started issuing visas again last week after a 7 month poor was due to work coronavirus restrictions. the aid group oxfam says that a replacement camp for more than $8000.00 refugees on the greek out of the blast boss is not fit for winter aid workers say there's no running water and refugees also have no access to legal aid thousands of people were relocated after a fire destroyed their camp last month and aid organizations in greece are peeling to the european union for help the tahlia could sue from the greek council for
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refugees says that e.u. nations must open the doors if they really want to protect lives. the government has announced that all asylum seekers would have been transferred. there 2021 from the i am i however to is thinking. the looming long. of a out of the conditions are also very bad because of the situation. there is a worst of it by asylum seekers arriving from the islands. and the reception system in the mainland cannot hold. more under these current goby sims so responsibly because the bozo with other european members they they are more willing to continue economically or by providing and
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by providing infrastructure and if eyes and the capacity for greece to hold people to absolutely ok people in their counties. which is very welcome but it is nothing not when it comes to the protection of lives of peoples think in greece and what needs to be done. remove these people from these conditions and not can anything other. antigovernment protesters in thailand continue to ramp up pressure on the leadership thousands in the capital bangkok again defy the ban on demonstrations to demand the prime minister's resignation they also want the forms to the mall to keep protests as forth with police in central bangkok last week. hong kong's cathay pacific is on some major restructuring plan as it struggles to deal with travel restrictions and a big drop in demand it will cost almost $6000.00 positions and close down its regional airline cathay dragon slayer of siri reports now from kuala lumpur it's
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the latest live in asia to be impacted by the pandemic. cathay pacific only recently began recovering from protests in hong kong that badly hit demand last year but the pandemics dealt a 2nd blow with international borders closed the hong kong based ally and saw its passengers drop by nearly 82 percent in the 1st 8 months of this year it's announced it will cut nearly a quarter of its stock and shut down its regional if you catch a dragon analysts say they're not surprised. well. first cathay pacific is not the only ally in the region to undergo a major restructuring last month singapore airlines announced the largest retrenchment in its history cutting more than 20 percent of its stock tie always fall for bankruptcy protection in may here in malaysia the national carrier is in
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talks to restructure its debts but the finance minister recently said the government will not provide any financial relief or debt guarantees raising questions about the fate and future of malaysia airlines more gloomy days are predicted to lie ahead the international air transport association for costs passenger traffic will not recover until 2024 and now a tech startup has begun testing a digital solution this is a sort of a digital trial held. that a lot of people are looking to use orders instead of using court changed so i see industry get behind something like that with governments around the world except that the airlines like out they would be in such trouble it's called the common pos and aims to be the 1st globally recognized document that a passenger has tested negative for code at 19 before
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a flight. the airline industry is hoping this will help encourage travel even if it's only by a small step. al-jazeera report. pakistan says that corona virus links deaths of increased by 140 percent over the past week that's prompted fears of a 2nd wave there as winter approaches pakistan has recorded more than 320000 infections with the least 6600 deaths the reports now from islamabad. although pakistan has won praise from the international community for the way in richard handled the pandemic there are alarming signs that the 2nd wave cord now threatened pakistan's progress and accomplishments against corporate 19th and damning the government of course has warned that there has been 140 percent increase in the number of mortality rate from this particular pandemic and also there is a warning from the pakistani prime minister that the situation could get worse if
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people do not follow dxo pay. the government also finds itself between a rock and a hard place on the one hand every day for days lock downs that threatens livelihoods and can cause other problems as well about all of our businesses are already facing the impact of the government lock down the people won't follow the social distancing rules i'm worried there will be a new spike and the government will again impose a lockdown which this time will ruin our businesses we have also been talking to the medical community as to why it has led to this alarming rise in the mortality rate when it comes to coverage 19 it has come to both me and the public side a little moment he says defend in the idea and freedom of the people that has decreased and then stop following the listen and in the same time people are being eased from the government side as well and they're not following those s.o.b.'s and implementing it on the general public so definitely that have leasing please in
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that modality and at the same things even if it's just a rate of spending but at the same time the opposition really acute the government of undermining their protests the doctors and the medical community of course have been warning against all large gatherings where that it is the operation of the ruling government party advising against aids but saying that pakistan did well against it and they make because it has a young population unlike 5 your toe the main question right now is what happens within the next few weeks there are clear warnings that depend i may could once again rear its head and i would 2nd and more deadly waves. the u.s. has seen nearly 300000 more people die this year that it usually would the centers for disease control and prevention says the most because of the coronavirus it says that black and hispanic americans are disproportionately affected and that covert 19 related deaths are likely higher than the official numbers suggest. a weather
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update next year out of syria then. rewriting the law of the land what other countries can learn from chile is constitutional referendum. a muslim organizations in france are targeted after a teacher was beheaded showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad. how it's got colder in the north of china but everywhere else it's looking fine at the moment it looks quite close master kathy and there's certainly rain on it and that's making its way now through japan or at least it will be on thursday and friday it's fairly slow moving and it's heavy in places where the ground has been solved and in western japan much better than it was been so i don't expect to see any significant flooding from it but it is not a cover wet days for you including in tokyo but behind it all there's
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a northerly breeze is not our cold happens at 7 but when it drops copy degrees in beijing in sol for example and the sun's out throughout the korean peninsula throughout china almost entirely to be honest in the south china sea in the bottom of your screen you do see souder which is a tropical storm out in the water of the time being. in the bay of bengal there is a major circulation it will not tighten i don't think to too significant although that mass of white cloud might turn into small circulation running up through the coast of the dish or west bengal so i think it threat from potential flooding this part of india bangladesh and we've seen flooding recently from go assayas was an intervention or as well that's like to be repeated i think of the next couple of days but the focus seems to be rather more through west bengal and bangladesh. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as
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a side. he's developed the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these developments we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy. hello again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour.
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security forces in the nigerian city of lagos have allegedly fired on protesters again on wednesday despite a 24 hour curfew crowds have returned to the streets to demonstrate against police brutality. at least 25 afghan security personnel have been killed in attacks by the taliban according to the government 115 taliban fighters were also killed taliban has intensified attacks in recent weeks as peace talks with the government continue in the all. of the aid group oxfam says the replacement count for more than $8000.00 refugees on the greek island of less boss is not fit for winter aid workers say there's no running thousands were relocated after a fire destroyed the camp last month. 7 people suspected of involvement in the beheading of a french teacher are appearing before a judge place on wednesday president emanuel mccraw will be among those attending a memorial for sabriel pâté he was the capitated on friday after showing his class
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cartoons of the prophet muhammad during a lesson on freedom of speech under some of its reports. a march in silence to mourn the death of the french schoolteacher capitated in broad daylight in a suburb of paris. political reaction to the murder of history teacher. he is anything but quiet. to the sound of the national anthem members of the french parliament gathered then a minute's silence afterwards came this proclamation. we are united standing undetermined to fight the instigator of this murder because the mr samuel patty lies the france that is republican and humanist that was cravenly under true tact. emanuel macron the french president has ordered a crackdown on muslim organizations they do not in the least as of tomorrow at the
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cabinet meeting we will dissolve the shake you see in collective directly implicated in the attack more decisions against associations and groups of individuals who follow in the coming days and weeks determination is complete the acts will happen at the republic needs them. here worshippers at a mosque that's been closed down by the interior minister who claims its leaders shared an online video saying samuel parties should be intimidated he says they also shared the address of his school a part of the room from the moment someone relays a video you should chase him not the mosque not a whole community protests against what the government has described as muslim extremism followed parties death. he had been killed by an 18 year old of chechen origin who was shot dead by police. earlier this month muslim parents objected after the teacher had shown cartoons of the prophet mohammed in
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a lesson about freedom of expression the images were 1st shown by the satirical magazine charlie abdo and that led to a wave of attacks in 2015 what's happening in paris right now is causing more divisiveness along with fears that political leaders called a 0 tolerance to islamic extremism will escalate into more violence in both communities andrew simmons al-jazeera. armenia's president is headed for brussels where he'll discuss the conflicts with european union and nato officials fighting between armenia and azerbaijan has continued for more than 3 weeks now despite 2 russian brokered cease fire it's not a serious worry chalons is instead of kurds in the going to come back the damage you can see here was done in the 1st week of the recent fighting when a cluster munition fell in this residential street instead panic at destroying cars and damaging buildings but in recent days things have the slightly the last
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explosions in the city were on saturday morning so people are coming out of the bomb shelters and starting to go about their daily lives again on the front lines though things are very different there have been intense clashes in recent days some 700 plus armenians have now lost their lives the azerbaijanis don't release dates for their soldiers killed in battle or what we felt coming into stepanek was the the armenian military presence on the roads between armenia the panic is increasing they know that they are losing territory to the azeris and they're stepping up their defenses the u.n. says that peace talks that it's sponsoring for libya are making progress the acting u.n. envoy stephanie williams has been giving an update saying that they're focusing on opening roads oil production
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a possible prisoner exchange and they're optimistic about getting a lasting cease fire. when a ceasefire agreement is reached all foreign forces and mercenaries must depart the country with 90 days under u.n. supervision and with the u.n. would monitor in the departure of these forces again i think this gets to the heart of now you know libya's sovereignty has has really been touched and violated in ways that are quite alarming to the libyans themselves it's been revealed that the u.s. government can't find the parents of hundreds of migrant children that it's custody court documents that the u.s. human rights groups say that 545 children were separated from their parents who were detained by u.s. border guards most parents are believed to have been deported as part of president donald trump's 0 tolerance policy towards illegal migration donald trump's
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campaign team spent almost half of its cash last month the federal election commission commission says that the campaign went through $140000000000.00 leaving just over 63000000 for the final stretch to election day on the 3rd the president's rival joe biden has about 3 times as much money but that's no guarantee of victory trump wanted 2016 despite being outspent by hillary clinton voters in chile are expected to say yes to a new constitution a referendum on sunday is deciding whether or not to scrap the unpopular current constitution which was drafted during the military dictatorship decades ago many are hoping for a new starts to help end the year long political crisis there here's our lesson america editor lucien human. a constitution is regarded as the nation's most revered document. until a society no longer respects it. and its next sunday's referendum in chile to as
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citizens to approve the drafting of a new magna carta. in the old days a military coup was often the most common way of settling an institutional crisis but in the last 20 years many latin american african and european countries have chosen instead to rewrite their constitutions. and the common denominator is that they were born out of the profound crisis. of the constitutions government are continue their period of arbitrary carrying government have been tremendously interesting because they have incorporated democratic elements didn't exist and they reflect the popular demands in the main but it doesn't necessarily have to be a traumatic event says mrs payne yeah. amid a social and economic crisis iceland decided to form a constitutional assembly in 2010 it's considered the most modern example of
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citizens participation in resetting the country's fundamental road map for the future. globalization and technological advances have shed light on issues and needs that were not considered by societies in the past. the us constitution 2nd amendment for example giving citizens the right to bear arms was conceived to allow americans to fight back against a tyrannical federal government a far cry from its current implementation constitutional experts say that the healthiest way for a country to ensure that its fundamental social contract is up to date is the submitted to periodical revisions as does germany among others it's a way of recognizing that society is telling and that no. i think it's written in stone. the worst thing that can happen is the text of the constitution does not reflect the will of the people the constitution needs to be respected because
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people believe in it the more often it's revised the less dramatic the better. they were jordi of chileans have lost respect for a constitution that was conceived and written under dictatorship 20 years ago perhaps the biggest danger now is the expectation that a new one will have the ability to solve the immediate and social economic needs of the present. you see in human al-jazeera sente our. police and paraguayan have made their biggest cocain seize yet to date almost 2 and a half tons of the drug with half a $1000000000.00 was found hidden in a charcoal shipment destined for israel police have arrested 2 suspects asia's largest annual international film festival has begun in south korea it's been a bad year for the movie industry as the pandemic forced the cancellation of major events such as the one and can and that's why the festival in south korea is being
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welcomed by filmmakers and movie buffs al-jazeera as robert bright as their. it's the biggest film festival in asia and blue sands organizers were determined it would go ahead but instead of the usual glitz of previous years 2020 is a very different kind of show a limited number of screens with a reduced offering of films and a fraction of the usual participants now you know i think the film industry suffering there is a lack of audiences going to cinemas and feeling really sorry being delayed so we want to keep in the 3 a boost no official red carpet photo blitz the standard curtain raiser of any festival the carpets here but only for show blue sands main beach would normally host festival events trying to rival the glamour of the cannes film festival in france this year there's just the beach without the party but at least bruce san is going ahead with its festival where as can was canceled that ironically has been
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a windfall for this festival with a number of films that were selected for screening than being shown here instead that includes the film that opens this festival sept 10th burst by 7 hong kong directors getting its world premiere but it's another movie that still dominates the conversation here parasite the nightmarish thriller the talk top honors at the oscars at the start of this year just before the real life nightmare of team changed the world it was a landmark moment for south korean film that this festival was meant to build on you can really replace a festival in terms of the buzz the film film can bring and the excitement it can bring and so parasite yes you have the oscar moments so. happens it's going to be a far more muted affair and yes there we people talking about the parasite phenomenon. quite the same. parasite director bonnie joe. ho
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has sent his best wishes to the festival online rather than in person the growth of the busan festival over its 25 year history has closely mirrored the development of the film industry here south korea's filmmakers will be hoping this year's low is just a brief intermission in that continuing story robert bright al-jazeera busan south korea. it is really good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines and i'll just era. security forces in the nigerian city of lagos of reportedly fired on protesters again on wednesday crowds of return to the streets to demonstrate against police brutality despite a 24 hour curfew president.


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