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oh it was shutting them around the world yes droughts economic crisis crisis like the soaring and our current that caught. my. eye we're opening up our country we've learned and studied and understand the disease learning to live with it c'mon we're dying with. donald trump and joe biden caution familiar issues but their 2nd and final presidential debates is much more civil than the 1st. my. fellow that i am how my head's in and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. president on course for victory in elections that have brought violence and allegations of fraud. nigeria's leader addresses and nation on edge making no
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mention though of the shooting off protesters in africa's largest city. and city in pune declares the chinese people are not to be trifled with during a commemoration of the korean war. my. u.s. president donald trump and democratic party nominee joe biden have held their 2nd and final debates less than 2 weeks before the election the threats of having their microphones missives largely detergents are options making for a much less chaotic events than the 1st they still spars about the coronavirus response racism in america and accuse each other off corruption white house correspondent kimberly hall could reports from nashville. it was a stark contrast from the 1st debate fewer interruptions and more substantial
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discussion with the 2 presidential hopefuls donald trump and joe biden who mostly respected the rules the moderator even earned a rare compliment from the us president so far i respect very much the way you handle it this is the debate opened with a disagreement over the handling of the covert pandemic that's left more than 223000 people dead in the united states we're learning to live with it we have no choice we can't lock ourselves up in a basement like. you know we're learning to live with people learning to die with provinces a vaccine is just weeks away even as most scientists suggest it could be monts and infections in the united states are surging trump lash back suggesting biden's policies to lock down the country are draconian and would hurt families and small businesses thrive and biden also took aim at their respective alleged foreign entanglements trump hitting biden on his son's business dealings with ukraine and
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china and whether biden put policies in place as vice president that helped to sun profit i have not taken a penny from any foreign shores ever in my life we learned this president paid 50 times the tax in china as a secret bank account with china biden lash back accusing trump of cozy relationships with russian president vladimir putin and north korean leader kim jong il and it's a relationship trump defended claiming it's prevented conflict and tensions he inherited from the obama white house it was a very dangerous period in my 1st 3 months before we sort of work things out a little bit ok there was a very good they left us a mess what has he done he's legitimize north korea he's talked about his good buddy who's a folk that really gone and we had a good relationship with. hitler before he in fact invaded and domestic policy trump tried repeatedly to portray biden's policies as extreme and too little too
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late considering his years of government he alleged a biden presidency would bring the united states closer to socialism when it comes to health care president tells me he was nearly on tour 47 years he didn't do as america continues to grapple with the issue of racial injustice trumpeted bided for his role in passing a 994 crime bill that locked up a disproportionate number of african-americans for possessing a small amount of drugs he never did a thing except in 1094 when he did shut harm to the black community and they were called and he called them super predators all $100.00 senators voted for a bill on drugs and how to deal with drugs it was a mistake on climate change trumped defended his decision to withdraw the united states from the paris climate accord stating he believed it was too costly for small business but when biden suggested the u.s. should move away from an economy based on oil trump had this response oh i was
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ready to ship because you know exactly what i'm saying is you is going to destroy you will industry the final presidential debate was supposed to be about policy and that is exactly what american voters got with 47000000 ballots already cast there's little time for either candidate to win new voters can really help al jazeera nashville tennessee. well barbara perry is the director of presidential studies at the university of virginia's miller center she says byes and fully capitalize on some of trump's comments. things have obviously not been going well in employment for african-americans in this country certainly since the code epidemic hit so that's one issue and for the president to tell these tall tales that he's the least raises person in that room of 200 or so people and then he's the greatest president for half an american since abraham lincoln i do wonder why rice president biden
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didn't say could we talk a little bit about a fellow democrat lyndon johnson and the civil rights act of $64.00 on the voting rights act of $65.00 i do wish he would bring those things up but it was also one of those unfortunate misspeaks for vice president biden he mentioned the poor boys that's a sandwich in the united states instead of the crowd noise but i think most people and really want communities of color know that there is systemic racism in the united states and they they won't be persuaded most of them by the president's words tonight but assoon as someone says the s word and by that we need socialism so it's a little bit like in the 1950 s. and this country calling someone a communist or their policies communistic i guess that does scare americans except for the fact that that is what republicans and conservatives called social security in the 1930 s. when it passed under franklin roosevelt and that is what republicans and conservatives call what came to be known as medicare when it passed in 1965 also under lyndon johnson and so i do again wish sometimes that joe biden and democrats
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would look back a little bit at history and say who would give up their social security benefits now who would give up their medicare now remember republicans and conservatives call that socialism and the other thing about the president saying oh yes we're going to have a he uses that strange term beautiful beautiful health care plan he has been saying that for 4 years and there has not been repeal and replacement by his plan of obamacare and with his supreme court nomination of a macone bear and it's very clear that within a few months it's possible that all of obamacare will be overturned by the supreme court. and the u.s. has imposed sanctions on 5 iranian groups it accuses of attempting to interfere in the election or wednesday u.s. intelligence agencies said iran and russia had obtained votes or information to spread chaos and confusion the sanctions applies to iran's revolutionary guards and t.v.
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and media companies no sanctions were announced against russia the us military says it's carried out a drone strike against al qaeda leaders in syria monitors are reporting that 14 senior figures were killed when they met in the province syria's last remaining rebel area. to guinea no where preliminary results from almost all votes in district show president alpha condé easily winning a 3rd term since sunday's election at least 13 people have been killed and dozens injured after security forces fired at supporters over opposition presidential candidates said to the end though he says he has evidence all frauds and as planning legal action nicholas hawk reports. for a brief moment the gunfire stops was interrupted by families who are in mourning. i do sorry do jallow 14 years old chair known as he was 13 years old and 10 year
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old marcelo these young victims were shot by security forces in the face while they were celebrating candidate said it was preliminary victory announcement in sunday's presidential vote for years that the military fire on children small boy 10 to 20 years old they never pick on braille ma'am i hope that that death will not go in vain and that the violence will stop preliminary results announced by the election commission known as the essenes suggests alpha condé said to win a landslide victory jello supporters are taking to the streets protesting the election results his party believes jello won with 53 percent of the votes. and. nothing. nothing to do. and. the media.
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and. mobile phone footage circulating on social media like this one showing election officials pending votes in favor of the president is deepening mistrust in the electoral process the 82 year old president amended the constitution. earlier this year which allowed him to run for a 3rd term in office the decisions widespread criticism and protests condé said to become one of the continent's oldest heads of state in a country where most are under the age of 25 meanwhile the government is accusing jello for mentoring unrest by announcing his victory before the official election results. condé is a democrat he will accept the outcome no matter the result additional mobile phone footage shows the military taking position inside for the new neighborhoods known to support giallo power has been cut and people live in fear look at these dogs comments the women filming their shooting are people over 10 people have died and
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scores have been injured shot by security forces using force to silent dissent against a population it is meant to protect not kill nicholas hawk al-jazeera. french scientists say covert 19 a spreading faster now than at the peak of the 1st wave in march the fines in. the european governments to reimpose unlocked ends and restrictions to contain rapidly rising infections join a whole reports from london. these pictures filmed anonymously and leaked onto social media herald a ghastly return to the worst of the covert 900 pandemic in europe bodies wrapped in black plastic apparently filmed a week ago in the basement of a siberian hospital there are said to be awaiting autopsy. the voice behind the camera says all of them had the virus or. russia's health
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services are under severe strain in places with the toll of daily deaths and infections rising to record highs. it's a familiar story across europe now firmly in the grip of pandemic once again both spain and france have exceeded a 1000000 cases of covert 19 with more french cities and 2 thirds of the population placed under a nighttime curfew. the coming weeks will be tough hospital services will be put to the test and the number of deaths will continue to rise and italy the country where dramatic pictures of the sick and dying were a glimpse of europe's future in the spring is posting its own record daily infection numbers in the altered. around the situation was quiet and remained so for a couple of months now we are completely saturated at the moment we're not able to receive any we only have 4 beds left in the intensive care unit in germany where
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effective testing from the start has helped the country fare better than most the infection is said to be back with full force health authorities have warned of an uncontrolled escalation everywhere. i'm very sad and thoughtful. about this i suspect we'll have to face even more restrictions but i think it's justified we have to live with this pandemic in someone a field hospital in the czech republic the country in effective lockdown after the government brought back measures introduced earlier in the year balkan countries are seeing steep rises too and belgium says it's facing a tsunami of infections with political figures not immune 45 year old sophie vilma's deputy prime minister is in a brussels hospital undergoing emergency treatment in intensive care her condition is described as stable the same cannot be said for the pandemic across europe jonah how al-jazeera. u.s.
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regulators have approved an antiviral drug for use on coronavirus patients in hospital from their severe is one of the medications that donald trump's it when he contracts at the virus that's a study sponsored by the world health organization suggested it doesn't have much of an impact on mortality rates or recovery still to come after the weather. in with the old evidence process movement reacts after south hariri is appointed prime minister for a 4th time. and firas chile has constitutional referendum approaches we speak to a point and say it will destroy the country. we got some decent spells of dry weather across eastern parts of here at the moment
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but we have got some wet weather over towards the west bands of cloud and rain still streaming in from the atlantic will keep it on settle but not says sun settled as it has been over the past few days so what's the weather moving for us by the post go for time but some heavy downpours possibly some localized flooding moving in across the central and southern parts of france over towards the out some lesser weather also creeping into germany and some blustery showers rolling in across the northwest there for oland and the u.k. but a bit of wet weather over towards southeast inside if you're up to moscow it around 13 celsius so elise it's warming up but i'm afraid getting a little wetter in the process clear skies follow one is to go on through saturday some showers there into poland into batteries and that wetter weather moving across the yachts fading over into the balkans but brighter skies to come back in behind the southwest which was a northwest horrible looking back and of cloud and rain swirling in a proper autumn storm so wet some blustery weather to be respected as we go through
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the weekend basin places a wet weather to into northwestern parts of africa maybe they are challenged in the libya and egypt and then she was there for the central belt. amidst a climate of violence and paranoia. there's still willing to dream. in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to reclaim the city. and transform the very symbol of cost oppression. you find in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. the all.
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this is a reminder of the top stories for you know us president donald trump and democratic nominee joe biden have held their final debate or has of the election and less than 2 weeks time the threat of muted microphones made for a far less chaotic exchange they offer different visions on the pandemic the economy and climate change. guinea's president of a calm day is on course to win a controversial 3rd term according to early results at least 13 people have been killed since sunday's election opposition candidate said and then diablos says he will contest the results in the courts. the french scientists say covert 19 is circulating faster no than at the peak of the 1st wave in march the finding comes as hospital admissions continue to rise across europe governments are imposing new
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restrictions in an effort to reverse the trends. nigeria's president has addressed the nation after more than 2 weeks of protests against police brutality and the government's muhammadu buhari cold for the demonstrations to ends on the day a prison and other buildings across lagos were set on fire but he didn't mention the shooting of protesters on tuesday meant injuries reported from a butcher. for days the president has been under pressure to speak to a nation on the edge after meeting the country's top security officials on thursday he asked security forces to act within the confines of law to halt the rising violence across the country who said continue to ensure that in the end of freedom as well as the fundamental raids. are protected let's remember this goal money mosul has the obligation to protect the legs and the properties as well as the
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day to all citizens to grow a business is seen and for violence for more than 2 weeks demonstrators mainly young men and women took to the streets demanding an end to police brutality compensation for victims and the reform of nigeria's police force they also want officers guilty of extrajudicial killings torture and disappearances to be prosecuted and punished. in a shocking move captured on mobile phones by witnesses security personnel used live rounds of demonstrators on tuesday after curfew was announced in a cause. or be under jewish law and there has been part of the end sauce protest since it started. brother missing for 12 years was last seen in the custody of the now disbanded group police unit at the center of the protest she watched the
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president's address on television and he's personally not impressed. the president doesn't have any respect for the president doesn't think our lives are what we have . now. god bless her. she said the protesters will meet and decide their next line of action all day thursday security personnel were kept busy as mobs attacked police stations looting and burning properties across the city here one of nigeria's main prisons the core you correctional facility is on fire and security officials say they foiled an attempt to set the prisoners free it's the 5th prison to be attacked in 3 days in a scene of the 1st mass prison escape more than 1700 prisoners are still at large the past 2 weeks have been some of the most difficult for this nation of over 200000000 people since its return to democracy in 1990 and the next few days will
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be critical in determining whether the president's pronouncement are enough to calm the situation amid the grease al jazeera. returning lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he'll put together a government of experts who rescued the country the pressure is on at home and from abroad after her it was named to take back the job he resigned from a year ago and made some unprecedented protests reports. soured how d.d. has returned to power the 3 time prime minister was appointed to form a government after receiving enough votes from lebanon's parliamentarians it will be the 1st anniversary next week of his resignation during the unprecedented popular uprising that called for among other things a new leadership that movement failed to bring change but had it is promising to stop the collapse of the economy and provide a new way forward at the origin of the ship but it was the world. i thank my fellow
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employees and especially those who honored me by naming me by for me as quickly as possible a new nonpartisan government of experts with a mission of economic financial and administratively forms contained in the french initiative roadmap we have a chance possibly the last chance lebanon is facing multiple crises the economy is collapsing the local currency crashed there is rising poverty and unemployment the state which is close to bankruptcy is in desperate need of financial assistance the international community is conditioning aid to a reform minded government as part of an initiative by french president and manuel mccraw who has been leading rescue efforts this political class as we know and does not care to listen about what the lebanese people have been calling for since they rose up on october 17th on words this is part of the culmination of the counter-revolutionary that started from the moment people took to the streets
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lebanon has been left with a caretaker administration since has sandy have resigned over the beirut port explosion in august that killed nearly 200 people and devastated many neighborhoods in the lebanese capital. the previous prime minister doesn't have much of a deep was forced to step aside after failing to convince traditional parties to give up representation in cabinet it's never an easy process in a divided political landscape where factions are allied with foreign powers. he is the favorite of the western leaders he's a regular washington errors as he has the most role western leader in love and on so in a way this is a kind of a victory for the pro western lebannon how did he may have friends in the international community but it's the other camp led by the pro iranian hezbollah that holds political power had it is returned could be a step towards a deal but for now it doesn't signal an end to lebanon's political crisis that her
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father. china's president has warned his country will never allow its sovereignty security or interests to be undermined and it won't be bullied spoke at and events marking 70 years since chinese troops were to point to fights in the korean war it was the 1st and only time china and the us a face each other in a large scale conflict she didn't speak specifically about the poor state of present day relations but warns future adversaries. union which we won the great victory declaring to the whole world that the era of western invaders setting up several cantons in the oriental part of this world and occupying one nation as a result was over china will never seek a germany or expansion will stand firmly against germany and power politics will never stand idle when our national sovereignty security and development interest is undermined will never allow anyone or any force to invade or separate land and when
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such thing occurs to chinese people you'll meet the challenge head on. china has condemned person asters announced that some hong kong residents could begin the process of acquiring u.k. citizenship in the new year this will only apply to those with british national overseas status in hong kong u.k. says it's doing this because china broke the terms of the 1984 handover treaty by imposing a new security law in the former british colony. al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein has now been illegally detained in egypt for 1400 days without trial or conviction hussein was arrested while on vacation with his family in cairo in 2016 his detention is in violation of both egyptian and international law last week with an 50 u.s. democratic party politicians signed a letter urging president of the sisi to release journalists lawyers and activists
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he also warned of custodial deaths due to the spread of covert 19 in egyptian prisons. yet another warning about the health of the arctic for the 1st time since records began 40 years ago a major source of siberian sea ice hasn't started freezing the laptev sea is known as the birthplace of ice this is the longest it's ever gone without starting to friens scientists believe that's because of a record breaking heat wave and changing waters in the atlantic ocean they're worried the lack of ice will cause chain reactions across the arctic. people in chile will vote this weekend on whether their nation's constitution should be written many and favor say it could mark a nice start for a country that's faced a year of political crisis but opponents say it will put the future of chile a risk latin america editor of the c
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n human reports from santiago was at the sound of vile is frightened of the future of chile replaces its current constitution with a flag in one hand and a plaque card in the other she joins hundreds of others who've been campaigning every week calling on chileans to vote late chassell or reject in sunday's referendum to decide whether or not to draft a new magna carta ca they chant chile will not become cuba or venezuela from all that follow mrs sandoval says venezuela's economic and democratic collapse began when its former president will go chavis rewrote the constitution in 1999 i can without him but people will be afraid to invest here and without investment there's no development you look at a rich country like a venezuela and you see what happened after that those people change their constitution it's just common senate remember things. like mrs sandal violet
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many of those here believe the chilis $980.00 constitution which was written under a military dictatorship helped to make the country more prosperous. but there is also a deep seeded ideological reason that's motivating chileans on both sides of the debate and it has to do with history if you listen to the chance there are just about israel and cuba it is well the country had returned after the 1970s when chile was governed by the world's 1st ever democratically elected marxists i thought i ended it and that's why many are also cheering the favor of somewhat problematic to. generally i was tough enough to share some openly show their admiration for him with t. shirts that read by force suggesting that peaceful ways to resolve political differences are always the answer. while studies indicate that the majority of chileans no longer see the world through the prism of
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a left right wing conflict there are still many who do and to equate change with communism calles and hardship it is. often even a problem we do order i remember the long lines to buy basic goods the ration cards in the 1970 s. i'm terrified of going back to that the the symbol used by these uniformed men is another grim reminder of the past it stands for fatherland in freedom the ultra right wing paramilitary group that fought the government there where there are no celestial after a long period of being dormant we re founded the organization fatherland and freedom last year and we've called it black spider to save fuel a from communism. ironically communism this is the furthest thing from the minds of the majority calling for a new more socially equal constitutional. council but like in other parts of the
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world fear of the unknown and of the past will motivate many to reject that option when they go to the polls on sunday. see in human al-jazeera santiago. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines u.s. president donald trump and democratic nominee joe biden have held their final debates before the election in less than 2 weeks time the stress of news had microphones made for a far less chaotic exchange than the 1st which was marked by interruptions and in the. salt's. we had the best black unemployment numbers in the history of our country hispanic women asian people with the plumbers with no diplomas mit graduates number one in the class everybody had the best numbers and you.


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