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the but like in other parts of the world fear of the unknown and of the past will motivate many to reject that option when they go to the polls on sunday. in human al-jazeera santiago. let's return to our breaking news now the united nations says delegations holding talks in geneva will sign a cease fire agreements this friday the u.n. recognize governments has been in the goosey a sions with representatives of world khalifa haftar inside libya flights have resumed between eastern and western ends of the country which of course of long been divided between warring factions let's head back now to tripoli where we're joined by mahmoud. mahmoud's we now have a confirmation that a cease fire will be science just give us a sense of how significant a movement the says. well apparently it's
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very significant especially after all this long time of conflict on the ground as you know that head of the united nation support the mission in libya veni williams the acting head just stated that this is a historic achievement that has been achieved by the rival factions it did seize fire it says it sees a permanent ceasefire agreement is to be signed by. rival delegations those that representing the world have to and the others are presenting the internationally recognized government of national accord but the question now remains whether or not this agreement will be empty mental on the ground and as you know have been violations of the cease
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fire agreement that was declared and the passed by the internationally recognized the prime minister face a large and the poor house speaker of the eastern of parliament again when they both declared a cease fire last august after those forces on the ground also continue sending the enforcement to the front lines in the areas of the city it of job for and central libya and also they continue controlling the oil installations which is as you know the oil revenues remain the bag born of libya's national income so these talks that lasted for days in geneva by the 5 plus 5 military committee from both rival factions along with the political talks on the swiss and the swiss city of luzon also which a government civil. factions are verb all the libyan segments including
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political parties or even factions of. civil society organizations and even an eminence of the former regime all these talks including the blood political talks in the military talks in geneva including this ceasefire agreement they all should be submitted to the final talks meetings are due to be held in tunis in november to in order to choose an executive authority a new interim government and your presidential council and also to. assign this new executive authority on the country for a transition. period is to meet in 18 months has to be monitored and i'm sorry to elections mahmoud i'm sorry to cut you off there
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everybody showing pictures of stephanie williams speaking let's jump in and have a listen to what she has to say at this press conference due to this conflict and the libyan people we have to give their people this hope of a better future i am fully confident that i can place my confidence in your and this libyan people can have confidence in you the you will and is with you and with the libyan people we shall do our utmost to make sure that the international community will provide full constant support to you. i wish any
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particular to think. selim rand and allie kill cal and i and and eric brandenburg. and the whole team of the commission of our of the missions sorry with us here in geneva i also wish that thank care the team under the leadership of miss tatiana valid via director of the un office in geneva i also wish to thank my colleague bill hello coordinator of humanitarian affairs in the mission and deputy special representative as well as all of the colleagues in the mission and
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humanitarian agencies for the great effort they make for the sake of the libyan people in conclusion i wish to express my thanks and gratitude to their previous head of mission that sense. he is the one host started the 5 plus 5 rounds at the beginning of this year we are continuing on his path here today and geneva thank you very much thank you mr stephens. now i give the floor to colonize. the head. of the g n a delegation in the name of god. good morning to you all
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1st we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the u n. team in libya who have helped us get to this point this point of agreeing on a ceasefire this agreement and we hope it will be the main reason to end the bloodshed in libya and to put an end to the armed conflict god willing inshallah it will be the key to peace and security in all areas of libya or we also thank the rest of the. members of the military commission the officers of the libyan army we thank them for their courage and for their patriotism their courage to reach
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an agreement we also thank all those whole contributed to our presence and to reaching this point we also will ask all my brothers in the libyan army to do their utmost in order to rise to their responsibility to be able to reconstruct their military apparatus for it to be the hand that is forceful against anybody home wants to detract security and stability in libya i also address the politicians and libya i ask them to be one hand.
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not to be polarized by factions our movements in order to achieve stability political and military step military any libya political and military stability is the way to battle to the nation. and to make sure security prevails we have had enough suffering enough divisions and nuff bloodshed we say the libyan people in this moment and with the help of god almighty we hope we will change this suffering of the people on all of the territories of libya especially in the south i address all of the
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libyans be one hand to build libya to be as state of security stability and we do not mind to cooperate with other countries for reconstruction be it military or political cooperation once again i thank you all and i hope that peace and stability will prevail in libya and everywhere in the world thank you thank. a little i now give the phone to the head of the l.n. a delegation and who comes from the high command in the name of one of the merciful the compassionate prayers of the property his people and from whom or.
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the lord or mighty. said. the general lord opened a pass to truce between us and called on us to abide by a single. group and not to dissipate thanks to the almighty's support and following the. the constructions of the head of the and 8 i succeeded along with my colleagues. 'd and our. federal offices in the 3rd the military establishment we have succeeded in achieving that which all libyans or looking forward to the feeling of be longing to our nation and to
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spread peace and security we are very pleased with what we have achieved we wish to thank the e.u. and as and nyan for its efforts and lord willing we shall be in support. with them to implement those decisions we have agreed to. we thank the lord long live the libyan solomonic thank you. ok we've just been watching that announcement a press conference from the u.n. we started with listening to the u.n. envoy stephanie williams he reiterated that the u.n. stands with the people of libya and said that this is an historic agreement this is of course this permanent ceasefire that has been signs between the forces
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of the for have and the government of national accord that is the u.n. the internationally backed governments stephanie williams said that she hopes this will do a great deal to end the suffering of the people of libya and said she hopes that people will not be able to return to their homes and praise to both parsis saying that their patriotism was the way forward and the you were able to reach a cease fire because of that patriotism we also heard from representatives from both the government of national courts and from the armed forces allied with warlord who if i have to let's get more now from mahmoud. he joins us as ever from tripoli mahmoud this is of course of historic agreement that has been signed
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between the 2 parties how much of a game changer do you think this is and what were the main takeaways from you listening to that press conference coming to us from geneva. will apparently this is just to the end of a long way. for it's as you know that there have been civil rounds of talks including the 5 plus 5 military committee representing both rival factions the fact that a cease fire agreement is signed by both rival factions is also put attaining many other factors on the ground including whether or not this seize fire agreement will be m. pullin minted on the ground given the fact that we witnessed before the times in several occasions ceasefire agreement was declared by both rival factions but
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it has been violated on the ground by both rival factions and also this also pertains to the. foreign fighters foreign fighters fighting on the ground the med series as you know that the government of national accord has been accusing have put his forces of recruiting russian made from the most freeze sending green enforcements to the front lines and also there is another point to is pertaining to this situation to the day t. knees are on both sides that have been efforts by the councils on both sides to exchange detainee's but this has not been implemented on the ground yet this coincides with other political talks also in switzerland in their luzon. under the auspices of the united nations again together all the factions present
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all segments of the libyan society to come to a consensus regarding to choosing a new executive authority to around the country. a transitional period of 18 months to be followed by parliamentary and presidential elections to be based on constitutional base this is also all these meetings all these conclusions all these recommendations have to be submitted at the final meeting due to be held in tunisia in the upcoming good month of november to choose the actual executive authority that will run the country for 18 months before the presidential and parliamentary elections now here in tripoli and there have been also efforts to. push on the same day erection specially to bridge the gap between the 2 camps here in
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tripoli the vision has been resumed between the east and the west after it was hold for over a year since the health of us forces launch of the military campaign in tripoli of the asian between the east and the west was halted today the 1st flight was directed from may to get airport in tripoli to be an airport in apparently there have been civil efforts. pushing on the same direction but the question remains now whether or not this this cease fire agreement will be implemented on the ground whether the surge it an hour job for area that's the area which is witnessing the tension between the rival or the conflict of the warring factions whether or not this area will be de-militarized will be a buffer zone to be like. to be set as
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a separation between the 2 warring factions while the foreign fighters leave the country these questions or the main until we see a change actually change on the ground or her well as we wait for the for the ink to dry on that agreement said. and see whether or not so it will be implemented on the grounds. many other considerations. but what about oil because let's not forget libya is a very energy rich nation there's a lot of oil in libya which a lot of people have their eyes on do you think that has been some kind of factor when it comes to. coming up with this this agreement the cease fire agreements a more ruble oil play moving forwards. well despite the fact that oil is a crucial factor in this whole conflict as you know that oil has been at the heart
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of every conflict in libya since. the fall of the get a few regime into an 11 but this agreement does not seem to be including the oil sector it includes the. secession of the state it is on the ground des militarization of the area of the senate and a job for stopping all military operations in all libyan territory but the oil sector remains uncertain in this conflict especially with the fact that most of the oil industry lesions remain under the control of forces loyal to the warlord 24 have to oil itself is not fully iran by libyan institutions as you know that have been long term contracts signed by the national oil corporation this is the state oil firm and foreign companies foreign partners but recently have
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those forces have been trying to lift the blockade on the oil minister nations but yet the normal production limit has not been brought back to normal yet because as you know that the resumption of oil production it takes a lot of effort a lot of time and also a lot of money because it needs sophisticated maintenance operations so the oil is to asians most of them are located in central libya close to the area which is witnessing that tension now it's at the analogy for the oil area so again the question also remains whether or not they have the forces will pull our from all the oil installations so that the oil production can get back to know. we also heard that after that signing ceremony there in geneva certainly the u.n. envoy stephanie williams was very keen to highlight the plight of the libyan people
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who have been living with this continued. tension this continued chaos you could argue for many years she expressed so who that the people of libya would finally be able to return to their homes mahmoud here in tripoli you've been in libya for some time they give us a sense of what the situation is like for everyday libyans who've had to live with this these warring sides continually trying to game the upper hand i mean how they're caught in the middle of all of this. well definitely civilians citizens have been paying the heaviest to prize in all these rounds of conflict since 2011 and all the international mediators including the u n and wise to libya over the past several years have been
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a stressing on the fact that the ultimate goal of all the previous talks is to alleviate the suffering of civilians as you know that. there have been hundreds of thousands of displaced people due to the multiple conflicts in several areas across the country many civilians lost their lives many have been a wanted by the frequent wars here in tripoli that have been hundreds of thousands of displaced people from eastern libya due to the military operations but have to his forces in the east over the past 5 years since have those forces launched the military campaign known as operation dignity back in 2014 also civilians have been suffering because of the blockade
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are the block the darwin between regions as you know that people from the east and west could not travel easily because of the conflict only today the 1st the flight from m 80 gear put in tripoli. to bimini airport in but of r.c. in the east and by now people civilians if it can to some extent travel can have can have it can have a free access to the regions especially the east and the west so again. but here have been suffering a lot because of the deterioration of the living conditions including the lack of basic services multiple frequent to power cuts blackout in many areas many people we know for certain here in tripoli we witnessed hospitals
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reporting get many death as of cases because of the lack of power the power cuts many people are stranded in the streets because their houses were demolished were destroyed by the fighting many people could not afford to buy medicine or could not afford to have medical treatment because of the lack of cash and banks the lack of cash is due to the lack of oil revenues the intervening years have been stopped because at the oil was blockaded by the forces when the oil installations remained blockaded by half the us forces for years the conflict in eastern libya also over the past years caused the libyan treasury over $150000000000.00 since 2013 because of the frequent conflicts in eastern libya. so what i heard bringing us the latest reaction there
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live from tripoli on the day that a cease fire has been signed between the sea or in parts is thank you very much indeed mahmoud's let's get more now from charlotte bell as she reports now on the years of conflicts in libya and how we reached this ceasefire signing agreements in switzerland's. libya has been in turmoil for nearly a decade nato backed forces overthrew its longtime leader muammar gadhafi in 20111 of them and darfur has been killed as libyans have long awaited pursue sturrock moment. the beginning of what's often described as a civil war started after disputed elections in 2014. the country splits into 2 rival administrations one in the west one in the state the 2 broke best house of representatives in the powerful warlord holy for hof to gradually control the east and what became the un backed government of national accord led by prime minister
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fires elser raj remained in the capital tripoli. during more than 6 years of fighting thousands of people have been killed and many more forced to flee their homes tripoli was under heavy assault for 14 months after have to ordered an offensive to capture the city. with tookie support the government of national a cause only hosted the assault this summer in started its own offensive on the city of sirte. libya's oil dependent economy is badly damaged until recently half just forces had shut down or taken control of major oil facilities depriving the country of billions of dollars in revenue. human rights morris's have recorded many violations traffickers have seized on the chaos to open smuggling routes to europe the un accuses regional players of fueling the fight by repeatedly ignoring a 20 livin arms embargo and supplying weapons to both sides the arms embargo has
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become libya is awash in weaponry and now advance weaponry egypt's the u.a.e. and russia have supported hafta all turkey and qatar have backed the government of national accord repeated attempts for a un brokered cease fire have failed this latest round of talks as seen both sides agreed to reopen land and air routes across front lines the u.n. is hopeful this time there is real progress they're taking the necessary measures on their own and i think that is really the most optimistic and positive development that i have seen after all it's their kind. and libya is for libyans the un added a warning that countries should take their hands off libya and give warning parties a chance to reach a resolution on their own to shela bellus al-jazeera. and that is it for me to keep it here on al-jazeera adrian finnegan is up with you next with more on that
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breaking news stay with us. pakistan's k.s.c. $100.00 is said more than 36 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in the water is going dispensable to economic activity but industrial users worsening contest of fresh water counting the cost on al-jazeera. going astray aboriginal children as young as 10 are being arrested and locked up in the 1st of 2 special reports one o one a still best to gates the strategy is indigenous to incarceration process on al-jazeera latin america is a region of wonder boy tragedy and violence but it doesn't matter where you are you'll have to be able to relate to the human condition because this is the to break away you. know i think it's
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a life and it's my job to shed light on how and why i am steve clemons and i have a question to ask these days it's hard to filter out the noise and keep track of what's really important to the bottom line tackles the big issues this issue in the united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only on al-jazeera. he began with the war and the good it was to hear i called shaw i felt i felt like i was that a documentary filmmaker once granted unconditional assigner contrasts his experiences with those seeking refuge today and intimate you know. but the consequences of the policies of detainment is really unnecessary all this misery they cannot absorb this number that people have to suffer and in this way it is unacceptable and refugees tale on how to 0 really understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what you see we are getting
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the news and current affairs that matter to you. this is al-jazeera. hello 'd i'm adrian forgetting this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. for us from libya the u.n. says that both sides of the conflict agreed to a permanent ceasefire in all areas of the country. were opening up our country we've learned and studied and understand the disease learning to live with it come on we're dying with. donald.


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