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all to hell of the past bombs deals with. rumsfeld was meeting saddam isn't that interesting. shadow on al-jazeera. donald trump announces a u.s. brokered deal for sudan and israel to normalize relations palestinians say it's another step in the back. of a dream for the given this is our 0 live from doha also coming up after announcing the sudan israel deal president trump weighed into another controversial regional issue ethiopia's grand renee song. egypt is not going to be able to live that way and they'll end up blowing up. more coronavirus records tumble the us reports
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$84000.00 new infections in just 24 hours and more fighting at armenia and azerbaijan as disputed region both sides accuse each other of shelling residential areas. sudan's transitional government has agreed to start the process of normalizing ties with israel sudan's leader wants approval from the country's yet to be formed parliament it's part of a broader deal that allows the lifting of u.s. sanctions the palestinians are claiming it's another stab in the back after similar moves by the u.a.e. and bahrain in a moment we'll speak to him or get in khartoum anita abraham will bring us more reaction from the occupied west bank but 1st alan fischer reports from washington i want to just congratulate from the oval office another part of u.s. president donald trump's middle east peace plan falls into place. even if he isn't
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submerged in the detail we consumed and wanted to do it here and there was in particular because they essentially better war with israel for. a long time i don't know if it was fighting i don't know that but probably there's been a little the trumpet ministration says it's a deal years in the making it's involved secretary of state might pompey or flying to sudan and israel's prime minister making an official visit. to dan has agreed to pay $335000000.00 in compensation to victims of the 1998 east africa u.s. embassy bombings the attack on the u.s. school in yemen in 2000 and the family of a murdered u.s. diplomat that's cleared the way for sudan to be removed from the list of nations the u.s. considers state sponsors of terrorism and that puts israel in place to establish formal relations and has no relationship whatsoever today's peace agreement will enhance security and engineers long isolation congress now has $45.00 days to
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consider donald trump's decision it could block it but that seems unlikely if it goes through sanctions on sudan will be removed and that clears the way for increased trade. sudan is the 3rd out of country to normalize relations with israel in recent months bahrain and the united arab emirates signed the abraham accords at a white house ceremony last month palestinians say the decision by the government in khartoum is another step in the back hamas describes it as a political sin because geishas from sudan and israel will meet soon to discuss cooperation in many fields agriculture trade and other issues of importance to our citizens sudan skies are today open to israel it allows direct and shorter flights between israel africa and southern america. this announcement serves the zionist occupation and its expanding policy in the region for sure it only serves trumps election campaign and netanyahu own political conflicts donald trump has clearly
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decided small individual deals in the middle east will change the reality on the ground rather than try and feel for an only compassing peace package like previous presidents he says 5 more countries are ready to join in he believes these deals protect america reduce the chance of expensive bloody foreign wars and helps his reelection efforts alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house sudan's tippler matic moves have largely been dictated by one main concern the perilous state of its economy for nearly 3 decades u.s. sanctions have had devastating effects and block sudan from international banking transitional government in areas and nearly $60000000000.00 in foreign debt when it came to power last year access to loans from the i.m.f. and world bank have been contingent on sudan's removal from washington's list of states that sponsor terrorism even so sudan still has the i.m.f. 1300000000 dollars last month inflation hit a record of more than 200 percent let's go live to the cartoon 0 morgan is there
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a difference to the life of ordinary sudanese will this deal make. or adrian if we're looking at the deal or rather the step by the u.s. president donald trump in terms of removing sudan of the u.s. list of states ponces of terrorism that would make a difference even though that will take some time according to the acting minister of finance who says that it will be a few months before the average sudanese feel the impact of being delisted now she says that this will open routes for the average sudanese to be able to transact internationally that is something that sudanese were not able to do prior to the decision by the u.s. president to delist sudan the other thing is that international banks would be able to interact with sudanese banks and the country would be able to gain access to foreign currency something that it was the very back in which led to this inflation and to the devaluation of the sudanese pounds now we've seen over the past few days
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people lining up in queues for bread for wheat for for fuel etc stations and that's because the country has had difficulty getting the hard currency to be able to import those commodities now when it comes to the issue of normalization that deal may not have a deep impact on the average sudanese that's because they're not sure if it will change the economy at all we've seen we've heard the statements from the u.s. president down from and from the israeli side that this will include the deal will include development of the ugly cultural and the trade sector but even that will take some time so for the average sudanese the focus is more on the issue of sudan being diluted of the u.s. state sponsors of terrorism rather than the normalization but also some sudanese feel that this has been basically a head below the belt as you can put it they say that sudan has been quite weak the economy is completely devastated and crippled and that the u.s. has taken advantage of the sudans of sudan's economy to push this deal through and
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now the acting foreign minister says that it's not a complete normalization that they will wait for a parliament to be formed before they complete the process of normalisation that this is just the start and how deep that normalization goes will be dependent on the parliament morgan reporting live there from crosser many thanks to let's go ben too were the occupied west bank or seriously the abraham is in ramallah tell us more about the reaction to this. a wide condemnation and it is reflected in the newspapers this is the newspaper it's very close to the palestinian authority to carry the condemnation as well as the power thin president's remarks about said that the only path towards peace should only come through international law which means that israel should and its occupation and he reiterated that no body should be speaking on the palestinians behalf now for many political analysts the
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palestinians really do not have much to do beyond the condemnations they are losing a lot of support in the region we've seen the u.a.e. and by to normalize relations with israel now we are talking about sudan which is the 1st african state to do to do so recently we know that egypt and jordan will that when the arab countries with deals with israel and adding to that there is a very poor economy situation here in the palestinian government has been having problems paying palestinians their salaries the public servants and so for many other the spelvin in backs are against the wall baby only to have watched to do but really hope that president trump wouldn't get a 2nd term in office for palestinians on social media many of them have said that they feel that the hearts and minds of the sudanese people are with them but that they are being dragged into this by that middle to do. you know abraham reporting
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live there from ramallah many thanks indeed. iran's foreign ministry has responded to that deal between israel and sudan it's treated payoff from some close your eyes to the crimes against palestinians then you'll be taken off the so-called terrorism blacklist of history the list is as phony as the u.s. fights against terrorism shameful. but during the announcement on sudan of israel president trump went on to suggest that egypt might blow up ethiopia's ground renee's on stand the projects but a source of tension since construction began in 2011 ethiopia sudan and egypt have failed to reach an agreement after nearly a decade of negotiations or ethiopia built the ground renee some stam on the blue nile that's the source of most of the dolls water egypt and sudan to downstream and fear their water supplies could be at risk if the o.p.'s says the dam will produce power that's essential for its economic growth. and it's
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a very dangerous situation because egypt is not going to be able to live that way and they'll end up blowing up to them and i said it they said loud and clear don't block that dam and i have to do something because they could've stopped edition or started long before all this started as in how do you let it get built and then you say. well even davison isn't alice out of a he's a senior ethiopia analyst at the international crisis group good to have you with us what do you make of those comments from president trump what these obviously pretty outrageous comments from from the president suggest that he's not really in touch with the reality on the ground the idea of conflict to so this dispute over the nile has always been very farfetched ultimately hugely counterproductive it could lead to some sort of regional conflagration. it would if there was conflict especially in the form of the bombing of discriminations dam it would make 0 chance
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to cooperate saying over there now river with downstream countries sudan and egypt which egypt has been trying to do during these negotiations so really you know it's just a absolutely outrageous decision and doesn't bring us any closer it would be agreement so ethiopia has been painted as the bad guy here here's the question is ethiopia acting. irresponsibly unreasonably when it comes to its plans to fill the stem from as early as next year no well that's a very important question but the issue is that he has already started filling this than this is this year 4900000000 cubic meters of water stored in the reservoir so any bombing of the dam would result in absolutely disastrous consequences downstream for saddam and of course it was the sudanese prime minister on the coup with president trump said is certainly some major question marks that that egypt is
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plan is to fill the dam over 5 years and they plan to do it in such a way so that yes they will be withdrawing water from the blue nile but there will be plenty of water flowing downstream and then if there are dry years during that filling period ethiopia has said it will impound less water during those years and extend the filling period so yes there are outstanding disputes that need to be result but ultimately just position is does not seem evidently unreasonable so what's the sticking point in the negotiations and why are sudan and egypt so unhappy. so there is a legal dispute and easiest way to understand that is that sudan and egypt want 3rd party arbitration as the final resort in any dispute resolution process and egypt is holding the line on that and saying it will not submit to 3rd party arbitration then there's also various kind of complex hydrological related demands where they want to ensure a minimum flows downstream especially during these dry periods egypt really wants
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to assess and to have those issues decided in much broader negotiations where the whole issue of the allocation of the not water is a decided because at the moment there is no modern moti that to a treaty governing the now basin and instead we're reliant on clone you are treaties which allocate all of the noise waters to the downstream countries sudan and egypt only really got to talk to so many thanks david william jefferson and adams have a puppy. a weather update next day on al-jazeera then to the heart of we have had enough we want a democratic and united libya and an end to this bloodshed libyans react to the signing of a permanent ceasefire i will report from misrata a city that suffered years of hardship plus pakistan announces a drastic increase in medicine prices hitting the poor in the midst of a pandemic. but
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. the flooding concerns continue across a good parts of vietnam here we go with tropical storm south bell it was a typhoon it's been downgraded now the winds have these but we will still see some pockets of very heavy rain going on here as we go on through sunday fizzling out slate's run in the day going on in sea where monday it will tend to dry up as it makes its way in a lab is still a few showers adding to the flooding problems we already have in place and further over to will see she can say this circulation which is pushing across central parts of the philippines that's likely to bring spell a very wet and windy weather here that may well become a tropical storm as well particularly as it pushes out into the south china seas elsewhere was the usual rash of showers across much of malaysia down into indonesia not quite so usual there was the heavy rain the wet the windy weather we've seen
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moving across central and eastern parts of australia some lively downpours coming through here quite a cool wind blowing as well for strong winds winds in excess of $100.00 promises per hour at times into parts of south australia easing across into victoria $63.00 millimeters of rain here that was a weather making its way further race was cold winds coming in behind melbourne just 13 celsius 20 at this time of year. on counting the costs for the biden victory means for china as the democrats line up a multi-billion dollar plan to confront beijing and president she's project to rival silicone valley plus how african businesses are coping with the pandemic kathy the costs on the busier. play an important role ringback.
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this is al jazeera that survives of the main news the south sudan's transitional government has agreed to normalize ties with israel as part of a deal that allows the lifting of u.s. sanctions but of sudan's economy palestine says the deal between sudan that israel is another stab in the back iran's foreign ministry described it as blackmail and shameful. ethiopia's prime minister has dismissed an apparent threat from president trump about the construction of the rene some stand he suggested that egypt might
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blow it up if the project continues. there's been more fighting in the going to come about because armenia and azerbaijan accuse each other of shelling residential areas hundreds of people have been killed since the conflict in the disputed region began last month 2 russian brokered cease fires have failed foreign ministers from armenia and azerbaijan met separately with the u.s. secretary of state might pump a 0 on friday of 0 as rory chalons is inglorious in southeastern armenia. this happened to panic at about 9 pm last night that 17 g.m.t. . sirens wales there's a pretty well established warning system instead panic because of months of sort of weeks of bombardments there and their history is this contested area within the media in an x. clave of nagorno-karabakh the sirens went off and a short while later. volleys of either missiles rockets or shells came
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raining down now because of the sirens and because of the shelters there were no reports of casualties things had been getting i think easier in a panic over the last few days the last time that the city was shelled or or attacked before this was saturday so nearly a week has gone by without without anything so this i think you know why why are they doing this why is this being this city being attacked well the assumption has to be that it's as it's fairly indiscriminate that it's basically a way of keeping the civilian population there on edge and demoralize the the worry i think obviously apart from any casualties that there might be insta panic a is that this is going to set off another cycle of revenge because the corner
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karabakh or thora seeds of said that they will respond to this attack and there will be no forgiveness the us has posted yes another wreck or daily jump in that 19 cases nearly $84000.00 infections were announced on friday now this art installation in washington is highlighting the growing toll with a white flag for every american life lost. the death toll in germany meanwhile has gone beyond 10000 and infection numbers of jumped to a new high of 15015000 cases to the czech republic which means that it's spreading faster there than anywhere else in europe on a per capita basis. simmons reports. record numbers of covert infection rates are now being recorded right across europe in france there are now 1000000 cases 2 thirds of its population are under curfew the country's highly regarded health service is becoming overwhelmed and there's the starkest warning
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yet about the resurgence of the virus that followed you know we did it if we look at it trajectory of damage to viruses spreading more quickly now than in disappearing in spain the government says the pandemic is out of control and prime minister pedre sanchez has released research from a public health institute tripling the number of covert cases from guam to see 3000000 he says some regions fail to detect the actual number of cases he's being criticized by some regions for not imposing a national lockdown but he refuses to do so. even if we want to avoid at all costs for people to be logged on the tom like they're wearing this spring we know the sacrifices it takes and the comic on social consequences it brings in belgium the government has also stopped short of a national lockdown while announcing more restrictions hospital admissions in the past fortnight have increased by 254 percent compared with the past 2 weeks and
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latest positive testing figures standard maybe 10000 people a day 75 percent up on last week health workers say the situation is getting critical by a lot of people are off work they're exhausted tie and therefore the challenge is to continue and provide the best quality care possible despite these challenges and the challenges all over europe west and east are getting greater by the day along with the pressure on politicians to weigh up more restrictive measures and their impact on economies and jobs. and bruce simmons. poland's president is the latest world leader to test positive for the virus is said to be feeling well and is in concert with doctors from current in poland like much of the rest of europe is imposing more restrictions to try to get on top of high infection rates. guinea's army has been deployed to stop demonstrations after preliminary
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results showed president alpha condé one a controversial. the unrest has led to the deaths of at least 626 people since sunday's election phone lines and internet connections have been count. violent scenes on the streets of guinea's capital conakry. opposition supporters angry at the news the president is on course for yet another election win. guinea's election commission says preliminary results show alpha condé has secured a 3rd term in office with 37 of 38 districts counted it says khan does want to run twice as many votes as his nearest rival but opposition candidate to salute jello has a ready called the result unconstitutional and declared himself the winner. now it is for all of us to fight to preserve to defend our victory and you know that it is
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threatened by alpha condé who had no borders but had an army of fraudsters they have transformed the boat you expressed into another in favor of alpha condé we must not accept it. the government mobilized the army as opposition supporters flooded the streets. as for condi has been in power since 2010 instead of salute giallo and we all have guinea reaches us that's what give the warrants if you have d.g. is not elective guinea will not become. condors decision to run for a 3rd term sparked repeated protests over the past year and resulted in dozens of deaths but the government's denied using heavy handed tactics and accuse the opposition of causing chaos. guinea's government faithful to his principle of preserving peace and social tranquility cannot allow this situation. to take root we deplore the deaths and balance of their memory all of them civilians and agents
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of the security forces now the international criminal court's warning both sides could face prosecution if the violence continues but guinea's opposition has vowed to contest the result in the constitutional court fuelling fee is of more violence . 0. by jarius president has acknowledged that many lives have been lost during 2 weeks of protests people continue to block major roads and set fires and lagos has been growing anger over police brutality in nigeria the 20000000 residents of lagos state support on the 24 hour curfew since tuesday. libyans have spoken of their hope and caution after their country's warring sides agreed to a permanent ceasefire the un brokered deal was signed in geneva on friday but been months of negotiations between the internationally recognized government in tripoli and its rival in the east ministry and armed groups must withdraw from the front
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lines and foreign fighters have to leave libya within 3 months i want to trade up has been speaking to people in misrata a city that still with severe hardship since the world cup before half the launched his push for tripoli in april 29th in for libya which has been engulfed in violence for nearly 10 years these past 14 months have only seen the fighting words from. while the east of the country is under the control of warlord for the for hafter and the to replace the house of representatives the west is controlled by the un recognized government of national accord led by prime minister is the survivors they are based in the capital tripoli huffed or who is supported by russia egypt and the united arab emirates launched an offensive on tripoli in april 2019 but was pushed back earlier this year as pro g n a forces received support from turkey. here in central misrata coffee shop worker
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are below watch the news of a nationwide cease fire played on the t.v. he's optimistic the agreement will lead to a stable libya. we have had enough we want a democratic and united libya and an end to this not should we have dreams and aspirations and want to live peaceful and happy nice but not everyone is as optimistic. who will guarantee ceasefire we've seen these agreements before and then the fighting continued libyans don't have the power to make these decisions it's the foreign parties who will decide if we will have a ceasefire if they decide to end the fighting maybe then we will have peace in misrata libya's 3rd largest city and a primary source of military power for the internationally recognized government in tripoli according to city officials over $700.00 men from the city have been killed in the fighting since world war 2 so if i have to launch his failed military campaign to capture the capital. although many libyans are hopeful that this agreement will lead to a permanent ceasefire and
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a political solution some are skeptical that we're after and his foreign backers will actually add here to it for abdullah and many libyans like him there's a sense of hope that things here will get better but the real test lies in the commitments of the agreement well the trainer al-jazeera misrata a mosque in france is held press in tribute to a teacher who was beheaded last week there was a heavy police presence after threats against worshippers their mom was a bulletproof vest some real patti's murder showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad to students has caused outrage in france. was shot dead by police. today as we're in this mosque it was the same friday a week ago that he was assassinated today we are in a free mosque a mosque a bin laden meant it's called the al-noor mosque which means to light we're here to pray for him to pay homage to him and to have a minute of silence i find that this is the minimum that we can do. for the 2nd
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time in a month pakistan's drug regulator has announced an increase in the prices of medicine this latest one is particularly high hitting poor monson allies communities during the coronavirus pandemic non-serious kemal hyder reports from islamabad. buggiest on has seen several bikes and prices of a century drugs for their treatment of high blood pressure heart disease and other important lifesaving drugs that are now costing far more on the open market the prices of course are fluctuating people are complaining that they have to dig deeper into their pockets and pay more for a century of drugs now all this is happening after the federal cabinet approved for a spike in the prices saying that it will essentially because of their demand of the pharmaceutical industry which of course said that it was entitled to get an increase in the prices because the cost of production of some of these drugs was
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far too high and there is a clause with the drug regulatory authority of august and that can allow such an increase if the pharmaceutical companies decide to claim it however the people here are not satisfied because pakistan is a pall country and most people can order for essential medicines that of course and also lead to reports that people every day had to reduce their dotage of their medicine and in some cases give up treatment altogether it is going to be important to to read their budgets on a new bill to come to grips with the shortages of essential lifesaving medicine the government saying as it has made a move. did it no shortage of drugs. happy big. production high and therefore they have the right. people like. buckling under pressure from.
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dime the country. already been blaming their government for mismanaging the economy now they really have more ammunition to add to day call. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for the get here the headlines about syria sudan's transitional government is agreed to mobilize ties with israel it's part of a deal that allows the lifting of u.s. sanctions but of sudan's economy so foreign minister says the deal still has to be approved by a yet to be formed parliament in the country before it can move forward. on the pull bit it's a long process that requires a lot of work so this is an agreement to normalize that took place between sudan and israel and we are now waiting for the completion of the democratic institutions through the formation of the legislative council so that he can decide to ratify this a.


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