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al-jazeera. instigated the use and abuse of power across the globe are now just 0. any leaking out where. they may carry barrett is sworn in as the newest u.s. supreme court justice shifting the court further to the right. hello i'm laura kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a warning from the world health organization not to give up the fight against corona virus as the trumpet ministration is accused of doing just that. one month since the fighting began armenia and azerbaijan accuse each other of violating the
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latest humanitarian cease fire. and a surprise discovery on the moon how for some or so could be just the tonic for manned missions. donald trump's picked for the u.s. supreme court justice has been sworn in a macone barrett took the oath of office at the white house shortly after the senate confirmed a nomination her appointment gives the top court a large conservative majority and in fisher house more. than 2 days after her nomination equally but it became the 9th justice on the u.s. supreme court they held an event at the white house no. doubt. the initial 70 was a super spreader event for covert 19 with many attendees including the president contract in the virus that didn't deter president donald trump who wanted a political victory so close to the election this is a momentous day for america. for the united states constitution and for the
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fair and impartial rule of law the speed of the process is upset democrats the see the choice of a new justice should have been left to the next president may win this vote but in the process he will speed the precipitous decline of face in our institution our politics the senate and the supreme court you will give an already divided an angry nation a fresh outrage the democrats tried to bring public pressure to stop the vote the argued there were more important things they argued that the republicans wouldn't even consider a democratic nomination for the supreme court in an election year 4 years ago but the reality is the democrats never had any real power to stop this nomination going through at elections have consequences and what this administration and this republican for. is actress of the power that was given to us by the american
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people about it will replace justice ruth bader ginsburg who died last month her appointment solidifies a 63 conservative majority on the court but she insists she will not take her own views on to the court the oath that i have soundly taken tonight means at its core that i will do my job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences democratic presidential nominee joe biden says if he wins the election he'll look again at how the judicial branch of the american government operates there just a group of serious questions a scholar of a number of ideas how we should proceed from this point on having no been sworn in just this county but it starts work immediately exactly what the republicans wanted
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alan fischer al-jazeera washington. as a political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university he says that comments won't be enough to calm democrats consents and could galvanize people to vote against president trump we are at the peak of the election season and democrats are extremely angry about her nomination and now her confirmation they feared leave their worst fears may be realized and they are very angry about this this could drive a lot of democrats to the polls to vote against president trump and it is believed has been for out throughout american history that the judges they can exercise independent. judicial judgment and that they don't bring idiology to the court but in the last 50 years or so people have dismissed that idea they say they both their idiology republican appoints them they're likely to vote with the republicans the opposite with the democrats that's why democrats are
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so angry and republicans in the country are likely to see her confirmation as a consolation prize if president trump is defeated at the polls it will heighten the division and the animosity that has polarized american politics because the supreme court has been the central player you know all the culture wars that have divided americans for a 50 years since the 1960 s. this is these are the key issues and she'll be asked to pass judgement on them and there is now a solid conservative majority on the supreme court republicans will rush to celebrate trumps between the supreme court this means a lot to them and democrats would just be enraged that of the world health organization says countries should not give up on the fight against corona virus the warning comes a day off to president chance chief of staff said the administration's focus had moved away from stamping the virus out. government to do its share and our
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citizens should do their share and do everything to minimize transmission so we should not give up and that's why we are saying. although we agree with the chief of staff that controlling the violator i mean protecting the vulnerable is important but giving giving up on control is dangerous and. control should also be part of the strategy. well president trump then says the virus will go away as he campaigns in key battleground states ahead of next week's election the cases continue to search across the country and with no economic stimulus package inside stock markets took a tumble on monday and we got the reports. with all eyes focused on the presidential election it's easy to overlook the economic suffering caused by the coronavirus pandemic in texas food banks like this one in houston seeing
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a sharp rise in the numbers of those in need of help voters may be out in record numbers casting their ballots early and many are dealing with more pressing issues and we've depleted our saving we've had to just last week we caved over our light bill company because we can't afford to pay the light bill was away from the reality of a crippling pandemic president trump continues to claim the u.s. is turning a corner and the virus will soon be gone i had it and here i am is administration's facing sharp criticism louder now the trumps chief of staff conceded they are not trying to control the pandemic still with just days to go the president is urging supporters to make their voices heard get your friends get your family get your neighbors and get your coworkers and get the hell out of out play god you know what it's going to be all over the country not just adventure of it
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you know it's going to be a great read where they're only of god all of them on wall street a metric the president often uses to point to his success stocks plunged investors fearing rising cases of covert 19 and inaction on a stimulus package to boost the economy a growing cautious over the past week the number of coronavirus cases averaged close 270008 day in more than 20 states outbreaks a reaching record levels as we. 2 approaches the messaging from both campaigns isn't changing the stakes are. full of vice president joe biden also in the crucial battleground state of pennsylvania says the president's covert claims a dangerous and irresponsible the bottom line to the top is the worst possible president or possible 1st privately this is pandemic and i don't think you just
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tell you don't have any idea what to do we just don't care many have already made up their minds who is best to deal with the crisis and 60000000 voters have already cast their ballots the closing days of the campaign will see the candidates focus on battleground states that could decide who wins and agalloch al-jazeera miami florida. well several countries in europe are struggling to control the rise and factions but hopes of growing in the u.k. 'd where the british government anticipating a mass in the 1st half of next year. hospitals across europe are under mounting strain in spain emergency wards are overrun with covert 19 sufferers many of them elderly the country's followed france and belgium sladen imposing nighttime curfews a response said prime minister pedro sanchez to an extreme situation one by one
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countries are tightening restrictions from says been reporting record daily figures but a leading scientist who advises the french government believes the infection rate could be twice as high adding to calls for a full a short term lockdown. the virus is so present around us today we no longer have a choice we have to remember men to log down a bit like what the irish and the welsh have done to reset a time or allow ourselves to reorganize and to stop the situation of intensive care units. in parts of russia doctors are understaffed and overwhelmed during the 1st wave this hospital in siberia handled only a few mild cases now it's over a 3rd of hospital staff have tested positive. it's an ongoing war and we have daily losses as medics get sick and people get sick rushes racing against time to develop a vaccine it's one of
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a dozen internationally in the final stages of testing in the u.k. the oxford university astra zeneca vaccines reportedly shown an immune response in both young adults and the elderly that's encouraging news given the immune system weakens with age and the elderly a most at risk of dying from the virus. 10 thousands of people have been tested and so we are quite optimistic that we will soon see the result of at least the 1st one of the 2 back scenes being published maybe even early and december but effective vaccine would be a gang changer in the battle against corona virus several could be available civil taney asli in the 1st half of next year but with the vaccine comes a big question over who should get it 1st europe's bracing for a long winter but there's hope for the al-jazeera well have been
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protests in several italian says he's angered builds over the latest round of covert 19 restrictions inter people net fires and looted some stores right place responded with tear gas on sunday the government ordered new restrictions which include restaurants and bars closing at 6 pm infections have been rising rapidly and it's only this month factory workers and students have gotten striken bella ruse piling pressure on president alexander lukashenko to resign walkout follows sunday's mass rally joined by more than 100000 people they say lucas shanker is no longer a legitimate leader at least 500 protesters were arrested at the major rallies every weekend since august following a disputed election. still ahead on al-jazeera backing a boycott find out why tech is present as saying no to french products. and. continue to keep up the pressure as our government protests stretch into
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a 2nd day. hello despite all the action we see in the last week wind and try and showers in the levant in the eastern med temperatures have recovered they're still above where they should be and the study the sun still shines out the band and most of iraq is slowly cooling down in saudi and then the gulf states doha's about 30 below where it should be but fitting very present refuse showers around the armani coast in the forecast the next day or so and this may be a slow drop in temperature in places like israel syria but if you come into damascus that's a text such drop we're staying around about $31.00 degree mark and the average here is 25 so we're 5 or 6 above the average and that's the next 3 or 4 days
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but of a change the weather in the horn of africa we have not seen very much in the way of showers in the last months but they're coming in now i'm also we still got a few in south sudan as more of the concentration here in somalia possibly mogadishu obviously that's true also for a good part of towns in israel the rift valley and places to the west now that rain has not yet come much for the sun has so relatively dry and still warm prospect in botswana and south africa with temperatures above where they should be but a few showers building as well. 5 g. internet technology game changer thread stuff i don't want to be a human lab rat activists. the. conspiracy theorists engineers and world leaders this is only the beginning are
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going fiercely over control over the latest wireless technology the truth about 5 g. on al-jazeera. rules. to . hello again you're watching out is there his reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. supreme court has a new justice amy kearney barrett was sworn in a short while ago after the republican controlled senate approved her appointment this means the top court now has a conservative majority of 63. world health organization is warning some countries are on a dangerous track and their battles against new surges of coronavirus infections
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the agency admits a certain level of the teeth has set in but it's cautioned against giving up the fight. al these comments come as president trump insists that the virus will soon be gone he campaigned against battleground states ahead of next week's election but cases continue to surge across the u.s. which is the worst affected country. it's been one month since fighting broke out between armenia and azerbaijan a 30 minute tarion ceasefire came into effect on monday but it's already in jeopardy the 2 sides have been fighting over the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh which is part of azerbaijan but controlled by ethnic armenians that's taking an increasingly high toll on communities on either side of the. reports from. in azerbaijan. it's here to cemetery that one feels the human toll of this war this man has lost his best friend for them
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it's a son husband and father who is gone and 1st had been up by it and moreover it's a neighbor she saw grow up. i come here every day to pray for them they became artist for us there in the army to protect us there are villages we know them we've seen them and they died for us to stop the armenian occupation. this war has cost as a very life at. also has seen the army take back territory from armenian control at least 65 civilians have been killed so far this side of the conflict the number of soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefield is unknown but with each day that passes the number increases and with the anger among people here but there also proud of their army drones have given the edge to azerbaijan's been a tree while taking a huge toll on armenian soldiers this injured armenian volunteer came to pay respect to his commander and a commander son both recently killed in
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a drone strike. after treatment i'll go back because we have to continue our commanders unfinished business we have to defend our borders we are not attacking now we are defending the whole world sees what is going on i mean it says about a 1000 soldiers have lost their lives so far hundreds of rounds are fired in this direction on a daily basis here in azerbaijan this city of tartar has become a focal point for me as fire power across the contact line similar scenes in a corner care about but the war is also reaching those living outside of the conflict zone alarm bell the m e l f and his wife are fed show us a piece of shrapnel from around that landed nearby they are both from let sheen and occupied area which as they are by john says its army is about to retake. life was very good spring was amazing the nature is beautiful we didn't need
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anything we grow our own food we were self-sufficient here life is very difficult i can't wait to go back but it's impossible to live together anymore they stole our lives we can't believe them anymore. they have been 3 attempts to impose a humanitarian ceasefire all have been unsuccessful the war has become a matter of survival for me and for azerbaijan. it's about restoring a historical right good at that hamid al jazeera have it. he's president has called for a boycott of french goods following comments about islam and muslims was tougher laws to prevent what he calls separatism and french society after a teacher was beheaded earlier this month moment file reports. palestinian israeli protest against fast outside the french ambassador's residence in tel aviv 6. it's a part of
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a wave of anger after a french president manuel micro refused to and also controversial cartoons depicting islam's prophet mohammed earlier this month french teacher some your party was beheaded by a chechen attacker after he showed his students the caricatures during a class on freedom of expression muslims consider it a blasphemy to show any depiction of the prophet french officials insist it's an act of freedom of speech. the i was in serious war stricken city over it protesters made their voice head was. in dakar the capital of bangladesh they described mccrone as an enemy of peace but was going to get the money if you have no idea about the strains of muslims if we rise you will see that so be careful and i'm a member of the bundle of the sheep protesters held up signs with words from turkish president there is a plate of the one who has said president needs
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a mental health test. for i also recalled its ambassador to turkey in protest accusing him of even failing to condemn the murder of some your party on monday the turkish leaders spokesman responded by strongly condemning what he called the most famous murder of party but president of the one has thrown his weight behind the boycott campaign shiban i'm now telling my nation just as the saying in france not to buy anything from turkish brands i call on my nation here now do not pay attention to french labeled goods do not buy them. commercial businesses in our countries including kuwait morrocco are do you have palestine and jordan have taken measures to boycott french products and meal which is leading the retailer with more than 40 supermarkets across the country has been the 1st to decide a total withdrawal of french products they say it is a voluntary decision but it reflects the collective desire of its customers. about
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50 french brands have been removed from the shelves they include food items perfumes daily hygiene and beauty products have the mark of a mirror image of musharraf i commend this decision by mira and i hope that other companies follow its example this is the strongest weapon we have right now. at this shopping mall in jordan of science reads in solidarity with prophet mohammed peace be upon him or the french products are boycotting supporters of the boycott hoping it will produce results. it's a statement of opposition and i'm sure it will reach the french officials and will certainly make a difference fyles has criticised the boycott and asked for it to be stopped but president insists his country will never give in to pressure of any kind and will continue to fight what you called islamic separatism. or dizzy or.
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the heads of justice and liberties for all can i say he says freedom of speech comes with responsibility. well a forest that is no push needs to be asked is how good friends were from being celebrated oh we're in the muslim and arab world the after the only judge shock with user to engage with americans in this war in iraq 2003 i mean who got it all over the region is a question you need to ask for the original author no on recent. well kalgan emanuel mark quote is a freedom of speech includes inserting muslims which actually does you know but who the most breach was a committee was possibility probably the most would assert it also means of responsibility towards the censors you to me but others are now god says that when he remarked when he had a mental health check what could be the most speech from occasion but in many ways
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michael cannot say it's ok to portray the prophet of islam in such a way and muslims have to accept it but when he's bitter eagle is a little bit scorched you can hear complains and fishing the 2nd point is that when emmanuel mccaughan speaks of the most preached alchemy never mentions ridgeon there is school report from war areas holcombe doesn't let's talk about the journalists who have new prosecutor and that he's ordered miss ration a russian air strike has killed at least 70 eight's turkish backed rebels in northern syria assam savitri for human rights says more than 90 others were going to have tack on a training camp and at the province russia and came back opposing sides in the conflict and that falls within a day escalations an established under a cease fire agreement in march. protests isn't security forces have faced off for a 2nd day in the iraqi capital police fired tear gas and closed a major bridge in baghdad demonstrations a frustrated about government corruption and the deteriorating economic situation
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protests began a year ago but was stopped because of coronavirus simona fulton has more from baghdad several tense here in tahrir square were either burned or taken down overnight amidst mounting disagreements between the protesters over how to use demonstrations should continue part of them appear to favor a negotiated solution with the government and the protests while others are determined to remain here and escalate the situation until their demands are met. tends to make tea for the protesters burned and we extinguished the 3 gasoline owners and you know afternoon burned it was their intention was to remove all tents and the protests but this one or. there is a palpable difference in the atmosphere in tahrir square today and we actually withdrew after a short while there because you could really feel that the tensions were running high within the protest movement but there are also ongoing confrontations between
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protesters and security forces on the bridge which you can see behind me on sunday the human rights commissions to the 32 protesters were injured and 138 members of the security forces were also injured in confrontations between the 2 sides with protesters following petrol bombs stones and homemade grenades and security forces responding with tear gas and stun grenades now today just confrontations have continued we have heard ourselves tongan it's being deployed to try to repel the protesters who are trying to climb the barricades atop of the republican bridge to reach the heavily fortified green zone which houses government offices security forces appear to have used non-lethal weapons but if the situation endures and if protesters or some of the protesters continue to try to breach the barricades to the green zone the situation could well escalate further. there are state department has approved another potential weapon sale to taiwan congress now has
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a month to object to the agreement which could see the u.s. sell $100.00 coastal defense systems to the island it comes a day after china said it will sanction any u.s. companies participating in weapons sales to taiwan. the mexican government is warning residents and tourists to stay indoors as the hurricane approaches its caribbean coast tropical storms that says strengthened into a category one hurricane on monday with winds of 130 kilometers an hour it's on course to hit the peninsula in a few hours 60000 people in southern california have been ordered to evacuate their homes as a power as powerful winds fuel a false moving wildfire the blaze has spread almost 8 kilometers just hours off to breaking out in orange county nasa says it's found evidence that water exists on the sun the surface of the moon water molecules were detected in the clavius crater facing earth how did your caster has more on the discovery and its significance. scientists already knew water is present at the moon's frigid pulls
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but could the hydrogen detected on the moon's sunlit surface also be water the answer yes was a surprise discovery made by now says stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy or sophia for short sophia is a modified boeing jet with a telescope aboard equipped to detect the chemical signature of h 2 a water scientists pointed sophia at the moon's largest crater visible from earth as a test what sophia saw astounded them. individual molecules of water surviving on the fall of the moon and if you were to gang up all those molecules of water it would be about well the water. hole. needed already huge big. lot of.
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well all. flowing if you love wired and. nasa says this lunar water is nothing like the water on earth it doesn't pool because each molecule is incased in a protective shield possibly glass the finding comes from a brief snapshot here olding many new questions but the question is can astronauts women and men on the surface actually extract this water harder to get their inhabitants by perhaps the water molecules come from micrometeoroid or solar wind or maybe the moon has more water beneath its surface that emerged from promote will cain opes now says it's preparing to send drills with the next generation of rovers and in 2024 will send humans back to the moon before humans will be doing. it here on alt. the frozen water known to exist on the moon's shadow surface is
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difficult to reach if the water on the moon's bright side is more easily accessible in may help sustain more human missions or even an outpost researchers say the next step is to use sophia to look again for longer and at a greater area and that the possibilities on the moon are tantalizing castro al-jazeera washington. or without is there these are our top stories the u.s. supreme court has a new justice amy katie barrett was sworn in a short while ago after the republican controlled senate approved her appointment this means the top court now has a conservative majority.


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