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management and socialist worker values appear destined to recall. the russian. witness documentary on al-jazeera. the. the in. at least 8 killed and dozens more injured after a bomb attack as a religious school in pakistan. hello there i'm just on the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming strengthening ties with india the u.s. secretary of state seeks close a military cooperation in the face of growing regional influence from china. the toll being taken on children by the war in yemen the u.n. says tens of thousands are at high risk of dying from hunger. and
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a surprise discovery on the marin county luna was it could be just the tonic fan and mission. we began and pakistan where an explosion has killed at least 8 people that blast happened at a religious school in the city of push allah more than 100 others were also injured there has been no claim yet of responsibility but the pakistan branch of the taliban has issued a statement strongly condemning the attack now u.s. secretary of state my pump air has pledged u.s. support for india against threats from china from payer and defense secretary mark kasper are in india right now seeking to boost military cooperation and sponsor a 5 day asia trip aimed at strengthening strategic ties in the face of growing
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chinese influence in the region. based on our shared values and common interests we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of a free and open indo-pacific role particularly in light of increasing aggression and destabilizing activities by china. correspondent elizabeth promise following this visit in new delhi for us live as we were saying before a week out from the u.s. election this is clearly viewed as a very important trip and it's not the 1st this is not to visit to counter china seemingly is to strengthen ties with india. so yes this is the what's called the 4th and final in a foundational defense relationship they call it between the 2 countries it's an agreement that has eluded previous u.s. governments it's one that the u.s. secretaries of state of defense have signed on this trip to india and the last 3 years and it allows the 2 countries to share high end military technology maps and
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classified classified das it's one that the previous indian government the congress government didn't want to sign because it was worried that it would be giving up something off its strategic autonomy bought the u.s. india defense relationship has only become closer over the last few years and with india buying more and more defense equipment especially for the if was analysts say that it was just a matter of time before they signed this deal we've heard from both. both the foreign and the defense ministers off the countries and they've both been talking about how. how much closer they have become and is we've been watching also very strong lions about chinese influence in the region obviously not a really great time for india china relations tell us a little bit more about the messaging we're seeing from both sides here.
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it's really interesting messaging because we've heard from the u.s. side secretary of state pompei and defense mark as and you know saying things like they have to that they're dealing with an increasingly beloved euro and destabilizing activities of the chinese communist party secretary of state might pompei also refer to the 20 indian soldiers who were killed on the 1st. deaths along the india china border and nearly 50 years earlier this year interestingly we had no reference to china by the indian side foreign minister external affairs minister. only spoke about the need for what he said was a multi-polar asia and that might be because india and china. something like the 8th round of talks at the moment to try and resolve that that for disputes. much stronger language from the u.s. that we're hearing from china we also heard from the u.s. secretary of defense marcus but he brought up the quad alliance not only india and
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the u.s. becoming closer with their military ties but they're part of a quad alliance called along with japan and australia and they carrying out mabel exercises for the 1st time the 1st military level engagement that that's coming up so all of these things the specially the squad alliance is something that china is something that china has accused of using cold war tactics there is also an alliance that's grown stronger this year very interesting dynamics there. india correspondent in new delhi thanks so much for the latest as well let's return now to a top story that attack on a school and correspondent is in the capital islamabad with more on that story for you. pre-show i had seen several attacks in the box and there's a care again happening on the outer fringes of the day according to the information that we've been able to piece together so far there was
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a clock taking place adam marsh ended colony which is situated as i mentioned just on the outskirts of the shop at that time according to the polls say that there's a police source says a man walked into that mosque where a large number of children to a president and placed at their wives which was according to the police at times their wives and rich high powered explosives. were used with ball bearings and very devastating effect now this is not the 1st attack because in 2014 also there was a deadly attack on army public school in the city of for shah and richard 130 students will carry but they showed their dead a spike in the number of attacks being carried out alfred a lot that happened because of the military operation and 24 however day it is now warning by the nationalists and it gets come on daughter day also of war today
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across pakistan so indeed a deadly insurgent and fears that the death toll from this particular bombing may drive. main opposition party says 3 people have been shot dead by police during pre-election protests there they were reportedly killed on the island of pemba and police fired tear gas and live ammunition at protesters who were saying that ballot papers had been pre-marked ahead of that 1st on wednesday main in tanzania and the semi autonomous sounds of holding presidential and parliamentary elections them well our correspondent catherine so is following all of that for us from the kenyan capital nairobi catherine there have been these warnings of a crackdown on the opposition especially in their stronghold of zanzibar talk us through what happened here. yes. barry island of penn by is a traditional opposition stronghold and we've seen violence play out in previous
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elections so this really doesn't come completely as a surprise what happened as you mentioned in that ensure is that the island is took to the streets yesterday when the military was distributing the voting materials for today's early voting which is designated for special groups like security forces election officials people leaving that to a people with disabilities and so one so the people the protesters was saying that they believe some of the ballot papers had been pre-match and wanted to verify that's when police fired tear gas and live a munition according to opposition officials 30 of the protesters were killed and several others were injured we are still trying to get more information for the from the police itself but we're being told that it's very very tense in that island steel now coming back to the town where the main presidential opposition
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candidate. safe sheriff was arrested this morning we're being told he's still in police custody he was arrested at a polling station police saying that he had no business being there he's not categorized as a special group and so they're arrested him we have spoken to he's aides was saying that today's process is very unclear because they're saying that there are some people who are not special groups who are being allowed to vote in this in that they are afraid that the vote could be manipulated we have seen a huge police presence police have blocked roads to polling stations. and in the last few weeks we also saw a huge deployment of the military heavily armed with tanks so really tense times ahead of tomorrow's tomorrow's big day the main election and catherine of course this is a really critical election for president michel fully how is campaigning been going across the whole country. president mughal for
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has is winding up he complains he's going to. address. a televised presidential address where he's supposed to he's expected to talk about maintaining peace as he's been doing in previous campaigns but now it's even more important because of what is happening in zanzibar he's also expected to talk about his achievements that is something you've been talking about throughout his campaign the things he's done in tanzania and what he will need to elect him so he can finish what he started so he's going to be holding this address in the copy told adama he's main opposition his main opponent to lisa's going to also be holding his final rally in the capito. he has often accused of being authoritarian accused his government of clamping down on dissenting
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dissenting voices very violently of tailing freedoms of expression and of the media and he has said that if the people of tanzania elected him than he is going to restore democracy in that country but a lot of people we've spoken to a lot of voters ordinary tanzanians say that they just want this process to go through all 3 they want to a peaceful election that's going to be free fair and transparent and credible catherine story there following that election for us from the kenyan capital nairobi thanks so much catherine. donald trump's pick for the u.s. supreme court justice has been sworn in amy kearney barrett took the oath of office at the white house shortly after the senate confirmed her nomination her appointment gives the top court a launch a conservative majority has. 30 days after her nomination him equally bad it became the 9 justices on the u.s. supreme court they held an event at the white house. during. the initial 70 was
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a super spreader event for covered $1000.00 with many attendees including the president contract in the virus that didn't deter president donald trump who wanted a political victory so close to the election this is a momentous day for america for the united states constitution and for the fair and impartial rule of law the speed of the process is upset democrats the see the choice of a new justice should have been left to the next president may win this vote but in the process you will speed precipitous decline of face in our institution our politics the senate and the supreme court you will give in already divided an angry nation a fresh outrage the democrats tried to bring public pressure to stop the vote the argued there were more important things they argued that the republicans wouldn't even consider a democratic nomination for the supreme court in an election year 4 years ago but
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the reality is the democrats never had any real power to stop this nomination going through a lecture and have consequences. and what this administration and most republican for. years after. the power that was given to us by the american people about it will replace justice ruth bader ginsburg who died last month her appointment solidifies a 63 conservative majority on the court but she insists she will not take her own views on to the court the oath that i have soundly taken tonight means at its core that i will do my job without any fear or favor. and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences democratic presidential nominee joe biden says if he wins the election he'll look again at how to judicial branch of the american government uproots or just
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a group of serious cultural scholars have a number of ideas how we should proceed from this point on having no been sworn in just this county but it starts work immediately exactly what the republicans wanted alan fischer al-jazeera washington. while still ahead here here on al-jazeera. a lot of his appeals to white identity politics really i think really appeal to a lot of people in my hometown of mustering michigan we look at cain middle class counties and their concerns the next week u.s. election. and a warning from the world health organization not to give up the fight against the coronavirus as the trunk administration is accused of waving the white flag.
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hello well ave did what we might expect to do we grew in the south china sea it's moving fast but that does not stop it becoming a major target figure he's choosing make landfall probably in the early hours g.m.t. of wednesday which locally is still dark in vietnam with these sort of figures carrying a wave of 10 metres or so and when strengths 175 kilometers progress is the worst one we've seen here for quite a while and the area that's part of vietnam is already flooded so evacuations are taking place and you can see why in the following day or 2 it will spread west was her last parts of thailand dispersed and spread its rain all over the place that looks temporarily quiet of it must watch this thing potentially developing so normal weather further south into an easier malaysia a good scattering of daily thunderstorms that's also happened in queens and and in new south wales and ferry shocks on the storms came down just
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a few hours ago and it's still going to look pretty awful i think on the whole coast strip and inland queens in new south wales is pretty miserable time for $21.00 degrees over costs to run in sydney it warmer much the $7.00 brits been looking more and sunnier. amidst a climate of violence and paranoia. there's still willing to dream. in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to reclaim the city. and transform the very symbol of past oppression. you find in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. the . the the i.
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had again i missed the attainder that's remind you of our top stories here this hour an explosion at a religious school in pakistan has killed at least 8 people more than 100 others were also injured in the city of shock. u.s. secretary of state mike compare has pledged u.s. support for india against threats from china it's part of a 5 day asia trip aimed at strengthening strategic ties in the face of growing chinese influence in the region. and sounds of oz main opposition party says 3 people have been shot dead by police during pre-election protests demonstrators say ballot papers have been pre-marked ahead of the vote on wednesday in mainland tanzania and a semi autonomous sounds about. the united nations is warning the humanitarian
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crisis in yemen is getting worse with tens of thousands of children at risk of dying unicef says a 5th of children under 5 in southern yemen that's hoff a 1000000 children are acutely malnourished the number of children an urgent need of treatment has increased by nearly 10 percent this year compared to last the u.n. says it's the highest level ever recorded in southern yemen and it's also warning that 98000 children are at high risk of dying well ali i spoke to philip to a male he's the unicef representative in yemen he says malnutrition is a major threat also to children's long term development. i mean the judge is just putting their lives well. he has also this ball expects own our own children that we should be talking about the $1000.00 gold from the time of the 9 months of pregnancy and all.
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that particular age. 'd damage to the brain and to the community. later on so it's absolutely terrible it not only puts a lot of children at risk of dying but also really puts their future tremendous. silly that was just. published in the analyses that was just showing chris in the increasingly anomaly trends of men and in yemen was a 50 percent decrease was also of malnutrition which is. tradition and it's in the greece got almost 100000. 5. minutes now after the hour now the un's human rights investigation had been a ruthless is demanding that the government stop repressing its own people and
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neymar and says at least $20000.00 were detained in august and september but hundreds and tortured in custody protesters in belarus have been calling on president alexander to resign have been mass rallies every weekend since august following a disputed election now the u.s. state department has approved the sale of more weapons to taiwan congress has a month to object to that day off a coastal defense missiles beijing meanwhile has warned it will sanction any american company selling weapons to the island that it considers chinese. well donald trump's victory 4 years ago was patchy due to an upset in the usually democratic state of michigan not to be reelected next tuesday the president will need to win in the state's knowledge of counties such as mccomb in the suburbs of detroit now some of them mainly middle and upper class forces have been explaining what issues concern them to our reporter john hendren mccomb county in suburban
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detroit is auto country it's also home to the reagan democrats who switched parties in 1980 to vote for ronald reagan and after voting twice for barack obama it switched again in 2016 devoted republican donald trump. mccomb county which sits between 2 great lakes lake huron and lake erie is scenic patriotic middle class and overwhelmingly white in the last election trump resonated here in 2016 pledged he would not cut medicare medicaid or social security very different from other republican candidates and i think that combined with a lot of his appeals to white identity politics really i think really appealed to a lot of people in a calm county trump inspires tributes on land and water and a rare devotion among supporters to the greatest president we've ever had in my lifetime he has made so many promises and he's kept more promises that he's made
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which is never happened ever as i believe in his policies he's gotten the job done so far he's pro-life he's everything i believe in. the 2020 election will test whether he's still popular here despite the coronavirus and an economic collapse his democrat joe biden's campaign workers canvassed the county early so i am proud are there are 3 more he leads trump handily in recent polls what's changed is this mask. the epidemic here has been very difficult we have lost over a 1000 people to call that the president doesn't have a plan doesn't pretend to have one he wants more people to die joe biden will have a plan that will fix this coded so that we can try and get back to normal life what has also changed is a growing political conflict within the state. democratic governor gretchen whitmer
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as aggressive pandemic response led armed protesters to force their way into the state capitol and it led to the arrest of 13 militia members who allegedly planned to kidnap or in trump has been fanning the flames you've got to get your governor to open up your state. for donald trump to win again in 2020 he will almost certainly have to win michigan and to do that he will likely have to win right here john hendren mccomb county michigan and in part 3 areas touring some of those battleground states in america's midwest john hendren reports from ohio very much a swing state to find out just what matters to voters as their time to get that's wednesday right here on al-jazeera. well president trungpa is still insisting the coronavirus will go away as he campaigns in those key battleground states before next week's election but infections continue to study across the country and with
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no economic stimulus package and sight stock markets took a tumble on monday and the reports. with all eyes focused on the presidential election it's easy to overlook the economic suffering caused by the coronavirus pandemic in texas food banks like this one in houston a seeing a sharp rise in the numbers of those in need of help voters may be out in record numbers casting their ballots early but many are dealing with more pressing issues and we've depleted our saving we've had to do with last week we taped over our light bill company because we can't afford to pay the light bill was away from the reality of a crippling pandemic president trump continues to claim the u.s. is turning a corner and the virus will soon be gone i had it and here i am is administration's facing sharp criticism louder now the trumps chief of staff conceded they are not trying to control the pandemic still with just days to go the president is urging
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supporters to make their voices heard get your friends get your family get your neighbors and get your coworkers and get the hell out of out playing god you know what it's going to be all over the country not just adventure of it you know it's going to be a great read where there already was all of that on wall street a metric the president often uses to point to his success stocks plunged investors fearing rising cases of covert 19 and inaction on a stimulus package to boost the economy a growing cautious over the past week the number of coronavirus cases is averaged close 270008 day in more than 20 states outbreaks are. reaching record levels as winter approaches the messaging from both campaigns isn't changing the stakes are.
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former vice president joe biden also in the crucial battleground state of pennsylvania says the president's covert claims a dangerous and irresponsible the bottom our. own top is the worst possible president or vice versa probably this is very good but i don't think you just tell you don't have any idea what to do we just don't hear many have already made up their minds who is best to deal with the crisis and $60000000.00 voters have already cast their ballots the closing days of the campaign will see the candidates focus on battleground states that could decide who wins and agalloch al jazeera miami florida. power company in southern california says its equipment may have sparked a wildfire that's now forced tens of thousands from their homes to firefighters were also critically injured as that fast moving blaze began south of los angeles and then spread it nearly 30 kilometers power has been cut off in other parts of
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california state to try to prevent new fires being stuff civs hurricane rita has made landfall in southern mexico where the government has everyone to stay indoors high winds and heavy rain bastards the yucatan peninsula as you say heads towards louisiana and the southern united states it's due to be the 5th named storm to make landfall there this year that's the highest number since records began back in 851 an environmentalist so concerned about a potential oil spill in the caribbean a heavily laden venezuelan oil tanker has now started to list as you can see there after being anchored for 2 years off the islands of trinidad and tobago it's feared that that ship loaded with more than a 1000000 barrels of oil could capsize in a storm nasa says it's found evidence of water on the mooring how does your caster has more on that discovery in a somewhat crater and its significance. scientists already knew water is present at
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the moon's frigid pulls but could the hydrogen detected on the moon's sunlit surface also be water the answer yes was a surprise discovery made by now says stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy or sophia for short sophia is a modified boeing jet with a telescope aboard equipped to detect the chemical signature of h 2 a water scientists pointed sophia at the moon's largest crater visible from earth as a test what sophia saw astounded them. individual molecules of water imbibing on the song of the moon and if you were to gang up all those molecules of water it would be about well the water. hole. needed already whew big. a lot of.
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flowing love wired and. now so says this lunar water is nothing like the water on earth it doesn't pool because each molecule is incased in a protective shield possibly glass the finding comes from a brief snapshot here olding many new questions but the question is can astronauts women and men on the surface actually extract this water harder to get their inhabitants by perhaps the water molecules come from micrometeoroid or solar wind or maybe the moon has more water beneath its surface that emerged from promote will cain opes now says it's preparing to send drills with the next generation of rovers and in 2024 will send humans back to the moon before humans will be doing. it here on alt. the frozen water known to exist on the moon's shadow surface is
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difficult to reach if the water on the moon's bright side is more easily accessible in may help sustain more human missions or even an outpost researchers say the next step is to use sophia to look again for longer and at a greater area and that the possibilities on the moon are tantalizing castro al jazeera washington. hello there this is al jazeera and these are the headlines an explosion at a religious school in pakistan has killed at least 8 people more than 100 others were also injured in the city official our correspondent who is in israel about it with more.


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