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no matter what a nuisance is al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. i'm ready to back i know what to do. joe biden attacks the president over the coronavirus describing him as dangerously incompetent as donald trump hits house at firaaq obama. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program calls for peaceful elections in tanzania off the violence and near arrest of an opposition leader in zanzibar. an explosion kills at least 8 people and injures more than 100 all those at
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a religious school in congress don. and it defending reproductive rights demonstrations in poland against the restrictions on abortion. welcome to the program our top story exactly a week to go of course before the u.s. election donald trump and joe biden are spending choose a crisscrossing the united states in an intense day of campaigning national polls are giving democratic contender biden a solid lead but it's a lot tighter in some of the battleground states that could decide the election the coronavirus pandemic of course continues to overshadow the campaign infections are surging with some states concerned about the lack of hospital beds nearly half a 1000000 cases of been confirmed in the past week alone with more than 225000 deaths since the pandemic began the progress of
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a rescue package through congress is also halted with democrats and republicans deadlocked over the details before heading to campaign in michigan trying to criticize former president braca bomb his response to the swine flu outbreak in 2009. is the worst but there is no idea we're. there yet so what is your. also a white house course when it came to help is of course following everything and it's time for closing arguments kimberly president trump telling his supporters to try and forget about the virus and biden is doing is doing just the opposite. absolutely right 7 days and counting until the official election day but only hope we have the mail in ballot thing as you point out those numbers have been searching 63000000 americans already casting their ballots now that impersonal voting has begun particularly in even states like her districts like washington d.c. this is what donald trump is counting on that his supporters are going to get to
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the polls in the next 7 days because the early balloting by mail has favored joe biden so far the terms also counting on those states that had typically voted democrat those so-called battleground states when for him in 2016 that that will happen again so he's continuing to focus on the midwest some of those states as well as he continues on the campaign trail but joe biden for his part is focusing on donald trump's vulnerability and that is cope with 19 and the fact that the infections in the united states continue to rise. ministration has yet to offer a single plan that's one of the reasons why the most one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world the new england journal of medicine called the president quote dangerously incompetent went on to say the president turned a crisis into a tragedy i'm ready to act i know what to do
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started on day one of my presidency we will do it and we've also had president john lashing out his predecessor brack a bomb he's not happy that he's out on the campaign trail for his rival. no he's not happy and don't trump is lashing out at his predecessor rock obama is lashing out at his successor and so we've got a bit of a unique role for barack obama he is now taking on the role of attacking donald trump on everything from copan to his conduct over the last 4 years and also he's throwing punches and well he's throwing punches as you point out donald trump is punching back we've seen it on twitter we've seen as he was leaving the white house and we expect the battle happen again in his rally that is set to begin in the battleground state of michigan what donald trump has been saying is essentially
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that joe biden support is so flat in his view and his crowd size so small that he's had to call in the more charismatic campaigning style of barack obama he points out that he believes those crowds are small in contrast to his old rallies that have he said have as many as 25000 people in attendance but what critics will tell you is that in fact you can get a lot of people to the rally what you need them to do is get to the polls joe biden counting on folks not doing that thanks very much from the white house thank you kimberly so u.s. president donald trump surprise victory of course 4 years ago is partly because he now really won the state of michigan from the democrats if trump is to be reelected in a week he almost certainly have to win that state again and is also likely to need macomb county from where john hendren reports mccomb county in suburban detroit is auto country its own show home to the reagan democrats who switched
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parties in 1980 to vote for ronald reagan and after voting twice for barack obama it switched again in 2016 do both republican donald trump. mccomb county which sits between 2 great lakes lake huron and lake erie is scenic patriotic middle class and overwhelmingly white in the last election trump resonated here in 2016 pledged he would not cut medicare medicaid or social security very different from other republican candidates and i think that combined with a lot of his appeals to white identity politics really i think really appealed to a lot of people in mccomb county trump inspires tributes on land and water and a rare devotion among supporters to the greatest president we've ever had in my lifetime he has made so many promises and he's kept more promises that he's made which has never happened ever as i believe in his policies he's gotten the job done
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so far he's pro-life he's everything i believe in. the 2020 election will test whether he's still popular here despite the coronavirus and an economic collapse has democrat joe biden's campaign workers canvassed the county early so i am proud are there are 3 more he leads trump handily in recent polls what's changed is this mask. the epidemic here has been very difficult we have lost over a 1000 people to call the president doesn't have a plan doesn't pretend to have one he wants more people to die joe biden will have a plan that will fix this code so that we can try and get back to normal life what has also changed is a growing political conflict within the state. democratic governor gretchen whitmer as aggressive pandemic response led armed protesters to force their way into the state capitol and it led to the arrest of 13 militia members who allegedly planned
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to kidnap or in trump has been fanning the flames you've got to get your governor to open up your state. for donald trump to win again in 2020 he will almost certainly have to win michigan and to do that he will likely have to win right here john hendren mckown county michigan and in part 3 of a series tearing some of the battleground states in america's midwest john hendren reports from these things stay in the hyatt find out what matters to voters that that's of course on wednesday on al-jazeera. now one of tanzania's main opposition parties is accusing the police of killing at least 9 people who were protesting against alleged voting fraud in the ongoing election that protests have been centered in the semi autonomous island of zanzibar where the main opposition candidate was arrested and then released the chairman of
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the african union has spoken out calling for calm catherine sawyer reports was this protesters in tanzania semi-autonomous region of zanzibar are mostly supporters of safe shareef hope that the main opposition presidential candidate was arrested in the early morning at a polling station during advance voting a special group such as security personnel election officials and people with disabilities he was related released was it's been tense in the last few days on the island with fighting between opposition supporters and police after a political rally of the candidates tanks and troops from the tanzania and mainland have also been deployed voting continued at the polling stations despite demonstrators alleging that the election will be reet. it's a few protesters who wanted to cause destruction and destructive voting we have
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arrested some of them they're criminals everything is going well no there is no major problems of the polling stations several people on are reported to have been shot and killed and others injured after attempting to block the distribution of voting material they said some ballot papers had been remarked i elections in zanzibar have often been contentious and violent in voting during the 2015 presidential call malim safe sheriff claimed victory for the electoral commission a nod to the results and the opposition courted are repeat an action. some analysts fear. an unfavorable result for the opposition this time could trigger another violent fall out with the ruling party. is known for its vibrant culture but many people say they're failing increasingly marginalized others want more tanami from tanzania's rulers in the rest and everyone wants to benefit from the resolves of natural gas discovered off the coast catherine sawyer al-jazeera.
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now at least 8 people have been killed in a bombing a religious school in the northwest pakistan city of more than 135 others were injured police say the bomb was hidden in a bag left in the school's main hall a device then detonated as students gathered for their lessons be reports. up to 500 students were packed into this room when the bomb exploded. they were listening to a lecture by a prominent scholar at the jimmy is a very religious school impish hour that eventually out of budgeting it was 8 o'clock in the morning the teacher was giving a lesson we just heard a big bang and all the students are running here and their. police say the bomb was hidden in an abandoned bag in the main hall pakistani an afghan students teachers and other members of staff are among the dead and injured several are in a critical condition police expect more faith tallaght. the injured were taken to
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the city's main hospital where relatives gathered waiting for news. of the attack comes days after pakistan's intelligence service wounded armed groups could target public buildings including religious schools across pakistan prime minister imran khan condemned the bombing. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack the pakistani taliban condemned the bombing and denied involvement the group has targeted schools mosques and the military since 2001 when pakistan supported the us invasion of afghanistan that starts out on the good government runs. that. country. and women. more than 1000 students were at the school when the bomb went off police
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say most of those killed were young people. in their twenty's victoria gave him the al-jazeera. without their life from london much more still ahead as india and the united states sign any military and intelligence detail there as a stop warning about china the and exhausted after months of dealing with the pandemic that spain's medical workers take direct action. hello expect warnings to be issued for the weather in greece is this thing was last a thunderstorm warning heads in your direction i was picking up more warmth and the bottom half of the cold front to be chopped off and start to spin out like this into a revolving storm which means wind potentially wind damage and thunderstorms will spread through greece and eventually towards turkey leaving behind
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a rather dry picture for italy the adriatic and generally speaking where it's raining now it won't be by the end of wednesday athens for carson gusty day on wednesday the showers to hang around 30 then quietly turn the temperatures don't suffer a tall really know will do they really for most of europe is fairly mild the air that's coming in and being blown even some thoughts that's the remains of epsilon hurrican that's wrong by the way still quite warm air so we've got teens despite fact it's overcast and running in london and in paris but the real strength there will be felt in the low countries i think heading says much quite a picture for most adults after it's been particularly warm recently in senegal because the wind is coming off the land it's still going to be fairly warm. wet weather that's really going sas you might get a shower or 2 in the south of nigeria probably nothing else in west africa is now hitting the rift valley and get on.
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0 world goes inside the military wing of hamas gaining access to key players in previously unseen footage and most recruit a different political reality a must go through it really to goods look with new shifting regional alliances we're asking the palestinians to meet the challenge of peaceful coexistence what next for gaza in the palestinian gaza hamas and the middle east on al-jazeera. a comeback just a quick look at our main story now donald trump and joe biden
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a crisscrossing the united states campaigning in the battleground states that could decide the election president trump a speaking at a rally in michigan right now these are live pictures of course he's been addressing a rally of supporters there and then in georgia joe biden has been again criticizing trump's handling of the current virus and that. lease in zanzibar and the sounds of our region i should say reportedly killed 5 people who took part in protests alleging ballot fraud ahead of tanzania's election on wednesday main opposition leader that was arrested earlier on tuesday but has since been released. and at least 8 people have been killed in a religious school in the northwest pakistan city of bashar or than 100 others were injured the device detonated as students gathered for that lessons. well now in the other stories we're following a united nations delegation has made its 1st visit to several camps in syria's ablett province that's 1st time it has happened for some years it comes
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a day after a russian air strike killed at least 78 turkish backed rebels in northern syria on monday the syrian observatory for human rights has more than 90 others were wounded in the attack on a training camp in a province a syrian special envoy at the u.n. is urging cooperation between russia and turkey and back opposing sides in the conflict about diplomatic editor james bays reports now from the u.n. the u.n. special envoy garr pedersen has told the u.n. security council he's worried about the situation in northwest syria where there's been a deterioration in the security situation with an airstrike it's believed it was carried out by russia on opposition fighters about 50 of them were killed and then retaliation from opposition groups who've been shelling syrian government positions he believes it could destabilize the situation where there has been for some time a shaky truce these dynamics come in rubble the previous calm achieved through
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possibly russian turkish go parisian corp which already faces junctions given that joint patrols have remained stalled for or mom i appeal to both iraq and turkey to or to contain the situation. there is one bit of good news coming out of it and that's reports from the local media saying that there's been a visit by a un humanitarian delegation to the province the 1st of its type in years however the humanitarian picture in the province and across syria is not good at all cope with $1000.00 cases going up winter is coming there's the fear of further shortage of food in the area and the u.n. says there's a problem of bring in food a and medical supplies because there is now only one authorized border crossing from turkey into syria. well now now the stories are following 4 people including 2
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children have died after a boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of france a major search operation is underway after the boat capsizing it done kerk more than a dozen people have been taken to hospital the boat was thought to have been trying to reach the u.k. when it hit rough seas it's believed to be the biggest loss of life from a single boat carrying my current crossings in the english channel. now the death rate from covert 19 in france has more than doubled in the past 24 hours they're reporting $523.00 deaths up from $257.00 on monday it comes as protests erupted across italy overnight against new restrictions there to tackle a recent spike in infections protesters clashed with police in milan and tearin where fires were let in stores were looted right police responded with tear gas on sunday the government ordered new restrictions which include restaurants and bars closing at 6 pm it's also promised a relief package. elsewhere the medical workers in spain holding
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a series of one day strikes demanding improved safety and working conditions they say they're exhausted after months of dealing with the pandemic and will come out on strike on the final choose day of every month in reality is largely symbolic as they're still seeing their patients motto hero reports now from madrid. doctors across spain came out in the thousands for a 24 hour a nationwide strike medics are calling for better working conditions and more health spending as the number of corporate 19 cases continue to rise spain with more than 1000000 cases and 35000 deaths is one of the worst affected countries in europe we are now in the middle of the 2nd wave of spain especially in madrid. all the health workers are very exhausted because we are very tired from the front of her eyes wave. were tired physically and mentally there is not enough.
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praise or if we have an old make enough to see our tears. clearly saw seal and confinement mess or work on the later we feel. from our politicians after years of whole service cast and after battling on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring doctors are taking action they are demanding better conditions and improved safety before they are in merced in the 2nd wave of college 19 the strike came as a spanish government unveiled its budget for 2021 what they promised a 150 percent increase in health spending. the coalition government led by federal sanchez has already imposed a state of emergency given central government shipping powers including restrictions on freedom of movement a curfew has been introduced from 11 pm until 6 am everywhere except it can marry
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islands the state of emergency does also give regional governments some powers to try to stop the spread of the virus each region will be able to apply its all measures after central and regional governments clash on the best way to battle the pandemic the central government hopes to extend the state of emergency until may need. it's year but for the state need the backing of other political parties and that won't happen without a fight meanwhile covered cases continue to spiral upwards. and madrid. now u.s. . is calling for closer cooperation with india to confront the threat from china both nations are experiencing strained relations with beijing and now the u.s. and india have signed a defense pact to share military technology and classified satellite data india correspondent elizabeth prana reports. u.s. secretary of defense marcus spoke was welcomed by
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a god of auto in india's capital. just one week before the us election he had us secretary of state mike pump a ladder to sign the 4th and final defense agreement between the 2 countries a deal which has eluded previous u.s. administrations during our meetings these last 3 days we are firm reaffirmed the united states' commitment to a comprehensive and forward looking defense partnership with india. the basic exchange and cooperation agreement or becca as it's known will allow the sharing of military technology maps and classified satellite data and it comes as relations between nuclear neighbors india and china are at their worst in decades in june 20 indian soldiers and an unknown number of chinese troops were killed in clashes in the valley along bit disputed border the 1st military deaths in 45 he is this morning we visited the national war memorial to honor the brave men and women of the indian army forces who were sacrificed for the world's largest democracy
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including 20 they were killed by the p.l.o. forces in the valley the. united states will stand with the people of india as they confront threats to their sovereignty and to their liberty. india's external affairs minister was more careful with his words about china as talks to resolve the border dispute. ongoing a multiple of world must have a multiple law to show as its basis analysts say china is wary of the strengthening alliances in asia join. as a. of a conclusion that i think being able to draw him because they will see this is a culmination of what they're for the formalization of the war the border look through security group which just moved into this month but u.s. diplomats praised the so-called quad lions between india the u.s. japan and australia the $400.00 will take part in joint naval exercises next month
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3rd the cementing the u.s. and india's defense relationship and that of the quad alliance something analysts say will further antagonize china elizabeth broaden al-jazeera new delhi. well now more than 12 people have been arrested during protests in philadelphia over the police shooting of a black man over 30 officers were injured during the unrest police cars and waste bins were set on fire while several stores were looted 27 year old walter wallace was shot dead by police in philadelphia on monday as a bystander film the incident and posted it on social media offices say wallace was holding a knife and it and they had ordered him to drop it several times well now sudan the ethiopian egypt have resume negotiations over a controversial dam project on the river nile after a 3 month suspension the african union mediated talks follow a warning from the us president that the project could spark military action from
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egypt ethiopia has accused all trump of inciting war after he said egypt might blow up the dam in egypt and sudan of reached a binding legal agreement to mobilize and operate the stem. the video new rule interrogation by the u.s. president sexually calling on egypt to blow up a very important national project in a stolen country house to go to be critical motion and so the president or so i would love to who is also the chairperson of the african union announced that there is option of talks today the parties are talking there really the question of whether or not the sea country is in particular if you have been egypt would agree the kind of call outstanding issues depends again in way that of this this 2 parties negotiate in good faith and a spate of corporation and the brotherhood issues that are in dispute between the
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2 countries that issue that of significant importance to blows both countries fields according to it is skin to schedule the initial stage of the really being done without any reduction to the floor whatever but there are also other issues such as for example the nature of the agreement between discounters he took he's hesitant to enter into a binding agreement that is held since for example to have a dispute resolution mechanisms that is international it once for example and off we can debate disputes with the regime and that it gives once the permanent court of august ation to sort of. a set of forum in that in the event of a dispute between the 2 countries now protesters are continuing to demonstrate in poland following last week's touchable ban on abortion as a ruling by the country's constitutional court means abortion might soon be legal
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only in extreme cases including rape or incest we've been reports. defending what demonstrators say are reproductive rights opposition m.p.'s brought protests to the floor of poland's parliament on choose day chanting this is war in thousands of joint daily marches across the country in defiance of coded 19 restrictions in the capital warsaw streets were blocked bringing traffic to a standstill. i am so sorry i need to fight for my daughter's future i cannot imagine not being. it follows last week's ruling by poland's constitutional court that abortions in all but a few cases are legal the move paves the way for the governing right wing law and justice party to approve a veyron on terminations even in cases of fetal defects and when there is no chance
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of survival outside the womb abortion will only be allowed in cases of rape incest a where there's a threat to the mother's life. poland's prime minister promised to defend what conservatives see as an arm born child's right to life so nobody pays for the roads of your polity their poles the freedom of choice truly is a fundamental thing that we should all agree that in order to have this freedom of choice one needs to be alive the one who is dead cannot implement one's right to freedom of choice. but the moves led to fears about a possible rise of illegal procedures how stubborn you can usually just about this low or not to crease the number of aborted foetuses which it will do is put women's lives in danger because they'll be less prenatal screening it will put children's lives in danger too because they will not be tested 3 prenatal screenings. on sunday activists disrupted church services across the country poland's
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predominately roman catholic church strongly opposed to abortion wields enormous influence the musette the country even further apart from the european mainstream e.u. leaders have accused the polish government of violating shared standards for years and a rolling back on democratic reforms demonstrators have promised many more days of action. just look at the headlines now with exactly a week to go before the u.s. election donald trump and joe biden spending choose day crisscrossing the united states and an intense day of campaigning national polls giving democratic contender biden a solid lead but it's a lot tighter in some of those battleground states a crowd of ours and then it continues to overshadow the campaign infections are surging in the country with some states concerned about a laugh.


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