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tv   Coronavirus Lessons From Asia  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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only through an international perspective to crikey your mobile audience how this could impact their life this is an important part of the world and i believe it's very good to bring the news to the world from here. and. these are the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. presidential candidates are making their final push to win over voters with just under a week before the election more than 60000000 american voters have already voted a record that could lead to the highest turnout in a century mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . a final frenetic week of campaigning before election day president trump doing a swing through 3 of the states with polls indicate he's neck and neck with joe biden wisconsin michigan and the breast. attempting to remove one issue from the
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agenda at the beginning of the day tweeting fake news media is going full on. we are rounding the turn 99.9 percent and he's attempting to reset the conversation around an economy he claims to have provide it's trouble believe the number one reason i'm standing here because of trade and we turn that around. 7 days from now we're going to win the great state. we're going to win for years. but joe biden kept the discussion centered on what he describes as the trump administration's failure to deal effectively with the pandemic this administration has yet to offer a single plan. that's one of the reasons why the most one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world the new england journal of medicine the president
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quote dangerously incompetent or not as president turned a crisis into a tragedy i'm ready to act i know what to do. biden spent the day in georgia which polls indicate has come strongly into play for the democratic party it's been a solidly republican state for decades with full clinton the last democratic candidate to take it back in 1992 the fact that democrats believe there's a chance of biden winning it is a clear sign of how the traditional electoral landscape is changing another good sign for the democratic party is the massive number of votes that have already being cast close to $70000000.00 americans have already voted that's more than a hof the number of total ballots cast 4 years ago but the biden campaign warns
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against complacency traditionally it's republicans who cast the most votes in person on election day effect that could still tilt the balance mike hanna al-jazeera washington. turns and ends are voting for their next president polls opened a few hours ago the incumbent john magaw of food is seeking a 2nd term his government has been accused of cracking down on the opposition has been a 2nd night of protests in the u.s. city of philadelphia against the police shooting of a black man officers say 27 year old walter wallace was holding a knife and ignored orders to drop it elsewhere in philadelphia away from the scene of the protests there were isolated incidents of looting i was chaos as people rushed out of stores with stolen goods. police initially have fired tear gas at people protesting against new coded 19 measures much of europe is seeing
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a spike in infections a 2nd wave hits the continent hong kong police have arrested 3 people from a student group advocating for the city's independence from mainland china they were detained under the controversial security law imposed by china earlier this year. in the u.s. too big wildfires are raging through parts of southern california with 100000 people have been forced to leave their homes and local electricity company says its equipment may have accidentally started one of the fires and money transfer service western union is closing hundreds of offices in cuba to the u.s. impose new sanctions and prevent western union from dealing with the military run company that controls remittances into the country. not with all the headlines are back with another news update after coronavirus lessons from asia.
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one day when the covered 19 pandemic is history much time will be spent on retracing its origins and evolution and measuring its long time the facts but for now the corona virus is still a matter of life and death with many already mourning the loss of loved ones others fear they might be next billions of people around the world are in lockdown their lives on hold their jobs on the line economies are imploding health services a buckling under the strain and governments are struggling to find solutions to the biggest global challenge in decades. so one question is uppermost what's the best route out of this crisis and on seclude lie in east asia where covert 901st a pit and west states with varying degrees of success have tried different ways of
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defeating it. as witnessed by correspondents and for nations those distinct approaches might have something to teach us old. it's late march 2020 in beijing china. of took over 1001st appeared in the may province in december 21000 the country's communist regime imposed unprecedented controls on its people putting major cities such as the capital and complete lockdown. sebastian labelle seat the 1st of all 4 journalists has lived in beijing for over a decade for the last 2 months he has been in isolation with his wife and son now with no new cases reported here for almost
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a week those restrictions easing but not yet by much. just. comes up you don't want. to go on. a trip out is still exceptional people off of a. restricted to a once or twice a week. you. know about the. so you must believe you say i'm only 'd. human i. don't want to commit we don't. want to search your. stuff i want to get a loan if i don't say you know i don't have it all in my years on is almost. gone.
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from a man. and. woman on such devices. by the very stuff our so called mentally only to do of and with. it appear. i'm on my own i said diana ross. was just impossible see a font she seen on the bus in. the could be part of a scan them because how do you know you see i don't know the us uk you know about looking. at your conduit how. to get you. i drove all the aussie oh yeah they come out so you don't have to ski thank you for someone to help us about this you really are who i say you're the racists only go pull the security davis you know see the g.i.
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act that the nazis who want to police. at the met is required to leave the compound. which has come to resemble a fortress. entry and exit through a single checkpoint. and what i say. let's talk goes through where to get hold of the security of a culture. lead me to talk to you i don't. know is if i say don't go right on like i was going to but i was right for them feel good because that's. when they say you want to. the humidity control a move to cool it on the ship or presence on that. at that moment to get all mad at us and go forwards of joy a city controlled by the neighborhood committee said local communist party cells have organized 24 hour surveillance for only housing units like this. it might seem
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heavy handed but officials has stayed explains why they had been you know new cases in beijing since march 20th mark. brader blown up us about yeah when they don't get extra other guys you don't this is no hostilely says it. also well know you guys with us but there's on the up you can sort of bucked the us valuable man on the law about why it is on the take a book we've. all got used to do they believe they need to scribble but my guess also family don't use australia is honestly soccer. and i just don't fuss santana we plus they don't just want even next our young talent and the llama not to pass on cal you're a really tall jason plus a systematical count then young or not of the java community it's off to his own little comes like your delicate sister in there with. almost man.
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china believes it's tough restrictions have been crucial in bringing infection rates under control but other asian states have seen it differently. taiwan lies just 150 kilometers of the coast of china yet it's taken a radically different approach to coronavirus and with some measure of success. this island state of around 24000000 inhabitants has maintained its independence from the communist mainland of a 7 decades china in turn has long sought to a certain sovereignty and relations between the 2 strange even so around a 1000000 taiwanese moved. we work in china and so it's strange that to date taiwan has only 400 reported hoovered 1000 cases and just half a dozen dance. reporter lucy barber moved to the capital taipei just
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a few months ago but has been getting tips from her taiwanese flatmate about the state's response to the virus. apparently claire on the social media there is a dog that gives you advice can you tell me more about it yes so this sheba dog has a very lovely character that's been put up by the ministry of health and welfare to let the public know what we should do so this is on social media and it tells us for example how we must wash our hands as often as possible. the government has been using digital mascots like a song try the dog to continually reinforce its public messaging on health and hygiene. but crucially these instructions began last december well before other countries around the world woke up to the corona virus threat. by the end of that month taiwan was already quarantining at passengers from han capital of china's hu bay province and at the center of the epidemic on the mainland. a few weeks later it closed its quotas completely to old chinese citizens. at the same time the
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country launched a massive production of face mosques. there how you know aesthetically and focus on that and you don't think you're going to go to. the sea you know you can buy. the ticket but. you know that the bomb bomb bomb. but i think i think. that about that i don't think that it's going to mock me because i think that i because i think i don't i think one thing i am not down on the other for because on people joe palca wasn't. the only doctor. to ensure that mosques for the entire population would always be available the taiwanese government mobilized whole sections of the
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island's manufacturing industry. to get some sense of how effective that effort has been lucy came direct access to one of the country's major mosque produces. you're the one who loves work and yeah. and i listen to this puzzle for what he does and this is the way. to get to the production center lucy has to pass through several ads. it's the factories at is being checked for bacteria several times a day production lines have been running at full speed and since december. well we have a close share of all of them are and every day we have a $700.00 i'm here to. mask it would be. solid argument. to prevent any delays in this process the time when his government has been supplying room materials directly to manufacturers soldiers have even been trained as backups
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to factory weapons it means taiwan can now produce an incredible 10000000 masks a day. as lucy leaves she gets an insight into how the authorities are keeping the pressure up hourly production checkups by the police. so that the bodies that were checked. out no one seems that voted by the supervision. of your. government help us along with a century or so journalists into the police to help to the government could also help to. testify terri can get on but do it in a mask very comfortable. as such early attention to detail may be key to understanding taiwan's success so far in keeping the coronavirus under control its government anticipated the crisis before others were aware of it and now taiwan is even able to export mosques once again. a couple of hours away by
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plane lies another asian nation to have won international respect for its approach the coronavirus south korea. it's tuesday morning and going to northern suburb of the capital seoul. 50 year old can be young sue is at the wheel of his car on the way to a rather unusual appointment with her man and other men there. oh goodness. then it will but if your dog. is not a member of the on in him in a municipal parking lot you can be tested to see if you're infected by kovac 1000 anyone can have it done without even getting out of the car. will go up the offer to. let them off with their clothes on the ground or. when the internet or from here them into you doing ground. on ones your.
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target siren naturally go you know turn your hearing come from one. kind of. turn kind of come one on one you know trunk of your tongues from the could you know . young sue has been feeling a little feverish and that's why he's decided to be tested. he's checked at the 2nd stop. for. the warm all the wall coming home warm bubbly. before going in. the booze and the most. reasonable comes to pull you. into a fireball if you want in it some of the. approach will come the night.
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after the flood stopped it's a doctor's examination he's wearing full hygienic protection as are all the stuff that has their own. name there. and then the. book on the for the on off. at start number full song pulls a take and another mention and they're all on the woman over the phone on it. full blood around here but you put it on my own. good after i bought. the guy off on the battlefield heaven it was a thunderbolt you're going to pick up a little way out cause i'm going to get home ok guessable pop up to the phone find out you can and if you can you go to the 2000 and wonderful thing and there's a lot of home never being awesome before we heard a loud explosion in the hospital for goodness hold on but i'm timing down. you're.
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all. going to get sick at the rest of the. amida. i'm turning. it's 24 hours later and can be on sue is waiting face test results. everybody knows all for sort of talk to stuttgart or mentor with us meet up for you know with a recluse and they're going to. come you may be oh she ok so it does exist and i. can be young sue who wants to take us to his local town hall and
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show us how the authorities have mass screening. but before going into the building he encounters something new. tell us how to. see if. for once inside there is more to come the more cameras monitoring your temperature . anyone over 37.5 here's what happens. when the call the little ones will hop on to. the. os going to tell us our mission.
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that we. will is disinfected several times a day which allows public services to carry on almost normally. the mayor has set up one of the country's 1st testing centers for the towns that have this. little girl her fella 00. 00 a tin that has some of the wind will have all but at the bottom of the chip a lot for you to the point where we're told. us in the know in the with a bottom can go to target in there or for good tell us to get them one at home or to talk on that kind of. on top of testing the authorities continually disinfect streets public transport and all public places some studies have shown that the virus can live up to 2 weeks in the environment. and pedestrian crossing points there's usually a supplier hand sanitizer available. by the end of march 2020 after being hit with
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large numbers of early infections south korea's emphasis on testing tracing and containment had apparently brought the outbreak back under control that same month a 1000 miles to the east of tokyo it was a very different story. japan was the 1st country off to china to be affected by the virus in january when the cruise ship diamond princess docked in yokohama men. if it covert 19 with then get quickly out of control. but by the time this film was being produced in march those fears had subsided for the moment. with less than 2000 cases and only 40 deaths it seemed that japan had escaped the worst. constantine simone and his family came to live here 2 years ago. probably never be on the radio and you've got to have the media. but it was a world cup what i mean is or will be give us
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a call that is all for and then there's a load of pm what is it good for for me. off closing schools was the only early restricted measure taken by japanese authorities so i know very well. and he added makes it here. but it would back. me. since january the japanese government has insisted it has matters under control yet there is growing skepticism. that was a bull's again. by the way as it's all that said anything is up with days. before. this. album or. the gay that was up was a good sources cues give it a double hallie be demeaned. by you see. it with other law and you get sent back to
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the it's cumulative. point either it is your we war says it's because you could even leave me. but i know you that could as you would do a potty. know what. i mean stand up but. if the lack of widespread rigorous testing hasn't yet caused alarm other matters have. and are the only words as you've all heard the source of kissing death safety or at least from the budget the public. and all who have voted for it will go but we were all the perfect call there don't care about color. your point is where it is important when there are.
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major effects that. 'd japan has lived through many natural catastrophes as well as crises like the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster which might explain this fatalism. certainly global i'm citing about the coronavirus panic has yet to have much effect on the crowded streets of tokyo. i'm not but i want to see more ya got one good look you'll. watch my national geographic. constantine heads next to ruby's a neighborhood bar that never sleeps. as on every weekend the place is crowded. with. people tightly packed as the party goes on it's an unimaginable seen elsewhere in the world.
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to an outside i it seems reckless and irresponsible but these young people don't have a death wish they believe their duty is to go on living. i must not say that it is god. but i do not. like the tough love the to. the to the let's shut it. from the. ego. on the terrace outside even the pose monetarist seems unaffected by coronavirus concerns. so that this is
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for cool how i'm not a big wow it's no change because of global god i mean this. is good for us and yeah. yeah i. say doesn't care about. it and care about it yeah but. i know that constantine has a penchant on the face mask for protection but he's self-conscious about wearing it why should such a gap of a life. really measure how well. i don't. know where they were when that was. the last. one night in iraq to tokyo combi taken as representing the attitudes of all of
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japan. but it is still hard to understand why the coronavirus hasn't caused more anxiety can. impart to china's restrictions in south korea's testing and taiwanese discipline all seem to be paying off but will japan pay a high price for its laid back approach. in magic life you see beads hottest gifts an effort boy is one of them is. i do not to know the junk that is followed in. my nigeria is suck up by nigeria is your development manager excellence this is
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my nigeria. my nigeria on al-jazeera. global pandemic. family comes 1st. for every american healthcare has never been more important. because the new disease does not favor republicans over democrats bridge over poor or black over white. america decides how to care for a nation. extensive coverage of the us elections. on al jazeera. 5 g. internet technology game changing threat i don't want to be a few men leverage activists. the. conspiracy theorists engineers and world leaders this is only the beginning outgoing fiercely over control over the latest wireless technology the truth about
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5 g. on al-jazeera. again america and doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera with just under a weeks ago until the u.s. presidential election a record 69000000 americans have already voted both sides have been campaigning furiously as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cost. mike hanna has more from washington d.c. on campaign efforts starting with donald trump the 3 states he's visiting in the course of the day he talked very easily and 2016 but now polls indicate that it's neck and neck with joe biden. that gap the lead that trump had 4 years ago
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shrinking a significantly president trump focusing on the states because they are critical to him if he's going to be able to win the election and more to do with in the white house plans manzo voting for their next president polls opened a few hours ago and the incumbent john mica fairly is seeking a 2nd term his government has been accused of cracking down on the opposition police fired tear gas of people protesting its new covert $1000.00 measures in restaurants now have to stop much earlier than normal much of europe is seeing a spike in infections a 2nd wave hits the continent police in hong kong have arrested 3 people from a student group advocating for the city's independence from mainland china they were detained under the controversial security law imposed by china this year has been a 2nd night of protests in the u.s. city of philadelphia against police shooting of
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a mentally ill black officers say 27 year old walter wallace was holding a knife and ignored orders to drop it. in the u.s. 2 big wildfires are raging through parts of southern california 4 winds are fanning the flames in orange county more than 100000 people have been forced to leave their homes a local electricity company says its equipment may have accidentally started one of the fires and money transfer serve as western union is closing hundreds of offices in cuba in the u.s. impose new sanctions and prevent western union from dealing with the military run company that controls the missions into the country more than $400.00 officers will be shut which will affect many cubans who rely on money from relatives of board i had lines this more news on al-jazeera after coronavirus.
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back in china. it's late march in beijing. there are hopeful signs the covert 1000 coronavirus has been brought under control but the lockdown measures imposed by the communist party us in a place every side street has checkpoints manned by facials. i thought i got out of school more sauce was sent to me in a modicum we did just yet begun. the top of in the sun for. on talent i did something. good on video goodness to none of. it was good it looks region just yes. it's real subtle to rely on the thought i speak to. the matter i said final morning neighborhood committees a communist party cells created to monitor and politically control the population.
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during the crisis the entire apparatus has been temporarily retiring on to her introduction so. if you want a resident you want supposed to go through. the guts about it needs permission to go to a shop and this street he has to give his name his address and his phone number if an infected person is found on this list everyone else who's passed through is identified tested put in corn team. a letter now program ok. it's a new film a column. that says their super g. of. i.c.'s will to book with the just share the battle. to get some thought hey you want to suffer yet. but that's not all getting into the right street is one thing getting to the right shop is another. in this head dresses for example you get. after connect your phone with the code to the other hand you want to find. the good
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. people not see his signature on it see the answer to some on the east and pleasantries you probably as you see down the aisle soon and if you don't you can definitely see the cheesy. this hour is this is this is which one subsystem is it on to get you off the little one up the power to the magazine began in this way the headdress a cannot only see if you are sick but also if you've crossed paths with someone else who is. he can then refuse to do your hat to her so if you are called clearly on all policy about or if it's your most is off almost she was with dr newcombe only most of it but the military phone is a toy dish and was was if that is. c.g. low don't gather that you could put it to them easy if you don't have a cellular field for sure but also more mail don't expect rarely seen manero it has if you just do can totally depressed. at the entrance to most
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buildings your temperature is taken. i really think your favorite on all. of those are just off. the wall. it can sometimes be more sophisticated. everything is registered online and the authorities can temperatures with facial recognition and june ok to follow so if you're ill there's no way you can avoid quarantine every shop every public place plays a role in this tracing that line it's an extraordinary demonstration of state control but the authorities say that by using these techniques they've been able to keep sick and factious people off the street as. a. pressure here sort of new one who dreams that i'm fairly. typical. yes it took to
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cure year exit of a new. explain most surely you thought a police. were going to be on produce. with us on that sort of news. and it tronic billboards really endless public health messages a clown a con was expected off i took a muzzle difficult on on a thought. down mosques out of any ma and i was around it. and present. such a classroom. on the news editor of the r.c.c. fine young talent then michelle and. diane about. china where the virus 1st came to life now seems to be trying to obscure the pandemics origins by deflecting attention elsewhere with hornets in the line of fire. through the fence that don't belong to one of your small. units that i know of it is only available. to all of us so most of. the focus of
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the mentally ill well i'm off to the phone. movie sees visitors are no longer allowed to travel to china the borders are closed to all foreigners except for demands. chinese citizens returning home are immediately placed under strict quarantine. people a brute under police escort to requisition totals where they are treated as though dangerously infectious. state sanctioned propaganda has even hinted that the fire is going to come from an american biological weapon. china's government may now prefer that others take the blame for these designs. back in taiwan where to western eyes now accustomed to lockdown life seems disturbingly new. and so we journalists new see bartman journal
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meets with a caller on the taiwan student to her she's teaching french we have an absolute. official know it thing will look. good. it will not appear that way but the authorities here have identified many obvious risks such as this water fountain of good and bad so if they did i pull back also into the fearsome bus kurdish show med or the fortune book. who came with basics of says it or eat biscuits often end up the 2nd time to talk shit i will tell us about. public transport is still running. yet here again taiwanese discipline is on display the public a still mindful of the songs at the damage the 1st corona virus outbreak that hit the country in 2003.
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that was on top of their own golf socks ok are you close i could not you see the real squawk without the ok can i make. this a little mending goal so. i guess i must say i'm close male of the ok by the end of the 2003 songs crisis 73 taiwanese had died in the aftermath taiwan set up a national center for disease control to better fight each of the democrats a preemptive program of $125.00 public health measures was drawn up intended to go live the moment another threat materialized how the plan was activated last january . thanks to that school universities like this one have remained open in their children going down there with system to me help let's see that you guess right. now there's a new measure everyone. this campus must register their presence and trying to
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clean and declare that temperature to the authority is not about keeping right now buckets of bad showmen city by burning defaulted on just. their own money 5 ask us to taiwanese say it's the willing gauge when if everyone in this preventive measures that's allowing the country to tackle the epidemic whilst maintaining some degree of normal life. china's determination to suppress news about the start of the epidemic arguably then allowed infection to spread but in taiwan the government was candid from the start here the philosophy seems to be that whatever the menace to the public nothing justifies authoritarian controls. as we saw earlier a desire to maintain normal life has also been a guiding principle in japan. but now some fear that here things may have been too laid back to. constantine simone is
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a mechanic gallery and chose 2 hours south of tokyo to meet one of the 1st japanese doctors to have confronted the coronavirus. at a. certain time at the beginning of february he talked to was called aboard the diamond ring sas the cruise ship was quarantined in the port of yokohama with 3700 people aboard. disney more than $700.00 passengers were contaminated. after the. ship's something strange and fearing because i feared a friend of mine in 5th grade that in the boat was a good idea if every people get down to japan they spread the cockpit like in everywhere but at the end of their confinement some passengers were allowed to travel to. country without testing. at last. staff
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sinking in just checkups only the people who has a symptom nonetheless like many japanese doctor who believes that social barriers alone are probably sufficient to contain the virus by late march when this interview was conducted japan had only 43 deaths and the doctors region had yet to see any cases a tool one week after the city did. 21 test just straight people ok that. is called to the test but no one is supposed. so me and the other in japan not so many people recent post but why why there is so few people who have a 19 week because we can not. get this so don't want to come together in the hospital in just that japan has one of the
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highest number of intensive care beds for capital in the wild probably sufficient to cope if the epidemic intensifies but surely some are still vulnerable constantine right next to food you saw walk about 40 kilometers south of tokyo to meet some elderly japanese. under the country's of antivirus measures it is still possible to visit retirement homes. but what up with you today we're about oil with a pit that will still be under from japan has the oldest population in the wild made 028 percent of its people over 65 years old. boy or with. the residents seemed delighted by the visit when i had. my feet up. there are some precautions in evidence here hands of disinfectant and shims are removed as they usually are in or japanese homes. with these and
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a few other basic steps a director thinks risks are sufficient even in mines to recommend. egypt and that the films are being limited to newer party they're going to have strings on. more years of really not surprisingly children to so many cards to visit. the see saw clips in that scene. like the dog that's. never had a fan on their eyes that are not usually offered through the. i don't know just good living here for what he thought it would motivate him to have it for. me it was going to honestly i might have. heard it from your mother that. is nearly 19 and has lived in this residence for 12 years she's never ill and she's
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become a favorite with the staff that are really ready to go there and then. the like you don't feel good at the. letter because they had to do that and they still those that are going to think that's not so they don't like not. in taiwan you see wants to him move about it's culture of openness and heads for the center of disease control issues comprehensive daily bulletins about infection rates the age the sex and even the recent movements of the sick are made public this morning 19 new cases have been announced that taiwan aims for transparency all health care professionals share their data and real time it's seen as an information war to keep the virus at. the centers doctors saying also emphasizes the importance of testing i was a pretty strong network or
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a pest now we can test. people every day so that's pretty large number for that one so we can find for the cases are here anyone infected is immediately isolated and the family contacted. taiwan has also implemented and trying to tracking system that keeps tabs on suspected cases. this expectorate couple were recently placed under quarantine by the taiwanese the current case. last week a neighbor was diagnosed as positive and was taken to hospital the couple then got strict orders to remain at home. no relaxation of these rules is allowed or the food must be delivered to their door. and ceiling center of disclosure 0000 is a nice yes shocker and that's from the last day mr market seeing this new. world that offer to fix things a field is big. in the shot
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a fanatic could ensure that jay. moderately not compel chosen to come to a real good job got it good to. go on a series of job and live off of all this stuff so there is. no doubt about what. it's equivalent to an electronic tag if the couple break these rules they risk a massive $31000.00 euro fine enforcement is rigorous just. like i told them about this stuff it's the best bet they've made also look at the risk if they're also good fellow they way the facts go to a kid you could bet if still i say ok i will call. a good bet since he has taken together these measures have proved extremely effective by april 24th some 3 weeks after these images were filmed taiwan had had less than
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$500.00 pieces in total with a death toll of only 6 people. back in south korea kim yong through is getting ready to go shopping. richard so it's not going to. church. he's off to the supermarket. and that everything is ready and in some ways this is . but that's not a technology announced shoppers to avoid any contact with infected individuals from their. tournaments honor by the day. but i sure hope to injure him by saying to the poor must catch the train or want to touch other dogs with just a few clicks on his smartphone can be young sued can access by clinton nation about any made by cases of their recent movements the state of health and their address
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details for each of the 10000 infected races in the country are given to the public will research or news item proteins are done on person number or some place on corners over on. this degree of transparency has created some controversy in south korea. but most people seem to find it reassuring so for now at least the government has decided to continue sharing the data. center for the mountain home. to mardi gras shipping an awesome drop on his own borders senators are going to mostly. here. at home off to disinfect my shopping can be done soon his wife watched that august it's become a regular on it. tonight it's pasta there's no problem with finding it in the stores. she done to my little.
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who. couldn't simply. but like many people these days they still do much of their shopping online retailers here have adapted to the situation and offer an ultra official delivery service telling anything that's ordered before midnight is delivered to your door before 7 am the next day old computer knows how it was are now going to dominoes on quote all the computer on we're going to learn by. all. other words he said he hopes he could do good by new york atika. just as in taiwan effective public health measures public engagement and smart technology have allowed south korea to fight the coronavirus without the lock down as seen elsewhere. the country's infection rate did rise rapidly at fust but it's been kept around 10 and a half 1000 with only a couple of 100 deaths so far none of those are health workers. curiously
9:52 am
japan has so far made little use of the technologies adopted by all that asian nations instead tradition is given priority every year when spring arrives everyone flock to the parks to admire the cherry trees. and if the closest to the. japanese always celebrate the blossom with elaborate picnic the town's known as hell not. even so the crowds this year was surprising but i hope with the. causa lab up. there chris said it. but they. also show us. nor are they taking much notice of the signs that the authorities have posted on the trees. let the picnic because a mostly young. older people more cautious perhaps have decided to stay away many
9:53 am
japanese believe that kindness is a key weapon to the fight against the fire. yes. you can. still. fill in the shoes about. every. 7 did you did as a boy to get the quality elicited opposable see if you sit down to bat. it will derail it. like. that. well some of it the sequel for you on a book or job could hold up for good design but it's ok as i get dizzy at the bustle this week this is just my legs day i'll get a batch of the good vids oh yeah the dishes boy enjoys it i mean they've all fed up a deal by the appeal going to. extreme kindness greetings from a distance these are no more just means habits but they also now resemble the hygiene measures and talked around. what no one yet knows is whether they'll be
9:54 am
enough to contain the epidemic. in china it's always been about control back in february sebastian labelle seek went to the center of beijing to see what had been shut down the best sona for the mother son enjoys going for the fish is if we go see him again i don't know this film but back to trivia. this week he came back to the same place. big jump 1st. just going on. the next world to produce you just a few nights you. don't piss off. the good cook book so it's on the i love you know you were on to school. life is weakening to regain some kind of restaurants are not yet fully open but the kitchens here up and running with
9:55 am
someone who didn't know what to call close for a few weeks this. strong wants to profit from the passing train by offering takeaway dishes sizzle water for trying. to. struck. me castle cannot afford to turn this or has she got what it was a woman then go to a doctor go. i will look at going to each one but if course i walked in the church other people saw them every day in the shopping centers have more and more customers and make yourself scarce and soon there. where insanity to it's a mixture of fancy stores and trendy restaurants but of course there are still controls that they won't own their own feeling. safe. if you know me or from a galley a better deal for you better go. another thought better of all for which you can
9:56 am
board with you if you were true the harder to help and most of your comments are there. you know you're for me you know the tutorial. well you know your little goddess of honor all right you know where i'm going to go. without you on the economy or her turn all of you to one. where. i want them in the fog or for me to go back but i don't know. i think i think it's the couch heard differences like one venue individualistic the other vendors like an actor more. but i think in critical times like this. it's necessary to put the money jersey. at stake. and not to just make this a 1000 individuals 1st back to. was
9:57 am
in taiwan south korea and even china one of my governments have taken decisive measurements for the most part their populations have rallied behind the medium. jimeoin where infectious rates are now beginning to such as perhaps more effective of western nations that have failed to act with the same decisiveness and i more or less but what these experiences do tell us is that there is hope and that there are routes out of this crisis that this stretch for pandemic can be defeated. but. at the moment the weather throughout the arabian peninsula through heart
9:58 am
everything you can see with the exception the caucasus and turkey is quite quiet and despite this winding up storm around greece the effect has not been felt and probably won't be felt in the valleys to quite on the warm side here that runs through western society as well gentle breeze down the gulf there has about 30 or 31 us fair enough and there are showers that just off the coast of yemen fact things are cultural and in the horn of africa the warrant is maybe telling in the baskets shows it may be best 24 is the average this time the is down to 8 at night and you're up to 30 down to about 12 so it's warm both day and night of course it's not just the masses that pick up the rain in the whole of africa that means some rain for somalia rather less so for ethiopia rather less surface are sudan the source of it is for the sas so places like rwanda and uganda this is where it will be wettest and that's true for the west and gamble kamran than to angola as well as the republic of the congo south of that it's
9:59 am
a largely dry picture it has been very warm recently in both south africa and botswana that walt has prompted some showers there still there but equally johannesburg is still warm. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. a knowing glance can guide. a simple touch. in for us. the unconventionality of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
10:00 am
knowledge by violence and concerns over fairness tensions run high as voters go to the polls and tanzania. hi there i'm a star and this is out as they are at live from dar also coming up making their final pitch the u.s. presidential candidates seek to win over undecided voters with just on that a week to go now before the election. shoring up support for the u.s. and china message secretary of state my pompei was in sri lanka as beijing accuses .


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