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tv   Al Jazeera World Gaza Hamas and The New Middle East  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2020 9:00am-10:00am +03

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hello i'm down in jordan doha with a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera french authorities say the man who killed 3 people in a church attack in nice was a tennessee and arrived in france from its me carrying an italian red cross travel document he's now in custody and recovering after being shot and injured by police vigils have been held in cities across france for those who died churches rang bells to commemorate the victims announcing an investigation into the attack france's anti terror prosecutor said links between the attacker and so-called terrorist organizations would be looked into. young this is it in norway could given the nature of these acts committed against people targeted for the sole
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reason that they were prison in the church at the time also the procedure employed and in particular the nature of the injuries inflicted on certain victims of the national antiterrorism prosecution open investigation on the following charges attempted assassination and assess the nation in the connection with terrorist into prize in a criminal association with a view to committing crimes of material nature against people. president emanuel says he will double the number of soldiers deployed to protect against attacks to 7000. ladies and gentlemen once again our country has been hit by an islamist terror attack once again this morning 3 of our compact it's nice in this not to do. very clearly france is under. if we are attacked it is for our values for our taste for freedom for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any mind of terror
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and. i say it with great clarity once again we will not give in explosions have been seen on the outskirts of state capital of the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh. the artillery and rocket strikes look to be part of intensified fighting in the region between azerbaijan and armenia diplomats from the 2 countries are been preparing for more talks to try to end the conflict after 3 failed ceasefire attempts are not far away the azerbaijani army is said to be closing in on the key town of shushi nagorno-karabakh separatist leader says arry troops have advanced to within 5 kilometers residents to help fend off the attack or a challenge has more fear of than in armenia. she is an incredibly important. part of the goal of care about conflict it is symbolically important because it
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used to be the main center as ery life in the going to karabakh before the wars of the ninety's when all of those areas and azerbaijanis left. from shushi if the. army does take it it's only a short distance just a panic panic can be brought under attack from shushi itself she is also on the road from. the. road and that makes it strategically important to back in the war of the early ninety's. there was a time when azerbaijan controlled shushi and the armenians controlled. and was exchanged between the 2 cities so this is a dangerous moment for for the armenians whether or not. john can actually take she she remains to be seen because you know fighting in cities is very different
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from fighting in deserted river plains are not are not values european leaders reintroducing strict measures in response to rising coronavirus infections francaise gone into a months long lockdown but not everyone is happy about it hundreds not against the new measures in paris they were quickly dispersed by police residents going to mean leave their homes for essential shopping and. the u.s. saw another regular daily rise in coded 19 cases nearly 84000 were posted on thursday the highest average since the pandemic began was recorded in the past week almost 9000000 people contracted the virus president trumps handling of the crisis has become a key election issue so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the al-jazeera world stage thanks so much.
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for over 70 years the middle east has been subject to a whole host of geopolitical tensions at the heart of which is the arab israeli conflict. few are of countries i've ever had the full diplomatic relationship with israel although some of that child for years. but in september on october 2020 the united states announced so-called
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normalization deals between israel and 2 gulf countries the united arab emirates and buffer rain and then with sudan. the sticking point for decades and always been the occupation of palestine and the gulf states had always demanded their return to pre-one 967 borders as a condition for any form of official recognition. so what's changed. why do these 3 countries appear to have given up on the palestinian issue i got into bed with their supposed long term adversary. some see it as an attempt to curb 2 of the region's leading powers iran and turkey . while others believe that israel and the u.s. have other long term pain. but for the past 13 years israel has also failed to
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achieve another of its prime objectives subduing the elected hamas government of gaza despite a series of violent confrontations going back over 10 years. and this might be another reason why israel has now chosen to develop wider political alliances in a bid finally to overcome a mouse. in this film teller elma's khalid al jazeera arabic channel explores some of the reasons behind the shifting regional politics. also how the military wing of hamas because some brigades has been working behind the scenes acquiring new high tech all moments including rockets from iran and other unexpected sources . and the concern this may very well cool is israel as well as its allies.
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all. israel's biggest global is clearly the united states and in feb 2020 president donald trump announced the long heralded deal of the century for the middle east. it was the brainchild of his son in law and senior presidential adviser jared kush . we are asking the palestinians to meet the challenges of peaceful coexistence. stopping the malign activities of hamas islamic jihad and other enemies of peace. the u.s. was echoing israel's demand for the complete disarmament of palestinian resistance
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in gaza grow the focus on gaza resume course because of. the control of. the by the most islamic resistance movement and it's defined in the american plan with the trump as a terrorist organization. it's entirely in line with. israeli demands that the palestinians. demilitarize and recognize the state of israel which has no. control to the p.l.o. has never done it is part of the if. they're smart leaders in the arab to build bridges in who is loyal and from israel into all our arab states it's the benefit of both sides they can gain our technology at the same time israel can gain from these relations with the arab states. but while the benefits of the plan to israel
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were clear some observers saw it differently. it is not a deal it's a scheme. basically to take land from the palestinians and and to ratify what the settlers have already accomplished and secondly it's not a peace plan the intent is not peace the end there is no viable state that the palestinians can create now and certainly not under the terms that the current israeli government is insisting upon which is total demilitarization in other words you have to be powerless. says effectively controlled the gaza strip since being democratically elected in 2006 and its military victory over the secular palestinian nationalist party fatah in 2007. this triggered a blockade by the 2 countries bordering gaza israel and egypt but nevertheless how
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must has been able to attain rocket weapons technology some homemade other smuggled into gaza. these images of rockets being manufactured and fired were obtained by al jazeera arabic. the video shows the manufacture of homemade rockets by members of the kasam brigade. it strongly suggests that the. blockade of gaza or is not preventing further rearmament. al-jazeera also obtained this material from hamas showing weapons testing. the images are like its neighbors as they suggest that hamas has little appetite for disarmament or for engaging with the u.s. led peace process. quantifying the type and number of rockets available to the military wing of hamas is near impossible. but this video suggests that hamas is in fact. in preparation for a future military action. ismail haniya heads the political bureau of
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it. was the other topic. of your car left at the top and. if we're going to ever develop peaceful relations between israel. palestinian groups in gaza for example we can't have a situation where the palestinians can revert to violence the day after the agreement. so clearly. dismantling the terror infrastructure that hamas has and enjoys is going to be part of any deal to make. it to make. a gaza arrangement workable everyone talks about hamas but no one actually talks about actual moving gaza itself and although they've been
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through horrific. starvations and. deprivations and loss of electricity and repeated bombing i see no sign of gaza surrendering hoisting the white flag and i think with continued resistance this deal will melt away. in late 2008 and into 2009 israel attacked gaza in an intense violent conflict the territory was subject to heavy bombardment followed by a ground invasion. over a 1000 palestinians were killed in the space of full weeks. these are going to take this kind of situation any longer enough is enough.
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show them and. he should walk well in a notation. partisan. wall the wall saddam one has now walked up i lost. a large. number of. minn. or milk the other to hog heaven. and. some to fuck livni advice behave. as highly. the sea blockade effectively isolated garza enabling israel in egypt to seal off its land borders and cut off its marine access. this hummus video
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obtained by al-jazeera purports to show that the blockade is failing to prevent rockets arriving into gaza. these images show what appear to be hamas fighters with surface to surface rockets long range weapons source from a rainy and 10. knology. the video also shows cornett russian antitank with a. mcclelland battle. with the help then a coed lost what they are and most saying what they were getting back to the custard in a good look oh i won my heart on that and let the hardest. fight of the harness in
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the in. one though and but also not enough apart as. i did them the lead they can i'm a poem or was he a must have had. them it was already there. well i did minister. and let him as a. female what can i have done little. or so that there were family it in the call we cannot allow it when guys are became . part of the long over the iranians providing hamas and islamic jihad with all the weapon systems giving the hamas and islamic jihad the ability to bomb israel the day that they will not have this capability is their day in which the palestinians guns in gaza will have what ever they want. from us the new year
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the author of strategy a new common for us the new year here. for the blood that the lettuce. and the cut while the. we. and the common from us the names that are from a lot also. ismail haniya if hamas continued reliance on iran for military supplies was causing a loss of support among its international. a you don't. are you sure that the. men here. yani. the mess that the heart from what about the stock. infamous the new year behave and . a differ from. the copy of
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them. inside the kasam brigades have continued to manufacture rockets capable of striking at israel they said this was for legitimate self-defense from israeli attacks on gaza. in november 2012 they launched rockets towards tel of the for the 1st time in retaliation they said for israel's assassination of the hamas military leader ahmed algy about it this occurred at a time of turmoil in the region the revolutions of the so-called arab spring were at their height including in neighboring egypt where the incoming president voiced his unwavering support for the palestinians living under blockade in gaza.
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however moore says time is egyptian president was short lived general sisi will be as important as the us and israel decide to use him. role is to contain the the public make sure that it's stable prevent any real democracy and you know he will have influence to the extent that. the u.s. the israel and air. states choose to use him if he's looked at a little more than a punter is going to need a book or either. that we should google or to gently have a look of the either to suffer the little difficulty of that is. that.
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it had long been accepted that a primary route for smuggling arms into gaza was through a network of secret tunnels from egypt. in response egypt attempted to create a buffer zone including concrete walls on the egyptian side of the border. bulldozers have destroyed hundreds of houses on the egyptian side displacing communities are developed there for generations. another tactic to subvert the building of tunnels has been to pump seawater into these areas such rates the ground and is designed to thwart attempts to build new terms. of the dipshits for egypt to explain it to the international community end to the hamas or to the palestinians. that for us. to enable a different reality in gaza it is a precondition the arming hamas. in is russian military
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sense because hamas for us is an enemy. these attacks on the tunnels did have an effect at a time when the israeli egyptian blockade on the gaza strip was tightening. in july 24th teen israel launched further attacks on gaza are even more devastating than those 5 years before thousands died in the war the vast majority of them garson. and. longer for.
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a year. yes it was a strategy of. the 2014 war ended with a truce but gaza city and other areas lay in rubble. i have to remind you that even after at least 2 of the israeli operations in gaza idea was that israel should not do it by itself. it will be it
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would be a disaster if we should try to disarm hamas so. bottom line israel should not try to disarm hamas by itself it will not it will not help us. we tend to forget that hamas is not only her organization is not only a violent movement it is it is an ideology coming up in part 2 with garza needing to recover from the 2014 war and the blockade preventing imports of weaponry how must para military wing adopted a radical new rearmament strategy. and that's how learned this stuff enough although i thought analysis enough for. us not a headline i love on the net of the craven. unit they wore off many
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of the curtain the death. jump into the stream and julian on global community bio diversity is biosecurity it is that essential for our species to survive be part of the debate i know you have my days and you too can be part of this conversation when no topic is off the table the police are not neutral and all of these case goal here is to terrorize and here's the other part of this there's no consequence to this stream on out is there a. while about afterwards when the president of the united states speaks out the rest of the world takes notice. aggressive negotiation on trade deals. unparalleled military might international agreements hanging by
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a thread will the next u.s. foreign policy put america 1st. or be a leading light for the world at large. examine the key issues of the us elections on al-jazeera. and join me richelle carey is at the front questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talk and political debate. front row times on al-jazeera. it's a centuries old battle and the battle is being passed to a new generation. witness follows a young native american as he takes the struggle into a 21st century america everybody's the world will be give you sacrifice. as can be remembered all. go on a knife range on al-jazeera. soon as the sun goes down the salad
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russia is a very challenging place to work from as if you're always pushing the boundaries of the sounds of must always longer love we are the ones grappling at the. a mile away on the media there you go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. the health of humanity is its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to loose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the wooed and in the land now more than ever the world needs w.-h. and making a healthier world for you. to everyone. to
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. follow on down in jordan and with the top stories here on al-jazeera french authorities say the man who killed 3 people in a church attack in nice was a tennessee and arrived in france and italy carrying an italian red cross travel document he's now in custody at recovering after being shot and injured by the police vigils have been held in cities across france for those who died. but church is wrong bells to commemorate the victims president emanuel lacoste says he will double the number of soldiers deployed on the streets to 7000 he described what happened on thursday as an islamist terrorist attack announcing an investigation the anti terror prosecutor said links between the attack and so-called terror
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organizations would be looked into. well young this is even more we could given the nature of these acts committed against people targeted for the sole reason that there were prison in the church at the time also the procedure employed in particular the nature of the injuries inflicted on certain victims of the national n.t. terrorism prosecution open investigation on the following charges attempted assassination and assess the nation in the connection with terrorist into prize in criminal association with a view to committing crimes of material nature against people explosions have been seen on the outskirts of stepanek capital of the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh. the artillery and rocket strikes look to be part of intensified fighting in the region between azerbaijan and armenia diplomats from the 2 countries have been preparing for more talks to try to end the conflict after 3 failed ceasefire attempts. not far away the azerbaijani army said to be closing
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in on the key town of shushi not going to care about separatist leaders says a very troops have advanced to within 5 kilometers and is urging residents to help fend off the attack european leaders are reintroducing strict measures in response to rising corona virus infections fons is going into a month long lockdown but not everyone is happy with it hundreds marched against the new measures in paris but they were quickly dispersed by police residents coming into their homes for essential shopping and exercise and the u.s. saw another record daily rise in the covert 900 cases in the 84000 reported on thursday the highest daily average and the pandemic again was recorded in the past week almost 9000000 people contracted the virus those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world stations that's watching. in the complex geopolitics of the middle east israel has spent around 14 years
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attempting to subdue you and be stabilized the elected hamas government in gaza. from a series of violent military confrontations has cost thousands of lives in gaza the majority of them palestinian civilian casualties. but neither side has so far gained the upper hand. the 2014 gaza war left thomas military resources heavily depleted. 51 days of attacks exhausted their stock of weapons and the continued blockade made rearmament extremely difficult time around miss hell of al-jazeera arabic channel is investigating how hamas and its paramilitary wing the kasam brigades has addressed the need to maintain their military capability particularly as israel forms new alliances across the region. while clearing up the war damage some
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brigades members came across a number of unexploded israeli missiles. and the failure of these rockets to detonate now became a new and unusual source of om is. the brigade set to work reengineering this israeli ordinance with a view to returning it with a vengeance when needed. more bosh drama not some random bizarre mon argued none of. them want to show off and pop off on a one man with one a fan with a flush draw well pervert on the whole 000 new york times or from c.m. one argued one member. almost all. your. money i'm a little dr we are now. from minimum more than most of those wrong wrong
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. i should book water more saws. harvesting and reactivating the israeli bombs and missiles carry considerable risks a number of brigade fighters were killed in the process including abraham one of the projects supervises. another discovery in the damage clear up process was of long metal water pipes buried deep under the sand in gaza. their original use had been to supply israeli settlements in gaza but they'd fallen into disuse after 2005 when israel withdrew from the territory and the settlers were forced to evacuate. because some brigades now looked on the pipes not as potential supplies of water but as ideal casings to be converted into
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a powerful rockets. mill and then he has well let me. feel as well. you know. and watch. because from a couple. of. they had him there will be. a loss clearly. this video was filmed inside it to some brigades workshop where they say they were making explosive rockets. mechanical lathes were being used to cut cylindrical metal pipes to a uniform length. the video appears to show that has some brigades converting water pipes into rockets capable of being fired from gaza.
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for with. the woman how small. the. house is and made. the case some brigades told al-jazeera that these rockets were fired at israeli targets during their military exchanges in gaza or inmate 2019. they say the rockets carried explosive material from leftover israeli missiles and bombs dropped on during the 2014.
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female. what really caught them on a stick with the full are do you know yet the 2nd field of florida's i thought the low to manual sub real awesome was the g.m. feed. was he what did there's a. dog around her that. were just nermeen clearly here you surly all were to have another thought say of course they're worth the journey but i let your man behind more than a hard or it out soon are to her before. a division in most loosely. along is an israeli coastal town less than 20 kilometers north of gaza. the attacks sent a clear signal to israel that the paramilitary wing of hamas was rearming.
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they succeeded to build capabilities. either by smuggling through egypt weapons systems into gaza into de they have very. good domestic capability to build weapons systems mainly long range missiles yes they have very nice. they enhance their capabilities to produce. domestically they're learning all the time they try to enhance their capabilities we are making all the efforts to learn more and more about those capabilities and to neutralize them when every can but then step them through what promises made or whether that age. old what does tend. to in general. sooner generally what. was seen allen was.
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shouting look at the. senator to hand out the medical form and out of volume and what a lot there so of course i thought of well. we're all a part of who would want to shout and. will behave the other party. while. lurking. where. the united states so-called deal of the century had been heralded for some time although the precise details have been clear all was revealed in early 2020 and it paved the way for a new israeli strategic region says to be announced. strategy
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. it. does mean that the whole move. here. and one of. it's the end of an affair it's not the beginning of an affair. and it's about burying the palestinian issue. baring land for peace and burying the arab peace initiative. the 1st sign of the shift in relations between israel and some of its arab neighbors came in early february 2020. it took place in east africa in uganda
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when israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met sedans collective conditional head of state. 2 weeks ago we had a very moving visit with the president of sudan. that's an arab or rather a muslim country speaking arabic. to the heart don't cough arms and in khartoum had all the know was against israel remember the nose no recognition no israel basically. on the military. sword and. die in a coma for less than a year. literally stood different the so that and. so and. it has. c.s.c.
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one of the. the worth of the concern for the weather. who. so that. meant for us the need better than what. i had done jani. that we'll see for you on the. woman to nelson and then the city well unfortunately sudan in the past used to be very close not just to palestinian factions but to iran if iran wanted to get weapons to a palestinian faction in the gaza strip what they'd have to do it would take a ship of the iranian navy. from bonder a bus in the persian gulf fill it with weapons go out from the strait of hormuz
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and. come into the red sea and then bring that weaponry to a sudanese port like port sudan. there would be downloaded and it would be brought up sudan up egypt. so that it could be unloaded from trucks. in the border area of egypt and sudan from there they were transported to the gaza strip we're not going to allow those things to happen in the future. the deal between israel and sudan was done in october 2020 when donald trump announced that sit down and israel had agreed to normalize relations. palestinians denounced the move as quote a new step in the banking. this announcement came just weeks after
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a symbolic flight by israel's national airline to the united arab emirates heralding new diplomatic relations between israel and the u.a.e. . some observers had clearly false seen changes in the relationship between israel and the u.a.e. . emails leaked in 2017 show communications between the u.s. ambassador to washington and a senior israeli defense official. they discussed the so-called iron dome system an israeli defense counter measure to aerial attacks. like hey how are you how is the x. so good when you can learn from it but really i'm going to take a lot of that. then in april 29th teen there was a further sign of improving relations between the u.s. and israel when military pilots from the 2 countries met in greece to carry out
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joint am a new verse thanks to president trump and the crown prince of the mohammad guns are another group change and we're making history and we're changing history peace is a good thing and this peace unites moderate 2 of the most advanced economies in the world israel in the united arab emirates and 2 of the most moderate we're fighting iran and the radical. radicals who are trying to overthrow the entire order in the middle east subjugated people propagate terrorism so this is good for peace good for security good for prosperity i think it's good for the united states and good for israel this is about bringing all this above the table. and and to have handshakes on the white house lawn and to have open statements of support for israel. in january 2020 egypt which borders gaza held an
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opening ceremony for a military base on the red sea. it was a show of military power of v.i.p. occasion. in attendance with the egyptian president. and the crown prince of abu dhabi shaikh mohammed. some observers believe the purpose of the base is to cut supply lines to guard. establishment of this base absolutely is in with coordination with us from because nothing happens without israel's security coordination. and we've seen this many many times. with supply routes of arms to garza reducing all the time the kasam brigades sort other means of obtaining weaponry.
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on the seabed off guard or a number of shipwrecks some sunken naval confrontation. a specialist units of palestinian divers was tasked with searching the seabed for weaponry. they entered the wrecks of 2 old war ships and made a surprising discovery. they began a recovery operation to bring their findings to the surface. then you could be. a 3rd of the know and then the death at the border and then know what the word to do when i left. home and one or the one with the. wall. the chef. at the back how lurve this stuff you know all been fair and i thought and i listened. also not
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ahead in the i love blog that would react with the anybody would notice if you know they in one of the many of the. war going on i doubt they'll see it but then i was the logic of that. madness if they. are not the more a man or woman if you want the thought. went through just miss a few nothing a lot of i think when i look in. particularly at the. sun at the pool i did then still have no walk then carry on would you have done said he'd done this to me. there may be questions about divers recovering life explosives that were over 100 years old. but the history of the ships themselves is no the british lost them in the 1st world war battle in 1017. during the
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battle of these 2 ships were lost just off on the coast of palestine in waters was meant to be a safe anchorage the british had laid down some heavy mash nets to stop torpedoes coming into the anchorage h m a staunch is. destroyed kerry's 24 inch guns cover to paedo to its main qualities are high speed it can go up to 30 knots and it's able to move very quickly to deal with threats it would be very difficult to reuse these weapons the smaller 4 inch guns or storms. these again weigh 2nd right tom no very portable and it would be a rather obvious thing you could see people trying to get these guns from the wrecks from space. so it would not be a very covert operation to recover them and anything else on board there might be
9:51 am
one of 2 machine guns but it be an awful lot easier to buy me one. because some brigades divers claim to have recovered high explosive projectiles from the hold of a least one of the sunken ships there well just 0 cannot independently verify the place. the brigade say that the recovery operation was successful and that the weaponry was brought to shore. to form a group army or come up with the order form a normal member of the farm worker and i was the
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a month foreman of your maternal grandmother timothy milimeter. the knock on the cover full of beer you was in the order when you go to think it will go wrong turn up the start of them have been my birthday or your cost of a month of august or. the unlimited of them have you so no i don't but if you were on your little gluckman mode for well here all my years are miserable. and full nervy a living there you want off of years as the servant of. the video shows what seems to be a brigade's engineering and manufacturing unit recycling the british shells to make hundreds of new rockets. with iron and steel imports. restricted by the blockade on gaza this is a new and welcome source of metal for the palestinian resistance.
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from. the government. somehow to be a metaphor john. says. come see him. in
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the bath but i'm one of the one that they know. how to be. non men and more than what i said. when a taxi in. at. first i believe that today is stronger. from. again a military terms but of the new war not the old war it's complicated but our hamas is stronger than hamas used to be.
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and. i believe that unless we should create a different political reality how must will go stronger what we say to the palestinians in gaza is very clear don't use your work and give it away with the voters will be open and you can get what ever you want to import to go that whatever you want to buy from ever you want to sail all around the world i think that any change in gaza was contingent to demilitarization. that. we freeze used. significant improvements for the people of gaza will not to. come to the food demilitarization of gaza and that's unlikely to happen given the completely. we've literally you has ignored palestinian demands whether it's hamas in gaza. whom i
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saw if i should let. them. be so and clancy. to be yet know. what the heart. shape on attila and mccollum are and i thought at the end i had a clock and that her believe. that would work. was done so would national. theatre. now leonarda. and i were a kid. because even milk and evil are due and it's thought for god
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will be an issue not when did the dollar at the top was. set up a lot like a heavy amount of water leave. a dimmer tech at the end of some feature but her message and i do one must say a sort of. well must say i feel. awesome i why do you have it up. in the mainstream peace process over decades guards are on the palestinians seem always to have been poles in a global chess game. so the question now for hummus is whether the recent changes in regional relationships signify the end of the road for them or the beginning of a whole chapter.
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of. hello despite the charley it's very very quiet road to the arabian peninsula and the river now there are indeed showers forming in turkey moving northward into the black sea but i think it will throw us some time and something of a breeze coming into an area that has been up until now really particularly evil for this time of the year is a slight cooling trend damascus picks it up the average is about 2425 we've been in the thirty's so we're now trending downward saturday sunday to monday a back down to probably about normal as the cloud picks up and that breeze comes in from the west and equally seasonal is the amount of rain we are starting to see in the horn of africa showers mostly light but not entirely so a likely in somalia and parts of ethiopia that are not in the highlands we still got quite a rush of showers developing in in south sudan which had a couple of days off given the flooding the story in juba maybe that's not what you want to see the heavy stuff is probably further west in their own for example but
9:59 am
not exclusively so but there is a southern limit to it as halfway done. it has been particularly warm equally recently in places like botswana on the eastern side or did a good part of south africa there is rain for the sas now but it's still warm in the capital and johannesburg. well about half of it was when the president of the united states speaks out the rest of the world takes notice. aggressive negotiation on trade deals. unparalleled military might international agreements hanging by a thread will the next u.s. foreign policy put america 1st. or be a leading light for the world at large. salmon the key issues of the us elections on al-jazeera. investigating the
10:00 am
use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera. man. vigils are held across france to commemorate 3 people killed and attack ads. land. there can develop this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. explosions on the outskirts of step out of kut the largest city in the disputed region forced out by our media. here.


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