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ligi 20 economy expected to grow this year the country power is roughly one 3rd of global economic growth a percentage set to increase over the next decade i just don't think it's a good idea to contain china om probably a better way is to collaborate saying but it's a message and the sun believes it will fall on deaf ears in washington he says he has little choice but to prepare for the u.s. and china to drift further apart katrina al-jazeera shanghai. this is all just the release of the top stories the race for the white house is going down to the wire after flipping michigan and wisconsin joe biden now has a projected total of $264.00 electoral college votes according to the associated press while trump has 214 it takes 270 to win the election. meanwhile president donald trump has said all the states recently claimed by biden
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will be challenged in the courts by his team republicans have filed legal challenges in several states and shawms campaign says it's expected to launch additional action in pennsylvania and nevada donald trump's campaign manager has issued a statement attacking democrats alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . he's just been on a conference call with journalists he said that the democrats are lying cheating and stealing is running rampant across the country they're setting up a web site asking people to report any voting irregularities they see they've also announced in the last. big when in the courts in pennsylvania they came to over promise that under delivered and not essentially what the judge said when they were asked can we go and observe the ballots was yes on you go but of course there were democrats and republicans in that room already observing the vote counting so all that the trump campaign is managed to do is it's what those people. kosovo's
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president says he'll resign immediately to face a war crimes trial at the hague she was indicted in june by a special tribunal investigating the 199899 conflict with serbia that she's accused of nearly 100 murders when he was a commander of the kosovo liberation army group. a new nationwide lockdown has come into effect in england as it struggles to curb a 2nd wave of the coronavirus prime minister bars johnson says it'll be lifted automatically in the next 4 weeks scotland wales and northern ireland have their own restrictions in place john munger fully has been sworn in for a 2nd term as tanzania's president margo foley was declared the winner of last week's poll but opposition parties allege widespread voter formed those are the headlines the news continues here on after inside story goodbye.
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the dis united states of america has the presidential election result hangs in the balance supporters of donald trump and joe biden are growing impatient regardless of who it is can americans feel that divided nation this is it's a. program i'm wrong on the us presidential race is tightening democratic challenger joe biden is inching towards removing don't trump from the white house the results depend on just a few states where only thousands of votes separate the 2 candidates widens confident
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he'll emerge the winner trump's campaign is seeking legal action for a recount in wisconsin and his team is suing to stop the count in some states alleging the election is being stolen the dispute has triggered extraordinary scenes in a country that often calls itself the greatest democracy on earth. from coast to coast people rallied to demand every vote be counted the large number of main imbalances complicating the process demonstrators also highlighted issues that flared up during trump's presidency such as racism and police brutality. but from supporters in some states account to stop in arizona police had to block the entrance to a counting center when protesters carrying guns gathered outside a survey for us media found the election has widened social divisions people largely voted along the same political lines as 2016. it really does seem like
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people live in 2 different realities given like the news they consume and who they surround themselves with so i am not bad surprise that a lot of people decided to vote again for a president who's brought us to where we are and you want everyone to have the mike and the same opportunities and we see that in america that biden and harry are both running together. when. we still have people. black. because they're scared of them because of color before they're scared of them because of what i think we should have an answer by now i don't understand why it's taking. there's going to be trouble i'm going to be happy about it for what i want. let's bring in our guests joe take a e.d.
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is a political strategist and former senior advisor to the national association for the advancement of colored people she joins us from washington d.c. joining us from reston virginia is conservative political strategist rina shah and also in washington d.c. elizabeth anka associate professor of american studies and political science at george washington university a welcome to each of you i want to begin in washington d.c. with joe take it easy let's talk about the divide within the u.s. now it's not a daily political divide anymore it seems you much more ideological than that and it seems to be rooted in police violence and racism seems to be rooted in the economy and the handling of the krona various crisis would you suggest that this is the most divisive that you've seen american society. well as a student political science and history i do believe that there isn't imes in our country when we've been more divided but i do believe we're this moment in our in
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our nation that we are deeply divided and that many people on wednesday morning despite the fact that there has not been any answer on what will lead our country although i think many believe that vice president biden is in a very strong position that many people are disappointed that there is this deep divide that more then you know nearly half of america decided to vote for a candidate that has been deeply aligned with racism and sexism and homophobia in a phobia and that there was a big decision in this country by many people to side with that type of idea and i believe that there's a lot of work for us to do in this country to reconcile there's still a lot of work to do to truly get to a place of a keeley and i think also that is deeply disheartening when you think about the
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massive amount of out already. protests and conversation in the aftermath of the murder of george floyd and brianna taylor that we still find ourselves in a place where americans will still side with someone who believes that there are good people on both sides of a white supremacist rabble. in reston virginia or a conservative political stresses europe great pains to actually tell us that you don't support the trump but you do support the republican party now that's another divide that we'll get into in just a 2nd but what i want to also you is this has total trump just opened up the fish as though already in american society he's just laid them back for all to say no children. there's no doubt that so much of what we see now on the surface this and that these these angry calls for my guy or the other guy you know this is this
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divide really has been brewing for quite some time we know these fissures have been there isn't sad but this was this was a time with trump's election i think it brought it all to the surface in such a manner that maybe so many of us who've been inside the beltway for many years and witnessed bipartisanship i started my career on capitol hill in the house of representatives working for 2 very far right members of congress and i ultimately left there because my views did not align with theirs and i made a decision that i wanted to work for members that i could really get behind and and i left for the campaign trail because i also had that bug but what i witnessed on capitol hill and why bring it out is because bipartisanship was at the heart of everything we did you couldn't get things done in congress unless you reach across the aisle and so like a set for so many of us who have been part of this this ruling classes as the outsiders call it the establishment it was not
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a bad thing to be here and be part of the great american experiment in fact it was a beautiful thing to witness but where we pump to is is a moment that i think we did not expect to come far quicker than we expected the divide why did it deep in far at faster rate and for deeper again that we thought so this is this is a moment of fundamental sadness i think for many americans who really believe in our system we do see our electoral process at work and it is healthy and it's alive it's working but that the sadness really comes from seeing other parts break down due to the president's rhetoric these past 4 years he's handling of things has led to i distrusted aren't situations disinformation being promulgated from the highest levels of our government that is something that i. no the average republican in their heart of hearts no matter how they voted on election day or prior i know that again it creates deep sadness because this is just not who we are as americans
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elizabeth thank are more things in the say arena cell says the republicans on to blame. the ice in the hearts they're actually good people but they did support all the time they did put him into power and hey we all 4 years later with a very divisive nation what are your thoughts on how this has happened well you know a lot of these divides are land longstanding but one of the things that we have seen in recent years and especially in the rhetoric of trump which has you know catalyzed a large part of the republican party though not all of it. is the way in which political opposition has turned into a kind of. enemy you know enemy rhetoric at the highest levels of kind of turning political you know. just political antagonism into a kind of existential antagonism a life or death language and i think that's part of the reason that we see people unable to bridge some of these bi partisan divides anymore because people who were
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previously seen as working on the other side with differences of opinion are now seen as enemies to be eradicated we see this in a lot of trump's language he has never speaking about unity he is always speaking about division and violence and trying to recreate a we the people that is a primarily white we i'm a very masculinized we at that as well and so i think even though these divide have been longstanding we need to see that trump has galvanized the many has galvanized a large part of the republican party along side of him something that we've seen in these polls where people expected a lot more people to side with joe biden and we're just not seeing that kind of routing of donald trump like we might have expected. just take a let me bring you in here we were never going to see a rousing of donald trump because of the way the electoral college system is set up in the way america and americans vote but what we were a lot of democrats were hoping for that there was going to be
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a repudiation of what donald trump stood for that hasn't happened now when of the democrats go from here like how do they unite this ideologically not just politically ideologically divided nation. i think that we have to focus on just what is at the center of our country which is our values and as the other panelists have shared is that we had for the last 4 years a president that has just over and over again use hateful rhetoric is so rhetoric some places across the country a lot of these communities are in dire need of attention and these are people i believe that there's a lot of fear there is a lot of hurt and where you use that type of rhetoric you begin to see hate where there is fear or misunderstanding and i believe that is what donald trump is consistently done and i believe that where the democrats and where vice president
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biden will have to go is really where this campaign it has been centered it's really at the soul of america and fundamentally putting at the center of everything is a healing of america bringing america together bokeh saying on fixing so much of that is broken in this country focusing on economy focusing on our health care system focusing on fixing this global pandemic because where there is pain in our country that is where people can use that pain and seep in hatred and fear and that is what donald trump has done and i believe that the democrats have an opportunity and will focus on healing in bringing people together because joe biden recognizes that as a president of the united states that he's the president of all of america that is something that you know donald trump has not done he has not focused on being a president of all america he focuses are being the president of part of america and still gay. and violence in much of our country which is very very dangerous
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reader so let me bring you in here so there's this thing point that is being made that joe biden will try and hail the nation whether he succeeds or not be in power . but. there is a significant chunk of the republican party who are going to take a look at what donald trump did of last 4 years and go you know what it works we're only losing this election at the moment by hundreds of thousands of votes that all people that buy into his philosophy as a republican strategist that must particular one who doesn't like donald trump tickly that must skate yes you know like i said earlier i had my career at a time where the part of it was very different these past 4 years have been extremely difficult for me because i was the 1st ever republican national convention delegate to speak out against the now president and i suffered the consequences back in 2016 far before a great many people were really if figured out who donald trump was and how he
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would operate along with his people and how they operate i thought it was very mafia like un-american they were trying to silence dissidents those of us who didn't agree with this president nomination and so in seeing that back then and seeing what's come forth from the party since then i remain in a place of profound confusion of how we got here so fast that is really probably at the core of everything i'm thinking it in this is weekends because these election results while i expected them to be quite close i and i knew that the party has been remade in the president's image i didn't expect for it to go this way i expected for a repudiation of trump because of what he's actually done but really let me let me just quote let me just put this to you just said that the party has been remade in the president's image unmaking that given it's so close given he has half the nation is going to be next to impossible surely. surely it will be because the
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never truck crowd like i thought i belonged to you know i really when i stepped out to do what i did i believe that ok this might take a while but surely people will wake up and especially a year like this year where we see the failings of the president where we see over 230000 of our fellow americans dead critter 1000000 americans dead and the lack of empathy the lack of leadership the lack of a plan i think that is where there is a real confusion among those of us who believe that our republican party members were perhaps better than this that they would reject him at the polls when they see that it was a it was a strong economy he inherited from obama he was gifted the economy he didn't do it himself these were obama era policies the facts have really should should speak for themselves but they have not and we are at the point where i tell you in the year 2021 the way the actual day went the republican party is going to have more members
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of q. and not on the conspiracy theory folks and pete beads are going to be members of the house of representatives they're going to more members of cuba not that they're going to have african-americans that tells you everything you need to know right there there's not been an acceptance of what has gone wrong there's been nothing but him praise of what i would call a dear leader and that's dangerous it's un-american and what we also witnessed from the president on that in the early morning hours after election day wednesday morning he gets up and gives this incredible nonsense incredibly nonsensical illogical laden with falsities speech saying things that are absolutely untrue it was so un-american well it and then elizabeth a desire to listen i want to bring in elizabeth i think ahead elizabeth the day lida strategy it is something that is extraordinary to watch when you are not american like i am and to think well this is happening in the united states but
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it's working and that republicans who are going to continue donald trump stress you whether he's in power or not because it's working it's getting votes do you think that 7 to change. one of the things that we have seen you know a pretty high correlation of people who support donald trump to people who are also quite comfortable with authoritarianism and people who are threatened by real forms of democracy which means all people across you know racial gender religious spectrum exercising power and so given how strong the correlations are between trump and authoritarianism and even the way in which he he galvanizes that kind of authoritarianism among people right as we see a lot of his supporters say they're not even interested in term limits they're happy to have him be president for life they kind of worship everything that he threatens i do think that what is leading this incredibly kind of dangerous moment in u.s. politics because it's not only support for one leader and demonization of members
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of the american polity but it's also this sense that democracy is unvalued pull all together and one of the things we're going to see right now especially that we've seen since 28 and i think with this new congress as well is we are seeing a rise of women of people of color who are exercising power you know and the power that is rightfully theirs and power that has often been denied them under the american political system so for people who are invested in trumps authoritarianism just seeing this kind of democratic exercise of power by other members of the polity that they believe should not have that power and up seem a threatening and even feeling to them like a form of oppression and i think that this dynamic is something that we need to pay careful attention to because of this kind of authoritarianism and anti-democratic sentiment doesn't get toned down by republicans within the party i think that's
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something that can lead to some dangers ahead even when trumpets out of office well it's interesting you mention the idea that there are women of color in positions of power now let's talk about the squad. they are famous in the u.s. you've got cortez you have. been reelected back these are the women who might be able to change or certainly lead the fight against people like ken on q. and on people who are now in power just teka let me just ask you is it down to a resistance that's equally powerful and ideological in its own way to fight back against the ideology of the republicans. i think it's absolutely necessary there's a necessary need for resistance there's a necessary need to push that there's a necessary in the people in this moment again and we are at a struggle but the fundamental soul of america in this country and to the point
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that was many black women have been incredible in this moment black women have always opt in opt in list without giving the due credit that they have deserved for what they can done for this nation or for the country and for the democratic party for that much but what we saw in this election we solved black women in and around every aspect of this election even become less serious on the ticket at the top of the ticket south black women you know in county after county in city after city where the razor thin margins the margin of victory when it's all said and done you'll see that it was black women really for this country and this election will be on their backs and carry this nation across the finish line and we see record number of black women there up and down and so you see them winnie but we also see
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them leading in this very pivotal moment in the country and i think that is what's leading it and i think that's going to be the job is actually going to heal us and bring us all to him we'll ring out of time but i do want to come to elizabeth and i'll begin with reena reena all we about to see a much more divisive house a much more divisive politics when people are going to look at the republican party and say well actually they ought to fall to the right now so we need to be to faults of the left in order to get our voices instead of coming together we are going to see in the next 4 years a lot more division because simply that's the way american politics of gold. you know i would certainly hope not the way the political winds are looking you know that that blue wave that was talked about did not come and that's kind of a hard thing for people to sort of 1st ever be to pick a pick up their heads and sort of understand is that what's going to happen now the balance of power is going to look very different i think with that with biden in
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the white house will see somebody who at least is very comfortable using the levers of power trump never quite got comfortable with that i believe never really knew how to do that properly and there were many in his administration is that he just didn't know how to govern so i instead of looking at congress which has has had such low approval ratings from the american people in modern history i and said in looking at the executive branch i think we will find a way within the next year to start to heal ourselves as a nation there are so many great initiatives happening nationwide that are that are run by younger people and older people or people of all types who are who are looking and think something's wrong here really greater civic literacy we need to talk about the moral courage it takes to step out and do the right thing i mean i cannot believe the reports i'm reading since in the past 2 days of republicans privately being disgusted and horrified at the president's remarks on election
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night and how he's conducted himself since then but what it takes is the moral courage we need to have conversations i mean we are running out of my heart and i do want to bring elizabeth here is about ana well elizabeth it's interesting that rina cell says that republicans privately disgusted with the with the president's remarks but they didn't come out and publicly say it because clearly those votes and what i want to ask you is the same question i was when a shell all we about to see a much more in the next 4 years divisive nature because of hardline stance has been taken by the republican party on the far right and by the democratic party in the fall that. well you know i think it depends on what we need a divided nation because one thing we see is that a lot of the not just kind of stream democratic policies but a lot of policies on the progressive side of the democrats are actually about bringing in more people they're about fighting for democracy they're about extending civil rights they're about supporting women bodily autonomy so
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a lot of these policies are actually not about dividing people they are about extending protections rights and power to people who have often been unjustly tonight so to me those kinds of policies are actually not to this that they are inclusive the question is whether other people especially the republicans on the far right will see those claims for greater power greater inclusive any greater protections as either threats to their own power as threats to their notion of who the people are or is something that needs to be blocked at all levels so i think if we start to see real pushback against a lot of these inclusive kinds of policies and a continued kind of greater support for a form of anti-democratic authoritarianism that's where we might see a divide happening but once again when we think about the george floyd protests over the summer those protests were the largest protests in u.s. history they were in a few states they had thousands and thousands and tens of millions people supporting them and they were black lead but they were also multiracial multiethnic
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multireligious multigenerational and so to me that kind of brought inclusiveness about people who are fighting for greater inclusiveness to stop violence against marginalized people that to me shows that there can be policies that are not about dividing but about uniting people around greater equality greater freedom for everyone i want to thank ole august for a very interesting debate to talk. and his vote and can thank you too for watching well have full coverage of the u.s. election results on a and online at al-jazeera don't come now for further discussion. it's all facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter we are at a j inside story for me iran calling the whole team here in doha by phone to.
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corruption charges we'll bring you the latest november on al jazeera. in part 2 of a special investigation one o one aced visits western australia's only youth detention center and travels to the remote outback towns where many of the indigenous inmates come from. on al-jazeera. a story of love family and freedom calling from my living years old you were at school we heard the sounds of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me i mean that night they told me to leave my son i said how can i i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners. on the our pricing. on al jazeera. as donald trump been good for america everything is in disarray the media of course take in every debate that they can seem to mock the fact that america has been
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a force for good in the world. from the american people get inspiration from him and the other half cringe take us on a take and society that's the bottom of. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes but i'm here to report the count is finished we believe we will be the winners 2 days after the u.s. presidential election there is still no winner but democrat nominee joe biden says he's very close to victory as donald trump launches legal challenges. and it could all come down to these 2 races vote count.


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