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enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object, he's become an environmental activist, uninspired autists, and a voice for the plot to countless markets. might use in such a al-jazeera. scientists reporting courage and results are the world searches for a safe and effective covert 19 vaccine problems. there are many watching al-jazeera life my headquarters in doha also coming up the death toll in uganda, rises to 16 after protests, against the arrest of opposition. leader, bobby, why?
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also in ethiopia, where the government says it's moving forward on its final offensive against fighters around to graze main city and palestinian leaders condemn the u.s. secretary of state's unprecedented visits to an illegal israeli settlement and the occupied golan heights. welcome to the program. we begin with the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and the race to find an effective vaccine. british, a pharmaceutical giant astra zeneca says it's phase 2, trial show promise in protecting the most at risk groups. it says people over 70 who have been tested have shown a strong immune response. the vaccines being developed with oxford university and it's in the final stages of human trials. now in the last 10 days, 2 other drug makers, pfizer and madonna, reported their back scenes are more than 90 percent effective in late stage trials
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. well, globally cases have surpassed 56000000. there have been more than 1300000 deaths worldwide. 250000 of those in the u.s. making it the worst affected country by far or charlie rangel has been following developments from london. just published its phase 2 results, which were based on a group of $560.00 volunteers. is it not? it's phase 3 results which will be coming in the next few weeks. but the initial results showed that this vaccine is generating a strong immune response, an adult over 1617. this is a very crucial age group because vaccines don't tend to work as well in older people because as we get older. 'd our immune systems deteriorate. this vaccine is different from the other 2 that we've been reporting on because it is made from a weakened version of the common cold virus found in chimpanzees, which is then modified to make sure that it cannot grow in humans is given in 2 doses. and so far is reporting a 99 percent efficacy rate. all participants have been gente generating
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neutralizing antibodies. so is knocking out the virus in their bloodstream with no reported side effects. and that is very good news here because this is the vaccine that britain is betting on. it has bought 100000000 doses of it so far, and so we are eagerly awaiting the phase 3 result. what's interesting is that initially this vaccine was one of the front runners, and we thought we'd be getting results much earlier. but as we know in the last 10 days, the pfizer bio and tech and the medinah vaccines have pulled ahead and, and have shown that they are more than 90 percent effective. and was in thing is that those vaccines use a technology that is completely new, that known as messenger r n a, but their results are not. so vaccine results are very promising for all the other vaccines that are still in development. but so much more than a quarter of a 1000000 people who died from the covert. 19 in the u.s.
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nots, the highest number of deaths in a single country infections are still rising. more than a 1000000 cases have been reported in the past week. the situation so bad that states and cities are imposing new restrictions. york city has just decided to close schools to prevent more infection. until the very latest while white house correspondent, kimberly how could 2000 washington d.c. completed in 50000 kroner virus related deaths in the u.s. . it's a grim milestone and experts obviously warning that the death rate could increase and swearing because it's a major holiday on the horizon. yeah, things are expected in projected to get worse before they get better. the alarming number, in addition to the ones you've mentioned, are that hospitalizations are up 25 percent in just the past week. now, the u.s. president has continued to project optimism, tweeting on this morning, that in fact there, he believes that the vaccines will be coming fast and that were tallied,
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he is down 85 percent, but the infections are rising. and so we know the vice president will be in the situation room holding a covert briefing coming up in the coming hours. but again, this is also being met with sharp criticism from the incoming biden administration . urgent, lee needing to do a transition. it says and not getting the full access at a time when these infections are rising, they say that precious time is being lost in terms of being able to discuss not only how to combat the rising infections, but also the distribution of these vaccines, which they say will be so critical for getting out the need for addressing and putting together a national plan for doing so. but of course, one of things that president trouble, so he likes to do besides talk about the vaccine in his involvement in it is talking up job figures because the economy is something that he certainly straw used to emphasize and support his sort of base with yeah,
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he had really hoped that this would propel him to reelection and we should point out. he insists that he won the election in fact, next hour. we expect that his campaign will be holding a press conference to talk about new evidence that he believes will bring a path to victory. but as we've seen with many of these cases so far, they have not held up in court. in fact, the campaign has, as it's announcing this press conference, also announced it's withdrawing one of its lawsuits in michigan. and in terms of the economic numbers, you're right, they are not good when yet again, we've had a spike in the jobless claims that has a lot to do with covert 19. the fact that these infections are rising, we see new restrictions being in place. and so businesses are shutting their doors, they're laying people off. and what's alarming about all of this is the issue of the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. that not only are people, is there concerned that there's going to be an increase in transmissions due to people, perhaps traveling and visiting their friends and family. but this is also
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a major time for retailers to sort of make up some of the money of the holiday season that they might have lost during the rest of the year. but with doors closing, retailers are not expecting people to be shopping as much. and this is not only going to cost jobs, but it's going to cost valuable income. so the problem seems to be compounding. this is something that the president has not talked about today, but we're certainly watching very carefully to see what will be discussed. certainly many looking now to congress looking for relief and that has also been stymied by some of the election transition that is not taking place. these will come back to course more analysis. so when that happens, if you guys talk, can you help about a white house correspondent? well, at least 16 people have been killed in uganda during protests, sparked by the arrest of opposition. politician, bobby wine 350 people were arrested in the unrest and security forces shot at supporters of the pop star turned politician. as he demonstrated, after one was detained on wednesday,
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officials have accused him of violating coronavirus restrictions while campaigning for the upcoming presidential election. malcolm webb has the latest from nairobi in neighboring kenya. his spokesman says he's in a high security police facility, which is in the eastern city of ginger, that's not so far from where he was arrested when he was campaigning. police haven't confirmed where he is, but the winds lawyers and the spokesman of complaining as i'm being given access to legal representation or to his medical team. they're worried that he might be injured. they're waiting to see if or when he might be produced in front of a court. yesterdays wife shared on social media media want to appear to be a charge sheet saying that he'd be charged with offenses relating to spread of causing the spread of disease. that refers to the rallies that have been holding which visibly have much larger crowds than the ministry of health, the limit of $200.00,
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which is ostensibly to prevent transmission. all the other thing that might happen is that probably one might be taken back to his home discretely. he's been arrested several times before. and often the security services in with bobby wine and with other prominent opposition, politicians in an attempt to quell the unrest. try to take those people home, maybe late in the night so that people don't continue protesting on the streets. but they certainly face between with a couple of tough options. now there's nearly 2 months to go before this election. and if they allow these rallies to continue, that says well local cording to the government will be problematic for covert 19, although his supporters believe these restrictions are simply to stop people. seeing how popular a year is. he appears military says it's nearing to graze the main city of mccarley in what it calls its final, after more than 2 weeks of fighting with the region's leaders, the prime minister's task force says it's close to ending the conflict 100 hour has
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the latest from the government is still working out how badly people have been affected by the fighting. i don't think, given the government knows the true extent of the humanitarian situation on the ground. that's why they said today that they are sending a task force to look into the gravity of the situation on the ground. even before the war started, there were hundreds of thousands of people who depended on food aid into region. they had to be fed by the charities. the charities have been unable to replenish their talk of relief, food in the past 2 weeks. vehicles laden with relief and food supplies. us talk at the border that you can a region has with them how to region. we've been informed of long queues for bread, not just mckenna, but all the other towns in the to grey region. there are also of the thousands, upon thousands of refugees from at a trail who live within the takeaway region and
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a humanitarian sources. tell us that this is, this has gotten worse. the peter, the fighting has been going on and it's only bound to get worse. and then that call of people to the ton. i don't know how they're going to cut it out, but these people fresh out of their homes. they've seen the amount of, you know, impunity and a toxic out of the gate is the neighbors. the must like of people, particularly in small towns like my country, where hundreds of people were beheaded with knives and machetes. so it's highly unlikely that those people of the trucking all the way to saddam would be able to the ton soon as the government is putting it, the urns acting libya envoy has brief the security council on libya now it comes after the rival sides held talks last, we continue to hear. they agreed to hold elections late next year, but negotiators failed to name a unity government. but in recent months, libya's u.n.
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recognize government has made gains against war to have to forces after he launched a military offensive to take the capital. tripoli, let's get the very latest. while diplomatic editor james bays who's at the united nations, i mean, james, what are we expecting to hear from this meeting? as all sides seem to in principle, want to see progress from those peace accords were signed and look ahead. well certainly there are some on the u.n. security council who are describing recent developments as a breakthrough. you do now have a fragile cease fire in place. you do have an ambitious plan that would lead to elections in just over a year's time. but of course, you don't yet have that unity government in place. the u.n. acting special representative, stephanie williams said there were still many challenges ahead. i am optimistic about the way for an idea yet clear are right about the many challenges that lie ahead. 10 years of war cannot be solved one week of political tasks that we hear
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more now. the language of peace rather than the language of war for the sake of the year. 75 libyans came together in tunis last week, included faith effort to start the process of healing their nations. they said they touched as the family of the gun as well, had extended their hands, if not their hearts to each other. and of course, james, this talk of the turkish president visiting libya soon, and that too is a factor, isn't it? because all sides have to consider who are united and libya's friends and who are their foes? absolutely, i think it will be very interesting to see what the turkish president says. if he visits tripoli, he has been very much on one side of this conflict. although turkey's position has been that he's been there, bolstering and effectively saving the internationally recognized government. of
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course things have moved on there is now supposed to be soon, a new unity government taking place. and among the parts of the deals that have been done, foreign forces, all foreign forces we soon, that also includes turkish forces are supposed to leave libya by early next year. this is going potentially to be a headache for the u.n. security council in the coming weeks because another part of the deal says that there should be international monitors coming in to have a ceasefire to monitor the cease fire, the fragile cease fire in libya, this is going to require a lot of negotiation for a new resolution. and of course, one of the other countries that has forces in libya is russia. there are russian mercenaries in libya. so getting russia to sign on to the words for a new resolution are going to be difficult to see what happens. certainly for the moment james bass, that's joining us from the u.n. . my pompei has become the 1st u.s.
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secretary of state to visit an illegal settlement in the occupied west bank and to step forward in the occupied golan heights in israel as part of a 10 day tour of the middle east and europe. earlier he met with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and said legal settlements can be, and we quote, lawful and proper. pompei, i also said the u.s. would be stepping about action on a boycott, movement against israel. we will regard the global, any israel b.d.s. campaign as anti semitic, and other sensible to you, mr. prime minister. since it seems like a statement of fact, but i want you to that we will immediately take steps to identify organizations that engage in hateful b.d.s. . gondor can withdraw u.s. government support for such groups. well, still ahead here on al-jazeera will be line from bogota as colombians prepared to commemorate the one year anniversary of large anti-government demonstrations. it's going to get worse as the combination of air pollution and the winter months
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struggling to breathe, while health experts are warning out. pollution could lead to more coronavirus deaths in india. if you stay with us. well we've been waiting for when to need shown itself this massacre in the northeast of china 1st of all, but a bit of welcome right now. it is welcome, at least in beijing, the quote is not bad here for a change and to the north in a place you might be familiar with harbin 1st proper snow of the winter harbin, of course, her c.r.s. festival in the early part of next year. but snow is the 1st to arrive and it worked as if he's sorry, stay in that part of china, immediate future. it's all going east towards siberia and then the cold air come across and generate showers in the north coast of honshu used to go
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a line of rain and south coast of honshu, tipping off down towards taiwan. but look what's gathering in western china. these westerly disturbances now this time you tend to generate the proper winter weather, so temperatures are coming down. chances 7, beijing data focused. see some snow. i suspect on saturday, much as the rest of china will see an increasing likelihood of right. he's cool. now if you made cold it cold, it will happen as a different degrees. and let me end with a bit of excellent news. look at the absence of crowd in the sas, china sea, and the philippine sea. there are no more tropical cyclones just the proper wet season. a long way, 30 secs. but the american people have finally folk in america as i see it. when america is off balance, the world becomes more dangerous. the world is looking at us with a mixture of sadness and with the election behind us will the republican party dump
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trucks the fuel weekly, take on us politics and society? that's the bottom line. the usa is always of, in fact the people, all right. the world people pay attention to work on here and i do see it is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh, oh, oh. welcome back. you're watching al-jazeera. that means the whole robin a reminder of our top stories. there's been promising results for a trend virus vaccine developed by the university of oxford and astra zeneca. the latest phase 2 findings show a strong immune response was triggered in those aged 8 to 70. at least 16 people
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have been killed in uganda during protests, sparked by the unrest of opposition leader bobby wine, 350 people were arrested in the unrest. security forces shot at supporters of the pop star turned politician. and mike pompei has become the 1st us secretary of state to visit to the legal settlements in the occupied west bank and to step forward in the occupied golan heights. earlier he said, settlements were we quote, lawful and proper. protesters are gathering in colombia's capital tomorrow on years since massive and to government demonstrations. well last year, plans for a labor strike ballooned into widespread protests against the government of president, even decay of the sons of m.p.'s. he is live for us in bogota. so why are people coming out onto the streets? what are they hoping to achieve this time around? yes. well, people have
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a long delays the grievances against the government. even duke it is, have been going on for quite a while and has to do with that. a serious reform that the government had announced before your rival the pandemic in particular, when it comes to health reform with people here believe it will push for the health system in the country. other things have to do other grievances have to do with inequality in the country. also the lack of implementation of the story. he deal with 5 rebels in 2016. we've reported that for many months about to killing community leaders to former fighters in remote areas of the country. people here feel that the government hasn't done really in that regard. also there are some i story agreements is now last year people
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came out people that used to protesting in colombia and what they're trying to do now is to start again, wave of demonstrations that will begin that today will continue on saturday that they have the anniversary of last year, protests there and then again on monday, which is also the end of or said to you. i never saw any of the killing of a protester at the hands of the police. we're going to have to see how many people will come out. and if indeed this will turn out to be as big as the kind of protests that we've seen last year, have the authorities or the government changed anything in the last 12 months? well, the leaders of the protests say that the government has not been willing to sit down with them and truly negotiate all these different points with the government has then a year ago was to start what they call the national dialogue with representatives
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of various sectors of society as students, teachers, doctors, and so forth, but not the people that are leading these protests. so the protesters say that that was just a way part of the government to try and buy time without doing much. and the truth is that not much has come from that, but mostly because of the code with 19 and then make which has brought the country into a sort of. 'd limbo, the protests stop and also the government didn't have to respond or didn't have to deal with the same pressure that they had to deal with the at the end of 2019. so that's the situation so far at this point to the economic situation is even worse at this point. so a lot of people here also the mending that the government should respond to the consequences of the economic crisis, ensuring
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a meeting on my living wage for dos who have lost their jobs and so on. the president is now dealing with that only with the pandemic, but also with the climate to hurricane the latest hurricane that has helped to colombian island. so it's a very complicated situation. we're going to have to see what happens in the coming days, and if there will be renewed pressure and how the government will respond to it in bogota. thank you. azerbaijan's government says it will be inviting international experts to assess damages in the town of before going to international courts against what it calls armenian war crimes as very forces recapture the town. in the recent fighting, al jazeera has been given rare access to physically near the iranian border. from where asama been reports. this is a plume of white phosphorus,
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a banned chemical which burns human skin as the forces allege. this was fired on a civilian area by armenia. both countries accuse each other of using the illegal munition, but deny using it themselves. it's the 1st time international media has been allowed into territory taken by a very forces destroyed tank. then unexploded rockets are everywhere. the gorgon village post, where the strategic importance for the bunkers and supply routes are treating armenian troops. left these shells and thousands of rounds helmets boots, sleeping bags in uniforms littered the field on the way to physically. the town was captured by the armenian military in 1903, and most of it is in ruins. now, among the people taken to the town for a tour arranged by the government, where some homeowners from physically, these are then the entrance to my house was from the other side. but now bushes and trees have overtaken my 3 bedroom house with a kitchen and a big yard. very said was the reason why did they grab and destroy all these houses?
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what you've also lost his home, and he says he used to be the head of the theater in physically 27 years ago in the biz. i'm sure that got the oldest building officially was a theater. it was an architectural marvel, and a 100 years old. it's not far from here, but now it's damaged beyond recognition, where we stand now used to be a busy street and a luxury is part of the city. now it's just hurtful and up. sitting right here. evans territorial claims physically has largely remained a ghost town. i mean, you captured in 1903, but the 100000 plus population in iran physically was never replaced. it's not clear whether it was systematically damaged or just neglected for nearly 3 decades . as any president says, shortly after the deal that ended the conflict in forced armenia to hand over territory to other great john construction is set to begin on the 29000000 dollar highway. that will link visually to the 2nd largest city in nagorno-karabakh. and
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according to him, the enemy will be held to account armenia as a state bears a responsibility for such an actions of war crimes, crimes against humanity. encodings in a policy of $1.00 isn't. and based on that assessments, of course, we will continue to build international institutions including the international courts. so we are to hew armenia. those disappears from physically see their mosques have been destroyed in graves of their ancestors desecrated. this is what gives them strength is knowing they are nor longer displaced and will be able to rebuild their homes, looking at the destruction, it's hard to imagine how this was once a bustling city with tens of thousands of people. people here say they're emotional when they've come back and they're ready to rebuild their lives. as soon as they get the go ahead. some are physically pakistan's prime minister is in afghanistan for talks with president assad garny. that's
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a wrong cause. 1st visit to the country comes as peace talks between afghanistan and the taliban have stalled. and there's been more violence between the afghan forces and the taliban. other being warnings of high pollution in india's capital virus related deaths. millions of people in new delhi have had a day of cleaner, more than 2 months in the region is also recording its highest number of infections since the onset of the pandemic. elizabeth has more from new delhi joggers in new delhi. take advantage of the relatively clear air after weeks of toxic small stop people from venturing outside for exercise. for the morning when the nation and then this revolution happened to be living, get this with time in this whole year. to give it, you know, it becomes harder to cycle run in the air pollution. we get a cough and sneezing. our parents don't allow us to go outside 6 of the 10 most
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polluted cities are in india's capital region. until the recent rain cleared, the small and the air quality index in new delhi was showing levels of pollution between 454-9918 scale of 500 that is 20 times higher than what's considered safe by the world health organization. bots went to rain is unusual in delhi as pollution levels are set to tear it again. soon. every winter smoke from stubble burning in farms in the neighboring states of punjab and haryana and fumes from vehicles and factories and gulf. the city, lower temperatures and slower moving winds trap pollution from the air. but this year, institutions including harvard in cambridge universities, say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it. and nowhere. and here's the situation worse than in delhi, the number of record highs, hospitals are full, it's impossible to get
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a bad bed today. so we were a desperate situation from that perspective and it's going to get worse as a combination of air pollution the winter months. and of course covered all make things worse for a period of time. environmentalist say the delhi pollution control committee or d, p. c. c must do more. d.c.c. was found to have only $37.00, full time scientists and engineers who can actually go where they know who have the it lead to go and inspect and police an issue in order to cation against polluting sources. that's nearly not enough. probably know we need hundreds of them this month, the indian government set up a new commission to monitor and act against sources of pollution across 5 north indian states health experts and environmentalists criticize the timing saying they have been warning for moms. the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those with covered 19 elizabeth piron
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of al-jazeera, new delhi. the politicians in japan are voted to declare a climate emergency warning that the world faces a crisis. they hope the symbolic declaration will increase pressure for action to combat global warming and send a message that japan is serious about the campaign. though it comes just weeks after the government committed itself to slash its carbon emissions to 0 by 2050. 0 with the wrong reminder of our top stories, there's been promising results from across the virus vaccine developed by the university of oxford and astra zeneca. the latest phase 2 findings show a strong immune response was triggered in those aged over 70 at least 16. people have been killed in uganda. jaring protests sparked by the arrest of opposition leader bobby wine, 350 people arrested in the unrest. security forces shot at supporters of the pop
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star turned politician. officials have accused him of violating coronavirus restrictions while campaigning for the upcoming presidential election. the un's acting libya envoy has told the security council she's optimistic about the future of libya.


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