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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm +03

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al jazeera and after weeks of delay, us president elect joe biden is finally given the formal go ahead to begin his transition to the white house. hello, i'm adrian for the get. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up. a bleak outlook for the global airline industry. the pandemic is expected to cost a penny 120000000000 dollars this year alone. ethiopia's government says the to graham forces are giving up the fight to the tepee. l.f. is adamant that they're battling all elements of blast
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off china launches an unmanned spacecraft to the moon. aiming to bring back rocks from lunar surface. following weeks of delay and uncertainty, u.s. president elect joe biden has formally begun his transition to the white house. the head of the general services administration is designated by and as the apparent wind of this month's presidential election. that clears the way for the transition to get underway. donald trump has refused to concede defeat or the lies his administration to start the process boss has vowed to keep up the fight, insisting without evidence that the election was quote, corrupt biplanes. team has welcomed the move, which frees up millions of dollars for his new administration. it can now work with federal officials on a coronavirus response, as well as a national security strategy of 0 as particle hay and reports from washington. this
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is the letter president elect. joe biden has been waiting for giving him the federal resources he needs to begin putting his administration in place. trump loyalists. emily murphy had delayed for weeks, but monday in this letter, she says she decided on her own, not the biden was going to be president, but that he can start planning in case he is us president tweeted out. he gave her permission to move forward, adding their own case strongly continues. we will keep up the good fight. but almost all of his legal cases have been quickly thrown out of court. i do think that he did have some interesting legal cases that he could have brought in a lot of these really close states in michigan and pennsylvania. but he didn't bring any of them his, his legal team resorting to these while, you know, series of conspiracy. president trump is also losing momentum in the states on monday in michigan, the results were certified giving joe biden,
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that critical win. this letter means that biden can now actually plan to be president with the most important thing is getting all the people who need to be approved to get soetoro approval to get security clearances. and there are spouses, and that's process has been stalled until now. so the fact that we now have an, ability to g.s.a., begin the process of doing all those clearances and getting all those processes. that means that the bible is finished and hopefully at the ground running on the afternoon of january 29th, the money will flow to the biden transition team. it will enable the team to have offices to have access to the federal agencies that they will be transitioning. the biden team into officially on january 20th, so it's a significant change. it basically means donald trump and his administration recognized that joe biden was the victor in this election. this is important because since the election, every signal from u.s. president and his team has been that he won the election that he's going to
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continue to live in the white house. this is the 1st indication that he may be beginning to realize that he didn't. and come january 20th, he will no longer call this home to call him al jazeera, you know, the white house bot. any suggestion of trump backing down was followed up by this tweet. he said, i want to say being allowed to preliminarily work with the dems. have to do with continuing to pursue all various cases or what will go down as the most corrupt election in american political history. moving at full speed ahead. if finished by saying, we'll never concede to fake ballots, a 1000000, which is a reference to the company which supplies vote counting machines and software lives now to washington. the white house correspondent, kimberly how could this there? so the president still refusing to concede, does he have any avenues left open to him? now he does have some avenues still and there are some outstanding
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cases that are still being pursued in the courts visit as we've seen for weeks. they are quickly being tossed out because what the consensus has been is that many of these cases were poorly crafted in terms of their legal arguments. and in many cases, the legal team was ill prepared. now, even as the president continues to say that he will prevail, that he is working to reverse these alexion results. what we know is that the president is continuing to also undermine the electoral process. at least that's what his critics will argue. the president, again tweeting early this morning in the last hour or so that reach waiting. in fact, an article that suggested 79 percent of americans believe that there has been voter irregularity or election fraud. with this we should point out is the tweet that has been flagged by twitter. so as the president is now signaling that he is willing to work for the transition. what we also know is that he's continuing his presidential
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duties. he'll be celebrating the thanksgiving holiday with a ceremony that usually happens for thanksgiving in the rose garden today. but again, that momentum for the president's fight continues to wave. in fact, another signal coming down is the fact that twitter has signaled, even as the president loves to use the official twitter handles. he won't have that ability to do so come january, 20th potest or president of the united states will be handed over to joe biden. come, inauguration day, president elect by is refining his competence. he's expected to unveil more names, places they will come, we expect well, but the biden harris team is signaling and has been for a few weeks now that the cabinet picks that will be formalized today, that we've already had a bit of a peek at will be experienced and historic choices ready to lead on day one. and what does that mean? it means that for the 1st time, we will see
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a woman as director of national intelligence of 1st left teano to head up the department of homeland security. potentially also 1st woman as treasury secretary, but what this also signals is that these are people who are familiar with policy, have worked in washington and have a stablished relationships. what we expect is that in terms of the excitement of the last 4 years, we may not have much of that anymore moving forward. the biden team, signaling that after years of uncertainty, stability is on the horizon. our white house correspondent kelly. how could reporting live from washington? kimberly many thanks. indeed, thomas gift is a visiting fellow at the london school of economics. united states center. he says the trumps options to challenge the election results on narrowing. well i think that this is a significant development and it really reflects the fact that trump's court options are essentially being exhausted. trump is still refusing to concede,
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and it's entirely possible that he will continue to make unfounded allegations about voter fraud and irregularities. but trump's tweet did signal a willingness to proceed with the transition, which i think is in part a response to a growing, although not consensus, republican pressure. it's important because it really does allow the biden team to take the next step in this transition. up until this point, they've been thinking about cabinet picks, others who are going to be part of this new government, but they really haven't had the access that they needed in order to do the nuts and bolts that are going to be required from day one. when joe biden takes the white house starting on january 20th, when joe biden takes op, is there going to be a number of challenges that are facing this new administration cheap among them, trying to get a stimulus package through? that's been very difficult so far because a lot of republicans have been reluctant to interact with joe biden's staff as president elect. now the fact that there is some movement toward recognition means
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that it's more likely if some of those talks can get started. that means, you know, it's better chance that some of these big important priorities that need to get done right from the beginning with coping with the stimulus package that cetera are able to start moving. ethiopia's government says to grand regional forces have begun to surrender. that follows a deadline by prime minister ahmed for them to lay down their arms by weapons, stay or face an attack, or the main city of the kelly. the to grace leadership says that the fighting back of destroyed an ethiopian military division, including a helicopter and 2 tanks. it's difficult to verify either accounts because of a communications blackout in the region illegally is within the range of it and which means military wise, it is easier to straight. that's the simple fact. that aspect is to lives of people is that once that happens, this end is human and that people will take the right choice,
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a choice which saves themselves a choice which saves their future. so once they are lit, to know what is happening, what's actually the brute force then they will do with current forces, which is the course in force that rational choice of pushing these forces our way. and i was here in this city in the future. our new force is getting stronger and more powerful. it is acquiring additional weaponry and building its capacity. it's making history, but this is not a battle of armies. this is a civil war. and all of us has to gran's by supporting each other side by side with their army. we must defend this and complete victory. malcolm webb is following developments from nairobi and neighboring kenya. what are we to make of these claims and counterclaims? what are you hearing malcolm? well, as he said, it's very difficult to verify what's going on because for weeks now,
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all of the telephones, all of the internet throughout the whole city, grey region have been cut off. but the ethiopian government has said to great and special forces militia have been surrendering to a far region. that's the region to the east of to gray. this follows prime minister all tomato issued on sunday and he said that he gave to green forces 3 days to lay down their arms and head of the said, what would be a final offensive on the regional capital of me. kelly, now that deadline expires in just about 24 hours from now. the u.n. human rights chief has spoken out just a short while ago saying that he's concerned about a build up of tanks and artillery around the city of making a 1000000 people. and it would certainly be dangerous for them if there was to be a heavy battle in or around the city. but on the other hand, to grow in military leaders of refuting these claims of gains made by the federal forces, they say, as you mentioned, they destroyed
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a mechanized division of tanks just a short while ago. and it is very difficult. aside from these claims and counterclaims from the leadership of each side, it's very difficult to gather any more information about what actually is going on . malcolm ethiopia's human rights commission has published its findings over killings in the region of like the government human rights commission. and it has said that 600 people known to gray in the massacred many of them starved or hacked to death or bludgeoned to death in the attack that happened 2 weeks ago. and it blames to grain use groups for this, for this massacre described it as a massacre. now the attack a couple of days after the attack on the, the international published a report on it, they received videos and photos these satellite technology to pinpoint this attack . and they said dozens, or possibly hundreds of people,
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most of the migrant farm workers had been killed in my car, drew up at the time they said they weren't able to identify who was responsible for this massacre. they said that it isn't survivors that they've spoken to who crossed over the border to refugee camps in neighboring sedan, had blamed the grain militia for the attack. anyway, now ethiopia's government, human rights commission, is laying the blame squarely at the feet of the to gray militia. but we're waiting to hear a response from to graze military leadership at the time. they denied any responsibility for this particular attack. on sirius, malcolm webb reporting live from nairobi. now for many things will get a weather update next here on al-jazeera, then looking to the future in iraq could a top adviser to the supreme leader become the next president. life in prison for a former militia leader found guilty of war crimes and mass rape in the democratic republic of congo.
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but we've got the rain clouds gathering across central parts of china. big, massive cloud here, just pushing through. we're going to extend its way towards east coast over the next day or so cold enough to hand it around 7 degrees celsius. they will push that wetter weather towards shanghai as we go through wednesday and on into thursday, some very heavy rain coming into the east side of china, pushes out into the east china sea, same time skies coming into japan. so things will improve here telling drier and brighter parts of india. we have a developing tropical cycle and this is the moment winds of around 85 kilometers per hour, staggering along just 6 kilometers per hour, not even walking price. this storm surge will be
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a concern over the next 24 to 48 hours or so big waves off shore. and then we're looking at huge amounts of rainfall. 202300, millimeters of rain. so they will be widespread flooding as a system pushes into town will not do just to the south of chennai, some very heavy rain coming through here. and that will continue to make its way further westwards. as because through wednesday, readily seen, falls the tumble. now do what one thing falls this state into on top of that and it continues to move further west but as a 2nd wave of covert, 19 brings a surge in infections. a few months ago, there were dozens of cases a day. now, if weeks as 2010, countries enforce new measures to curb contagion, this is the 1st step forward for the government, a in of math testing the entire population. scientists are on the brink of releasing new vaccines to reduce the spread of the virus. will it be enough to
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bring the global health crisis to an end? the coronavirus pandemic special coverage on a jazeera we know again, this is al jazeera, mr. monti of the main news this hour. 3 weeks after the u.s. election, president elect joe biden, is beginning his transition to the white house. donald trump is refusing to concede that as all the rise to general service agencies to clear biden is the apparent window that ethiopia's government says to gray and regional forces have started to surrender. but to gray's leadership says they're fighting back and have destroyed an ethiopian military division, including a helicopter, and 2 tanks. news of potential covert $900.00 vaccines. nearing completion is
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raised hopes and markets around the world. but the aviation industry says the damage is already done and will take years to bounce back from the international air transport association had predicted, the industry would lose around $100000000000.00 by the end of next year. instead, it's on track to lose more than $150000000000.00. and some of the losing nearly 2 thirds of its passengers. ober of travelers plummeted from ford, a half 1000000000 in 2019 to fewer than 2000000000 this year. in an effort to increase international travel is calling for better testing and quarantine programs and it wants governments to foot the bill. but in serbia is the founder of so be aviation industry analysis and consulting firm. he says that some airlines will need another bailout to stay afloat. i think most airlines will still survive. they'll be able to recapitalize and there will be out of the real life and
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government support already seen in that one major round of governments for the last few months, for like areas around the world. and we might have to see another round to our basic idea over this period. and i have a significant reduction in past numbers and revenues. definitely there's, there's a whole, you know, chain of companies behind their lines for manufacturers, airports, suppliers, lots of companies that just, you know, services at the airports, so contracted on the airlines and now the entry, you know, those haven't necessarily have, you know, that get the gotten the most impact, yet it's time to kind of really feel that the brunt of that. and so the concern is that, you know, as airlines struggle and the chart parts on this, that we probably have a vaccination in or out of this pandemic that some of these other companies might struggle as well. and that will have a long term impact. and could also,
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what impact it will it to, to, back to sleep. but my concern bound once for out of this endemic international travelers, choosing to fly, australia's quantas line will need to be vaccinated against cove at 19 in the future. the company's chief executive says the look to inforce the measure once a vaccine is made available to the public. qantas is the 1st major airline in the world to suggest such rules could become common. it hasn't yet decided on how to deal with domestic travel us. the european union has reached another deal to secure millions of corona virus vaccines. e.u. leaders will signed an agreement with the american biotech company, but done a to supply up to 160000000 doses. but said last week that its experimental vaccine was nearly 95 percent effective in preventing cope with 19 cemeteries in india's capital are running out of space because of a surge in corona virus fatalities. nationwide infections of top 9000000 a new delhi's,
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hospitals around the increasing pressure to treat patients. heavy pollution is making the situation worse in the city has increased fines by 4 times for not wearing a mosque. a full militia leader in the democratic republic of congo has been sentenced to life in prison for war crimes and to bury shaker was charged with murder, rape, sexual slavery of a listing child soldiers in north kivu is rebel group and 2. others are accused of nearly 400 rapes during a series of attacks. in 2010, his trial by a special military court began 2 years ago. they said uncle sam, eastern to your city, has never experienced a trial on this level. it's a historic moment, has been found guilty of war crimes. he is someone that no one thought they would ever see in the dark. so just for that, it's a huge step forward for justice. yes, there are certain aspects of the verdict which we are not so happy with. for example, the recognition of the crimes against humanity for rape. but the fact remains that
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in general, it is a very positive verdict and a great message for the victims. that justice is being served. thomas vesey is a senior congo research show with human rights watch. he says the case will give confidence to civilians affected by years of conflict. this verdict is sent me a major step in the fines against impunity in congo. i think this trial is shining, that this fight the many challenges the congolese judiciary was actually capable of taking on such a complex case such a high profile case and that you know, with multiple security issues at stake. and that sits so it through. and so that's a major step counts ability in congo. and it also goes to show you that, you know, the work of the many survivors, an activist who took great personal risks in the pursuit of justice,
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actually paid off victims and the families who see that, you know, their crimes have been acknowledged, have been raped, recognized and that their suffering has been recognized that that is the 1st part, the 2nd part is obviously and now to see that the reparations that the court has ordered it, in favor of the victims, will actually reach the victims. and there he still a lot of work to do in that regard. you know, in congo each time that's of course is all during reparations for victims. it is extremely rare that the victims actually see any penny of it. the trial of 20 saudi officials in connection with the murder of the journalist jamal has shown she has been adjourned. they were being tried in a turkish course without being present. it's now on hold until march next year. the defendants include to form a aides to the saudi crown prince a show she was killed inside saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul, in 2018. iranian president hassan rouhani,
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his term is due to expire next year. so the country is starting to look at who might replace him. the top advisor to iran's supreme leader, a sane degen has announced his candidacy. he's part of the military, which would mark a departure from recent convention. a soldier hasn't served as iran's top civilian leader since the 1979 islamic revolution. the 63 year old dragon has a long military history. he served as a commander in iran's revolutionary guards and in its air force during the war with, iraq in the 1980 s., he played a pivotal decision making role with the revolutionary guards. their gun was the defense minister under president hassan rouhani before moving on to become the supreme leader's advisor. he's been under sanctions by the united states treasury since last year, and recently said he wasn't interested in negotiation for the sake of negotiation with the us. about society is
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a senior research fellow at the center for middle east cedric studies. he says that his saying the gun is a strong candidates, but is by no means guaranteed to win. he has had good relations relative with different facts of the country. he has strengths and weaknesses. he has good relations with the office of literary. he is an advisor to the yes, good relations with the heads of branches in the country as well as armed forces. so this can be a important point for a person who wants to serve as a president in the country. in some factions he is considered to have a charismatic authority. very people think that this can be a strength point to tackle with the corruption or management mismanagement in the country. and this pipe being a military man, he enjoys a tone, a diplomatic, so on when he talks on foreign foreign policy issues. but that on the other had
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a hand, he has also weaknesses. he is not a major player at the political stage in the country at best. he can be considered a middle clay year. so if he wants to win the presidency in the upcoming months in the country, he will need to secure the and or cement and support of some measure players in the morning. mostly the conservatives, because he is considered to be leaning toward conservatives. by himself. he's not that much popular or well known in the country, and he will need a kind of coalition with others in order to win the elections. the u.n. secretary general is calling for an immediate and unconditional cease fire in afghanistan. until you can tell her, she says that he hopes to create a conducive environment for peace talks between castro or other encounter between the government of the taliban. he was speaking at a donor's conference in geneva, where the european union pledged nearly one of the half $1000000000.00 in aid. they
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want to help to build a short range unified, undemocratic advantage that not bad or worse for strategy and sells their lives. when it's time to just reject remarks preserved in mcready can, you won't read to gain since 2001 knows not to believe. i regard women's and children's rights as united nations security council said any attempt to restore an islamic emirate would have an impact on our political and financial engage. in afghanistan's president has pledged his commitment to the peace process as talks continue in though, despite there are separate, i want to be very clear that the mcminns, the negotiations with the taliban remains for our negotiating remain, steadfast in their commitment to dogs. and we must bring an end to the violence that is something our lives and robbing our children of the joys of childhood
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police officers in paris being investigated after they were filmed, forcefully removing refugees and migrants from a campsite. the incident is to a mission wide attention. aid groups are trying to find temporary accommodation for the hundreds of migrants. after the incident on monday night it comes only days after police officers cleared out a bigger camp near the national school sadia. a mission to the moon to bring back lunar rocks. it's the 1st attempt by any nation in beijing is spending billions of dollars of its space program or wants to launch a mission by 2036 reports from beijing on its way to the moon. a mission china's government hopes will take the country one step closer to becoming an international space power. the spacecraft. 5 from the southern chinese island of heinlein. early on tuesday,
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it's china's boldest luda venture, yet aiming to retrieve samples of moon rocks for scientists to study. it could pave the way for chinese astronauts to be sent to the next 20 years. very simply, lending based on scientific needs and take legal and economic conditions. future exploration activities should be carried out in the combination of man and machine, named after an ancient chinese goddess chang. a. 5 is the 1st mission of its kind to take place since the 1970 s. . the chinese government space exploration is now a priority and source of national pride. china 1st sent a man to space in 2003, the 3rd country after the united states russia. it since invested billions into various strategic missions. in general, 21000, china became the 1st country to lead a rover on the far side of the moon. in july, the can when one set course from mars and is expected to land in maine next year.
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and by 2022, china hopes to have its 1st space station in orbit ready to host chinese and international astronauts for long term scientific research. the china's abilities haven't always matched its ambitions. its long rocket failed to successfully launched 3 times earlier this year. the chinese government exploration is vital to bridge the economy and advancing technologies that will benefit the military and high end industries. because of this, rapid progress in space has become another aspect of the us china rivalry. nasa has been bad from collaborating with china due to security concerns. in may, the trump administration flagged what it described as china as a weapon izing of space as a threat to the u.s. . beijing has dismissed the accusation, saying its space activities are peaceful. it's unclear whether china will share any luna's samples. it brings back from this latest mission with the rest of the world
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. but discussions are reportedly under way with the european space agency. the chunk of 5 spacecraft is scheduled to return to earth and land in china's northwest in the middle of december, al-jazeera beijing. good to have you with us. hello everyone for going to the headlines and i'll just 03 weeks after the election president elect, joe biden is beginning his transition to the white house. donald trump is refusing to concede, but as all the rise of the general services agency to the club by the apparent went up can really help could reports from the white house. he does have some avenues still and there are some outstanding cases that are still being pursued in the courts because as we've seen for weeks, they are quickly being tossed out. because what the consensus has been is that many of these cases were.


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